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  • thonydelarosa
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    just a little claudia & alexander thing that transcends through their stories:

    claudia is often found in alexander's nightmares even before he knows her.

    while claudia would occasionally dream of alex.

    the reason for this is because of claudia's gift of intuition, because sometimes she drifts into alex's conscious due to their connection and the years she didn't know him were kind of chaotic and nightmarish.

    but with alex is has nothing to do with superpowers. it's more-so to do with the fact that he saved her when she was younger when he was time traveling. so in a way, his face is just an echo in time that she's sensitive to. so that's why she sees him occasionally.

    and she will also see him on and off throughout her childhood, teens, and adulthood, before and after she knew of his gift. but that has nothing to do with dreams and more to do with him existing then due to HIS gift.

    #really want to explore a time traveler with claudia due to this kksdfhksdhf or like a laura x dale type thing where #a woman or a man is her guardian angel type person #(i dont ship laura and dale this is just like a phenomenal example of what i want) #because god ameezing #wip: wisteria university #wip: the before #wip: bury me deep #wip: morgue than words
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  • xxstarl1ghtxx
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    random among us question: why the heck does communications sabotage effect the guardian angels protection. is the angelic magic wifi-enabled or something???

    #among us #among us guardian angel
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  • evilsluts
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    all three of the jobs i was going to apply to mysteriously vanished right when i finally finished my fucking resume

    #i'm not even kidding two of them i checked yesterday they were still up today nothing and the other was the day before yesterday #what the fuck is going on i think i need a one on one w god or my guardian angel or whoever #x
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  • shaul-soulfree
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The first of the Wargods Meel'Gael the Archangel. Because of the usage of brown and yellow, the lines in this one gave it a feel of golden and light that the others don't have. The highlight here is his turquoise hair and the symbol on his medallion, which goes through the spear that would cover it. Meel'Gael is an armored warrior, wielding a lance, soaring through the sky with his six wings and dealing justice on the enemies of God. He can stop and imprison or kill and destroy as needed.

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  • themackenzieboydchronicles
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Meena Gives Charity a Warning.

    Meena Jutla Fanfic

    "What's that floozy doing visiting Mackenzie in his shed" Meena said to herself. "I'm his guardian angel not yo yo knickers"

    Well I'll sort her out. She'll be in the pub shortly with her brats so I'll have a go at her. Doesn't her name just crack you up! Charity! I mean come on peeps, there is nothing charitable about her.

    "Can I have a word Charity" said Meena.

    "Yeah what about"

    "I saw you coming out of Mackenzies shed earlier"

    "And?" asked Charity.

    "Well just a little bit of advice really. He's in a very delicate frame of mind and needs treating with kid gloves" Meena explained.

    "And you're telling me this because?" said Charity who was getting annoyed

    "Well the thing is I'm a nurse and better able to meet his needs than you" explained Meena.

    "Are you for real you barmy cow" Charity replied.

    "Well I'm just thinking of you. Dont you think your time would be better spent looking after your great grand children rather than trying to seduce Mackenzie"

    "Great Grandchildren! Who the hell do you think you are? I'm not old enough to have great grandchildren for your information" yelled Charity.

    "Really? Gosh you haven't aged well then have you.. Must be from when you worked the streets. All that wind and rain plays havoc with your complection" said Meena.

    Charity stormed over to the bar.

    "What did that mad cow want" asked Chas.

    "Warning me off about seeing Mackenzie. I tell you if I hadn't just had my nails done I would have gone for her" said an annoyed Charity.

    "I tell you she's got a screw loose" said Chas.

    "Well there's deffo something weird about her Chas" said Charity.

    "Well that's her told" Meena thought to herself as she got up to leave. "I mean my intention wasn't to be a mass murderer" Meena sighed "But if that's the way the cookie crumbles"

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  • funbearer
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • apricitobio
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #po's notebox. #sent with love: ella 🐱 #definitely gonna think about guardian angel!kenma now
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  • hopefulyellowlamp
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    @nach0 being my guardian angel

    @nach0​ being my guardian angel

    #@nach0 being my guardian angel
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  • liiceanskylo
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Expand today and socialize whether it's in your home or in a public setting like a coffee shop or restaurant. As you engage with others, picture their guardian angels standing beside them as your guardian angel stand by you. As you invite others into your life, so do you invite their angels. Acknowledge their angels with a smile.

    #socialize#socialization#acknowledgement #engage to people #engage to your guardian angels #guardian angels #communicate with them #heed to their signs #333#angel signs #invite others into your life #with a smile #spirituality#writing#female writers#aspiring writer
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  • shotani
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    something about the blue jackets scoring when the sharks announcers started talking about kivlenieks feels poetic

    #i promise i mean this respectfully #just like #the first goal of the game being from columbus as SOON as they mentioned kivlenieks #sort of like their little guardian angel helped them out on that one #like the timing of that was kinda sweet #like it was FOR matiss #ya know? #sharks lb #blue jackets lb
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  • liiceanskylo
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Open your life to living in a union with your guardian angel, so do you open your life to myriad angels who surround you and others in this world.

    #live life with your guardian angel #myriad angels#just communicate#boundaries #open your life #higher self#higher good#ascension
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  • shadowkat361
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • yourangelkuromi
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hello!! I'm Kuromi

    I'm currently learning english (my 1st language is Brazilian portuguese)

    I'm a lesbian demigirl and a minor

    I love you, take care of yourself <3

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  • underestimatedgoddess
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    🌹 When I thought life was over, god strengthened the friendships I needed, the friends that I now call family, that I know will always stand by me.

    But, he also did more than that, he sent me an Angel. Someone who understands me more than anyone ever has and will. A best friend, a ride or die, a forever and a day, a no matter what happens… I got you.

    M, this is a tribute to us, our connection and turning our lives around for the better, now and forever ❤️

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  • unsaveabled
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    i   need   to   be   stopped .   i   can’t   be ,   but   i   need   to   be .

    #yes  i  made  another  oc #yes  i'm  thinking  about  making  him  a  blog #yes  spencer  charnas  has  me  by  my  gay  throat #﹙ . . . ﹚     out   of   character     /     TINTALK  . #tbdeleted #i  just  think  serial  killer  ocs  who  only  kill  the  Worst  Kinds  of  ppl #who  are  devil  incarnate  to  some  and  guardian  angels  to  others #i  am  insane  and  i  won't  apologize  for  it
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  • squidgamesmut
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    The Guardian Angel | Chapter 3 - Fleeting joy

    Seong Gi-hun X Female Reader

    Chapter 3/14 : Fleeting joy

    Minors DNI Contains heavy spoilers The Guardian Angel navigation post

    Bleary eyes squinted in protest, but the sound of classical music echoing around the room drew Gi-hun out of his state of unconsciousness. He found himself covered by an off-white blanket, too thin to properly keep one warm on colder days, and turned to his side to see others in an equal state of waking up.

    He sat up and looked around in confusion, trying to get familiar with his surroundings and the teal tracksuit that he was wearing, the number 456 displayed on his chest. Gi-hun slipped out from under the covers and found his way to the floor, taking in the room where hundreds upon hundreds of beds stood in tall rows, several people crowding towards the open middle of the large hall.

    He moved to join them, though was halted in his tracks by hearing a voice count the people. “Fifty, fifty-two… Fifty-five, fifty-six…” Gi-hun leaned towards an older man, who still sat on his bed, focusing on the gathering crowd.

    “Sir.” Gi-hun began, “What are you doing?”

    “Don’t talk to me.” said the old man, “You’re distracting me.” He continued to count, as if Gi-hun wasn’t even there. “Fifty… What was it?” he gestured with his finger to keep up with the numbers, adding them up in his head.

    “You’re counting how many people are here?”

    “Yes, so stop talking to me.” the old man told Gi-hun. “And then… What?” The old man paused. “Wait… Where was I?”

    Gi-hun pointed at a screen, the old man following his finger to find it hanging above thick metal doors. “Sir, look over there. There are 456 people here.” He turned to the man and raised his brow in surprise. “Wait, you were the first to get here.”

    The old man peered down at his tracksuit to see the number 001 on his chest.

    “And I am… What? I’m last.”

    The old man nodded, smiling a little. “I know that too. I’m just counting the numbers. My doctor said counting numbers is good for preventing dementia.”

    Gi-hun frowned. “What were you thinking, coming here when you’re old enough to worry about dementia? You should be eating meals your daughter-in-law makes for you, and lying down on the warm floor enjoying your cute grandchildren.” he muttered, confused as to why the old man was in need of money in the first place when taking into consideration his age.

    “What about your parents? Are they enjoying freshly-cooked meals from their daughter-in-law?” Gi-hun blinked a few times at the old man’s words, letting his gaze fall to the floor in slight shame. “You see,” the old man proceeded, “My days are numbered.”

    “Sorry?” Gi-hun quizzed.

    “My doctor said there is a lump in my head.” the old man explained whilst gesturing to the left side of his head.

    “A lump?” Gi-hun queried.

    “A brain tumour.” The old man smiled, and Gi-hun stared at him in slight puzzlement.

    Their conversation was rudely cut short by a shout from within the room, and their focus shifted to the crowd.

    “You bitch!” People began gathering in a circle, something obviously going on in the middle of it.

    A woman laid on the floor, hair falling in front of her eyes as she stumbled to her feet.

    “I didn’t expect I’d run into you here. Look at those eyes. Your temper hasn’t changed.” Like a predator, a bulky man with a snake tattooed on his cheek prowled around her, a mocking smirk on his features. “Then again,” he continued, striding towards her, “You’re not the type to wuss out just from a couple blows. I fed you, put a roof over your head, even taught you my skills… And you stab me in the back?”

    “You already took more than what I owe you.” the young woman countered.

    “If you’re so confident, why did you run away?” the man with the snake tattoo bit back.

    “I didn’t run away, I just went independent.”

    The man snorted a laugh and muttered in confusion before scoffing and lunging a balled fist at her. The woman dodged it by leaning backwards, soon grabbed by the collar and kicked in the back of the knee. She fell to the floor and grunted in pain.

    The attempt to get back on her feet was roughly interrupted by tight fingers in her hair that threw her across the open space, and she rolled away from her attacker. A kick in the stomach momentarily paralysed her with pain.

    “Independent?” the man with the snake tattoo spat whilst grabbing the back of her head to force her to look him in the face, “You think you’re Yu Gwan-sun or something? Go out and wave the national flag, then!”

    Gi-hun frowned at the somewhat familiar face of the woman - there was something about her, but he couldn’t quite put a finger on it. He pushed his way to the front to see her up close.

    “You’re from the North, so wave the North Korean flag.” the violent man scowled.

    Before he could assault her any further, Gi-hun pushed him away from her, taking his place instead. “Come here!” Gi-hun cried out whilst grabbing her collar and hoisting her up, pushing some hair from her face to check the side of her face. “That scar on your neck! Yes, it’s you, the pickpocket! Give me my money back. Where is my money? Give it back!”

    Gi-hun’s desperation was cut short by the man with the snake tattoo kicking him away, and Gi-hun rose to his feet within a second, attempting to look taller than he was by straightening his back. “What the hell!” he exclaimed, approaching the man but soon realising his mistake, stepping back.

    “Who are you?” the violent man spat, “Who the hell are you?”

    Gi-hun pushed some hair from his face rather ungracefully, giving him a clumsy edge.

    “Me? Well…” Gi-hun stuttered, backing away slowly. “I’m Seong Gi-hun from Ssangmun-dong.”

    “Hey Mr Ssangmun-dong!” the attacker scorned.

    “Yes?” Gi-hun replied.

    “I wasn’t done with this bitch.” he pointed at the woman still sitting on the floor.

    “I’m sorry, but I also have some urgent business with this lady over here.”

    The woman looked at him with a bruise starting to form in her mouth, her eyes flicking to the violent man with the tattoo as he continued to attack Gi-hun.

    “You bastard. How do you know this bitch?”

    Gi-hun coughed to cloak his fear. “Then how do you know her?” He pointed at the man in an attempt to intimidate him, but it was in vain. “You’re obviously a thug preying on girls like her. Your face says it all! Did you tell her to steal my money?”

    The man with the tattoo hissed something between his teeth and lunged at Gi-hun, who barely backed away and was left unscatched. “This thug is trying to kill me!” he shouted at the bystanders, who did nothing to stop the situation. “Someone get over here! We need help!”

    A loud buzz alerted everyone and drew the attention to the doors in front of the room. “There they are.” Gi-hun cried out, “Over here! We’ve got a thug and a pickpocket!” he pointed at the two people to his right, falling quiet when figures clad in a reddish pink entered the room.

    They were wearing the kind of masks he had seen when entering the van earlier that day, though marked by different shapes - several circles, one person with a square.

    The man with the square on his mask stepped forward, speaking to the crowd at last.

    “I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all of you. Everyone here will participate in six different games over six days. Those who win all six games will receive a handsome cash prize.”

    “How are we supposed to believe you?” someone quizzed from within the crowd, “You suddenly put us to sleep, took away our phones and wallets, then dragged us here to this mysterious place. Now you show up and say you’ll pay us handsomely for a few games? Do you expect us to believe that?”

    “We had to enforce those procedures to ensure utmost security in bringing you here. We’ll return everything once the games are over.” the masked soldier replied.

    A woman was next to speak up: “How come you are wearing those masks?”

    “We do not disclose the faces or personal information of our staff to the participants. It’s for the sake of fairness and secrecy. Please understand.”

    “I don’t trust a word you just said!” someone else exclaimed, and all eyes turned to him. His tracksuit had the number 218 on it. “Enticement, abduction, confinement.” His eyes narrowed behind his spectacles, “After all that illegal activity, you give us these excuses without revealing who you are. Give us one reason we should trust you.”

    The square guard followed his command at once: “Player 218, Cho Sang-woo.”

    He aimed a remote control into the air and clicked a button, the screen that had been displaying the number of people now showing a clip of Cho Sang-woo playing ddakji and getting struck in the face.

    “Age, 47. Former supervisor of Team Two at Joy Investments. Embezzled money from his clients, invested it in derivatives and futures, and failed. Current loss, 650 million won.”

    Gi-hun’s eyes widened and found the man in question across the room - his friend, his childhood friend, Cho Sang-woo was here in this very room! But what was he doing here? Confused, Gi-hun continued watching the video. It now showed the other people in the room as well, their numbers, names and debts called out one by one.

    “All of you in this room have crippling debt and are now on a cliff-edge.” the square guard explained. “When we first went to you, you did not trust us either. But as you know, we played a game and gave you money as promised. And so you trusted us and volunteered to participate according to your own free will. You have one last chance to decide.”

    The hall was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. “Do you want to go back and live out your pathetic lives running from creditors? Or will you seize the last opportunity we are offering?”

    No one protested.

    “What kind of games are we playing?” a man called from the horde of people.

    “For the sake of fairness,” the square guard said, “we cannot disclose any information prior to the games.”

    “Excuse me!” Gi-hun exclaimed, raising his hand. “Just how much is the prize money?”

    The guard aimed the remote again, and soft light appeared in the centre of the room. Under a joyful jingle that resembled one you’d hear on a game show, a large, transparent piggy bank appeared from the ceiling, catching everybody’s attention.

    “The prize money will accumulate in that piggy bank after each game.” The large container was held by cables and halted well out of reach. “The amount will be revealed to everyone after the first game. Those who do not wish to participate, please speak up now.”

    Nobody responded to the guard's final call.


    You stood in the control room, watching with a keen eye how the participants in the main hall were queuing at tables to sign their contracts. There was a strain in your calves, but you did not want to sit down.

    Your gaze was focused upon your grandfather. How would he pull through in this first game? You hoped that he would be quick enough. The fact that he knew about the upcoming game only brought partial relief.

    You had seen one of the Players interact with him as soon as he had woken up. You remembered him to be named Seong Gi-hun, purely because he had been the last one you had assigned yesterday. It was unlikely that he would come far according to your own predictions, for his behaviour against the thug with the tattoo had been far from wise.

    Still, you found him an interesting figure, for he had so kindly interacted with your grandfather whilst others had ignored the old man like he was nothing but air.

    After the contracts had been signed, the Players were led to the photo booths whilst listening to the pleasant tunes of The Blue Danube.

    The queue went slow but steady, and you turned to the Front Man standing next to you. Every so often, a new photograph popped up, showing the contestants’ faces alongside their number.

    “How are things running, Front Man?” you asked.

    “Everything is in order, ma’am.” In-ho’s voice was deeper behind his mask.

    You walked to another screen, peering over the shoulder of one of the guards. The Players were in awe of the staircase, partly amazed, party disoriented. “Put that on the large screen,” you told him, and the guard changed the camera to the ones in the hall of brightly coloured stairs.

    Faces began to pop up on the floor, photographs of smiles and frowns accompanied by numbers. You caught yourself attempting to find your grandfather’s face amongst them and went to stand beside the Front Man, folding your hands in front of you.

    “I’m heading over to the lounge,” you stated, “I trust you will let me know if things go astray. Once they phone me that things are in order, I will tell them to start the game.”

    “Of course, ma’am. You have my word.”

    You smiled behind your mask and spun on your heel, walking toward the lift. Before you stepped in, you looked over your shoulder.

    “One more thing, Front Man.” you said out loud. He turned to you expectantly.

    “Yes, ma’am?”

    “Remember what we spoke about. About the detector.”

    “I do, ma’am. I have not forgotten and it will happen in the way you requested.”

    “Good. I will see you soon. Good luck now, Front Man.”

    “Thank you, ma’am.”

    You went to the luxurious room above and let the computer scan your mask. It was empty without your grandfather in there, you thought to yourself whilst striding inside, taking off your mask with a sigh of both relief and sorrow.

    The sound of the phone starting to ring pulled you out of your state of brief misery and you walked over to answer it, lifting the horn to your ear. “This is the Game Maker speaking,” you said firmly. “Preparations for the first game are complete. We can begin now.”

    You did not await an answer, putting back the phone into place before heading for the sofa your grandfather had been sitting in a few days prior and poured yourself two fingers of whisky. Despite not liking the stuff, you threw half of it back in one gulp, flinching at how sharp it felt on your tongue.

    It was a futile attempt to wash away your nerves. You plopped down on the sofa and kicked off your heels, pressing a button to see the game on the screen in front of you. Right in time, because the gates fell shut.

    Your heart jumped in your chest when you spotted your grandfather amongst the people, a large smile on his face whilst his gaze was fixated upon the sky.

    “Here is the first game,” the sound system in the lounge explained, the voice over from the playing area broadcasted in your room as well, “You will be playing Red Light, Green Light.”

    The doll spun around and brought its hands to its face, covering its eyes.

    “You are allowed to move forward when it shouts out ‘Green Light’, stop when it shouts ‘Red Light.’ If your movement is detected afterward, you will be eliminated.”

    You took a careful sip of whisky whilst the voiceover repeated the rule once again, putting one leg over the other. Regardless of the orders you had given the Front Man to not scan your grandfather for movement and thus bringing his chances of elimination during this game to nearly zero, you felt your stomach tighten with worry.

    “Those Players who cross the finish line without being eliminated within the five-minute playtime will pass this round. With that, let the game begin!”

    You smiled a bit, a sense of pride partly taking over your concern. You took another drink and watched how the first Players began to move whilst the doll sang “Green Light!”

    Two young men rushed forwards, egging each other on to run as fast as they could.

    “Red Light!”

    They came to a screeching halt whilst the doll’s head whirred around. The one in the front, a guy with bleached hair, stumbled forward in front of the all-seeing eyes of the large figurine.

    “Player 324, eliminated.”

    A gunshot rang through the sky, and he fell to the floor in a fetal position, muscles cramped up. There were some puzzled faces amongst the crowd, but no one quite understood what had happened yet.

    “Green Light!”

    The friend of the eliminated Player started to move towards him and halted when the doll called: “Red Light!”

    Player 250 froze and watched his friend, grinning and mumbling something under his breath at first, until his friend convulsed, coughing up blood.

    You narrowed your eyes as you watched him stagger backwards in shock, starting to run to the back of the area. The doll detected his movement and Player 250 was shot in the back, blood splattering over the face of Player 306 in the process.

    Her bone-chilling scream was the start of the panic you had already expected to unfurl, followed by blind despair of the ones that ran to the doors though trapped like rats.

    Screams and gunshots echoed through the sound system and you rolled your eyes, at least able to appreciate the people who remained glued in their positions to the ground, who had comprehended that if they did not move, they would not be shot.

    You could only imagine the rapid decline in photographs in the control room now, and watched how the final person who moved was eliminated in his attempted escape. You finished off your drink and put down the crystal glass, sighing deeply.

    “I will now repeat the rules. You are allowed to move forward when it shouts ‘Green Light’, stop when it shouts ‘Red Light.’ If your movement is detected afterward, you will be eliminated. With that, let the game resume.”

    You shifted closer to the screen.

    “Green Light!”

    Your heart began to drum in your throat upon seeing Oh Il-nam rush his way through the group, avoiding bodies where necessary. Well before the doll mentioned: “Red Light!” he was nailed to the ground again, a smile on his face that made your eyes swell with bittersweet tears.

    “Oh, grandfather.” you sighed, “You can do it.”

    The others followed his lead. Here and there, people were shot in the process upon still moving, but at least it was clear what was expected of them now.

    The chant of the doll increased in speed as the game progressed, and the Players were left with less time to proceed into the game every time the figurine called out.

    Behind you, the doors of the lift slid open, and you heard In-ho approach, and you sighed in relief.

    “Everything is going well, (Y/n).”

    You smiled and gave him a small nod, gesturing towards the decanter of whisky next to you. “Take a drink. You deserve it.”

    He did not need you to tell him again and walked over to the jukebox, pressing a button to let the soft tunes of Fly Me To The Moon play over the sounds of death and violence. In-ho passed you by and poured a royal glass of liquor.

    You shook your head when he offered a refill for you, and nodded towards the screen. “I was pondering about what my grandfather had told me.” you said, grinning at Il-nam’s smile on the screen. He was enjoying himself, which was the sole reason for his participation for what it was worth.

    “What did he tell you, if I may be so blunt?” In-ho quizzed, putting his mask onto the table before taking a sip of his drink.

    “The third clause of the game,” you explained, “Games may be terminated...”

    You paused and a large grin broke out over your face when you saw your grandfather cross the finish line.

    “...If the majority agrees.” In-ho finished your sentence.

    You hummed in acknowledgement, though soon your eyes widened - in the final minute of the game, you witnessed how one of the Players held Seong Gi-hun up by his collar, said person about to plummet to the ground yet saved by the other.

    “Would you look at that!” you said with amusement in your voice, “Didn’t know we had such strong people amongst the Players.”

    “Green Light!”

    The final seconds were crucial, and several people dove over the finish line to reach it. The ones still remaining in the playing field were eliminated without notice.

    Something was called through the Front Man’s earpiece, and he positively responded. A few seconds later, the roof closed over the field, enclosing the Players in a large, rectangular box, hiding it from view.

    “What about the third clause, (Y/n)?” In-ho asked, running his gloved finger over the edge of his glass. You put your shoes back on, stood up and reached for your mask, turning to look at him.

    “It will be put into motion, just as my grandfather expected. He, too, will vote to leave. After all, like all other years, most players will be choosing to return once we invite them back in.”

    In-ho let his gaze fall from yours and looked into his whisky. “I’ve seen that happen before.”

    “Yes, so,” you smiled, putting your hand onto his upper arm to give it a friendly pat, “No need to worry now, the Game will go through as anticipated.”

    You slipped your mask back on and strode towards the lift, the click of your heels echoing through the room even over the noise of the romantic tune playing on repeat.

    “The Game is far from over, my friend.” you reassured him. “If anything… It has only just begun.”


    There are few things as strong as the urge for survival when it comes to human instinct. It was what ran through Gi-hun’s veins amongst the adrenaline from the game. He had to get out of here one way or the other, unwilling to risk all he had.

    The eliminated Players were hidden from view, brought to who knew where, and everyone was frightened and overwhelmed with newfound trauma. Gi-hun hugged his legs close to his body, his hands in front of him, eyes flickering to his childhood friend.

    “Sang-woo,” he whispered, alerting said man. “You helped me. Thank you.”

    Sang-woo gave a small nod before Gi-hun turned to the man that had grabbed him when he had been about to fall, who was sitting next to him. “And you did too. You saved my life out there.”

    “You’re alive. That’s what matters.” the Player with the number 199 told Gi-hun.

    The expression of gratitude was short-lived, for the loud buzz of the doors opening and the sudden flash of the lights turning on had their attention called elsewhere.

    “You have all made it through the first game. Congratulations,” the square guard praised, “I will now announce the results of the first game.”

    The total count Players went down with almost obnoxious beeps, until it halted at 201. “Out of 456 players,” the manager revealed, “255 were eliminated. And 201 Players successfully completed the first game.”

    The horde of Players broke out into murmurs and pained sounds, until a woman broke the silence. “Mister, please!” she cried out, gasping for air, rubbing her hands together in a pleading manner. “Listen. I’m so sorry! I swear I’ll pay what I owe! I’ll do it, I’ll pay it all.”

    She fell to her knees, sobbing loudly. “Please, sir. I have a child! Oh! So young, I need to register, and I still need to name my child, sir.” she wailed, “Please, sir, let me leave.”

    Another woman soon followed, and with her more people. Several Players fell onto the ground, begging to be spared.

    “There seems to be a misunderstanding.” the soldier said. “We are not trying to hurt you or collect your debts. Let me remind you that we’re here to give you a chance.”

    “A chance?” someone cried in disbelief, “We play some kids’ games and you shoot us. You want me to choose that? That’s some chance!”

    “We may be in debt, sir... But that doesn’t justify killing us all.” another added.

    “This is just a game.” the manager spoke. “They were simply eliminated for breaking the rules of the game. If you just follow the rules, you can leave this place safely with the prize money we promised.”

    “Just keep your damn money!” a middle-aged man spat, “I don’t care! Let me just go home, that’s all I want.”

    Chattering amongst the crowd as people began to beg for their release. Gi-hun could barely hear what was happening.

    “Consent form clause one. A player is not allowed to stop playing.”

    “Come on!” Player 119 said, “You think you’ll get away with this, huh? The police will come! They’ll bust in here any minute now. They’ll be here since we all disappeared.”

    Player 66 agreed. “And I bet they have everybody’s phones tracked here already! Look at all your hostages. You’re doomed if you don’t let us go.”

    “We’re all dead!”

    A gunshot fired in the air was all it took to shut up the shouting, and the rest of the guards cocked their guns. Gi-hun flinched at the sight and held onto one of the bedposts.

    “Consent form clause two. A player who refuses to play will be eliminated.”

    “Consent form clause three.” Sang-woo suddenly spoke up, stepping forward slightly. Gi-hun looked at him, eyes widened in fear. “If the majority agrees to stop playing, the games are allowed to end. Or am I wrong?”

    A brief silence, and the masked guard heard something through his earpiece.

    “You are correct.” the square guard sighed.

    “So let’s vote on ending this. If the majority wishes to leave this place, then everyone gets to go home. Right?”

    Another brief silence before the soldier replied. “All right, as you wish. We will take a vote to decide on the termination of the game. A sigh of relief rippled through the crowd and people dared to stand. “Before we vote, let me announce the prize money for the game as previously promised.”

    The ceiling rumbled as the piggy bank appeared, stacks of won filling it up whilst chiptune music sounded through the hall. Astonished eyes locked themselves upon the cash, jaws ajar in complete amazement.

    “A total of 255 players were eliminated during the first game.” explained the manager, “A hundred million won is at stake per player. Therefore, 25.5 billion won of prize money has been accumulated so far. If you wish to give up on playing, the 25.5 billion won will be sent to the bereaved families of the late players, a hundred million won each. However, you will all return home empty-handed.”

    “Uh, sir?” the woman who had pleaded for her life raised her hand. “So then, if we complete all six games, how much do we get?”

    The masked guard told her. “Since there were 456 players, the total prize money is 45.6 billion won. And with that, we will now begin the voting.”


    From the control room, you smiled behind your mask when the face of your grandfather was cloaked in red light, the deciding vote on the Game to end it all. Had it not been talked about beforehand, you would have been nothing but confused.

    A mixed response in the crowd - some Players happy, others annoyed, and you reached for your notebook to scribble something down.

    Greed is a fickle thing, you remembered Il-nam’s words to you.

    The Players were informed that not all was lost, and if the majority wished to play again, the games would resume like they had never ended.

    Something twisted in your gut, something inexplicably exciting, for now you got to see your grandfather again and you would not lose him to the violence of the Game he had once invented by his own concept.

    Sighing behind your mask, you put the small notebook away, heading for the lounge to await your grandfather’s return with much anticipation.

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    My guardian angel looking at my life decisions like

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    It is good to take time to reflect on the goodness of God. "Lord, thank You for the green pastures, thank You for bringing me through what should have stopped me, thank You for peace when I lost my loved one, thank You for strength to make it through that sickness, thank You for sustaining me when I should have gone under, thank You for defeating enemies that were much bigger than me, thank You for giving me the stamina to outlast the opposition."

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