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  • Why is it that we only believe the negative things people say about us?

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  • lighting is the only factor in faces 

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  • there are so many horrible things happening in our lives and no i am not talking about climate change our politics here, this is about things people have to go through alone because these things are their personal issues which doesn’t make them any brighter or less heavy.

    today i went to a football game with my dad, his favourite team played and me occasionally tagging along makes him super happy so i went with him. during the game i saw that on the right from us people acted weirdly and moved quickly. people with yellow and orange signal vests hurried there and soon after the paramedics too. they took care of a man who passed out and needed to drag him down the bleachers to bring him somewhere safe. they had to reanimate. he died in the hospital. i don’t know if he was sick before or if he’d drunken much alcohol - but i know that he went there to support his favourite team in a important game, a game they played so well and were about to win (they won but now the man will never know). and then he passes out and dies.

    only a few minutes ago i talked to my dad about this and he told me that the 3-year-old of his colleague has a heavy heart disease and had to stay in the hospital very often and for about 6 months right now. because of that the mom still stays at home and the father can only work irregularly. so they are slowly running out of money. my dad donated money for the family when he heard about that which was, by chance, today.

    i cried when i first heard about the man at the football game. i cried again when i heard about my dad’s colleague.

    why the fuck is life like that? unfair and random and damn painful? why is it at the most mundane moments that horrible things happen? why are so many horrible things happening at all?

    and i feel so heavy now and full of sadness. and i cry about the pain other people have to go through. because nobody fucking deserves to feel pain like that.

    #me#pain#suffering#life#horrible things#sensitive#sensitive heart#emotional#crying #i feel things too much and too deeply #this is like actually non of my business #and still i do care #i have my own burdens to carry and i still take those of the others with me #because i love life and i love people #and i hate the pain #i hate that we feel this #i hate that life makes us bitter and hateful #i just want everyone to be fine #really i would give up my own happiness to make humanity happy
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  • I’m already dreading the day when gender reveal parties will get adopted by my country’s high society and appear on the Social Events section of newspapers.

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  • image

    Also, everyone needs to see the horrible thing I got today. It’s a bobblehead only you put a picture where the face is, and honestly if I hadn’t already decided who to gift it to, I would keep it. Will keep the terrifying baby face picture though.

    It was 57 cents. Bargain.

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  • my boyfriend wants to fuck megamind he is an adult but is still… like this

    #hi i havent slept #this haunts me #reminds me of things #horrible things
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  • So yeah, they ordered the wrong test and I drove an hour and a half to pick it up, my wife has to drop it off tomorrow morning, I’m hugely upset and anxious about the whole thing, and all for nothing.

    I now need a new referral for the same test I was originally referred for, because that referral doesn’t count anymore, I need to schedule a new sleep study god knows when, and I’m going to have to sleep in the neuro place or a hospital overnight, and I am so not excited. I could not be less excited.

    Everything sucks.

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  • image

         This Silver Angel is scheming…

    #awful things#horrible things #nothing nice happens in my stories so its okay
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  • I just woke up in my bed. In our bed. The paint,the furniture, the sounds. All our home. i could feel his leg against mine.

    I wish i could say repulsion is what I feel. It’s longing.

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  • im ridiculously delusional my whole drive home I was thinking something but it didn’t happen like I thought

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  • #up all night #thinking#horrible things#about myself#because #im worth nothing #im not important #i’m not sorry #for being this way #black and white #galaxy#clouds#pink aesthetic #waste of space #couple#holding hands#friendly reminder#that im#alone#again #im going to cry #myself#to sleep #@ my followers #or anyone #who actually cares #about me #i love you #i appreciate you #i hope youre doing well
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  • Random headcanon/thought:   when Tseng is sent to Costa to retrieve Legend and try to convince him to rejoin the Turks, Veld tells Tseng:

    “And tell him to keep his dick in his pants, for gods’ sake.”

    (Uh TOO LATE)

    Tseng would probably rather do anything else in life but that….poor Tseng.

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  • The signs as THOSE things:

    Aries: Getting a paper cut

    Taurus: Biting the side of your mouth

    Gemini: Clogged ear

    Cancer: Mosquito bite

    Leo: Momentarily burnt fingers from touching a hot thing

    Virgo: Eyelash in the eye

    Libra: Hangnail on the finger

    Scorpio: Clogged nose

    Sagittarius: Stubbing your toe

    Capricorn: Hiccups

    Aquarius: Choking on your drink

    Pisces: Burnt tongue

    #the signs as #horoscopes#horrible things#pain #i didn't know what to do #inconvenience #life is hard #its the little things #the struggle is real #mosquitoes#paper cuts#ouchie#hiccups#everyone #goes through this
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  • having rp’d on twitter for several years, theres nothing in the rpc that can shock me now. ive seen some dark shit in my time

    #brb going to hell #things ... that should never be rpd #horrible things #things to give u nigjtmares
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  • I’m bored! I wanna hear what you all have been through, something that was so funny you died laughing, something that was so sad that you never got over, or some thing that was so fucked up you were like OMFG!!! 
    So reblog, share, comment, spread the word!!!

    Here’s my sad/fucked up story. Its horrible…
    Back when I was 19, I went to my sister in law’s house with my parents to go out to dinner with her and my brother. I went with my SIL to her room to get high with her (my parents didn’t care, they were pretty chill, lol) Well, her cat had kittens a couple of weeks prior so there were little fluff balls running around in her room. Now mind you, her carpet was super soft ok, and I was walking BAREFOOT! Well, I went to walk around the bed to sit on the other side and I NOT KNOWINGLY and accidentally stepped on one of the kittens and broke it! I swear to god I didn’t feel a thing, I seriously thought it was carpet I was stepping on. I  kept hearing this really awful light screeching noise, and then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and noticed the kitten i stepped on was flailing all over the place with BLOOD SQUIRTING EVERYWHERE!!! Idk what happened but I guess i broke its bones and it gorely stuck out of its body. I started fucking scream-crying, It was the worst sight I have ever seen in my life, it was absolutely horrifying!!!! My SIL started screaming when she saw what was going on…omg it…ugh. Everyone came running in the room, my dad and brother was like WTF! The kitten ended up dying so my brother threw it away in a dumpster and his gf got pissed at him. Needless to say, we went to dinner without them because they started fighting over the kitten. I sat through dinner and cried my eyes out and my dad got mad at me cuz I wouldn’t stop crying. I seriously cried for an entire week after that and I stayed away from cats all together for years after that. I still feel awful to this day!


    And I hate myself for it
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  • This has been bothering me for a few days now. Lately I see so many post on my dash that give me mixed feelings. About race, me too, rape, gender, guns and all that shit.

    I agree with most of it. Rapists should be punished and noone should be discriminated because of their race.

    But I don’t like they way some of you go. Yes, rapists should be punished but it bothers me if I see a really good post I would agree with that ends with “kill all men”. Not all men are rapists or assholes who think of themself as something better than women. And not all women are saints that would never hurt anyone for their own benefit. But it feels like some people tend to forget that.

    The same goes for racism. Noone should be discriminated based on their skin color. But if I see a post that says I’m not allowed to write Fanfic for Black Phanter because I’m white and should take time first to understand the culture it bothers me. These things are supposed to be fun and I doubt that even half the people that write fanfic to anime and manga inform themself on asien cultur first. Or american. Or european. Not saying its ok to spread racist comments in it because its not but people write this for fun not to write a docor thesis in postcolonial studys.

    The thing is, I see all these posts that are basicly right and that I want to support, but then I come across statements like “kill all men” or “you’re not allowed because you’re white”.

    I didn’t chose the body I was born with. I can’t change my gender, my skin color, my sexual orientation, my nationality or my parents. Thats not something I can chose. But I can chose to not be a rapist or an asshole. I can chose to not be racist.

    Its ok to hate people who are those things and if I’m an asshole or treat you bad it is ok to hate me to for hurting you. But please hate or like people for their actions and attitude and not for the things they were born with. Hate them for who they chose to be and not for the things they can’t change. And if someone hasn’t done anything wrong treat them with respect, no matter what skin color, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion and all the other things people hate each other for. Because we all deserve respect. We are all human beings.

    And if you hate me, thats fine but please hate me for something I did. Not something I didn’t chose. And if you like me, please like me as a person and not because of something I didn’t chose.

    Our decision make each of us the person we are, not what we were born as.

    And I only picked those two areas because it is those that I saw the last few days, but this applies to everything. We should treat each other with more respect regardless on where our differences are.

    Just wanted to get that of my chest.

    #racism#horrible things#femminism#hate#respect #it bothers me #just saying#complaining #just a thought #be nicer #be more respectfull #decisions make us the people we are #respectful
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