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  • Upcoming events include TDWI Virtual Summit, SANSFIRE 2020, and OLC Innovate 2020.

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  • Checklists, progress bars, completion status checks, competency or activity focused rubrics and other related tools or methods that help a student to check a completed activity off a list may be useful in competency-based education but these activity monitors do not have a place or role in outcome-based education. They are simply not needed in […]

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    In my previous post I wrote about and included a video about adding timestamps to longer videos that you post on your YouTube channel. Rather than just talk about it, I took my own advice and added timestamps to one of my longest and most popular videos of the last few months. That video is a complete overview of how to use EDpuzzle to create video lessons without having to create your own videos. I’ve included timestamps in the description of the video so that you can jump directly to different sections of it.

    Included in this video:

    - How to create an account


    - How to create a classroom via Google Classroom.


    - How to make lessons with videos you’ve found online.


    - How to make lessons with videos you’ve created.


    - How to post the lesson for your students.


    - How students can access and respond to your lessons.


    - How to view student responses. 


    - How to create an EDpuzzle class without Google Classroom.


    - How to upload your own video to EDpuzzle. 


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    When you’re publishing videos that are longer than five or six minutes on your YouTube channel it can be helpful to viewers to add some timestamps to the video’s description. Including timestamps in the description lets your viewers click to jump to an exact mark in the video. There are a couple of ways that you can do this and they’re both easy to do. In the

    following video

    I demonstrate how add timestamps to the videos that you post on YouTube.

    Applications for Education

    I generally don’t recommend making instructional videos for kids longer than about ten minutes at the most. But if you do or if you’ve recorded something like a livestream of a review session, adding timestamps can be beneficial to students. For example, let’s say that you hosted a YouTube Live session in which you reviewed the American Revolution and answered questions from students. When you go to post the recording of that session, add some timestamps so that students can then jump to sections that address their questions.

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