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  • the postal dude seems like the kinda guy to be upset abt having to get out of bed to piss so he just pisses himself :/

    #postal 2 #the postal dude #postal (game) #this is making me lose my shit in class #im sorry
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    False alam it was not a hand choking post but it was that one tiktok post that I said that I got belphie vibes from but still I should have put a trigger warning for manipulation. Even if It didn’t scare anyone I will now put trigger warnings on my post which I should’ve done from the start. Like come on I read fanfic with trigger warnings I should’ve known better to put some as well.

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  • Im a failure to me to my parents to my friends and to my future self.

    i just dont do anything right. my sister is better than me in every way: she’s prettier, smarter, talkative and extroverted, she talks to people and i dont, my parents love her and she is the favorite. I know it so well.

    Every day I do the chores, I respect my mom and do what she tells me to do. I make my food.

    My mom makes my sisters food, lets her sleep as much as she wants while i do everything…and at the end of EVERY DAY guess what: im the bad stupid useless ugly dumb full-of-failure kid. I dont even have the right to have feelings or cry secretely. nope.

    i just wonder you know, why am i alive.

    #sad boi hours #im sorry#sad quotes#i'm sad #im a dumbass #im a failure #traumacore#sadcore
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  • I feel sick to my stomach… 

    I’m in the middle of my zoom class… 

    I feel like shit…. 

    I think I’m about to have a breakdown in the middle of class

    nonono i just need to hide it


    my teacher’s probably gonna call me out on not doing work

    im sorry i cant focus i cant function im sorry im not ok im sorry

    #tw meltdown#tw repition #ask to tag #im sorry #im really sorry #pls dont call me out again im sorry #tw swearing#tw teachers #im trying not to cry im sorry
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  • You are need a husband like this.

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    even tho @strayznet is a closed network, i opened up the discord server to whoever wants to join! its p much just a stray kids network, so if you’re a stay, feel free to join!

    back at it again with my stay taglist @peachyhan @yanjeongs @angeliicmin @softforqiankun @binniebutter @beomiebear5 @mellowriting @minghaoist

    #dont yell at me for the @ #im sorry#stray kids#skz #stray kids net #skz net#discord #stray kids discord #skz discord
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  • I only need one last goodbye and I’ll let you go…

    ~Rest in peace~

    #pain in my heart #you don’t understand #i give up #self harrrm #sorry for this #sorry for being depressing #i am so done #im sorry#sorry#dead inside #i deserve this #tw depressing stuff #im numb #i deserve to be alone #i’ll miss you #i miss you #sadnees#sad news#funeral #rest in peace #rest in love #i’ll always be there #depressing quotes#quotes#text post#text
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  • thought y’all would appreciate this from my most recent wip

    or: fundy deserves better but he’s not getting it in this lmaoooooo

    #im sorry #okay well im not but it is very funny #i nearly called this 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and that makes me worried' #but i didnt in favour of the cooler more poetic option #if making memes out of angst was a crime i would have a life sentence #okay actual tags now lmao #fundy#itsfundy#yipblr #HEY LOOK I LEARNT THE OFFICIAL TAG FOR FUNDY WOOOO #also im listening to mellohi on loop while writing im so sorry its gonna be s a d #dream smp fundy #oh crap i actually forgot this was set in the dream smp lmao i built an entire world promptly just. forgot where it was. #wilbur#wilbur soot #dream smp wilbur #dream smp#fundy fanfic #dream smp fanfiction #:) guys im so sorry #oh crap i just realised i swore in the wip there goes my streak of not swearing on here oh god
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  • i just dont get how you could do it

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  • my question today is:

    do they really hate me or am i just overthinking?

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  • does anyone else just not have a sense of self? its like i am just going through the motions of my day to day life,, it doesn’t feel like anything is changing until the changes already happen? suddenly i am a senior. suddenly I’m accepted into college on an honors program?? when did i have good enough grades for honors?? i have a 3.63 GPA, in America 3.0-3.5 is considered good..so for me to have above the standard is astounding to me. i don’t remember doing well in school to get this. I look back to see all A’s and B’s on my transcript but all i can remember is failing hundreds of assignments. i remember crying to my math teacher, i remember pulling all nighters to finish English assignments, i remember skipping school and just ditching assignments because i felt like it. when did i do well enough to be above average, let alone good?? i feel like i dont deserve the good grades that i have, but obviously i do because they got on my transcript SOMEHOW..i had to have worked for them.. but i just dont remember how. it feels like im cheating someone else out of their grades or that i am invalidating someone elses hard work because i feel like i didnt work hard enough for it like they did. 

    to make this even worse i got accepted to a college with some merit scholarships. i have $225,000 in scholarships for this college, all based on my grades. what?? thats insane?? thats nearly 4 years of tuition paid in full. i should be over the moon about this but it just feels,,, wrong? it feels like i dont deserve it. i should be giving it to someone else or the college made a huge mistake and accidently sent it to the wrong person? how could i of all people deserve that much money? it feels like ive done something horribly wrong. i feel like i cant tell this to anyone because they will think im trying to brag or something when i feel terrible about this whole situation. this is so stressful but i feel like i hve no right to be stressed out because i am in a much better situation than many other kids my age are.. i have good grade, and have nearly a full ride to college yet i am complaining?? i have the audacity to get stressed out over too much money when so many others have so little?? am i a horrible person for this??? god i wish i didnt exist i wish you didnt have to pay for schooling i wish everyone had the same opportunities i wish i could remember my own life i wish i wasnt numb for the last four years i wish i could actually enjoy when i am given something i wish i wasnt so guilty for things i have no control over i wish i could take pride in my own work.. 

    #college#school#high school #what to do after high school #im stressed out #school sucks #who even am i #this isnt real #i am not real #time isnt real #time is not real #guilt#guilty#textpost#shitpost#rant#shut up#im sorry#anxiety#numb#scholarships#money#gen z #im sorry i have a bad memory
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  • image

    Really accurate 😭 haha

    #idk why is this so funny #im sorry
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  • #im so weird #im sorry #series: red rising #sevro au barca #ask mustangdelicate
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  • one day i told my mom that the sole thing of imagining myself talking with people or just one person made me already super nervous and i was telling her the truth i had always been like this but she just looks at me like i’m talking crazy shit, like , no mom this is real why u lookin at me like that i-

    #im sorry #i always write these things #boring things about my life #no one cares #but i have no therapist right now #i have no one to talk about things #and i don't remember those things quickly #cause my brain goes blank when someone asks me about things directly #as if just forgot everything about me #life #what goes around me #everything#so yea#ok bye
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  • Bea and Nigel when Nick’s out of the house:

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  • I have never read the Harry Potter books or watched the movies and don’t know anything about them, so here are my best descriptions of what I know. I hope this is the right order.

    Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone - It has mixed titles and I think one of them is correct but I have no clue. I think that’s the one with “Yer a wizard, Harry”. There is a fancy stone I’m guessing? And there is a hat.

    Chamber of Secrets - I think someone writes something in blood on a wall or something. Is this the one with a guy with a face in the back of his head? And a book. There is something about a book. 

    Drinking thing of fire - Can’t remember what it’s called. There is a world cup or something, Harry participates in soccer. OH and Edward from Twilight is in it

    Prison of Asskabin - There’s a sketchy fellow who is a criminal but he is also someone else I think. He has a name, but I don’t know who he is. Um something to do with a color. I don’t know what. I want to say blue because that seems like a wizard color.

    Half-breed prince - I guess there’s a prince? Who is a human and wizard? Or something like that. Harry and Emma Watson go back in time or something. Ronald throws a hissy fit. Is the guy without the nose, Voldemort I think, and he’s Harry’s father right? That’s why Harry is the half-breed prince. Other Gandalf dies.

    Deadly Hallows - This is the only title I am actually sure of. People die I’m guessing. But I think the main three all survive so who else dies? Harry’s father, Voldemort? Probably because he’s a demon. Emma Watson and Ronald finally kiss I think. 

    I literally don’t know anything about this series or many other popular series so I’ll do this again.

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  • image

    @tomatoconqueror bug cheeks 😳

    #kotal kahn#cheeked 🆙#im sorry #click for higher butt resolution
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