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  • bluevampirebaby
    12.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    a four hour long car ride??!! does that mean that i will listen to music and daydream the whole time. that’s more likely than you think

    #sigh#hell yeah #i get to listen to music and tHINK for hours #while in the car #aint that amazing #blue talks
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  • literally-whatareyouherefor
    12.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    hey - I’m not going to explain why or how this has been brought to my attention because it’s currently making my skin crawl - but it has been brought to my attention that I am, well, terrible in social situations I haven’t had a chance to think through. I can be very unintentionally insulting since there are a lot of rules about conversing that I do not automatically follow that may make me seem rude. Most of the time this is very unintentional and pure ignorance, and simply down to the fact that I have not yet registered that I am supposed to say something.

    I apologise if I have been indirectly rude to people on here. I cannot physically tell whether I have or I haven’t, but the laws of probability suggest that I likely have at some point, or various points.

    So umm yeah. There’s not much need to interact with this post, just could you be aware that I don’t really know how conventions work, and so I’m not intentionally trying to be rude, I’m just working with a manual here that I put together myself and is missing most of the pages.

    - s

    P.s. thank you to everyone who has interacted and to anyone who has sent in an ask that I haven’t dealt with yet, I’m currently dealing with my mock exams, and I do not have the capacity for writing at the minute. I will return to answering requests afterwards since I adore them (though they are a tiny bit stressful as there is a minor pressure to make my writing the best that I can, but they’re still great and I appreciate anything in them).

    #oh and btw though i haven't been diagnosed i've had two medical professionals try to broach the topic with me and one even say hey - let's #check this out #it led to nowhere because i just sort of didn't follow it up and my parents didn't either and then the doctor didn't but yeah #i mean hell there's a reason i have ocd #and that's not because i am a stable individual who knows how to work things #anyway interacting with people is the worst #because there are so many things that are not automatic to me that are to other people #and by this i mean if someone asks how you are - you're supposed to say how are you back #that took me a few years to figure out #and i know have a short conversation starter that actually helps me get through that part of the conversation #it's just in a new situation or a situation where i don't know the rules #all of my previous knowledge flies out of the window and i sort of end up in a get-out-of-here-and-avoid-the-stress situation #despite it being a normal interaction situation with no danger whatsoever
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  • magic-can
    12.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    The other day my brother and I were talking about the mess that is the Cruella movie and he told me his idea for what he thinks a movie about Cruella’s backstory should’ve been like, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

    He thinks the movie should’ve been about a young girl that was born and raised in an extremely wealthy household, and she gets everything she wants because of it. Being spoiled rotten like this leads her to believe that the world owes her everything, even if it means she hurts others. As she grows older, this sense of entitlement gets stronger and stronger, until it leads to her, well, wanting to skin a bunch of innocent puppies just so she can have a fancy new coat.

    Like that is such a PERFECT idea for a movie about this character, yes it gives her a backstory but it doesn’t paint her to be sympathetic. If anything, she would be completely unlikeable, which isn’t always a bad thing. There would also be so many ways in which they could show the evils of greed and wealth, and how it turns people into selfish monsters with no sense of compassion.

    Such a missed opportunity, man.

    #magiccan speaks #tw animal abuse mention #of course this is Disney so perhaps a movie about greed would hit uncomfortably close for them #but yeah I would watch the hell outta that movie #also I’m not saying that Cruella is the kind of villain who need a backstory #but if they’re gonna make a movie about it anyway they should’ve gone with this idea instead #just I’m so upset this movie could’ve actually been good!!!! what the hell!!!! #cruella#disney#disney+ #cruella de vil #cruella disney#101 dalmatians
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  • noize-machine
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You ever get ready to start a commission and realize you both have very different definitions of "picked up like a rucksack"

    #im...no longer excited to do this #i was like! hell yeah! ill draw you a giant lady flinging your oc over her shoulders like a sack of potatoes #but what they actually mean is a bridal style carry with blushing #and jealous girls in the next pannel :/ #but i want..monies.... #i NEED money actually
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  • boulevardofbrokenmemes
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ask #dude what the hell are u talking about im getting the vibe that this is like. a spam ask #like first of all i dont even post/rb hs on this blog anymore lol so don’t bring it here #second of all.... yeah i support june?? when did i say i didnt. what did i ever say or do that made it seem that way? #anon what is your game here? #i dunno im sorry this isnt like.... my best response cuz im kinda busy rn
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  • nintendocrowbro
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Anyone else have like a trigger of factories or just me?

    #its like. weird though #i'll see like an industrial looking factory and get really fucking angry and want to tear the thing down brick by brick #but like#idk #but if you put me INSIDE a factory (like the creepy ones that are old as hell and have tons of gears and vats and things like that #i'll freak the hell out #factory anxiety from watching movies as a kid much? #i dunno#maybe #but like now watching movies and stuff with factories in them is fine #im weird ik #its just #seeing them irl that i hate #and luckily never been inside a factory before and i don't plan to #you dont have to tag them for me bc mentions and pictures/videos are fine to me #like i said #just irl is the problem #..yeah #sorry for the rant #bird talks
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  • krisotf
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "good morning do you have or need a mask?"

    "i have an exception"


    and then mere seconds later i overhear "do you train everyone to harass your customers"

    #supervisor was like you did nothing wrong that customer will probably burn in hell and i sId yeah probably
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  • a-love-poet-at-heart
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    bat music of meat loaf is doing gigs again later this year

    The World is Healing

    #one is an hour away so Hell Yeah
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  • jxeyhudson
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    wait you mean there are people who actually ship john and hudson

    #I JUST CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT WHYYYYY #deadass their only interactions are him torturing and terrifying hudson what about that makes yall go ‘hell yeah’ #that’s a rhetorical question don’t answer it please #also hudson has big lesbian energy #that’s less important bc it’s personal over canon but i stand by it
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  • queerblackcloud
    12.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    words cannot describe how much i love botanical gardens

    #like pretty plants and shit hell yeah #if someone took me to one id explode
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  • bitteroryx
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This is the only time I will adorn the tinfoil hat with y'all fuckers (not really though I'm making fun of yall shhf):

    24 bookshelves, cookies in 24th's slot, those 2 blocks continuously broken by both tubbo and ranboo - 26th

    mcc is on 26th

    tubbo can't stream it but is still participating means we can't see him playing meaning Anyone could be at that keyboard

    you get what I'm saying?


    this is literally me just bullshitting I am in no way seriously legitimately theorizing, jesus fck

    #yeah no #cool idea tho #he was sus as hell tho but that's legit a given at this point #ranboo#tubbo#mcyt#dgehdgdh
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  • copper-skulls
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    this is the fault of one (1) shitpostcalligrapher card

    #fanart#undertale#gaster#grillby #two deaths related drawings #just saw the card and went 'oh yeah. big gaster vibes' and then I had this in my wip folder for like two months #Grillby isn't short Gaster is just 210cm tall dumbass #Krita#digital art#rough #excuse the roughness of the bottom doodles but I have to go sell my soul for a wyrm ancient on pixel dragon hell dot com now
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  • halfwar-halfpeace
    12.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #today was a long day but #i’ll paaass #the second exam was a writing #my uni is very christian #i was shocked because thy got us an essay about gender neutral dolls ? #and then asked us to take a position regard introducing gender inclusivity to kids through tv or toys #which i was hell yeah #i said that some kids might not feel represented by the stereotypes dolls / games depicted today and that way it reinforces self esteem #a d makes them feel goos and represented in what they see #and also that it might help improve some unfair social constructs #especially when to young girls women are only represented ad care givers #when young boys see themselves succeeding in many other fields #so gender inclusivity provides equal potential to everyone #i was too tired at this point but i think i did okay #except that i forgot the title.. anywho #i was supposed to go back by van #my way home doesn’t have buses we don’t usually have buses in lebanon it’s extremely rare to see one #vans are like a total different experience it’s like you could get robbed or get in an accidnet #at any given moment lmao but necessary when you dont have a ride #aaand as im walking i hear someone calling my name and my cousin came to get meee i was so hapy to see him #he took me to beirut #he got me milkshake #i was lucky enough to not see any damages #i told him i hadn’t been there since the explosion #it was a lot more empty than it used to be for a saturday #but there was a bride #and people smiling and doing sports and skateboarding #despite the circumstances #i wasnt there for long but it felt so good to feel like okay i broke that wall #actually he did it for me i probably wouldn’t have ever thought of going there again. it feels really good. like my heart is full.
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  • cobaltfluff
    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    This can be fixed? Can you fix it?

    SK8 AU week (catchup) - crossover !!

    please imagine the rest as I am too lazy to draw more hahaha

    #sk8 the infinity #sk8 au week #art tag #interestingly i guess this implies that langa's skateboard is from his past lover #but reki is still the one to teach him the joys of skating #wait it translates over better than i originally thought #lmaooo can i get a hell YEAH #*breathes in the angst* #(mcdonalds jingle) im lovin it #i also had a bunch of other crossover ideas for the other characters #but i think i'll just do them as memes LOL
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  • fbismostwanted
    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #hell yeah my melooooo #thank you!!!💓
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  • foxgirldick
    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #obviously it's because of my massive honkers /j #in all seriousness thats very gender hell yeah #asks#cottoncandycambion
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  • teanonnie
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i may or may not have accidentally pulled an all nighter setting this up but ur bitch is moving he f dngfjg hn

    @nintend0g go follow me now or die (JOKING WAAAAA)(ABOUT THE DYING PART I AM MOVING)(SHIT)

    #fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff#g #i love. nintendogs #THAT CARRD TOOK ME FUCKING 2 DAYS IM SOBBING BAHAHAHAHSDF #i am not  g o o d #at this #sorry im jiust trying to make jokes bc i have like no posts and idk how to go about this #do i just randomly start following a shit ton of people now #i mean i guess #ok uhhh bye #also look at my pinterest boards arent they just lovely #i archived like EVERYTHIGN BC IT WAS A MESS and kept the only ones i needed #B)#organizing shit#hell yeah
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  • butwhatifidothis
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    3H and Bleach: Where the Fuck am I

    So, I’m finally hunkering down and trying to write out this post lmao. I’ve mentioned here and there how my personal experience with the 3H’s fandom is similar to my experience with the Bleach fandom’s in more than one way, and - look. Like, I get there’s definitely a semi-universal thing that goes on across all fandoms. I don’t mean for this to say that this only happens within these two fandoms, because duh, of course they don’t. But!! This post is partly me wanting to air years long annoyance towards the Bleach fandom that just so happens to coincide with my feelings towards the 3H fandom, sooo... yeah lmao

    I’ll probably be skimming over some bits about 3H, since most people who come across this will already be familiar with what I’d be talking about in that regard vs Bleach, so just a heads up

    Note: This is gonna talk about Bleach which will spoiler territory (writing this off the cuff so not sure where this is goin’ yet lmao but I know that much), so if you don’t wanna see that then don’t read this post lol, I know for sure I’ll be spoiling something ahhhh... noticeable, lol

    Ableism against the mentally ill

    Now, most people reading this post will be familiar with the blog and how this very, very much applies to 3H, but for the sake of this post I’ll lay it out anyway with a brief summary

    Dimitri and Rhea are both characters within 3H that suffer from severe trauma that heavily impacts their mental state. Both are the sole survivors of a horrific slaughter, with that slaughter redefining who they are and leaving a permanent marker within their minds in some way (Dimitri with having auditory and visual hallucinations, Rhea with having obsessive tendencies towards bringing her mother back from the dead). Specifically in CF, both characters are set up in the plot as antagonists, with both characters having to relive their trauma in some way due to the actions Byleth and Edelgard take against them (for Dimitri, having his home be razed to the ground and everyone he cares for dying around him, for Rhea having someone use her mother’s mutilated remains be used to end her and her race) and express extreme anger towards Byleth and Edelgard before they are killed to progress/end the story

    Now, uh, sad shit right? Not exactly fuckin’ happy sunshine rainbows. These two characters are put through the wringer and are then murdered. They are rightfully not the fuckin’ happiest because of what happened to them before and what happens to them within the present story. But we’ve heard it all before: “They were crazy!” “They couldn’t be reasoned with!” “They had to be put down out of mercy because they were too ~far gone~ to live happily!” “They needed to be killed for the good of everyone!” It’s an extremely ableist rhetoric that gets passed around the fandom as though it’s totally fine to directly state that mentally ill people should be put down if they’re deemed a “lost cause.” Especially worrying because. You know. If they are a “”””lost cause”””” then it’s directly and specifically because of actions Byleth and Edelgard take against them. 

    But how does this remind me of Bleach? What kind of similar extreme, worrying ableism exists there? Well, let me introduce to best girl a certain character with... a reputation, to say the least:

    Meet Momo Hinamori.

    Holy shit it’s so weird writing this out because I’ve been wanting to for years but have never worked up the nerve to do it lol

    It should be noted, in the Bleach verse there’s two worlds out of three - Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, though I’ll only be talking of the former - that deal with “souls” (the essence within a living human). Souls age far more slowly than human bodies do in terms of body, not necessarily the mind (so a teenage soul will likely behave as such for a long while) so keep in mind that I’m going to be using numbers that may seem weird to someone who hasn’t seen Bleach lol.  With that out of the way, here’s a similar, if longer for context to those who haven’t seen Bleach, summary for Momo’s character as it relevant to this post:

    Momo is a character in Bleach that grows a deep admiration towards Sosuke Aizen, a respected captain of the military force called the Gotei 13. She comes to views him as the most important person in her world due to him both noticing and paying direct attention to her as well as saving her and her friends’ lives during a training mission gone wrong while she was younger. Note that “younger” here means 40 years ago from the start of the story. Aizen would praise her all the time, allow her to sleep over in his quarters, would drape his cloaks over her when she looked cold, and would overall treat Momo as though he was his daughter for most of the time we see them interact in the beginning portions of the show. Note that none of this is sexual in nature, nor is it ever implied to be seen as such. That’ll be important later in this post

    To make a long story short, Aizen comes to betray her. He stabs her through the chest and shows and tells her that she never meant anything to him, throughout the 40 years they’ve known each other (which, mind, for a soul Momo’s approximate age 40 years is still a noticeable amount of time), and he was only using her to help bolster his image as a loveable captain so that he can hide his plan from everybody that much easier. He did horrible things to Momo - from setting her alarm clock back to a later time so that she would more likely come across his pinned, bloody fake corpse. to framing her childhood friend for the apparent murder and tricking her into fighting that friend, to far later in the series tricking that friend into stabbing her (hypnosis shit, to sum that up) for literally no stated reason - that ended up mentally breaking her. She couldn’t believe that the last four decades were all nothing but lies and she fell into a deep denial about Aizen’s true nature - someone else made him do everything he did, she must have missed something that would have warned her about Captain Aizen’s unfortunate situation that forced Captain Aizen to hurt her and everyone else. This denial would take the majority of Bleach’s entire runtime for her to get over completely, with her having hiccups in her recovery even as she works up the nerve to fight him.

    Now, uh, also not the fuckin’ funnest of times to be had here. The deep, long-running mental and psychological manipulation of what approximates as a teenage girl from a trusted older figure is something that is very clearly horrific and bad of the older figure, right? Like, we’re on the same page here on that?

    This wouldn’t be in this post if that was the case. No, Momo was the one constantly on fire for what happened to her. She was one of the most hated characters in the western audience, and there were endless jokes about “lol look at Momo, the pincushion!” “Crazy bitch Momo, better watch out!” making fun of her and her trauma relentlessly. If you managed to find a Momo fan in the early 2000′s you should have also bought a lotto ticket because holy fuck, everyone hated her. She acted in a startlingly real if deeply uncomfortable way in regards to years long manipulation and she was lambasted for it. She didn’t immediately get over decades long psychological abuse and she was called useless, weak, a horrible representation of female characters, stupid - you name it, she was likely called it. To this day I still tense up when I hear that someone likes Bleach and they mention Momo at all because I’m always thinking “does this person think this abuse victim is dumb for being abused?”

    Dimitri, Rhea, and Momo are all victim-blamed to a disgusting degree in the 3H and Bleach fandoms. Dimitri and Rhea are always hit with “well if Dimitri hadn’t have fought back against Edelgard/Rhea caused the “”tyranical systems” in the first place, nothing would have happened to them!” and Momo was constantly hit with” well, it’s not Aizen’s fault Momo was so clingy to him, what could he have done!” and I get so fuckin’ mad dude.

    But for Dimitri and Momo specifically, there’s one thing in particular that caught my attention:

    The “Rejection Theories”

    This had my head spinnin’ a bit when I first heard it, cuz I had managed to avoid the theory for a while in the 3H’s fandom, but apparently a sizeable amount of people seem to believe that Dimitri wasn’t just mad at Edelgard in the Holy Tomb because of... you know *waves hand* fuckin’ everything, but that the primary reason for his anger was that Edelgard... rejected his advances to her? And that the dagger he gave to her when they were 13 was a phallic symbol of baby Mitri’s want to have sex with Edelgard? And. Like. What in the fuck are you talking about. 

    But like?? Bleach did this shit too with Momo?? It was also a sizeable amount of people - not everyone, but a noticeable amount - that believed that Momo was just mad that Aizen wouldn’t sleep with her? You’d see it pop up in fics so often, that Momo would want Aizen to fuck her and she’d “go crazy” when he denied her and Momo was actually just this shallow bitch who wanted a good fuck like... what.

    Like, when I first heard the Phallic Dagger take the first thing that came to mind is “wait Momo was also accused of just wanting to have sex with the person who traumatized her wtf” 

    “Actually it was the perpetrators that should be forgiven because lonely and also some shit about ruling better”

    Those in the 3H fandom know how often the “Edelgard was lonely!” line gets thrown by just about every one of her stans. Edelgard was lonely and couldn’t trust anyone, so of course she did what she did! If she had someone near her she could trust she wouldn’t have acted like she does in the rest of the game! Nevermind that she “gets” this in CF in the form of Byleth and still acts just as shittily as she does in the other routes, or how being a little lonely doesn’t fuckin’ mean you get to start war. But anyway, we also hear that Edelgard was justified in doing what she did because her ruling Fodlan would have lead to more peace in the end, once she got rid of the power structures in place now (except that doesn’t happen but whatev I guess lmao)

    Aizen? He was lonely too! He was far too strong for anyone to truly be able to understand him, and so he tragically fell down a dark path. If he had known someone who could be considered an equal to him he would have never done all the horrible things he did. And the Soul Society is unjust! It needs to be reformed! So him slaughtering hundreds of thousands of souls at the minimum to harvest all of their power to use as his own is justified because it’ll be used to create a more just society under his rule!

    Like. Y’all. Lowkey? I’m so fuckin’ glad Edelgard proved herself to be just as fuckin’ awful with Byleth as without because this shit drove me up the fuckin’ wall back in the day. There was 0 ways to prove that Aizen would damn sure be just as fuckin’ bad if he had an “”equal”” to stand by him than if he didn’t, and I get to kinda be right because without fundamentally changing these characters’ backstories they would not give two flying shits about whether or not they had someone “equal to them” (which is still kinda degrading to think about anyway).

    Now, this is where I move away to a different topic lol

    A split in the narrative cause divides in the fandom

    With 3H houses this is really fuckin’ easy to point at: there’s 4 routes, three consistent stories and one radically different story, and that difference in story causes heavy contention within the fandom. It’s very obvious so I won’t go over it much.

    But how in the fuck is there a divide in Bleach? It’s not a fuckin’ Choose Your Own Adventure manga, it’s an anime and manga showing off the characters of Bleach’s stories and interactions (with, you know, plot and shit thrown in).

    Well. It’s more accurate to say the anime told a story about the characters, and the manga told... the story about the characters.

    In terms of plot, the anime didn’t change much from the manga, but hoo fuckin’ boy, did they change shit about some of the characters. Specifically, they changed a shit ton about three characters: the two main protagonists, Ichigo and Rukia, and another main character, Orihime.

    Orihime. Got. Fucked.

    The anime would make her far more ditzy and clumsy, her crush (turned growing love later on in the story) for Ichigo during more deeper moments that showcases her feelings for him were downplayed if not removed entirely in exchange for talking or thinking about food, key moments she has with Ichigo early in the manga were cut or deadass changed to something else in the anime, some key moments with her relationship with Rukia were cut, her backstory was watered down - so much of Orihime was fucked with in the anime (her fuckin’ introduction was changed drastically). Meanwhile Ichigo and Rukia were given moments that didn’t exist in the manga, they have filler arcs (remember those lmao) that would be stuffed with shit ton of moments for them that have no basis in the manga, other characters would change their behavior from the manga to reflect a sort of “thing” going on between Ichigo and Rukia.

    Look, guys, the anime fucked up so bad the fucking mangaka, Tite Kubo, has said he gets stomach aches watching the early anime because it was that awful. And this divide between the anime and manga’s portrayal of these three character helped spawn the ship war of Bleach: Ichiruki vs Ichihime (oh but more on that in a bit). It tanked Orihime’s popularity because people thought she was the stupid dumbass that would stumble ass first into situations when that wasn’t her character at all. And because the majority of anime watchers only watch the anime... yeah, you can see where this went. So just like in 3H in Bleach you have these radically different tellings of the same characters that drove a big-ass wedge in the fandom


    Imma be transparent, like I’ve said before I managed to avoid nearly every marketing tactic for 3H so it’s a tad hard for me to speak personally, but from what I’ve been told Edelgard was heavily marketed towards the player base pre-release. She was the poster child of 3H, she got the figma, she was in the spotlight - unless you cleansed your board of 3H content you knew exactly who she was. On top of that, it doesn’t stop in-game - loading screen messages would assume you picked BE, Adrestia is the first option to pick when you want to impress one of the lords in the prologue, the BE class is the first option to pick in choosing which route to play, every character has some moment in the game post ts where they express sympathy with the woman who waged war on them for five years (even characters with no business doing so, like Seteth entertaining the idea that maybe Edelgard isn’t that bad during Myrddin). With all of that good PR for Edelgard in and out of the game it heavily impacted how people saw her, and much of it is used by stans to justify her being a good guy (mostly in the game marketing) despite everything else in the game clearly showing that Edelgard is the bad guy

    With Bleach in that regard... you have Ichiruki

    holy shit it’s so weird talking about Ichiruki i’m still lowkey nervous about talking about them lmao

    With Ichiruki stans, they would cling onto outside material that promoted Ichigo and Rukia together as proof that their ship was going to be canon. Spreadsheets, calendars, poems (some of which didn’t even apply to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship but they insisted they did anyway), novels - outside material that either wasn’t canon or didn’t pertain to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship. They would shove it in the face of Ichihime shippers that “see, we have all this stuff for us! We ain’t starving tonight!” when the canon (note: in the manga particularly) would clearly show Ichigo and Orihime’s relationship being the one that leans romantic in multiple significant ways. They would latch onto irrelevant shit that ain’t had nothin’ to do with anything and wave around as a paragon of romance when it literally wasn’t even canon

    Just fuckin’ ignoring the creators deadass

    Creators and developers of 3H: Edelgard is the typical Red Emperor the only difference is Girl

    Stans: that’s just a headcanon

    Kubo: Ichigo and Rukia have a platonic relationship and I’ve publicly said this since 2008

    Stans, now, to this day: Ichigo and Rukia were robbed

    Making people reject what they’re stanning for

    I’ve seen a few people express that the more they interact with the fandom and see what her stans are doing, the more they grow to dislike Edelgard despite (some) initially liking or even loving her. To put it simply, the same thing happened with Ichiruki - hell, this happened with me with Ichiruki. I can’t fuckin’ stand the ship anymore because every time I think about it I’m reminded of the absolutely rancid, disgusting things Ichiruki stans have to done to others in the fandom, and even after nearly five years after Bleach has ended I still tense up when someone says they like Ichiruki over Ichihime precisely because of the behavior of the stans, just like I side-eye people who say Edelgard is the best lord. Do they like them because they simply prefer them over the other(s) and they’re not totally fuckin’ bonkers, or are they totally fuckin’ bonkers. 

    And, like, that’s not fair! I know that! But I can’t help but think that when such a loud amount of people act in such deplorable ways just because someone didn’t like a bunch of lines on paper/pixels on a screen.

    To all the nice Ichiruki and Edelgard fans, hope y’all are havin’ a nice day.

    Long, crazy ass explanations as to why X =/= X (and if anything actually means Y)

    Teacher theory for 3H. How Edelgard totally didn’t hire Kostas to kill Dimitri and Claude and was only thwarted because Claude booked it, but how she definitely actually meant to simply scare away the teacher that was with them so that Jeritza could be pulled from his already existing position in Garreg Mach to teach one class so that Edelgard can kinda keep a sorta closer eye on exactly one of the other classes (and just do shit all about the other one I guess), because Jertiza’d be able to gleam so much from teaching a class for a few hours a day I promise 

    But for Bleach, you also have one particularly infamous theory positing shit that don’t real, with enough renown to be known by a specific name, and that’s the Lust Arc = Fail essay

    To explain what the essay is about, I have to set the scene up a bit. Imagine, you, with your tiny little monkey brain, are watching Bleach, and you get to the part where Main Boyo is fighting against Villain to save Girly. Other Guy is there too - this is important. Main Boyo tries his hardest to fight Villain, but is ultimately shot through the fucking chest with a laser from Villain and dies. Like, for bit actually dies. Girly breaks down, has a straight up mental breakdown because she always “knew” that Main Boyo could do anything, and now he’s been killed and is dead in front of her. She screams out Main Boyo’s name, hysterically begging him to save her and protect her because holy shit the love of her life has been brutally murdered in front of her what the fuck. But Main Boyo, from literally beyond the line of death, hears her pleas and snaps back to life as a monster, with the sentence “I MUST PROTECT” repeatedly running through his head and being the only sentence he ever says while in this form, with him fucking destroying Villain and even going so far as to directly hurt Other Guy when Other Guy tries to stop Main Boyo from utterly stomping on Villain. Girly is the only person Main Boyo does not directly hurt, and when Villain is damn sure gonna fuckin’ kick the bucket that is when Main Boyo reverts back human. Everyone is more than a little shocked at what happened, but it’s clear from how relieved Girly is when Main Boyo comes back safe and sound that while this event fundamentally will change their relationship (and it does), it is still one that is extremely strong and they won’t let it get between them (and they don’t).

    Now, when looking at the summary, you, with your absolutely miniscule peanut of a brain, might come away thinking, “Hm, Main Boyo might kinda care for Girly given that he literally rose from the dead to protect her and only her and went back to normal once she was safe” and you poor fool would be oh so wrong, because actually, this is all proof that Mian Boyo doesn’t care for Girly and that Villain actually cared more for Girly than Main Boyo ever could.

    Without diving too deeply into the absolute lunacy of the Lust Arc = Fail essay, that was its main premise. That Ichigo, after rising from the literal dead directly after Orihime begged and pleaded that he protect and save her and then going on to protect and save specifically her (as Uryu - Other Guy - is also a friend of Ichigo’s and got his fucking arm cut off by Monster!Ichigo), is proof against Ichihime being romantic in any way and was not, in fact, a fuckin’ giant neon flashing sign that read THESE TWO ARE GONNA GET TOGETHER. It was the dumbest shit ever, but Ichiruki stans, much like Edelstans with Teacher Theory, clung to it like white on rice. It didn’t matter how much it was utterly debunked, it didn’t matter how the base premise was stupid as fuck, they point to it as the pinnacle of meta for their respective fandoms in their respective spaces.

    And all of this leads me to um... the one I’m kinda the most worried about?

    Stan Behavior

    Edelstans are their own unique brand of awful in that that the shit they spew is particularly... worrying (”genocide isn’t bad if they aren’t human and also they kinda deserved it” “imperialism isn’t that bad really” the mentally ill should be put down if they’re deemed ~too far gone~” among other... wonderful takes...), and their behavior is also quite shitty, harassing content creators that go against the Approved Opinions (Ghast) or forcing people to take down fanart and in general infecting nearly every Rhea space with all kinds of disparaging comments no one asked for. They actively make the fandom a worse space, and when they flare up it’s almost always noticeable (again, Ghast)


    Oh boy.

    Guys. If you weren’t there for the Canonization of Ichihime (2016). You dodged a fucking bullet.

    The outrage was out-fuckin’-rageous. Their behavior was some of the worst reactions anyone has ever seen come from the canonization of a ship in a shounen. This includes, but is not limited to:

    Someone tearing apart all 70+ volumes of Bleach and burning it in their bathroom

    In fact, multiple people tearing up Bleach and burning it, while keeping the Ichiruki moments and taping it to their walls

    A Rukia cosplayer, in Rukia cosplay, printing out the final color spread of the end-game couples and their friends lounging about - with colored ink and all - and burning it, while filming herself doing so

    Ichiruki porn being sent to Tite Kubo

    Tite Kubo being accused of grooming a 15 Orihime cosplayer with no proof

    Tite Kubo being accused of lying about his various health issues

    Ichigo and Rukia being drawn cheating on their spouses with each other - and some of that also being sent to Tite Kubo

    Tite Kubo being chased off Twitter by Ichiruki stans... again

    Ichihime shippers getting sent death threats

    Ichihime shippers getting called delusional for thinking their ship had a chance before the endgame couples were revealed, and then being called delusional for thinking their ship had any real basis and wasn’t pulled “out of nowhere”

    Tite Kubo being accused of hating women because of Orihime being shown in an apron in the last chapter and Ichiruki stans jumping to the conclusion she became a housewife, and then Tite Kubo being accused of hating women because when it was revealed that Orihime has a job in a bakery to pay for college later they insisted what Kubo should have done was have Uryu, who’s a doctor at that point, pay for Orihime’s college instead of having Orihime pay for it with her own money 

    And mind you, this is only the stuff I’ve personally seen and experienced

    I am hoping and praying that Edelstans never get as bad as Ichiruki stans did in 2016, but with how otherwise similar they are my hopes are dwindling more and more. I guess I can take solace in the fact that they aren’t quite... that bad yet? In terms of actions, at least? Their sentiments though are infinitely worse, so like... cool

    #what the hell do I even tag this #i guess like #fandom observations#fandom critical#fandom criticism #yeah shit got BAD in the Bleach fandom in 2016 #and I fear what the return of the anime is gonna have in store #things already don't look good in the 3H fandom so like... yeah #wanted to get the Bleach rant off my chest for a long ass while now lol so glad I could do that #again wanna reiterate that this isn't exclusive to Bleach and 3H this is just my experience with them
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  • queenlua
    12.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i nerd-sniped my partner, so he was up way too late past his bedtime,

    & then i heard a funky bird call i didn’t recognize, & he started playing calls from his “most-wanted county birds” list just in case


    so yeah, i’m revoltingly delighted with this ebird checklist lol

    #birblr#birding #i just... god nighthawk didn't even *occur* to me for some reason #state bird for me hell yeah
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  • gay-mammon
    12.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    am i,, the only one,, that hcs mammon,, as latino/indigenous,, bc i never see anything like that,,

    latino/indigenous mammon rights!!

    #i know a majority of people hc him as black #and that's great!! that's amazing!! hell yeah!! #but me personally.... i think he leans more towards the latin/indigenous look #esp w his markings as a demon #idk ill just sit my lil latino/native ass in the corner djdndnn
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