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    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    west indians of flatbush new york

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    14.06.2021 - 3 days ago
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    14.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    i feel like there exists a very weird perception to some ppl that you can only enjoy media, food, anything from another culture if you are apart of that culture but then there ALSO exists a camp of ppl that consume things from a culture other than their own and then impose their own values onto that work and just Jfjfjvjvjfjdjs nuance just DOESNT EXIST TO SOME PPL like some ppl rlly do just treat other cultures as genres rather than a Culture like (_(-+&)#)#;'!'($(#)@(

    #like all my moms friends joking that my mom has a secret affair with an east asian or sea man and thats ehy i think the things i do BUT THEN #WHITE PPL THAT IMPOSE THEIR WESTERN VALUES ON WORKS NIT MADE BY WESTERNS LIKE #where does it enddddd and then the... if i try to connect with things from My Culture that im alienated frim i ALSO feel weird abt it bc im #like hispanic and south asian but not rlly bc i wad raised white but not bc me and my family can never Be White bc we just arent... youve #Seen me... im nit but also like im SO Diaconnected from my culture that like why bither and im not familiar with anything except my own #unique brand of alienated diaspora mixed kid culture and MAKE IT STOP #but also if like belizean culture ever went mainstream i Genuinely dont kniw how id act like id snipe white ppl talking abt my culutre on #sight like leave it aloneeee but that wont happen but im not fully belizean but i am but u Cant Be belizean bc thats a colony #ethnically im hispanic (native and mestizo but colonized so idk shit) and indian (likely..no records exist we think my great x3 grandparent #lived in calcutta area according to my mom) and its just ALL SO wow #and like ppl thinking im sea and like... im nit but its dooo common and like ALIENATION ALWAYS #english shouldnt be my first language and yet its all ik.. im going thru it #im fine tho.. give me a minute #🐌.txt #ask to tag
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  • conspiratorialcloud
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Here’s what I remember

    White horse, white horse, what have you done

    and where have you brought me

    this land of no sun?

    Memories bad or bittersweet folded into fabrics

    traveled across oceans with me, eaten by moths

    bellies swollen and cut through with threads

    wound by dead fingers, mother’s? Maybe

    What does my mother’s face look like?

    What does a mother make? Babies

    Where are they gone?

    White horse, white horse, where have you gone

    and left me, in a land with sky as white as you

    and milk as thin as the skin on my hands

    and where am I and where are you?

    #it’s my cringe blog and i get to post my escapril poems on it #poetry#writing #bad poems written for fun #heritage#dementia#spilt ink#spilt poetry#grandma#grandmothers#indian diaspora#rupi kaur#my writing
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  • aditiagarwal2421
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    While the Bharatiya Janata Party most popular party among the Indian diaspora in the United States

    while the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) is the most famous Indian political celebration a few of the Indian diaspora within the US, a majority is crucial of presidency rules in spite of showing normal robust guide for the u . s . a ., in keeping with a study.

    Thirty-two in keeping with cent of Indian-people surveyed said they diagnosed carefully with the BJP and most effective 12 according to cent with the Congress birthday party, the look at reported.

    but 40 in step with cent of these inside the survey said they did now not sense near any Indian political party.

    usual, however, those closely figuring out with a celebration aside from the BJP is 28 consistent with cent, if the supporters of the Congress and other smaller events are brought up, consistent with the 2020 Indian American Attitudes Survey (IAAS) posted by way of the Carnegie Endowment for international Peace in affiliation with Johns Hopkins university and university of Pennsylvania.

    The survey of 1,200 Indian-individuals -- a broad category inside the look at masking each US citizens in addition to non-citizens -- turned into performed in September last yr with the aid of YouGov and the evaluation with the aid of a collection of specialists become posted on Wednesday.

    in step with US Census network Survey there are four.2 million Indian-americans, the examine stated.

    Of them, 2.6 million are US residents, 1.2 million born in the US and 1.four who took up citizenship after immigrating, and 42 in step with cent of them have foreign places Citizenship of India, the examine stated.

    The look at stated that greater than 3-quarters of Indian people place a excessive value on their 'Indian-ness'.

    Seventy-five in keeping with cent of Indian-individuals said that they have been "pro-India", however their attitudes to the Indian government numerous sharply with fifty eight according to cent important of the authorities to a few diploma.

    only 17 in step with cent diagnosed themselves as additionally being "seasoned-authorities", at the same time as 35 in keeping with cent have been important of a number of the government's rules, and 23 consistent with cent crucial of most of the government policies.

    according to the survey, 49 according to cent of Indian-americans rated prime Minister Narendra Modi's overall performance favourably, with 35 in line with cent giving strong approval.

    but 31 per cent disapproved of his document, with 22 in line with cent expressing robust disapproval.

    evaluating how warmly the survey participants rated Indian establishments and leaders, the study came up with a "mean thermometer rating" primarily based on a scale of favourable attitudes (now not possibilities) pronounced.

    Modi got 58, the BJP 57, the Rashtriya Swyam Sewak Sangh 46, and the Congress party 44; Rahul Gandhi lags at 38.

    amongst Republican Indian-individuals, Modi obtained a better "thermometer rating" 71, as opposed to 55 among Democrats, even as Gandhi were given more warm temperature from Democrats with a 42 score but 31 amongst Republicans, the have a look at stated.

    US President Joe Biden and his Democratic birthday celebration get a rating of sixty four, whilst vice president Kamala Harris, who's of Indian-American descent, gets sixty three.

    The have a look at noted that typical the "thermometer score" for the Republican birthday party at 42 and for former President Donald Trump at 37 nearly parallel the rankings for the Congress celebration and Gandhi.

    The survey located "hanging" occupational variations in the support for Modi: sixty one according to cent of engineers and pc scientists returned him, while the help falls to forty eight in line with cent among others.

    In comparison to the attitudes to Modi for my part, more Indian-americans, 39 in keeping with cent, consider that India is on the incorrect track, even as 36 according to cent stated it's miles on the right song, in keeping with the take a look at.

    US-born Indian-American immigrants showed a more terrible view of India, with 44 per cent pronouncing it changed into on the wrong song, even as 26 according to cent who have been immigrants shared the view.

    however the have a look at determined a huge comparison in the attitude to america within the survey performed before the usa elections, and the modern COVID-19 surge: sixty seven according to cent reported that america is on the wrong track, whilst simply 33 per cent believed it's far on the right tune.

    Corruption changed into ranked through the Indian-americans surveyed as the top trouble for India with 18 in line with cent listing it and the economy came subsequent with 15 in step with cent naming it.

    Ten consistent with cent ranked "non secular majoritarianism" because the us of a's maximum vital undertaking, according to the study.

    Terrorism and China have been every ranked because the top trouble by way of seven in line with cent of the respondents.

    Indian-americans confirmed a liberal bent on many troubles.

    A majority of Indian-people surveyed, sixty nine according to cent, stated they antagonistic using sedition and defamation laws to silence journalists essential of Modi.

    The countrywide sign in of citizens, which is to become aware of "non-citizens", become adverse with the aid of 55 in line with cent of the respondents.

    aid for and opposition to the Citizenship modification Act, which prioritises citizenship for Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Sikhs fleeing persecution in neighbouring Islamic or Muslim majority international locations, become almost calmly divided, with fifty one in keeping with cent of these surveyed opposing it and 49 per cent supporting it.

    however 65 in line with cent hostile using police pressure towards the ones peacefully protesting the regulation.

    Fifty-three in line with cent of Indian-individuals surveyed said that "Hindu majoritarianis" is a danger to minorities in Indian, but 73 per cent stated that "white supremacy" is a chance to minorities in the US.

    nearly half of the Indian-individuals surveyed stated that that they had suffered discrimination within the preceding 12 months, but there was a contrast between the primary era and 2d generations.

    amongst Indian-people who had immigrated to america, fifty nine according to cent said that they'd not faced discrimination, but best 36 per cent born in the US denied strolling up in opposition to discrimination within the past 12 months.

    Explaining the difference, the take a look at said: "There are a number of conceivable reasons why US-born Indian individuals would possibly report more discrimination, inclusive of variations in social norms, greater cognizance of discriminatory practices, or much less fear of retaliation."

    In a image of the community, the observe said that the very best percentage of those surveyed, 14 in line with cent, claimed Gujarat as their domestic kingdom in India; Maharashtra observed with 12 according to cent, (undivided) Andhra Pradesh at 10 consistent with cent and Tamil Nadu at 9 according to cent.

    Hindi at 19 in keeping with cent is the maximum famous language observed by Gujarati at 14 according to cent, Telugu at 10 in step with cent, Tamil at nine according to cent and Bengali and Punjabi at 7 in step with cent every.

    of those surveyed, 54 in step with cent are Hindus, 9 in keeping with cent religiously unaffiliated, three in keeping with cent atheists, four per cent agnostics, 13 in keeping with cent Muslims and eleven according to cent Christians.

    of those over 25 years, 79 in line with cent have a college diploma and 40 in keeping with cent have post-graduate ranges. Fifty- in line with cent of them completed their training inside the US.

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  • janchowk
    10.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    'राउडी मोदी' और 'नमस्ते ट्रंप' के बावजूद हर दूसरे अमेरिकी भारतीय को होना पड़ता है नस्लीय भेदभाव का शिकार

    ‘राउडी मोदी’ और ‘नमस्ते ट्रंप’ के बावजूद हर दूसरे अमेरिकी भारतीय को होना पड़ता है नस्लीय भेदभाव का शिकार

    ‘राउडी मोदी’ और ‘नमस्ते ट्रम्प’ जैसे बहुप्रचारित और बहुखर्चित कार्यक्रमों और और पूर्व राष्ट्रपति बराक हुसैन ओबामा से नरेंद्र मोदी की तू-तड़ाक वाली यारी से मोदी की अपनी ब्रांडिंग और पैकेजिंग में भले ही फायदा हुआ लेकिन अमेरिका में रह रहे भारतीय मूल के नागरिकों को पिछले एक साल में भेदभाव का शिकार होना पड़ा है। ‘भारतीय-अमेरिकियों की सामाजिक वास्तविकता’ नामक शीर्षक से 09 जून बुधवार को रिलीज हुए एक…

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  • thedesipoet
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Drawing class ,fading mehndi , nazar and mala on my wrist

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  • thedesipoet
    06.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Just felt inspired so...

    Desi dark academia

    As diaspora in Portugal

    Loving to listen to your nani stories about her childhood And how she met your nana but realizing how fast your family has become westernized

    Loving the smell of the spices everytime you open your kitchen cabinet And the fusion between portuguese And indian cooking

    Buying books and more books that you see in the grocery store or little old shops around the city

    Taking pictures of the architeture and the little tight roads you come across in Porto

    Meeting your mom And going together to buy jhumka and henna cones

    Loving the buy aloo samosas and parle g from your local indian grocery store

    Loving to study Memorial Do Convento in portuguese class And loving to highlight important phrases

    Wearing a choli And party jhumka for your grad pic

    Dancing while listening to classical indian music at midnight

    Wearing a bindi and your hair in a braid And jhumka everyday

    Dreaming to celebrate diwali in homeland

    Drinking chai And haldi doodh, they are your favorite drinks

    Writing poetry everytime you want to vent or when you have a random thought at midnight

    Listening to podcasts about indian culture bc you are so far away and you feel closer as more as you learn

    Lightning diyas in christmas with maa for world peace

    These are somethings based on my own life And experience as diaspora here in Portugal :3

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  • thedesipoet
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I love how the silk shines

    How the flowers are woven

    On the border or my saree

    Its crazy to think how i refused it

    How i refused what goes in my veins

    To please a society

    Where my birth is already a sin

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  • thedesipoet
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Goa que tão longe estas

    Sempre serás minha

    Assim como eu sempre serei tua

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  • thedesipoet
    31.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    A minha avó a mim me contou

    Que lá na sua juventude usava branco nos funerais

    Onde está o branco ? Agora tudo se tornou preto

    Os meus ouvidos que daqueles lábios

    Palavras em Kannada e Português ouviram

    Onde está “ಶರಣು “ ? Agora só há português

    Oh como se perdeu tão rápido

    Tradições de milénios e milénios

    Ó Portugal colonizador

    Ó minha Índia que tão perdida e que tão longe estas

    Mas que mesmo assim és tão minha

    Como eu sou tua

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  • anaelrich
    29.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Hoe wij hier ook samen kwamen

    Hoe wij hier ook samen kwamen

    I often blog about the history and cultural experience of the African diaspora, and then specifically the African Surinamese diaspora. Since Suriname is an ethnic and cultural melting pot, there are however, several other diasporic communities. One of those communities is the Surinamese Indian diaspora or the Hindustani as we call them in Suriname. After slavery was officially abolished in 1863…

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  • glittertimes
    28.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I think I like anthro bc sociology is usually focused on social problems / constructs while anthro is about like culture and the world in general.

    I like sociology but I end up so depressed every quarter lol! So it's nice to have a class about monkeys, or food or something lol!

    #i'm taking a class on brazilian amazonian cultures in the summer #and a class on indian diaspora film in fall and they both sound really neat!! #personal
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  • thedesipoet
    26.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Oh Punjab

    What a complicated relationship i have with you

    I dont know if i avoid you

    Or if i hug you

    You do not run in my veins

    But almost you ran in my uterus

    Seed of life your son has tried to give me

    But he only achieved giving me thrauma

    Oh Punjab

    In your five rivers

    So Many life runs

    You are not mine

    I dont know if i avoid

    Or if i love you

    Your offspring have mistreated me

    Oh how did you raise them , Punjab ?

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  • thedesipoet
    26.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Life imitates art

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  • havatabanca
    25.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    the other windrush

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  • alatismeni-theitsa
    22.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Elisabet Avramidou Granlund, (Greek: Ελισάβετ Αβραμίδου Γκράνλουντ) known professionally as Elli AvrRam, is a Swedish Greek-Indian film actress and is now based in Mumbai, India. She is known for her Bollywood movie Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. AvrRam came to prominence after participating in the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss in 2013. Elli along with Aamir Khan had a special appearance in the Koi Jaane Naa movie song Har Funn Maula.

    #i am in the greco-indian mood today and it shows #Elli AvrRam#bollywood #Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon #indian film industry #greek diaspora#greek people #i am throwing some #salman khan #in for the clout xD
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  • chaaicoffee
    20.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Indians Helping India in Pandemic Second Wave

    Indians Helping India in Pandemic Second Wave

    The restaurant biz might have taken the harshest hit during the pandemic, but it still hasn’t bowed down. Indian restaurants around the world are helping India by raising funds to cope up with the lack of medical resources.    Covid-19’s Second Wave in India India has the second-largest population in the world and the pandemic’s second wave has hit us worse than ever. The private institutions do…

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