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  • Today was thoroughly exhausting - as often happens on Saturday nights, I got three hours of sleep, so everything else just amplified that.

    However, the day began with finding that trapfinding feat (at long last) and ended with getting something I kinda guessed I might get. I think things are on their way to being on the mend.

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    I also made these I’m stupid

    #i will literally do anything not to study for my midterm #hadestown#eva noblezada #andré de shields #patrick page #the patrick one is so bad bc there’s no pictures of him really holding anything #and the photo quality is so shit for some reason??? #idk man #the nerd speaks #hades#eurydice#hermes
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  • hadestown won a freaking grammy.

    #im literally crying #they deserve this beyond reason #literally the best show ive ever gotten the honor to listen to #hadestown#eva noblezada#orphydice#reeve carney#orpheus#patrick page#the fates#persephone#hermes#hades#amber gray
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  • Pounce !

    Relaxing on my new Leopard spot carpet. Ivory cashmere sweater from Brooks Brothers. Hermes belt. Levi’s jeans. 

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  • Old Fashioned

    Old Fashioned cocktail. Ivory cashmere sweater by Brooks Brothers. Brown velvet sport coat. Levi’s jeans. Hermes of Paris belt. 

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  • I’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Japan after I graduate college in December and today while I was sitting at lunch after talking to Hermes about mundane things, this couple sat down next to me planning their own trip with a lonely planet book and everything and someone else asked to change the channel so they could watch Sumo Wrestling and I took that as a hint that I should go on this trip lol and that Hermes would guide me, so thank you Hermes Diaktoros, Athanatos, Kydimos, I am grateful

    #hermes#d speaks #i love you hermes soooo much #thank you #this is probs super mundane but whatever
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    My uncle is currently in pain and maybe (I don’t really know tbh) this week or the next or, who knows? Tomorrow or next month is going to leave, he’s going to pass away.

    I’ve already prayed to Zeus and Hera, so he can start his journey without pain and also Hermes to guide him. (I know I’m selfish because he isn’t pagan, he doesn’t believe in the Theoi).

    I want to pray to Hades and Persephone this days, but idk, how can I do it? I don’t even know about funerals in ancient greece tbh (yes, I’m a bad pagan, I’ve been working with the Theoi years and I still don’t know about these things)

    Anyways, I also want to pray to the Netjeru but I also don’t know what to offer… Any kemetics know which offerings were appropriate?

    I’m anxious tbh, I feel a lot of anxiety rn. I see a lot of sadness and pain in my family and idk

    Sorry, this was too personal.

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  • Lord Zeus, please, keep my uncle without pain.

    Lord Hermes, please, send him a message and tell him that we will miss him, that we love him.

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  • Curiosity Sure As Hell Never Killed This Cat

    A 2020 witch update ——->

    So, hi.

    This is as much of a rant and update post as it is an explanation to tie up the loose ends left on my “A Godly Shit Show” post. As before I’ll mention that; I’ll be forever in debt to those of you who helped me on this life-changing spiritual journey. Wowza! You guys helped a lot.

    So first off; lets conquer this grizzly kitchen ghoul.

    Whether you’d like to refer to it as a ghostly presence, energy, or a generally unfriendly menace… it’s all pretty much the same, as labels make us comfortable, and names give power!

    So I come to you months after the aggressive salt throwing contest, after weeks upon weeks of soft prayer and bell work, with a happy report. Well, i’m mostly bemused if anything; I was in a state of confusion following the realisation that my patron goddess Isis, was actually only stepping in for some healing.

    Upon ridding the ghost, among other findings, I realised where my loyalties lead - to Bast. She was the first I ever worked with, and upon some communication we’re starting to work with each other again.

    So, I guess that was the second point. Along with a (mostly subdued) ghost, I’m repairing my relationship and therefore trust with beloved Bast. Isis played an important role in teaching me how to heal deep wounds surrounding childhood; she held me as I wept and delivered me into my own strength.

    Thirdly; sorry guys, but I don’t know what the heck was going on with me and the Greek homies. There was major confusion at the start, so thank you for everyones patience.

    Ultimately; I found myself having constant interaction with Hermes and Apollon, but mostly as a combined sort of energy I guess. I came to that conclusion by actual historical research - something I should’ve been doing from the beginning. Sorry about that 😋

    Fourth… Amaterasu. Ah blimey, I’m not sure what to say for this one. Not much has happened since. But it’s definitely a different sort of deity; a type of ancient I wouldn’t even be able to begin to comprehend. Blessed upon Bast for not needing a prayer structure; it just didn’t work out.

    That mostly concludes my spooky interactions. Over the past four to five years of witching… I’ve learnt so much. From other people, but also mostly from myself. I’ve learnt not to rely on other witches; as well as being unfair, you can only take so much before guesses blur facts. Practice has been entirely important. It sounds simple but, really it isn’t. I’ve learnt that self preservation is just as important as self worth. Boundaries are vital. And remembering to thank and love the deities that I’ve worked with has made both of our work so much more powerful.

    Here are some ways I reconnected with Bast, if you’re interested;

    • Giving the neighbourhood cats some extra attention 😊
    • Offerings of luxury; but nothing out of pocket! She’d be upset that you would ever be over-indulgent. Gifts in moderation.
    • Being mindful in interactions; honouring her through soft tongue and silence above words. Sometimes, even fools have stories to tell. Listen eagerly, and listen well.
    • Remembering your presence. Be it through using perfumes, reminding people of your boundaries or offering unconditional empathy. Know your place in this world and the right to be in it. Stand ground.
    • Asking her to honour items; I recently basked my tarot and runes under the sun, then the moonlight. I found that the next time I went to use them; they were full of spark! I think she was happy to help 😸 not to mention our communication was a lot clearer. And lastly,
    • Providing thanks. Even if help comes in a way I didn’t expect, or I provide gratitude in an odd way, the aim remains the same. Gratitude is something we are working on, and why not! When it makes both of us happy ☺

    Something me and Bast are working towards this year is having quiet strength; the lesson that there’s as much worth in resilience is there is fighting back.

    What are you working towards this year? In your own craft, or with a deitie? Let me know in an ask or a comment… we’d like to know!

    Blessed be and Thank You for reading 💖

    P.S. If you have any questions ask away 💕

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  • #apollo#ganymede #the good counselor #hermes#rachel alexander #hades x persephone #receiver of many #destroyer of light #persephone#hades #hades and persephone
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  • Persephone: Hey, has anyone seen Hermes?

    Orpheus: ahem, I’ve got this.

    Orpheus: *softly* Eurydice was a hungry young girl-

    Hermes: *passes through the Styx and breaks through iron and concrete walls* BUT SHE WASN’T HUNGRY ANYMORE

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  • So I’ve been wanting g to write more in the Hadestown/Witcher AU but I cant come up with ideas for the life of me.

    Comment or drop recommendations in my asks and I’ll see if I can write them or not.

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  • Give me the last dregs of your tea; this is bitter work.

    — Hermes, when I sat down with him to talk about a close relative’s death

    #hermes doesnt always make it clear what offerings he wants #so this was special #he was so kind and comforting! #my post#hermes#hellenic pagan#godphone #?? i guess?
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  • hades: and all you have to do is not turn around


    #god im so funny #hades#persephone#orpheus#eurydice#hadestown#greek#greek mythology #greek myth retellings #greek gods#greek myth #orpheus and eurydice #hermes#aphrodite#underworld #im just spittin out tags dont mind me
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  • #Hermes #kiss them for me;; (nsfw) #glassxmenagerie
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  • Hermes: I’m combing all my responsibilities into one responsibility! It’s fine, I’m fine!

    Artemis and Athena: * exchange concerned looks *

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  • sometimes i wish i could go back in time and relisten to hadestown for the FIRST TIME just so i can feel that same amount of sadness and gut-wrenching shock for the outcome. (and just the overall: holy crap this is freaking good i’m so excited to explore the rest of the plot!!)

    it’s so good.

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