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    Our team conducted an interview about the complications of new normal education that our interviewees encountered in the past two weeks. A total of 8 respondents were interviewed to gather data that will be the basis of our startup business; the interview was done via chat and video call. The narration of the results of every survey are presented below.

    Student #1:

    He said that the business startup will help lessen the burden of online classes to students like him who does not have stable internet connection and a gadget ready for use. He also said that, the Wifinest Café can really help the students’ problem in terms of slow internet connection and unscheduled power interruption especially during examination week, wherein exams are being timed and will give students stress if they can’t pass on time or can’t take the exam on time.

    Student #2:

    The interviewee said that the business startup will not help lessen her problems on online class. This is because even though she only uses phone and mobile internet to do her activities or have her online classes, she will still opt to pay 70 pesos of load for 7 days than paying the café’s charge which is 100 pesos per hour of stay. She also said that power interruptions, gadgets were not her main problem for online class, it is her capabilities, online sources, etc. to answer her activities, her astigmatism that she can’t take to look her phone for a whole day. Also, she said that it is still too risky to go out and students may crowd the whole place to avail the services.

    Student #3:

    The third student that I interviewed said that she has no problem with internet connection, gadgets, and power interruptions— but she stated that she have problems with eye strain, household chores, and on having a noisy neighborhood. When I asked her about having a café or a study area nearby which offers fast internet connection, unlimited power usage, and a place to chill or have a hassle free environment, she said that it is a great idea and she is really interested with it.

    Student #4:

    The student that I interviewed said that she has no problems so far with the internet connection. It is not like she has very strong connectivity, but she stated that she is satisfied with it and she can even join live conferences and meetings with her professors. When I asked her about the idea of having a study café in the area, she said that it can be great as long as the ambiance can make the students feel relaxed while facing their online classes. Moreover, she said that the location of the proposed café matters, especially that those who are in need of internet connection are from far-flung and remote areas.

    Student #5:

    The next student that I asked for personal opinions regarding online classes said that he is having a hard time dealing with having this kind of learning platform. He also said that it is difficult to do online classes while facing a lot of distractions such as internet connection, power interruption, eye strains, and household chores. He added that online classes cost a lot of money especially for prepaid credits in internet. When I asked him if there is any café nearby where he can relax, do online classes without a hassle, and have stable internet connection without power interruptions – he replied that it is a great deal, especially for students, however, not everyone can have access to it. Since it will really cost a lot of money, and we are not all financially stable.

    Student #6:

    The interviewee has a lot of problems dealing with online classes and the internet connection is her major concern. She said that it is a pain for her to submit her requirements on time since she has to look for a spot or area where she can have good connectivity. She said that in order to address the problem that she is having, she decided to be more flexible and submit all her requirements ahead of time. However, when I asked her about tendencies of having study café or study area nearby who offers stable WiFi connections, has a good area for studying and doing online classes and has food and beverage – she said that she’s more than willing to go for it. She doesn’t mind the expenses as long as she can have better connections and comfortable place to study.

    Student #7:

    The student that I asked told me that he is currently not experiencing any problems with internet connections, gadgets, or even a suitable area for studying. The only problem he experienced is when there is a total black out in their community because he won’t be able to use his laptop for attending meetings, classes or even group discussions — however, he has an alternative way of attending those events through his phone, using his regular internet data. The only problem is if there is no electricity, that is why I asked him if our project proposal addressing issues of internet connection, lack of gadget and even providing electricity would help him a little bit, and yes he said that the proposed business project would be of great help both to the student and also to the entrepreneurs behind. To the students or even work at home employees, it would benefit them a lot and also will help them throughout their academic journey and to the workers, it will help them to have more opportunities in their fields for they can continue working even without going to their offices.

    Student #8:

    The last student, talked about how difficult it is for her to have online classes at home, and even communicating is a bit difficult because of the slow internet connection in their area. They have internet, but sometimes it affects her online class or activity works because of her internet connection. She has no problem with gadgets or her studying environment, but electricity black out can sometimes be her problem. Addressing her concern, I talked about how some ways will help her, as we go through, I suggested of what if there will be a place that can provide a speedy internet connection and also a friendly and suitable environment for studying, she said that this is a brilliant idea and good business to launch for it will be of great help to all students who lacks gadgets to attend online classes and a speedy internet connection. However, she raised a small concern as to relate to our current situation which is the pandemic, safety and precaution should be observed in establishing the business in order not to add up to the alarming number of COVID-19 cases.


    • The hypothesis for this startup is that the business can provide the students’ and teachers’ needs. Aside from that, it also addresses the problems and concerns raised by our interviewee. Most of them have positive feedback or response to the idea of the said startup.


    • Based on the gathered data, six out of eight respondents agreed with the WiFinest Café and gave positive feedback. Not only the student but also the employees can benefit from the stable internet connection.


    • The team then decides to continue the business startup for the WiFinest Cafe and further is data needed to improve in which will better experience for customer.


    The team came up with two (2) options in addressing the positive outcome of the interview in which includes the purpose and goal of the business start-up.

    1.     To continue gathering complete and accurate data from the chosen respondents. This is to prove that our business startup will be useful and can provide for the student’s needs.

    2.     To modify the proposed business startup. This is to address the needs and problems the respondents have stated, which is not included in the business startup’s purpose and goals.


    • It is important to validate each result of the respondents. Validation will shape the business into a more refined establishment and know the customer’s problem and provide a solution.


    • The team concluded that this week’s activity would strengthen the business’s foundation and fully grasp the vital information obtained from the respondents, which will provide a suitable service in the given problem.
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  • Q: There’s a lot of chatter on the internet about you and Tommy. A lot of people are saying you and a group of others that is growing larger every day think that Tommy has no chance of success, that he’s a complete poser, narcissist, and fraud with no legitimate qualifications or experience to do any of the things he claims. They’re sayin’ you mock him mercilessly and you think his product is a ridiculous and unnecessary pipe dream that looks like a foot bath, and that he should shut the hell up and show something. Any comment on that?

    AmicoGames.com: Yah, that sounds about right

    And that’s our show folks. Have a pleasant evening.

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    “Did you comb Freddie Mercury when he came to the country?”

    - “I cut Freddie Mercury’s hair.” Here it is in a photo (indicates the center table). One day they called me to go to the Sheraton to cut his hair. I asked a friend, because my daughter Paola was in Miami: “They called me to cut Freddie Mercury’s hair. Is he famous? ” I didn’t know who he was . Frankly I didn’t know who he was. He had everything with waves, everything with curls, hair over here (indicated below the shoulders).

    “Freddie Mercury arrived with long hair in Buenos Aires?”

    - I saw him with long hair. Then we went on to know how he wanted his hair and I said: “To cut it shorter, I don’t like it. Either we make a current, modern cut or I would rather leave your hair long. ” At that time it was used long. And we started cutting. And I saw that the drummer grabbed his hair. But I didn’t like how it fit. With shorter hair, it would look better. His two little teeth… it was going to be funny, because he had a little bit of his teeth out. Then I cut it short and well, then he acted and left and I never saw him again. He left with my haircut, short, short.

    “Do you know what the drummer wanted to do with the hair he grabbed?”

    - I don’t know, nor did I ask. I did not ask. I did not ask.

    Miguel Romano Hairdresser from Argentina.

    The pictures are from 1981.

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  • Just Shawn Mendes driving a car. Youre welcome {x}

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  • Watch “Justin Hartley on whether This is Us will end with Season 6” on YouTube

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    The perfect man doesn’t exi—

    #chris evans #is the perfect man actually #new picture#interview#marvel#MCU #the best Chris #I said it
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  • [INTERVIEW] 201022 AleXa Talks About Her Ideal Stage Collaboration + More!

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  • [INTERVIEW] 201022 AleXa Talks About Her Newest Album ‘DECOHERENCE’ + More!

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  • (ENG CC) What should Baekho never ‘spoil’? | NU'EST Baekho Interview

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  • Tom Keifer about Shelter me … 🤘🤘🎵🎤🎸🎸🎹🎷 Man, that’s why I love Tom. I agree with him on so many things and we have so many things in common and yes, there are people who love to point the finger and criticize everything you do while doing things 10 times worse than you and I hate that kind of person I hates hypocrites.

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  • Texting w/ Skelly

    Over here @theonlymagicleftisart, we tend to curate, but today we’re doing something a little different — and we’re starting with one of our favorite characters on Tumblr: Skelly by artist @jjjjjjjjjjohn. We’ve long wanted to know more about him, his wants, his needs, his bones. And so here we are, six questions with Skelly.

    CHAZ: Tell us about urself.

    SKELLY: I’m a vaporwave skeleton that lives in cyberspace. You can call me Skelly or Death :)

    CHAZ: Any plans for Halloween?

    SKELLY: Zoom party with friends.


    CHAZ: When you dip your hand into the candy bowl, what do you avoid?

    SKELLY: Anything with peanuts (have a severe peanut allergy💀).

    CHAZ: Where can we bump into you on the internet?

    SKELLY: Here.

    CHAZ: Internet obsession…

    SKELLY: The 12ft tall Home Depot Skeleton

    CHAZ: Something you’d like to do before 2021…

    SKELLY: Vote!


    Thanks for the interview Skelly!

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