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    • Marlene: You know what your problem is? You’re so hot, no one has told you to shut up!
    • Sirius: You think I’m hot?
    • Marlene: ...that’s all you heard?
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    I just discovered Skylar and to say that I love him is an understatement @angrynar <3

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  • I finally started Carry On by Rainbow Rowell today (it’s great) and added it to my GR. some thoughts:

    1. The number of people who just do not understand that Simon Snow is a satire of Harry Potter is… disappointing.
    2. The number of reviews who claim that JKR is some untouchable god that should never be satired… yeah, that aged poorly 😬
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  • Imagine if ‘Nearly headless Nick’ was renamed to 'Nearly A Man Nick’ but his “predicament” still stands

    Hermione: “Nearly A Man? How can you be nearly a man?

    Nick *drops pants*: "Like this”

    #harry potter #nearly headless nick #a funny/gross thought #mild gore#mild ns*w #funny?
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  • there are people who… love the marauders… and don’t ship wolfstar?

    are you okay? are you even real?

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  • anyone know any good online psychology courses i can take?

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  • i don’t understand how someone can ship scorbus and drarry at the same time 😭💀 go to therapy

    #harry potter and the cursed child #harry potter next generation #scorbus#drarry #albus x scorpius #draco malfoy#harry potter
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  • my thing with severus snape “supporters” or whatever- is in every post you see justifying what he did, they tare other characters down. you shouldn’t have to get me to support this character by telling me every other character around them was bad.

    jk rowling MEANT for severus to be supported by the fandom. what we did was point out how fucking weird, stalkerish, and self-entitled the ship snily is.

    every single post always the same thing- remus didn’t go until severus forced his hand, sirius bullied him, james bullied him… blah blah blah.

    as if severus didn’t out remus as a werewolf and ruin the last few years of his life, making it absolutely impossible for him to get a job. as if dumbledore didn’t offer for remus to stay in his teaching position. as if remus didn’t refuse because he knew how the parents would feel.

    as if “severus never missed an opportunity to get at james or sirius” was a downright lie.

    how do you think it would go if the roles were reversed and sirius or james was teaching at hogwarts and severus had a kid? do you think they would bully that child and their friends relentlessly for six years? what’s that? you said no? yea. no. they wouldn’t. because they’re decent human beings that made stupid mistakes when they were teenagers (like everyone does) but didn’t let it become their only personality trait.

    stop being ignorant. you’re “fangirling” over a entitled, whiny, bully, who got friend zoned when he was fifteen and never forgot it.

    #severus snape#snily#anti snily#pro snily #tagging pro snily so this will show up in the tag #harry potter #harry potter series #remus lupin#sirius black#james potter#lily evans
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  • harry potter au where everything is the same but dobby is replaced by scrappy doo

    #Harry Potter#Dobby #Harry Potter series
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  • Sunday 26th April 1970

    Dear Diery,

    I wrote a poem to por-tray my emotions:

    I am being crushed,
    Pulled and pushd and twisted round,
    My body feels so heavy,
    My heart begins to pound,
    I do not want to die,
    I long to forget how to cry,
    But I am so wayed down,
    All I know is how to frown,
    I want to breathe so easily,
    I want to smile so bright,
    But I feel the waves are breaking me,
    Each day I lose my fight.


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  • Alright to all you dummies who haven’t watched Tom Felton sing…why? Also this song is a banger ( ¨̮ ) (song: time well spent medley)

    #so young oml #what a cutie :3 #yes tom sing those words #tom felton#draco malfoy#song#hp#harry potter#drarry
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    “You won’t even stay for dinner?”

    “No.” Squinting at the bright lights of the Halloween celebration, Snape wiped the paint from his shoulder. 

    To be pranked by his own students would have been disastrous for any new teacher but it was even worse for someone like him, who was already on thin ice and hated by most of the staff as a former criminal. He’s been made a complete fool. 

    And not just that, he’s been made a complete fool in front of the woman who looked absolutely incredible, in the dress of her own creation which she called “The gown of Goddesses Nut and Nyx, Sky and Night”. 

    But now the face of the Goddess was also strained with desperation.

    “I am sorry… I should have…done something… You are worthy of more than such treatment. At least, take this. Please. 

    A small blue envelope in her hands. Snape finally noticed it. And Aurora noticed his hesitation. She said he is worthy of more. 

    It was a vision of paradise, of different life free of fear. It could be his life. If not for the smallest detail…

    If only he…wasn’t the person who was taught “best ways to torture a muggle” just a couple of months ago. 

    The vision flashed before his eyes and disappeared. Before he came to his senses, he realized it was actually Aurora, who has left in anger and sadness.

    But, to his surpirse, little blue envelope still made its way into his palm somehow.

    (I am still posting commissions I finished before I closed them!

    It’s a commission for @not-socoherent​ ! Thank you so much for your patience! ! I am sorry if it’s too angsty! I don’t know why I made it that way! First, I wanted something romantic like a dance but then I realized that it would be too out of character for Snape. I probably made things worse, if so, sorry, haha! :)

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  • You might argue with me about what is one of the best Mcgonagall moments in the series and I will always talk about this:

    None of the staff but Filch seemed to be stirring themselves to help her. Indeed, a week after Fred and George’s departure Harry witnessed Professor McGonagall walking right past Peeves, who was determinedly loosening a crystal chandelier, and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, “It unscrews the other way.”

    ~ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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  • Broken

    (George Weasley x Reader)


    Originally posted by cekmeyencekmece

    *Not My Gif*

    I wrote this for @wreckofawriter‘s Cliché month! Go check out the other writings on her page!

    Word Count: 4K

    Paring: George Weasley x Reader

    Cliché: Lovers to Enemies


    Fred was gone. George’s other half wasn’t by his side for the first time in, well… forever. The war took many victims, but it was over and left the survivors to try and find happiness with a hole in their heart.

    You had a hole in your heart as well. One in the form of your little sister who died right before your eyes during the battle. If you could’ve traded places, you would’ve in a heartbeat. She was the last family you had and now she was gone. To say you were terrified of the future was an understatement. The war finished off your 7th year and now you had nowhere to go, nowhere to stay and nowhere to feel safe. 

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    #Cliche Month #George Weasley x Reader #George Weasley imagine #George Weasley #George Weasley angst #Harry Potter x Reader #Harry Potter imagine #Harry Potter #Twins x Reader #Weasley twins x reader #angst feeds my soul #Broken
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  • “All this year, I have been battling with myself, wondering whether I should tell Dumbledore that Sirius was an Animagus. But I didn’t do it. Why? Because I was too cowardly.  

    And so I convinced myself that Sirius was getting into the school using Dark Arts he learnt from Voldemort, that being an Animagus had nothing to do with it …”

    #Remus Lupin#Severus Snape#Minerva McGonagall#Harry Potter#Wolfstar#heavily implied#fanart#comic#my art#Charity Burbage#Aurora Sinistra#Septima Vector#Bathsheda Babbling #while sketching this idea I went: #‘no this does not work. Snape talked to Dumbledore that night.’ #‘he KNOWS they searched everywhere and that Lupin isn’t under suspicion’ #but then I thought: #‘would knowing this stop him from outing Lupin’s history with Black’ #‘to stir up suspicion among their colleagues and generally make Lupin uncomfortable?’ #no it would not. #Snape would absolutely be THAT bitch. #... #that feeling when you’re not HELPING your crazy ex #but you DO know very useful info and still cannot bring yourself to share it. #tried making up designs for some of the teachers we never interact with #(because Harry didn’t take their classes)
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  • my soul purpose is to witness the friendship between scorpius and albus.

    and possibly get to know the ship.

    and ride it.


    #Harry Potter#cursed child #harry potter and the cursed child #potterhead
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