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  • **** liked my last insta pic, crush back on

    #jessie's ramblings#tbd#crush tag #he didn't like the one before that though but he did like m***'s #so#idk #he doesn't talk to her btw. I know that lmao
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  • Apparently tubbo mentioned art from tumbkr or tumbkr artists idk


    You can see posts from Tumblr without having an account

    #idk if its relevant #but #yall remember he had the tumblr app but didnt why it was there? #maube he deiced to open it and see ehay was there #idk#im tired #i should nap gn
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  • image


    espresso ganache brownies with lil vanilla buttercream brains

    #homesick for halloween #cake art #did I have a tag for skeleton hand kitchen antics? #idk #the skeleton war #Im taking suggestions if u have any
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  • All these woman out here


    Us guy are out here being real with out


    Instead of talking with FRIENDS. Us men just watch


    Who needs real people when I can jack it to anime titties?

    #anime#video games#mental illness #This is a cry for help #follow me#follow #follow me? #I need external validation #I also need friends #But I'm not gonna ask tumblr for those #memes#funny#text#text post#meme#anime irl#me irl#IDK#re zero
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  • I just came out to my parents.. and soon the world.. this journey is going to be crazy

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  • my cause of death is going to be consumed by daydreams

    #mine #is it healthy to escape this much and for so long #idk #I’m always in my thoughts #buried far back in my mind dreaming of another life #of Many lives #many lives I would much rather take on as my own
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  • Im sorry guys im bored and maybe me posting about my real life soap opera is at least mildly entertaining to some of yall

    #or not #i might stop soon #idk
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  • A real conversation i had with my mother today

    Me: So, do you promise?

    My mom: NO!!! Because you never compromise in what you do!! So why SHOULD I promise, if you don’t keep yours!!!

    Me: So we won’t do it then?

    My mom: NO, WE WILL!!! Because I keep my promises!!

    #these people are insane #incorrect quotes #i think #idk #idk how to tag this #meme? idk #meme? #tumblr memes #use this if you want #meme#insane parents#r/insaneparents#my life #my family is driving me insane #but maybe i'm guilty somehow #idk what else to tag
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  • mn tumblr is echt zo'n mess maar tbh is dit echt al 100 jaar lang mn aller grootste safe space en ik kan me echt niet voorstellen dat ik deze site ooit ga verlaten #emo

    #vandaag is opzich wel een oke dag #gewoon omdat ik mn eerste vak heb gehaald #en ik mag of vak 1 of vak 2 herkansen #dus als 2 nu gewoon niet lukt heb ik wel nog iets meer ruimte voor herkansing wat de druk er een beetje vanaf haalt #(en ik ga nog steeds mijn best doen maar nu is gewoon niet het allerbeste moment want heel veel dingen going on dus concentratie is op 0) #maar deze hele week en vorige week en idk hoelang waren gewoon echt shit shit shit #en dan is het echt heerlijk om gewoon mindless eindeloos te scrollen op tumblr #en tbh ik praat liever tegen tumblr dan tegen andere mensen cuz no one knows me here #en tbh tbh tbh de enige persoon waar ik op dit moment graag mee praat is mn bestfriend but my guy has corona #en ook echt wel zwaar :\ #heb m nu al zo lang niet gezien en spreek m minder doordat ie gewoon echt te ziek is om zn telefoon te pakken #zn zus zei dat t niet super ernstig is maar idk still worried #en ik mis hem gewoon en nu echt al helemaal #also voel me ook alsof ik mn leven een soortvan verkeerd aan het doen ben en al helemaal door dit coronalockdown gedoe maarja maybe that's #idk #alsof ik niet alles eruit haal wat ik zou moeten
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  • why do i feel like erasing my whole existence?

    #its the seasonal depression #but like#kinda not #like whats the point of having social media to reach out to people but then not having friends and being ignored #i feel like im going into a spiral #like i see all my old hanging out #but they never mention me #or talk to me #and i doubt im ever on anyones mind #and i just feel so drained all the time #and its not fun #and why take up space if im not contributing to anyones life or really anything at all #i see so many people with all these well built relationships #and the longest ive ever held a friend ship is 2 years and even shes slowly stopped talking to me #and its not a nice feeling #feeling unwanted and unworthy and just overall bad #but im gonna shut up now #and maybe disappear for a while #idk#my post#delete later
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  • Boys be like “im.not gonna argue” and then proceed to argue

    #ughhh#guys #lets kill them all #idk
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  • You ever just want to throw everything away from you and turning off everything while needed to watch or listen to something.

    #tiny talking #like I want to throw my phone and sit in silence #but I also want to watch YouTube #like I'm so distraught(?) that I want to do nothing yet everything #aaaaaaa #its like you're too tired to go to sleep or do anything else #idk
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  • image

    Debating whether or not I should buy this bun. I don’t have experience with bunnies myself so I got to research and the breeder wants $300…. I heard they’re a lot of work which scares me 😂 obviously I’ll commit but like, people make it sound like bunnies are more work than my german shepherd…

    #not Zac related #idk #what y’all think
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  • Maybe this is a controversial way of thinking, but I’m not a particular fan of incest, or creator/creation dynamics where the creator is portrayed as a parental figure and the creation, even if they’re of age, is seen as that person’s child.

    It gives me the creeps.

    Like, I have nothing against “build-a-bitch” relationships where someone crafts a partner using occult magic or computer engineering etc. The intention is there; While it usually always ends up bad story wise, it’s strictly “I’m lonely and I want an ideal partner”.

    I dunno. It just feels dubious to me, and while I totally get that these dynamics are relatively harmless (because it’s fictional) there is something nagging me when I see an artist supporting that sort of thing. Like, there really is something to be said about relationships where someone is brought into creation and is raised from infancy to adulthood by a person solely to become their partner.

    It’s equally as creepy as monsters imprinting on children (looks at Soul Caliber and Twilight) and writers excusing it away with the convenience of “It only became romantic once they were of age”.

    It’s nasty imo. I don’t understand it, and frankly Mr.Shankly, I don’t ever want to.

    #vent #ray is having an opinion #mostly because I had to unfollow an artist I liked because of a ship they support #idk
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  • Instead of doomscrolling thru the news I now scroll through eBay trying to find the jacket that river phoenix wore in my own private idaho

    #I’ve wanted this jacket for soooo long #I’ve found some that are similar so #idk #help a girl out of you happen upon something
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  • How do you go about telling your partner that you have to be told that you’re wanted in order to stop overthinking/anxiety without it coming off needy and/or really stupid and ungrateful

    #idk #I think I need to be told if I’m wanted but I dont want it to seem like I’m begging for it because they show me that they want me around!!!! #I’m just stupid!!!!! #and overthink a lot #it’s gotten worse :(
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  • I can’t treat this link an anonymous journal thrown into the void of the internet anymore and make those personal posts bc I have too many people that know me irl following me

    #p#oops #that was a mistake #maybe#idk #I got some shit I wanna scream into the void #but I definitely can’t
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  • Furry Junior is gonna appear in the story and there’s no stopping it, uh maybe like Kane released a weird virus that gives people like a heightened animal like quality and it works on some people and others it doesn’t and like it worked on Junior to a point where it shouldn’t have, it got worse later on.

    And now there’s a huge furry werewolf boy scaring the shit outta people for fun and Silent is hanging out with Chuck when he goes in for the scare and gets his ass beat by Silent

    He’s taken to the base to get checked out and the whole time Texas and Silent are making fun of him and petting his fur

    “Oh my god he’s so fluffy.”

    “That’s lame, he turned into a puppy.”

    Maybe maybe not

    All I know is that the people who turned fully into an animal go batshit insane and start wrecking havoc and there’s a pissed off werewolf attacking people and shit :9

    #idk#fyrez rambles #silent x junior
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  • am I missing why using raise dead for vess isn’t being discussed? was there something in ep I missed?? because there is a solution to this problem. (given, always a chance it might not work, but presuming they can raise dead an npc there’s at least a shot????????) or was it just an agreement she’s better off dead lmao

    #they're well within time #idk #i was tired watching #so def possible i did miss something but i don't remember #or maybe because they know they'd be shit in a ritual for her #cr spoilers#critical role
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  • Some inner reflections are always very needed.


    #taoaam #i did another depressed one and i'm sorry #i shouldn't post but i'm gonna because i always post shit #anyway i'm having so much anxiety today and idk what to do to stop it and crying it out is not helping #i'll be here drawing another drawing for tomorrow so that maybe helps me stop thinking #idk #i'm just not feeling good at all
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