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  • Peace & Quiet (Part One)

    Part two will be posted by Wednesday depending on my work schedule 

    Summary: Daveed surprises you with a romantic weekend in Martha’s Vineyard for your birthday, but distractions keep popping up.

     Rating: T for language and sexual situations

     Warning: I’m not that good at writing smut so please be gentle I do not own Disney’s The Lion King


    Till we find our place
    On the path unwinding
    In the circle
    The Circle of life
    Circle of Life!

    You were on such a high right now, you had finished your first month of performances as Nala on Broadway, it was so great being back on Broadway but what you weren’t prepared for, was not spending almost every day with Daniel. Yes, you or Daveed would bring him to the theater sometimes but most of the time he was home with Daveed since he had finished filming Season Two of Snowpiercer. On the days you did have Daniel you would have him snuggled against you in a carrier during rehearsals. On the days you had two shows, by the time you would get home he would already be asleep. You would spend a few hours with him before you would go off to the theater. The days you looked forward to were your no show days.

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  • Forbidden Love Masterlist

    Part One

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  • A Bed So Big And Wide (Lin-Manuel/Reader)

    It Takes Courage To Enjoy It (Lin-Manuel/Reader)

    But I AM This Person (Lin-Manuel/Reader)

    Despondency and Orange Crushes (Lin-Manuel/Reader)

    Impressions (Lin-Manuel/Reader, slight Kate/Reader) (crossover with SNL)

    Early (Lin-Manuel/Reader)

    Giant-Ass Box (Lin-Manuel/Reader)

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  • A nice Grofflin RP where Jon goes to visit Lin in Puerto Rico

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  • Pairing: LMM x Reader

    Warnings: Cursing, alcohol, lots of smut-please only read if you’re over 18.

    Notes: So I only started writing fics because I read @adotblog‘s and thought they were amazing. Now I get to collaborate with her, and I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT. This is exceptionally long, because we are both unstoppable.

    Words: 6796. See? Unstoppable.


    You practically throw yourself into your building, shaking snow from your coat and trying to stamp warmth into your feet. You take off your gloves as you head around the corner to check your mail.

    “Hey Lin.”, you say as you approach the mail boxes. “Hi, Y/N, how are you?”, Lin asks with a smile. Good lord he’s so handsome, with his scruffy man bun and his Hamilton hoodie. It still freaks you out that a semi-famous person lives across the hall. And speaks to you.

    “How was opening night? I saw the reviews, you must be thrilled,” you say as you fight with your mailbox key. “It was…indescribable,” he says with a far-off smile. “What, for a wordsmith like you?!”, you tease. He grins. “I’ll see you later, Y/N,” he says as he heads for the door. “Have a good show!”


    You pull your door shut, staring at the tiled floor of the hallway and exhaling forcefully. You can feel a headache starting to build. “Ooh, that’s not a happy sigh”, Lin says. You look up to see him about to go into his apartment, ever-present coffee cup in his hand. “I’m having work done in the bathroom. Started as a leaky shower head and now it’s a whole thing. Apparently.”, you say wearily. “Yikes. Well if you need anything…”, Lin trails off as a series of loud hammering noises come from your apartment. He cringes and you close your eyes as you say “My neighbours are going to love me.”. Lin smiles and takes his leave.

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  • Pairing: LMM x Reader

    Warnings: Smut / NSFW / Please only read if you’re 18+ / Alcohol / Angst / Crying / It’s pretty sad, you guys.

    Notes: This is the third and final chapter. What am I going to write next? Who knows. Feedback, requests, etc etc all welcome. Usual shout out to @adotblog

    Word count: 4674


    “Oh my God, Y/N, my head this morning! I thought my eyes were about to fall out my face!”

    Sam sits opposite you and immediately grabs a menu.

    “Thank God for painkillers,” he goes on, “but I’m going to need to go full burger tonight. I’m starving.”

    You sip your Coke and try to look sympathetic. You hope your eyes don’t look at puffy as they feel. You’ve been curled up in bed for most of the afternoon and you feel like you’ve cried yourself out. Still, the show must go on, and when Sam texted you again to see if you wanted to get food before work you forced yourself to go. The waitress comes over and Sam asks for his burger with everything, while you just ask for a sandwich. Sam raises his eyebrows.

    “That’s not like you, Y/N. What’s up?”

    “Nothing! Nothing, just… not that hungry.”

    “Bollocks, you’re always hungry, that’s why we became friends.”

    “I’ve just not had a great day, that’s all. I’m fine, I’ll be fine.”

    “What’s happened, come on, you can tell Sammy…” he starts joking, but then he catches the look on your face, and his smile drops.

    “Shit, Y/N, you’re really not ok are you?”

    It’s all you can do to shake your head. Turns out there are some tears left in there after all, and as much as you adore Sam, you don’t want to cry in front of him. You take a breath, steady yourself.

    “I… met a guy. I really like him, and he seems to really like me too, but it’s complicated and we can’t see each other anymore. I know when I say it out loud it doesn’t sound like the tragedy of the century and lots of people have worse shit going on, but… I really, really like him. And it hurts.”

    “Oh, Y/N. Heartbreak is the worst. Look, if you’re not up to work tonight, I can get someone to cover you.”

    Lin will be at the theatre tonight. Can you bear to see him? You’re not sure you can.

    “Are you sure? I don’t want to leave anyone in the lurch.”

    “Honestly, Y/N, it’s fine. You’ve not missed a single shift since you got this job and you’ve covered for others enough times. I’ll call Jenny, OK? I’ll say you’re sick.”

    “Thank you. Tomorrow is my day off but I’ll be back for my next shift.”

    “I know you will. Now, Dr Sam is King of Heartbreak and let me tell you what I do when a man gets me down…”

    And with that he starts regaling you with some outrageous stories from his dating life. He knows how to make you laugh, and later as you leave you feel a little lighter. As you go your separate ways, Sam to the theatre, you back home, he pulls you into a hug.

    “It’ll be OK, Y/N. You’re a great person. Whatever happened with this guy… well, you’ll get over it. I know I don’t know what the situation, but he’s a fool to give up on you so easily.”

    You smile weakly and hug your friend back.

    “Thanks Sam. The whole thing just sucks. And thanks for tonight. I’m going to go and get into my PJs and watch The West Wing.”

    “Good plan. See you tomorrow. Text me or call me if you need anything.”

    “I will. Thank you.”

    You kiss Sam on the cheek and head for the tube.


    The next morning you wake with a crick on your neck. It takes you a second to realise that you’re still on your sofa and that you must have fallen asleep watching the DVD. The TV is still on and showing the “play episode” screen. You sit up and roll your shoulders, trying to work out the stiffness. You’d spent the evening exactly as you’d told Sam you would: on the sofa, in your sweats, working your way steadily through the first season of The West Wing. You can basically recite it now, having watched it so many times over the years, but it’s comforting and the writing so good that it can take your mind off anything. Well, most things.

    You turn off the DVD and turn on the BBC news channel. While the anchor talks through the latest headlines you start to tidy up, and make some coffee. While the kettle’s boiling you head for the bathroom and then fetch your phone from your bedroom. Last night you’d made the decision to switch it off and put it in a different room. You didn’t want to speak to anyone, and you didn’t want to see anything about Lin on Twitter.

    You take it through to the kitchen, make your coffee then sit at the table and switch on your phone. After a minute notifications start pouring in. Most of them from colleagues - it’s so unlike you to call in sick that people are worried. A couple from Sam, checking how you’re doing. Another from your sister, God, you really should text her back. And then Lin’s name pops up. The message was from late yesterday afternoon, after you left Sam but before you would have been due at work.

    “Hi Y/N. I’d really like to come and talk to you tonight. I feel bad about how we left things. Let me know when you have a minute later?”

    Then another message from a couple of hours later.

    “Sam said you’ve called in sick. I really hope you’re OK. I’m so sorry if this is because of me.”

    Then another from late in the evening.

    “I’d still love the chance to talk but I’ll understand if you don’t want to. I won’t message again, but if you want to talk, I’m here.”

    You sigh. You’re thinking about whether to reply or not when another message comes in. This time it’s from Sam.

    “It’s Lin, isn’t it?”

    You exhale hard. How does he know? You call Sam, who picks up straight away.

    “It is him isn’t it?”


    “Oh, Y/N.”

    “How did you guess?”

    “I guessed the minute he asked where you were and I said you were sick. He didn’t look great to start with but when I said that his face just dropped. The whole evening he wasn’t himself. He just sort of wandered around looking like a kicked puppy.”

    “Oh great, thanks for that Sam. That makes me the kicker.”

    “I’ll be at yours in half an hour. I’ll bring breakfast.”

    “You’re a good man, Sam.”

    “I know.”


    “So what do I do, Sam? Do I reply? What do I say? What can he possibly want to say? It’s not going to change the outcome. And what if we end up… y’know… again?”

    You’ve poured the whole story out to him over coffee and a bag of cinnamon rolls that Sam brought with him.

    “I think that you already know you’re going to reply, and I think you already know that you want to see him again before he leaves tomorrow. So this is what you’re going to do. You’re going to text him back and just be forward. You’re off tonight anyway. Say you want to see him again. And then you’re going to get Lin round to your flat, and say a proper goodbye. Then tomorrow after the evening show you and I are going to get drunk, OK?”

    You sigh. You know he’s right. “OK. But you’re buying the gin tomorrow night.”

    “Deal. Now, go get him.”


    You did just as Sam said. Straight after that conversation you texted Lin and told him that you wanted to talk too, and suggested he came to yours. Lin replied saying that he would be there once his final meetings had finished, late afternoon. You said you would make dinner.

    In the meantime, you texted back various people from work, reassuring them that you were OK and that you’d be back as normal tomorrow. You phoned your sister. You cleaned your flat to within an inch of its life. You went out and bought ingredients for dinner. You showered, dressed, did your hair. Most of all, you tried not to think beyond this evening.

    Finally, the door buzzed. You pressed the button to open the downstairs door, then waited for him to come upstairs. There is a knock on your flat door, you open it, and there’s Lin. He’s wearing jeans and a zip-up hoodie and he looks gorgeous. You stand back to let him in. He bends and kisses you on the cheek. He smells amazing.


    “Hey Lin. Thanks for coming over.”

    “I was glad to.”

    You’re just sort of standing around awkwardly, so you close the door and lead him through to the kitchen.

    “I’ve just started cooking. You want a drink?”

    “Just water would be great, thanks.”

    You pour him a glass and set it by him on the table. You go back and continue preparing the food, relieved it gives you something to do.

    “Hey, Y/N, I feel bad about you missing work last night. When Sam said you were sick, I wasn’t sure what to do. I wasn’t sure if you really were sick, or whether you were avoiding me, and then when I thought it was probably the latter I felt awful because that theatre is more your space than mine and I made you feel like you couldn’t be in it.”

    “I had planned to go, but then I had dinner with Sam, and he realised I wasn’t myself, and suggested I take the night off. And yeah, I was worried about seeing you, if I’m honest.”


    “Oh Lin, you know why. Because we’ve had this… thing… and you’re going back to America tomorrow, and I didn’t trust myself around you. It took every ounce of my courage to leave you yesterday morning. I felt like if I saw you again so soon I would fall apart. Or jump on you. Probably both.”

    “But you trust yourself around me now?” Lin asks, his eyes wide, his voice quiet. You lean against the worktop and fold your arms.

    “Not entirely. But I realised that I wanted to see you again more than I was worried about tomorrow.”

    You share a long look, full of meaning but also longing. You can already feel the tension between you begin to crackle. It would be so easy just to walk over to him, tilt his head up, and kiss him. And you will. Just not yet.

    “Right, come and help me with dinner. There’s stuff in the fridge to make a salad.” Lin grins, jumps up, and heads for the fridge.

    The next hour or so passes happily. While dinner is cooking Lin takes control of Spotify and selects an eclectic playlist that has both of you singing and dancing along. Soon, you sit down to eat and the conversation has lost all the awkwardness of earlier. You laugh and swap West Wing quotes. Every time your mind flits to tomorrow and Lin leaving for NYC you take a breath and stuff the thought away.

    After you’ve carried your plates to the sink, you produce a couple of beers from the fridge.

    “Want one?” You ask.

    “Sure,” Lin says, and takes one of the bottles.

    The two of you head through to the living room and slump onto the couch, taking swigs from your beers. You both lean back, your heads resting on the back of the couch. Lin turns to look at you, and you look back.

    “Hey,” he says softly.


    “This has been fun, Y/N. I wish…”

    “Don’t, Lin. Please. Don’t wish. I mean, I wish too, but I can’t think about that just now. It hurts too much.”

    Lin looks into your eyes, nods.

    “What about if I just did this instead?” he says quietly, leaning over to take your beer from your hand and setting it on the floor with his. Then he gently traces his fingers down the side of your face, brushing your hair from your eyes. His hand rests on the side of your face, his fingers in your hair. His thumb runs along your bottom lip, and your mouth opens just slightly. His eyes flick down to your lips and he leans in.

    The kiss begins slowly. His lips are warm and soft against yours. You run your tongue along his lip, and he opens his mouth to you. Your tongues press against each other, your mouths moving instinctively together. Lin pulls at you and you understand what he wants you to do. Breaking the kiss only briefly, you straddle him on the couch before cupping his face in your hands and pressing your forehead against his. You look into his eyes before kissing him deeply again, his head tilted up to you. You feel his hands run down your sides, over your hips, to rest on your ass. He slides his hands into the back pockets of your jeans and gently squeezes you. You sigh, letting your hands drop to rest on his chest. You unzip his hoodie and run your hands down his body, over his t-shirt. Your fingers find the hem of his t-shirt and slip underneath it. The skin of his belly is warm and soft.

    You dip your head and start kissing his neck, working from his jaw down, behind his ear, then lower until your lips brush the neck of his t-shirt. Lin’s hands move up to your sides, running up and down, and every time you kiss or nip him in a particular sweet spot his grip tightens briefly, his fingers digging into you slightly. You bite gently at his shoulder and he gasps.

    “God, Y/N, you drive me crazy.”

    You look down at him with a teasing smile.

    “Oh yeah? How crazy?”

    “You’ll find out soon enough, sweetheart.” And he reaches up, pulls your head down to his and presses his mouth to yours again. You can’t help but roll your hips against his, and as you move you’re aware of his erection bulging through his jeans beneath you. You rock against him gently and the friction makes you moan quietly into his mouth. His hands move to your breasts, fondling them over your clothes before slipping until your shirt and pushing it up. You sit up, pull the shirt over your head, and drop it beside you. He pulls you back in close and kisses your chest wherever your skin is exposed before reaching behind you and unhooking your bra. He kisses your mouth again as he pulls your bra straps down and you drop your bra with your shirt.

    His thumb brushes over your nipple and you gasp at the pulse of electricity that shoots through you. You pull back, look at him, then stand up and hold out your hand. Lin shrugs off his hoodie, then takes your hand as you lead him to bed.

    Neither of you speak but somehow once you’re in your bedroom you both know there’s a subtle change in atmosphere. As soon as you’re through the door Lin has you pressed up against the wall, one hand on the back of your neck, while the other is in the small of your back, pulling you towards him. He has whipped off his t-shirt so you are both topless, your bodies pressed together. Your breasts are pushed against his chest and the feeling of his warm skin on your increasingly sensitive nipples is intense.

    Your hands move to his jeans, and you lay your palm flat against him, feeling his erection through the material. You squeeze him gently and his breath catches. You quickly undo his jeans and push them down until they fall to the floor and he steps out of them, pulling off his socks as he does so. You start walking him backwards to the bed then, as he reaches it, you stop and pull down his shorts so that he is completely naked. You push him down so that he is sitting on the edge of the bed, his head level with your breasts. He pulls slightly at your nipples with his thumb and forefinger, pinching them just hard enough to make you gasp.

    You’re standing between his legs and he starts kissing down your body, slowly, teasingly, until he reaches your belly and then lower to the waistband of your jeans. He looks up at you with his dark eyes, the pupils virtually indistinguishable from the iris. In a low voice he whispers “take them off”.

    You take a step back from him and watch him as you start unbuttoning your jeans. His eyes are glued to what your hands are doing so you move slowly, sliding your thumbs under the waistband of your underwear and gradually pulling them down along with your jeans. As your naked body is revealed Lin’s breath hitches in his throat.

    “Y/N… you look amazing…” he breathes, his hands tracing the outline of your curves without quite touching you. The way he gazes at your body makes you feel incredible, powerful, sexy. It only adds to your arousal.

    “Come here,” he whispers, and pulls you down onto the bed with him. You both scooch higher up the bed, and Lin presses your hip down so you’re on your back. He butterflies kisses down your chest and stomach and hips until he is between your legs. He gently pushes your thighs further apart, then looks up at you as he dips his head down and runs his tongue along your folds. You immediately arch your back and moan at the sensation. You’re already incredibly wet for him and when he realises this he groans and flattens his tongue against you before flicking it quickly over your clit.

    The sudden jolt makes you buck your hips up, wanting more contact, more friction. He grins wickedly at you then presses his whole mouth against you, his tongue dipping inside you, teasing you. Then he returns his attention to your clit, circling the tip of his tongue around it, occasionally flicking over it, making you moan his name. Your hand finds the back of his head, tangles in his hair, trying to press his mouth to you. All of a sudden you feel his fingers slip inside you as he sucks and licks at your clit. He immediately starts curling his fingers so that he is stroking your g-spot, making you moan a long “fuuuuuuuuck” in the process.

    With his fingers moving inside you and his mouth and tongue on your clit, you quickly feel an orgasm start to build. You can’t help but press your hips to his face, pushing yourself against his fingers, and you lose control, crying out, cursing, your grip tightening in his hair as you come hard.

    As the peak passes and you begin to calm down, you open your eyes to see Lin lying alongside you, grinning.

    “God, Y/N, seeing you come like that is fucking amazing.”

    You smile up at him lazily, then reach up to bring his face to yours. You kiss again, slowly at first, but the intensity quickly builds. He moves half on top of you, his leg in between yours. His left hand cups your breast, his right supporting his weight. You can feel his cock pressing into your thigh and even though it’s not long since he made you come undone you know you are ready for him again.

    You look up into his eyes through your lashes, and reach down to wrap your hand around his cock. His mouth falls open as your start to stroke him up and down. He moans a little then stills your hand. He leans down and whispers hoarsely in your ear, “turn over, sweetheart”.

    You lie on your stomach and you feel Lin move between your legs. Then his hands are on your hips and he’s pulling you up so you are on all fours. One hand is still on your hip, but the other squeezes your ass, making you gasp.

    “Are you OK, baby?” He asks gently. You look over your shoulder at him, “yes, completely, now, please…” you trail off. You feel him position himself at your entrance.

    “Please what, Y/N?”

    “Please fuck me.”

    You feel his cock nudge against you and you wiggle your ass a little, wanting more.

    “You sure, baby?” he teases. You can hear the smile in his voice.

    “Yes! Lin, please, I need you,” you moan, and as you do, you feel him push into you. He enters you slowly, both of you savouring how it feels. Once he’s all the way inside you he wraps one arm around you, holding you, his other hand gripping your hip. You are both still a second before he starts thrusting in and out of you, slowly at first but soon quicker and harder.

    He’s so deep inside you, he’s filling you so perfectly, that it’s hard for form coherent thoughts. You push back against him as he slams into you, both of you groaning and gasping. He moves the arm that’s wrapped around you slightly and suddenly he’s almost folded over you, his fingers finding your clit. He strokes your clit in time with his thrusts and feeling your body tensing under him, whispers “come for me, Y/N.” This tips you over the edge and quickly you’re coming again, a short intense burst that has you crying out formless words, your eyes squeezed closed, your brain going fuzzy.

    Lin rides you through it, whispering to you “that’s it, yes Y/N, you’re so good,” until your peak has passed then quickly picks up the pace. He’s straightened up behind you, his hands firmly on your hips, and he’s fucking you hard, relentlessly. He grunts with every thrust, and he swiftly loses control. His movements become stuttering, and his grip on you tighter, his fingers digging into you.

    “Fuck, yes, Y/N, oh God oh God oh God…” and he spills into you, you clenching around his cock, him pushing his last thrusts into you. You feel him collapse onto your back, panting, before you both slump onto the bed.

    Lin rolls onto his back, and you curl around him, your head on his shoulder, your arm over him. He wraps his arms around you too and you lay there for some time, listening to each other’s breathing return to normal. Eventually you look up at him, and he looks down at you, and you both smile, then kiss softly.

    “You’re really special, Y/N,” Lin says quietly.

    You close your eyes. You lace your fingers through his.

    “So are you, Lin. I’m never going to forget this.”

    “Me neither. Not ever.”

    Lin kisses your hair. You kiss his shoulder. You pull the duvet over the two of you, and you both drift off to sleep.


    You’re woken by Lin gently saying your name. You blink, rub your eyes.

    “What time is it?” you mumble.

    “Nearly 7am. I’m sorry, I know it’s early, but I need to go in an hour. I need to go to the hotel, and then the airport…”

    Your heart sinks. You can’t pretend this isn’t happening anymore. You bury your head in his shoulder and cling to him. He holds you tightly, gently murmuring reassurances that it’ll be OK.

    You sit up. “I’ll make coffee. You want anything to eat?”

    “Not just now. I’ll get something later.”

    You nod, get up, throw on a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms, then head for the kitchen. You hear the shower start running and while you would love nothing more than to go and get in there with him you know it would only make things worse.

    Half an hour later you’re both dressed, sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table, sipping coffee.

    “So…” you start awkwardly, not really knowing what you want to say. You look at Lin, smiling weakly.


    “I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent together, Lin. I’m sorry it can’t be more. I wish…”

    Lin reaches over and puts his hand on yours.

    “You were the one who said ‘don’t wish’…”

    “I know.”

    “But I wish too.”


    You are standing at your front door. Lin has his hands shoved in his pockets. You reach for him, put your arms around his neck. He wraps his around your waist. You kiss. It’s long and deep and just a little desperate. By the time you break apart there are tears running down both your faces.

    “I gotta go.”

    “I know, it’s ok, go.”

    “I’m sorry Y/N.”

    “Me too.”



    Tonight the brand new West End show you’re working on opened  and the atmosphere backstage is intense. You’d stayed with Hamilton for another nine months, but then this opportunity - a promotion - came up and you couldn’t say no. Leaving your Hamilton family had been sad but you’d made friends for life and you knew you’d stay in touch.

    So here you were, first night done and it’s all gone perfectly. Everyone is getting ready to head for the aftershow party and you and your colleagues are speculating about which celebs might show up.

    “Claire Foy was on the red carpet.”

    “Oh she’s great, I’d love to hang out with her.”

    “And Matt Smith! He’s here!”

    “I heard Bryan Cranston is in town.”

    You are all laughing and swapping celeb stories and a while later as you all enter the party you’re all excited and giddy. It’s time to kick back, celebrate your success, and hang out with your theatre family. You’ve managed to get Sam an invite and he’s already at the bar when you find him.

    “Y/N! You look fabulous as usual!”

    You swipe at his arm. “Yeah, yeah, I hope you ordered me a gin.”

    “Of course, darling.” And he hands you a glass.

    You’re both suddenly aware of a burst of camera flashes, which indicates someone famous has arrived at the party. You crane to see who it is but you can’t see, so Sam stands on tiptoes and looks for you.

    “Who is it? Is it Matt Smith?”

    Sam is silent. He looks at you, his face suddenly serious.

    “Y/N. It’s Lin.”

    You freeze. You had decided not to stay in touch after those few intoxicating days. You both wanted to but agreed that it would have made it too difficult. It had been horrible but you moved on because you had to. But the knowledge that he was here in this room sent you straight back to twelve months ago…

    “Lin? He’s here?”

    “Yeah. I didn’t know he was in town, I would have warned you. Look, Y/N. He’s not alone. He’s brought someone. I’d heard he was dating someone but I didn’t know it was at a public level.”


    Sam puts his arm around your shoulder.

    “You OK?”

    “I don’t want to see him, Sam. I can’t. Not if he’s with someone.”

    “OK, let’s just take our drinks through to the other room.”

    You nod and you both head for the door through to the smaller party room. But to get there you have to go past the photo area. You intend to keep your head down and get through the door as quickly as possible but as you approach you can’t help but look.

    Lin is smiling, looking handsome in a black suit, his arm around a beautiful woman. The sight of him squeezes the breath from your body and you stop. You’re staring at him. Time seems to slow down as he turns just slightly. He sees you.

    Your eyes lock. You feel as if time has stopped completely. It can only have been a few seconds but it feels like an eternity. He nods, smiles slightly.

    You raise your hand. You hold his gaze for a second longer. Then you link your arm through Sam’s and head for the other room.

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  • Pairing: LMM x Reader

    Warnings: Smut (a lot of smut) / NSFW / 18+ / Swearing

    Notes: Thanks as ever to @adotblog for beta-reading, suggestions, and inspirational Lin gifs.

    Word count: 3578


    You open your eyes. First thought: you’re naked. Second thought: why am I naked? Third thought: Lin. Oh my God, Lin. You quickly turn round and… he’s not there. You stretch out your arm. The sheets are cold. He must have been gone a while. You sit up, clutching the covers to your chest. Where is he? You get up, get some sweatpants and a t-shirt out of your drawer, and put them on. You look around the room. Your clothes from last night are still strewn around the floor, carelessly thrown there in your desperation for each other. But his clothes are gone. You go out into the hallway. There’s your jacket and bag… but not his. Lin’s left.

    You go back into your bedroom and look at your phone. It’s nearly 9am. There’s a couple of messages; one from your sister about nothing in particular, the other from Sam complaining about his hangover and asking you whether you wanted to grab an early dinner before the show tonight. You send a quick reply saying you’ll call him later.

    You go to the bathroom, pee, wash your face, and brush your teeth. You look at yourself in the mirror. There are a couple of red marks at the base of your neck from where Lin had sucked at your skin. God, the sex was amazing. You close your eyes for a second, leaning against the sink, allowing your mind to scroll through various images from last night. The way he kissed you, the way he bit his lip as he watched you unbutton your shirt, the feeling of his hands on your body… You sigh heavily, splash your face with water again, and head for the kitchen. You need coffee.

    As you go into the kitchen, you notice that there’s a piece of paper on the table. It’s a note from Lin.

    “Morning Y/N. I have a 9am meeting and I didn’t want to wake you. Thank you so much for last night, I had a really amazing time. Lin. x”

    He’d also scrawled his phone number at the bottom, so you quickly add it to your phone and fire off a text.

    Y/N: Hey, it’s Y/N. I got your note. Hope the meeting goes well. And thank you for last night too, it was a lot of fun. x

    That sounded breezy enough didn’t it? What kind of tone were you trying for anyway? You knew that you had it pretty badly for Lin after last night, but what was this to him? Last night you could have sworn there was a connection over and above the physical attraction but the note he left was kinda vague. Was it just a one night stand to blow off some steam? It honestly didn’t feel like that last night, but what else could it be? He’s going back to New York in a couple of days. You slump onto the kitchen chair and shove your phone across the table. You feel your eyes start to well up and you blink furiously. Come on, this is ridiculous. You don’t really know the guy. Yeah, you had some frankly mind-blowing sex, but you can’t start developing feelings for him. You mustn’t.

    You force yourself to get up and make a cup of coffee. You choose your loudest, angriest playlist and put the volume as high as you can without invoking the rage of your neighbours. After you finish your coffee, you head for the shower, leaving the doors open so you can still hear the music. You shower, get dressed, singing along as you go. You gather the discarded clothes from last night and chuck them in the hamper. You throw yourself on your bed for a minute and are immediately assaulted by the smell of Lin on your sheets. Your breath catches and you inhale his scent, trying to commit it to memory as much as you can. While you’re lying there, the playlist ends and you realise that your phone is ringing in the kitchen. You run through but it’s stopped by the time you get to it. You look at who it was, expecting it to be Sam, but it’s not. It’s Lin.

    Your mind seems to freeze. You’re just standing there looking at the screen for what feels like an age. You’re in some sort of trance, your mind flitting between trying to decide what to do, the memories of last night, and the knowledge that you can’t let yourself get too attached. You must have stood there for a good couple of minutes, your phone still in your hand, when it starts ringing again. You get the fright of your life and drop the phone before scrambling under the table to retrieve it. Oh God it’s Lin again. You try to sound upbeat despite the fact that your heart is hammering at an alarming rate.


    “Hi! Hey. How are you?”

    “Uh, good? Sorry I missed your first call. I was in the shower.”

    “Now I’m even more sorry I had to leave…”

    Your tummy flips. Any thoughts of maintaining your distance suddenly seem a lot less important than they did a few minutes ago. You attempt to maintain your composure despite the images of having Lin in the shower that are suddenly flooding your brain.

    “How… How’s the meeting?”

    “Fine! Fine. Over, actually, it was shorter than I expected. I’ve just got back to my hotel room, and I saw your text, so…”

    Oh God, hotel room. The things you could do in a hotel room. Focus! Come on!

    “…so, what are you up to for the rest of the day?” you ask.

    “Well, that kinda depends, Y/N. I have another meeting later this afternoon, and I was planning to go to the theatre again tonight, but that means I have about five hours free before then. Originally I’d planned to take a wander round the city, but if you don’t have any plans and could think of any better ideas…”

    “I could probably think of a few things. Don’t know how much of London you’ll get to see though.”

    “I was hoping you’d say that. I’ll text you my hotel address. Get here soon?”

    “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

    A few seconds later the text comes through with the hotel name and room number, and you Google it to find out the quickest way to get there. You go to your bedroom and reassess what you’re wearing. Off come the leggings and sloppy sweatshirt and mismatched underwear. On goes the good lacy stuff, the black denim skirt, and the black tshirt. You brush your hair, put on a little bit of makeup - enough to boost your confidence but not so much you look overdone at 10am on a weekday - and pull on your boots. Jacket, phone, keys, bag, and off you go.

    A little while later you walk into the hotel and scan the lobby for the lift. As you rise up through the floors you try to steady your breathing. There’s also still the niggling voice at the back of your head telling you to remember he’s leaving again, that there can’t be anymore to this than the physical. Every time you remember that your heart drops a little. As you walk along the corridor, watching the room numbers get closer to Lin’s, you attempt to steel yourself. “Make the most of this, Y/N,” you silently tell yourself.

    You knock three times at the door and you barely have time to drop your hand before the door is yanked open. Lin’s eyes openly look your body up and down before he steps back and lets you into the room. He looks amazing. Black jeans and a pale blue shirt done up with poppers in place of buttons. He’s obviously not long out the shower because his hair is still damp, pushed back off his face. You have the urge to run your fingers through it. In the spirit of not overthinking things, you move towards him, reach up, and do exactly that. You are watching your hand gently moving through his dark brown hair but you feel his eyes on your face. His hands rest on your hips.

    “Hey,” you say quietly.

    “Hey. I’m sorry I snuck out. I really wanted to stay in bed with you.”

    “Yeah… I was a bit confused when I woke up and you were gone.”

    “You looked so peaceful.”

    You smile up at him, and him down at you. He dips his head slowly to yours, almost shyly. There’s a moment where your lips merely brush each other, not quite a kiss, just the slightest contact. You close your eyes, trying to savour the moment. Then you feel Lin press his lips to yours more firmly and you return the kiss. Your mouths start to move against each other and you put your arms around his neck as he holds your hips a little firmer. His skin smells incredible and already deeply familiar despite you only having spent one night together. You nuzzle at his neck, listening to his breathing get shallow in the process.

    “I’ve not stopped thinking about you all morning, Y/N,” Lin whispers hoarsely. “You made it very difficult to concentrate in a very important meeting, you know.”

    “Oh really? What was distracting you so much?”

    “I think you know, Y/N.”

    “Tell me,” you say before taking his mouth again and nipping at his bottom lip.

    As you kiss with increasing passion, Lin starts walking you backward towards the large desk in the corner of the room. As your ass backs up against the wood, Lin reaches down, grabs you under your thighs and lifts you onto the desk. You open your legs enough for Lin to be stood in between them, his hands now on your ass.

    “What I’ve been distracted by, Ms Y/L/N, is how you looked when I made you come last night,” he said in a low voice against your ear, before dipping his head to kiss your neck. You slide your hands under the bottom of his shirt, revelling in the smoothness of his skin. You moan quietly as he kisses under your ear and along your jawline.

    “I’ve also been distracted by how it felt to touch you here,” and he brings his hand up to roughly palm your breast. Your nipples harden and you feel your whole body convulse under his touch.  “And here,” he whispers, dropping his hand to your thigh, sliding it just a little under your skirt. Your breath hitches. You can feel yourself getting wet and you try to pull his groin against yours but he resists. “Nuh-uh,” he scolds, “I’m not finished telling you what was keeping my mind from being totally focused on what should have been a useful meeting.” In between rough kisses he slides his hand further up your skirt. “I was very, very distracted by the thought of touching you here.”

    With that he suddenly lays his whole palm flat against your underwear and presses just hard enough to make you throw your head back and moan. You try and push back against his hand, desperate for friction, but after just a couple of seconds Lin pulls his hand away and steps back. You left sitting on the desk, panting, your hands behind you supporting your weight, with your skirt pushed up around your hips and your legs spread open. Your mouth feels almost swollen from the rough kisses and you’re so turned on that you can barely speak. You glare up at him as he stands there smirking at you, his erection obvious even with his jeans on. He openly ogles your body. You know you must look disheveled and wanton but right now you honestly don’t care.

    “You fucking tease,” you gasp, your voice low, breaking.

    He slowly steps towards you again, obviously enjoying seeing you so needy for him. He wraps his arms around you and you pull him hard against you. You kiss deeply, desperately. As you break to catch your breath, you look up him through your lashes. You hold his gaze as you reach up to the open collar of his shirt. You grip a side in each hand, give him a little half-smile, then pull, hard. The poppers on his shirt rip open, all the way down. You push the shirt back off his shoulders and he shrugs it onto the floor. He grabs for your t-shirt and pulls it over your head before pushing his mouth against yours again, your tongues pressing against one another. His hands are back under your skirt, this time pulling at your underwear. You lift your hips off the desk so that he can pull them down your legs. He stand back between your legs and reaches down. His fingers graze your clit, making you jump and gasp. He smirks at the strength of your reaction before doing it again. His fingers circle your clit over and and over and just when it’s getting too much you are aware of him pulling you even closer to him with one hand while the other is moving down slightly. He pushes two fingers into you and you groan his name. His fingers curl in and out of you but you don’t want to come yet. You press his arm back gently so that he brings his hand back up to your waist.

    You wriggle yourself off the desk and push Lin towards the bed, kicking off your boots as you go. You push him down onto the bed, gesturing for him to scoot backwards. As he settles back against the pillows, you crawl up towards him before unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them and his underwear off. His cock springs back against his stomach and you lean down and run your tongue along the exposed underside, from base to tip. Lin jerks his hips up and inhales loudly. You sit up and watch him with an amused expression.

    “Was that too… distracting… for you?”

    Lin grunts and grabs for you but you move out of the way. Instead you pull your skirt up around your hips again and straddle him, grinding your sex against him. As you do so, you reach behind your back and unclasp your bra, letting it fall down your arms, exposing your breasts to him. He reaches for them and you lean forward, supporting yourself on your arms, which are planted on the bed, either side of Lin. He mouths your breasts, sucking your nipple hungrily into his mouth, dragging his teeth across it. The effect it has on you is right in that sweet spot between pain and pleasure and you can feel yourself immediately get wetter. You cry out and as you do, you feel Lin leap under you. The look in his eyes is pure want.

    You quickly pull off your skirt and straddle Lin again. His eyes are all over you, his mouth slightly open. He rests his hands on your hips as you sit astride him.

    “You look… amazing…” he gasps, and just as he does you reach down and position him underneath you. You hold his gaze as you slowly sink down onto him, your own mouth opening slightly as you adjust to the feeling of him inside you. Slowly you start to rock your hips as you start moving up and down on him. His grip on your hips tightens as you move over him, adjusting your angle so that your clit gets the friction it wants and so that his cock is as deep inside you as possible. You close your eyes and moan out loud as he hits that spot inside you over and over again.

    You can feel your climax start to build and you begin to lose yourself in the moment. You’re only aware of the sensation of Lin inside you, the steady rhythm of your movements, and Lin’s voice as he moans underneath you. And then you reach your peak, Lin thrusting up into you as you move on him, you crying out, cursing, moaning his name.

    As you begin to calm down, Lin reaches up to tuck your hair behind your ear. You smile at his tenderness but then he suddenly flips you onto your back. He kisses you once, hard, then pushes his cock inside you again. At once his fucking is deep and intense, almost rough. You wrap your legs around him, pulling him even further in. Within a couple of minutes his rhythm starts to falter and his movements become uncontrolled. His face is in your neck and he’s sucking at your skin. He bites your shoulder, then starts cursing “fuck fuck fuck Y/N fuck I’m coming” and your feel him come hard inside you.

    You let your legs drop and you feel his weight on you as he tries to recover. After a minute he rolls off you and you lie on your sides, facing each other. The sex was so intense that for a few minutes neither of you speak. Instead he traces lazy lines up and down your arm while you hold him as close as you can while still being able to look into his eyes. You lean in and kiss him. The kiss is deep and sensual but not hurried. Then he smiles at you.

    “That was…” he starts, but trails off and just looks at you again. His eyes are searching. You can see him trying to formulate his next sentence. He sighs, looks down.

    “It sucks that I’ve got to leave the day after tomorrow.”

    And there it was. That thing that you didn’t want to acknowledge was now voiced and out there.

    “Yeah. Yeah it does.”

    “Y/N, I’m just going to be honest with you, because I really like you and I owe you that much. If we were living in the same city, I’d want to be dating you. Like, properly. But we live thousands of miles apart and my life is crazy enough as it is. I just… I can’t date someone that far away.”

    Your heart is in your stomach. You knew this was coming and this is exactly why you had told yourself not to get attached. But you were attached. And here he is trying to detach himself.

    Your eyes fill up. You try desperately to stop the tears coming but Lin notices your wet eyes straight away. “Oh Y/N… I don’t want to hurt you…”

    His words and the worried look on his face breaks you and you begin to cry, all the while cursing yourself internally. Lin gathers you into his arms, stroking your hair as you quietly sob. You bury your face in his shoulder. As he starts to speak again, you can hear a crack in his voice.

    “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I shouldn’t have asked you to come over today, but I was desperate to see you again. I meant what I said about not being able to stop thinking about you. I… I don’t want to hurt you. And I have.”

    His arms tighten around you and he buries his face in your hair. He’s crying too, and for a long time you just lie there in each other’s arms, neither of you speaking. Eventually, your emotions a bit more under control, you pull back and look up at him.

    “Lin, I wanted to see you too. You didn’t get me here under false pretences. I knew from the moment that it was obvious something was going to happen between us that it was also going to have to end, and while I hate that it does, and while it really fucking hurts, I came into this with my eyes open.”

    “What do we do now, Y/N?”

    You look at Lin sadly. As much as you want to spend every minute available to you with him, some self-preservation instinct kicks in.

    “I think I should go. I don’t want to, but I think I should.”

    Lin nods sadly. “Yeah, I…. yeah, I understand.”

    You get up and gather your clothes before going into the bathroom. You lock the door behind you and start running the water in the sink. As you clean up you feel the tears come again. You dress, splash water on your face, and take deep breaths. You just need to get through these next few minutes in one piece.

    You emerge back into the bedroom. Lin is dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed. He looks so sad that your resolve to leave almost crumbles. But no, rip the plaster off, you tell yourself. You’ve got to go.

    You put on your boots and your jacket, pick up your bag.

    “OK. I’m going to go. I guess I’ll see you at the theatre?”

    Lin just nods, his deep brown eyes wide. God, this is destroying you. Be strong.

    “OK. Bye Lin.”

    You head for the door, open it. Suddenly he is behind you.

    “Y/N, wait.” You turn. Lin puts his hands on each side of your face and kisses you so sweetly, so tenderly, that you feel like you will shatter. For a couple of seconds you look into each other’s eyes. Then you nod, just slightly, turn and walk down the corridor.

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  • pairing: reader x lin
    summary: After graduating from UCLA, you would find any way to escape having to go back home. Lucky for you, your Aunt Jasmine Cephas Jones had organized a way for you to have the adventure you’d never gotten to have before. You’re ready to take her up on the offer.
    warnings: rpf (naturally), mentions of teen pregnancy
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    a/n: Hi, y’all, it’s Cassie! So I got locked out of my other account @eventuallyfall and I realized that I would have to remake this account. So I’m reposting all of 13 Envelopes over here, just so it’s here. The greatest part of doing a repost: I get to edit it. Any issues I had with transitions, grammar errors, typos… they’ve been fixed in this repost. Granted that usually just means new errors but… here we are! And now I can make it so every chapter has the same formatting.

    Envelope #1

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  • The One Who Always Made The Grade-Chapter 4

    Warnings: mild smut, semi-public touching.

    Notes: This is the penultimate chapter.

    Tags: @judesnavi @alexanderusnavilindelahamilton @sunnyandtwisty @starrynerd @countessofkrolock


    Lin: I woke up smiling this morning. Last night was great.

    Y/N: It was, I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)

    Lin: I’m looking forward to kissing you tomorrow!

    Y/N: Ha! Okay, I gotta get to class now!

    Lin: Hope you can concentrate ;)


    “Hi. Uhhh, small problem…I have to cancel tomorrow…”, Lin says when you answer the phone. “Oh…how come?”, you say, trying to hide your disappointment. Since your date on Sunday night you’ve been dying to see Lin again. You were looking forward your date - cancelling the night before…doesn’t feel great.

    “Well, actually maybe we could just change the venue-I’ve just been asked to teach on your campus again-some professor broke a leg so I’m up for two weeks at least”, he explains. “Oh I see! So you want to meet on campus?”, you ask, relief seeping into your tone. “Yeah if that’s ok with you”, he says “but not for lunch, I’ve only a short break to run across to a second class”, he says. “Well, I’m in class all afternoon but I could see you after that?”, you reply. “Hey, how about we meet in our rehearsal room at 5:30?, Lin suggests-and you can hear that he’s sporting a cheeky grin. “That…is an excellent plan!”, you respond.


    You hear him as soon as you enter the building. He’s playing the piano-the music is something you recognise from Friday night. You pause outside the room to listen to him a little longer before you interrupt. As you hear him quietly sing some lyrics over the tune, you can’t help but smile to yourself. They are all such beautiful songs, and there’s something so special about hearing his voice sing them.

    When you push open the door, he immediately stops playing to turn around and greet you. “Hey you”, he says with a big smile as he turns around on the piano stool. “Hi”, you say as you approach the piano and place two coffees on the top. Lin closes the piano lid as you stand right next to the stool while you remove your jacket. You perch on the closed lid and smile down at him. “How were your classes?”, you ask. “Much less fun without a certain TA”, he says with a smile as he reaches for you.

    Lin puts his hands on your hips and slides you along the piano lid until you’re in front of him. You giggle as your legs smush together with his, not quite enough room between the stool and piano for both of you. “Damn, that went so smoothly in my head!”, he says with a laugh as he scooches the stool backwards. “It was fine.”, you say as you grab his shirt and pull him up to standing. Surprise on his face, he holds your hips again as you pull him forward to stand between your legs.

    “Hey.”, he says quietly. Your knees are resting either side of his hips, your hands still clutching his shirt. “Hey.”, you return. Even with you perched on the piano, he’s still a little taller than you so when he kisses you, he has to dip his head. His lips are soft and full and the light brush of his kiss would feel innocent if he weren’t currently between your thighs. But since he is, and now that he’s opening his mouth and moving his tongue against yours…well it’s anything but.

    You lean into the kiss, pulling him against you by his shirt, surprised by how much you want to pull his groin to yours. You move your hands to his face, holding him to you as you deepen the kiss further. Lin’s clearly feeling the same as you as his hands move down to your ass and he pulls you closer. You moan a little into his mouth and suddenly become aware of how much echo there is in this room. You pull away, leaving Lin breathing heavily.

    “Lin, we can’t, someone might see…”, you say, though the last thing you want to do is stop. Lin groans and lays his forehead on yours. “But you look so hot, and you taste so good”, he whines. You giggle a little-it’s crazy to hear him talk about you like that when a couple of weeks ago you were both oblivious to the feelings you had for each other. “The last time we were in this room, I had no idea I was into you…Professor”, you say as you shake your head. “Not even all those times I made you cry with my songs?”, Lin laughs. You feign shock “Oh god maybe it’s just the songs I’m into!”, you say with a hand to your mouth.

    “You’re not funny.”, says Lin as he backs away from you, trying to keep a straight face. “Where are you going?”, you ask-now that he’s gone, you want him back between your thighs. “I’m checking to see if the door locks”, he says with a wink. You laugh, knowing it doesn’t. You scan the room. It’s pretty open, there’s no privacy. But there’s a door…

    “Lin”, you call as you walk over to it. He runs over to join you and laughs when you open it to find a haphazard file cabinet. “Wait!”, he says, a glimmer in his eye. He takes your hand and pulls you across to the other side of the room. The curtain. He pulls it back. There’s plenty of clear space, and he shoots you a grin. “Lin no, it’s probably all dusty and there’s that creepy-ass puppet theatre anmmmm”. Whatever you were going to say is swallowed in a kiss.

    Lin tugs you behind the curtain and pulls it over. It’s pretty dark behind there, and quiet. Not that you would have noticed if it were otherwise. Your senses are just bombarded with…Lin. His cologne, the feel of his hair as you run a hand through it, the scratch of his goatee against your chin. He kisses you with such intensity that it makes you moan, which makes him move his lips to your neck and try to elicit more moans.

    You gasp in a whisper as his teeth nip you just below your earlobe in between brushed kisses that set your skin on fire. He pushes you up again the wall, his lips trailing your collarbone and neck and leaving you goosepimpled and desperate for his touch.

    His hands wander from your waist up to your chest, and as he palms your breast with his hand, he breathlessly pulls away from you, almost to seek your permission. In answer you grab his face and bring it back to yours, mouths clashing, tongues entwined. He rubs roughly at your nipple, sending a jolt of arousal straight through your groin. You whimper as he teases both nipples through the fabric of your shirt.

    Your hands fall to his waist and you pull his groin against yours, needing friction, needing more of him. As his hand goes to slip under your shirt the slamming of a door in the next room makes you both jump out of your skin. You instinctively pull apart, standing at arm’s length, chests heaving with arousal.

    It’s you who laughs first, then Lin. But his recovery is quick and he lunges for your lips. Placing a hand on his chest, you push lightly and stop the kiss before it starts.

    “Lin we really can’t. I want to. I really want to. But if someone catches you fooling around with someone on campus it’ll cost you your job!”, you say. He groans in frustration. He brings his lips to your neck, and you whine with pleasure before you stop him. You see the bulge in his jeans and hear the longing in his voice as he grumbles “You’re right.”. You reluctantly move away from his embrace. And pull you both out into the light.

    “Do you want to come back to my place? We can make out as much as we want there…”, you say, still holding his hand and looking up at him through your lashes. “I SO want to but I need to go to my place- my keyboard is there and I have to take it to our rehearsal space before class tomorrow.”, he says. “Oh.”, you say, so deflated. “Come to my place.”, Lin says, voice husky with need. “I can’t-I’m out of town tomorrow. I have to pack and I’ll have my suitcase…”. Lin groans. “This is doomed, huh?”.

    “I still have an hour or two to spare, we can go hang out somewhere?”, you offer. “Let’s definitely get off campus so I can kiss you without worrying who’s around”, he says. “Ok what if we walk towards my subway and just see what takes our fancy along the way?”, you suggest. Lin picks up the coffees. “Perfect, lets get the hell out of here”, he says with a wry laugh.

    You sip your coffee as you walk across the university grounds, chatting about a book Lin is reading-same as you’ve done a few times before, but feeling very different now. Once you’re outside of the campus, Lin immediately takes your hand. You smile across at him. “You want to grab some pizza or something?”, you ask as you stroll along. “Sure. But first..”, Lin pulls at your hand, leading you through a walkway that emerges into a small park. There are a couple of dog walkers but no one else. He keeps hold of your hand as he runs over to a large tree. “Perfect”, he says as he throws down his backpack.

    “Perfect for what?”, you ask as you drop your bag next to his. “This.”, he says as he grabs your waist, turns you around and pushes you up against the trunk of the tree. He looks in your eyes for just a split second before his mouth takes yours. Instinctively your arms wrap around his neck as you kiss him. He presses you hard into the bark, his hips against yours as he moves his kisses to your cheek, your earlobe, your neck.

    You cast a glance around the park but the two dog walkers are deep in conversation at the opposite end, oblivious to the two of you. A brush of his lips causes you to gasp and he gives a short chuckle as you rub against him. “You turn me on so much”, you whisper in his ear. That drives him crazy and he grinds his groin against yours as he slips his hands under the back of your shirt, stroking your skin, holding you close.

    His mouth is on yours again and you feel so desperate for him, seriously wondering if you could call in sick on your trip tomorrow just so you can go back to Lin’s place and be alone. Lin’s hands slide down your back and ease under the waistband of your jeans. His hands cup your butt, squeezing and stroking you underneath your underwear.

    As you keep kissing him, you run your hands under his shirt, your fingers splayed across his back. Being like this with him feels…amazing. He’s addictive. Now you’ve had a taste of him, you can’t get enough of him. It’s no help that he’s an excellent kisser, that he seems to instinctively know just how to touch you to get you worked up.

    Eventually, the kisses slow. The touching reverts to over-the-clothes. The park steadily gets busier with folks walking their dogs after dinner, and it’s no longer a private hideaway. You lay your forehead against Lin’s. “As soon as I’m back, and you’re free…”. He nods. “Hell yes.”.


    You pack your suitcase that night in a sweet, sweet daydream. Lin has stayed on your mind since you parted ways at the subway station. His soft lips against your skin, the brush of his fingertips…

    A text interrupts your train of thought.

    Lin: What time do you get back?

    Y/N: about 9pm, it’ll be nearly 10 before I’m home.

    Lin: That sucks. Maybe we can meet after class the next day?

    Y/N: Sure. Maybe you could come back to my place for dinner?

    Lin: That sounds great. I can’t wait to see you again…

    Y/N: Me too. I can’t stop thinking about you.


    Lin: Morning. Have a safe trip x

    Y/N: Morning :). I’ll no doubt text you before, but I’ll let you know when I’m home tomorrow.


    The trip is boring but goes smoothly-you shake all the right hands, present your paper, get through your presentation without stuttering. The hotel room is tiny but comfortable and you have a pleasant meal with your colleagues. When you’re back in your room you text Lin.

    Y/N: Hey. How were your classes today?

    Lin: Eh, not as much fun as when you and I did them together. How was your conference thing?

    Y/N: It was fine, I didn’t make any mistakes! Tomorrow should be easy and then I’ll be on my way home.

    Lin: Excellent. I can’t wait to see you.


    Lin: Hey it’s late. Aren’t you home yet?Lin: Y/N?

    As soon as you can, you call him. “Hey! Sorry for the radio silence-we’ve had a bit of a disaster here-the hotel had a power outage at 10am and we’ve only just got it back. My phone ran out of charge.”. You hear Lin sigh in relief. “Are you ok?”. You smile at the concern in his voice. “I’m honestly fine. Everyone is running around begging for phone chargers now that the power is back”. He laughs at that. “Listen though…it meant that we couldn’t do all of today’s conference-we needed the computer-so I have to stay another night. I don’t think I’ll be home in time to see you tomorrow.”, you say with a grimace.

    “Oh.”, Lin says, obviously disappointed. “Hey, it can’t be helped, never mind.”. “Maybe we could see each other Friday night?”, you ask. Lin groans. “I have a meeting with Tommy. Saturday?”. You try to remember your schedule. “Uhh yeah that should be fine. Ugh, so far away!”, you grumble. Lin’s voice is teasing when he says “Don’t worry, I’ll plan something good to make up for it…”. You feel a little butterfly in your stomach at that promise. “I’ll still make you dinner, if you like.”, you offer. “Perfect”.


    Y/N: If I don’t get home soon I’m gonna have to take out everyone on this train.

    Lin: Hi! Bad day lol?

    Y/N: I just need my own bed. And a shower. I’m train-dirty.

    Lin: Oh baby.

    Y/N: Lin. Not in a good way.

    Lin: Yeah, yeah. Like you haven’t been thinking about me, alone in your hotel room…

    Y/N: Yeah, like you haven’t been wishing I were sat on top of your piano again. With you between my legs…

    Lin: You win. I concede! That is now all I can think about. How long til I see you again?!

    Y/N: Night, Lin.


    “I thought you were in a meeting?”, you ask when he calls you on Friday night. “We’re taking a break. I wanted to run something by you.”, Lin says. “Tomorrow, I wondered if you might want to go dancing?”, he asks. “Eeesh, I’m not the best dancer-if you value your toes…” You’re only half-joking.

    “Well it’s a friend of mine who’s starting up a salsa class and they just want a few people to make up the numbers. So it would be pretty relaxed”, he coaxed. “Ok…that does sound fun.”, you reply. “Well it’s at 6 so then we could head to your place for dinner afterwards-it’s only 10 blocks or so”, he says. “Perfect!”.

    Oh god, what does one wear to a salsa class? “What should I be wearing?”, you ask Lin. “As little as possible.”, he laughs.

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  • The One Who Always Made The Grade-Chapter 3

    Pairing: LMM x Reader

    Warnings: None. Again. What have I become?!

    Words: 1644

    Notes: Apparently I write slow burn.

    Tags: @judesnavi @alexanderusnavilindelahamilton @sunnyandtwisty @starrynerd @countessofkrolock


    Hey, Y/N…are you free sometime next week? I wondered if you want to grab a drink?”

    You had been interrupted by Lin’s director at that point. Lin had given you an awkward hug and promised to text you, then you’d left. Now you’re walking home and wondering if that really happened.

    As far as you’d been aware, Lin had just viewed you as a colleague. This was a real surprise. You’d only just got around to realising you like him, now you’re going on a date?

    The first text comes just as you’re brushing your teeth (and thinking about him on stage, his cute butt criminally swamped by those baggy jeans…).

    Lin: Hey, sorry we got interrupted! So I was thinking maybe we could meet up on Sunday?

    Y/N: Sure, where do you want to go?

    Lin: Well, I thought we’d go somewhere in the Heights, seems appropriate!

    You laugh at that and agree a meeting time and place. Then you decide to be bold.

    Y/N: I was so surprised when you asked me out, wasn’t expecting that…

    Lin: What can I say, I guess I missed you ;)

    Y/N: I missed you too :)


    He texts you the next day when he sees something on tv that he thinks you’ll like. You text him later when you remember something from the show that you had a question about. As you chat back and forth, it’s a little like being back in the rehearsal room again.


    Lin suggests getting a drink at a little neighbourhood place just around the corner from where you’ve met. “It’s quiet, nothing fancy, but their chilli fries are the bomb.”, Lin says. “That sounds great.”, you say-relieved to be going somewhere relaxed-you’re a little nervous. You’ve barely seen Lin outside of work, never mind on a date. It’s a couple of blocks to the bar and you spend most of the walk gushing about Lin’s musical-the first chance you’ve had since you saw it.

    You stop at a wide awning and Lin pushes the door open, holding it as you go through. The place is cosy-all red booths and low lighting-an old-fashioned place, and it puts you at ease. Lin grabs a booth at the back and the waitress is there even before you’ve sat down. You both order beer and start to look through the menu. Lin reads through everything but then insists he has to get the chilli fries because they’re so good. You order fries with a list of toppings that’s nearly as long as the menu.

    “So how’s work?”, asks Lin once your order has been taken. “Meh”, you shrug. “It’s kinda boring. I’m the TA for a geology professor and I just…rocks…I can’t get enthused.”, you joke. “Bet there are no karaoke coffee breaks”, says Lin with a wink. “God no, no late nights in the rehearsal room either.”, you say with a laugh. “Ahh that’s gotta be a relief though-your evenings are your own again!”, Lin says. “I…actually I miss it…”, you say, feeling a little shy. Lin leans closer to you and lowers his voice to a stage whisper. “Nah, you missed me”, he says with a cheeky grin.

    You shake your head and laugh. But he’s not wrong, you really have missed him. And now that he’s made you laugh, you feel the nervousness start to slip away. Once you stop focusing on the fact that this is a date, being with him again feels familiar and reassuring. You fall back into old rhythms and are reminded of the many reasons you like him.

    Within half an hour of being back in his company, any nerves have totally evaporated. When he scooches closer to you as he’s talking, it feels completely natural. When his hand touches your knee as he speaks, you stare at it, thinking again about how you started out the week as his ex-TA and now you’re on a date and his hand is on your knee and you’re wondering what it’s like to kiss him.

    He starts to take his hand away, interpreting your staring as discomfort. You hurriedly grab it and interlace your fingers. He grins and squeezes your hand, knee touching yours as he turns towards you, sitting sideways in the booth, waxing lyrical about his friend Chris, who you met on Friday.


    “Life is too short to be all ‘ooooh just a salad for me’”, Lin says as he shovels the last of his chilli into his mouth. “I totally agree”, you say. “I know, I’ve seen you in charge of a bag of gummy bears!”, he teases. You go to make a snappy retort but laugh and concede “That’s fair”. Lin laughs. The waitress comes to clear the table and you order more drinks.

    “Do you think you’ll be coming back to our campus anytime soon?”, you ask. Lin shrugs “I really don’t know. At the workshop next week, we’re hosting some producers…so, if that goes well…”, he tails off as your new drinks arrive. “Well, selfishly, I’m sad-I enjoyed working with you”, you say when the waitress is gone. “Then we’ll just have to spend more time together…not working.”, he says. You respond with a smile and lift your beer bottle to clink with his.


    You could listen to him talk about anything, you decide. He is so enthusiastic, so animated-always talking with his hands. And his eyes are so expressive.

    When you talk about your family, he runs his thumb over your knuckles, eyes never leaving your face as he listens intently. It’s the only part of being with him that is unfamiliar-this new physicality. Over the months you worked together, you had actually laughed and cried in front of one another but professional boundaries meant you rarely touched. The novelty of this intimacy is making something as small as holding hands kind of thrilling.


    When you drink the last of your third beer, you reluctantly suggest that it’s time to go-there are only four of you left in the whole place and it’s pretty late. Lin puts down money for the check and slides out of the booth. “Yeah, we really should get you home.”, he says. “Uhh, why’s that?”, you ask, confused. He holds out a hand to help you up. “Duh”, he says, “because the sooner we say goodnight, the sooner I get to kiss you goodnight”.

    You burst out laughing as he pulls you up. “That’s very presumptuous…!”, you say, causing him to look worried for a second. “What if I was gonna kiss you goodnight?”, you tease.


    It’s only 10 blocks to your place, but it takes a long time to get there. You dawdle, strolling along holding hands, chatting about everything and nothing. At the crosswalks, sometimes he slips his arm around your waist.

    “This didn’t feel weird.”, Lin says as you get near to your place. “I was worried it would.”. “I was nervous at first,”, you admit. “but then we were talking and laughing and it felt just like every other time we’d been together…except you were holding my hand”, you grin. He smiles.

    “It’s like with seeing In The Heights”, you say. “I’d heard some of your songs before and I’ve heard you sing a lot, and seeing you perform the whole thing is just adding an extra layer.”

    “Although…oh this is me”, you indicate your building and steer him towards the steps.”Although?”, he prompts as you stop in front of the door. “Although I wasn’t prepared for how I’d feel seeing you on stage.”, you answer. Lin looks confused “How’s that?”, he asks.

    You look him in the eye. “The way you…shine, how you control an audience. The confidence you exude and just your talent…It’s sexy as hell.”.

    Lin raises his eyebrows. “Really?”. He moves closer, placing his hands on your hips. You nod as you look him in the eye. “Looking at you a whole new way now”, you say in a soft voice. He pulls your waist against his. “Good…”, he says as his lips meet yours. Your tummy flips as his mouth moves with yours, and again when his hand goes into your hair. Your own hands go to his face as you open your mouth and let his tongue touch yours-causing another jolt in your tummy…and lower.

    When Lin breaks away, you can’t keep the grin from your face. “Well. That’s new.”, you say with a little laugh, your hands now resting against his chest. “Uh huh”, he says, his voice husky. He isn’t laughing. He runs his thumb over your cheek to give you just a second’s pause before he kisses you again.

    You link your arms around his neck, leaning into the kiss. Yes it’s new, but it feels like things should always have been this way between you. You step backwards, pulling him with you until your back is against one of the concrete pillars that flank your doorway. He stumbles a little in surprise but quickly regains his composure to press your body into the stone, his hands moving up to the sides of your face as he kisses you more intensely.

    You return his kisses with equal fervour and gently but firmly grip the back of his head as you push your tongue into his mouth. When eventually you break apart, you’re both flushed and a little shorter of breath.

    “I had a great time”, you say, still holding on to him. “Me too”, Lin grins and gives you a final kiss. “Maybe I’ll call you tomorrow?”, he says. “Sure. G’night, Lin.”, you say as you untangle yourself from his arms and let yourself into the lobby.

    Ten minutes later, your phone rings.

    “I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. About our second date…”

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  • Brave New World-Chapter 4

    Pairing: LMM x Reader

    Warnings: extremely NSFW, swearing.

    Words: 3536. It’s a sickness.

    Notes: Final part to this series. Pretty damn explicit. Two Buffy quotes (I am trash of things other than Hamilton).


    When you get home, you call Jasmine. She answers even though it’s late, and listens to you ramble for a while. Then she says “I can’t tell you what to do-only you know if you’re ready for this. But I’m here for you, whatever you decide.”. “Thanks Jazzy, I just needed someone to listen to me.”, you say gratefully. “Anytime, baby.”, she says. Once you’ve hung up, you don’t really know what to do with yourself. It’s late, you should sleep…but you’re sure your brain won’t be letting that happen.

    You make a cup of tea and sit on your window seat, watching the trees move and trying to wade through your emotions. You’ve spent two years on your own now and you’ve gotten used to your own company and space. In a lot of ways, it’s easier to be single - only yourself to think about and rely on.

    And you haven’t missed being in a relationship all that much. You’ve been on a few dates, had some fairly average sex-never really felt the need to pursue anything more. And then…Lin. You were attracted to him immediately of course, he’s so damn pretty. And as you got to know him and discovered how smart and lovely he was, you knew you were doomed. You’ve tried so hard to shut yourself off from him but you are constantly drawn to him.

    But you’re scared. So scared of letting yourself be that vulnerable again, of opening yourself up and risking being hurt. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it ends horribly and you’re both hurt and then what?

    You climb into bed no closer to epiphany. You tuck under the blankets and thank goodness sleep comes quickly.



    “Hi, It’s Y/N. I know it’s early. Can I see you?”.

    “Yeah, yes of course. Shall I come over?”

    “No, I’ll come to you if that’s ok? What’s your address?”.


    “There’s every possibility I’m a crazy person”.

    “That’s a hell of a conversation opener, Y/N.”, Lin jokes.

    “A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend. I’m laying all my cards on the table here.”, you say.

    You’re sitting across from each other at Lin’s kitchen counter. You had woken up early, taken one look at the script and immediately called Lin. So you haven’t exactly planned what you’re going to tell him. You’ve just decided to be honest, talk slowly and calmly about how you feel…and see what happens.

    He gestures for you to continue.

    “When I walked in that office and heard you quoting Shakespeare, I knew I was in trouble. And then I saw you, and you look like…you. Doomed.”, you joke. Your hands clasp the cup of coffee he made you, like it’s the only thing grounding you. “Ever since that day, I’ve been fighting a battle with myself-the ol’ heart vs head thing.”. Lin nods as you continue. “My heart, it turns out, is pretty damn thirsty, and had a hard time keeping from jumping you”. Lin looks shocked at your candour and then bursts out laughing.

    “But my head…my head is messed up. I have been hurt, and I’m scared the same thing will happen again. I’m scared to be vulnerable, to let you in. That’s not a reflection on you.”. Lin smiles slightly and sips his coffee. “None of this is a reflection on you-these are my insecurities and I have to work on them.”.

    You take a sip of coffee as you pluck up the courage to say: “So I’m scared. But last night, when I broke down…you didn’t run away. You listened and you gave me time and space and then you told me how you felt and that took guts. And so that’s the very least I owe you, and myself, to have the guts to see what might happen-to be brave.”

    Lin smiles and puts his coffee down. “I like brave.”, he says. You get up and walk over to him, standing in front of him feeling totally exposed. “I know that maybe there’s stuff to talk about, to figure out how we’re going to navigate this at work and what this even is…but can we just skip it for now?” Lin raises his eyebrows but before he can question you, you say: “Can you just be kissing me now? Can you just take me to bed? Right now?”.

    Lin stands, his lips on yours in an instant. He pulls you against him as you open your mouth and your tongues meet. Your arms link around the back of his neck as his wrap around you, cradling you. You whimper quietly as the feelings you’ve been resisting for two months overflow. His kiss is warm and pressing, you respond fiercely.

    Then he squeezes you tight and breaks the kiss, slightly out of breath. His hand cups your face as he looks at you with eyes brimming with wetness. “I am crazy about you.”, he says, his voice catching with emotion. “Me too”, you nod eagerly, feeling a rush at admitting it out loud. For a second you just grin at each other, and then he lets go of you and takes your hand, leading you out of the room.

    His bedroom is warm, uncluttered but cosy. He closes the curtains to shut out the harsh shards of morning light, leaving the room with the softer glow of sunrise. Then he returns to you. He stands in front of you and asks “You’re sure you…”. “Lin. I’m sure.”, you say as you reach out and free his hair from its bun so that it falls to his shoulders. “Every time I’ve been in your dressing room, I’ve thought about you taking me right there on your counter”, you say as you look up at those dark eyes and see them register a little shock. He gives a short laugh before slowly running his thumb across your bottom lip and in low voice saying “For me it was wanting to push you up against the wall of that office”-he’s barely finished the words before his thumb is gone and his lips take yours, assured, firm.

    Your hands slip under his shirt, desperate to feel his skin. As you run your fingers over his torso he gently bites your bottom lip before letting you go to pull his shirt over his head. He messes up his hair in the process and you both giggle a little as he shakes it away from his face.

    Your eyes fall from his face to roam over the rest of his body. He looks so good, criminally good, just standing there in his jeans, lean, not overly toned just strong. You place your hands flat against his chest as you come close to him. Your lips fall to his neck, leaving a trail of kisses from his collarbone to his earlobe and eliciting a quiet gasp from him.

    Lin reaches out a hand to run through your hair and tilt your head up into another kiss. One hand goes to your thigh, pushing the fabric of your simple jersey dress higher until his hand is on your ass. He groans as he squeezes your cheek then says in your ear “Can we take this off?”.

    A little nervous, you lift the dress clean over your head, discarding it somewhere on the floor. You realise you’re not wearing matching underwear but Lin bites his lip as he looks you up and down, making you feel so much more confident. You step forward and unbutton his jeans, pushing them off his hips and watching as he steps out of them.

    This time when he pulls you close to kiss you, there’s an exhilaration that comes with the feeling of skin on skin. His hands roam your back and your ass, frantic, like he needs to feel all of you at once. All the while, his tongue tangles with yours and you bury your hands in his hair, smashing his mouth against yours.

    You pull back, panting, to catch your breath and Lin takes the opportunity to explore your body- he places a hand either side of your waist and runs them slowly, teasingly, up to just below your bra. He pauses there, looking into your eyes. You suspect that all he sees there is pleading and he moves one hand to cup your breast, gently squeezing. Still maintaining eye contact, he tweaks your nipple through the fabric of your bra. Your breath hitches at the resulting shudder of pleasure, prompting him to repeat the action at your other breast.

    You reach around to your back and unclasp the bra, tugging it over your arms and standing before him in just your panties. His hair is ruffled and his eyes look almost black and he might be the most attractive man on the planet. He looks you up and down and breathes “Fuck, you’re beautiful”. You smile shyly and he grins in return.

    You walk over to sit on the bed and Lin follows. He’s visibly aroused now, it’s hard to pry your eyes from the sizeable bulge in his boxers. He climbs onto the bed,laying you down as he does, positioning himself over you. You shift so that one of his legs slips between yours, pressing your hips against one another. To feel his hardness against you is such a turn on, and you can’t help but roll your hips upwards, pressing against him, “Mmm” escaping your lips.

    Lin grunts in response, his head dropping to your shoulder as he pushes back against you. When his lips meet yours again, they are rough and bruising and he presses you back against the mattress. You move to kiss his neck but he’s already making his way down your body, his kisses crossing your collarbone and descending to your chest. As his lips move against you, you arch your back, which pushes your breast to his mouth. When he takes your nipple into his mouth a tingle shoots right through your groin and you shiver against his tongue.

    You feel him smile against you and then his tongue flicks over your hard nipple and you gasp. When he moves to your other breast, he grazes his teeth against your nipple, gauging your preferences. “More…”, you whisper. He murmurs a moan against your flesh and grinds his hips against yours. You can’t remember the last time you felt so feverishly turned on-he’s driving you crazy.

    You reach down between your bodies, cupping him over his underwear, running your palm the full length of him and hearing his breath catch. He pulls himself up to kiss you again, then changes position so that he’s kneeling between your thighs. One finger dances around the top of your panties and he looks down at you, eyes asking permission. You raise your ass off the mattress so he can hook his thumbs under the panties and wiggle them down your legs and off.

    This is it now, you’re literally laid bare before him. He lies at your left side and kisses your cheek as his hand cups between your legs. Then he moves back so he can look you in the eye as he dips his middle finger between your folds. “You’re so wet…”, he murmurs. “You’re…so good!”, you gasp as he slips a finger inside you, then another. He curls them, moves them in and out, experimenting all the time to see what you respond to.

    When his fingers swirl around your clit, you actually cry out-all the built up tension from the last two months, and from this foreplay, is begging for release. He responds to your whispers of “A little lower”, “softer” “FUCK that’s so good” and within a couple of minutes you are whimpering beside him. He hears your tortured cries and steadies you when your hips rise to meet his hand as you rush towards climax. When he hears you cry “Lin!” and sees your body tense all over he knows you’re on the edge and he holds you tightly with his right arm. His left hand keeps a steady rhythm on your clit as wave after wave of pleasure rolls through you. At the peak, your back is arched off the bed and Lin kisses gently at your neck as you whine and gasp.

    As you start to come down, you realise you’re not coming down at all-there are aftershocks pulsing through you, and you manage to gasp “Don’t stop!” to Lin who whispers “Fuck…” before clamping his mouth on your nipple and setting off another orgasm. You’re fairly sure you scream at the top of it, who knows? Your eyes are squeezed shut, your thighs clamped around Lin’s hand as you grind against him and you’re unaware of anything except the feel of his hand on your clit and his mouth on your breast.

    As he feels you start to relax, Lin moves his hand to your hip. You try to regulate your breathing. “Wow.”, he says, looking a little shell-shocked. “I really lost it there for a minute…!”, you say as your chest still heaves. Lin chuckles quietly and kisses your shoulder. You turn to face him. How do you tell someone they’ve just given you the best orgasm of your life? Lin kisses you once “You look really fucking hot cumming like that”, he says huskily. “Lin.”. “Hmm?” he murmurs as he trails a finger down your side, grinning as it makes you shiver.

    “I’ve never cum like that.”.

    He’s on you in seconds. The idea that you fell apart so easily under his touch is such a turn on for him. He crushes his mouth to yours clumsily, his hands claim your hips and push them into his own.

    Your hand, entwined in his hair, pulls his face to yours as you kiss him fiercely, so overwhelmed with emotion and endorphins. You gently push at his shoulders to get him to lie back on the mattress, eager to give him the same attention he’s given you. You lean over him, leaving a trail of kisses across his collarbone as you run a hand down his chest.

    You continue to kiss your way down his body, running your tongue over his skin, brushing your lips teasingly near to the waistband of his boxers. He gasps at the feel of this intimate kiss and you smile against his skin.

    You sit up and kneel between his legs and motion for him to lift his ass so you can take his boxers off. He bites his lip as he does and fuck, he looks hot when he does that. You peel his underwear away, discarding them over the side of the bed. Lin raises himself up so that he’s sitting with his back against the headboard. “C’mere”, he says softly. You crawl up to pull your body flush to his, straddling his thighs. He wraps both arms around you, his hands on your ass, keeping you pressed against him. As you kiss him, you feel his erection twitch beneath you.

    As you open your mouth to him, you pull away from him slightly and move your hand in between your two bodies to wrap around his length. He groans as you gently, slowly, begin to stroke him up and down. Lin’s mouth slackens into an O and he rests his forehead against yours when you twist your hand slightly as you slowly pump him. You bring your other hand in to cup his balls, gently playing with them and feeling them tighten under your touch as he curses. You take your hands away and kiss him once before you start to move back down his body.

    Pressing a hand to his chest, you start to kiss your way down to his stomach. You settle between his legs and take him into your mouth. He throws his head back against the headboard and grabs at your free hand. “Jesus, Y/N! Fuck!”. You begin to bob your head up and down, your hand meeting your mouth each time you stroke him. You keep a slow, steady rhythm and run your tongue over the head, causing him to lace his fingers with yours and squeeze your hand as he groans.

    When you switch to ending each stroke with a swirl of your tongue over the top of his head, dancing over the slit, he nearly loses it. His hips buck towards your face and his legs clench as he gasps. His hand goes to the back of your head and he stutters “Y/N, I d-don’t wanna…”. You slowly release him from your mouth.

    You clamber up beside him again. He places a hand on the side of your face and says “That was unbelievable but…I mean if you want to…I’d rather come when…” “I want to”, you interrupt. “I definitely want to.”, you grin. Lin kisses you. “I need to go get a condom”, he says and goes to get up. “No, I’ve got an IUD”, you tell him.

    “Ok then.”, he says. You stare at each other a second. “Why do I suddenly feel giggly and teenaged?!”, he laughs. “First times, always a little awkward”, you smile. “So far, best first time ever”, he says with a wry laugh. You grin at that, and then his face is serious and he lies you down again. Moving over you, he begins to kiss you and you wrap your arms around his neck.

    Raising himself up on his arms, he lines up with your entrance and begins to push into you. You’re so wet that it’s not uncomfortable, but he still gives you a second to get used to the feeling. He looks into your eyes and you kiss him, wriggling down the bed a little so that he’s fully inside you. He gives a little groan as your hips meet his and he begins to withdraw.

    He keeps the pace slow and soft at first- languorous movements, pulling almost all the way out of you before sinking back in. You kiss his neck and moan softly into his shoulder. He dips his head to kiss your cheek, your neck, your collarbone.

    Gradually he increases the pace, and you move your hips up to meet each of his thrusts. A happy side effect is the pressure this places on your clit as your groins rub against one another. You gasp as it sets off a tingle inside you and you pull your legs higher, crossing them behind Lin’s back, pulling him closer, closer, closer.

    The increase in friction causes him to curse and drop his head to your neck. You curl your body to match his movements and he gasps in your ear “I don’t know how much longer…”. You kiss his shoulder and reply “Don’t hold back.”. He raises his head and looks you in the eye. You lean up to kiss him, hard and full of desire.

    Lin raises up on his arms, pulling away from your chest as he changes his thrusts to short, fast and hard. Your legs fall back to the mattress and your hand goes to your clit, the previous attentions having made it super sensitive.

    Lin slams your hips together, clearly getting close, exclamations leaving his lips every few seconds. You feel your belly tingle and begin to arch your back into your orgasm. You clench around Lin, crying out his name as you come. As the contractions recede, you coax Lin towards his finish-you tangle a hand in his hair, whispering your final gasps into his ear. He’s pounding into you now, and the intensity is almost too much. You press your cheek to his, kiss his jaw. When you clench your inner muscles around him, he throws his head back with a moan.

    His thrusts grow sloppy as he cries out your name. His hips stutter as he spills inside you with a final groan. He collapses on top of you and you stroke his hair as he pants against your neck. As his breathing starts to return to normal he lays sloppy kisses across your shoulder and you smile against his temple.

    He finds your mouth again and kisses you long and soft before he gently raises up to pull out of you. You both lie on your sides to face each other and when your eyes meet you both break out in goofy smiles. “Hi!”, “Hi there!”, you both joke.

    “That was amazing”, you say with a sigh. “You are something else.”, he says as he tucks your hair behind your ear. “I did not expect to start my day this way, he laughs. You feel a pang at that. “You didn’t think I’d come to my senses?”, you ask. “Didn’t know if I could get past those defences”, he says softly, taking your hand and intertwining his fingers with yours.

    “I don’t know if anyone else would’ve done”, you reply honestly. “But you’re pretty special”, you say fondly. Lin shakes his head “You’re gonna make me fall for you pretty hard, aren’t you?”, he says with a smile. “I hope so”, you confess as you move to kiss him, wrapping your body around his. “Are you brave enough?”.

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  • Title: Giant-Ass Box

    Pairing: Lin-Manuel/Reader

    Summary:  Follow-up to Early. The cast gives Lin a giant-ass box for his birthday.

    Rating: PG for cursing

    Warnings: Fluuuuuuuuuuuuff, a giant-ass box, Red Bull, shitty writing, Stephen King’s “It” references, at least one meme, and no knowledge of how the Richard Rodgers Theatre works

    Words: 1,690

    Author’s Note: I said in the crossed-out text there’d be a sequel and with LITTLE TIME TO SPARE, this is getting posted for Lin’s birthday.

    Happy birthday, Lin. You’ve ruined my life. This is what I do - ceberate your birthday by writing trash about you. I very sincerely hope you’re not reading this. If you are, you need better hobbies. LOOKING AT YOU, RAFA AND DAVEED, EVIDENTLY.

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  • It seems like a lot of Hamilton RPF has disappeared from Archive of Our Own lately.  Does anyone know why, or is it just a weird coincidence and writers have deleted their stories around the same time as one another?

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  • Now that Yuletide authors have been revealed, here’s a roundup of the fic I’ve written this year!  And here’s to even more writing in 2018 *cheers*


    Lovett, Lies, and Statistics - Jon F*vreau/Jon L*vett/Tommy V*etor

    36,458 words - “Being too cynical and pleasantly surprised is not more sophisticated than being too idealistic and disappointed” - Jon Lovett

    After Donald Trump wins the 2016 election, Favs, Lovett, and Tommy go their separate ways.

    Moral Prerogative - Jon F*vreau/Jon L*vett

    1,291 words - Doug Jones wins the Senate race in Alabama. Favs and Lovett celebrate.

    Tennis RPF

    Paris State of Mind - Pierre-Hugues Herbert/Nicolas Mahut

    13,163 - If Pierre weren’t a tennis player, he’d be a musician. Nico doesn’t see why he can’t be both.

    If You Try Sometimes - Andy Murray/Rafael Nadal

    6,200 words - “It’s new to you, it’s not new to me.” Andy shrugs, picking carefully through the lies he and Rafa concocted with their PR managers. “Rafa and I have been in a committed relationship for years, getting married was just a natural continuation of that. Our lives haven’t changed much.”

    Andy’s never had to lie so much in his life.

    Good to Great - Stan Wawrinka/Gael Monfils

    4,070 words - Gaël needs a new coach. Stan helps him out.

    Hamilton - Miranda (Broadway Cast) RPF

    Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going - Daveed Diggs/Leslie Odom Jr.

    3,868 words - Three years on, the OBC comes together for a charity concert. Daveed and Leslie are both at a crossroads.

    Hockey RPF

    With Great Power - Sidney Crosby/Alexander Ovechkin

    6,055 words - Sid works for the President of the United States. Sometimes, he forgets how important that is. Ovi reminds him.

    White Collar/DCU Comics

    Confidence Lost [podfic]

    6/7 hours - Everything about Neal Caffrey’s past prior to his 18th birthday is a mystery, even to him. However, when someone unexpectedly recognizes him by a name that he has never used as an alias before, he learns that the biggest con of his life is literally his life.

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  • @getupoffathathang Your Anthony request was perfect for Day 2 of the write-a-thon! I hope you enjoy what I came up with for you! I hope you got to see your concert!

    You smiled as you hummed along with the tune of the Christmas carols flowing from the speakers and picked up ornaments to hang them on the tree. There were red, silver, and gold ornaments of all shapes and sizes in the box, along with assorted more personal ornaments you had collected over the years. Every year you had made a tradition of going and getting one of those ornaments that they would personalize with what ever you wanted written on it. 

    Grabbing one of the personalized ornaments you carefully pulled it from the little bubble wrap sleeve you kept them each in. You felt giddy when you saw the one from last year, Anthony had picked it out and kept it a surprise. It was a white heart with a diamond ring shape wrapped around it and said “Will you marry me?”. He had been so nervous, as if you could have ever said no. You glanced at the picture not far off on a shelf that showed you both laughing as you danced your first dance at the wedding. A clattering noise made you snap your attention over to the kitchen and your husband gave you a shrug and smiled when he picked up one of the metal mixing bowls that had fallen from the cabinet. 

    “Chocolate chip, oatmeal butterscotch, or both?” He asked as he held a bag of each type of candy chips in his hands.

    “Hmmmmm,” you said while hanging another ornament, “Both… both is good.”

    “Chocolate chip first,” he replied excitedly.


    You continued hanging up ornaments and wrapping strings of gold beads around the tree while Anthony busied himself making the cookie dough. You snickered when you noticed he had managed to get flour on his cheek, but decided to not tell him because it was cute. You took a step back to admire your handiwork and to see if there were any spaces that needed a decoration.

    “It looks great babe,” Anthony said, “Do you want to add the chocolate chips?”

    Rushing over when he waved the bag of chocolate chips, you snatched it from him and ate a few from the bag.

    “Hey! I said add them not eat them all!”

    “Sue me Ramos,” you laughed before popping more into your mouth.

    “Give me that,” he demanded trying to act upset but smiling anyways.


    You both laughed as your struggled over the bag of chocolate chips. Finally you grabbed a few more and relented by pouring the rest into the bowl. Anthony huffed as he started mixing them in and gave you a look. You held out your hand offering him a few and he took some and ate them.

    “There now we are both guilty,” you said.

    “I don’t know what your talking about,” he quipped.

    Walking back into the living room you sat the star on the coffee table so Anthony could put it on and started putting lights along the mantle for the Christmas village your mom had given you. The lights flickered causing you to frown a bit and look up and Anthony looked up and watched the lights and shrugged. 

    Heading over to the window you looked outside and saw the light dust of snow that had been falling earlier had turned into what looked like a full blown blizzard. 

    “It’s really coming down out there Ant,” you commented looking at the situation outside.

    “It can’t be worse than Snowmegeddon.”

    Anthony wiped off his hands and hit the skip button on the music and a familiar tune of Let it Snow came on. Boyz II Men… it was your favorite version and you laughed.

    “Well isn’t that ironic,” he said with a smirk.

    “Yeah it sure is…”

    You continued to set up the village and quietly singing along with the song. You jumped when you felt Anthony wrap his arms around your from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder.

    “I left the star for you,” you said quietly.

    He took your hand and spun you around and you gave him a questioning look as he wrapped his arms around you and rocked from side to side with the beat.

    “Ohhhh, come over here and help me trim the tree, I wanna wrap you up. Baby, then you’ll see you’re the only present I need. There’s so much more, waiting for you in store, from this precious day. I can gladly say, there’s no place that I’d rather be, I know you are my everything, come a little closer…” he sang along with the music.

    “Let it snow, Let it snow. Outside it’s cold but the fire’s blazin’, so baby let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,” you sang in response and started to laugh.

    Anthony pressed a kiss to your lips and let you go and grabbed the star for the tree. He carefully stood on a chair and placed the star on the top as you watched.

    “It’s a little crooked,” you commented and continued to sway to the music.

    He fiddled with the star a bit more and finally got it on straight and climbed down. Stepping back to stand next to you he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 

    “It looks perfect if I do say so myself,” he said proudly.

    You opened your mouth to agree when suddenly the lights flickered again and the whole apartment was plunged into darkness.


    “Let it snow,” Anthony sang before he broke down into fits of laughter.

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  • Pairing - Rafael Casal x Fem!Reader

    Word Count - 2058

    Prompt - “Is that a tattoo?” with Rafa

    Warnings - None

    Tags - @serkewen12 @mysterywriter36 @lady-songstress @drugsdiggs @hamilton-gaygod @raesof-sunshine @americanrevelation @merrahonthawall @parksxo @lucky-as-lucky-can-be @angryflowerengineer @hamilton-canyouimagine @iluvnialljameshoran @darling-danger @pleasegivemethatpenback @breezeandlights @la-frenchiest-frite @lafislife @lafeyettegunsandships @spilledkauffie @cupofkauffie @spookyconsultingcriminal @tallish-hobbit @small-stars @trying-to-do-stuff @astudentsnightmare @glorlfy @aaronbrahsir @lupinschocolatefrog @the-phantom-author @cameron-allen @timesarehardfornewsies @secretschuylersister @angelicaschuylerr @a-schuylerr

    Two years. How had it already been two years since you’d started dating Rafael? It seemed like just yesterday that you’d anxiously held up countless dresses in front of your mirror as you got ready for your first date with Rafa, agonizing over which one he would like better while your best friend tried to help. You thought back to that night and smiled wistfully as her voice echoed in your memory, just as though it had happened last night instead of nearly two years ago.

    “(Y/N), relax. It’s gonna be fine. We both know Rafa’s into you, so he’s gonna love whatever you wear,” your best friend said as she sat on the edge of your bed and watched your reflection in the full-length mirror.

    “I know, I know, but I still wanna look nice but not like I’m trying too hard, you know?” you mused as you held up a dark green dress with a subtle shimmer and frowned. Not right.

    “You’re going where, to dinner and a poetry reading? Wear the burgundy dress you bought when we went shopping and those black boots. It’s classy, but it doesn’t say ‘trying too hard’. And the fact that you look incredible in that dress doesn’t hurt.”

    You held up the dress. The fabric was the kind that hugged your curves, and it was short enough to show some leg without being tasteless. The ankle boots would give you some height, which always made you feel confident. You smiled at your best friend and began to get dressed. This was going to be fine. Yes, you had butterflies in your stomach, but they were the good sort. The excited sort. You really had no need to be nervous. You had been friends with Rafael for a while now, and the two of you had decided to give dating a go (though you figured Daveed had convinced Rafa to ask you out or at least suggested it). If the date went badly… no. You weren’t going to go there. Positivity. It was going to be fine.

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  • Always

    So the lovely @raesof-sunshine requested a drabble with Daveed! 792 words.

    #2 - None of this is your fault. #6 - No one’s going to hurt you. #10 - I’m here now, okay?

    @serkewen12 @mysterywriter36 @americanrevelation @lady-songstress @merrahonthawall @a-schuylerr @a-random-girl-with-a-random-blog @followingnaturespath @hamilton-canyouimagine @hamilton-gaygod @parksxo @pumpkjnspjcebreeze @lucky-as-lucky-can-be @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot @angryflowerengineer @spilledkauffie @cupofkauffie @ukesnotn-ukes @darling-danger @drugsdiggs @the-phantom-author @iluvnialljameshoran

    Nobody loves you… they only pretend…

    The monster loomed over you, a grotesque representation of your worst fears. Its razor-sharp teeth flashed a gleaming white as you cowered in its massive shadow. Its disfigured features weren’t well-defined, but it was bad enough to terrify you. It taunted you with all of your worst fears, from being alone to failing at everything you tried to do. You begged and pleaded with it, desperate to get away to some solace, but it was relentless. You tried to run, but it followed you, and just when it opened its mouth to attack…

    You sat up with a loud shriek, panting hard and trembling. Sweat matted your hair to your face, and tears streamed down your face. You turned and looked beside you and felt a pang of guilt jolt your heart. Daveed had heard you. With how busy he was, he didn’t get a lot of rest, so the fact that you’d woken him up with some nightmare made you feel awful.

    “Kitten?” Daveed asked as he rubbed his hands over his face and blinked a few times to clear the sleep from his eyes. “What… what’s wrong?”

    “It’s my fault,” you sobbed. You refused to look at him. You couldn’t. He wasn’t going to get enough rest, and it was all because you were pathetic.


    “You waking up! It’s all my fault. I. I had a stupid nightmare, and I should be able to control them and… I’m sorry!” you cried, nearly in hysterics as your shoulders shook with each sob.

    Daveed shifted closer to you and wrapped his arms around you, waiting to see how you reacted. When you unconsciously relaxed into his embrace, he peppered your cheek with tiny kisses for a few moments before you rested your head on his shoulder.

    “Baby, no. None of this is your fault. You know you can’t control what you dream,” Daveed said soothingly. He placed kisses on your hair and rubbed your back as you tried to calm yourself down from your nightmare.

    “I – I know,” you sniffed. “I just feel bad… you don’t get a lot of rest now…”

    Daveed laughed. “Babe, we both know I run on caffeine now. I’m used to it. And besides, I’d rather make sure you’re okay, however long that takes.”

    You sniffed again and nodded your head against his neck. Daveed was so good to you. When you were upset, he did whatever he could to ease your mind, be it cuddles or a movie marathon or just letting you talk about it. You felt so loved, and you always wondered how you could ever show him your deep gratitude. That could wait until later. Right now, you just wanted to relax in his arms and try to put your nightmare behind you.

    “Do you wanna tell me what it was about, Kitten?” Daveed asked. You pulled back and nodded tearfully at him. Talking about it would put it into perspective, show you just how unrealistic it was.

    “It. It was awful… there was this huge monster, and it kept… it kept telling me things. Things I’ve said to myself. Like… like I’m always gonna be alone and that I’m not loved and I’m always gonna fail… I tried to run from it, but it chased me and it was gonna attack me when I woke up…”

    As you closed your eyes shut and your shoulders rose as your muscles tensed, Daveed hugged you close and pressed soft kisses over your cheek, jaw, and lips. Each kiss and touch relaxed you and put you more and more at ease. Daveed murmured softly to you, his gentle voice acting like a balm to your anxious, frightened mind.

    No one’s going to hurt you. I’m here now, okay? Just breathe.”

    He kept up these soft murmurs and kisses until he felt you relax completely, the tension from before eased. You looked up at him with a small yet tired smile, hugging him gratefully. He gave you a small smile and kissed your forehead as you cuddled against him, both for warmth and comfort.

    “Better?” he asked softly.

    “Mmhm,” you yawned. You curled up on your side and rested your head on Daveed’s strong chest with your ear right over his heart. Its strong, steady beat lulled you into a sense of tranquility. You felt much better, but you still had one thing to say. You sat up slightly and placed a gentle kiss on Daveed’s cheek.

    “I love you,” you said softly.

    “I love you too, Kitten.”

    You kissed him one last time before curling up against his side. With his strong arms around you, you knew that you were safe. Nothing could get you as long as you had Daveed.

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