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  • gauri92
    22.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Granger's Anatomy - Chapter 1 - friendorfoesnape - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

    So, another story I really love and adore. All characters, and I mean every single one of them, is so well fleshed out and written. We know that Hermione and Draco are the focus, but the author does not leave out the others. The characters all have stories and lives, no matter how briefly they may be touched upon in the larger scheme of things.

    Please do read if you haven't already. Hermione, Draco and the others will make you cheer for them most of the times, and feel angry and frustrated at them sometimes. But overall, this story will never depress you and always leave you with a lighter, more hopeful feeling. Atleast it did for me.

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  • staymagicalgals
    22.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago
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  • laurenisdoingart
    22.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Instagram @laurenisdoingart

    #art #artists on tumblr #illustration #illustrators on tumblr #fanart#harry potter
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  • writingwitharlo
    22.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    Teddy Lupin

    Tickle Headcanons


    practically ticklish everywhere (with the right touch)

    death spots: hip area, armpits and knees

    spicy time spots: neck, feet/palms, belly button

    has a tendency to curse while being tickled

    absolutely dies from light tickles (especially with nails)

    but if kept at a steady pace, will undoubtedly get hard

    never backs down from the prospect of a tickle fight, even if the chances are slim that he can win


    has a secret memory bank of everyone's tickle spots

    revels in the sound of protest

    has a talent for tickling people without even intending to, it's just the way he touches

    producing a solid laugh can be such a turnon

    rarely pins someone fully to always leave the opportunity for retaliation

    when he does though, that means trouble

    #tickle headcanons#tk hc#teddy lupin #teddy lupin is ticklish #harry potter tickle hc #harry potter tickle
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  • nymphadorathebubba
    22.01.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    Gryffindor dormitory at 3 am...



    Lily: *sighs* When he calls your name...

    Remus: It all fades to-


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  • heartfullofstupid
    22.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    I just know Remus Lupin is left handed

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  • pygme-puff
    22.01.2022 - 24 minutes ago

    I dont think I ever posted this here

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  • otpdrarry-drarry4ever
    22.01.2022 - 26 minutes ago


    If you know the song, that's cool. Also Draco.

    (I actually love that song, though no one asked.)

    #draco lucius malfoy #harry potter#draco malfoy #draco x harry #harry james potter #draco is secretly gay for harry #drarry#harry/draco#harry pottah#daisy#song #Draco Malfoy as a song #so many options #here's one
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  • nicos-book-thoughts
    22.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    I think one of the most Tumblr things that has ever happened to me, book-wise, was when I put "potterheads DNI" in my main blog's bio and someone accused me of supporting books that are pro-murder

    #i do not say this as a ''haha funny'' joke btw. this is a ''what the fuck'' thing #(context: i said ''support religious queer people!'' and they said ''no they're evil. also you hate harry potter??? i bet you support #fantasy novels where the main characters commit [insert murderous atrocity i can't quite remember]'' #so. that was a Thing)
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  • silenciopromo
    22.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    . ⋅ * 。 IS THERE POWER IN A NAME ?

    there has been PEACE in the wizarding world for seven years . voldemort's body hit the ground with a whimper , and not a bang , and all his adversaries rejoice . when minister of magic kingsley shacklebolt decibes to BREAK the taboo on his name by making it a nursery rhyme , the last of his power seems to disappear . at least that is how it appeared , until a few weeks ago when minister kingsley shacklebolt was discovered DEAD in his office . . .


    @SILENCIOHQ​ is a semi - appless , golden trio era roleplay , we are canon - divergent & based on discord . join our trio and their peers as they explore the aftermath of the minister of magic’s death , and realize that their happily ever after might not be so happy after all . . .
    #new roleplay #harry potter rp #discord roleplay #semi appless rp #hprp
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  • otpdrarry-drarry4ever
    22.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    The similarities, ehh, they're are both just 👌

    Both played by a Tom, both badass loveable characters, idk there was just a picture of them side by side so here it is.

    #draco lucius malfoy #draco malfoy#harry potter#tom hiddleston#loki#tom felton #tom hiddelston loki #tom and tom #draco and loki #so loveable
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  • stickerspt
    22.01.2022 - 30 minutes ago

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  • idiotsincorporated
    22.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    This kinda pisses me off to no end, your fancasts for Peter can be fat! or at least not stick fucking thin. He is described as a plus sized character in the books, during his youth too. Becoming fat is not a punishment for being an bad person, he’s fat AND a bad person. He is not skinny nor was he ever.

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  • noxadverts
    22.01.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    WE MUST BRING OUR OWN                                                                                    LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS.

    @noxtms is an appless and au group set in a modern golden trio era. seven years have passed since the battle of hogwarts that saw not only the death of harry potter, but the defeat of lord voldemort at the hands of the surviving dumbledore’s army. seven years, where individuals grieved, grew, and moved on - their peace tentative in the way it always is and ruined when the rumors of bellatrix lestrange & her associates attempting another resurrection proved to be correct. the dark lord’s last & BEST lieutenant succeeded in returning him to life - though the return of harry potter & regulus black proved an unintended side effect. it has become obvious that nothing, not even peace, lasts. everything ends, though you cannot step into the same stream twice. the new threat has arrived, and it’s up to you to decide whether this time, all will be well.

                                                                 NO ONE ELSE IS GOING                                              TO DO IT FOR US.

    #hp rp #harry potter rp #lsrp#lsrpg#literate rp#literate rpg #golden trio rp #golden trio era rp
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  • aceindenial
    22.01.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    the more i re-read harry potter, the more i realize that snape is literally just an exhausted wine mom

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  • otpdrarry-drarry4ever
    22.01.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    You have been warned.

    #harry james potter #draco malfoy#harry potter #draco lucius malfoy #draco x harry #harry/draco#slytherin#slytherpride #slytherins are badass #be scared muggles #and gryffindors #and everyone else #harry pottah #Smile they will never see it coming #advice from a slytherin #:) be afraid of slytherins smile #k that is all I'm tagging
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  • mgtorreoficial
    22.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    O blogue no qual haverá a divulgação dos meus contos, de facto são muitos, por isso é grande a corredia para revisar a todos, e voltar a editar, a reescrever. Mas, serve de aprendizagem para a criação de histórias.

    #original fiction#books #use a tag mentesexpostas e apareça aqui #wattpad #use a tag liberdadeliteraria em suas autorias #usem a tag poecitas em suas autorias #amreading#fanfic#nanowrimo#fanfiction#harry potter#online #poets on tumblr #writers on tumblr #written #black and white #writeblr#writerblr#writers#writing#writing prompts#wordpress#watch#workout #scuba: explore the underwater world #original writing#obras#original#oneshot#news one
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  • pvandermeer409
    22.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    Original horror story set in the Harry Potter/Wizarding World Universe - Penultimate Release


    Stella Bergman's life has been taking twists and turns ever since she was a little girl. From the sleepy town of Ithaca, New York to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and on to the Aegean coast of Turkey with her new husband Omer, her life had always been one adventure after another. Her next adventure, however, might be far less pleasant.

    You might notice (if you've read my previous story) that I've decided to write this one in the American style. That would be because my main/POV character for this story is, in fact, an American. I thought that would make it feel more authentic.

    You can find it here:


    or here:


    You can check out my other story here:


    and here:


    I plan on releasing new sections of this story every other week or so for the next couple months.

    With that being said, enjoy.

    Hope you all like it,


    #Harry Potter #Harry Potter fan fic #next gen harry potter #wizarding world #ilvermony school of witchcraft and wizardry #Halloween #all hallows eve #america#magicfolk#original character#original story#horror#hogwarts mystery
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  • shipforshippers
    22.01.2022 - 38 minutes ago

    Everybody is gay, including the Heir of Slytherin... On to the chapter 17!

    I said it before and I will say now, The chamber of secrets is aesthetically pleasing to me! Don't ask me why, but I just feel like it.

    I know I am not breaking some big news however I have to say, Tom Riddle is hot!

    The way Tom describes Ginny's first year in Hogwarts was funny at the same time sad, more sad than funny. The girl has come to school in second-hand things, deal with the bullying of Fred and George, have the first crush on the boy who lived, she has so much to deal with. Again I do think Hogwarts should rethink its education system. More importantly, they should add a child counselor to the faculty and make Harry and Ginny visit them compulsory!

    The way Tom has explained, it makes me think that maybe Tom is jealous of Ginny. It just can't only me?

    So, Just like in the Sorcerer's Stone, a villain tells you all the information that has been papered through the book and they clearly tell you how they did it. The classic villain monologuing!

    Tom panicked about Ginny getting his diary back, that's not necessarily gay but gay enough. We pretty much know by now that Voldermort is in fact gay! If you don't know that then you must be new to the Harry Potter fandom, welcome! As an elder Potterhead, I must tell you that almost everybody in Harry Potter world is gay, you can include Hedwig in that as well! Thank you, now you can proceed...

    Hear me out, what if Tom was able to come back to life, then what would he have done? Dumbledore is supposed to be the only one whom Voldemort was scared of. So, why Dumbledore did not just come down to the Chamber of secrets with Fawkes? If only Dumbledore was not that cryptic...

    I think I have fanfic fever! Why do I say this at the near end of the chamber of secrets? Because there are not many dialogues in the latter part of the chapter. And I have a habit of 'skip reading'. To those who don't know what 'skip reading' is, so basically it is reading only dialogues and beginning and ending sentences of the paragraph before the dialogues (at least that's what I do) of fanfiction. It helps me to quickly finish any fanfic. I felt that I am doing the same for this chapter. Not really a criticism but I really didn't need to read the whole chapter to know what was happening. I feel like this will be a useless paragraph. You can 'skip read' this para...

    Because I am used to Anime's fighting style I have to admit that the fighting scenes (in this chapter particularly) are a bit amateur. However, these are children in the book aims at children. So, it is passable and believable. That what's matter.

    Harry's presence sense and bravely is really commendable!

    Did Ron not see a giant bird fly in through a hole he made? If he did not then how did Fawkes fly into the chambers? How did the Fawkes know to help Harry? I have so many questions...

    I haven't been posting regularly. Sorry for that and thank you for your patience.

    That's it for me, Thank you for reading!

    #harry potter fandom #harry potter re reading #harry potter and sorcerer's stone #harry potter series #harry potter#harrpotter #harry x ginny #ginny weasley#ginnymollyweasley #harry james potter #harry potter and the chambers of secrets #ron weasley#hp fandom#hp series#hp books #hp a day #hp movies#hp#spoilers#tom riddle #tom marvolo riddle #lgbtq#lgbtq positivity #lgbtq+ harry potter characters #potterhead#ron weasely#puzzles#reading#skip reading
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