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  • slave-of-the-obelias
    19.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    I've always wondered about Claude's POV everytime Athy got in danger and now that Spoon gave it to us, I only have one thing to say...

    I am definitely... definitely not okay 😭

    Look at his eyes, look at how desperate he was... Claude loved Athy and it will always be that way.

    #thank u spoon for giving us claude pov #sorry imma spam the tag a bit more lmaooo #but srsly im crying rn #who made me a princess #suddenly became a princess one day #wmmap spoiler#wmmap 102#manhwa
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  • fallenkingdomtoearthworms
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Local Man Descends Into Madness Trying To Herd Village Residents, Witnesses Say It Was "Very Entertaining" And "Just Like EastEnders"

    #hermitcraft lb #im crying this is so funny
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  • hatasport
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    I got the sweetest card from my brother i miss him so much

    #ulta gift card too 👀 #i miss him sm rn im crying
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  • marwankenzarisgaylittleearring
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    NEW HEADCANON yusuf “joe” al-kaysani, like griffin mcelroy before him, delineates time by how often he could listen to carly rae jepsen’s hit album e•mo•tion within said stretch of time

    #i simply think joe should listen to poppy love songs and i can't help being right about it <3 #nile finding joe listening to love again and crying: joe you've been married for like 900 years you're gonna be ok bestie #he has big feelings. im also in love with him. in case u were wondering.
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  • leafyychu
    19.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    so im working at build a bear now and i had a dream last night where i just went FUCK at work really loud for absolutely no goddamn reason

    #it was in a sentence but i cant remember the rest of the sentence #i swear if this is one of my psychic dreams im gonna cry
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  • no-mercy-bby
    19.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I just love mood swings so much.

    #bby rambles #haaa im crying #so much #and my family wont leave me alone #ugh
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  • jumpthensfall
    19.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    me trying not to cry while listening to folklore in the car on the way back from getting my folklore tattoo because the album means so much to me??? more likely than u think!

    #my words* #im gonna CRY
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  • iamanarrogantsonofabitch
    19.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Zouis appreciation post (Becuase I miss them)

    Just casually showing off their matching tattoo (Wish I could get one.)

    Zayn kissing Louis (I would too)

    Them just existing. (and me having a break down over it.)

    Just randomly hugging (AHH I LOVE THEM!!! 😭)

    Zayn just being whipped-

    End of thread.

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  • paxpengvina
    19.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    HELLO???????????? HELLO.??????$?$?


    #☂️ meant for each other | oswald #IDK WHAT TO SAY I JUTS????? #this is adorable im gonna cry
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  • dragonofdojima
    19.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRYU-CHAN! // Still accepting!

    @oathbrother​​ said: squinting up at his bro, all nishiki could do was chuckle— an arm being slung around kiryu’s shoulders as nishiki just smiles, “ happy birthday, old man. can’t believe you’re seeing another day. ” 😭‼️

       HE WOULD BE THE ONE to eventually break away from this little staring contest of theirs, having almost too readily returned the other’s squint with a befuddled narrow of his own eyes. Having truly wondered what had caught the other’s eye to bring on such a look from him... only for him to give a snort and a light roll of his eyes ofdisbelief, as those normally intimidating looking features finally began softening. As an oddly boyish little grin and a quirk of a thick brow was directed back at this sworn brother, such mien would only ever truly occur around he whom he had always viewed as a close friend, if not family.

       Easily leaning into the other’s embrace then and following his lead, teasing was to be expected by this point from the other. And before he could even stop himself, so would that simple little indignant “Oi.” escape past his own lips. As he watched the other’s own smile widen expectantly in return, something that would of course only lead into more teasing on the other’s parts. As Kiryu himself would always so fall so easily into these traps, offering him even more material to work with, with each passing moment.

       And yet, to be called an OLD MAN of all things... was just ridiculous. One that would cause Kiryu to briefly shake his head, as they carried on towards their destination for that day. Seeing as he and Nishiki were still very much young men that have their WHOLE LIVES ahead of them. And maybe they were a just a little less wide-eyed than before, when compared to those few years back. But this was after all still very much the BEGINNING when it came to the path that they have chosen for themselves. With many plans in mind, big dreams-- there he to admit, as they would stand SIDE-BY-SIDE. While they would work hard to make it the very top itself. Standing their ground, from the very day they had refused to turn right back-- as Kazama had so demanded them to.

       Do orphans not get to dream?

       This was a dangerous world to which they had chosen to enter. But one to which they felt was the only world to which they belonged in. One where they would be able to make something out of themselves, and to someday be just like the man they would owe their ENTIRE LIVES to. A world that this young brawler of a yakuza would fight TOOTH and NAIL for, especially when knowing that he wouldn’t ever be doing it alone.

       “Yeah, yeah... and it’s all thanks to you.” 

       Ever the voice of reason, Nishiki had always been the man with the vision. The very one that had made their dreams much grander, as the path was set out before the two of them. And it was for those reasons (And several others) that Kiryu himself was more than glad to stand readily by the side with the other, FISTS AT THE READY. 

       “Heh... you’ll always be there to set me straight, huh?”

       A wizened gaze would be greeted by the sight of the gentle sunset itself, as the ex-yakuza would take in another breath of the salty sea breeze that would gently brush past them. Watching as the crystal clear seas continued lapping away at the warm powdery sand, that have since lightly snuggled themselves in between their very toes. A sensation to which they might have humorously complained about, several decades back. But one to which was almost welcoming-- especially for these ageing, tired bodies of theirs. One of many things to which Kiryu himself had never truly appreciated-- until everything itself had nearly been taken away from him.

       And so would his gaze cast itself over to the man beside him, who was very much doing the same in embracing what would be offered to them on this day. With skin just as sun-kissed as his own, those scars that would cover his body almost seemed to fade into the warm light cast by the setting sun itself.

       It had been a long road to recovery, but once more-- as they would continue to remain beside one another-- so would they eventually get there. As Nishiki was now able to stand once more on his own two feet, perhaps it was almost childish in the eyes of others-- as these two middle aged men would relish in the soft sand beneath their feet. As they took a walk down the beach itself, before it was time to head on back for his little birthday dinner celebration. One that Haruka and the other orphans have been planning all week just for their caretaker. Having readily chased these two old men out of the orphanage (Demanding that they go get some fresh air first)-- so that they could finish getting it all prepared.

       The nostalgia behind those words would make itself known through a soft twinkle within dark eyes themselves. From the sheer familiarity of it all, even when it came to that very expression directed at him by the other then. All to which he had thought were left so far behind them... so many years ago.

       Though instead of huffing out his indignation, so would Kiryu himself chuckle gently, before reaching his own arm out to the other. Slinging it around the man’s shoulders, but still bearing caution when it came to his presently frail state. Something that would surprise the other, as he had always been the one to instigate such a thing, after all.

       “And here’s hoping that there will be plenty more to come.”

       For the both of us, brother.

    #(BROOOO 🥺) #(TYSM FOR SENDING THIS FLORA <333) #(BUT WHAT IF) #(NISHIKI LIVES IN THIS AND IM NOW cRYING OVER HERE AUEHWAUE) #oathbrother #堂島 Yakuza 0 Verse の龍 #真島 Yakuza 3 Verse 吾朗 #堂島 Asks の龍
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  • justyoureverydaylobster
    19.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    A list of things that have made me cry so far today (it is 9 am):

    -Old dogs

    -my dog

    -seniors get to go to college for $10 a credit at Minnesota State University and I still gotta be in debit in the future

    -I got a new pair of bootcut jeans that fit me

    #im crying#dogs#dogsarethebest #i love my dog so much #college #minnesota state university #MSU
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  • kvgehiras
    19.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago
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  • pointofviiew
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


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  • taeilmeyourw1sh
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    so this is my life now... gotten to the point where i constantly feel either overstimulated or understimulated but never in some state of normalcy. im either so over that every little noise has me pissed off or so under i just can't fucking stay still...... so fuck it, just bought my first fidget cube and i hope it helps any. noticed today that if im not doing my usual multitasking bc i wanna rly pay attention to whatever show im watching or whatnot that i just kept playing with shit so im like... well don't you go breaking the buttons on your phone just fucking go buy a rubiks or squish or smth to play with ffs...... and then it hit me. like DUH fidget toys were invented for a reason. i always had those water slinky things or play dough or floam or those lil chinese paper toys you trap your fingers in when i was a kid.. and it wasn't until i stopped messing with all of those as an adult that i realized i always had some sort of stimulation nearby.... makes sense as to why i loved just painting all over myself or watching stim videos and just assuming i liked the aesthetic... but the fact that im constantly like "if im not doing at least 3 things at once rn I WILL DIE" makes so much fucking sense as to why my (now former) therapist was adamant about me getting checked for adhd...... as if me playing on twos separate game systems at the same time since i was little and getting called out for the incentive incessant pen clicking or doodling weren't a big ol red flags i avoided for ages on end..... i got shoved into gifted bc i was great at multitasking and then everything else just got ignored bc i was doing so so great.. until one day i wasn't. but by that point it was just "oh you former gifted kids are always so lazy" ...like bruh it's the burnout but also it's the not being used to anything anymore bc this shit is hella overdiagnosed medically but hardly gets diagnosed in women until "real problems" hit in adulthood..... sorry for the vent/rant yall im just... constantly struggling in some way or another with my mental health but all of this online schooling stuff has just been so fucking hard to get anything done. and im about to start my summer term so im like.. fuckin losin it. sorry for this and thank you or have a great day and all of that good stuff. take care yall. <3 my fidget bitch could not get here sooner

    #long post #? #vent/rant#delete later #the struggles ™️ #also i know i should've gone to the dentist at the beginning of the year but i fucking didnt bc i hate going and i was terrified #and now my tooth is hurting again petty bad and I'm like THIS close to a fuckong oanicattack bc ithate it fifxukgong ifuckinga hate it #im so sick and tired of this fear and the pain and i hate teeth i hate all of it i hate food and bothering with any of thisshit #and spending forever in pain bc of fuckfj cavities and teetj and i just wanna cry and screeram and not deal eithany of outiy!!! #Uuaaqqh!^!^@^
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  • lwiamatka
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    @torntruth​​, for cerys. 

                             crach was dead. crach an craite, her beloved husband’s nephew. he died, believing she was dead, hungering to avenge both her and eist tuirseach. she wished she could have made him aware of her survival earlier, much earlier… was she truly the lioness of cintra anymore, deserving of the title? she’s earned that title, fighting her battles and winning them. to hide behind a fake name, a fake identity… she felt like a rat, not a lion.

                            the trip to skellige was long, and she spent it contemplating. asking herself, why didn’t she choose to visit the islands sooner… maybe if she did, she wouldn’t have to visit crach’s grave now. the man of honor and duty, the man who, together with his children, once called her mother.

                            but she never did gather the courage. how silly it was, that people had once believed her heart to know no fear. and yet to visit her husband’s grave and her own cenotaph, she was too fearful for so long... not anymore. 

                            entering the crypt where king eist was buried, she held her breath. the place of memory that the people of skellig prpared for their ard rhena, for her... it was a glorious monument indeed. and she just stood there, staring, speachless. 

    #torntruth #hi im gonna cry about that #// verse: awaken what lays dormant.
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  • robintora
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    no but can my family understand i cant distract myself from my trauma by studies lol i need therapy

    #and my dreams lately have been proving the case #sucks cuz i cant talk about the dreams in detail w. anybody without crying #and i rlly hate crying😀 #anyway#trauma tw#not choices #im not able to study rn im tired mentally
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  • psykinetic
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Where the hell is all my stuff?  WHY AM I OUT IN THE STREETS?”  ( Again! )

    #PSYSTEP  ❮   ic   ❯ #im laugh-crying add is no longer in the housing list #don't make him homeless again
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  • acrosstobear
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    MICK SCHUMACHER crashes in Q1 at the 2021 French GP

    #f1#formula 1#mick schumacher#haas #french gp 2021 #I WANT YOU TO KNOW IM FUCKING CRYING OK
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  • mikecrewbeloved
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #thanks for checking up on me tho anon <3 #jsfdjdgjsvdndvskhfndbfmf #i am good. i may be blocking out other emotions #but other than that im doing fine!! #not crying yet!! thats a good sign!! #ask
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  • checkerdancee
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    When body dysmorphia makes you cancel ur plans

    #vent#anorexcya#anorixic#an0rex1a#anereksia#edtumbrl#anorektyczki#anorexic#anorexia#eating disorder #im gonna fucking cry lol kms #(im not rly kms im just exaggerating)
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