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  • slightly-gay-pogohammer
    08.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #its like something that regular pat said about sora in kh #(i heavily suggest checking his channel if yall like kingdom hearts hes very underrated but very smart and funny) #sora easily exploding everything in the room in any game after kh2 is very fun #but sora actually struggling to keep up and still be victorious is satisfying #i think thats why i also enjoy r3's final boss more than r2 tbh #in r3 its really a fight against all odds #in r2 razorbeard is literally the last pirate standing and you have the power to specifically ultrakill him #idk maybe its just me #gio replies#Anonymous
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  • hiremeyuehua
    04.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Horizon Live - [30.12.2020]

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  • aspiringhooligan
    11.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    so many emotions this morning as i am a fearless stan through and through, but didn’t come to taylor until 2017, so i don’t have any deep story about the album, it’s just a fucking good album and i love it and we get NEW SONGS and we get more 31 YEAR OLD TAYLOR SINGING COUNTRY like this is going to be so good. so good

    #and i’m not like -heavily involved- in the taylor fandom online but from what i’ve seen #fearless is so underrated #like respect your elders children. self titled and fearless are where you came from
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  • lettheanvilsring
    19.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Everytime I've watched looney tunes back in action and the whole scene with the water tower collapsing happens and i just

    The dissapointment its only water and not the Warners coming out of the tower

    #listen ive seen that movie just about hundreds of times #and EVERYTIME i hope for the warners #and they never appear and i just :( #it literally would have been so perfect?? #also heavily underrated movie #yes hello letting everyone know im still alive
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  • gingerbravecookie
    04.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    hhhhh,,, gumbrave edits for the soul,,,,,

    ( please tag as ship,, reblogs appreciated ! )

    #this ship is heavily underrated tbh hhhhhhh #anyways this is my new comfort ship and i might be starting to project on it a bit since gumball has always been a fave of mine djdbbzbzb #also why are y'all sleeping on this ship cr fandom it literally has so much potential fucking smh---- #bellota's art#bellota's edits#cookie run #cookie run sprite edit #gingerbrave#gumball cookie#gumbrave #comfort ship go brrrrr #barzum dont look #bellota's triggering stuff #scars#tw scars #ask to tag
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  • stagcharmed-a
    03.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Thinking about how james parents died right in the middle of the most chaotic and traumatic part of his life and how he just... never properly dealt with it? just decided he was never processing THAT grief and trauma

    #currently lying on my bed at 1am removing my makeup and feeling emo #no but really james parents died at such a chaotic time and he never had an opportunity to PROPERLY grieve them #he really just bottled that up to deal w later and that’s so sad #I rarely have james talk about tjem in threads and it’s by design like?? he almost forces himself to FORGET THAT #or not necessarily forget but like.... forces himself not to heavily dwell on it which is SO unhealthy but it’s too massive a distraction #but also like? my boy really never dealt with the trauma of losing two parents to an illness in quick succession #it was sudden too like... NO TIME to prepare emotionally #utghhhhhhhshgshsjsjsjs #in james lives AU he doesn’t even get a chance to deal w it Bc he is soo busy processing everyone else who died #james parents dying truly the underrated tragedy in his life #stop not him secretly trying to pick back up Greek after his mum died bc he ~misses her~ like .... 😔😔 #putting myself through it
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  • jacesclarissas
    11.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    anyway imagine deserved 7 rings’ success.

    #argue with a wall honestly :/ #imagine is an instrumental masterpiece #it’s a vocal masterpiece too #everything about the song is so beautiful #the lyrics the best in the beginning #like what an amazing way to open the album #and the whistle notes oh my god #and the fact that it refers to mac ugh just let me cry #I’m so so so glad she performed it at the grammys #it’s by far one of the best songs on tun and one of her best songs overall #it’s so beautiful and deserves sm more #and it’s like I understand why 7 rings was as successful as it was like it makes sense it was heavily promoted & it was a single but still #imagine deserves sm more #it’s one of her most underrated songs ever #ariana grande
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  • icekeishen
    19.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    *Sadistic Robot sounds intensifies*

    *sigh* my GlimmerTale banner is still on process

    so have this GT Mettaton!

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  • fooltomery
    12.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    thinking about.... tea errors....

    #heavily underrated #it got overshadowed by baby hotline which i mean. understandable #but have you listened to tea errors. #its phenomenal#jack stauber #shut up conner
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  • ore-imouto
    06.09.2020 - 8 monts ago
    #0x0 ch. is heavily underrated please check them out #fall guys#shirakami fubuki#hololive#vtubers
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  • greenpurplecat
    20.08.2020 - 8 monts ago
    #Heavily underrated artist #music#best#r&b
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  • mci-writing
    20.06.2020 - 10 monts ago
    #mci answers asks #love me some Senkuu- #dr stone is heavily underrated
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  • narnvaeron
    04.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    May 4th – Barcelona

    Lyn’s Writing Event

    Pairing: Daniel Miller x Reader

    Word count: 1,586

    Warnings: Violence

    Author’s note: :)

    Plaça Reial was as crowded as always at this time of the year, the heat of the burning sun hovering over the heads of many tourists which passed by the fountain or stopped their trips for a glass of cold water. The tables placed in the shadow of the building’s gallery were mostly occupied, the rest of them offering a refreshment under the large umbrellas and although you were dreaming of entering the Restaurant Tobogán’s building just so you could sit in an air-conditioned room, you remained at your seat outside, the ice in your drink melted for the latest quarter at least.

    Peeking at the watch on your wrist, you adjusted the sunglasses and then observed the people who were just entering the plaza, looking around and taking photos, discussing about architecture and the unbearable weather. None of them seemed familiar, though, and considering the late hour you were losing your patience, thinking that maybe you were tricked into coming here with no other intention than wasting your time.

    Cursing under your breath, you took another sip of your drink and picked your phone, checking for any eventual messages—warnings of being late or apologizes for not being able to come. You found none.

    You promised to give yourself another fifteen minutes, not a second more, and only then heading back to the hotel. To the room as empty as your deceived heart. You heard a musician starting to play on the accordion at the opposite corner of the plaza, the melody reaching your mind through all the conversations around you, the sound of driving cars nearby and the heat which was tiring you more than many hours of travelling to Barcelona. The famous La Rambla was right around the corner and you still did not have time to have a stroll there, too focused on the planned meeting which—as you assumed now—was not even going to happen.

    Your glass was completely empty after the next six minutes and you considered ordering a new one to gain some energy before going to some sightseeing. If it was all nothing but a play, you could as well see something interesting and worth remembering or so you hoped, gulping at the pile of grudge which formed in your throat.

    Before you could pick your things up, the chair at the opposite side of your table was moved and Daniel sat in front of you with the apologizing look on his face and cautious gaze eyeing your surroundings. It made you stay, the thrill of joy filling your heart despite the previous anxiety.

    “I’m sorry I made you wait for so long.” He waved at the passing waiter and ordered a cold beer with the most polite smile he could muster—the one you once believed to be genuine.

    You only shrugged. “I’m sure you have yet another good explanation.”

    “Indeed, I do.”

    Daniel’s stare was intense, somehow full of concern, as if he was afraid of something.

    “Enlighten me.”

    He rubbed his face with a sigh. That was the main reason why he was meeting you there, far away from your home, from your family, from your friends, from everything what mattered to you. The secret he was hiding was growing on your relationship like a cancer, feeding on your uncertainty and building an invisible walls where was once understanding and love. You could not stand it anymore and an ultimatum seemed like the most reasonable solution. Giving Daniel a choice to make—to either tell you everything or let you go.

    “You have no idea how hard it is for me…” he started slowly, when the bottle of beer has been served to him with the tall glass to fill.

    “I’m sure it is,” you hissed, not being able to contain your emotions. During this whole time of waiting, you managed to imagine every possible scenario of what could he be hiding, one worse than the other. “Will you introduce me to her, then? Today, there? Is she older than me? When you mentioned that I’m much younger than you, I didn’t thought of it as a real issue, I just–“

    “What are you talking about?” he stopped you, before you completely showered him with questions and accusations. “I’m not having an affair, if that’s what you’re implying. I never had.”

    “Then what happened, Daniel? What is all of this? Why are you avoiding me?”

    The smile which appeared on his face for a single moment was beyond sad and it made you remember how much you still loved him, the compassion making you want to reach to him and take his hand, now resting on the table. But you did not, instead keeping a composure and demanding answers.

    “You’ll say that it sounds like one of those cheap soap operas,” he noticed. “But I really am doing all of this to protect you.”

    “Alright,” you nodded, unconvinced. “Indeed, it does. From what, then?”

    “From everything. From who I am, from the people existing in my life.”

    Daniel took a sip of his beer and you looked as his Adam’s apple moved when he swallowed. The first gray hair appeared in his stubble some time ago and you were the one to spot them, commenting that it suited him perfectly.

    “This is only making things more difficult, Daniel…”

    “They can’t be more complicated, my dear, I assure you.” He looked over the plaza, paying attention to every person in the reach of his sight before addressing you again. “I’m a selfish man, I wish to have it all. Maybe I should let you go and have a new life, to find someone who will love you as tenderly as you deserve, but I cannot do this. I don’t want to let you go. I love you a little bit too much and I just can’t give up on you.”

    For a moment, you were speechless, looking for any signs of lies in his words but did not notice any.

    “It makes me no better then, for I fell in love with a truly selfish man and I want him to stay that way.”

    This time, you reached over the table and touched his hand with barely the tips of your fingers before he grabbed your palm in a firm but caring hold, stroking the upper side with his thumb.

    “I love you,” he muttered and brought your hand to his lips before placing a soft kiss on your warm skin. “I always will.”

    The sound of breaking glass made you slightly jump and involuntarily clench your fingers around his before you noticed the shattered remains of your glass in front of you. At first, you looked at Daniel with an utter confusion, wanting to make a joke about receiving a sign from the world, but then you felt a heated rod piercing through your chest and saw the terror painting on his paled face.

    Sticky, warm blood gushed from the wound below the collarbone and spilled over your clothes, thighs, the tablecloth, the chair you were sitting on and the ground around your feet. Before you could realize what was happening, Daniel was by your side already, holding you tight and helping you to lay flat before you lost your balance, protecting you with his body from the direction the shot was aimed from. The chaos which started in the restaurant quickly spread through the whole Plaça Reial, people either running away, afraid of their own lifes or curiously surrounding you to see what happened, as you were slowly bleeding out in Daniel’s arms.

    “Don’t fall asleep, don’t close your eyes, please, just breathe,” you instructed you, only the trembling in his voice revealing his true emotions, before he picked someone from the crowd nearby, pointed at him with a hand stained in fresh blood and shouted. “Call an ambulance, now!”

    “Daniel…” you muttered, the cold fear flowing through your veins when you finally understood what was happening to you.

    “Don’t speak, we’ll talk about this later, my dear.” Quickly, he grabbed the tablecloth, pulled it off the table and used it to tame the bleeding, not paying attention to the glass and cutlery being thrown on the ground. “You’ll be fine, just breathe.”

    Just breathe, you repeated to yourself, only then realizing how hard it was. You could feel the wet puddle forming under your back, staining your nape and sticking the hair, and the pain was so unbearable that the crystal clear sky above you started getting blurry when the tears formed in your eyes.

    You were going to die.

    Focusing on Daniel’s face, his hand stroking your cheek in a caressing manner, promising you that it will be over soon, you noticed the silhouette of a man standing few steps behind him, one of the few who were not panicking nor escaping. On the contrary, his calmness was odd, considering the whole situation you were it, peculiar enough to catch your attention in the chaos of fear and pain.

    The man who shot you was standing right there, watching the spectacle like some kind of grotesque director and then suddenly you realized that his features were somehow familiar—it could not possibly be the first time you saw him, although in that moment you could not recall his name. Just when you wanted to give a sign to look at the stranger, you noticed him taking the hand out of pocket and aiming a gun straight at Daniel’s back.

    #lyn's writing event #daniel miller #daniel miller x reader #berlin station #berlin station 2016 #berlin station is heavily underrated
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  • noheroes-allowed
    27.02.2020 - 1 year ago


    idk man I just keep going back and forth on if I actually like this guy. I asked about his break today and he asked about mine. and I said I basically did nothing. and then he asked me what the most exciting part of my break was and I literally don’t have anything to share. like all I did was go to work and watch monk and get stressed out from not being productive but not be motivated enough to actually do shit and have phone interviews. I feel like if phyllis wasn’t sitting in between us I probably would have talked more about it but. and then divya called on me to answer a question during gbody but keith answered for me. bc he probably knows I don't like public speaking. and spoke for me so I didn't have to. later he sat with sergio and I wish I stayed on that side and got to sit with them. i’m currently going to be in his car for secon on the way there and back. I hope it stays that way. when we were going over secon xavier asked if anyone needed a car change. and he said something like yeah lucy in case you hate keith and don’t want to ride with him. I didn’t get to see his reaction but divya was like omg keith’s face when he said that. and later at dinner xavier was like oh you stayed here for break. did you hang out with dhanush and keith then. and I said no they wouldn't want to hang out with me. and xavier was like well did you ask. the thing is keith is actually so aloof. anyway idk i’ll probably start freaking out over this boy again in a few days. 

    #remarks #im probably just tired lmao #or maybe having zero human interaction the past three days #is making me revert back to my heavily introverted and isolated self #which scares me #although thinking back im thankful he answered for me #underrated moment tbh #he's the type to try to help everyone out #like when our ta tries to get us to answer her questions #I went to becker for dinner tonight #and i never go when im not working #so brian didnt recognize me until i said hi #but alex and hellen did which was nice
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  • justalifewithbooks
    05.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    When you’re watching 1917 you just have to pay close attention to two lines really, to understand what kind of man Lance Corporal William Schofield is. The first of those lines being “Just fire the fucking flare” and the second one is “Yes... yes, I think you are.” 

    #1917#1917 movie#george mackay#schofield #I think especially the first one of these line is heavily underrated #but if you pay close attention to the way Sco is saying this line... #it really tears my heart apart #I will never get over George pouring his heart in soul into his character #the scene of the second line is heartbreaking as it is #however sco's honesty adds so much to it #i think i'll never be able to watch that scene without crying uff #because every time I see it I cry even more lmao #text
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  • dorodots
    30.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    a girl in my computer class had a conversation about harry potter w/ me and a friend today and accidentally said ‘cornelius fudge jr’ and did david tennants tongue thingy and that was when i got confused and asked ‘wait do you mean barty crouch jr??’ and she was like ‘yes omg right’ and that’s the story of how i got the chance to talk about david tennant at school

    #fun times#she talks #but like no shit barty jr is heavily underrated both as a powerful and stylish magician #thats another case of a production studio that was @ david like: this man. put him in a suit. #harry potter#david tennant
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  • stimmedtavi
    16.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    crypto hcs!

    bc he's underrated :)

    he's forgetful. he forgets birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of other things.

    despite that though he always makes up for it. forgetting an important date always makes him feel bad and he really tries his best to make up for it.

    he tends to forget things because he zones out a lot. he's super focused on everything within his own world and he really tries to do his best for the few people he lets in but it's hard sometimes.

    his sleep schedule is absolutely wrecked. it's not because he's a 'gamer' but often times he'll be up late trying to figure syndicate stuff or w/e out. he gets frustrated sometimes and he just wishes things weren't the way they were. he's angry. the whole world feels like it's up against him but all he wants is the pieces of him that have been lost.

    he tries hard not to think that parts of him have been 'lost' exactly. he thinks about how he can't be the man he was before the apex games sometimes but truly inside himself he wishes that he could go back to that. he misses the stability of the life he used to have.

    he can't have photos of mila or anything to do with tae joon park anywhere so he's started forgetting her face and her voice. it scares the crap out of him and he tries to remember her as much as he can. it's difficult though.

    sometimes he'll show up on the drop ship and look fucked up. dark bags under his eyes, lips dry and cracked with his hair greasy. no one can ask what's wrong because he won't respond. he plays the game and does his job because that's all he can manage sometimes.

    his eyesight is worsening. the amount he looks at screens and you think it wouldn't? you're nuts. his prescription glasses don't work nearly as well as they used to and he needs to get new ones.

    he lives in pajamas. yes he has literally one other outfit and it's just an oversized jacket and a shirt (sometimes) but he has a collection of pajama pants. they're comfortable for him and time isn't really real when you're stuck staring at a screen as much as you can.

    he gets really dizzy before he sleeps bcs of how much he looks at his computer/repairing electronics.

    dehydrated mf. is the type of person who would download one of those apps that reminds you to drink water and then clears his notifications and tells the app to 'fuck off' everytime he is reminded.

    natalie sends him self care products! he doesn't use them all the time but one time she bought him these eye-pack masks that were made of rubber to go under his eyes and he really liked them. all the little things she gives to him are kept in a small cupboard. he appreciates her endlessly.

    barely leaves the house obviously. he's heavily paranoid. this means that things like getting groceries and ordering food can be really difficult. since he's been on the run he hasn't ordered takeout food. sometimes when his mental health really declines other legends will take food to his house or people like natalie/octane/gibraltar will go grocery shopping for him.

    because he never orders food he's become pretty good at cooking. mila and tae joon used to order food a lot because it was easier but now that he's alone he's figured that it's a good idea to learn to cook. he doesn't eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks between meals or whatever but he always makes sure he gets 1 full meal in. he understands that he can decline but there's a limit to everything. he's mature and understands that basic needs like sleep and food are necessary for success.

    he aches a lot. he claims that it isn't because he's old but because he's hunched over all the time. both can be seen as true answers though.

    the small amounts of interactions he has with other legends are good. they keep him grounded. he doesn't trust a lot of people so that can make normal conversations hard for him but the small exchanges he does have mean the world to him. yes this includes mirage, no this doesn't include caustic.

    deep down he has big dreams. once this nightmare is over he knows that nothing will be the same, yet something in him hopes. he tries to crush it, to erase the dreams of living as a normal-ish person again because he knows it's a dead end. normal life at this point would never work for him; however his heart still wishes. he feels angry about this sometimes. not many things apart from mila will make him tear up, but remembering that he will never be able to pick up where he left off is one of those things.

    #crypto#crypto apex#apex crypto #crypto apex legends #apex legends crypto #apex legends#apex#legends #tae joon park #apex tae joon park #tae joon park apex #tae joon park apex legends #apex legends tae joon park #hyeon kim apex legends #apex legends hyeon kim #hyeon kim#mila alexander #yessir i love him :)
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  • kogo-dogo
    16.05.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • renlybaratheon-tyrell
    16.05.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #asks to me #thanks for the ask! #just-fandomthings
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    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago
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