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  • Agent Byron Howard (Maurice Dean Wint) Haven 3x13 Thanks for the Memories (2013)

    Agent Byron Howard: Shh. White-breasted nuthatch. Likes to climb, not fly. Odd bird. Hello, Audrey. 

    Audrey Parker: Agent Howard. Or whoever the hell you are. 

    Howard: Looking for the barn, right? Come on. I’ll take you there.–Come. We’ll chat a bit. May I offer you some tea? 

    Audrey: Who the hell are you? 

    Howard: Think of me as your ride. I drop you off, and then when the time is right, I pick you up. 

    Audrey: In a barn? 

    Howard: Yes. Look. Well, it’s quite a bit more than a barn. 

    Audrey: How did that get here?

    Howard: It comes whenever you’re looking for it. It comes when you’re ready. 

    Audrey: Okay, so that’s it? I go into the barn, and then the Troubles end for 27 years? 

    Howard: Not that simple. If it was, I could just pick you up and throw you in.

    Audrey: No. You couldn’t. 

    Howard: You have to want to go in. You have to want to go away. That’s what allows the Troubles to end for 27 years. 

    Audrey: Well, then, see, that’s where we have a problem, Morpheus. I don’t want to go away. 

    Howard: You’ll be back to Haven. 

    Audrey: Yeah, but as somebody else, right? Audrey Parker goes away. Audrey… Dies. [Yes.] But I don’t want Audrey to die. 

    Howard: Okay. Go and try to figure out the way to stay. 

    Audrey: What? I can just go? 

    Howard: Yes. But know this, Audrey. The sky is starting to fall. While you’re out there attempting the impossible, trying to stay, it will continue to fall faster and faster, until the town and everyone you love in it have been destroyed. Now, go. Your friends are here. —Ready to go? 

    Audrey: Why? 

    Howard: That meteor storm is about to pound Haven from the face—

    Audrey: I’m not talking about the meteor storm. I’m talking about me. My choices. Where’s James? 

    Howard: Healing. That’s what you wanted. 

    Audrey: No, I want him to have a life. The life that I can’t have. 

    Howard: That’s impossible. He belongs here now, like his mother. 

    Audrey: Why? Why do I belong here? 

    Howard: Think of the barn as an amplifier for you. When you’re in it, your energy keeps the Troubles at bay. But after 27 years, that energy starts to run out. Troubles start again. So, you have to come out and recharge. 

    Audrey: Recharge? Recharge with what? 

    Howard: Love. It energizes you so you can go back into the barn and stop the Troubles again. 

    Audrey: Am I even human? 

    Howard: Audrey. That’s your problem. You are very, very human. 

    Audrey: So, I’m, I’m Troubled then. [No.] Then why do I need to kill the man I love to end all this? Am I being punished? 

    Howard: It does seem that way. Yes. 

    Audrey: There’s gotta be another way. 

    Howard: I’m sorry. There are only two ways this ends. One stops the trouble for 27 years, the other… Forever. We really should go now. 

    Audrey: Wait. I need to say good-bye.


    Howard: I thought it was made fairly clear. That won’t work on the barn. 

    Nathan Wuornos: That was made clear. What about hurting you?

    *Jordan shoots Nathan, Nathan shoots Howard*

    In 1956

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  • *Dance With a Devil on Your Back
    Duke/Nathan - Rating: M - Words: 30k
    #s3 alternate ending #slow burn #parenting

    There was a time when a very deluded, very lonely teenaged version of himself thought maybe he could have that kind of future, with Nathan. A family. The picket fence kind of life. It’s the last time he can remember wanting that for himself. Things blew up with Nathan in a big way and it was the last straw in a long line of broken backs. That heartbroken kid never could have imagined a world with Jean in it.

    He would, however, be absolutely furious at himself for still chasing after Nathan fucking Wuornos.

    Outside Himself
    Duke/Nathan/Audrey - Rating: T - Words: 1k
    #chronic pain #hurt/comfort #character study

    Losing his trouble was supposed to be a blessing, but Nathan’s body feels even less real than it did when it existed in a vacuum. The pain is so much worse.

    *I Can Feel Your Anger from Way Across the Sea
    Duke/Nathan - Rating: T - Words: 11k
    #pre-series #trans Nathan #slow burn it to the ground

    Duke came to a stop with one leg slung through the window. “You’re gonna wish you listened to me,” he snapped, something raw to his voice that Nathan didn’t want to think about. He pointed a finger at Nathan and swore, “I’m gonna be a million miles away on some–island paradise and you’re gonna wish you’d come with me. And I won’t even think about you.” He ducked through the window after that, dropping onto the lawn.

    “GOOD,” Nathan screamed after him, just before he slammed the window shut. “I HOPE YOU NEVER THINK ABOUT ME AGAIN.”

    You Make a Fool of Death
    Duke/Nathan - Rating: T - Words: 2k
    #missing scene #angst-lite #disaster bisexuals

    Once upon a time, they didn’t have to get drunk to talk like this. Didn’t have to cheat death just to bury the hatchet for fifteen minutes. They used to be friends, back before the troubles. Once upon a time, he’d take Nathan to bars like this to “cruise for girls” and they’d wind up wasted, making out in the backseat of his car. But that was a lifetime ago. Nathan hasn’t looked at him like that in years.

    As Bad as it Looks
    Duke/Nathan/Audrey - Rating: T - Words: 1k
    #pre-relationship #fluff #feel-good fic

    Duke rarely worries about Audrey during a fight. She’s smart, capable, and good in a crisis. And—most importantly—he can trust her to retreat when the situation gets too dire. Nathan, on the other hand, is obstinate, relies way too much on instinct for someone with terrible instincts, and never knows when to quit. He’s going to send Duke to an early grave from the sheer anxiety of it.

    *You Misread My Meaning When I Met You
    Duke/Nathan - Rating: T - Words: 7k
    #trapped in a closet #friends to enemies to friends to lovers #conflict resolution


    If Duke didn’t know better, he’d swear he could hear a smile in Audrey’s voice. “Not a chance, champ. Listen, you two are in there for the next couple hours whether you like it or not. Frankly, I don’t give a shit if you talk it out. Sit there and pout for all I care. But when I come back, you’re going to at least be civil enough to work a case together. And if not, we’ll just shove a couple granola bars under the door and leave you there all night. Sound good?”

    “NO,” Nathan snarls, but they can already hear the sound of Dwight and Audrey’s footsteps getting further away.

    “Bye, boys!” Distantly, they hear the clang of another door and then the whole place is silent.

    Duke drops heavily down onto one of the storage crates. “So. We talking?”


    Duke nods, clicking his teeth. “Gonna be a long night.”

    #haven#haven syfy#duke crocker#nathan wuornos#audrey parker#fic masterlist #i've marked my personal favorites/proudest fics with asterisks! #it's also worth mentioning that Nathan is a trans man in All of my fics #it's just more relevant in some than in others #fun fact: I Can Feel Your Anger is a fic where Nathan transitions just before high school #but that's not actually my primary head canon #it's an AU of an AU #anyway i love writing fic for this fandom so much #I know there's not many of us kickin' around these days but i'd love to hear what you guys think
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  • Byron Howard (Maurice Dean Wint) Haven 3x9 Sarah (2012)

    Sarah Vernon: Hello, Captain. I-I made it to Maine. No, I like it here. It’s–it’s hard to explain, but I I think that I could do a lot of good in Haven.

    Captain Byron Howard: If you’re asking me if you can stay, I think it’s a great idea, Sarah.

    Sarah: Thank you, sir. 

    #byron howard#agent howard #maurice dean wint #havensyfy#haven syfy #caps from homeofthenutty #poc in haven #3x9 sarah
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    • Person: What do you want?
    • Me: Good things for Duke Crocker!
    • Person: Ma'am, this is a Starbucks. I don't know who that is.
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  • Evidence ‘Evi’ Crocker neé Ryan (Vinessa Antoine) Haven 2x9 Lockdown (2011)

    [Duke Crocker: Do you wanna know why you’re not the chief any more? Evi. She tipped off the Rev about your file on the troubled people. I saw it on her phone. 

    Nathan Wuornos: I knew it was the Rev. But how the hell is Evi involved? 

    Duke: You got me. I mean, think how I feel. I’m married to her. God only knows what else she’s hiding. Look, I figure we do this here, otherwise she’d bolt. I told her that you were helping me with my parking tickets. It was the best I could come up with. 

    Nathan: Okay. Let’s put her in the break room.] 

    Nathan: We’re gonna do this now?  

    Duke: Wait. Evi, show him what you showed me. 

    Nathan: It starts at the extremities. 

    Duke: We gotta get her to the hospital. 

    Chief Merrill: How long has she been like this? 

    Duke: Excuse me. She’s standing right here. 

    Evi Crocker: Duke, what’s happening? 

    Chief Merrill: Were you and Parker able to locate the chemical source? 

    Nathan: No, not yet, sir. 

    Chief Merrill: Did you have any direct contact with Officer Stark? Shake his hand, sit at his desk, anything? 

    Evi: No.

    Chief Merrill: But this thing keeps spreading. So it’s gotta be biological and airborne. 

    Nathan: Sir. 

    Chief Merrill: Ma'am, I’ll need you back in the break room right now. 

    Duke: Wait a minute, Chief.  

    Chief Merrill: Now!

    [Audrey Parker: I’m gonna go ahead and check on Evi.—Hey, I checked on Evi. She’s getting worse.]

    Audrey: I’m probably immune, I’m just gonna start interviewing people one by one. 

    Nathan: Except Evi. She’s mine. 

    Evi: I need to get to a hospital. 

    Nathan: We can’t risk letting you out there. We don’t know if you’re contagious. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [Evi pretends to faint, steals Nathan’s keycard from his back pocket] Evi. It’s not the only reason why I’m here. I need to know why you sold me out to the selectmen? Got me fired as chief? Why are you working with the Rev?  

    Evi: How’d you find out? 

    Nathan: Duke. He saw your text message. 

    Evi: That’s why he’s been acting so strange. Look, this wasn’t personal. I got in too deep. And that’s when they asked me to do that thing with your files. 

    Nathan:  Who’s they? The Rev? 

    Evi: He’s one of them. 

    Nathan: Why is it so important to have me out of the way? 

    Evi: Because they said it would be helping Duke. 

    Nathan: Explain it to me. 

    Evi: I can’t. 

    Duke: Then, explain it to me. [Nathan leaves them alone]

    Evi: I’m sorry, these men, they said that I’d be helping you. 

    Duke: How does getting Nathan fired possibly help me?

    Evi: I don’t know, okay? They said that you were important. And that you needed to learn certain things, and Nathan needed to be out of the way because he’d be a problem for you. 

    Duke: How naive are you? Or did they just pay you a lot of money? 

    Evi: Oh, my God. It’s not about the money. I believed them, okay? I believed them because they told me something that I always knew. You’re special.

    Duke: Mmm? And what makes me so special? 

    Evi: All I know is that whatever’s going on in this town, they think that you’re in the middle of it. 

    Duke: What? Tell me! Tell me! 

    Evi: I can’t! I’m telling you what I know! 

    Duke: After everything, you owe me some real answers. So, what? Everything that’s happened between us was controlled by them? - 

    Evi: No. No.  

    Duke: You could die. We all could die. There are men out there with guns, stopping us from leaving. Even with all that, you still can’t tell me the truth.


    Nathan: Have you seen Evi? She’s missing. Duke’s worried. 

    Audrey: Well, she can’t be that far. 

    Nathan: [checks his back pocket with his hand, not looking, somehow despite his Trouble]The key card’s gone. Evi must have it. 

    Shooter: Someone is exiting the building.  

    Evi: Where are you?  

    Shooter: Yeah, I got her on target. 

    Duke:  Evi.  

    Evi: I know you’re out here!  Come on!  

    Duke: Evi, stop! Please, just come back inside.  

    Evi: No. I got out for you. I could run, but I’m not gonna run any more. You want answers, I’ll get you your answers. 

    Duke: Evi!  

    Shooter: Go back in the building.  

    Evi: No! You’re gonna tell him what he wants to know. [gets shot in the chest]

    Duke: Evi! 

    Shooter: Hold your fire! Not him! 

    Duke: It’s okay. You’re gonna be okay. You’re gonna be all right. 

    Audrey: Oh, God. I’m gonna go get some help. 

    Duke: Why did you do that? 

    Evi: I’m so sorry. 

    Duke: Hang on. Help is on the way. 

    [Evi dies]

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  • image

    Randy Boliver, Stunt Co-ordinator; “A squib is an explosive device so that we see the actual shot and the blood spatter. Although we’ve done this numerous times, there is a risk element there. So I have to make sure the actor’s comfortable with this and I need to give protection to the actor.”

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    #haven syfy#havensyfy #haven dvd extras #haven season four extras #7 of 13
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  • Evidence ‘Evi’ Crocker neé Ryan (Vinessa Antoine) Haven 2x5 Roots (2011)

    Audrey Parker: Mr and Mrs Crocker. Together. 

    Duke Crocker: Actually, we’re supplying the wine for the wedding. What are you doing here? 

    Chris Brody: Apparently, if your family donates enough money, Haven PD will deliver your marriage license. 

    Duke: I like him, Parker. 

    Audrey: Actually, I was just gonna drop something off and we’re gonna go out for a drink. 

    Evi Crocker: You know, we’re not going to be here for that long. We should all go out. 

    Duke: Yeah. Yeah. 

    Chris: Yeah. We’ll see.


    Evi: Is that her?  

    Duke: Yep.

    Evi:  Looks like old money. Maybe she’ll buy the box. 

    Duke: Evi, we’re not selling it. Beverly Keegan is queen of the historical society. I want to know everything she can tell me about this box. Ms Keegan. Would you care to sample the wine for tomorrow’s celebration? 

    Beverly Keegan: You’re not on our catering staff. 

    Duke: Uh, no. 

    Evi: Hi. I’m Evi Crocker.

    Duke: No, not this.  

    Beverly: Making you Mr Crocker? You’re persistent and you’re not welcome here. 

    Duke: Granted. But I think you may change your mind when you see what I’ve brought to show you. 

    Bevelry: Oh. How can I help you, Mr Crocker?


    Duke: Okay, then why was it hidden inside a wall?

    Bevelry: Because it’s a lovely piece. I’m sorry. As far as I know, it’s just a box. 

    Evi: It must be worth something.

    Bevelry: It is valuable. I’m sure, dear. You just have to find an interested buyer. Which is a possibility.


    Evi: I think she’s pissed because she’s rich and she’s not allowed to write her own cheques. 

    Audrey: What are you talking about? 

    Duke: We tried to sell her an antique we found.  

    Audrey: Uh-huh. 

    Duke: Even though she owns all the Keegan land, we had to wait for her nephew, Ben, to write the cheque. Apparently, he holds all the purse strings. Well, at least he did. 

    Audrey: Well, maybe she wants the purse back.


    Evi: Seriously. This is like the part in the movie where you say, “Don’t go in there, you idiot. ” 

    Duke: Yeah. Tell me about it. This wood is warped. Help me find something I can pry this open with. 

    Evi: You know you’ve changed, right? Just looking out for other people, and taking one for the team. It’s It’s nice. 

    Duke: Thank you. I think. 

    Evi: You know, I can change, too. We don’t have to keep doing this. I mean, you tell me you want to go and we’re gone. No more Haven, no hustle. No regrets. 

    Duke: It’s not that simple. 

    Evi: There’s this little town in Mexico called Barra de Navidad. We could live on the beach. The money from the box would keep us for a few years. 

    Duke: Let me think about it. 

    Evi: That’s why we yell at the movie screen. 

    Duke: Yeah.


    Duke: I can’t leave. You don’t understand. It’s not about you. 

    Evi: No, I understand just fine. It’s the blonde cop.

    Duke: It’s not about Audrey. 

    Evi: No, please don’t con me. 

    Duke: It’s not her. 

    Evi: I’ve seen the way you look at her. 

    Duke: It’s not her. 

    Evi: Then what is it? Why are you even here? 

    Duke: It’s my dad, okay? I’m back because he made me promise that I would come back here if The Troubles ever returned. 

    Evi: Why? 

    Duke: That’s a fantastic question. The old bastard made me swear. And then, he died. Telling me why? Well, that never happened. I am in this up to my eyes. My dad never seemed to care about anything else I did. But this I don’t know why. But I have to find out. So I can’t go with you. I’m sorry.  [Duke leaves]

    Male voice on the phone: Hello. 

    Evi: Yeah, it’s me. His dad never told him. 

    Male voice: Then we have to keep pushing him. 

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  • #sorry for the wall of text i'm trying something new with posting chapters here! #haven#haven syfy#fic#haven fic #this is only the first scene! #the fic is almost finished and i'd love to know what you think!
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  • Haven 1x2 Butterfly (2010)

    Reverend Edmund Driscoll: And to steer clear, of the Troubled and the ungodly.

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  • Haven 3x4 Over My Head (2012)

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  • Haven 4x7 Lay Me Down (2013)

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  • Haven 5x7 Nowhere Man (2014)

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  • Thinking of the next line to my fic as I leave the house in the morning is this kind of surreal experience because I’m then just repeating it to myself the whole walk to work so I don’t forget it like …

    “The soft light curled around him, accentuating the curves of the muscles in his arms, the movement of his shoulder blades and the expansion of his ribs as he breathed.”

    … over and over again, but then I also have the song that inspired the fic in my head so that’s going round and round too, so it’s actually like:

    “The soft light curled around him, accentuating the curves of the muscles in his arms,”

    🎶🎵 Peeping Thomas has a very nice view, 🎵🎶

    “…the movement of his shoulder blades…”

    🎵🎶 Across the street at the exhibitionist. 🎶🎵

    “…and the expansion of his ribs as he breathed.”

    And I’m just thinking, what even is my life.

    #haven syfy#havensyfy#haven fanfic #haven fic inspired by blur lyrics because that seems to be a thing that i do
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  • Haven 1x2 Butterfly (2010)

    Garland Wuornos: You know what you ought to do is go and visit the Haven moose farm. Not to be missed. Enjoy the vacation. 

    Audrey Parker: I don’t do vacations. 

    Garland Wuornos: Then look at it like a learning opportunity.

    Audrey Parker: Hey, can I tag along? I’m not really big on the moose museum. 

    Nathan Wuornos: It’s actually a farm. 

    Audrey Parker: Farm, gallery, museum. Can I come?

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  • #haven syfy#havensyfy #haven dvd extras #haven season four extras #6 of 13 #music#shawn pierce
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    Andrew Sheridan, Location Manager, “Chester’s a seaside village, so of course there’s a lot of sailing that goes on here, and they have had for the last 200 years. This is beautiful down-town Haven. Everyone pretty much knows everyone in this village and when you are out and travelling around, chances are you’re going to know everyone you see.”


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  • image

    Stephen Lynch, Head Makeup Artist, “404 concerns some little mythical creatures named Douens. They are children, or child-like, but they’re also malevolent.”

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    #haven syfy#havensyfy #haven dvd extras #haven season four extras #4 of 14 #douens
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