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    #obey me#solomon #thank you very much dearest human comrade #queuecifer
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  • dailytechnologynews
    24.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    A novel (investigational) helmet that generates a noninvasive oscillating magnetic field was able to reduce tumor mass by 31% in a glioblastoma brain cancer patient. https://ift.tt/3eP313E

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  • dailytechnologynews
    24.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    China to activate world's first 'clean' nuclear reactor in September https://ift.tt/3eQLhVj

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  • ezrraa
    24.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Me telling my sister what shop we're going to everytime we go out because I will definitely zone out and forget where I'm meant to be walking, and her just responding with yes I know it's all good I'll show you the way, has got to be one of my favourite interactions between us 😭

    #I am simply just the most clueless human ever #If you don't keep an eye on me I just wander the streets #it's very funny I love that for me audgjsf
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  • mysteriousowlspy
    24.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Raine: Eda, just how many children do you have?

    Eda: [eyeing Hunter, Luz and King]

    Eda: Biologically, emotionally, or legally?

    #the owl house #the owl house season 2 #toh spoilers #toh s2 spoilers #toh raine#raine whispers#eda clawthorne #eda the owl lady #luz noceda #luz the human #toh king#king#toh hunter #toh golden guard #golden guard #toh the golden guard #the golden guard #toh incorrect quotes #incorrect toh quotes #incorrect the owl house quotes #incorrect quote #Hunter with his bird-themed motifs #at least theory/headcanon-wise #Luz who can worm into anyones heart #King with his legally name-changing contract
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  • typicalabdullah
    24.07.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I see what i want to see. I hear to people's opinions, I don't listen to them. I've a predefined image of people which can't be changed no matter how they have improved over time. I want people to do exactly as i want them to do. I worship faces. I am society yet i blame society. I'm a human born to accuse and judge. I'm a preacher who sins. I'm a monster in disguise.


    #humans#monster#disguise #we live in a society #sin and punishment #dark academic aesthetic
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  • rhulyon
    24.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    I cannot believe my president is a lizzard

    We destroyed our homeworld. We destroyed the magnetosphere of the 4th planet of our system after fleeing from our homeworld. And we didn’t find another system with the ability of harboring life. It always has some problem. No water, solar cycle too long or too sort, no magnetosphere, gravity slightly over our threshold or under it. Well, that honestly was a lie. We found 3 worlds close enough to our homeworld conditions that we were able to terraform and so we did. But once and again our over industrialization of the planets brought them to a collapse to the little ecosystem that we could bring with ourselves in our travel. In the last one we realize that with the extinction of our last carnivore we would not longer be able to terraform another planet as the species that we have left were not enough to maintain a closed circle and without heavy machinery intervention our livestock was condemn to collapse. We were doomed to roam the galaxy with our ships until a final collapse decided to wipe us out for good this time. So, then we decided to do a very risky move. A last travel. Back to home. When I said we, I meant our ancestors, obviously. Faster than light travel would be impossible without curving the space, and the energy needed to curve enough space to allow one ship to travel is superior to the energy emitted by some stars. That means faster than light travel is (with the exception of subatomic particles which we used for communication) impossible. It had been several million years since our people started our exodus to the stars. And our scientists said that in that time it was possible that life could have resurrected in our homeworld. I, Slwagrna, was the head of our people when we entered back to the Farnit System, and also, I was the first one to cry of joy after seeing our homeplanet covered again on green colors (although it was a lot different from our archives as tectonic movement had transformed completely its landscape). But not everything was good news. Never was: we detected alien spacecraft orbiting our planet. Not only life had resurfaced… another sentient lifeform had evolved. Luckily for us the spacecraft was rudimentary, so they were starting their space industry. When the scientist came with the results of the orbital scans it couldn’t seem more of a joke. Mammals? The rodents that were marked as pest on our archives, that we didn’t even bother in bringing a sample with us because they barely had enough meat for a meal and were too difficult to catch to justify the effort if there was any outbreak in the farms. Not only that, every mammal was ugly as they had fur instead of our beautiful plumage, these ones were extra ugly as they only have fur in some parts of their body like they were losing it due to some illness. Anyways, we started to get every piece of communication we could get our hands on, as a way to get to know their culture. And more importantly, to get back our planet. At least we didn’t have to worry about concealing ourselves as our radiation plating technology made us invisible to any electromagnet radiation-based observation equipment, unless they were specifically looking for ourselves and knew where to look. As their propulsion was chemical, we were pretty sure they did not yet have gravimetric space radars, so we were, in fact, invisible. First, as they were little to no satellites in orbit, the data we could get was very low. But the volume was increasing exponentially over the years. While the linguistic team was busy deciphering their culture, our cybernetics engineers where making drones designed to look exactly as one of the members of their society. Others were busy mining asteroids now that we have entered another system and could get more materials. Always coordinated with the military, so they only mine asteroids that would not delate our position: asteroids located in the outer bell, and only when the native’s telescopes were looking to another direction. Slowly but steady, we were getting more intel of the enemy. First, some meaningless information, like the name of their system: “Sol” (personally I preferred a lot Farnit but opinions of this topic differed one to another) or that they have found fossils of our people, and were using our graveyards as powersource (recicling our bodies were norm as we lived on an enclosed system, but it was disgusting thinking that another species were profaning our ancestor tombs). But soon we discovered that the two major imperiums in our planet were in war. And not only that, they were threating each other with atomic arsenal. I made them corroborate that information twice. Not only an atomic fallout would make impossible the terraforming of the planet, but it was unthinkable that they managed to split the atom before they managed to get a stable orbit. We usually take our time to make things right and if it was not by this information, we probably will be learning their language today. But after hearing that, I, personally, restructured our economy to ensure we could finish our translations before they nuked each other. So after barely 20 years of listening, we learned enough to make possible the infiltration. That day we landed 2 drones with the face of each imperium leader (the cultural team makes me appoint that they were nations, not imperiums, as they had no emperors, but damned that “humans” are if I start to use their language before ours). They killed the leaders, dispose the bodies and took their position. In less than a year the so called “cold war” was over. Then we proceeded to make the same to the other countries and as so, we had the entire species eating from our hands. Misfortunately, a human reporter discovered one of our drones while they had a malfunction. We failed to replace him on time, but when we did, we started using their replacement to write news so unbelievable that every credential the reporter had was destroyed. It was a false alarm, but some humans already hear of the “reptiloids” and started to become part of their culture. We could not allow another mistake like that to take place. So, we started to replace important members of the press to gain total information control. And then we realized. We could use them to terraform the planet and make they destroy themselves while doing so. We used the press to discourage scientist papers related to global warming, and increase the energy dependency of the race declassifying military technology. The planet was 10 º C too cold for us but our ancestors would help us to raise that temperature again. We made cults, making people believe that the climate crisis was an invention to make their lives worse. We put hundreds of loopholes in climate correction programs so they benefit people who polluted with CO2. We started an economy based on computers making useless calculations so they had to consume more energy. We defunded scientist projects dedicated to renewable energies while grated subventions to oil mining companies that we possessed. But still we underestimated them. Their incredible fragmented political structure made us impossible to reach to every part of the society. The vocation of their scientist and engineers made renewable to advance even without funding. Their rapid growth in technology was not as fast as anticipated. We calculated that even with that, the damage was irreversible for them and they were doomed. But before they faced extinction, they started to develop terraforming technologies … without leaving their planet! Carbon scrubbers took CO2 from the atmosphere and they stored it underground. They started dumping chemicals in the air and using submarines in the poles to rebuild its ice layer to cool their planet. Even the civilians were planting trees in their spare time! This were temporal measures, but with the increase of their knowledge on renewables energy, the global warming was receding. Today a drone was destroyed. Not by accident. They knew. We are no longer invisible. We cannot cover this. I am Slwagrna. Leader of the Scrill, or as humans call us, “Velociraptors”. I am writing this as my memories in hope they survive me, and our voyage on the void is not forgotten. I don’t know which will be the future of our race, but if there is another race out there, hear my message: don’t underestimate the humans.

    #oc#original writing#hfy #humans are space orcs #velociraptor#reptiloids #help my president is a lizard #ecology#sci-fi
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  • feyariel
    24.07.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    How ghastly!

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  • hahafunnyblockgame
    24.07.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    *staring at ceiling* ...the smell of fresh baked bread, though.

    #i thought about it and i am now tearing up #like. we are humans and bread is. look. look. #its about community and feeding one another and being together and kindness #and how that is whats remembered. bread. fuckin hell man
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    24.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Virtual #BookBlast: Laws of Nature - Jacqui Murray @WordDreams #newrelease #mustread #readingcommunity #PrehistoricFiction

    Virtual #BookBlast: Laws of Nature – Jacqui Murray @WordDreams #newrelease #mustread #readingcommunity #PrehistoricFiction

    It is a true pleasure to lend my blog space to Author Jacqui Murray so that she can tell you about a new release! Am I a storyteller? Are you? By Jacqui Murray Storyteller vs. writer. It took me a long time and a lot of experience to realize the difference between these two. They both describe authors who create fiction but one makes you want to curl into a comfortable chair and get lost in…

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  • ymanimonart
    24.07.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Artfight attack on CrescentTrinity!

    I’m super happy with this piece. I love doing paintings like this. 

    #artfight#af #not my oc #original character#feline#art#digital art#feral art #if only I could figure out how to do paintings with human characters #one day #I'll get there
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    24.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Bruh 😐😑😐

    Anyways, Stan Yanfei or perish 😍😍

    #genshin impact #—𝐇𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐲 𝐑𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐬 🍯 #bruh wtf#why tho #why genshin impact #Yanfei is better than all of humanity
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  • thoughts-from-k
    24.07.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    How to make your friends turn away from you 21+1 tips and tricks

    0. Find someone who likes you. It should be a "problematic" person., makes it easier to criticize them later, and show off your perfection (you support and accept every kind of people, and you say it often enough).

    1. Tell them how desperately you wish for someone to give you help/advice/constructive critique about something you do. When they do it, turn them off every single time - without exception - telling them you disagree, and you wanted to do it the way you just did.

    2. Tell them you wish to find people for things you like doing. If they go with you, and try, criticize them at every single opportunity. Make them really feel how their efforts are worthless, highlight yourself explaining how you do it (so much better, and how much more effort you put into that activity).

    3. Try something they would like to do, and say you don't want more of it, because it isn't interesting for you. Find something you can point at as a reason, for example: you are not competitive, they are, and they do it to compete with you. [Ignore your behaviour in 2.] They are doing things wrong (how they organize a club or something) . Say it, even if they followed the advice you gave to them.

    4. Be offended if they don't watch your 40 hours game videos, but when they mention you a book they liked, find superficial information about it, form a negative opinion, and tell them how you's never read anything like that. Generally do your best to break down their motivation and enthusiasm about anything they might like.

    5. Be demanding. Demand information (more than you actually need), feelings (yep, you really want them to feel certain ways, if they can't they are not true friends). Above all! demand complete access to their private life, otherwise you have to believe they are hiding things from you, and you cannot trust them.

    6. If they keep some privacy, or don't want to constantly argue with you, and don't say everything they think, then tell them you can't trust them.

    7. If they defend themselves, or argue about your attitudes towards them always say: - you didn't say anything wring to them - you don't remember saying those things. Always come out of the fight as "the victim". Don't apologize! Never admit you did something wrong.

    8. Tell them how badly they treat you, and how much you tolerate from them.

    9. If they say you are angry, say you aren't, they can't make you angry. (In other words, they can't reach you, you don't care enough about them to take it seriously.)

    10. Never admit you did something wrong against them, but if they confront you with a mirror, saying you think you are too perfect, then say: you are aware you aren't perfect, and make mistakes, and sometimes you say rude things to others purposefully in anger. (never admit you're doing this to them too, it's important)

    11. After some fights, if you made them apologize a few times, and made them feel awful friends, you can start the next phase.

    12. Tell them you can't talk to them about anything, because you are afraid of their reaction. If they say the same about you, call them idiots, and cowards.

    13. Repeat it enough times, you don't trust them. You don't want them to think you changed your opinion about them.

    14. ALWAYS - very important - in every conflicts they have or ever had, take the opposite side. Don't forget to point out they caused it all to themselves. And don't offer any help to heal from these.

    15. After doing so, complain a lot about it how nobody supports you, and all you want, a caring friend.

    16. Ignore them a lot. If they bring it up, say you thought they didn't need as much attention as your other friends.

    17. Complain about lack of friends again.

    18. Call them your friends, but continue to behave the same way. If they ask why you are with them, if there is anything you like about them at all, then respond with confusing silence, and don't give any clear answers, avoid the question. If they say something positive about you, you just nod, saying it's same on your side too.

    19. Make them feel guilty about everything: about treating you bad, about not doing everything in life they "could" (according to you), not wanting to know about your sexual life... everything you can think of. Criticize them for everything you hate in yourself. But deny if they say you share that trait.

    20. If they try to discuss the friendship problems, never take the blame for anything. But demand change from them. (5. + 10. combined)

    21. Throw them away if you are sue they will come after you, trying to make peace with you. But you never go after anyone to apologize, nobody is important enough for you.

    +1 If they reach the point of human endurance, and leave you behind, then show their messages to your still existing supporters, and make them pity you, and boost your ego. You'll be fine in no time.

    Note: Sorry for the bitter humor. I had bad luck, I knew more then one of this type. In those friendships, even if I saw the person's value, I constantly found myself defending, explaining myself. Nothing was ever really good enough for them - except when they had bad times, and I was there to listen and help. And sometimes these people - because they are not monsters - actually helped, and I felt gratitude. And that made me stay around them longer than I probably should, because I felt it would be a betrayal. But there is a point, when it just doesn't work anymore and falls apart. Things happened like this: I shared common hobby with them, art. And if I didn't manage to say what they wanted to hear, and obviously I didn't, then at one point they said they hate my works, I shouldn't show them anything I created. Let's say I liked the landscape painting more than their character drawing. Or liked their own drawing more than their hobby translations. Or with one of them it was difficult, because the person really have a lot to improve and I didn't want to be too harsh, so just pointed out a few things... for the person's request. And the reaction was complete rejection, this friend said it was purposefully like that.

    We played it a few times, and then I gave up. I am not an art teacher, I tried to do something good, in a gentle way, but even that didn't work. Soon the same person started to complain about the lack of support and constructive criticism. Tried to push me into giving critique again, and when it didn't work, I got the: "I hate commenting on your works" and ignored my works. I tried to be friends with a certain community. I didn't fit it, some thought it's fun to mess with my emotions, being rude. I grieved my father too, everything just came at once, and I talked about it to my friend. For a few moments the person said it was unfair, but then I could say something my friend didn't like, and then the opinion changed to this: I caused it for myself, that group's reaction is understandable. That's how dynamics change with this type. And if someone is more emotional - like me - it's likely they/we react to that, confront the friend, and then there is fight over fight until one has enough brain to leave it all behind and close the friendship. No other options left.

    If you feel like you're reading about one of your relationships, then let it be a warning sign. If you are the one doing such things to your friends, then it's a mirror for you. Please stop doing it. Thanks for reading!

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    24.07.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    #that despicable self | in character #chasing the freedom of humanity | post memories verse #// HAVE FUN DEALING WITH THIS LIL FUCK ENVY
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