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  • sailormoonblue
    15.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Myōga | Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

    #myōga#myoga #yashahime princess half demon #yashahime: princess half demon #Yashahime gifs#yashahime#inuyasha characters#moroha#anime#tv shows
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  • rins-hogosha
    15.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Kagome and the shikon jewel

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  • des-does-art
    15.05.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Another Akith sketch!!!

    This is my son being very angry. He is surrounded by smoke, which intensifies when he changes into his true form, a giant pit bull. In his true form he is really big, but he’s still not as big as an older demon like Toga. He’s got a lot of growing to do. He will reach the peak of his form development when he turns 3000 years old. He’s only 2300.

    *He would be at Toga’s neck for height comparison. He could step on a hill and crush it.

    His weapon is a battle axe, and he can swing it on a string of beads if he needs an even longer reach. If he can’t use his axe, he’ll use his fists. His powers are aligned with immense strength and the volcanoes. He can sleep on magma and set objects aflame by scraping them with his nails. If he bites down and doesn’t let go, especially in his true form, he can burn an enemy from the inside out, turning the flesh into molten magma. On the less destructive end, Akith can make volcanoes sleep and can calm earthquakes to keep things from breaking apart. A village lives around his mountains, so he has incentive to keep the volcanoes asleep there.

    If the issue isn’t physical, he can generally reason with someone. He’s not perfectly eloquent, but he can hold up an intelligent conversation. He didn’t grow up with a royal background, so his education is not as great. He knows enough to get by and make decisions that align with his morals and values.

    He is a great asset to have in conflicts since he commits so strongly. He was an ally to Toga a few times, and Akith respected him a lot. When Toga died, Akith filled the mountain ranges of his home with smoke for several weeks out of respect and grief.

    Akith doesn’t interact with Sesshomaru, especially with Sesshomaru’s weird obsession to fight all the strongest demons to surpass Toga. Akith has refused many duels and decided to keep away by staying in his mountains and only visiting friends.

    He heard about Inuyasha, and Akith met him once. He offered guidance and a place to stay. Inuyasha expressed he didn’t need Akith, so Akith respected Inuyasha and kept away.

    Akith is friends with a few demons, strong and considerably weak. He doesn’t see them often. He makes friends with humans in the village near his mountains more often, guarding family lines and filling the mountains with smoke when new life comes and old life leaves.

    There we go! More Akith lore. :))

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  • naroasart
    15.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Herr have a Kirinmaru fanart that i did some months ago and I dont know why I didn't post

    #kirinmaru#inuyasha#inuyasha sequel #hanyou no yashahime #yashahime #yashahime princess half demon #setsuna#towa#kagome
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  • baby-moroha
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is another one of my favorite artists.

    Follow them for more great art ❤️

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  • cynthiaandsamus
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tsubaki reverts to her old age after they kill her demons and turns to dust because apparently at 70 years old you just fall apart

    #ooc#Toonami #Custom Toonami Block #Inuyasha #Mun Rewatches Inuyasha
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  • eliza-faust-diary
    15.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My cover art for the @neutronstarchild ‘s ficlet series Small Bites which is on AO3 now. Enjoy reading!

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  • ashley-jones
    15.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Past and Present

    Chapter 6

    Toxic Love

    Warnings: Manipulation, toxic relationship, name calling, choking

    Diana shifted across the bed once more, the tv shining into her eyes as a random movie was playing. Her phone giving off notification sounds every few minutes, and once more another snooze button was hit. Her stomach hurt and cramps filled her whole body, but for some reason her heart hurt the most. She felt as though she'd been torn from something and it was left far behind leaving her incomplete. Kagome hasn't returned and Andy completely shielded off the well house from his girlfriend.

    Kagome stood at the well staring at it, a dark aura escaping from it causing a fear to strike her. She just watched her sister get carried off, cries of wanting to stay being ignored with claws digging into her legs. The Miko feared for her older sister, she knew the relationship between Andy and Diana was a toxic one. Diana was always coming home with new bruises that wound up covered by makeup. Or Kagome would sometimes hear her cry at night. "What if he hurts her..?" Kagome whispered. "He will not." Sesshomaru growled. "Sesshomaru and I are going to try and travel through to your time Kagome.. Get Diana and make sure she's safe.." Inuyasha mumbled.

    Kagome stared up at her friend with widen eyes before smiling and nodding. "Be careful.. Both of you!" she quickly said. Sesshomaru just looked away from the Miko and towards the well. "The old man will be here to make sure Naraku stays away, but continue looking for the shards. We shouldn't be too long." Inuyasha informed. Kagome nodded with a small smile and soon joined Sango who was standing beside Miroku with Rin and Shippo sitting on Ah Uh. "Jaken." Sesshomaru growled. "Y-yes milord?" the imp quickly replied. "Watch after Rin." he ordered. "Yes milord!" Jaken quickly replied. Like that the two yokai's jumped into the well, in hope of returning with the Miko's sister.

    Diana stepped from the confinements of the Higurashi shrine. The house was empty as her family went on vacation leaving her and Kagome to watched house; well just her now. Keys hung from her middle finger, phone in her hand and a water bottle in the other. Her school back was hanging loosely off her shoulder and was pretty much leaning down into her elbow. She was extremely unprepared, and really didn't wanna go back to school to face her friends.

    Andy watched her closely, his eyes glowing scarlet and jaw clenched tightly. He soon pushed himself off the wall and grabbed the girls arm slamming her into the porch banister. A small cry leaving her lips, items falling from her hands and landing to the grassy grounds. "Your damn lucky your not pregnant. I would have killed you if I found out you were birthing a dog, much less a damn half breed." he growled. "Do you think it's funny sleeping around with a bunch of dogs? Do you enjoy being a little whore?" he snapped.

    His hand moved up and grasped a hold of her throat, claws digging into the side causing blood to drip from small holes. She couldn't breath, her back arching trying to push him away, tears trailing down her cheeks. Choked sobs left her as Andy continued calling her names and manipulating her into never returning. She wanted to fight back but she couldn't find the energy to do so, so she just stood there, taking the abuse like she always has.

    He was close to choking the life out of her when he was slammed against a wall, and immediately a tall white clothed figure stood in front of the female. Gasps could be heard along with strained coughs, causing the cat yokai to growl at the dog.

    "damn dog.." Andy growled. "You protect her? When she will most likely be holding another half breed soon. Just another disappointment to your name." he teased. Sesshomaru said nothing, his glare hardening as he looked back at the young female. He hated the thought of having another half breed, but he hated handing this female off to his father only to have her end up like his mother and Inuyasha's mother; hidden away and heartbroken and left to care for a demon. "leave." Sesshomaru ordered. Diana flinched at how cold his voice was before slowly leaving the porch. She grabbed her items and obeyed immediately leaving the shrine.

    Diana's hands where shaking as she unlocked her car door. She couldn't keep herself steady making her curse and slowly kneel down pressing her forehead against he door. She wanted to cry, to scream, to just do anything that would make her feel better. The keys where slowly removed from her shaking hand, making her look up slowly seeing Inuyasha standing beside her. He unlocked the door for her as she slowly stood to her full height. "T-thank you.." she whispered. He hummed and jumped through the driver seat and into the passenger with a playful smirk.

    Diana had planned to drive to school but she found herself at a cafe buying ramen for Inuyasha and a vanilla mocha for herself. The hanyo had his hat on and of course people just bought he was a cosplayer. Her gaze lingering on the red diamond promise ring that sat on her ring finger. She had gotten Andy a black one and her a red one on their 2 year anniversary, and she hasn't removed it since. She would be lying if she said she didn't love him, because she did. She's known him for so long and had grown this large attraction towards him, that it would kill her to leave him behind..

    When she first met him, he was nice, kind, filled with energy that she could thrive with. He made her feel comfortable and made her feel like she actually belonged somewhere. 4 years of knowing each other and 3 years of dating, all just went downhill.


    "who's the new kid?" Mattheo questioned. He stood beside his younger sister, both holding their bags over their shoulders. A tall male walked down the hall, gold eyes shining darkly, hair cut perfectly. He wore a tight black shirt with black jeans, a leather jacket resting over his shoulder. "His name is Andy, just moved here from London. He's in my chem class. Doesn't talk much, but his accent is perfect." one of Diana's friends whispered.

    The tall male walked past them, his eyes meeting Diana's brown ones. A shiver running down her spine making her look down gripping her bag tighter. He soon stopped and looked at her closely then smirked and walked away without a word. Mattheo's glare hardening the moment the new boy smirked at his sister. "I have to get to class." Diana whispered. She shrugged her back closer and walked away heading towards the phycology room.

    Diana slowly sat down, sliding her bag off her shoulder and pulling the 2 books from the confinements. She set them back down in front of her including a notebook and a pencil, her phone balancing on her lap. Sneakily placing one of her headphones in, and shrugging her hair to cover the cord.

    The seat that is usually empty beside her was pushed out and someone sat down in it without even aknowleding her. She looked over slowly taking in the new kid now sitting calmly beside her, his body leaned back, muscles straining against the tight shirt. He was tall considering his legs where bent slightly proving the length of his full height.

    Diana quickly shook her head and looked ahead, refusing to speak to the male but instead listen as the lesson began. She lifted on of her legs and placed her foot on the chair, resting her chin against her knee. Hand waving across the paper as she wrote down notes neatly and perfectly. Everything was labeled and placed into designated spaces.

    The boy sitting beside her did nothing, but instead had his eyes closed and looked as though he was sleeping. It made the female cringe since she grew up being taught to always pay attention when someone was speaking. But he was one of a kind, the school didn't have very many bad boys so having one might lighten up the mood of the boring and dull bladed school.

    "Andy! Hey wait up!" Diana called out. 4 months into knowing him the two have grown quite close. The more they sat together in phycology, the more they grew to know each other. He stopped and waited for the teen to catch up. "It's freezing and your running in shorts and a tank top. The hell is wrong with you?" he mumbled. He shrugged off his leather jacket and tossed it over her shoulder.

    The weight of jacket made her fall forward slightly but she smiled and pulled the leather closer to her. Slowly slipping her arms through the long sleeves and pulled it close. "I just got out of gym.." she softly said. "I can tell." he teased. She blushed and quickly looked down. "S-sorry.." she whispered. "Don't be, your perfume mixes well with you." he rasped out. This made the female smile and the two began leaving the school. Usually she'd ride home with Mattheo but she wanted to hang out with Andy. She promised to take him to her favorite cafe since he's never drank coffee, mainly just tea.

    His car was nice, well nice was an understatement; his car was fucking gorgeous! It was the best car in the parking lot, and it proved he came from a home of money. A beautiful black Ford Mustang 2017. He was constantly telling her that he was gonna give the car to her by the time she got her license, she just laughed it off with a simple 'no'.

    Time went on and the two soon began dating when she hit the age of 15, her mother and older brother didn't agree with her dating someone older but they didn't intervene. Diana was happy, and smiling and actually looked comftortable with the male.

    Andy taught the teen to drive, helped her get her first job, and helped with classes she was having trouble with. He was slow with her because of age, promising that he'd always be gentle and never force anything onto her. The good girl started dating the bad boy, and the good girl decided to change a little for the hopes of making the bad boy happy. She fell in love in a hopeless place.

    She fell in love with a toxic male.

    Bruises began scattered across her skin, makeup being bought at an extreme rate. Never leaving the house without concealer and foundation. Clothing going from comftortable legging and hoodies, short and tank tops now being turned into tight ripped black jeans, long sleeved shirts and combat boots. Hair once black and silk to the touch, now dyed red/ginger.She changed herself for him, and she knew exactly why.

    She fell in love with him..

    Flashback ends

    Kagome slowly sat down on a rock, a jewel shard sitting in her hand. Kohaku had rejoined the group and was now slowly catching up with Sango. Every now and then she'd listen in when Kikyo was mentioned but she never contributed into the family matter. The miko's mind was on Inuyasha and Diana, remembering the way her sister use to be and how much she's change. "What is on your mind Miko?" Tōga questioned. Kagome looked up at the western general and then looked forward. "Memories I guess. I was too young to understand what was going on between Andy and Diana when they first got together, but now that I look back at it, I realize how toxic the relationship was. Our older brother realized it, that's why he was getting into constant fights with Andy.." she softly said. Kagome just shrugged and looked towards the well.

    A light shinned brightly and soon Inuyasha jumped up, and following him was Sesshomaru holding Andy by the back of the neck. Inuyasha reached his arm done and slowly pulled Diana up onto the well wall. "Sis!" Kagome yelled. She stood and ran straight towards the red haired female, arms shooting around the older siblings waist. "K-Kagome.." she whispered. Slowly Diana hugged back with a small smile.

    "your okay.." the Miko whispered. "I'm okay.." Diana softly replied.

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  • saikagerights
    15.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Feudal Era Family Album- Ch 2. is Live!

    Hello again! The story I willed to create is finally complete and ready for your viewing! Thanks again to all of the support I received on the first story, and I hope this one is also to your liking!

    Feudal Era Family Album


    A oneshot collection revolving around Miroku and Sango's family after the original InuYasha manga. There may be some cameos from other characters/pairings here and there, but this is mainly a MirokuxSango story

    Story #2- Son of The Slayer

    Sango comes to grips with her son's concerning new routine as he begins his transition into his job as a full-time slayer.

    Read Here on AO3

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  • peppymint1986
    15.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Saw a document of 20 things that don’t make sense in the anime series Inuyasha the other day.  Some were good points, some were nitpicking, and a couple were just ‘huh?’  

    Ironically, my main thing I feel does not make sense wasn’t even on the list.  Kagome and Inuyasha’s marriage.  Marriage between two characters of vastly different lifespans is always complicated.  Not saying it can’t work out.

    However, in this case Inuyasha is clearly still a teenager.  The human equivalent of 16 or 17.  It is also stated that even without taking his time pinned to the tree into account, he is more than a hundred years old.  In short, he will still be a teenager when Kagome is a mature woman.  Not the best setup for a lifelong partnership.

    #things that don't make since about inuyasha #inuyasha#teenagers #different aging due to species
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  • cynthiaandsamus
    15.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Kaede hears Inuyasha calling for Tsubaki and waits till they get to Tsubaki’s shrine and is like “Oh fuck, Tsubaki? That’s who we’re after? I know her”

    (Like we mentioned her before and you came here to go fight her, why are you just realizing this now and having your flashback?)

    #ooc#Toonami#Inuyasha #Custom Toonami Block #Mun Rewatches Inuyasha
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  • s-aikas
    15.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    🧿SessKagu Week 2021 Day Six ☾ White (Future)🧿

    #sesskaguweek2021#sesskagu#graphics-net#sesshomaru #kagura of the wind #inuyasha #hanyou no yashahime #mine
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  • archeracrosstime
    15.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    @gomiokamu​ Continued From Here --->

    “They’re called crocs, Inuyasha. They’re a type of shoe. Mom and I thought it might be good for you to have some to wear whenever you’re visiting here with us.” Getting him the shoes was easy, but him actually wearing it? Now that would be difficult. Still, Kagome Higurashi wasn’t a gal who gave up easily. If she could get him to wear that baseball cap to hide his ears, then surely he could be persuaded to wear proper footwear for once in his life...right?

    “Plus, I’m sure your feet are tired of walking on concrete whenever you go and watch me during school.” She giggles just a bit before moving the shoes in front of him where he could easily grab them with his clawed hands. “So, why don’t you try them on? I promise they’re comfortable!”

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  • teaspoon-of-stars
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • sweepingtree
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    SessKagu Week: Day Seven - Lilac (Free Day)

    It’s Setsuna and Towa with their younger brother, Bob!

    Bob is my OC sesskagu baby. Kagura and Sesshomaru have no idea what the name means but Kirinmaru is a well-travelled demon and he suggested this wonderful traditional name from the western part of the world, and they think a foreign name sounds really cool and exotic.

    Bob is a little asshole. He’s terribly spoiled because his sisters are all already adults when he was born and he’s their precious little nugget whom they spoil terribly. He 100% says “my father will hear about this” every time he experiences any mild inconvenience. He would have made at least twenty different servants cry by the time he’s five.

    Grandma is unfazed though. Says he’s just like his dad when he was at that age - an insufferable spoiled brat with an ego the size of a palace.

    “He’d grow out of it,” she shrugged, “or someone would put him in his place, just like your mother put your father in his.”


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  • thxlassophile
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #gomiokamu #lol the CHAOS #[i have a hero whenever i need one] MOROHA & INUYASHA
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  • nartistadigital
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Preview: Kagome for May’s AOTM.

     The results from the poll are in and the art is ready to see early for my patreons ✨ Hope everyone is having a great Saturday (like Kagome seems to be having)

    @clearwillow  @dreaming-of-soup  @mamabearcat  @superpixie42   @neutronstarchild  @fawn-eyed-girl  @eringobroke  @karina-inuphantom  @anxietyaardvark  @ruddcatha  @liz8080  @lavendertwilight89  @mickisketch  @hopidoodle  @thornedraven  @hnn-wnchstr  @itzatakahashi  @goshinote  @kalcia  @shinidamachu  @pinkpigeonstudio  @dis-gruntled-beast  @witchygirl99  @lostinfantasyworlds  @sailorbabydoll92  @kazeinori  @anisaanisa  @kawaiichan67  @ladyphoenix0711  @lordofthechips  @malditamigs  @dawnrider  @sunsetskys  @sailorlolo  @magnoliajades  @kagometaishostory  @marak7  @inussunflower  @gofoulpuppycollector  @sapphirestarxx  @theinuyashareader  @zelink-inukag  @bluejay785  @capricornsiren  @azulathegreattt @arcprz  @willowandfog @sacred-arrow-writes

    Let me know if you want on or off this little tag train.

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  • lazy8blog
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #fanfic #No Such Thing as Happily Ever After #inuyasha anime#inuyasha#kagome#inukag #please heed the tags
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  • misteria247
    15.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I'm gonna be honest here but characters with long hair-

    They're my weakness and I love them.

    #oli talks#ooc#muns ramblings#twisted wonderland#twst #i've fallen into twisted wonderland oop #Malleus draconia#twst Malleus#Leona Kingscholar#twst Leona#grelle sutcliff#alucard#castlevania#castlevania anime#castlevania game#castlevania alucard#adrien tepes#vil Schoenheit#twst vil#Inuyasha #inuyasha: the final act #inuyasha: a feudal fairy tale #Sesshomaru#Kagome Higurashi#jamil viper#twst jamil #all of these men/women who make me go wahhhhhh #please marry me fr fr I love y'all so much like jfc #no thoughts head empty rn #only them
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  • nikelaos87
    15.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    For “Looks That Can Kill“, my entry for @inuyasharedraw​

    The original image

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