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  • chronomally
    23.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Those ads that slow your scrolling speed are the devil's work I refuse to buy from any company that makes me sit through their fucking ads anyway but I hope any company that purposefully makes you STOP and LOOK AT their ad burns to the ground

    #please feel free to ignore this #Wishing you a very go out of business and die #And that goes double for whoever came up with that idea in the first place
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  • flowerhusbands
    23.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    the idea of the spawn being bedrock and the only enchanter being on it gave me serious evo flashbacks.

    #the idea of scar stealing the enchanter too #angered the watchers?? #kinda like... a certain blond gremlin in evo #last life #do i need to spoiler tag now? its 1 day from the next session lmao
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  • honestscribe
    23.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    OTP Writing Prompt #15

    Your OTP finds a fairy ring. One of them steps in the middle and immediately disappears.

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  • wandavicky
    23.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    I feel like Yelena sometimes got mad about the bad people that she has to kill (I know a good assassin will know how to toss their personal feelings aside but just listen)

    or she just got angry when Tony/Clint etc is talking, so you teach her some ways to distract her anger at the moment, like writing a 'pause' on her palm that she can open her hand to see.

    Now picture a slightly grump pouting Yelena (because she doesn't want to admit this helps, it makes her feel like a 12 years old) taking a pen to you and ask you to write down the word on her palm everytime.

    Extras for you kissing her palm after writing it and now her pout has go away.

    #Yelena belova #yelena belova x reader #mine#idea#txt post #my baby needs some love
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  • acrosstobear
    23.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON we know he didn’t have the tattoo at Monza, but what happened in between Monza and today? the documentary was released............................ if he went and got matching tattoos with his family in honour of Michael............................... i will not be held responsible for how much i will sob

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  • hetanatural
    23.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    me looking at deltarune: you can make a couple of omori aus out of this

    #deltarune #thought of one with kris as sunny and asriel as mari #and one with noelle as sunny and dess as mari #in the first one the other characters are susie as aubrey berdly as kel ralsei as hero and noelle as basil #and the other one has susie as aubrey (again kdasjl it's too perfect i can't not do it) kris as kel asriel as hero and berdly as basil #idk i jus wanted to throw these out there in case anyone else likes the ideas
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  • thefieryphoenix
    23.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    THE MOONLIGHT MAN~ (A short Horror Story that I wrote)

    Hey folks, so I decided to write a horror story since I was feeling bored and it's called the Moonlight Man, and I think I must have been suffering from some sort of delusion or something since I know I can't write the horror genre even if my life depended on it and horror isn't my cup of tea. Actually I don't even know which genre this thing comes under, ah... what the heck, just read it for fun, sorry for blabbering too much and not posting often since I have exams coming up..... And hope you don't get too scared..... 😈😈

    Lack of sleep often makes people delirious doesn’t it? We always overthink about what’s happening in our surroundings and if that scenario will apply to us at some point in our lives. But is the fault always put on our unhealthy sleeping schedule? Work is also a factor that contributes to our nutty sleep schedule and that is what Silvia thought at the moment as she was returning home from work

    Her mind was pretty preoccupied with things such as deadlines, projects and how to manage her team, the usual thoughts for someone who works in an H.R Department. Pity she couldn’t enjoy the surroundings around her and bask in the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the sight of the full moon, which oh so happens to be rare. But how often is it that we take a break from our work? Not too much, we always think of chasing after money even though we have enough to probably fill a freaking mattress

    Silvia just had a hard day, her boss being the usual miserable sadist as he was gave her an unreasonable deadline and she couldn’t help but think what her life would be without her irritating and annoying boss. Maybe then she’d have a quiet and peaceful life

    It was 10:45 pm in the night and the reason Silvia was returning home so late was because her boss asked her to stay back late and go through some papers for potential candidates who could get enlisted in an upcoming project the company was going to be establishing. Silvia was supposed to be going home at 5:00 in the evening and here she was going home at 10:45 in the night. Another perfectly valid and good reason to hate her miserable sadist of a boss. Her hand was aching, her back was a bit sore from sitting on a chair for so long, her eyes were a bit bleary and red from staring at a computer for a prolonged period of time. She started wishing that maybe karma would do something good for her and ease her problems. Well, karma would be doing that to her, just…. Not in the way she expected

    She heard her phone beep and she fished her phone out of her pocket. ‘Hey girl, what’s up? Where even are you?’ ‘On my way bestie. Had dinner yet?’ Silvia texted her friend back. ‘Yeah, sorry I couldn’t wait. But there’s some leftover pasta in the fridge for you. I might be asleep though by the time you come back’ texted her roommate Jessica. Silvia didn’t bother replying since her phone was running out of charging and she put her phone in her pocket and continued to walk to her car. She hummed a little tune to herself and even though by no means was she a coward, she still couldn’t help but check around for any signs of danger. Suddenly she heard the sound of an umbrella hit the ground back of her. She didn’t think much of it since she thought it must be someone else going home late at night like her but it the sound kept repeating itself, whoever was hitting the umbrella tip on the ground was following a specific rhythm

    Silvia turned back abruptly and to her surprise she didn’t see anyone. She was confused but didn’t like what was going on. ‘Maybe I’m being the subject of a prank or something…..’ Silvia thought to herself and kept walking faster. She could hear that annoying hitting sound again and as she turned back again, this time however she saw someone with a raggedy brown looking long coat, with a hood covering his face. Silvia got freaked out and she had to admit, she was starting to feel a bit nervous. She didn’t know what that man had in mind but she knew one thing: She had to get to her car fast

    She tried walking fast and when she heard that tapping sound again, this time however she snapped and snarled “Okay, can you please doing that? I’d appreciate it!” but she might as well have said it to the plain air since the man wasn’t there anymore. Her eyes went wide and round as saucers and she felt her heart skip a beat. Someone was clearly playing tricks on her and she didn’t like it. She kept walking and then, in front of a streetlight she saw him standing with his umbrella in his hand and it appeared that he was looking at her, but she couldn’t exactly see his face since it was covered with his mask

    Silvia started running to her car and she thanked her lucky stars that her car was in a distance. She used her car key to unlock her car’s door but she stopped to scratch her neck and due to that her car key fell down on the ground. Silvia cursed under her breath and put her bag in her car but as she bent down to retrieve her keys, they disappeared. She couldn’t comprehend just what in the world was going on at the moment. How could something disappear just 2 seconds after she saw it? She was sure her eyes and mind were playing tricks on her and she was highly motivated to find her keys since that creepy man could still be there somewhere around and do god knows what to her

    She started searching for her keys here and there. She bent down under her car to search for her keys and she let out a frustrated huff and she got up. She was feeling confused and worried where her keys were and as she looked up, she saw the same creepy man standing in front of her, tapping his umbrella on the ground with his right hand and his left hand curling up into a fist slowly. Silvia decided to walk away from him, but she could feel his eyes and neck boring into her, penetrating into her body and she was feeling highly unsettled by the whole ordeal, especially when his neck was following her every movement

    “What do you want, leave me alone!” she shouted at him. The man did nothing but stare at her in his unsettling manner and that’s when she decided enough was enough and even though she didn’t find her keys and most possibly going to find them anytime soon but heck with it, she’d be much more safer in her car. She quickly shut her door and locked it from the inside, letting out a small sigh of relief knowing that nothing could harm her as long as she was in her car. But she was still feeling a bit nervous and she decided on calling her friend Jessica, asking her what to do about the situation at hand. But as she tried calling her, there was some interference in the signals so she couldn’t call her

    She didn’t understand what was going on, the signals were working just fine just a few minutes back. She ran her hands through her hair as the notification beeped that her phone’s charging had seeped to 5 percent. Her phone would switch off any moment now and she had no idea what to do. She looked up and the man had vanished again from the place he was standing at. She didn’t know where the man went but that didn’t mean she had to stop looking for him. She looked from the back of her car for a few seconds and looked front again, only to be met with the emptiness of her surroundings and the chirping of the night crickets

    Just then she saw the locks of her car go up, in other words, her car started getting unlocked. Silvia’s blood turned to ice and she let out a small yet audible gasp to no one in particular. She started hyperventilating by now at this point and with a futile attempt she tried to lock her doors again but failed

    She bent back on the seat to retrieve her phone but she was oblivious to the fact that the man was now standing in front of her car, slowly walking closer and closer. The man then ran his long fingernails alongside her car, tapping the ground with his umbrella softly and went to the back of her car, all of which went unnoticed by Silvia. Just then she heard another ‘Click’ indicating that the doors of the passenger seat was now unlocked and she was startled, as she put her hand on it trying to lock her door

    She again tried to set one of her hands to the other side of her door’s locks as she tried locking her door. She glanced at her rearview mirror and she was met with the sight of the man tapping his umbrella on her car’s trunk. She let out a choked sob and when she shut her eyes, praying and hoping against hope that the man would be gone, she opened her eyes and when she looked back again, he was gone

    ‘All right, enough is enough, time to confront the creep’ Silvia thought to herself and grabbed a torch light even though she knew it was useless, at least it was big enough to conk someone on the head and defend herself for even a single moment. She got out of her car armed with a big torch in her hand and she glared into the darkness of her surroundings, ready for whatever was going to be thrown at her. She looked around for a few minutes till she stepped on something and when she looked down, she saw her car keys

    ‘Strange… what is it doing here?’ she thought but shrugged to herself and picked it up nevertheless. She looked around a few more times and when she was about to return to her car, the car’s trunk slowly opened. Silvia stared at it puzzled and after it fully opened, she saw an umbrella in the trunk. She just stared at it looking confused, she most certainly did not remember putting anything in the back of her car, much less an umbrella. Before she could even reach the handle to close the trunk, unbeknown to her the man was standing right behind her as he grabbed her and shoved her inside the trunk of her own car and she let out a high pitched shriek of pure terror, fear evident in her eyes but she went quiet after a few minutes

    The man was done doing his business with her and shut the trunk of her car, and blended into the darkness, vaporizing into thin air like he’d never been there. Only the sound of chirping crickets could be heard, and if at all anyone came by the car, their first guess wouldn’t be that a woman was murdered in her own car….

    #horror#thriller #don't know what the heck I wrote #I'm sorry I know this sucked #No idea WTF I just wrote lol
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