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  • She gotta check her pulse and tell herself that she okay, It seem like dying young is an honor but who’d be at my funeral? I wonder.

    I go out, and all they eyes on me! I show out, do you like what you see? And now they closin’ in on me, ¡Let ‘em sharpen all they teeth!

    This is more than I can handle… Blood in my Lambo’.

    Wish I could go, I’m losin’ ho-ope…

    I light a candle, some Palo Santo for all these demons, wish I could just go on.

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  • can u believe that hollywood’s bleeding is going to win album of the year at the 2021 grammys

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  • Post Malone takes an indie-pop break from his regular hip-hop pop songs with the incredibly enjoyable “Circles” #89 #Bestof2019

    This song is, of course, not an indie pop song, but you can definitely feel those influences throughout this track. The kind of song you want to hear with the windows down, driving down PCH. 

    This guy is very talented and had other very different hits this year that you may also enjoy like “Sunflower” with Swae Lee and “Take What You Want” with Ozzy freaking Osbourne and Travis Scott. 

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  • I just keep on hoping that you call me.. you say you wanna see me, but you can’t right now..You never took the time to get to know me.. we’re scared to lose something that we never found..We’re running out reasons.. but we can’t let go..

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  • hollywood’s bleeding goes the fuck off thanks

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  • He wouldn’t be dead for long, but she was sure he wouldn’t be too happy at the thought she just killed him like that. Vampires can only die by a complete break of head, silver bullets, ripping out of the heart, and fire, so this wouldn’t harm him for any permanent death. 

    His instinct to hunt would kick in shortly after he awakens, yet she went to find a small rabbit or squirrel for him to feed on. When he wasn’t ravenous, she would teach him the basic skills for hunting non-human prey and show him how to “live” among the living. When it comes to being dead, sometimes vampires can forget that humans’ chests rise and lower as they breath and they blink their eyelids. 

    When Y/N got back to Colby, she sat against a tree and patiently waited. 

    Colby gasped as he sat up, and then he snapped his head in her direction, eyes darker than his current hair color. “What the fuck?” 

    Carefully, she explained, “To complete the transformation, you had to die. Theoretically…vampires are invincible, but death by complete breaking of head, ripping out of heart, a silver bullet through the heart or brain, and fire are the only permanent ways…So a stake through the heart or jumping off a building at a melodramatic moment will not kill you.”

    “Oh,” he laughed, “I will keep that in mind for the rest of my eternity.” 

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  • Halsey’s solo in Die For me? *chef’s kiss”

    #such a good song #Post Malone #such a brilliant album #halsey#Hollywood's Bleeding
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  • Hollywood’s Bleeding part 4 is coming soon!

    I just had to plan out the rest to make sure it’s gonna line up 😊

    #Colby brock #Colby brock short series #Hollywood's Bleeding #Colby Brock fic
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  • I had a thousand bad times

    So what’s another time to me?

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  • Giving a fuck has no meaning

    I’m sick of believing

    All this American dreaming

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  • Hey y’all, 

    Would you be interested if I made a contest for the cover art of Hollywood’s Bleeding? I’m gonna be making a masterlist for it to attach to my main masterlist and think it would be dope to have some art with it! 

    And it will be going on Wattpad eventually, probably. Obviously whoever wins I will credit them and all that! Let me know if this is something I should move forward with! 

    Love you babes! 

    #Colby Brock #Colby Brock short series #Hollywood's Bleeding#Cover art#contest #cover art contest
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  • “So, do you like, wait for an animal to come by or do you watch and follow?” Colby asked as they got out of the rental car. There were two other vehicles in the parking lot of Golden Anniversary State Park. He had no idea if this was a slow day or if it was just never busy.

    Y/N smirked and shook her head. “Just observe, Colb.”

    He huffed lightly, but kept his mouth closed. They began their trek on the trail open. It wasn’t long until Y/N went off the path and did her own thing. Colby followed close behind.

    They went on for another twenty minutes or so before Y/N slowed to a stop and looked around, and sniffed the air. He noticed her ear twitch too; that’s unclear if it’s a vampire thing or something she adapted from the wolf’s blood. She moved forward to the left and peeked carefully around a tree. Colby didn’t dare to move as his steps were not as pins-and-needles quiet and there were fallen leaves and branches everywhere.

    There were a few more seconds of dead silence and he swallowed hard, trying to control his breathing and not be the reason she loses her meal. He was amazed by how she hunted so meticulously. Suddenly, she pounced on the animal she had her eye on. 

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    #Colby Brock #Colby Brock blurb #Colby Brock imagine #Colby Brock short series #Colby Brock writes #short series#writing#supernatural#vampires#werewolves#Hollywood's Bleeding#Part 3
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  • Who is ready for the next part of Hollywood’s Bleeding?

    #Colby Brock #Colby Brock short series #Colby Brock blurb #Hollywood's Bleeding #Next part: part 3 #Short series#writing
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  • #this song has been on my mind for a while #staring at the sun #post malone#hollywood's bleeding
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  • Lowkey want to change Surivial of the Fittest to Hollywood’s Bleeding because the song inspired the 4th part and a 5th part to the series 😂

    #Colby brock #colby brock short series #Survival of the Fittest #Hollywood's Bleeding
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  • Y/N looked at Colby for a few seconds, speechless. Then she sighed heavily. “Colb, I understand where you’re coming from, but you also did just find out about all of this…Let’s give it a few days before doing anything life-changing.”

    Colby sighed and kissed her on the cheek. “I know you’re right…but my gut feelings usually never steer me wrong. I don’t think my opinion will change.”

    “I know.” She made a small smile. “I still think we should wait. Let’s get some sleep, and I have to get ready for another work trip this weekend.”

    “I’d love to come with.” Y/N gave him a look and he chuckled. “I am ahead on my filming schedule, you know that, and Reggie finished the video for Friday. It’s ready to go…aaaand Sam and I finished going through footage for the next series. Sam is taking the reins to edit the first episode. There’s not a single reason why I couldn’t go.”

    She looked at him, hesitating, but finally gave in. “Okay, but you’re going to stay away when I go hunt down the next target. That’s non-negotiable.” 

    He put his hands up in surrender. “I understand. I won’t be around for that.” 

    Y/N tugged on the oversized shirt before crawling back into Colby’s bed and pecked him on the lips.”Good. Night, Colb.” 

    “Night, babe.” 

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    #Colby brock #Colby brock blurb #colby brock imagine #oolby brock writing #writes#blurb#supernatural#vampires#werewolves #colby brock short series #Hollywood's Bleeding#Part 2
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  • Hollywood’s Bleeding - Post Malone 

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  • We are running out of reasons

    But we can’t let go.

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