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  • imnotsunshine
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    karl jacobs was live and i missed it. during pride month?? ngl kinda biphobic

    #/j#sunny talking #i’m am so so sad #i miss him so much and i sleep when i he streams
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  • alyjojo
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    What a horrible experience that was. Not normal not okay. Wish my dr appt was sooner 😓

    #at least I get to see mom #😭🩸
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  • x-gotham-rogues
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    In A Universe Where Edward Is Bulletproof

    Edward: *gets shot*

    Edward, glaring at the cop who shot him: You... you realise what you just did?

    Cop, horrified: I, I-

    Edward: *angrily pokes a finger through the hole in his suit*

    Edward: You just ruined a perfectly good Burberry!

    Cop: Wh-

    Edward: What kind of monster are you?!

    #edward nygma#edward nashton#edward nigma#riddler#the riddler#dc#incorrect quotes #dc incorrect quotes #in case y'all were wondering #yes i do watch lucifer #it's awesome
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  • hallownight89
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago


    I mean...


    25k Hits...

    #all's fair #bridgerton enterprises AU #WHAT THE ACTUAL #I AM SHOOK #25 THOUSAND HITS #25 #i am screaming #like seriously #what the fuck
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  • hanniejji
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    risked my sore throat by drinking iced coke float but that's ok it was very worth it :')

    #also ate french fries the loml #i love fries and coke float #but it's been almost a year since the last time i tasted jollibee #AAAAHHHHH I LOVE IT #my throat kinda hurts but it was very very very worth it #in another episode of: sprouttsse feels good
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  • cool-blue
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Just remembered my love for orbulon from Warioware I completely forgot about this funny little alien

    #blue speaks #i miss them
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  • butwhatifidothis
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #ask#anon#anti edelgard#anti-edelgard#edelgard critical #just to be safe #I swear to fuckin' god #sometimes it seems like the fandom looks at Edelgard and sees Rhea and vice versa #Edelgard is Rhea But If Rhea Was Actually Bad and the fandom does not want to see that
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  • kaeyuhs
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    i keep staring at my ios theme <3

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  • zehecatl
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    all i want is a good show with ton of found family energy and whump 😔

    #ze.txt #whump #tagging it because maybe y'all know any good ones? 👀 #i know spn tECHNICALLY works for it but like. ew. spn
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  • plainview
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    So I have a sweater exactly like that and I wear read nail polish and Halloween is my favourite holiday.. that is the reason... never changing it

    #and I draw stuff on my face like grimes #too quirky to be real #wife me up 🤬🤬🤬🤬 the perfect Pakistani but canadian guy who speaks perfect french who kind of looks like me and the guy who visits my dreams
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  • ezradical
    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Feeling invalid af... Thanks to the bi/pan discourse...

    Bisexuality is valid.

    Pansexuality is valid.

    We both love trans humans.

    The way I was told the difference in bi vs pan is that bisexuality has preference towards a certain gender where pansexuality, gender plays no role.

    Love is Love

    It's discouraging to see how much hate is surrounded by love...

    #nonsims#ez rambles#lgbtqia+ #is pansexual not valid? #i thought i was done questioning
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  • chrishinxmcgee2
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #i-wayne #book of life #SoundCloud
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  • yunike-2021
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    LittleWhiteTie's "This talk, right now"

    Page 20 I'm sorry, you know

    A pose-filled page! My brain has this need to not repeat the same poses as much as possible. Basically, she won't allow me to cheat... but it does give us an amazing result ^^; it's just me complaining about it xD

    Yay! I manage to pile a lot of the conversation into this page. And looking at the fanfic, I can see we're almost done OAO

    I hope I can finish this manga as well as it's source. Enjoy!

    <- Previous || Home

    #genshin impact#obsessed#genshin obsession #i really want to draw again #main story not mine #drawing#genshin kaeya#kaeya #littlewhitetie writes this talk right now #genshin impact kaeya #kaeyagenshinimpact#kaeya fanart#diluc fanart#diluc#diluc ragnvindr#genshin diluc
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  • thinkingisadangerouspastime
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #my bday twas technically thursday (western hemisphere jdsdskhs) but it lasts all weekend bc i said so 😤 #amy answers#penguinsledder
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  • mushroomcaphat
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago


    #if i had to pick a single defining emotion for my life i think it would be shame #just like constant deep seated shame over everything i do #jules.txt
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  • liamiya
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    I'm giggling at this for the past minutes and i can't fucking write

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  • 431989
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    been thinking about getting back into wolvden/lioden but then again mm.. no

    #when will i have my beloved evosaur
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  • tangentiallly
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    sometimes the best plan is to follow your heart

    “Let me preface this by saying I don’t agree with the decision to tell you this,” Furuya announces. “But he insisted. He even wants to come and tell you directly himself. We compromised and agreed that I’d talk to you first.”

     None of this is making any sense. “He?” Akai asks.

    companion fic to lies, deception, indulgence, consequences, Akai’s side of the story

    ~3.1K, Akai Shuichi / Morofushi Hiromitsu, scotch faked his death AU


    The organization has been taken down, and the wrapping up of the whole operation is also coming to an end as different agencies work on tying up the loose ends. Soon, Akai plans to head back to the States with Jodie, Camel, and James.

    One day after one of the meetings with NPA, as Akai and Jodie and Edogawa Conan are leaving the building, Furuya calls after them.

    “Akai, a word before you leave.”

    Beside him, Jodie frowns, and so does Edogawa Conan. Both of them are understandably alarmed, considering the long standing animosity he and Furuya have.

    “Alone,” Furuya adds, gesturing towards an empty meeting room.

    “Shuu -” Jodie begins, while the Boy says loudly, in a childish voice, “why! I want to be there too.”

    “Apologies,” Furuya gives Jodie a professional smile. “I just have some information I need to give Akai, if he decides to tell you later, that would be up to him.” He then looks at the Boy, raising an eyebrow, “Are you really going to act like an elementary student right now when just moments earlier in the meeting you were preferring to be treated as a high school detective, Kudo-kun?”

    The Boy looks momentarily embarrassed, but then collects himself quickly, “Furuya-san, isn’t it a very double standard of you to switch between three faces so easily yourself and then tell me I’m not allowed to switch between two?”

    It’s been a long day of meetings, particularly since he’s also making some efforts at trying to cut back his caffeine intake at Shukichi’s suggestion, so Akai isn’t particularly enjoying spending his time watching Furuya and the Boy do their usual arguments.

    “Boy, Jodie,” he says, “you two go on, I’ll catch up later.”

    The Boy gives him a look that says ‘but Akai-san -’, so Akai gives him back a look that says, ‘Boy, Furuya’s not going to eat me. If you want, just sneak a listening device on me.’

    The Boy gives him another look that says, “Are you sure, because he just might,” and Akai returns a look that says, “Boy, do you really think I can’t defend myself against Furuya?”

    Edogawa sighs loudly. “Alright, Akai-san, we will wait for you outside.” He walks towards Akai and quickly shoves something into Akai’s hand, “a little amulet to keep you safe.”

    “Is that what you’re calling listening devices these days, Conan-kun?”

    The boy smiles, wide and innocent. “You seem to have some misunderstanding about me, Amuro-san.”

    It’s been a long day, Akai doesn’t have energy for another round of this. “Boy,” he says warningly.

    “Right, right. Jodie-sensei and I are heading out.”


    “Furuya-kun,” Akai nods at him when they’re alone. “So?”

    “Let me preface this by saying I don’t agree with the decision to tell you this,” Furuya announces. “But he insisted. He even wants to come and tell you directly himself. We compromised and agreed that I’d talk to you first.”

    None of this is making any sense. “He?” Akai asks.

    “A … colleague of mine who’s been helping us with the organization takedown behind the scenes. You remember that last month, I mentioned someone cracked the information on Gin’s laptop.” Furuya pauses. “He wants to meet with you. It’s someone you know, actually.”

    Akai waits, patiently. He senses that Furuya’s getting at something, something important, but he has no idea where this conversation is going.

    “Morofushi Hiromitsu,” Furuya says, and Akai does not recognize the name. “Of PSB. Or, as you know him - Scotch.”

    Akai freezes. He searches Furuya’s face for any sort of - deceit, any sort of hint that this is some lame joke, but Furuya’s expression is dead serious. And while Furuya may joke about some things, Akai thinks this is probably something Furuya won’t ever joke about.


    “He was found out as NOC and we decided to fake his death,” Furuya says calmly, his eyes sharply focused on Akai. Akai has a feeling that if he reacts horribly right here at this moment, Furuya will not allow him to meet up with Scotch.


    His mission partner back in the organization.

    His ex-boyfriend.

    The man who died at his hands. Well, Akai wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger, but he thinks he might as well have forced Scotch to.

    Turns out this was all a lie.

    While he’s glad that Scotch is alive, he feels hurt to have been lied to, all these years. It would have been one thing if he hadn’t told Scotch his real name and that he’s from the FBI right before his death, but he had told him, had risked everything and revealed the secret, had chosen to gamble, and Scotch hadn’t chosen to trust him.

    Hadn’t reached out after Akai himself was confirmed to be a NOC.

    Hadn’t said anything until now.

    Perhaps it’s foolish of him to feel hurt over a casual relationship between two organization operatives, and he knows that Scotch didn’t truly owes him the truth under the circumstances, but it’s nevertheless a bitter pill to swallow, realizing that he had cared much more, had been willing to risk much more, than Scotch ever did.

    “I want to see him,” Akai says. He can’t be sure how his voice sounds right now, but he really hopes it’s calm enough.

    Furuya narrows his eyes, his arms folded across his chest, “Can I trust you?”

    Akai takes a deep breath. “I’m not going to hurt him, Furuya-kun. I just want to talk with him.”

    Furuya studies him, then finally nods. “I will send you details, then.”

    “Thank you,” Akai says.

    Furuya turns to leave, but turns back at the last moment, adding, “Oh, and just so you know, the fake death plan was my idea.”


    “Did he say Morofushi? The same Morofushi as Morofushi Takaaki-san from Nagano?” The Boy says later that night, “If so, I think I know Scotch’s brother. Anyway, I’ve been thinking. Akai-san, I know you think it’s best to carry all the burden yourself and pretend that everything’s fine, and that you’re really good at it - don’t deny it - I think in this case it actually won’t work in your favor if you simply do so. I know you care, and to show them that you really do care, had cared even back in the organization, had liked him a lot even back then - you need to be appropriately angry. Akai-san, are you listening to me?”

    Akai appreciates how much the Boy worries about his love life and wants to help. The Boy always wants to help with everything, from elaborate schemes and disguises to solving mysteries to relationships. Although Akai suspects the Boy’s current eagerness is also partly due to boredom, the lack of stimulating challenges after the organization is taken down.

    The way he said ‘to show them’ instead of ‘to show him’ makes Akai pause. He asks, “To show ‘them’, Boy?”

    “Morofushi-san and Amuro-san, of course,” Conan replied. “I have no doubt Amuro-san will be advising him on this. If you act like you truly didn’t mind, that you don’t care, it’ll be a point Amuro-san can use against you, arguing with Morofushi-san that this meant you didn’t care much about him.”

    The high school detective has a point. It’s a very logical line of thought, Akai supposes. Akai hasn’t been planning on “showing appropriate anger” like the Boy suggested, whatever that means. Akai doesn’t think himself one to intentionally show his anger, his first instinct is usually to suppress it and be solution-oriented instead of focusing on emotions. Kudo Shinichi’s suggestion is logical, is very Kudo Shinichi, and for a moment Akai can’t really argue with it because what he just described does sound like something Furuya would do. So despite feeling there’s something off about the suggestion, Akai supposes he can give it a try.

    He is angry, after all. Well, more hurt than angry, to be accurate, but he doesn’t like feeling hurt, it feels vulnerable, like an emotion for other people, so he convinces himself the hurt is closer to anger instead. Anger is always easier to admit than feeling hurt.


    It isn’t until Scotch - or Morofushi Hiromitsu, Akai supposes, but he hasn’t really gotten used to calling Scotch by his actual name in his head - calls after him as Akai leaves without looking back that Akai seriously considers ignoring the Boy’s suggestion.

    Akai could hear the pain in Scotch’s voice during the apology, and before he walks away he catches the guilt in Scotch’s eyes. It takes a lot of determination to walk away from that so coldly, and for a moment he almost deserts the Boy’s plan, for a moment he almost turns back. It wouldn’t be the first time he goes off-script during a plan.

    Akai reminds himself that he’s too deep in this, and the Boy has a more objective perspective on things, so perhaps it’s better to follow the plan.

    For now, anyway.

    He can always decide to go off-script later.


    When he’s back at the Kudo Mansion, he’s already sort of regretting not turning back. He thinks about Morofushi’s eyes, cautious and pained and full of regret.

    Shiho comes and finds him. “I’ve heard from Edogawa that Scotch is alive.” The little girl sits down beside him on the sofa, and then comments. “You look terrible.”

    “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

    She rolls her eyes, “Shouldn’t you be glad that he’s alive?”

    He frowns. “I am, I just …” He wonders why he has to be lectured by her. “This is not your territory.”

    “You really love overusing the same set of cliche sentences,” Shiho says scathingly, then adds. “I told Onee-chan on the phone, she’s very glad to find out that Scotch is alive.”

    “Akemi is a far nicer person than most,” Akai points out. “Plus, she’s not the one who dated Scotch.”

    “Edogawa-kun told me that Bourbon said the plan was his idea,” Shiho says.

    “Well, it’s not like Bourbon could’ve forced him. He had to choose to follow Bourbon’s plan as well.”

    Shiho arches an eyebrow, “Careful, you’re sounding almost jealous of Bourbon, at the fact that he trusted Bourbon more than he trusted you.” Akai wants to scoff, to say that he’s not jealous, that’s ridiculous, but Shiho continues, not giving him a chance to speak, “I don’t actually believe it’s completely Bourbon’s plan, more like something they came up with together, but Bourbon just said that in hopes to direct your anger at himself rather than at Scotch. But honestly, it’s only natural that he chose to trust Bourbon over you at that time, considering they were sent undercover together. Plus, no one suspects you of being a NOC until you got exposed, you had a reputation rivaling Gin.”

    He gives her an annoyed look. He knows it makes sense, he’s not stupid, he’s a spy too, of course he knows. Does she think that logic is the problem here? Can’t she just leave him alone to be miserable and hurt in peace?

    “Don’t you have an antidote to work on?” Akai asks.

    She rolls her eyes. “Fine, fine, refuse my help, whatever.”

    “I wasn’t aware you’re trying to help,” Akai narrows his eyes. “At least Shinichi offers actual concrete advice, I thought you’re just here to criticize me.”

    “Edogawa-kun doesn’t know Scotch,” Shiho retorts. “But I do. And I think he’s leading you astray, but if you don’t want my advice, fine.” She stands up.

    “What do you mean he’s leading me astray?”

    “Edogawa doesn’t know Scotch, he only knows Bourbon,” Shiho explains, matter-of-fact. “He knows how to deal with Bourbon, but he’s never even met Scotch. His plan completely revolves around what he thinks Bourbon would advise Scotch. You obviously care about Scotch more, so is Edogawa-kun really who you should be listening to?”


    Akai has to admit that despite her unpleasant and occasionally scathing tones, Shiho’s words make sense. He’s too used to following the Boy’s plan, the two of them always cooperating so nicely, but he’s finally understood why it felt wrong to follow every step of Kudo Shinichi’s proposed plan this time.

    It felt wrong when he’s leaving Scotch that day without looking back, it feels wrong that they haven’t talked since, it feels wrong that after missing Scotch for so long and now with the chance to see him again, he’s not taking it.

    Kudo Shinichi’s plan doesn’t really take Scotch into consideration, that’s what Shiho is saying. His plan is focused on how Furuya will interpret Akai’s actions and advise Scotch, because the main thing Kudo knows about Scotch is that Scotch is Furuya’s long time friend.

    But Scotch, Morofushi Hiromitsu, is his own person, not an extension of Furuya, not a sequence of decisions Furuya makes.

    The fact that Scotch wanted to meet with him, despite Furuya’s disagreement, proves that, doesn’t it? He doesn’t have to do this, Akai realizes. Akai is already going back to the States soon, Scotch could’ve easily chosen to continue staying silent, he could’ve simply not asked to meet.

    If he chose to tell Akai now that it’s safe to do so, he must’ve cared too, he must’ve regretted what happened, regretted hurting Akai with the lie, must’ve wanted to actually make amends. As much as Akai appreciates the Boy’s eagerness to help and doesn’t want to take this newfound challenge away from him, he doesn’t think it’s fair to Scotch if he ignores the sincerity behind Scotch’s actions and apology. He remembers clearly the guilt in Scotch’s eyes.

    It’s not actually fair to Scotch to have him suffer just because the Boy is used to planning elaborate plans around Furuya.

    Time to go off-script of the plan.


    Akai finds Scotch just about to leave work one evening, and slides into Scotch’s car.


    “Do you mind?” Akai asks, out of courtesy, although he doubts if he actually plans to get out now if Scotch says he minds.

    “I - of course not,” Scotch says. He hesitates. “You want to come to my place?”



    They’re silent for a few minutes as Scotch drives. The silence is tense at first, uncertainty flowing in the air, but gradually it shifts to a calmer silence, not exactly comfortable but also not as tension-filled as the beginning.

    Akai remembers what he used to like about Scotch is that they can spend time together in comfortable silence.

    “Thank you for coming to find me,” Scotch says, about ten minutes into the drive.

    “I’ve missed you,” Akai replies.

    Akai sees Scotch’s fingers tighten around the steering wheel. “Me too,” he says, voice a little hoarse. “I’m so sorry for leaving you behind like that.”

    “You could’ve continued to stay silent and not tell me, so I want to know - why?”

    “Because I owe you the truth, and I missed you.” He smiles, very sadly, “And, perhaps it’s foolish, but I want to know if I still have a chance.”

    Silence fills the car before Akai finally says. “There are always chances, I think.”


    They enter Scotch’s home, and Scotch offers to go to the kitchen to make some tea and asks Akai to wait in the living room. He’s only turned around and taken one step, and Akai’s right behind him, engulfing him in a hug almost too tight, “Forget about the tea, Scotch - Morofushi-kun.” He kisses the back of Scotch’s neck, “We can have tea later.”

    He sucks on a specific spot on the skin, and hears Scotch gasp the way just like he remembers, which prompts him to hold onto Scotch even tighter, as if afraid he will disappear again if he doesn’t hold tight enough.

    “Akai …” Scotch says weakly.

    “I saw you die in front of me,” he whispers against Scotch’s skin, inclining his head lower and kissing him on the shoulder next. “And thought that I failed to save you. I told you my identity and exposed myself to you. I -” he stops, and starts kissing again.

    “I’ve always appreciated how you took the chance to try to save me, and how you told me your real name,” Scotch says quietly, and that makes Akai stop his action.

    Scotch skillfully untangles himself from Akai’s embrace from behind, turning to face him. “I’m sorry I didn’t afford you the same amount of trust. I had other people to protect them and I couldn’t risk it, but I regret hurting you,” he says quietly. Gently. “Can you give me a chance to make it up to you?”


    There is a very visible scar on Scotch’s chest. Akai touches it lightly, “is this from …”

    “Yes,” Scotch admits. “I wore a bullet-proof vest that night, but there’s still a certain impact from the bullet.”

    Akai presses a very soft kiss to the skin beside the scar, much softer than the previous kisses on the neck that felt almost harsh, almost like some kind of vengeance or punishment.

    “I wish I was alert enough that night, I could’ve saved you from having to suffer that,” he murmurs. “And then we wouldn’t have to spend so long apart.” He sighs. “I know why you did what you have to do, but if I hadn’t been distracted, you wouldn’t have to go through the pain.”

    Scotch looks surprised at that, and ruffles Akai’s hair. “You haven’t changed a bit,” he says wistfully.


    “Still far more considerate and kinder to me than I deserve.”

    Akai wants to say it’s not like that, that Scotch has always been the kinder and more considerate one. Well, aside from that time he shot himself in front of Akai. But besides that time, Scotch has always been the more considerate one. He noticed little details and took care of little things before they became a larger issue, he paid attention to what food Rye likes and what brand of cigarette Rye prefers. Akai remembers all that.

    Because Scotch is smiling in a very sad way, and even now, Akai realizes he doesn’t like seeing Scotch sad, so he says, “Don’t make that face, Morofushi-kun.” He squeezes him on the arm lightly, “I said I’m giving you a chance, didn’t I?”


    They finally get to drink the tea.

    “I want to ask a favor,” Akai says. “Kudo Shinichi-kun has been advising me on how to handle the situation, and considering how he seems bored before he busied himself with solving my relationship problem, would you mind if we keep quiet about how we have made up?”

    “Sure,” Morofushi says. “I assume you want me to keep this away from Zero too, then?”

    “That would be preferable,” Akai agrees.

    “Zero’s probably going to come up with some plan,” Morofushi warns.

    “I’m expecting that,” Akai assures him. “And the Boy is almost definitely expecting that, too.”

    He laughs. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.”


    Before Akai leaves, Morofushi says, “Thanks again for coming to find me today.”

    “As I said,” Akai pulls him into an embrace. “I’ve really missed you.”

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  • soy-celeste
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Help. I’m going on a date date and I forgot how to flirt.

    #I’m going to see a fútbol tournament final for some minor league my date has coached this season #he wants to show me what he’s done with these kids I guess? #we are picnicking after which should be fun #which I find sweet in its own way? #but i don’t know yet how I feel about him #i think I’m going to pay more attention to whether I like him #instead of trying to be agreeable
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  • sarcasticqueerblob
    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Yogurt Headcanon Time :D

    So what if the only reason why Yogurt is a leash kid is because he's adventurous and likes the outside (much like his father) and will literally put anything he can fit inside his mouth to taste (much like the npc minecraft foxes). This causes Fundy to leash his kid because he doesn't really wanna lock his kid from the outside world (vietnam flashbacks to his own sheltered childhood) but still wants to keep an eye on him without the initial panic of his son going missing

    #Yogurt Soot #fundy has a son #dad fundy #i still dont know what yogurts last name is gonna be #how do i tag #fundy#mcyt headcanons
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