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  • ddejavvu
    25.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago
    #sirius black#sirius #sirius black x reader #sirius black au #sirius black fic #sirius black fanfiction #sirius black headcanon #sirius black imagine #sirius black angst #sirius black blurb #sirius black day #sirius black dialogue #sirius black drabble #sirius black fluff #sirius black hcs #sirius black hc #sirius black oneshot #sirius black one shot #mei's 700 celebration!! #mei's 700 follower celebration!!
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  • meher-sumedha
    25.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Gwynriel Mini Headcanon : I don’t know whether to bit you or kiss you

    Gwyn : I’m so mad at you right now. I don’t know whether to bite you or kiss you.

    Azriel : *smugly says* Bite Me.

    Gwyn : You know what, I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I’m gonna do the opposite of what you tell me to do. So guess what dumbass, I’m gonna kiss you. I’m gonna kiss you until you die cause you’re out of breath and I’m gonna kiss your entire body and guess what, I’LL FUCK YOU TOO.

    Azriel : *taking off his clothes* I don’t wanna start now.

    Gwyn : *Taking off her own clothes* Well you got no choice.

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  • finalfantasyxivwritings
    25.01.2022 - 16 minutes ago
    #ffxiv#headcanon#hc#miqo'te headcanon#miqo headcanon#garlean/miqo headcanon#viera/miqo headcanon#roe/miqo headcanon#hroth/miqo headcanon#hyur/miqo headcanon#elezen/miqo headcanon#lala/miqo headcanon#sfw#sfw headcanon#writing #there's a flavor of other headcanons underlining this #mixed heritage headcanon #mixed heritage #i can only imagine the cultural differences that would exist for the child too! some of the races of FFXIV have such unique cultures #it would always be interesting to see how these parents would try to incorporate both family heritages if that's something they wanted
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  • east-germany
    25.01.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Tried using thick lineart and that's a mistake I only need to make once. Surprizingly I don't have the hots for my own authright oc (yet)

    #teddy.txt #jreg ecofascism#jreg#centricide#centricide oc#ecocide #⚡⚡🍃.txt #see if I post art that I'm not too proud of when I post something real good I can look back and be like wow improvement #I have all these hcs for euthie I need to post but noooo apparently its this lil mans time to shine #yknow I didnt read the manifesto till I took an environ ethics college class? #I genuinely hate ecofashie ideals so I hate this oc but im glad he's mine at least #the day I can draw a crusher cap will never come ughgh
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  • ddejavvu
    25.01.2022 - 24 minutes ago
    #sirius black#sirius #sirius black x reader #sirius black imagine #sirius black au #sirius black fic #sirius black fanfiction #sirius black headcanon #sirius black blurb #sirius black angst #sirius black fluff #sirius black hc #sirius black hcs #sirius black day #sirius black dialogue #sirius black drabble #sirius black oneshot #sirius black one shot #mei's 700 follower celebration!! #mei's 700 celebration!!
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  • themountainsays
    25.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    This song makes me think about, like, a Bruno-Mirabel role swap AU in which Bruno had no gift and Mirabel can see the future.

    In this case, Bruno never left the family, because he never had any terrible vision that led him to protect Mirabel through his disappearance. He's still scapegoated and ostracized, much like Mirabel in canon, but it's definitely less extreme than what he went through in the film. He can put up with it. Mostly. His general attitude towards it is "-_- okay mom". He's just sick and tired but doesn't want to fight so he holds his breath and bites his tongue until he can go back to his room. I think he'd either remodel the nursery into an adult man's room and the family builds a new nursery (maybe inside of Julieta or Pepa's rooms?), or he'd leave it to Isabela when she's born and manages to build a new room somewhere in Casita, maybe within the walls? And everyone knows where it is and how to reach it, in fact it's probably easier to get to than his rat lair in the film, but you couldn't pay Pepa or Alma to visit, which is great in Bruno's book, because being visited is precisely what he does not want.

    Anyway, he's generally overshadowed by his sisters and kinda drifts into the background as the invisible Madrigal, and it bothered him when he was young but later in life, he decided he was happy with the lack of attention. At least nobody could hate him but himself hahahahahahahah

    Anyway, niblings are born and he loves all of them. He acts as a secondary guardian and spends most of his time looking after a pack of feral kids. At least they think he's cool. He gets along with Dolores particularly well, maybe because they both feel a bit overshadowed but eventually come to prefer it that way, as to avoid the pressure and punishment that comes with being on the spotlight - they're thinking about Pepa and Isabela, specifically. They're both hopeless romantics so they're always coming up with outrageous and extravagant love stories together. He used to get along with Isabela quite well - he let her braid his hair and put makeup on him because he's just that much of a chad. But she grew super distant as she entered her teens and by the time she's 22 she barely speaks to him and completely ignores him in public. He guesses she's embarrassed of him. You know, even though he was the only cool adult that let her play in the mud and have fun when she was little, but whatever. He... wishes he could get along with Luisa, but Luisa... jeez she's always working, like literally all she ever does is work and sleep. They're cordial with each other but ever since she turned 5 they barely exchanged a word anymore. At least he earned Camilo's admiration after years of trial and error because Camilo found him scary when he was little (something Bruno was blamed for, obviously). Fun fact: because of Bruno's giftlessness, and because they'd gone through three granddaughters already, the Madrigal women theorized that the gifts were a female thing, and that probably would have made Bruno feel a little bit better, but he wasn't at all disappointed when Camilo got his door and gift, because it clearly made him happy and it meant he wouldn't grow up like he did, which was a big fear of Bruno's. In the end, Camilo's power was awesome - totally the power Bruno wishes he'd had, considering his love for acting (and hiding). They actually bond over acting a lot. If there's ever a traveling circus or theater company passing by, they'll both go together and talk nonstop about whatever play is trendy today over dinner (much to Alma's dismay). By the time Antonio gets his gift, Bruno isn't worried at all. No, but in the family's fear surrounding Camilo and his potential giftlessness, they totally forgot about Mirabel, who had her ceremony only a few months later, and they all assumed things would be fine, because she's a girl and everyone visibly relaxed when Camilo got his door, but it was... bad.

    As soon as she touched the doorknob, she was met with a vision of the open eyes of her older self carved on the wood. Her expression was that of severity. And then, she had a vision.

    Maybe it was triggered by seeing her future self on the door, I don't know, but whatever she saw, it was terrible. It plagued her dreams and stole away her sleep for weeks, to the point she didn't want to climb the steps up to her new room at all, prefering to sleep with her parents for months before they convinced her to give her new room a chance. She was clearly scared, but she tried because everyone else would be more scared if she didn't (but she convinced her sisters to sneak in at night and have sleepovers with her almost every single day). What worried her the most was angering Abuela - and maybe it had to do with her vision, which she barely remembers anymore, or maybe it's a future feeling reaching her across time now, but an irrational fear of Alma has lodged itself deep into her heart. She has the feeling that her Abuela will be mad if she didn't sleep in her room - alone, if possible. In fact, she'll be mad if she refuses to use her new powers entirely, so she tries and tries and tries no matter how scared she is.

    The thing with Mirabel, which sets her apart from Bruno, is that she's very brave when it comes to the ugly and scary side of things. Yes, facing your family's trauma and fears and horrors can be difficult and painful, but she's still the first to identify and point out problems, even when it's unconvenient for some people. So, maybe she was scared as a little child, but after years of training and strengthening her bravery, she can look at death itself in the eye without wavering. Oh, Luisa suffers from panic attacks and is having a breakdown? Isabela has lost her entire personality and all semblance of autonomy out of fear? WELL, SHE'S SURE GONNA MAKE THAT EVERYONE'S PROBLEM. Oh, who cares if it's scary? Newflash! She knows how all of her loved ones are going to die. Do you think she has time to be scared? Nope! She saw as a child that her sister would be engaged to someone she doesn't love, she knows her cousin is going to suffer the loss of her one true love, she knows her other sister is going to break down under the pressure one day, she knows the house is gonna fucking shatter if they don't do something about it... but it's a Cassandra kind of situation. She can foresee the fall of Troy all she wants, but she's been cursed by the gods and no one will take her seriously. The thing is that people often assume Mirabel is being malicious and trying to start shit out of resentment? Which isn't true, but I wouldn't blame them for thinking that at times, because here's the other thing:

    As everyone sees it, the future is fixed. What Mirabel sees WILL happen and there is no escape. That often makes people pessimistic about their prophecies. But Mirabel is just too darn hopeful and idealistic and she's SO CONVINCED that the future can be altered if you only do the right things and try enough. This is part of her "all problems can be fixed" mentality, which means she never fucking abandons ship even when an iceberg got lodged into its side. And, because no one shares this belief, they don't go along with her attempts when she tells them the true outcome of her vision, so she tends to... ommit certain information. That way, even if the other person doesn't want to try and fix their situation, at least she can try, or she can convince them to try something they wouldn't have if they knew the truth. Which inevitably makes people angry when things fail and it's revealed that she lied.

    So, there's a layer of intentionality there, because she's causing the troubles herself, despite her good intentions, which differs from Bruno's canon situation as the problem were his visions. Which are a huge problem for Mirabel here too, don't get me wrong! But it makes people much more angry when they would have probably cut canon!Bruno some slack at her age. It's not just an "unhelpful gift" that "causes bad things to happen" - her behavior is irresponsible and unethical, and she tries so so hard to prove herself and show them that, no, she can do it this time, she can prevent the bad thing, she doesn't cause bad things to happen and... yeah, it never really works out for her.

    The upside here is that she has a better relationship with her sisters, because she's been looking out for them for much longer.

    And Bruno... well, he's been so good at fading into the background and Mirabel has been so good at making people mad at her, that they sorta forgot about him. He doesn't spend much time around the family anyway. Mirabel is just a much, much better scapegoat.

    I don't know if Mirabel and Bruno are particularly close or particularly distant. It's possible that, initially, Alma blamed some of Mira's problems on Bruno and told him to keep his distance and idk focus on babysitting Camilo and Antonio while she and Julieta handled Mirabel. So Mirabel didn't really grow up with the world's chaddest godfather. Alternatively, being ostracized and scapegoated, Mirabel could have spent a lot of time hiding with Bruno, who understood her super well and was one of the only people to show her unconditional love and support.

    This song is about a man who is in love with his neighbor, a single mother with three magical kids. The man loves those kids as if they were his own. One of them, the girl, dances with ghosts in her sleep, and the man knows how dangerous the world is, so he promises to protect this girl during her sleepwalking sessions. He doesn't try to stop her or convince her mother to lock her inside, instead, he asks her to tie a bell around her ankle so she'll wake him up and he can go watch over her. I really like that dynamic and I think it's perfect for a role-swap AU: one day, Bruno witnesses Mirabel's most horrifying prophecy to date, and he promises to protect her.

    #encanto spoilers #and this shall be tagged as #godfather bruno #bc i hc he's Mirabel and Dolores' godfather #and he's great at his job #i mean i suppose so lol idk what godparents do bc mine abandoned me lololol #Bruno Madrigal#Mirabel Madrigal #don't tag as ship pls thank u #Mmm #Dead Waltz (role swap) AU #yup that's how i'm tagging it #hopefully it won't be confusing at all #tbh role swaps au are the only forms in which i actually enjoy giving a nonbender character powers #but that's cos i love role swap aus ok?? i love them sm ajsnsndnfn #so many possibilities to explore so much versatility so much to do with them #Spotify
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  • sonder-paradise
    25.01.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    𝐀𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐊𝐢𝐬𝐬 𝐘𝐨𝐮 — 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐯 𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

    ◊ A/N: when i tell you it took me nearly three/four days to write all of these and i’m so ashamed of that-

    ◊ Characters: GN!Reader, Kazutora Hanemiya, Chifuyu Matsuno, Mitsuya Takashi, Kokonoi Hajime, Izana Kurokawa

    ◊ Word Count: 1.1k

    — Kazutora Hanemiya

    Higher and higher, Kazutora seemed to make the world grow. Beams of amber light glistened against your face as you headed to the roof. All these years of coming up here with Kazutora and this may be the last time.

    Grasping your hand and pulling you up and onto the roof, Kazutora panted with an indescribable spark in his eyes. As the two of you plopped down onto the rooftop, the golden sunlight basked the world in a charming effect.

    "Do you really have to go?" Kazutora asked, leaning his head on your shoulder. You nodded softly and he seemed to catch it.

    "Will you write to me?" You nodded again.

    "You're my best friend, of course, I will."

    Kazutora tensed; You could feel his shoulders stiffen and his stare out at the blinding city freeze.

    "But... what if I don't want to be friends?"

    You pulled away, and Kazutora immediately caught the look in your eyes. He paused, brushing back a loose strand of his bi-colored hair. Taking a deep breath and letting it out quickly, he shifted his gaze back to your eyes.

    "Can... Can I kiss you?"

    You laughed earnestly. This time taking his face in your hands and holding him softly. "I thought you'd never ask."

    — Chifuyu Matsuno

    Freshly baked bread and an assortment of pastries engulfed the surroundings of the bakery. Lunch with Chifuyu went on like always and he looked forward to this time of the day. When it felt like it was just him in your world and no one else. You chatted with him about the day, laughed at precious inside jokes, and spent time with him and him alone.

    The chatter of people on the streets and the rush of cars were completely zoned out when you spoke. In the serenity of it all, his thoughts were lost. Chifuyu seemed hypnotized; His eyes studied your gestures and movements. He followed your lips and traced them down to your collarbone.

    Leaning a hand against his face, he was unaware of how truly lovestruck he appeared.


    He paused, blinking slowly before reanimating himself. "Oh, yeah?"

    His cheeks flushed a dusty pink as you laughed. His atmosphere seemed a little more alert now. "Are you paying attention?"

    Chifuyu nodded and then immediately shook his head, glancing away with an awkward smile.

    "What has you all distracted?"


    That's what he wanted to say. Then again, there were a lot of things he wanted to say to you. Instead, his brain went with the first thing he could think of. "I wanted to kiss you."

    Ah, well that wasn't exactly how he planned to confess.

    — Mitsuya Takashi

    An arrangement of papers and books are scattered around your table. The smell of warm chocolate and whiskey flitted into your nose and you briefly look up at Mitsuya, who seems to be wandering about the library's bookshelves.

    His mind is elsewhere. A quandary that he's pondered for a while has infected his mind and he can't seem to shake the feeling that perhaps things should always be this way.

    He glanced over to your library table and matched your eyes. He flashed you a brilliant smile and chuckled softly to himself upon watching your reaction.

    Finally, after combing through the labyrinth of books, he finds his treasure. Flipping through the pages of the historical fashion and sewing instructions, he plopped back down next to you.

    "Did you find what you were looking for?"

    Mitsuya paused, skimming the book against before shaking his head lightly. "Not really. I'm missing something still."

    He admired the way you looked at him curiously. He turned the book over in his hand and contemplated what sat on the edge of his tongue.

    "What are you looking for? I can help you find it."

    At that, Mitsuya smiled confidently. "I'm looking for a kiss. Do you think you could find that for me?"

    Your eyes scanned his before laughing softly in the hushed library. His heart fluttered and spun when you obliged his silly little request.

    — Kokonoi Hajime

    Kokonoi wanted to believe money could buy happiness. The if, ands, and buts of the world were too big to not consider the possibilities. Yet, he knew money could never afford your love.

    Koko paused in front of the door. He wasn't quite sure why but he wanted more than anything to see you. Slowly, he opened the door, entering the apartment.

    His eyes caught the delicate rays of sunlight streaking through the open window. Sunsets at the top of the building were always the most beautiful. But nothing seemed to compare to you in the middle of it all.

    You had somehow bundled yourself in a large blanket. Your gaze set out the window and longingly looked down at the people below. Your eyes lifted and Koko felt so stunned at the moment.

    No, money could have never bought this.

    You grinned and his heart fluttered. "Welcome home," you said.

    Kokonoi simply ran a hand through his hair and strode over to you. Kneeling down to your level, he took your hands in his, kissing your knuckles with a feather-like touch.

    "Please let me kiss you," he whispered, smiling teasingly up at you.

    An eagerness and adoration filled his eyes and you wanted to roll your eyes at his silly question.

    "You don't even need to ask, Koko."

    — Izana Kurokawa

    Sweet snow fell onto the feathery piles on the pavement. Your fingers were roughly intertwined with his and in the peace of the crestfallen world, Izana felt at home.

    His thoughts consumed and ate at him while you spoke of nothingness. Your voice felt so warm in the chilly wind. "Let's go home soon," he murmured, letting your tone melt in his ears.

    "Do you like the snow?"

    He paused, staring up at the snowy sky with glassy violet eyes. "I don't know. It reminds me of things."

    You caught his gaze and he tightened his grip on your hand.

    "What kind of things?"


    "What kind of memories?"

    That's when he flashed you a grin; The type of grin that felt like falling in love. "Good ones."

    You took in that boyish charm of his. It was so tender against the wintery atmosphere.

    "Then let's go home now," you said softly.

    He grasped your waist now, seemingly happier than before. "Can I kiss you?"

    That eager, puppy-dog gaze manifested into the sweet snow kissing his eyelashes. "Why did you ask?" you smiled. He shot you another grin.

    "I want another good memory of the snow."

    #[🖋] writing#tokyorev hcs#tokyorev chifuyu #tokyorev x reader #tokyorev mitsuya #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo rev x reader #mitsuya x reader #kokonoi x reader #chifuyu x reader #izana x reader #tokrev kazutora #kazutora x reader #mitsuya x you #chifuyu x you #kokonoi fluff
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    Theris, Odette’s Kingdom, is unique among the other kingdoms due to the fact that hers operates under ABSOLUTE PRIMOGENITURE. Meaning that it can be passed down and inherited through the women in the royal family as well as the firstborn child of ANY gender. Once her father was killed by Rothbart, Odette automatically became Queen Odette since not only was she the firstborn but she was also the only child of King William.

    Rothbart ended up killing the rest of the extended Royal family, though her Privy Council was told that she was alive by him, he told them that if they leaked out such information that he’d kill her. He killed her relatives so that they couldn’t claim the throne instead. He put up a puppet Protectorate though so that the kingdom could continue on running smoothly.

    #【HCS.】❝Travels across an instant❞.
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  • that-foul-legacy-lover
    25.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago
    #genshin impact#genshin childe#genshin tartaglia#foul legacy #foul legacy childe #chit chat #AKDNJNDJKSNJKSAN SLEEPY HOURS #i want a moth to snuggle with ;-;; #also also bringing the old hc back that Childe goes mrrp #you tap him to wake him up and he goes 'mrr?
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  • mochiidumpling
    25.01.2022 - 42 minutes ago


    HUGE thanks to @stanning-reyna for motivating me to write this

    shout out to @ethannku and @sapphicbeautyy for the inspiration 

    Notes: 1. This is probably gonna be hella canon divergent bcoz a) Rick can’t keep it canon himself b) It’s been a while since I read the books 2. A lot of the words I’ve used may have spelling errors due to me being dumb and also they may not be the words you usually see on desi posts coz I’m South Indian-

    now. let’s get it. 

    - First and foremost, Annabeth changing her name. Her birth-name used to be ‘Ananya’ but she got sick of people always mispronouncing it or misspelling it so she decides to take on a white name
    - Since Fredrick’s race is never mentioned as far as I can recall let’s say his mother is brown/Indian. Let’s take it a step further and say she was South Indian. Annabeth and Fredrick trying to bond over movies which is canon but make it Indian movies. Annabeth pointing out all the misogynistic details while Fredrick just sighs and rolls with it
    - Dancer!Annabeth who tried learning bharathanatyam (haha spelling who ;-;) but cannot for the life of her sit in aramandi for too long. Then she discovers kathak. 
    - Indians are expected to be able to eat spicy food but somehow, this skips Annabeth (self-projecting LMAO) (i can still eat more than white ppl so stfu mom) and Percy teasing her for it
    - ANNABETH AND PERCY FIGHTING OVER THE BEST INDIAN FOOD (spoiler alert: its pani puri)
    - Little Annabeth drowning herself in Indian mythology and culture. Who spends time trying to learn languages. Annabeth who was learning Tamil and Hindi but had to stop bcoz she had to run away
    - Annabeth with thick beautiful lashes and eyebrows, and hairy as fuck arms bcoz INDIAN features.
    - Annabeth in desi clothing. Her wearing chudidhars and dupatas and lehengas and half sarees and pattu pavadais. 
    - Annabeth wearing bhindis/bottus. ANNABETH IN KHAJAL SOMEONE DRAW IT. Annabeth with a mukkuthi. ANNABETH WITH A MUKKUTHI AGENDA. 
    - Annabeth who does her own mehendi and teaches the Aphrodite kids to do it to
    - Annabeth who is Hindu. Who’s favourite story is the Ramayan. Annabeth who loves loves LOVES Seetha/Sita
    - Annabeth who drowns herself in Indian history to learn more about her culture. 
    - Annabeth who celebrates deepavali and navarathri and krishnajayanthi kuseryghfuyreghtuyrhtg
    - Annabeth being obsessed with mangoes- 

    That’s all I have rn but I swear, I will come back for more.

    #once again i would like to thank gracie #annabeth chase #desi!annabeth #desi annabeth#desi percy #desi!percy #desi#desi rep#desi representation#desiblr#percy jackson#pjo#hoo#toa#riordanverse#rrverse#headcanons#hcs#hc #desi!percabeth #desi percabeth #lol i haven't done this in a while #also so much self-projection- 😭
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    #creepypasta#jonathan blake#the puppeteer #creepypasta the puppeteer #helen otis#bloody painter #nathan the nobody #jason the toymaker #Kagekao #puppeteer x bloody painter #creepypasta headcanons#puppeteer hc#eyeless jack #jeff the killer #homicidal liu#liu woods #creepypasta x creepypasta #creepypasta x reader #ben drowned#slenderman#laughing jack#marble hornets
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    #sirius black#sirius #sirius black x reader #sirius black day #sirius black fic #sirius black fanfiction #sirius black headcanon #sirius black angst #sirius black au #sirius black imagine #sirius black oneshot #sirius black one shot #the marauders era #sirius black fluff #sirius black hcs #sirius black hc #sirius black blurb #sirius black dialogue #sirius black drabble #mei's 700 celebration!! #mei's 700 follower celebration!!
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  • cassyedith
    25.01.2022 - 57 minutes ago

    Honeyworks headcanon #1: Haruki and Miou didn't really stay completely single during the 7 years Haruki was away. They both individually tried to meet other people and even had short relationships but at the end they couldn't get through it cause they were unable to forget each other.

    #This could be a fic buuuuut... #Honeyworks #I have too many random HW hcs and now you'll have to deal with it #Tagged as #what a Cassyedith thinks #Aida Miou#Serizawa Haruki
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    @metuere​ sent for the headcanon meme: the thing(s) your muse thinks about before falling asleep.

    invariably, alex thinks of the moments before the accident, which he remembers in terrifying detail. everything was perfect, everything was going to plan: the tires felt good, the ferraris were twenty seconds behind after a botched pit stop, and all he had to do was keep the car on the road and then he’d be one of the youngest world champions ever. he was braking early, staying off the kerbs and being sensible for once, and he’d already started thinking of the hug he’d give his parents after the race.

    the lap before the crash, the brakes felt a bit weird--- he’d called over the radio to the team, who said there might have been a bit of debris in the footwell, but nothing to worry about. he’d trusted them. after all, they’d gotten him that far. and then, coming down to the end of a long straight, alex pressed on the brakes. nothing happened. he pressed harder. still, nothing happened. the car hit the barrier going at a dizzying speed and in that instant, he knew it was over. he remembers thinking, it can’t end like this.

    alex never talks about the crash, ever. if anyone presses him on it, he gets angry. he keeps it all inside, but every time he closes his eyes to go to sleep, he thinks of that.

    harry considers himself lucky enough that he never had a life-threatening crash like that. but it’s almost like the angel of death has a vendetta against him, taking the people he’s close to in the cruelest of ways. he remembers the television pictures of his dad’s mangled car, a whole continent away; he remembers the stench of his friend’s burnt-out benetton on the side of the circuit; he remembers all the funerals he’s been a pallbearer at before the age of thirty.

    he remembers, when he wishes he could forget, especially when he wants to go to sleep. he knows motor racing isn’t all glamor and fame; it’s carnage, and it’s cruel in the worst sort of ways. harry has terrible insomnia and it’d be naive to say that this isn’t part of the reason.

    #metuere #* hcs.
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  • aedan-mills
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Neil was a mama's boy.

    As an infant, he cried a lot when she wasn’t around, leaving his Father with a migraine. Thomas at the time didn't mind the ringing in his ears, Neil was still his darling baby boy.

    As a toddler, Neil was a hugger and vocal. He loved to point at items and make some sort of noise he assumed were words. His mother would praise him for simply making a sound, his father taught him what words to use.

    As a young kid, Neil was always interested in his mother's cooking, always asking for what meals they had so he could watch her cook. She would let him mix batters or flatten cookies with her too. Thomas told his wife his son had better things to do than make cookies. But then he was given a cookie by Neil and he smiled.

    Neil’s mom had sewn him a simple stuffed toy, a rabbit with a blue ribbon, which he had since he was an infant. At the age of 6, Thomas threw it away and gave him a soccerball and an aeroplane.

    At age 7, he was admitted to Welton. He cried for his mother, he hugged her waist tightly and Thomas had to pull them apart. He picked up Neil (for the last time) and hugged him. "Make us proud." He told a young Neil.

    In middle school, Neil was hyper and boisterous, that's how he met Charlie. They often cause trouble around Welton. Neil's mother sent a letter after hearing this and asked Neil to behave or else his father would go there and discipline him. Neil had mixed emotions. He loved his mother... but he feared his father more.

    In high school, Neil’s a star student, racking up top grades alongside Cameron, joining Sports like Charlie, and being in fancy clubs like Knox. Neil was told by his parents that this made them proud. Neil just wanted to stay home, to rest, to feel safe and sound like when he was younger. But his mother stopped being affectionate.

    His mother barely hugs him now, she barely asks for his help in the kitchen (even if he does do it anyway), and she barely asks for a call from him now.

    His father was quite the opposite. His father was always on his case. Knox thought it was natural, or paternal, Charlie knows its manegerial and authoritative.

    Neil didn't wanna stop being a mama's boy.

    But he has grown to be his Father's dutiful son.

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  • bundior
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    tw: afab!reader, breeding kink, mentions of pregnancy, overstimulation, slight dumbification, cockwarming

    he’s got you in a mating press, your legs thrown over his shoulders so he can thrust his cock real deep inside of you and all you can think about is being full of his cum. you have tears in your eyes from how good he’s making you feel and you’re babbling on and on about how badly you want to have his baby so he gives you load after load of his cum, even if he’s overstimulated because the idea of you being pregnant with his child makes him feral. he stays inside of you after, using his cock as a plug to make sure none of his seed goes to waste.

    BOKUTO, iwaizumi, osamu, MEIAN, sakusa, daichi, kuroo, issei, UKAI JR, ushijima, kyotani


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  • reportedblood
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    I cannot sleep, so have a mobile head canon.

    Due to the graphic nature of her “death” at the hands of Henry Wains, her history teacher and murderer/sire. She developed a trauma response, ptsd. To the extent that she is not only deeply afraid of him, but of other vampires as well. If she figures out someone is one, she automatically becomes wary. Too afraid to act on her first instincts, as the last time she did it lead the her brutal demise. She knows her response to other of own kind to be ridiculous as she is no longer human or weak, but she cannot help it. This goes on to the point that she mainly travels from place to place because she is afraid that she will one day see Henry again.

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  • theoutsidersisruiningmylife
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    The Gangs Favorite Original Gourmet Lollipop Flavor

    • Darry would like cherry cheesecake

    • Soda would like bubble gum

    • Pony would like cotton candy

    • Johnny would like orange creamsicle

    • Dally would like wild cherry

    • Two-bit would like strawberry shortcake

    • Steve would like strawberry banana

    Please do not ask why. I do not know. But, here we are.

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