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    #ask games#poptartmochi #oc: halveri lavellan #she does something similar out in the field which i have in a partially finished fic #which is the thing where you cast barrier on yourself and then throw yourself down a mountain to get places faster #yeah harriet grew up a mage so it didn't occur to her that most people can't do that and haven't seen anyone do it #imagine you're cassandra and its day 2 in the hinterlands and the herald of andraste throws herself down a cliff in front of you
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    Yoon Bum Reacting to you Texting Him When your Period Starts | KS Edition

    Pairing: Yoon Bum x f!reader

    Notes: I have not done as much work with this series as I have with the BNHA series, but I am trying to catch them up as well! Just focusing on the series with more characters because I want to catch them up so badly 😭 

    For now, I hope you guys like this! 

    If you’re interested, you can find the other Killing Stalking Texting Series chapters I have done and am currently doing on the masterlist linked in the name!

    #killing stalking #killing stalking x female reader #killing stalking x reader #killing stalking x reader fluff #killing stalking fluff #killing stalking imagines #killing stalking texts #killing stalking yoon bum #yoon bum #yoon bum x female reader #yoon bum x reader #yoon bum x reader fluff #yoon bum fluff #yoon bum imagines
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    break up (gallagher!best friend x Lip)

    The reader comforts Lip after his nasty breakup with Karen. warnings: drug use, swearing, violence

    authors note: takes place in season 1 episode 12 // this post DEF got [email protected] so i'm reposting

    Currently, Ian and you were seated in the Gallagher’s kitchen listening to Fiona talk to her new friend Jasmine about god knows what.

    Lip and Ian had been arrested the night prior and were released this morning without any charges, surprisingly. You had hoped to see Lip, as well, when you came over, but he was at Karen, his “girlfriend’s” house.

    You didn’t like Karen. You had a bad feeling about her, especially from everything Lip had told you.

    Almost as if on cue, Lip walked in and slammed the door. He stormed upstairs and you raised an eyebrow towards Ian.

    Fiona nodded to you both and you both headed upstairs. You hated to admit it, but you had a massive crush on Lip and had since you were little.

    “Lip?” Ian said upon walking in. You followed closely behind, almost as if you were Ian’s shadow.

    Lip was facedown in his pillows, “She fucking dumped me.” He said.

    “Were you two even a couple?” Ian said. You had to bite your lip to stop yourself from laughing. You knew it wasn’t the place.

    “Still feels shitty.” He said after he lifted his head up.

    “She is kind of a slut.” Ian said lighting a joint. You couldn’t help but let a smile escape.

    “Yeah well, so am I.” Lip answered. This made you lose it and you laughed. His eyes trailed over to you.

    “Sorry, sorry.” You said and put your hand up. Lip hadn’t even realized you were in the room. You covered your mouth immediately you tried to make it seem like a cough.

    He rolled his eyes and cracked a small smile at you. He always had a soft spot when it came to you. “Maybe it’s why you two got along?” Ian said, re-lighting the joint in Lip’s mouth.

    The three of you laughed softly and you climbed up and sat next to Lip in bed, “I think I might’ve been kinda falling in love with her.” He said softly.

    Lip handed you the joint and you took a pull, you definitely needed to be high for this.

    “You want me to beat the shit out of here?” You asked, cracking half a smile. This made Lip really smile.

    “Yeah, that’d be good, but she’s pretty fucked up right now. Maybe wait till that fixes itself and then hit her when she least expects it.” Lip smirked.

    You nodded, “Oh yeah of course, right.” You took another drag and handed the joint back to Ian.

    Ian shook his head and took a final drag for himself, “I’ll see you guys later.” He handed it to Lip and walked out of the room.

    “Sorry she’s such a dick.” You said, leaning your head on his shoulder.

    “I’m used to it.” He sighed, leaning his head back on your head. “Let’s just get so high I forget it happened.” You nodded in agreement.

    The two of you smoked the rest of the joint and ended up falling asleep next to each other.


    The next day, you were back at the Gallagher’s house, sitting on the couch with Debbie and Carl. Lip stormed in, yet again.

    “Lip? What’s wrong?” You asked jumping up from the couch, following him upstairs. He was bleeding from his forehead.

    “She fucked Frank. She fucked Frank.” He repeated over and over.

    Your stomach dropped and then anger filled your body, “Oh fuck no.” You turned on your heel and walked out of the house, grabbing your jacket.

    You didn’t even give Lip a chance to catch up. It wasn’t that far of a walk to Karen’s. You were ready to maim her. Maybe even kill her.

    When you got to her house, you waited. Lip was a good three minutes behind you. When he finally caught up, Karen was walking out.

    “Hey, bitch.” You spat. She hadn’t seen you coming. You wound up your fist and clocked her in the nose. It made a satisfying crunch, but so did your hand.

    She screamed out in pain, “You broke my fucking nose! You psycho!”

    “That’s for Lip.” You said. You grabbed her by her coat collar, “Don’t fuck with that family ever again. You fucking hear me?”

    She nodded frantically and you shoved her, knocking her to the ground. She scrambled up and ran inside. When you turned, Lip was watching with his mouth open. “That was the hottest shit I’ve ever seen.” He said in disbelief.

    You smiled and he approached you carefully, trying to read you. Your body language was saying all the right signs. He pulled you in for a kiss. Your world was spinning.

    You would have punched Karen was sooner if it meant you got to kiss Lip. You broke the kiss with a small gasp, “Hate to be a buzzkill, but I think my hand is broken.”

    Lip chuckled and took your hand in his, “Yeah. I think mine is too from punching Frank. Come on, killer. Let’s get this taken care of.” He put his arm around your shoulder and the two of you walked back towards the Gallagher house.

    #lip gallagher x reader #lip gallagher imagine #lip gallagher imagines #lip x reader #lip gallagher fanfic #lip gallagher one shot #lip gallagher#shameless imagine#shameless imagines #shameless one shot #shameless
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    Fear Street Masterlist

    Last Edit January 23, 2022

    None of the gifs are mine

    Deena Johnson-

    Nothing here yet...

    Sam Fraser-

    Nothing here yet...

    Kate Schmidt-

    Nothing here yet...

    Ziggy Berman-

    Hello Kitty Confessions -

    Summary: When Ziggy helps patch Y/n up after an incident with Sheila and her goons, she confesses her love for her best friend. 

    Cindy Berman-

    Nothing here yet...

    Simon Kalivoda-

    Nothing here yet...

    #fear street #fear street x reader #simon kalivoda x reader #kate schmidt x reader #deena johnson x reader #sam fraser x reader #ziggy berman x reader #cindy berman x reader #fear street imagine #wlw x reader #(mainly wlw)#masterlist
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    At Worlds End

    Iron Man 2

    Part One: Stark Expo, Committees, and Returns

    Words: 3,126

    Warnings: Canon... that’s p much it.

    Summary: You’re infatuated with a woman you just met. And apparently so has Tony. Yeah... this was gonna go well.

    A/N: She’s here! She’s finally here!

    (Not my pics)


    You had taken a few days to gather yourself.

    Staying in one of tony's guest rooms, that he had called "yours".

    Speaking of the heroic billionaire. He had been bugging you to tell him about what had happened while you were on tour.

    The feeling of guilt was unnecessary, but still previewing when you told him the same as everyone else. That you were captured, tortured, then rescued as you were trying to escape. The absolute minimal.

    You knew, deep down, that you didn't have to tell anyone anything. And you wholly believed that.

    Yet you still felt bad hiding things from him, even though you knew he would understand.

    But you couldn't tell him what they had done to your body.

    Not now.

    Not yet.

    However, everything was altered. There was still an intense familiarity surrounding your life now. You felt at peace. And for the first time in a long time, you felt safe.

    Luckily, you had other things to focus on, other than yourself.

    Tony had relinquished his position as CEO of 'Stark Industries' and had turned it over to Pepper Potts.

    So, you were helping out wherever you could with that.

    But you didn't know anything about businesses and the procedures they took. So, instead, you mostly found yourself training with Tony. Or rather, making excuses to actually train with the man, to take up a seat watching him. Lucky enough for you, he assumed that your reluctance was because of PTSD, thanks to your last tour. Whereas, that may be somewhat true, it wasn't the main reason why.

    And watching the man as he fought with his "bodyguard" Happy, in his own boxing ring, was what you found yourself doing currently.

    You spotted something out of the corner of your eye -still not used to how clear you could see from the corner of your eyes-, turning, you spotted Pepper entering the gym.

    "You got a guest, Tony!"

    "The notary's here!"

    "Make that two guests!" you called to the hooded man, correcting yourself.

    "Can you please come sign the transfer paperwork?"

    "I'm on happy time," Tony said as Pepper walked past where you sat upon the bench press the sounds of the man's gloved hands hitting their padded targets.

    It didn't take you long to follow Pepper towards the white seats.

    "Hey, Pepper."

    "Y/N." The blonde watched as you sat down with a small grunt. Resting one of your ankles over your knee as you leaned back into your seat, looking up at the still-standing woman. "You not participating today?"

    You shook your head. "Nah. Still not ready to get into the swing of things."

    Still not ready to admit the truth.

    "Well, now you can take all the time you need. You never have to fight ever again if you don't want to."

    "That's true." Taking a breath, you decided to change the subject, "So, where's the notary?"

    "She wasn't too far behind me. She'll be here any second. Just wanted to come and let Tony know beforehand."

    "Still can't wipe the, you being his assistant out, huh?"

    "Give it time. It'll be a welcome release."

    The gym rang with the sound of your humoured laughter, along with the sound of skin being hit.

    Peering over at the two men boxing, you watched as happy scolded his boss.


    "What the hell was that?"

    "It's called mixed martial arts," Tony explained off, hopping on the spot, "It's been around for three weeks now."

    "It's called dirty boxing. There's nothing new about it."

    "Play nice boys," you called to the two, turning back to Pepper to utter, "They're both children."

    "And you have to deal with them more than I do now."


    "All right, put them up. Come on."

    Just like the two sparing men, you were captivated by the sudden appearance of the fore-talked-about notary.

    "My God," Pepper whispered to herself, having a clear view of the three of your faces, just staring at the woman.

    For the first time since coming home, you were thankful for how much you had changed.

    All because of this woman.

    The woman that you had just seen for the very first time.

    Even from where you sat, you could tell her eyes were green. Darker under the bright lights of the gym she had just entered. But you could just tell, under the right circumstances, they would shine like pale green leaves in the summer.

    You wondered if the beautiful hue's of her dark auburn hair was her natural colour, judging by the tone of her eyebrows, you could assume that it was.

    With full lips and a blemish that somehow enhanced her beauty, you finally released the deep breath you hadn't even known you had taken.

    The stunning stranger was dressed smartly. Black dress pants that rested above her shapely hips, large belt securing them in place. And the tight, short-sleeved, white shirt buttoned up to her accentuated chest. Letting you and everyone else know, what she knew what she had, and wasn't afraid to show it.

    However, you did have a fear that the button she had secured over her chest would snap off and go flying.

    Hoping that if that did happen it would hit Tony in the face because you thought that would be funny.

    It had felt like long, drawn-out minutes had passed with you studying the woman across the room from you, when in reality, it was only seconds, at the most.

    "I promise you this is the only time I will ask you to sign over your company," Pepper called over to Tony, whose eyes were still on the red-head -just as yours were-. Trying to prompt the man into pausing his training for a few mear minutes.

    The woman had made her way over as the blonde spoke, opening the thick black-bound file that you had not noticed before. Once she was standing beside the woman who was to be the new CEO of Stark Industries.

    It was only when she was up close that you could tell, even with her black heels, she was still short.

    Much smaller than the woman by her side.

    You could only imagine how much you would tower over her.

    You had been around Pepper's height when you had first gotten to know her. Protected her. And helped her blow up the giant arc reactor that ended up killing Obadiah Stane all those months ago.

    But now?

    After everything that had happened.

    After you had "drank all your milk" like Tony had said and grown almost half afoot.

    You could only predict how much taller than her you would be.

    'For the love of God', you thought to yourself, 'don't fuck it up and make a joke about her being a Borrower'

    The two women shared a tight, friendly smile that strangers do when forced to interact with one another.

    You had to close your eyes and turn you down and away from the two when you first heard her talking.

    It was like everything about this woman was created to toy with you.

    It was insane how taken with her you were already, and she hadn't even spoken a single word to you.

    You didn't even know her name.

    "I need you to initial each box," she said, handing a pen over to Pepper.

    Vaguely, you heard happy speaking, lesson one. Never take your eye off-"

    The man was cut off by his own heavy grunt, a loud clattering of his back colliding with the padded corner of the ring, causing you to raise your head from where it was nestled in your hand. Looking over just in time to watch Tony ring the bell and pick up his water bottle, which was not filled with water.

    "Be gentle, Tony," you chastised the man playfully, smile upon your lips, "You know Happy's fragile." You couldn't help but snort when he shot you an insulted glare.

    "That's it. I'm done," Happy stated.

    "Just because you lost!"

    "What's your name, lady?" the billionaire called over to the notary, pointing a gloved hand towards her.

    "Rushman. Natalie Rushman."

    Well, at least now you knew her name.

    "Front and centre," he continued, pointing into the boxing ring, "Come into the church."

    That was all the initiative you needed to jump up to your feet, waving your hand's in denial at then man.

    "Absolutely not."

    Pepper, the rational-minded one, agreed with you. Voicing her own refusal on Natalie's behalf.

    "No. You're seriously not gonna ask-"

    "If it pleases the court, which it does."

    "Uh, I'm not pleased. You can't just ask a stranger to-"

    "It's no problem."

    "Really?" you asked in indignation, looking around your shoulder at the woman, now beginning to make her way over to the ring.

    With you following too far behind. Something in you telling you that you had to make sure she stayed safe. You weren't about to let them start boxing if she had no experience if you could help it.

    "I'm sorry. He's very eccentric."

    Natalie placed the file upon the blue edge of the ring. Before stepping up and manoeuvring herself under and through the ropes. To stand before the man guzzling his dark drink down.


    "I don't think she said anything there, big guy," you told him. Stepping up onto the edge of the ring, arms resting over the top rope, leaning into it as you watched the interaction.

    "Can you, uh, give her a lesson?" he asked Happy, moving to exit the ring next to you.

    "No problem."

    "Uh, yes, problem."

    "Come on, she'll be fine," Tony muttered, tapping your shoulder, indicating for you to follow him.

    But you really didn't want to.

    However, as he hopped down from the raised ring, his fingers, which were now tangled in the fabric of your T-shirt, pulled you down with him. Giving you no choice in the matter.

    Tony jogged up to Pepper, leaving you to stroll behind him.

    "Who is she?" the sweaty man asked as he squeezed into the chair beside Pepper, allowing you to take up your vacated seat once more.

    "She is from legal. And she is potentially a very expensive sexual harassment lawsuit if you keep ogling her like that."

    "Oh, no. Look's like I'm the only one who gets to flirt with her then. Shame."

    Pepper pointed over to you sternly.

    "The same goes for you."

    "I'm not a part of the company."

    "Then you have a chance at serving jail time."

    "I need a new assistant, boss," Tony suddenly spoke up. After dramatically switching the way his legs were crossed to match the way Pepper was sitting, "I need a new assistant."

    "Yes, and I've got three excellent potential candidates. They're lined up and ready to meet you."

    You couldn't help but keep watch over the red-head and Happy as he gestured her towards him and consequently further into the ring. As she peered over to your small seated group, eyes set on Tony.

    You just hoped it was because she wanted to do her job.

    Another thing you couldn't help? The small laughter that shook your shoulders at the way her pants swam around her now bare feet.

    "I don't have time to meet. I need someone now. I feel like it's her."

    "No, it's not," Pepper told the man, as he purposefully looked away, the blonde raising from her phone.

    "If that means I have more chance to make her fall for me, I'm down."

    "Would you two just stop?"

    "You ever boxed before?"

    "I have, yes," Natalie replied to happy, nodding her head proudly.

    "What, like, the 'Tae Bo'? 'Booty Boot Camp'? 'Crunch'? Something like that?"

    "Don't worry," you called over, after hearing the words he meant as insults, "With any one of those, you can easily kick his ass!"

    "And yet, you're too scared to actually fight me yourself," he mumbled to himself and the red-head.

    "Happy, I'd end up killing you."

    "How can you even hear us over here, never mind that?!"

    "I have ears like a hawk!"

    "How do I spell your name, Natalie?" Tony asked now.

    "R-U-S-H-M-A-N," she spelt out for the man as he clapped his still gloved hands, and suddenly the glass table sitting beside both chairs lit up.

    "What, are you gonna Google her, now?"

    "Oh, snooping," you turned at Pepper's words, leaning over the table to get a better look at what Tony was pulling up.

    "Hmm? I thought I was ogling her."

    "You're both as bad as each other."

    "You should know this by now."

    Tony was swiping through the pages of her professional life, but as soon as the very first one was glanced at then shot off to the side, you reached forward, pulling it towards you. Reading the 'stats' next to her picture.

    'Height: 5'6 1/2"'

    Glimpsing over your shoulder with tensed brows, taking in her stance, as her back was turned to you.

    That's a lie.

    'Eyes: Blue'

    Also, a lie.

    "Did that just say Havard Law?" you asked, looking up at the man in front of you. After momentarily seeing the words fly by.

    "It did," he replied in an almost mumble, still swiping, scanning through the information upon the pages, "Oh, wow. Very, very, impressive an individual."

    "You're so predictable, you know that?"

    'Someone's jealous', you thought to yourself, peering up at Pepper with widened eyes before they returned back to the documents at hand, finally noticing what lay below them.

    "What are those pictures?"

    You got no verbal reply as the two continued bickering on, like an old married couple. Now knowing how Rhodey felt when you asked if they were a couple when you had brought Tony home.

    However, Tony did reply to your question by tapping upon one of the pictures. Pulling it up, along with many others.

    "Holy shit," you whispered, studying the many poses the beautiful woman was in.

    "She's fluent in French, Italian, Russian, Latin. Who speaks Latin?" Tony asked, looking over to the blonde by his side.

    "No one speaks Latin. It's a dead language."

    "Well, she obviously does," you said, before your voice turned breathless, taking in the picture that Tony had just maximized, "Holy fucking shit."

    You almost forgot how to breathe with the sight in front of you. But you, apparently, still had enough brain function for you to be able to reach over and use three of your fingers to spin the photo to face you. Which didn't help your predicament. If anything, it heightened it.

    Never in your wildest dreams did you expect to be infatuated with the red-head and see her in black lingerie, all on the very first day you had met her.

    "You can read Latin, or you can write Latin, but you can't speak Latin-""I'm gonna marry her one day," you stated, mostly to yourself.

    "Did you model in Tokyo?" Tony had cut Pepper off, just as you spoke, "'Cause she modelled in Tokyo."

    "Well... Pepper replied, unimpressed by the man.

    "I need her. She's got everything that I need."

    "Rule number one, never take your eye off your opponent."

    Your eyes widened dramatically at Happy's cocky words, spinning in your seat to face the two standing in the ring once again. Calling over, with your arm raised in their direction, "Don't!"

    However, as it seems, you needn't had wasted your breath.

    Watching as Natalie spun herself to face the man about to jab her with his gloved hand. Quickly grasped it before he could, pulling it down so that crunching crack could be heard through the air, followed by the mans small, pained grunt. Flipping in the air in such a way that she was able to wrap her legs around his head. Flipping them both over so that Happy landed firmly on his back. A much louder groan sounded from him now at the collision. Whilst Natalie held him down by the arm, knees still around his throat.

    "Oh, my God!"


    "Yes!" the three of you sounded with you jumping up in celebration, fists clenched, and tensed up in front of you.


    "You got your ass kicked," you finished off from Pepper's worried tone, yours full of amusement. While you made your way to the two.

    Quickly hopping up at the edge of the ring and leaning against the ropes just as you were a few minutes prior.

    "That's what you get for trying to hit the girl, who you thought didn't have any "real" training, while her back was turned," of course, putting 'real' in quotation marks. As the man moved from fearfully glaring at Natalie to fully glaring at you and his surroundings.

    "That's what I'm talking about."

    "I just slipped," Happy tried to excuse.

    "The only thing that "slipped" is your ego."

    "You did?"


    He couldn't even stand up straight as Tony rang the bell, and Natalie exited the ring. Getting back to work.

    "Looks like a TKO to me."

    "I need your impression," Natalie told the man, reaching into the ring, grasping at the file she had brought with her.

    "You have a quiet reserve," his words took on more of a questioning tone, "I don't know. You have an old soul."

    "My impression is that you're a fuckin' badass," you voiced, jumping down from the ring, huffing slightly at the impact.

    "I meant your fingerprint," the red-head clarified.


    "My point still stands."

    Heels clicked across the floor, notifying you that a smiling Pepper was headed towards the two. As Tony pressed his finger -well, thumb- print onto the file, held open by Natalie Rushman.

    "So, how are we doing?"

    "Great. Just wrapping up. Hey." He jabbed his finger next to the drying ink. "You're the boss."

    "Will that be all, Mr Stark?" Natalie asked, throwing her hair back over her shoulder with a flip of her head.


    "No," Pepper and Tony said at the same time. The blonde won out to continue.

    "That will be all, Ms Rushman. Thank you very much."

    Natalie nodded to the woman, then took her leave, plucking up her discarded heels before she left the room. Going none the wiser to you rising a hand in goodbye.

    "I want one."


    "Way to treat women like objects, man."

    Tony rose a finger at you. "Let me correct myself. I want her. As my assistant."

    "It'd make more sense if you had her as your bodyguard," you said, ignoring the burning feeling of Happy's glare on the back of your head as you still watched the empty door she had walked through.

    Two things.

    One: For a guy named 'Happy', he sure did glare a lot.

    And two: You were already so whipped for this woman.


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    Today I serve you some crossover madness

    #veedraws#danganronpa#encanto#crossover#fan art #idk how to tag this LMFAOOOO #Lately I just be drawing cringe and for that I half apologize #nagito komaeda#mahiru koizumi#fuyuhiko kuzuryu#rantaro amami#ibuki mioda#hajime hinata#sakura ogami#kaede akamatsu #since I didn't age anyone up or down imagine this is like an actor au where the dangans are doing a reenactment of Encanto ok bye #ps my friend did this to me I'm not this crazy on my own I think. we casted everyone I'll probably draw more of this in the future
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    Not Youɾ Midnight Love (pɑɾt 3)

    Info and navigation :

    ⇴ All parts

    ⇴ Last part

    ⇴ Enjoy!

    The smoke of her cigarette went directly into your lungs. Shoko was leaning on the ramp and was looking at the sky.

    “I don’t understand how he didn’t drive you mad at this point” she said, giving you her cigarette.

    You shook your head.

    “He’s actually… nice to live with, at least he puts some ambiance in the apartment”.

    It's true, before his presence, your apartment was almost empty, the boxes still acting mainly as furniture.

    You opened the door to see him stretch his back. Your footsteps made the worn wood floor crack.

    “Hello, sleeping beau…” he stopped. “Or should I say the beast… given the way you punch me, this early morning?!” he exclaimed proud of his joke, embracing himself as if he were fragile.

    You silently passed him, letting him continue his movements on him, to get to your little kitchen, honestly furnished with a narrow fridge sticking out of you by a few inches and a counter where you had tried to cram all the stuff you could fit. Your foot banged against the box of books that had been shifted to allow a little bit more space to access the couch where he slept yesterday, making you scream inside your head.

    "Oops, sorry about that," he hurried to say, lifting the box up like it was nothing. He knelt down to look at your foot and gently blew on it.

    "Pain, pain, go away”.

    Your bare legs were inches away from him, and his hot breath made your hairs stand on end. His gaze lifted from your foot to your legs. Slowly working his way up to the front of your pajama shorts.

    You were naked.

    At least that's how he made you feel. Piercing blue. Almost drowning. He smiled.

    "You wanted to take up gardening?" he said suddenly, cutting you off from your thoughts that weren't meant to be there.


    He leaned on his knee to get up and pointed to the basil, mint and thyme patterns on your shorts.


    You looked down, "they were on sale" you whispered.

    “I’ll put some on the eggs if you want”.

    “You cook?”

    “Why are saying it like a reproach”.

    “I wasn’t, you know… prepared to see you as someone who likes to cook”

    “So, I just starve?”, he asked facing you, leaning on the counter.

    He chuckled seeing you struggling to know what to answer. A silence installed between the both of you, but it wasn’t awkward at all. It was comforting. You could hear him searching the drawers to find some utensils. The curtains in the living room lifted as the wind blew through and the breeze was gentle, making his hair dance in the wind, almost shining. Like the glitter you can see when the sun reflects off the water, his hair was glittery. A painting, maybe a cheap one, but you imagined this scene as a one.

    He broke some eggs and let them crackle on the stove. He took a spatula to scramble them and pulled on your shorts.

    "What are you doing?" you questioned surprised.

    "Sorry, I wanted to put herbs in, they're so well done... I got confused"

    "Drop the herb joke, God..." you replied but without being able to restrain a little laugh.

    “But…” he started, shaking his hips slowly. “Sweet dreams are made of this…”

    “Of herbs?”

    “Who am I to disagree?”, he continued saying non-sense taking the spatula in both of his hands, bringing it closer and closer to his mouth.

    You stopped looking at the eggs to watch him closely. Suddenly, he turned to you with this huge smile.

    “I travel the WOOOORLD and the Sevennnnn seaaaaas” ♫

    “Everybody’s looking for something!” you joined, snatching his spatula.

    “YES!” he applauded.

    “Sweet dreams are made of this!” ♫

    “Who am I to disagreeeee?” ♫

    You continued until one of you couldn’t remember what the other words of the song were.

    “You’ve got a voice roommate!” he exclaimed.

    “I know” you said, taking some plates from the counter and the cutlery.

    “So, you’re telling me that he had your heart by singing some crap songs?” Shoko said, her jaded look challenging you.

    “He didn’t have my heart please. I’m just saying that this all-roommate thing is not that bad!” you justified. “Plus, you know way more than me that he’s not into this kind of relationship”.

    “Normal ones you mean?”

    You laughed.

    “Actually”, she continued. “I’m not the more suited to tell you about his relationship because I never really cared about it”. She exhaled the smoke. “We’ve been friends since I don’t even remember the years, and I didn’t care then, and most certainly not now. Other than that, he has always been a trustworthy person, often foolish, unpredictable and petty with some people, but I like this fool like that. On the other hand, if you want to know what he's most interested in, the best person to ask is Geto”.

    “I didn’t…” you tried to say turning to her, to only seeing that she was so close to you with this look. “Fuck! You scared me.” You pushed her back by the forehead. “As I said I wasn’t trying to know if he could be interested, I do not care either, I was just telling you a fact”.

    She exhaled the last of the cigarette on you and concluded by giving you the address of the café where Geto worked. “You know, just to know where to go when you’ll want to be honest with yourself”.

    “You tire me”, you said watching her go back to the labs where she was taking medicine classes.

    I’m not interested.

    The sky was grey and rushed home to avoid the certain rain that would come. As you arrived in front of your building you looked at your apartment level, only to see Gojo accompanied by a – new – girl going in.

    “It’s not even your place”, you murmured a little bit more hurt that you thought you would be. You laughed. “Oi, com’on!” you slapped your cheeks. “Ok…ok. Now where to go. Surely I do not want to see the scene that’s going to take place inside right now”. As you were talking out loud to yourself, a kid was looking at you strangely, waiting to cross the road. You both looked at each other for long seconds.

    “What can’t you see them? The ghosts around me?” you finally said, without really knowing why. The little girl looked around you with horror and when the light turned green, she ran off almost crying.

    “The fuck am I doing?”.

    In the end, you turned around and headed for the only address that had been ringing in your head for the last few dozen minutes. You could feel the first drops of rain on your shoulders.

    "I think a coffee won't kill me”.

    You arrived at a café positioned in front of a highway. A young man was outside throwing large garbage bags into the trash. He stretched his arms, rubbed his lower back and slowly turned to look in your direction.

    If you just stood there like an idiot in the middle of nowhere, in the rain, and did nothing, he was clearly going to call the police. The young man looked at you for a few more seconds and you started walking towards the café.

    "For one person, I guess?” he said, with a little smile on his face.

    Uhm, okay mister "I'm judging" you thought as you looked at his messy bun, his earrings and his eyes as black as coal.

    "What if I told you that I'm from the sanitary inspection and I'd see that you don't have any gloves to take out the garbage and given this behavior, you’re not the type to wash your hands before going back to serve your customers?”

    He laughed, and to be honest with yourself you weren't expecting that almost, warming, laugh.

    "That's cute.... Come in, after you" he continued with his hand on the beginning of his lips to try to contain the laughter.

    You grumbled a thank you before entering the warmth. A few customers were positioned here and there, and the café was nothing extraordinary. Just an ordinary coffee shop.

    You sat down on the bench near the window and waited for the menu, which he handed you. Now that you were sitting down you could see how tall the guy with the bad hair was.

    "What can I get you?”

    "A hot drink…" you hummed as you looked at the menu, which didn't appeal to you all that much. “What are you suggesting?”

    He smiled and left.

    The hell? Anyway…

    You looked at the menu again and thought about a latte, it will do. But without the time to call him to take your order, he came back and installed a cup on your table and poured some hot water in it. Some petals and herbs came to the surface of the cup and the tea started to infuse.

    “You looked a little bit tired. I thought something like that would be good for you”. He left the hot water teapot on the table. “If you need something else, don’t hesitate, my name is Geto”.

    You nodded bringing the cup to your lips only to burn you. Ouch, you twitched your lips, gently putting the cup down.


    You turned around in your chair. Messy bun was talking to a client.


    Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed !

    Next part here (coming soon)

    tag : @brumous11 :)

    #gojo x oc #anime#jjk#jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru#jjk gojo#jjk smut#gojo imagine #gojo x y/n #geto #gojo x reader #gojou satoru x reader #gojo jjk
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    Imagine sitting on the couch with Yoongi when you catch him staring at you in awe of your beauty. He tucks a piece of your hair behind your ear and after giving you a soft kiss, he tells you how lucky he feels to have you in his life and how in love with you he is. You both share a moment of silent admiration before you rest your head in his lap. Part of his focus returns to the tv, but he plays with your hair and scratches your head as you fall asleep. 

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  • waltdisneyworlddesigns
    24.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    EPCOT Center Figment and Mickey wallpaper by Jou Ling Yee

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  • enbysealkie
    24.01.2022 - 7 minutes ago

    Félix is 100% the type of dad who would know the moves to every High School Musical dance just bc Camilo or Dolores were into it when they were younger and he doesn’t understand how cringe it is that he does

    #willow.hc #encanto#felix madrigal #am i imagining that one clip of Phil dunphy from modern family? yes yes I am #agustin joins in sometimes #bruno is just over there rolling his eyes at his in laws #and escaping before he gets dragged in
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  • otaku-latina
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    Gaara Headcanon

    Katarina: So, you ask my father to marry me? What does that mean? Does he have to give permission?

    Gaara: No... It's not like that. I would never make you feel that way.

    Katarina: Then why did you go to talk to him first?

    Gaara: Your father is important to you. I was worried that if he didn't accept, that you wouldn't accept me.

    Katarina: This isn't so much about my father, it's about me... And with you.

    Gaara: In my country, things are more traditional. I'm sorry.

    Katarina: I understand... And I’ll feel glad you want to marry me.

    Gaara: Will you stay?

    Katarina: Yes. You are the man I would spend my whole life with...

    Gaara smiles gently.

    Gaara: So you accept?

    Katarina: I wonder if of all the women in love with you, you want to be with just the craziest one?

    Gaara: That's because my feelings for you are real. And I like YOU that way.

    Katarina: Look, you don't socialize with me much... Ask Shikamaru and Naruto. I drive them both crazy.

    Gaara: I know that. ( He smiles) It's your job... But I know you well enough to know that underneath the way you show yourself to people, there is a lovely woman. Who would do anything for the people she loves. Because they both know that everything you do is to protect your adopted home. And that is admirable. For this, they treat you like a sister. You are not a " craziest heartless person". You are an amazing woman. And I want... you to be my... My wife. Because it is for you, that my heart beats stronger, when I see you and recognize the strength you have.

    Katarina: ...

    Katarina: ( Holding back tears) That's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said about me...

    Gaara: And what do you say?

    Katarina: It would be wonderful to be your wife. With the strong personality and all...

    Gaara approaches the girl and kisses her gently. Then he places the ring on her finger. That was the symbol that the feeling they had for each other would grow...

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  • yekoc
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    #also that is so much of why I wanted to write the missing scene Daniel pov #about the hotel room… #the way max sees himself and imagines Daniel seeing him #versus how Daniel sees max and how Daniel sees himself!!! #they both hate themselves so much yikes #max/daniel #secret omega max
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    the best superpower

    The best superpower would be atom manipulation.

    You could control electrons, therefore manipulate electric charge.

    You could make things move without touching them (like telepathy).

    You could shape-shift by rearranging your atoms.

    * The one thing I’d like to add though is if you were to shape-shift, you’d have to keep your mind/brain fully intact or else you wouldn’t be able to rearrange your atoms again — that is assuming souls and consciousness isn’t an actual thing. If it is, then nevermind any of this.

    #superpower #the best superpower #atoms#atom manipulation#superhero talk#just saying #imagine it tho #having a bad hair day? #just move the hair atoms #boom
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  • vinniehackedmyheart
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    He cheats on you - Vinnie Hacker Imagine

    warnings: mentions of cheating, swearing. disclaimer! i love nai and think she is so sweet and i am just using her name and do not associate her with this behaviour :)

    requested: no

    summary: you find out something when a message comes through on his phone


    "I'm just going to put the kettle on, you want another drink?" your boyfriend asks as he rises from his spot on the sofa and picking up his empty mug from the coffee table, leaving his phone on the arm of the sofa.

    You smile politely and shake your head saying no.

    You are staying round your boyfriend Vinnies house for the first time tonight, being incredibly nervous you want to be as polite as possible. You have been dating for around eight months but have been only visiting in short amount of time.

    You shuffle around and take out your phone from your pocket, opening up Instagram and liking a few posts that come up on your feed.

    A rather large ding sounds from next to you so you look over to see what it was.

    It was Vinnies phone, and the message read:

    'I had fun last night babe, tell me when you want a round two - Nai ;) x'

    Your heart immediately fell to your stomach as the screen turns black again.

    You can't believe what it said so you reach over and turn on back on to read the message again.

    And again, and again.

    Vinnie walks in without you noticing, a fresh cup of tea in the mug in his hand.

    He walks over to the sofa you are sat on and stops once he sees you are on his phone.

    "What are you doing?" He asks, usually you would jump but you are already too shocked to react.

    You ignore him.

    "Who is Nai?" You ask, your voice slightly shaky.

    His demeanour immediately changes, stiffening up and freezing.

    "Vinnie, who is Nai?" You ask again, louder but your voice cracking.

    He places down his mug on the table.

    "Look, shes just a friend, I met her last week when my friend introduced me to her." He says seeming somewhat irritated.

    "Vinnie did you sleep with her?" You ask, making your voice as structured as possible.

    "Y/n-" you cut him off.

    "Did you fuck her!?" You shout, just wanting to skip to the heartbreak.

    He stays silent and that's all you need as confirmation.

    "Look i was drunk. It's been eight months and we still haven't had sex, what am I supposed to do, wait around forever?" He asks rhetorically.

    You chose to answer instead as sobs wrack through your body.

    "You said that was okay, you said you would wait for me!" You scream at him, pointing a finger on his chest.

    "I can't wait around for you for ever and I didn't. She came on to me and I tried to push her off but-" He says just as loud as you but you cut him off again.

    "But you couldn't care about me enough! You don't care enough about me" you say, almost whispering the last sentence.

    He sighs.

    "Why were you on my phone anyway?" He asks angrily.

    You scoff before laughing.

    You laugh until you can't breathe anymore.

    Whether the question he asked is actually funny or whether you have gone insane from the pain is unclear to you.

    "Really? You cheat on me and fuck someone else and that is the question you ask?" You say wiping tears off your face and getting more angry than upset now.

    "I'm sorry" he says looking into your eyes for what feels like the first time tonight.

    "You're sorry? Are you sorry about cheating on me or are you sorry you were caught!" You shout at him.

    "No I am, I'm really sorry please don't leave me!" He screams as you grab your back and walk towards the door.

    Just as you pull the door open, he grabs your wrist.

    "Let go of me!" You say pulling your wrist from his grasp.

    You turn away from him and walk towards your car.

    He leans his arms against the passenger side as you put your bag in the boot before walking round to the drivers seat and climbing in.

    He bangs on the windows and so you roll it down.

    "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I regret it, I love you!"

    He said he loves you, just as you prepare yourself to leave. Typical.

    "You don't love me, if you loved me you never would've cheated on me." You say calmly.

    He frowns and shakes his head with tears streaming down his face.

    "What's done is done and you can't change the past. Goodbye Vin. We are done" you say, calling him his nickname for the final time.

    You put the window up before staring the engine and driving off.

    Not even thinking about looking behind you and changing your mind.


    hey!! my requests are open my loves <3

    #vinnie#vinnie hacker #vinnie hacker angst #vinnie hacker fluff #vinnie hacker imagine #vinnie hacker masterlist #vinnie hacker one shot #vinnie hacker smut #hype house#vincent hacker
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    Hello Kitty Confessions - Z.B.

    Pairings: Ziggy Berman x fem!reader

    Warnings: canon violence

    Category: Fluff

    Word Count: 2k+ words

    “Ziggy, what are we even doing here?” Y/n asked as they entered Sheila and her posse of bitches cabin. 

    “Nothing, nothing.” Ziggy replied, not looking behind her where the other girl was standing. 

    Y/n could hear the smirk in her voice without having to see her, “Ziggy, you can’t get in trouble again!” 

    “I’m not going to get in any trouble.” She said as she swiped the cash off of Sheila's nightstand and shoved it into the pocket of her burnt orange corduroy shorts.

    “What the fuck!” Shelia’s voice came from behind the two. 

    “Run!” Ziggy said, grabbing Y/n’s hand to pull her out of the cabin. 

    The two girls ran through the woods, glancing behind them occasionally. Y/n was the best part of Ziggy’s life, at camp and back home. She was the only person who didn’t think the girl was some sort of monster who ruins everything. 

    “Shit shit shit shit shit shit.” Ziggy cursed as the two ran away from the Sunnyvaler’s. 

    “Too early to say this was a bad idea?” Y/n asked, looking behind her again. 

    “Um, yeah.” Ziggy replied, glancing behind her shoulder again, as she did so one of Shelia’s goons put his arm out making Ziggy smack right into it. Resulting in falling to the ground and her nose to start pouring blood.

    “Fuck!” Y/n cursed. 

    “You’re gonna hang, witch.” Sheila said, standing over Ziggy. 

    They grabbed Ziggy and tied her wrists together before pulling her over to a tree. Will grabbed Y/n’s arm to prevent her from helping Ziggy. The group chanted as they threw the red head onto the ground. 

    “String her up!” Sheila demanded, and her goon boy did just that. 

    “Let me down you shits! Let me down!” Ziggy screamed as Sheila took her money from Ziggy’s pocket. 

    “Well well, what do we have here?” Sheila feigned surprise. 

    “Goddamn thief!” Will yelled, right into Y/n’s ear. 

    “Fuck, ever heard of being quiet?” Y/n mumbled. 

    “No, no she’s not a thief.” Sheila said, “She’s possessed by the witch.” 

    “Sheila knock it off!” Y/n yelled, struggling in the boy’s grasp. 

    “It’s the only way to explain her psycho behavior.” Sheila continued, getting closer to the hanging girl. 

    “What about your psycho behavior, Sheila? Are you possessed or just fucking crazy.” Y/n mocked, resulting in Will grabbing both her arms as one of the girls punched her in the nose. 

    “Fuck you!” Ziggy yelled as she smacked Sheila in the nose with her elbow, Ziggy smirked, “Guess we’re even now.”

    “You do know what they did to Sarah Fier, right?” Sheila got into her face again, “They hanged her, from this very tree. But she would have died forever if you did what you always do to witches. You burn them.”

    She took the lighter from the boy, “Now hold her legs.” She instructed her other two goons. 

    “Seriously Sheila?” One of them asked. 

    “Sheila, knock it the fuck off. You got your money and made your point!” Y/n yelled at the brunette girl, and struggled against Will’s hold. 

    “Shut up! Now hold her legs!” Sheila instructed once more, and one of them did as told. 

    “No, no, no! Stop it stop!” Ziggy yelled, struggling. 

    “Shut up, witch.” Sheila said, opening the lighter and walking to Ziggy.

    “Sheila, you've made your point!” The other yelled. 

    “Don’t. Don’t!” Ziggy yelled. 

    “It was only ten bucks!” Will yelled, and let go of Y/n.

     Which was probably his first mistake, as Y/n did what any sane person did as Sheila began to burn Ziggy’s arm. She grabbed a fistful of Sheila’s hair, and dragged her away from Ziggy and tossed her to the ground. 

    Before Sheila could react, Y/n punched her in the face and Sheila clawed at the girl trying to get her off of her. But to no avail. 

    “Shit, Will! Your brother!” One of the girls yelled. 

    “The fuck’s this? Get her down!” A boy's voice yelled, “I swear to God Will, I’ll tell mom.” 

    Nick Goode. 

    If Y/n wasn’t trying to beat the shit out of Sheila, she would have rolled her eyes. Moment’s later the same boy pried her off of Sheila. 

    “What the fuck!” Sheila screamed from the ground, one of the girls helping her up. 

    “What’s going on here?” The older boy asked, looking at the teens. 

    “I went back to my cabin, and the door was open. Next thing I knew, all my money was gone and Ziggy and Y/n were sprinting away.” Sheila recalled the events. 

    “Because you were chasing us!” Ziggy defended. 

    “Ziggy! You talk when I tell you to talk.” Ziggy rolled her eyes at Kurt’s words. 

    “Did you see her take it?” Nick asked. 

    “Everyone did.” Will said. 

    “Everyone.” The girls agreed. 

    “Well, that’s it Berman. Five strikes you’re out. And you,” He turned to face Y/n, “L/n…assaulting another camper? You’re out.” 

    “I’m out? They just tried to murder me!” Ziggy yelled, gesturing to the four Sunnyvale teens. 

    “Assault? I’d like to call it self defense, Sheila was attacking us.” Y/n half-lied. 

    “Yeah, and I’ll deal with them. But get back to camp, and call your mommies. Because you're done at Nightwing.” Kurt said, pointing at the two.

    “I didn’t do it.” Ziggy lied. 

    “Oh yeah? Just like you didn’t set the camp flag on fire? Or let out the camp rabbits? Or graffiti the outhouse?” He listed the things Ziggy and Y/n had done, “I warned you.” 

    Kurt’s cut off by Sheila, “Kurt, it’s not her fault. Really. She was possessed by Sarah Feir.” 

    “Oh you…” Ziggy turns to attack Sheila, but Y/n grabs her by the waist. 

    “Don’t, she can’t afford anymore blows to the head. She doesn’t have enough brain cells.” Y/n says in a serious tone. 

    “Look we kick them out, someone’s going to ask about the burns on her arm.” Nick says. 

    ‘What’s with this guy?’ Y/n thinks as she struggles to keep Ziggy from going after Sheila.

    “And then who’s in trouble?” Nick continues, “Why don’t we let this one slide? Yeah.” 

    “One more strike and you’re out, for real. Got it L/n, Berman?” Kurt asks, getting in the girls faces. 

    Y/n finally let’s go of Ziggy, “Being bossed around by a Goode. Wow, some things never change.” Ziggy said, and the two walked back to camp. 

    Nick Goode following behind the, Y/n had never gotten a good vibe from the boy. 

    “I think I broke her nose, ya know she’s always needed a nose job.” Y/n joked, Ziggy laughed but didn’t say anything. 

    “Hey!” Nick fucking Goode had caught up to the pair, “You should have Nurse Lane check that burn out.” He reached out for Ziggy’s arm. “I’m going to let it get infected and die.” Ziggy muttered, and pulled it from her grasp. 

    “What, I don't even get a thank you?” Nick asked. 

    Ziggy and Y/n stopped, “Oh! I’m so sorry. I forgot, thank you! King of Sunnyvale! Future Police Chief Nick Goode.” 

    “For rescuing us poor, helpless Shadysiders! How can we ever repay you? Want your dick sucked?” Y/n rolled her eyes at the stupid boy, and walked off. Ziggy flipped him off before turning around and following the other girl. 

    “He’s right,” Y/n spoke up as they made their way through camp, “you should get that checked out. Don’t want it getting infected and definitely don’t want you dying.” 

    Ziggy wordlessly agreed, and let Y/n pull her off to Nurse Lane’s cabin. 

    “Nurse Lane! I’m dying!” Ziggy called out as they entered the cabin. 

    “Come on, I’ll bandage you up.” Y/n said, pulling Ziggy further into the infirmary and making her sit on a bed. 

    “Since when did you become a nurse?” Ziggy asked as Y/n grabbed some burn cream and bandages. 

    “You don’t know everything about me, Zigs. Now, this shouldn’t hurt too bad…” Y/n trailed off as she grabbed the red head’s arm and gently applied the balm. 

    “You’re not a monster you know.” Y/n spoke as she gently wrapped the white gauze bandage around Ziggy’s wound, “I know that everyone says you are, but you’re not. You’re beautiful, kind, and funny. Sure you’re snarky sometimes, but that’s what I love about you. You’re just…you.” 

    “You love me?” Ziggy asked, her freckled cheeks flushing pink. 

    “What? Oh…of course I love you, you’re my best friend.” Y/n said, realizing her mistake and blood rushed to her face. “Um, you’re all good. All taken care of.” Y/n moved to get up. 

    “Hey,” Ziggy gently took Y/n’s bloodied hand before she could get up, “you’re still hurt. I may be no nurse like you, but I can bandage you up.” 

    “No, it’s no big deal. I’ll just, just wash them.” Y/n tried to pull away but Ziggy wouldn’t let her. 

    “Please, I mean you kinda like defended my honor or something like that. It’s the least I can do.” Ziggy was practically begging, feeling bad that she was hurt. 

    Y/n reluctantly agreed to allow Ziggy to clean her up. Ziggy grabbed a rag and got it wet before grabbing some bandaids and disinfectant. 

    “You never know how dirty Sheila could be.” She laughed, before sitting down and taking Y/n’s hand. 

    She wiped the blood off of each with the rag, “This is going to sting.” She warned before spraying the other girl's knuckles with the spray. 

    “‘M sorry,” Ziggy apologized when Y/n hissed in pain. 

    Ziggy continued to clean up the girl’s knuckles that were covered in newly forming bruises. She grabbed the pack of bandaids. 

    “Hello Kitty?” Y/n laughed at the box of pink bandaids. 

    “What, you don’t like Hello Kitty?” The horror loving girl feigned offense. 

    “Do you love Hello Kitty?” Y/n asked, watching Ziggy put the cute pink bandaids on her damaged knuckles. 

    “No, but I love you.” Ziggy confessed, softly pressing her lips to Y/n’s knuckles. 

    “How long?” Y/n asked. 

    “Last Christmas when you got me Carrie, you spent months saving up. And it hit me that I was in love with you.” She smiled at the memory, “What about you?” 

    “Um…” Y/n blushes as she thinks, “February, when you tried to make me that soup when I was sick. It was horrible soup, and we both got food poisoning from it.” 

    The two of them laughed, before going silent. 

    Y/n turned to face Ziggy only to see she was already looking at her. 

    “Ziggy?” Y/n quietly asked. 

    The redhead girl didn’t say anything, she only moved her hands to cup Y/n’s cheeks and leaned forward and kissed her best friend. For a moment Y/n was surprised but once she realized what was happening she kissed her back. One of Ziggy’s hands moved to Y/n’s waist to pull her closer while Y/n’s hands were in Ziggy’s fiery red hair. The two stayed like that for a few minutes, separating momentarily to breathe.

    Suddenly the infirmary door opened which caused the two to seperate. 

    “Oh dear! Are you two okay?” Nurse Lane asked, seeing the two sitting on one of the lumpy infirmary beds. 

    “Oh, a little mishap is all. But we got it all fixed up, thank you Nurse Lane.” Y/n said, trying to ignore the way her cheeks burned. 

    “Are you sure? You both look flushed.” Nurse Lane observed. 

    “Just a little sunburnt, we have sunblock at the cabin though. No worries. Bye Nurse Lane.” Ziggy said, grabbing Y/n’s hand like she’d done a million times before to drag her out of the cabin. 

    Only this time when they laced their hands together it was different, normally when they’d hold hands it was nothing more than two best friends. Now? They were more than best friends. Deep down they both knew it, but it was surface level information now. 

    A/n- I think I may make a part two...

    #ziggy berman x reader #fear street x reader #ziggy berman imagine #fear street imagine #wlw x reader #fear street#ziggy berman
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  • purpledragonturtles
    24.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    ☄️A Draught of Firelight chapter 23

    🪴 Hiya! I haven't published anything in the longest of times but I'm quite happy with how this chapter turned out. I hope you're still interested in the story.💚

    I just published "Regretful Reapings" of my story "A Draught of Firelight (Prof. Severus Snape x OC)". https://www.wattpad.com/1169421032?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.tumblr&utm_content=share_published&wp_page=create_on_publish&wp_uname=lesimm_x&wp_originator=sJ34pFoqRbwFIHUtkG%2BhGx5Gbf5oavc4oz6co%2F1n8w2Q6lC3OURyKtOOOnr8aqsiqTzH9%2BkbmmWRp3gDz%2FMtpLXWJvaSNXzFVZHkajzcz%2BbHdg3vbml6o4hJPYRzxTk9

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