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    hi guys! im back from a quick hiatus! 

    i recently moved to the city, but not too far from where i lived previously in the country. living in the city, however, is proving to be a bit more difficult then i had imagined, so ive been taking some weekends to go back home and ground myself again so i can feel more connected to my craft<3.

    anyways, this morning, i was sitting on the porch of my parents farmhouse, looking out onto the sunset as my idiot dog ran laps around the frost-covered lawn, feeling more connected to my deities than i had in weeks. i decided, ‘hey, here a nice post idea. maybe ill talk abt the things i associate with my deities that others might not, and hopefully inspire them to as well!’ so, here it is! 

    uncommon things i associate my deities with!


    if this isnt your first time on my blog, you probably know: hermes is my patron. he has been for a while, even before i began to worship him. if you want to know more about why, check out this post

    regardless, you can imagine that i hold very dear everything i associate with him.

    in this case, it’s my dog

    my dog is an…interesting border collie named oliver. i got into hellenic worship very shortly after getting him, and i have a very strong feeling he has a lot to do with it. 

    i am thoroughly convinced my dog is a child of hermes. hes chaotic, but extremely smart. very, very fast, and spends hours running out in the yard. just running. nothing else. its even more intense when its windy, which, if you read the aforementioned post, you know that i associate the wind heavily with hermes. hermes is also the god of animal husbandry, and oliver is quite the farm animal. 

    watching him run, i always get a strong sense of comfort. i know that the energy of hermes resides in him, its very clear. its almost as if his running brings the wind.  like hes running, and hermes says ‘hey, that looks fun! let me join!’ 

    i, very regularly, ask for hermes protection of oliver. i do this because i know of the love hermes has for him. i can feel it. it makes me comfortable knowing hes safe while im not home with him. and i can tell it makes oliver feel safe as well.



    aphrodite has always been dear to me, even before i started actually worshipping. i remember reading about her in the mythology books i frequented in the art room after i finished my projects, carrying them out to the field to just sit and read. she was an embodiment of beauty to me, and that has not changed since, so its natural that i associate her with one of the things i find most beautiful on this plane of existence: clouds.

    when i was thinking of writing this post, i was sitting and looking at a cloudless sky. i was thinking: why is it that we most often consider a cloudless sky beautiful? is it because of the absence of ‘blemish?’ does a cloud signify a flaw? must all beautiful things be completely clear, or without mark? 

    obviously, i thought this was ridiculous. clouds are so very dear to me. i mean, i have an entire album of photos on my phone of pictures of clouds i have taken. i have always been enamored. 

    while i was pondering this, it hit me. beauty is unique. beauty is individual. thats exactly what aphrodite is about. these ‘marks’ in the sky are what make the sky beautiful to me. aphrodite is in these ‘blemishes’ because i find them beautiful. 

    now, i dont mean to wrap this up in a corny way, but i encourage the people reading this to think this way about themselves. beauty is in your imperfections because they make you you. i have not seen one cloud that looks exactly like another i have seen, and thats exactly what makes them so beautiful to me. aphrodite loves all of you, and someone else does as well, so do not disrespect them by being mean to yourself. their idea of beauty is not misconstrued, so trust them. and if you dont think someone thinks your beautiful, know that i do<3.



    apollo, to me, has always been sort of an enigma. i have a harder time interpreting his signs, especially recently, and i think that its particularly because of my recent falling out with my creative side. i have sort of abandoned my art, and it think its difficult for him to communicate with me through anything else.

    one thing, however, i can feel him in is the sound of the birds in the morning. particularly, roosters.

    as i mentioned before, my parents live on a farm. its natural to hear roosters first thing in the morning. some people find it annoying, but to me, its incredibly comforting. it means another morning has come. i’ve lived another day, and i have a whole new one to look forward to, until i hear the rooster the next morning. it means the sun is rising, and apollo rises with him. 

    as a witch who particularly enjoys the sunrise, but has a hard time waking up to see it, the roosters serve as a sort of natural alarm clock. even if i do not physically get up to see the sunrise, i know it is happening, and i am awake for that first moment of dawn. it brings me comfort and a sense of small accomplishment, even on really difficult days.

    and the days im in the city, and cant hear the roosters, its the morning songs of the birds in the part right next to my apartment building. this might be even more so, as apollo is the god of music. 

    its a different type of comfort to wake up to the chill of the morning and hear the birds, knowing its a deity that loves me and wants to see me the next morning as well. i hope you, dearest reader, come to feel the same:).



    now, i haven’t talked about this much on this blog, but to me, asclepius has been such a pillar for me as of recent. with the pandemic and my own current health situation, i rely on him a lot for hope and support. i ask him to protect both me and my friends and family from illness or ailment, and in case of ailment, i ask him to facilitate a speedy recovery. thus far, he has never failed me, and i do not ever expect him to. i put my trust in him wholly. 

    other than health, i find myself associating asclepius with cleanliness. while i see asclepius as the medic, i also see him as someone who is clean and organized. this is why i associate him with dewdrops.

    now, bear with me in my explanation. morning dew, to me, feels clean. it feels almost pure, as it is one of the first forms of moisture a person can be met with during the day. 

    picture it now. you wake up at sunrise, and venture out into your yard, the chill of the am just tickling at your face, cooling your nose to the touch. you take your first step off of the deck, and your bare feet sink into the grass, cold, and now wet from the dew. the feeling is shocking at first, as your feet get used to the new temperature, fresh out of the warm comfort of your blanket that sits invitingly on your bed inside. 

    but the feeling is fresh. its grounding. its healing. 

    that, to me, is how asclepius feels. 



    i must be honest, sobek is the reason this post came to existence. i feel extremely strong about this one, particularly because i feel that sobek is under-appreciated and misunderstood as a god. i constantly encourage people to include sobek in their worship, as he, to me, has proven to be one of the most reliable gods i have ever worked with. i feel such a sense of comfort and love within him. i could sit in his energy for hours, days even. especially as a person who suffers from bouts of paranoia, his energy is one to learn to accept and become. 

    for me, i see sobek in flowers

    not many would see this, as sobek has this image of a tough, crocodile, protection god, which he is. but what a lot of people forget, is that sobek is also a god of fertility, particularly in harvest. in fact, sobek has done so much for my family’s farm. our garden is plentiful, and our harvests are more than we know what to do with. we end up making a lot of extra things with it, and giving it away to family friends and neighbors. i genuinely think that sobek creates abundance in our garden so he can give to our community. that is how loving i know him to be. 

    however, what i specified was flowers. one of the most common offerings i give to sobek are roses. he seems to love them. sobek seems to protect that of which he loves, and roses are a symbol of love for me. i want to attempt to give him what he has given me. 

    my family has a wildflower garden in front of our home. the morning i was sitting on the porch, i felt his presence, and i immediately looked to the flowers. delicate, yet extremely strong, and persevering. thats how i wish to be, and i can feel sobek in the encouragement of the flowers. 


    i hope that didn’t come off too corny, although im pretty sure it did lol. i hope that this post was a good insight into my deities and how i understand them to be! again, disclaimer, not everyone experiences the gods in the same ways! some may agree with this post wholeheartedly, and some may have completely different experiences that make them disagree entirely! i am not one to gatekeep and define what the divine is, because the divine shows itself in different ways to different people. i hope you enjoyed this post, and have a wonderful day!

    p.s. i love you and you’re worth it!

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  • Not me rereading PJ the sea of monsters 6 YEARS later and getting a crush for Hermes. How did I miss that when I was in middle school?

    #Hopelessly in love #percy jackson#Hermes #the sea of monsters #connor stoll
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    more Hermes… I see him a bit differently than most it seems, here’s one approximation. I love him very much. What a rad dude.

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  • Hades: Ok Hermes. Todays the day we stop falling for Thanatos. This isn’t very professional.

    Hermes: Agreed.


    Thanatos: *Within their vicinity*

    Hermes: Hades-

    Hades: what

    Hermes: I think I failed

    Hades: *face palm*

    #this is an interesting dynamic #tfw you get your boss and coworker to simp for you #hermes#hades#thanatos #greek mythology textposts #greek mythology#greek myths#mythology#mythology textposts
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  • Rianne ten Haken at Hermes SS10

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  • Caroline Trentini at Hermes SS09

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  • He was rabbit kicking and randomly biting at me until I turned the camera on and then he’s cute and sweet again #cat #funny #moodswing #rabbitkick #bite #hermes

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  • Lord Apollon;

    I’m slowly getting back into routine, the main way being through this and rechecking my knowledge about you. I hope my pause wasn’t rude- Even though I know it probably wouldn’t be. I appreciate all you do and it makes me so happy to be involved in worshiping you! 

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  • Kate Moss for Vogue Paris - Saint Laurent long leather skirt, Hermes boots

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    Tbh, I only rlly did this cause I saw the lighting in that one sweather weather cover and went “ohhh i wanna try that”

    I tried to get creative with Apollo’s guitar? Idk, maybe it’s too much, but I kinda like it


    Well, time for coloring and shading…

    #doodle wips#apollo#hermes #i am wasting my time #and i have no regrets #so much TIME- #but also #t h E M—
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  • Hermes: Can you take me to the mall so I can find a dress?

    Zeus: Okay. First of all, I’m so glad you felt comfortable enough to come to me with that, and you know what? If this is something you want to explore like your brothers-

    Hermes: Oh, it’s not for me. It’s for Apollo, but you handle it very well.

    #had this thought and my heart went 🥺 #zeus supports his kiddos no matter what you cant change my mind #zeus#hermes#greek mythology#greek shitpost #incorrect greek myths #incorrect greek quotes #incorrect greek mythology #incorrect greek gods #incorrect quotes
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    Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this weeks new @auctionninja listings! Just posted, we have a ridiculous assortment of luxury here - everything from Tiffany china and crystal to vintage Dior monogram bags and more! Theres some special Hermes and Chanel bags too, and some awesome vintage sunglasses. As usual, new Ninja listings go up every Friday and hammer falls every Thursday night, right after our 550+ new eBay listings launch. Happy bidding, and enjoy your weekends! 

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  • Hades, holding the door open for Persephone: After you.

    Persephone: No, after you.

    Hades: I insist, after you.

    Hermes, pushing past both of them: After me.

    #hades#hades memes#persephone#persephone memes #hades x persephone #hades and persephone #hermes#hermes memes#greek gods#greek mythology #greek myth memes #gods of olympus #incorrect greek gods #the underworld#source: unknown#mine
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  • “Say it’s my birthday- what would your present be to me if money, time, and power were no object?”

    “Well, I would make the most beautiful mortal girl in the world fall in love with you.”

    The Judgement of Paris

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