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  • trippedintoa-volcano
    26.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I sent excerpts from my textbook on fandom discourse analysis to a bunch of my mutuals and like half of you asked for more so I'm just gonna make a whole post

    @nic-takes-ls I bring you the goods

    Yes all of these are really in this textbook. Yes it really is a textbook. Yes I picked it out to read from the backroom of a used bookstore because linguistics my beloved

    So without further ado:

    From "An Introduction to Discourse Analysis" by James Paul Gee

    #ive only skimmed it so far but it already looks ridiculous #scribbles by trip #if you dont look too closely this looks very nice and aesthetic #language#fandom #someone remind me to add image ids when im not in the middle of classes #analysis#linguistics#writeblr#collage
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  • starbuck
    26.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    “Red book cover, red book cover.”

    You know the book that Flint’s reading in the fort cell in 4x05? The red one that resembles his beloved copy of Meditations? This one?

    It’s not Meditations. It’s The Pilgrim’s Progress…

    … which, for anyone unaware, is a famous Christian allegory written by Puritan preacher John Bunyan in the 1600s, which sets out a prescription for how one ought to seek and attain salvation from a Puritan perspective (the only correct one according to them).

    It stands in complete opposition to Thomas’ “know no shame” inscription in Meditations, encouraging its readers to feel ashamed about everything they do that might divert them from the straight and narrow. It also opposes Miranda’s assertion that “true love shouldn’t require suffering,” being very much on the “the truest form of love, love through suffering,” side of things.

    Which brings us to Flint. According to Miranda in 2x05, Flint’s being driven to fight against England is, in part, a result of his shame. She perceives this shame to be that which Civilization’s judgements have burdened him with but Flint himself suggests that his shame is also the result of guilt over having not tried to save Thomas when he had the chance.

    This is interesting because, though I do believe that Flint has largely made peace with himself by season four and has found a greater cause to fight for overall (which are not insignificant things, I want to be clear), it’s also true that he says to Silver in 4x04: “I think if [Thomas] knew how close we were to the victory he gave his life to achieve, he wouldn't want me to [give it up],” suggesting that Thomas’ death is still hanging over him in a way that’s honestly not that dissimilar to how he started out. There’s still a shame-based aspect to his desire to fight in the sense of “I can’t give up this war because Thomas (and now Miranda too) died for this.”

    All of this could easily be said to parallel the protagonist of The Pilgrim’s Progress being driven to undertake a perilous journey in order to rid himself of his burden of shame and finally find peace at the end of it all.

    According to the Puritan teachings espoused in the book, believing that you are inherently unclean and sinful is paramount to your salvation so, in other words, shame is good and necessary. As I said, this is the complete opposite of the Hamiltons’ beliefs, but it aligns pretty well with the ideas that Oglethorpe professes at the beginning of 4x10 about how “human debris” such as Thomas and Flint are “anathema to the Empire” and how they “must cease to be… to be able to find peace.”

    Plenty of people have pointed out that Oglethorpe’s prison plantation can be viewed as a metaphorical afterlife which Flint enters into at the end of the show (through a gate even, just like the entrance into Heaven), but I’d also like to highlight his having to walk down a literal straight and narrow path—again, like the protagonist of The Pilgrim’s Progress—in order to finally reunite with Thomas.

    So, with all that being said, the message behind Flint reading this particular book in 4x05 seems twofold to me:

    1. Despite doing his best to follow Thomas and Miranda’s example and cast off his shame, shame is still something that Flint is very much burdened by and which still influences his desire to fight against England, even into season four.

    2. Silver’s orchestrating Flint’s being sent to the plantation in Savannah and reunited with Thomas aligns with the “happy ending” of The Pilgrim’s Progress, freeing him from his shame and allowing him to find the peace he sought at last. And yet, with the plantation itself being upheld by shame, by the idea that men like Thomas and Flint deserve to be cast out of Civilization, is this really the kind of ““peace”” that Flint wanted for himself? Can imprisoning him for life in such a place truly be said to be “freeing” him from anything?

    By having this particular copy of The Pilgrim’s Progress superficially resemble Meditations despite it being a book whose values are entirely opposite from Thomas’ core tenant “know no shame,” the show presents us with a “fruit, fruit. tits, tits.” commentary on its own ending: Silver’s solution might look like a happy ending for Flint at first glance, but, in reality, it promotes shame rather than eliminating it.

    #black sails#james flint #i am. VERY excited about this #i have no idea if i'm the first one to point this out but i'd never heard anyone else say it before #and i wasn't even in the episode for this... i just happened to be scrolling around looking for a couple of other scenes and i was like #'hang on a second - can i read that title?' #and then i COULD!!!!!! #and at first i wasn't entirely sure what i had stumbled upon because i knew literally nothing about this book #but the wikipedia description made me INSANE #so like. did my day get entirely derailed by reading Part I of The Pilgrim's Progress in its entirety 100% for the purpose of making sure #i knew what i was talking about in this post? #*PERHAPS.* #it was. A Lot. #but worth it for this post! #the writers were insane for including this TINY detail that's literally only noticeable if you pause on one specific frame #and even then probably only if you have the blu-rays for the image quality (bc even then - it's barely readable as you can see) #but have it mean SO MUCH thematically!! #and of course - this is only my interpretation #i'd love if other folks wanted to take a crack at it also - particularly if they know more about this stuff than i do #i read the book (or the first part of it anyway - which seemed most relevant and is the part Flint is reading) and skimmed some wiki pages #but i am in no way claiming to be an expert on the text or John Bunyan or Puritanism or any of that #so i welcome any and all Thoughts that folks may have!
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  • risingsol
    26.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    #;idle chatter ✦ ooc #;img#//no context #ok to reblog #//no words only image
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  • quietzap
    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago


    #this situation sucks #liam is a smart guy but i do think he still hasn't realised that some ppl can't be trusted bc they only want him for his fame and money #his career is suffering and soon he might even lose money bc of this #i hope this will be a lesson he'll learn from #i wish i knew him so i could make him watch that video that explains everything lol #unless he signed away his rights to his image and likeness and there's nothing much he can do. but still some artists dont get involved so #eh who knows it's just annoying
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  • r-a-m-u-d-a
    26.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Left Brain, Right Brain by Bo Burnham but it's Kujaku Posse

    #that's it that's the post #you know who is who #I've been plagued all day by the mental image of ramuda saying ''i like oreos and pussy~" #it really only works for the first verse of the song but yknow #its still funny at least to me it is #tempted to make an animatic but hhhhh effort #hypmic#hypnosis mic#kujaku posse #jace.txt
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  • romanticism-is-maudlinism
    26.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    okay so body builders are buff and big and holy cow, lots of muscle. we know this. and superman is, well, super. muscles on muscles on muscles on muscles. we know this. and clark kent is superman. you know, shy, unassuming, quiet office journalist who spills coffee on his shirts sometimes because he’s so clumsy and gosh what a goof. we know this.

    clark kent is superman and superman is the journalist sitting at the corner desk wearing a nice suit and shirt and dress pants. superman is wearing a real suit

    big, muscly, supery superman is wearing. a. suit.

    and i bet you anything he looks like this

    “hey, lois! how are you today? ma made some extra pie for me, would you like a slice?”

    #superman#clark kent #body builders in suits is my favorite thing ever #it is a goddman miracle the glasses saved this man's secret identity #but it's even more impressive no one questioned this unreasonably buff guy why he's so big and why only superman is that big #dc#dc comics #if someone ever chooses to draw bug buff quiet clark kent in a blue suit and pink tie pls @ me #image lives rent free in my mind
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  • truth-for-lies
    26.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Maybe I am just over tired but I feel even less real than ever

    #I can see my fingers moving to type #But it doesn't feel like I am #The fingers I see moving don't even look like mine #The stinging sensations of my arm don't feel like they belong #Because my arm doesn't look like mine #My hair looks like it belongs on someone else's head #I feel like the only sight that will feel real is the one with a knife stabbing me over and over again #Why won't this stupid image leave my damn head #Why is that all I want to see and feel #Yes it's exhausting #But there's nothing I can do to fix it #Sigh#Personal#Thoughts#Feelings#Depressed#Depression#Suicidal#BPD
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  • vaguely-concerned
    25.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    my tv is busted so I'm streaming right from the xbox to my laptop screen when I'm playing games. I am using the opportunity to be cringe on main like it's 2014 again and force you to look at my very tall very handsome son

    #it's so hard to find a armour that gives him the right silhouette because I imagine him as tall as iron bull but kind of lanky #and you can kind of have armors that give a slimmer body shape but sometimes that goes vERY WRONG with the qunari model fhkdsja #the avvar armour gives the best effect honestly... but it's not the kind of thing he would wear as the head of the inquisition is it lol #josephine would have a very gentle fit about it and he's v e r y image conscious b/c he's used to people being afraid of him #dragon age #the only inquisitior I ever made who's meant to be unambiguously hot in-universe haha he's the vashoth equivalent of a twunk #his hair is very long and glorious when he lets it down #(cadash is kind of attractive in a middle aged butch kind of way if you squint and add some goodwill #myra lavellan looks like an eternally anxious squirrel and has no chin)
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  • kenasunarpe
    25.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    btw uh i suggest you follow @exintroject bc thats where not-aes posts are

    #^ dont need to if youre only here for the images but i thought id point that out #signing #i dont like posting on main sry
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  • leolovesthings
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #sv alex #stardew valley spoilers #sv modded#Image Only#no text#stardew valley#stardew farmer #it's interesting how overcompensating made him obnoxious at first #and then you get to know him and... #huh #i probably come off as a bothersome old goat too #or perhaps i am one #lol #diverse stardew valley
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  • doughyduo
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i have a discord server where i throw art to organize characters, my comms, good kink art of specific fetishes, etc. etc, and i decided to check how many comms ive gotten and

    i may have gotten quite a few

    #this is over like 5 years though so its not *that* bad right?? #that's only like 2 or 3 images a month haha-
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  • emo-self-shipping-art-doodles
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #I'll have to reblog and add adult Sweetie Belle #stupid Tumblr only lets 10 images #mlp#mlp fim #my little pony #my little pony friendship is magic #mlp cmc #mlp apple bloom #mlp scootaloo #mlp sweetie belle #mlp headcanons#mlp pride #mlp pride headcanons #my headcanons#ask#anon#anonymous
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  • onestepfcrward
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ✦ @shadowsceptered​ replied:

    hes taking notes
    #⭐ — i just want to make a change. ❪ ic. ❫ #⭐ — you idiot! you ate all the eggs! ❪ crack. ❫ #shadowsceptered #everytime i remember my headcanons for shadow with alcohol i laugh because he cant get DRUNK #but he can get alcohol poisoning #which only happens if he ingests a ridiculous amount #and when that happens he just knocks out unconscious #so i just have the image of him taking a life threatening amount of shots and not being affected and then suddenly he just #blacks out#LOL #(and he'll be fine it's just what happens when he gets poisoned- his body goes into shut down mode for a couple days)
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  • romulussy
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Pay up and let me out. I don’t wanna be you. 

    #succession#* #ten image limit needs to d*e this is only half a thought. i have more.
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  • candletrails
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    As soon as the weather stopped being in the thirties during the day, California stopped creeping in and instead flooded back full-force. I cannot go an hour without getting lost in the thought of driving through green hills, the sun soft this time of year, so everything glows and it’s cool enough that you might want a coat but warm enough that you can drive with the windows down sometimes and only feel a bit of a chill. There are wind turbines dotting the landscape. You’re beyond any cities and steering clear of towns, so it feels like you can drive forever and never reach anywhere, but you still have the knowledge that all it takes is one turn and you’ll be back among people in no time at all. You feel at once separate from civilisation and yet not entirely alone, driving under a deep blue sky with wind-chased clouds. 

    #candle ramblings #read just the right words in my current book to put the image into my head of a little bathroom with a little window and light tile #somewhere in a small town in california and felt such an intense wave of homesickness that I had to just imagine it out for a minute #I'm so sick of being in this hellstate. every time I go back home I never want to leave it again. but can't move back yet for a few reasons #california remains the only thing that has ever reached back and I love and miss her terribly. I can get over all my current shit #broken heart and all if she would just hold me again and not let me go this time..
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  • jaegerbroshoe
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wow, the islamophobia is unreal.

    #just read this post about a teacher saying an arab student looked like a terrorist #here in canada #and people are defending the teacher and don't see the problem in what they said?? #fucking disgusting #it's not even just islamophobia #it's discrimination against west asians in general #basically anyone associated with the middle east #cause they go by your looks #frankly sick of it #north america only thinks discrimination is real when it comes to black or east asian people #other minorities don't count apparently and we should just suck up the image you whities have stuck on west asia with your 9/11 crap #as if north america isn't rampant with white terrorists #oh and as if north america isn't the cause/a funder of terrorism in west asia #I'm just so done with this universe #why do majorities in every country love to discriminate? #humans are disgusting #global issues#me stuff#rant#canadian politics#my opinion
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  • strandedcrow
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    #i know it’s only one image i’m lazy #and does it not capture the mood well enough
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  • spixi
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    pov: youre the ada

    #IORI ONLY DAY BUT ALSO THIS IMAGE MADE ME LAUGH A LOT #bsd #bsd manga spoilers #bungou stray dogs #caps in tags
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