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  • grrrbarkbarkwoofbark
    27.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Since I'm just going full Owl House fanartist now here's a dumb lil comic I made

    Anyways if anyone tags this as Luz x Hunter I'm coming for your knees :)

    #posting at 1 am again besties 💕 #anyways onto my headcanons #i absolutely adore the idea of Hunter and the Blight twins becoming friends #and i honestly think that Hunter x Edric is really cute #also you can pry the headcanon that Hunter cant sleep without his Sprig plushie out of my cold dead hands #toh#toh hunter#toh Edric#toh Luz#Goldric #anyways found family this mf he deserves a family and Eda deserves another kid #damn i should go to sleep its like 2 am
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  • anderson-residence
    27.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    If Hank were to die, Cole and Mayson would be left in the care of Connor. So good luck with that Connor.

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  • stellocchia
    27.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #ladycatland ask #dream smp headcanons
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  • mischievous-maraudersss
    27.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Remus: [drops pen]

    Remus: Oh bloody hell.

    McGonagall: Who was that?

    Remus: It was James.

    James: No it wasn't!

    Remus: Oh stop lying for fuck's sake.

    James: See? It was him.


    McGonagall: Detention, Potter.

    James: Oh bloody hell.

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  • infinite-xezian
    27.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Husk just wants a strong man who will pet him and hold him tight, anything else during said process is also great but those are what he really wants

    #hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel husk #hazbin hotel headcanon #hazbin headcanons#headcanon#husk#husker #hazbin hotel husker #husker hazbin hotel #hazbin husk #husk hazbin hotel
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  • totallynotaweirdoo
    27.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #bsd fanfic#dazai osamu#fukuzawa yukichi#bsd#bsd headcanons#Family dynamics #Fukuzawa being the Agency's best dad #A sick fic basically #Ada is wholsome #i try not to get ooc :') #i think i did a good job at it idk
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  • thiscrimsonsoul
    27.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #headcanons #about the muses
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  • assclassmeraki
    27.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    assclass time switch au?

    So I've been thinking a lot about how different the series would be if it was set in a different time period. Which when you look at it from a fanon point of view, would actually make a pretty interesting AU or good bunch of headcanons.

    There's a lot of consider too when you think about the factors. There's the given, which is the pop culture, trends, and fashions of whatever time we're thinking about. But there's also the technology and even the occurring events in those time periods, and those could potentially alter the plot.

    BUT LIKE, just imagine the vibes if this was set in the 90s or early 00s. I was just thinking about how they'd all own pagers that are customised in cute ways that says a lot about them as a person<33 ALSO ALSO they would definitely take pictures together in the photobooths that turns your pictures into stickers, and to this day they all still have it even if the photos are all faded.

    Or we can go even more back, 60s-80s. What immediately comes to mind to me are the classic films that really depict the aesthetics of Japanese school life back then. I'm specifically thinking of the Sukeban Deka series. Like just imagine the series in that aesthetic.

    And you can go wild and say victorian era or middle ages if you'd like, but I haven't thought much about that yet 😭Anyway, it's just something I had in mind that I thought was interesting. What do you guys think about it?

    #assclass#assassination classroom#assclass headcanons #assassination classroom headcanons #ansatsu kyoushitsu#headcanons #ansatsu kyoushitsu headcanons
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  • lesbinbitsukki
    27.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    What If #1: Ranpo died.. would Poe continue to write Misteries for him and leave them at the agency?

    I do think this would happen. Not that I say or want that Ranpo dies in the original plotline. But as someone who loves tragedy I think this scenario would be pretty interesting.

    Filled with grief and desperation – since claimed "what would I do if Ranpo were to die?"– Edgar trying to convince himself that he never died. Doing the same he would if that never occured.

    This coping mechanism is frequently seen in mothers or lovers, since loyalty is involved. And as well losing your 'other half'.

    I think they might be three possible outcomes, both rooting from Edgar going insane:

    Outcome #1: Commiting Suicide

    Though Dazai is the only openly suicidal character. I have always believed Poe does have an extreme obsession and dependence towards Ranpo and the approval and praise he might and hopes to be given by him.

    If he were to die, It's likely Edgar would believe thst since he doesn't have the person who is the only one who deserve praise and the one he lives for.Probably the insane thought "Could I see him on the other side?"

    (Yes, that was a Hamilton reference)

    Outcome #2: Recreating his own life as if Ranpo were alive

    This was my first point, but I do believe this is the most likely possibility, not only because of Edgar's responsibility on the Guild (though he doesn't really care—) and the unfulfillen perfect murder story dream he has, I believe he would continue being Poe, but on the inside still planning how to get Ranpo's Praise(but he would be dead, so clearly an impossible option) later he would get to the point where suicide is an option, again.That, after he falls back to reality, where Edogawa Ranpo, is in fact, dead.

    Outcome #3: Dedicating to document Ranpo's achievements

    Who lives, who dies, who tells your story...

    We know for sure Ranpo has contributed tons to not only the agency, but the entire city that Yokohama is. The police is grateful for his work, but his legacy(I'm sorry, I've been Hamilton mode lately) has to be documented in something more than memories of insignificant policemen(yes, this is meant as an offense, these police department works no shit—)

    I believe Poe would write Ranpo's biography with help of the police and the detective agency.

    #Spotify#bsd#fanfic#skk#ranpoe#ranpo edogawa#ranpo #edgar allen poe bsd #poe bsd#poe#edogawa ranpo #bungo stray dogs headcanons
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  • starmansymphony
    27.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    i have a lot of thoughts in my brain

    #puck sings #most of it's nexo knights rn #you ever just get so lost in the headcanon sauce you forget it isn't actually canon? #bc yeah :( it's been happening to me on occasion #i'll be like *thinks a lot about my hcs s5-6* i should look at the screenshots i have of it oh wait
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  • smolla-than-a-bug
    27.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    #trese headcanons #alexandra trese x reader #trese crispin x reader #crispin x reader #trese basilio x reader #basilio x reader #crispin and basilio x reader #alexandra trese#crispin trese#basilio trese#team trese #trese x reader #trese netflix#trese
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  • minruko
    27.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #izuku x reader #izuku x you #izuku x y/n #izuku midoriya x reader #izuku midoriya x you #izuku midoriya x y/n #mha x you #mha x reader #mha x y/n #bnha x you #bnha x reader #bnha x y/n #izuku fluff#izuku headcanons#mha fluff#bnha fluff#bnha heacanons#mha headcanons #mini.writes #mini.event
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  • blinkngone
    27.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Hinny Headcanon

    Okay, so everyone has their amazing headcanons of how Hinny got back after the war. Some reckon they got back got together right after, and some believe it took time. I honestly love and appreciate all the hcs.

    But for me, i think they got back sometime in b/w the immediate aftermath and months later.

    I mean, for a change, imagine ginny sitting alone in the Burrow's kitchen after the funerals are all over, but everyone is still recovering so they retreat back to their rooms.

    Ginny's sitting in one of the chair at the table, sunlight spilling onto the wooden table covered in marks of coffee mugs and stains from goodness knows when.

    Imagine coming down for a glass of water, and seeing her there. That's the first time he sees her, really sees her. Sees her minus all the blood and grime and tears.

    He goes over to her, kisses the crown of her head.

    And though they haven't spoken properly yet, it is understood that Harry wants her.

    Ginny wraps her hands around his waist and cries.


    No one's home, all out and about to help with war repair. Harry hasn't gone out cuz of the press. Ron and Hermione are in Australia.

    Harry finds Ginny at the table again

    She's stayed back so she can keep him company. She sees him and smiles. And then they're kissing.

    While kissing, they both mutually decide it's time for a milestone in their relationship.

    Harry undresses her gently, like unwrapping a gift made of glass.

    He asks her to lie down on the table, which she does.

    But that afternoon, they don't make love.

    Harry just stands there, looking at her body, dappled with sunlight. And ginny lets him look at her, lets him kiss her scars, lets him mark her as his.

    In return, she only asks to see his scars. All of them.

    That night, under the starlit sky and bright moonlight, Ginny sees Harry.

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  • probably-flurp
    27.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Spoilers Galor ...... it is time.... for me to do what ive been considering for quite some time

    this is my arguement... on why, whether romantically or platonically, i think you should ship or bro-ship,...... Childe.... and Albedo

    HERE ME OUT I SWEAR PLEASE IT MAKES SENSE IN MY HEAD- JUST GIVE IT A CHANCE! rarepair shipping is painful- join me


    please just consider skimming it possibly- 

    so for the first section of my argument, i will cover why this is a largely feasible possibility, so let’s set the stage

    - Childe is from Snezhnaya, and he is shown to have a large amount of ties to his home, including but not limited to; his family, ice fishing, and just a large number of nostalgic references in his voice lines. 

    - Because of this it’s a pretty common occurrence that he finds himself feeling homesick, as with many of the other Fatui.

    - This is why he, like many of the other Fatui, so frequently visit and camp within Dragonspine, where the cold snowy atmosphere serves to remind them of home and the things they left behind.

    - also in his birthday letter, it says he canonically visits Dragonspine, but explaining it this way gives it feeling 

    - so considering that he would be in Dragonspine relatively often, and given the large number of Fatui camps in there regardless, it’s pretty clear he’d have heard of Albedo. So onto Albedo (unfortunately i wasnt there for his event so i dont have as much fuel, but it is what it is)

    - there’s a few things that need to be asked first- It’s pretty clear that Albedo must have some interaction with the Fatui given the sheer number of them that camp in Dragonspine. Evidentially, he’s still alive so the question is why? and there’s a few possible explanations for this.

         - He just sneaks around a lot or avoids them (this i think is unlikely, as it would limit his actions while conducting experiments as well as the places where he’d be able to conduct them, which isn’t a big deal, but when there are other options I don’t think this is the one he’d pick)      - He just pulls a traveler and kills them (i don’t think he would do this except for as a last resort, he’s rather disconnected from any sense of empathy yes, but his time is better spent elsewhere. If it comes to that, it comes to that and he will, but he wouldn’t do it as his first option) (also i dont use geo characters much so idk how good he’d be at breaking their shields in this case)      - The Fatui don’t bother or attack him out of their own choice

    - i think the third is the most likely, which sounds dumb but hear me out. 

    - something that is stressed time and time again during the mondstadt archon quest is the fact that nobody wants to increase the always present strain on diplomatic relations between Mondstadt and Snezhnaya.      - Sure the Fatui do not care very much about this and have many ways to get around this. Signora attacking Venti (technically not a diplomat, and by disappearing she had plausible deniability; traveler’s words against her own, and really both traveler and Venti weren’t supposed to survive that, hence “leave no trace”), or the Fatui constantly attacking the traveler, (who’s canonically travelling alone with only Paimon, always on the move and encountering many unfamiliar dangers, not hard to clear up)      - However despite this, I still believe that Albedo’s safety(and by extent that of Sucrose and Timeus) on Dragonspine is maintained by a mixture of political agreement, situational convenience, and Albedo’s own actions

    - its difficult for this to work but i believe it’s the most likely answer, combining all three possibilities that i mentioned above.  - Albedo is an official Knight of Favonius, so his death would cause a pretty dramatic commotion, and since he’s been in Dragonspine for as long as he has, if he was found dead outside of his lab- or suddenly disappeared, the first person to blame would be the Fatui.

    - “But Flurp! what about the stuff you mentioned earlier, with Senora’s attack and the Fatui always going after the traveler?”

    - context is key. The traveler is a traveler, and Venti was a necessity to achieve their goal. The traveler is also a huge threat to what they are trying to do, since the Fatui have probably heard of their accomplishments. Them attacking Venti was inevitable, no matter the strain it would cause. The fact that the traveler was there as well was merely coincidence in my opinion

    - again “leave no trace” means the intent was that both the Traveller and Venti weren’t meant to survive. This is important because if the traveler disappeared, they would have vanished shortly after finishing what they had to do in mondstadt and thered be no reason to suspect anything had happened to them, just that they had moved onto Liyue. 

    - Venti would pose risk, but again, the pros outweighed any risk it could have posed to their relations.

    - with the Fatui regularly attacking the Traveler, again, that’s easy to clear up and would be difficult to pin on the Fatui, assuming how long it would take to realize they were gone (because despite helping so many people, its still natural to assume they’ve just travelled elsewhere)

    - Albedo on the other hand, is technically a legal official, because of his high rank in the knights. He is also only ever really found in Dragonspine and Mondstadt the city. And he is well familiar with the dangers of Dragonspine, so if he were to die there it would be assumed to be either at the hands of the Fatui, or one of his own experiments.

    - Thus attacking him is very high risk(unlike the traveler), and since he has nothing to do with their plans, low reward(unlike Venti). 

    - So most likely he doesn’t needlessly interact with the Fatui, but should an experiment need to expand into the space of one of their camps, it’s likely he would need some kind of documentation to do so. At the same time, Albedo himself would also not be able to harm the Fatui who frequent the mountain. I TOOK WAY TO LONG TO EXPLAIN THAT UGGGGHHHHHHH anyways

    - So set the stage, Childe is visiting Dragonspine, right? And he hears from whichever Fatui Camp he happens to stop in about the one Knight of Favonius that they keep seeing around Dragonspine, the one who just last week came to them with a stack of documents saying they would have to move their camp, it’s annoying but they have orders not to attack him. 

    - and then there’s Childe, who’s been living in Liyue, surrounded by people who basically fear Dragonspine as if its some kind of deadzone, and he just assumed that for anyone not from Snezhnaya, thats exactly what it was. He assumed nobody but the Fatui would dare even visit there, let alone be there as frequently as whoever this person was. 

    - And he’s got to be pretty important for there to be orders not to attack him, right?       - cue Childe’s unique brand of curiosity, so he asks more, apparently the fellow has a geo vision, and had been spotted taking down or even just lurking by a number of Dragonspine’s dangers as though it was merely routine       - cue flashback to when he first met the traveler, instantly hesitant, hostile, and potentially even afraid towards him as soon as he realized he was Fatui, even before revealing himself as a harbinger.

    - so what was it about this guy that made him so convinced he could walk into a Fatui camp alone, order them around, and still walk out alive. Even Childe could admit how underhanded the Fatui were at times, their true orders could have been anything

    - He’s not just going to leave now, no. So he asks more questions and figures out that they did at one point scout out his lab while the Knight was out, and give him the location. He’s a harbinger, what are they gonna say “sorry sir, can’t tell ya” no, these bitches see him with the same amount of fear they’d have for Dotorre or Scaramouche or La Signora or any of the others- you don’t just tell a harbinger “no”

    - So anyways Childe decides to check it out 

    - in the case that Albedo’s mid experiment in his lab when this happens, he’ll probably assume it’s a Knight, since the Fatui haven’t tried anything in quite some time and would just send off a quick “I am in the middle of an experiment right now, I would prefer not to be disturbed”      - and Childe would laugh at his voice because let’s be honest, he thinks of himself as a Chad and it just sounds “weak” to him, and then the scenario leads into what would happen even if he wasnt mid-experiment

    and now a look into Albedo’s perspective

    - let’s assume that the Knights heard about the Traveler’s role in what happened in Liyue, since it’s kind of common knowledge that Childe was the one who did it, and the traveler doesn’t exactly try to hide that he fought Childe. So considering how often the knights and the Fatui clash, and what happened with Signora, they would likely ask the traveler about it, in order to be better prepared, and for that same reason i feel like the traveler would tell them some of it. 

    - so in this situation, it’s likely that Albedo would recognize him and likely know an amount of his combat abilities, and the thing with the fake seals of permission/Osial, but I don’t think the Traveler would have given told any more than that

    - so here’s Albedo, surrounded by Fatui camps, knowing that he knows more about this Harbinger than the other thinks he does and assuming that Childe knows more about him himself, but just how much does he know.

    - it’s the first time one of the Fatui has come to his lab in- he doesn’t know how long (other than the occasional instance of a wounded member risking the encounter in a moment of desperation. He’s observed that those who wield hydro have never been present in any of these instances, and are most likely designated as healers, but he isn’t in the best position to find out.)      - and the fact that the first Fatui to come to his camp(out of anything other than necessity) is a Harbinger, is certainly very off putting, as he knows that Childe most certainly has the ability to change the orders of the Fatui around him whose cooperation with him is something that he recognizes as very fragile

    - and he knows it’s unlikely, in the back of his mind he keeps recalling that this specific Harbinger is the one who resurrected a dead god for the purpose of destroying a city (flashback to the famous “if I destroy Mondstadt” line) but he reminds himself that it’s highly improbable and thus illogical to jump to that conclusion, but he is nonetheless very on edge with Childe’s presence

    - However, as with the rest of the Fatui, his hands are legally tied, and unless Childe moves to attack him, any move he makes would only serve to reflect on the rest of the knights

    - As such neither would attack the other in this scenario, though Childe would very much want to, and Albedo would very much be prepared to.      - and both of these people are very observant (Albedo in the general sense and Childe in the ‘reading body language for combat’ sense) so both of them are completely aware of that, though Albedo would probably acknowledge that it may just be a result of his own paranoia

    - However, unless Childe has orders otherwise, he tends to approach interactions with a more amiable attitude, extending his hand and introducing himself as “Childe,” less flamboyant than normal, because yes he’s extra, but not an idiot, he’s not gonna say “hey girlie, hold still” when the guy obviously has his hand tensed like that, “discretely” ready to reach for whats assumed to be a weapon, a melee one based on the position, sword or polearm probably

    - Albedo, isn’t really one for pleasantries though, he has a number of things he still needs to do, and he does not want this Harbinger in or nearby his camp. “I’m aware” he says, giving his full attention, so as not to be caught off guard, and to get this over as quickly as possible. “I assume you have some purpose behind this visit. I am rather busy at the moment, so i would prefer that we keep this interaction brief.”

    - and Childe is a little shit who still doesn’t know how to associate violence and hostility with any kind of bad vibes so he just laughs and holds up his hands “relax relax, I’m not here on business, no need to be on edge, right?”

    - But Childe has a tendency while speaking to, knowingly or unknowingly, give his words a rather ominous tone. That and the fact that Albedo is in his lab, one of few places in Dragonspine where any misfortune that might befall him could be pinned on his own experiments keeps him from letting down his guard just yet. 

    HOWEVER i cant do dialogue... and this isn’t technically a fanfiction so i can summarize-

    - Childe is basically all like “so why the shit are you in dragonspine comrade? i thought yall hated it”

    - and albedo is all “experiments and this is where my lab is, is ” but like- not key details cuz he isnt going to reveal stuff to the fatui

    -and Childe basically be like “ why up here, isnt there other places,” cuz he legit doesn’t get it. He gets that his mindset isn’t the norm, so he’d assume Albedo would want to do anything to avoid Dragonspine and its dangers like what seems to be the norm for what most people hes interacted with have generally agreed

    - and Albedo says some flowery words for like oh “In the pursuit of knowledge if one allows themselves to be dissuaded by potential dangers, then they will find it quite difficult to progress beyond that which is already known”

    - which, is important cuz it reflects Childe’s mindset on getting stronger, so he’s like yeah, checks out, and being the extroverted shit he is, he has the guts to ask “aren’t you gonna ask why im in dragonspine?” or something because honestly he likes talking about himself, and thats a topic that doesnt have to do with the fatui so it’s an easy way to make conversation.

    - and Albedo, who has by now slightly relaxed just enough to resume preparing the experiment he was preparing before Childe came in. and all passive aggressively is like “The same as the rest of the Fatui, most likely. Now if you don’t mind I do have a number of experiments to conduct and I’m afraid it can get rather dangerous, so it would be best that you take your leave now”

    - and Childe gets the message that he’s essentially being told to fuck off but he’s also cheeky as shit and absolutely loves to test his luck so he’d be all “I thought you said not to be dissuaded by potential dangers” sounding all proud of himself for using the other’s words against him 

    - and Albedo doesn’t have time for this so he just turns back towards Childe, same tone and same face as before, and repeats “it would best that you take your leave”

    - Now Childe doesn’t see this as a challenge persay, but he sees how easily it can turn into one, and speaks the two cliche words “make me”

    - but Albedo is also a little shit and just turns to resume his experiment, letting out a sigh “Stay if you’d like. I didn’t consider this possibility but I may have to request my lab be made off limits to the Fatui. A shame, I didn’t plan to return to Mondstadt for quite some time”

    - and Childe, he’s decently smart- and he knows a number of things, 1 the other harbingers are gonna be pissed if they find out he caused more work for them again, 2 this individual is interesting and he very much wants the opportunity to fight them in the future, and 3 he’s not involved in politics and should Albedo follow through, the Harbingers wouldn’t give 2 shits if he asked them to try and get the change reversed.

    - and so he leaves, but he’ll be back

    - Albedo’s threat may have given him the upper hand for now, but it also served as a challenge he wouldn’t forget.       - of course it’s not really that big a deal though, just if he’s ever in Dragonspine again and there’s nothing nearby to kill, he’d keep it in mind, and hey, best case scenario he can get more information to contribute to the Fatui


    - so now that Childe is gone and Albedo is able to reflect on the interaction, at first he’s just relieved nothing bad happened

    - within the following day he reflects once again, deciding that the Harbinger most likely wasn’t lying about his intentions, he truly did seem seem to merely have been curious as he had claimed

    - in hindsight he also realizes that conversing with him may also allow him to confirm or deny a number of the theories he had on the Fatui, or perhaps raise more questions for him to look into that he had not yet considered... or at least it could as long as he was careful about how he asked.

    - AND THUS there a few more meetings, many are purely conversational, each trying to get knowledge from the other while being fully aware that the other is trying to do the same      - not the type of battle Childe is used to, and it does get boring at times, but it’s all part of the game so he persists

    - and eventually, as Albedo recognizes this as a regular thing, he begins enlisting Childe’s help in a number of experiments. Just figuring that since he’s doing an experiment and Childe is there regardless, it’s the most efficient option. That and it keeps the more dangerous questions to a minimum, often redirecting the questions towards alchemy, a much safer topic that he does not need to step so carefully around in order to discuss.

    - There comes a point where Childe decides to point out the fact that Albedo most often has him help out with combat-requiring aspects of his experiments, and questions why

    - Albedo, figuring it was obvious, reminds him of the conversation a few visits ago, where Childe mentioned his drive to get stronger, and(to requote) said that if he didn’t feel these opponents were sufficient to increase Childe’s strength, he could always bring in a couple Oceanids to fight. He then points out afterwards that ruin guards are a bit easier to fight with a bow

    - Mixed responses from Childe including but not limited to      - quickly refusing in the language of hydro vision panic, followed quickly by      - oh, so he’s been trying to help this whole time, to-      - how the fuck would he bring Oceanids to Dragonspine, is that even possible?      - followed by curiosity

    - and so he brings up the point that he’s never seen Albedo fight, which is a shame. “If you can’t take them down on your own just say so, no need to make excuses.” because heck yeah he’s going to taunt him, I mean this is Childe

    - which of course Albedo returns with “If you want to see me in combat, follow your own advice” because of course, by now he knows about Childe’s combat obsession, like you don’t need to know him that long to figure it out, its kind of obvious. 

    - but he recognizes the intention, so he finishes what he’s doing checking what he needs for his future plans before exiting the lab, Childe following behind him, eager to see his future opponent in action

    - so albedo goes to a ruin guard/grader/hunter(one of those), because otherwise it’s hilichurls or abyss mages and he knows enough to be able to tell that’s not exactly the kind of opponent Childe meant, and he would prefer not to have the topic brought up again, if he knew how to avoid it.

    - so Childe stands back and Albedo, who is well accustomed to having to defeat the enemies in Dragonspine in order to get components for his alchemy knows exactly how to kill this bitch cuz honestly, the number of these guys he’s probably killed for research purposes is astronomical, so it’s done rather quickly and methodically, as if just another part of routine, exactly the way that it had been described when Childe was first asking the Fatui at that one camp about the alchemist.

    - And that interest/intrigue that had started in the side of Childe’s mind and grew over time into one of the reasons(tho not the main reason) that he would often go to Dragonspine... it multiplied exponentially

    - cue a few more visits and a new turning point occurs


    - Childe comes to visit, and upon arriving at the lab he sees a child

    - cue Childe approaching again, amiable grin on is face “and who’s this young lady”       - because it’s literally canon that he’s good with kids


    - but Klee isn’t any kid

    - and Klee was there for the briefing so she has just as much information on Childe as any of the other higher ranking knights      - and only that much information

    - a short time later they’re cleaning up the scattered remains of what was Albedo’s last experiment, lucky that the explosion was set off near the entrance so the damage wasn’t too extensive

    - “Please don’t tell Master Jean, Dodocco said he was sorry”

    - Cue Childe’s “I’m not a bad guy... okay I’m kind of a bad guy” quote       - “but I mean no harm, I’m a friend of Albedo’s”

    - and Albedo’s standing there like when I agree to that but he wants to see how this plays out

    - and I’m really unfamiliar with Klee’s characterization, but you get the point Childe is canonically god at kids, he’s gonna learn that Klee’s basically Albedo’s little sister, Klee’s gonna get attached to him and remind him of his siblings back home, Childe’s interaction with Klee is basically what gets Albedo to start actually somewhat trusting Childe as opposed to just using him from a metaphorical distance and subtly helping in ways that wouldnt really negatively impact the knights

    - and now that hes no longer actively distrustful his mind is more open to actually becoming attached, as he now begin to recognize that that which he initially believed to be mere manipulation tactics was actually just... Childe being genuine, or as genuine as a person can be in their situation


    - so theres the obvious things i already mentioned, like their mutual extreme drive to improve in their respective fields that separates them from others, even within their own respective groups/organizations which already(to an extent) separate their members from most others

    now lets talk about this point specifically

    - both Childe and Albedo are capable of helping each other grow in their respective fields.

    - two things that have the potential to cause Childe trouble and lessen his combat ability and the problems with his delusion and his foul legacy transformation

    - these two things are things likely unlike anything that Albedo has been able to study before (tho delusions he might have some experience with- but it’s unlikely) and it would likely be able to expand his knowledge, were he given the opportunity to experiment them, while simultaneously helping childe improve his strength


    - both of them know just how fragile the relationship(whatever it is) between them is, how quickly tensions can shift and orders can change, so in order to protect both the other and themselves they both understand that actually going through with this wouldn’t truly be safe and both sides could get in trouble for it

    - because no matter what they do there will always be a constantly present risk hanging over their heads, but ill come back to that

    - Dragonspine      - in a lot of Albedo ships, the other character has to go through the effort of going to Dragonspine, which tends to serve as an obstacle for the relationship to be overcome (exception of sucrose and... idk do people ship him with Timeus? just in case, recognizing them both as potential exceptions)       - However, in the case of Childe, who legitimately enjoys coming to Dragonspine, he wouldn’t hesitate to visit Albedo      - with most it becomes “wow, i haven’t seen Albedo in a while, gee, i wish he’d come down the mountain, nonetheless i am a good lover so i shall make the harsh trek to see my beloved”      - with this bitch Childe tho it’s more like “oops, feelin’ homesick, Imma see how Albedo’s doing, hope he’s made progress, wonder if Klee will be there” or “Wow I haven’t seen Albedo in awhile. Finna finish up these fatui duties real quick and head over, if i say im checking on the Fatui stationed there, I dont even have to ask to go on leave” (he gets in trouble for not officially asking for a day off anyways)

    -anywho, Childe is largely used to interacting with the Harbingers, who always seem to have some other secret second layered plan of sorts that he’s not always informed about (ex: him being intended to fail when he summoned Osial, but being kept in the dark about it), which conflicts with Childe’s relatively straight forward nature      - Albedo also possesses the potential to be similar, however he doesn’t often see the need for such things, preferring to be frank about his goals and expectations, so unlike with his fellow harbingers, Childe knows that when Albedo tells him something or asks something of him, what he’s being told is usually exactly what actually is true/intended. And if it’s not, Albedo is the kind of person to explain that it’s something he can’t tell him, which he understands, since he has his own share of things he cant share because of his Fatui alignment.

    - there is going to be an interaction where at some point Childe is rambling about his family back home, and Albedo questions him about what they look like, a few days later handing him a surprisingly accurate drawing of his siblings      - “I did have to try to check appearance with the traveler but unfortunately they weren’t in Mondstadt, do I do hope there aren’t too many inaccuracies”      - Homeboy doesn’t cry(probably) but he gets really fucking close      - cue socially isolated Alchemist boy misunderstanding and trying to apologize, which Childe responds to by just hugging him- because both of these boys are touch starved and honestly they fucking need it. 

    - and now that Childe knows Albedo doesn’t actually have a significant boundary on physical affection, as with most Childe ships... it happens a lot

    - headcanon that Childe tends to just lean/rest his head on things like a dog.  - additional headcanon that Albedo tends to have a need to keep his hands busy at all times     - so just cue the scene where Albedo is working on experiments as usual, Childe watching from behind with his head rested on his shoulder and Albedo just absentmindedly playing with his hair with one hand while the other continues with his work

    - also talking with Albedo gives Childe a a lot of harmless fun facts and he loves rubbing it in they’re faces when he gets to correct one of the other harbingers on something because of this

    - Albedo does also have a tendency to overthink things though, and Childe’s more straight forward mindset gives a new perspective that helps him work around issues more often than he would have expected

    - Also Albedo’s love language is totally words of affirmation (i will die on this hill, he doesn’t even realize he does it probably). So he wouldn’t hesitate to sincerely thank or praise Childe whenever he helps or does something good. And Childe is a Fatui, most of the praise he gets is from the subordinates who admire him yes, but also lowkey highkey fear him, and especially after all of Liyue knows he summoned Osial basically, he is pretty damn starved for affirmation and praise and wouldn’t even notice just how much until Albedo gave that to him.      - like Childe is over here melting into a puddle of fluff and Albedo probably wouldn’t even realize what he’s doing, he’s just stating his observations out loud

    - Childe and Albedo making a pinkie promise, Childe does the little Snezhnayan chant, and Albedo’s gaze just shifts slowly towards the nearby frozen lake in intense concern

    - They go ice fishing with Klee who introduces Childe to fish blasting and it’s a whole new world of possibilities now. Albedo has many regrets.

    - the harbingers have all basically figured it out by now and are concerned about security but mostly they just mock him for it      - the Fatui stationed in Dragonspine however, probably know because 1 they’ve seen Childe with Albedo almost every time he visits, and Childe brags about it regularly           - at this point a majority of them ship it and needless to say Albedo’s risk of death via Fatui has gone down significantly, and it’s had a surprisingly positive benefit on relations between the knights and Fatui overall

    - the Knights took a bit longer to catch on, since Albedo isn’t exactly in Mondstadt all that often, but it’s the city of freedom, what are they gonna do? say no? again, they are concerned about security risks, but trust Albedo to recognize what should be withheld.

    - also its canon that Childe enjoys cooking, and Albedo has a line about like... let me look it up rq- It’s his “Least Favorite Food” line which talks about how he doesn’t eat at restaurants cuz he has a small appetite and doesn’t want to waste food, which is unfortunate cuz then he has to spend time making his own food      - idk its kind of small but i just saw it and thought it was kind of a cute detail

    - Childe is a chaotic bean and we love him for it      - on the other hand Albedo is more calm and patient, able to put up with this, and realistically, he has enough experience with Klee to not accidentally put him out or down or otherwise dampen his natural personality...... it’s just when the two of them get together that Albedo experiences true fear.

    - Albedo: I have an idea for an experiment but the Jean has suggested that the risk is- - Childe: you should do it! - Albedo: -that the risk is too great and has disallowed me from continuing it - Childe: Oh? well she can’t tell me not to it, now can she?  - Both: *mutual gremlin noises*

    anyway... im probs gonna add more to this later.... I’m just really bad at coming up with ship dynamics- so my main point in this is to get people to realize that it possible and that it could work- because there is... nearly 0 material on it- and i just think it has the potential to be so wonderful but I do not have the potential to make it that way. Like it has the potential for so many different dynamics and iconic moments and theres so many reasonable ways they could meet and just so many possibilities and im just really hoping to show the ship to more people because, y’know, it’s rare and i want them to suffer from the lack of content too, because I’m just a kind person like that.

    i would have put it under a cut if i could, but i have no idea how to do that so... apologies...

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  • glxssylaufey
    27.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    ride [tom hiddleston]

    ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙🛍˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊ ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙🚦˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊ ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙🍾˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊ r

    summary: jaguar!tom x reader ; after a night of spoiling his girl, tom drives y/n home. during the ride, her arousal gets the best of both of them.

    warnings: smut (18+), minors DNI, sugar daddy kink, mentions of public sex, praise kink (if you squint), sir kink, daddy kink, car sex, riding, unprotected sex, blowjob, teasing, like one spank, horribly written :/

    a/u: i apologize if i’ve missed any typos or grammar errors!

    ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙🥂˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊ ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙🌃˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊ ‧̍̊˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙🛣˙˚˙ᵕ꒳ᵕ˙˚˙‧̍̊

    Tonight was an experience like no other. You always felt like a Disney princess when you went out with Tom, being spoiled to no end. You roamed the clothing store, slowly dancing your fingers through the soft fabrics of the designer clothes. Tom watched you from across the room with a mischievous grin as he saw your attention catch a black lingerie set. The tall brit attempted to push away the dirty images and fantasies that were flooding into his mind as he watched you examine the provocative outfit. Oh, how he wanted nothing more than to see you all dressed up for him in the lacy lingerie.

    You were looking through the rack of clothes for your size when you felt your boyfriend Tom press firmly against your backside to embrace you from behind. The feeling of his clothed bulge rubbing against your bottom made you blush uncontrollably. He bent down to graze his lips against your ear.

    "See something you like, darling?" he purred, sending shivers down your whole body.

    “Not yet.” you hummed. After turning to face Tom, you looked up at him with a flirtatious grin and ran your hands up his clothes chest. “Now I do.” you teased.

    “Minx.” he whispered simply before pulling you into a passionate kiss. The kiss grew more and more fevered, you pulling at the collar of Tom’s suit jacket while he groaned softly into your mouth.

    The connection of lust and passion you and Tom had together was intoxicating. His gentle to rough touches on your skin made your body weak, the addictive taste of his tongue ravaging your mouth. His hand slithered down to the small of your back while his other hand brushed through your hair. As his actions became hungrier, you knew the two of you should get to privacy soon instead of dry humping one another in the middle of a lingerie store. As images of your handsome boyfriend mercilessly rutting into in a public shop raced through your head, you could feel Tom chuckle against your lips. He pulls away, making you whine.

    “You like this, don’t you?” he questioned you teasingly. “I’ve only kissed you once and you’re already so excited.” he gave you no further time to respond, his lips attacking yours again in an instant.

    You moaned into his mouth as his hands continued to roam your body. The sensation of his touch on your body was exhilarating, but you knew you had to be the one to put an end to it. You slitheredyour hands up chest to his shoulders and pushed back the dashing man.

    “Not so fast, Hiddleston.” you taunted back, finally freeing yourself from his grasp. Tom met your eyes again with a devious smirk. His pupils were blown wide with pure lust and arousal. His gaze on you was heavy as you brushed yourself off and began walking towards the door. He followed quick behind your trail.

    Once the two of you stepped outside, you relished in the cool comfort of the night time breeze. You halted your foot steps on the sidewalk while you stared out into the city with the cool wind blowing through your hair. Once you felt Tom’s tall body press into your back, you leaned back into him to wrap your arm around his. You leaned into him, allowing him to then to place a kiss on the top of your head.

    “Let’s get you to the car.” he suggested. “I believe we have some things to discuss.” he said with a wink. You blushed at his suggestion, and even more so at the look he shot you before leading you to walk forwards with him.

    You and Tom walked back to his car, enjoying the fresh air and sweet ambiance of the city. His stylish black Jaguar was parked in the parking lot of the outlet mall, thankfully not too far from here. As the two of you walked, Tom made sure to hold you close to his side to protect you from any potential harm. In his other arm he carried all the various bags and boxes full of all the expensive purchases he made for you. In them were jewelry boxes full of pearl necklaces and earrings. Plus some diamond bracelets and rings. In other bags were expensive clothes and dresses, with additional shoes and bags. Some other boxes held makeup and perfume all picked out according to your liking. There was even a small box he carried filled with pastries and cupcakes.

    As you both approached his spotless clean car, he quickly fumbled out his keys to unlock the trunk. Once it opened, he quickly placed the bags inside before closing the large door. After closing the trunk, Tom turned to face you with a charming smile.

    “Your carriage awaits you, darling." he joked, reaching to take your hand into his to kiss the top of your knuckles. You giggled at him, walking to the passenger side of car. He stepped in front of you to graciously open the car door like a true gentleman. Stepping into the fashionable vehicle, you stopped to quickly reach up to kiss the side of Tom’s cheek before taking your seat in the car.

    “Thank you, my king.” you purred in a flirty tone. He flashed you a quick smirk before closing your car door. Once the door shut with a thud, you quickly signed to yourself and took a deep breath. Jesus, what a night. you thought to yourself. You could feel your heat practically dripping down your legs. All you were able to think about is the heat in your core and how gorgeous your boyfriend looked tonight. It ought to be a crime!

    Your steamy thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Tom loudly opening the car door. He entered the vehicle with a heavy sigh as you brought yourself back to reality. You turned to look at your gorgeous dirty blonde boyfriend where his features seemed to glisten.

    His baby blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight while his perfectly tailored suit hugged his angelic figure. Although you knew better than anyone else that he was no angel. Every night you spent with one another seemed to be as passionate and sinful as the last. The walls would be echoing with screams of Tom’s name while the headboard banged an ongoing rhythm against the walls.

    “Daddy, please, may I come?” you'd plead.

    “Not until you've begged for it like the slutty girl you are.”

    “Ready to head home, my love?”

    Your attention shot back up to Tom who was mischievously smiling to you, silently awaiting an answer. He knew entirely that you were thinking of him. And the absolutely loved it.

    “Oh, yes.” you finally signed. “Take me home, Thomas.”

    That's all it took for Tom’s smirk to grow wide like a villain and kick the roaring jaguar kick into drive.

    The rest of the drive felt like a dream. Tom drove swiftly yet safely, ensuring never to put you in any danger. The hum of the engine exhilarated you even further while pure adrenaline rushed through your veins. You watched Tom’s hands as he gripped the steering wheel firmly yet gently. His long fingers wrapped around the wheel while a singular ring on his pinky finger shimmered in the glow of the street lights and stars. You could feel your breath hitch and your core tighten with every passing moment.

    Tom eventually drove out of the city and closer to your secluded home. The road back was long and empty which served you a perfect opportunity for naughty activities. You reached over to Tom’s lap and began rubbing on his thigh to massage his muscles. His eyebrow perks up at your soothing touches.

    “Tired, baby?” you ask. He simply let out a low groan as your massages began to travel higher from his thigh. “Let me help.” you cooed.

    You slithered your hand up to his clothed bulge and gently teased and rubbed him through his dress pants. Suddenly, Tom’s quickly took a hand from the steering wheel and snatched your wrist. You froze in shock, both confused and stunned by his sudden movement.

    “You’re playing a very dangerous game, little girl.” he warned darkly. You remained quiet as he gently placed your hand back into your own lap. You pouted at your boyfriends insistence on keeping your hands to yourself. Of course, that wasn’t going to stop you.

    A couple more second of silence passed until you quietly snaked your hand back onto Tom’s crotch. You continued to palm his hardening cock which earned you a quiet moan of lust and frustration. When there was no further response, you slowly brought your hand to undo his belt.

    The jaguar came to a screeching stop which jerked you unexpectedly. Tom quickly parked the car and whipped his head and torso to completely face you.

    “Did you hear me?” he growled slightly. Your stomach dropped at his tone and you sighed almost silently before opening your mouth to speak again.

    “Yes sir.” you answered meekly. He simply scoffed and began unbuckling himself from his seatbelt.

    “Clearly not.” he spat out coldly. Your stomach began to drop impossibly further when you watched the brit begin to undo his belt and lift his hips up slightly to slide his trousers down. Once they were down, he reached over the center console to gently move you towards him by your shoulders.

    “Since you can’t seem to keep your needy hands off it, you’ll take it down your throat while I drive us home.” he told you plainly. You didn’t argue. After all, this is exactly what you wanted. You leaned further towards his hard cock and took him into your hands. Your soft grip on the velvety skin was enough to make his breath hitch slightly. You opened your mouth to take him in but was suddenly halted when Tom grabbed your chin to bring you to look him in the eyes.

    “I believe you should be thanking me for both the gifts and my cock.” he said in a quiet “matter of fact” way. He then pulled you closer to bring his mouth to your ear.

    “I won’t tolerate a spoiled brat.” he whispered darkly into your ear, his thick accent and lustful tone sending shivers down your body. You decided quickly not to keep him waiting.

    “Thank you, sir, for my gifts and your cock.” you said truthfully, looking up at Tom with puppy eyes. “I promise, I’ll repay you with my mouth.” you flirted with a wink. Tom growled with a smile before grabbing a fistful of your hair and guiding you to take his dick into his mouth.

    “Good girl.” he grunted, loosening his grip to allow you to adjust. “Show me just how much you love my cock.”

    You heard Tom start up the car again as the engine began to hum once more. Once you felt the car begin to move again, you took that as your signal to begin your praise on your god like boyfriend. You sank your mouth down on his shaft as skilled as you could, the heaviness of his throbbing cock on your tongue felt like pure heavenly sin. After you settled at the base of his cock you began swiftly bobbing your head up and down his warm and veiny shaft. Above you, you could hear Tom grunting and cursing under his breath.

    “God, your mouth feels heavenly.” he praised. “My good girl is taking my cock in her mouth so nicely.” his dirty admiration went straight to your core, causing you to moan around his hardness. Tom jumps slightly. You finally took your mouth off his cock to breath again, stroking his tall shaft. You then slowly glided your tongue up his cock, your tongue running along the thick veins on the underside of his cock. Once your tongue reached the pink tip, you wrapped your soft lips around him and began to suck on his cock again. By the way he was shuffling in his seat, you knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

    “That’s it, Y/N. Milk my cock and swallow my seed.” he demanded, pushing your head further onto him. His grip on your hair tightened again, quickening the rhythm. You relaxed your throat, and allowed him to use your mouth for his pleasure. Holding back a gag, you continued to bob your head up and down and sucking hard on his hardness.

    His hips bucked up vigorously. You placed your hands gently on his hips to keep him still as he grunted your name. Through the bliss, Tom managed to skillfully keep his focus on the road. Looking up at him, his face was beautifully contorted with pleasure as he eyes stayed plastered to the road. The knuckles of the hand he kept tight on the steering wheel have turned white by now. You could feel him twitch in your mouth before his cock stilled you spurt out ropes of his thick cum into your mouth.

    “Fuck yes, darling!” he gasped as he came hard. He let out one last pleasurable sigh before he quickly brought the jaguar to a stop. You sat up from Tom’s lap as you looked out the window to find he had pulled over on the side of the road.

    “Tommy, what are we-“ you were interrupted by his hands quickly taking a hold of your waist to pull you towards him. He roughly sits you down on his lap, grinding you onto his dick that was now hardening once again.

    He crashes his lips onto yours, tasting himself on your lips. He growls into the kiss as he laces his fingers through your tangled hair. You wrap your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss all while Tom’s clever hands traveled to grab at your hips. His strong arms lifted you above his lap to align himself with your dripping entrance. Feeling his gaze upon your body along with sensation of the tip of his dick pressing into your prepared opening made you whimper.

    “Shh, no whining. You’re all mine for tonight.” he cooed. You place your trembling hands on Tom’s broad shoulders for balance as you lean into his chest so yours is flush against his.

    “P-please, daddy.” you whisper into Tom’s ear, making the hairs on his neck and arms stand tall. He hums in a low tone, letting you feel the vibration in his chest.

    “What is it, darling? Tell me everything you need.” he said teasing your entrance with his cock. You wanted nothing more than to sink down onto his dick yourself, though his firm grip on your hips kept you still.

    “You, please.” you stumble out. “I want you. Please, I want you to touch me.”

    “I’m touching you.” he taps his fingers against the side of your thigh to emphasize his point. “Now tell me how.”

    “Fuck hard me, please! I’m yours daddy, please fuck me until my legs go numb!” you plead. Without a moment later to waste, Tom sinks you down on his rigid cock. Your grip on his shoulders tighten as you feel your pussy stretch sweetly around him. As you completely settle on top of him, he lets out a low sigh of pleasure as he feels your warmth around him.

    “Mm, this cunt is so tight for me. Does this excite you, my dirty little girl?” he breathes, lifting you off his dick until only the tip of him remains inside you. “Do you want to ride me until we fog up the windows? Hmm? Shake the car and let everyone who passes by know exactly what’s going on here?” Before you could respond he thrusts back into you hard.

    “Yes! Fuck yes, daddy!” you screamed at the intense pleasure. Tom then pulled out again just to push roughly back into you, making you moan.

    He sets a brutal pace with harsh thrusts snapping up into you. Your walls clench around him, bringing you closer and closer to sweet relief. You begin bouncing slightly on his cock, bringing you down even harder onto his thrusts. The car is swaying and jumping slightly from you snd Tom’s fevered actions. Your ears are flooded with the music of Tom’s breathy moans, your cries of pleasure and the sound of sweaty skin slapping against each other. Your pussy flutters around Tom’s cock again, making him gasp slightly. He knew you were close.

    “Are you gonna cum, Y/N? Will you cum for me and make a mess of me?” he asked sweetly, despite the fact he was in full control of your release.

    “Fuck, yes! Please let me cum!” you cry out. Tom’s thrust become even more erratic, fucking into you mercilessly. He then suddenly placed a cruel stinging slap against your ass, making you jump and squeal in pleasurable pain.

    “Oh come on, I know you can do better than that.” he scoffs. “Beg me to cum, pet. Tell me you need it.” he demands, continuing his thrusts. On a quick particular thrust, Tom hits your g spot causing you to arch your back and yelp out in rapture.

    “YES! Please, Daddy, I need you so badly! Only you can make me beg this way, please make me cum!” you moan out. Tom happily obliges as his thrusts become sloppier.

    “Cum for me!” he grunts. “I said cum!” and with one last hard thrust, his hips still against yours while you make a complete mess of his cock as you promised. He shoots his hot cum into you with one last sigh of pleasure.

    After riding out your high, you rest your head against the crook of his neck, just listening to the sound of you both panting and Tom’s calming heart beat. After a long pause of silence, Tom turns his head to press a kiss into the top of your head.

    “Did you have fun today, love?”

    “Always.” you smile fatigued. “ Let’s do it again sometime.”

    #aesthetic#tom hiddleston #thomas william hiddleston #tom hiddleston edit #tom hiddleston x reader #fanfic#fanfiction #tom hiddleston fanfiction #jaguar tom hiddleston #jaguar tom hiddleston x reader #tom hiddleston smut #tom hiddleston x reader smut #sugar daddy #sugar daddy tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston headcanon #tom hiddleston x you
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    Peak weather trio vibes:

    "Real magic can never be made by offering up someone else’s liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back." — Peter S. Beagle

    "Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Real gods require blood." — Zora Neale Hurston

    Like... Being good and gentle isn't in their nature. There's something unpredictable, elemental and just plain dangerous about all of them. Violence, true violence, not merely the thrill of battle its been distilled into in modern times, is second nature to such beings—Even Rayquaza, the most pro-civilization of them all, has come close to annihilating their own people several times in Draconid history.

    Kyogre merely just the most honest about its dual nature. Its cruel treatment of May is as much a twisted form of affection as it is a genuine attempt to manipulate and steal her life. The sea takes nearly as often as it provides, drowning hero, king and fishermen alike—why should its eldest child be any different? It has no need for the dragon's pretenses of law nor the behemoth's desperate need for love.

    #kyogre tag. #headcanons. #rayquaza tag. #drowning tw
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  • ohshcscenerios
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    #ohshc#headcanon#ask answered #sorry no big brain answer tonight #im brain mush
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  • wolfxnews
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    What does your heart belong to?

    Your heart belongs to the stars

    You are lost in thought.
    You dwell on the workings of the world, you observe your feelings with an air of silence. You are contemplative in nature, and find yourself pausing before taking action.
    You have the gift to recognize the world for the beauty it holds in the quiet moments. It's okay to take your time doing things, your soul has been here from the beginning and will remain until the end.
    You have all the time in the world.
    #Headcanon | Facts about Sole |
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  • musical-apple
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    #one piece #one piece fanfiction #one piece headcanons #one piece imagine #one piece masterlist #one piece scenario #one piece x y/n #one piece marines #one piece akainu #aokiji #one piece kizaru
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  • crack-squirrels
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    tokoyami sits sideways on the couch with his back against shojis arms/ lays in shojis lap during movies or when they're just on their phones

    sero often lays in his hammock with denki like feet next to heads and they cuddles eachothers legs, or they will cuddle in bed to watch tiktoks together like denki laying on Seros shoulder and looking at the phone

    kirishima always sits next to bakugo on busses because bakugo will sleep on his shoulder, they have a handshake that's rather elaborate and do it anytime they are saying hi or bye

    sero lays in kirishimas lap for movies because its comfy, or he will sit between kiris legs amd lean back against him. kiri will sit on the floor between Seros legs during smoke seshs because sero plays with his hair

    sato and koda will lay in bed together and face eachother to make a little pen for the bunny, they also share blankets during movie nights

    deku and iida have hugged when they were upset and also they do the little handshake hug pat pat handshake thing that guys do

    todoroki amd the baku rescue squad give eachother hugs sometimes and all share a little handshake

    if the boys notice the girls are sad or something they always offer a hug, some of the guy girl friendships have touchy dynamics

    shoji and tsuyu are very cuddly outside in winter and inside during summer because it's cold. she also leans against his arms like toko does and often shoji will have them both leaning on his with his arms around them

    momo likes to give iida and todoroki hugs when they're upset or when she brings then sick tea, they always offer to share a blanket at the movie nights, todoroki always offers to cool/heat her up whether it be a side hug, hand hold, or a slight use of quirk

    ochako gives deku reassuring hugs and excitement hugs

    tokoyami amd tsuyu are known for being seen in the same chair/ bed just laying next to eachother showing eachother memes and tiktoks (they're often in shojis bed while he showers)

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