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    Sometimes I don't know why

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    ︴⋄ 𝗔𝗸𝘂𝗱𝗮𝗺𝗮 𝗱𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀

    ғᴀᴠ ᴏʀ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴜsᴇ/sᴀᴠᴇ

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    31.12.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Akudama Drive (アクダマドライブ) - Review

    This series was insane!

    Brief: In a dystopian future where Kansai became a vassal state of Kantō, multiple highly skilled criminals, called Akudama, are sent a message from an anonymous client to free a death row prisoner named Cutthroat before he is executed. Four Akudama respond to the challenge and descend into Kansai Police Headquarters to earn a big payday. However, once inside, they discover the job was part of a larger scheme by their client to make them work together on a bigger job: to infiltrate the Shinkansen and steal precious cargo from a vault at the front of the train. Roped into the job are an ordinary girl arrested on a minor charge but forced to keep up the appearance of a Swindler, and a low-level Hoodlum who was accidentally broken out of jail during the initial heist. The team must work together to finish the job and earn their large payday, all while keeping ahead of the Executioners from the Kansai Police on their tail.

    My big surprise for this season! It wasn’t in my plans to watch this one but people were telling me how cool it was that I decided to give it a chance and I’m glad I did. The story is set in a cyberpunk style city, follow by a simply great action anime, from the beginning till the end this story is definitely beyond to what it’s seems, specially the weird dark truth behind Kanto.

    I really liked each of our main Akudamas, what surprised me the most is that the story doesn’t tell much about each character and somehow it wasn’t necessary because their personalities was good enough to create a great atmosphere for a good story.

    Animation was great, eye catching. Fighting scenes were amazing! and each character way of fighting was really cool. At first it was cool, and the story didn’t seem to be a big thing, I wasn’t expecting much of what would happen. I even thought they will simply achieve de mission and continue their lives.

    But well, things really started changing half the way. I really liked how complex the story gets once they got sister and brother, even though it’s still confusing the whole Kanto and Quantum computer stuff.

    I believe this was one of the good ones for this year and definitely if you’re in to this type of anime you should definitely watch it!

    Final score: 8.5/10

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    25.12.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Cutthroat is happy to see Swindler in Hell :P

    Sorry but this was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw that in episode 12 :3 Forgive me ~~~

    #akudama drive#cutthroat#swindler #I'll just pretend ep11 doesn't exist #it was a great anime #I will truly miss it #satsujinki#sagishi#ippanjin #cutthroat x swindler
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    20.11.2020 - 9 monts ago
    Ippanjin icons 🖤
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    08.11.2020 - 10 monts ago

    I want Swindler to be the catalyst for Cutthroat’s character development.

    What I mean when I say this is that I want Cutthroat to gradually come to love Swindler for her personality and abilities, not just because she’s got the color pink all over her. Right now, Cutthroat sees Swindler and the other Akudama as future kills, so it would be great if he learnt to see the others as people and comrades after doing the same for Swindler.

    Basically, I want Cutthroat to mature, to the point that he realizes his crush on Swindler is just him projecting his fascination of the color pink onto her, and once he’s come to see her as more than just that, Cutthroat realizes he only has platonic affections for Swindler. Thus, he will stop requesting that she be his lover but instead (I hope) his big sister, to which Swindler would remark is ridiculous because he’s nearly ten years older than her (this relationship change is obviously for comedic effect) but she will sort of comply because I expect that by that point she will become comfortable enough with Cutthroat to sincerely care and show concern for him.

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    19.05.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Higehiro 07


    ERRRM she’s kinda naive hah. Not much better than Goto....

    Why they all pick a boring ippanjin like Yoshida!

    This had to happen at least once, right!

    Oniichan’s come looking for his wayward imouto!

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    18.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Just binge watched akudama drive last week. satsujinki+ippanjin pair really gave me huge komanami (SDR) vibes :’)

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    19.10.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Voice Actress Tomoyo Kurosawa Leaves The Hospital after 11 Days

        Voice actor agency Mausu Promotion announced today on October 19 that 24-year-old voice actress Tomoyo Kurosawa has met the criteria for discharge from the hospital by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and has returned home.  

      As reported, she was tested for COVID-19 after several co-stars in an upcoming stage play were reported to have been infected with the virus, then she was also found positive on October 8 and had been in the hospital since that day. The agency wrote, "Once again, we would like to express our sincere apologies to all the fans who have been supporting her and all the companies involved for the great concern and inconvenience this time. Tomoyo Kurosawa will be returning to work in due course, taking her health into consideration."

      She wrote on Twitter today, "I was released from the hospital today. I apologize for causing so much concern and inconvenience to so many people this time. I would like to thank all the medical staff who were kind to me in the risk of infection. With gratitude, I will try to make all my works even more important from now on!"

      In the ongoing fall 2020 season, she has voiced Kurenai in Rail Romanesque, Saya in Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, and Ordinary Person (Ippanjin) in Akudama Drive. 

        本日無事退院しました。 この度はたくさんの方々に多大なるご心配とご迷惑をおかけしてしまい、申し訳ありませんでした。 感染のリスクがある中優しくしてくださった医療従事者の方々ほんとうにありがとうございました。 感謝の気持ちを胸に今後すべての作品をさらに大切に努めていきたいと思います!
    — 黒沢ともよ (@TomoyoKurosawa) October 19, 2020

        Source: Mausu Promotion, Tomoyo Kurosawa Twitter

      By: news+feed@crunchyroll.com

    #Anime#News #Latest in Anime News by Crunchyroll!
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  • recentanimenews
    09.10.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Voice Actress Tomoyo Kurosawa Tests Positive for COVID-19

        Voice actor agency Mausu Promotion announced today on October 9 that its 24-year-old voice actress Tomoyo Kurosawa has turned out to be a positive PCR test for the COVID-19 infection.

      She is best known as Otome Arisugawa in Aikatsu! (2012-2016) and Kumiko Omae in Sound! Euphonium (2015-2019). And in the ongoing fall 2020 season, she is cast as Kurenai in Rail Romanesque, Saya in Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina, and Ordinary Person (Ippanjin) in Akudama Drive. 

      According to the announcement, she was tested for PCR after several co-stars in an upcoming stage play were reported to have been infected with the infection. Then it was found out that she was also positive on October 8. She has been experiencing symptoms of fever since today. From now on, the agency will take appropriate measures on her under the instructions of the public health center and medical institutions.

        黒沢ともよ 新型コロナウイルス感染に関するご報告https://t.co/d3QzHRK3dz
    — 黒沢ともよ (@TomoyoKurosawa) October 9, 2020

        Source: Mausu Promotion

      By: news+feed@crunchyroll.com

    #Anime#News #Latest in Anime News by Crunchyroll!
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  • magical-beans
    30.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    Chapter 3: The Suicide Squad (Danganronpa x Reader)

    (The chapter title is a movie reference only.)

    (G/N) = Given Name

    (N/N) = Nickname

    Possible trigger warnings: mentions of guns, panic attack (nothing graphic)


    Not long after the Office Incident -- merely what Kokichi is calling it now as a short term solution.  He needs a better name than that to retell his much more enthused, dramatic version of the story -- Kokichi called an official DICE meeting.

    To be honest, the call was kind of a shock to the other nine members.  They don't often get together anymore now that business is booming, and someone has to supervise.  The only time they really see each other is for heists, and those are only after throwing around several ideas about the next location.  The only things filling their text thread currently are awful memes and check-ins.

    It was even more of a shock to discover why he'd called.


    Hearts — Shinzou Yuu — is monitoring the Chinese base of operations when he receives the call from Kokichi.

    "What's up, Boss?"

    The call isn't necessarily unusual: Kokichi often likes to call Yuu and complain, lamenting about this and that. Yuu's used to it by now.

    "Shi-chaaan! You have to help me! I'm traumatized! Someone attacked me with a big, bad gun, and it was sooo scary!"

    This should be alarming.

    It's not.

    It might have been if his voice wasn't whiny and drawn out — if he attempted to be serious for once: but he hadn't. Things don't scare Ouma Kokichi. Not anymore, at least.

    Yuu sighs, prepping himself to deal with the worst of Kokichi's dramatics.

    There is an odd shuffling sound, and Kokichi's mocking laughter follows. It spills through the speaker on Yuu's end, muffled, as though Kokichi has pulled away from his phone. Yuu thinks nothing of it.

    "That's horrible, Boss." Yuu humors him with his words, but his tone is monotonous. Thankfully, that's all it takes to avoid Kokichi's obnoxious crocodile tears. "You aren't hurt, are you?"

    "Hurt!? Of course not! I'm the Great Supreme Leader of DICE! I have people who would become my human shield if I so much as lifted a finger!"

    This is true, but they both don't like to think about it.

    The laughter rings out again on Kokichi's end, muffled once more and followed by a playful "Shut up, (N/N)-chan!" Now that is odd.

    "Boss, you got someone tied up on your side?"

    "Yup yup! That's actually why I called! I got myself a professional human shield! They're awfully grumpy, though, so I might have to kill them before they can do their job!"

    His voice is still playful, but this isn't a laughing matter. There hasn't been a case in the last four years of Kokichi finding an orphan interesting enough to introduce to his closest friends. The innermost group of DICE — the heart of it all — is exclusive. They had built DICE from the ground up, and that's special in their hearts. To have someone join that...an outsider, well...

    Yuu breathes in deep, closing his eyes momentarily, then sighs. If Kokichi wants to meddle, it's not his problem.

    There is a reason Kokichi had called Yuu first.

    "I'd love to meet them, Boss," Yuu says, and he knows his voice sounds tired. "Be careful. We trust your judgment, but some of us can be hardheaded."

    "Thanks, Shi-chan. When you wrap up business in China, head on back, 'kay?"

    Kokichi's voice is softer now, more fond.

    Yuu smiles slightly. This new person must really be something special.


    "Hey, Love, what's hangin'?"

    Jack — Ippanjin Mayumi — has picked up the phone in Argentina, her syrupy sweet drawl traveling smoothly through the long-distance connection. She traps her phone between her ear and shoulder before continuing to paint her nails.

    "Nishi~ Yumi-chan, there's someone I'd like you to meet!" Kokichi giggles.

    Mayumi grins. Two can play that game. And she would admit, she is a little curious.

    "A romantic partner, Dear? Don't you think it's too early for them to meet your parents? You should know better than to move too fast." Stepping into the role of Mom isn't so hard: playing it for four years will do that to you.  

    Kokichi giggles some more and then drops his voice into something akin to earnest.

    "They might be the one, Mom."

    Mayumi stills, nearly smudging the deep purple on her nails.

    "Oh?" She tries carefully, concealing any emotion in her voice. "Is that so?"

    "Could you come back to meet them, Yumi-chan? I think you'll like them."

    He sounds a little nervous. He must have known this would be a tough call. Adopting is cool and all, but it is also a big decision. Mayumi isn't sure how she feels about adding another person to their tight-knit group. Kokichi seems certain, though. That should be enough.

    Mayumi sighs into the phone, resuming her nail painting.

    "All right, then. See you in a few weeks, Love."


    King and Spades — Osama Akihiko and Suki Ryuunosuke respectively — race for the phone when it goes off. There's a flurry of limbs and blows, each one trying to hinder the other from reaching it first.

    The phone is on its last ring when Ryuunosuke reaches out to grab it and answer triumphantly, Akihiko sprawled on the floor with a pout.

    "Heya, Boss! This is Super Evil Demon Number One speaking, how can I help you?"

    "Hey, how come you're number one?" Akihiko whines petulantly from his spot on the floor, and Ryuu sticks his tongue out at him.

    "'Cause I got here first, Dumbass!"

    Kokichi giggles at their banter.

    "Well, my loyal servant," Kokichi begins, a haughty tone possessing his voice, "I need to speak with your lesser demon as well."

    Ryuu grins. "Lesser Demon indeed!" He says into the phone before turning to Akihiko. "Get up, Hiko. Kichi wants to talk to you, too."

    Akihiko sniffles a bit before getting up, wiping his nose, and Ryuunosuke puts the phone on speaker.

    "Hey, Kokichi," Akihiko sighs into the phone, the dejectedness palpable.

    "That's no way for a prince of Hell to be speaking, now, is it? Be proud of the havoc you wreak!"

    Akihiko sniffles again, but this time it's followed by a smile.

    Ryuunosuke frowns.

    "Why is he a prince and I'm not!? I thought you said he was my lesser demon!" Ryuu whines.

    "You're the High General, duh!" Kokichi says brightly. "You have way more power than he does, commanding armies and stuff. Akihiko just has his gross libraries." A faux gagging sound comes from Kokichi's side of the line.

    Akihiko huffs, trying to seem both offended and arrogant, but he's proud of his new title. Ryuu can't blame him: High General is pretty freaking cool, too.

    "Your Majesty, Sir, how can I be of service to this kingdom today?" Akihiko asks, bowing even though Kokichi can't see it. Ryuu snorts, jabbing him in the side. That earns him one back. That starts a tasing war.

    "It's a big request. Are you sure you can handle it?" Kokichi challenges teasingly. Ryuunosuke salutes the phone, as a High General should, and Akihiko snickers. Ryuu tases him harder this time, and Hiko bends over, clutching his side. Serves him right!

    "Of course we can, Sir! We won't let you down!" Ryuu is practically shouting, still in salute position.

    "Have faith, My King." Akihiko is upright again, composing himself and smoothing out his blazer. "There is nothing we cannot do."

    Kokichi's deep breath is audible through the speaker, and both boys tense. If their leader is nervous, it must be something big.

    "Someone will be joining your legion soon. I'd like you to return to the castle and train them as soon as possible."

    It takes a second, but another grin cracks across Ryuu's face and a soft smile dusts Akihiko's. That's all?

    "I don't know why you're nervous, Boss. If you picked 'em, I'm sure they'll survive our impossible training!"

    "Under our care, they will be nothing short of perfect. Rest easy, Your Highness."The pair looks at each other, and smiles widen. Ryuu bumps shoulders with his partner in crime (one of them, anyway).

    He's not expecting Akihiko to frown.

    "What makes you think you can touch me? Me, a prince?"

    "I'm a High General! I command the armies!"

    "I am royalty, you swine!"

    With an angered growl, Ryuu tackles Akihiko to the floor and another wrestling match begins. The phone is discarded, forgotten, and Kokichi's laughter trickles briefly through the speaker before it's cut off, call ending.


    The last five minutes have just been the two of them shouting and elongating each other's names across the phone.



    Kokichi finally breaks down in giggles.

    "Tarou-chan! I miss you!"

    Dealer — Diira Tarou — is in America.

    Specifically, he's gorging himself on a pound's worth of McDonald's' cheeseburgers and about three large cartons of fries in the safety of DICE headquarters, New York, but details, shmetails.

    "Well, I miss you, too, Boss," He says around a mouthful, "Wha'd' ya need?"

    "Why would I need anything, Tarou-chan? Can't I check in with my subordinates like a good boss?"

    "Well sure, but ya wouldn't call. Is it something big? I can try smuggling these fries back home. It'll be tough, but I guarantee the amount of salt is worth it. This is the kind of heart attack that's worth it."

    "Tarou-chan!" Kokichi scolds, but Tarou can picture the smile on his face.

    Tarou's laughter is full-bodied, and it shakes him in his entirety. He leans back in his plush swivel chair and props his feet up in the one across from him.

    "Can't say I'm sorry, Boss, but I respect your decision. What'cha got for me, then?" Tarou snatches another cheeseburger, chowing down.

    "Y'know, I made a friend recently."

    "Oh?" Tarou reaches for a fry.

    "Yeah. The day after I met them, they ate a whole pizza. A whole one. All by themself. In, like, fifteen minutes. It was gross."

    Tarou laughs again but pauses when he hears commotion on Kokichi's end. His boss is snickering, and another voice — one Tarou doesn't recognize — is audible. The voice sounds exasperated, though its words are unintelligible.

    Tarou understands, now, why his boss had called.

    "Ya'know that if they can't beat me in an eating contest, they can't stay, right?" He says jokingly, a soft smile on his face. Kokichi, though, gives a sage hum of acknowledgment.

    "I'll start starving them right now."

    The person in the room starts to yell, and Kokichi laughs out loud, nothing like his signature giggle.

    Tarou knows already that this person is here to stay.


    "Emi-chan, I want to try on all your new dresses when you get back."

    Queen — Ojoou Emi — has been stationed in France, dealing with most of Europe. (Even though there are two of them, King and Spades never get anything done.)

    "I was planning on it, Ko-chan! There is this cute purple one that you'll like! Oh, and I got this pair of shoes to go with it and I love them!" Emi sing-songs.

    "But your feet are too big, Emi-chan! I can't wear your shoes because my feet are dainty! Ogre shoes won't look any good!"

    "I don't know, Ko-chan. You need something to balance out that enormous head of yours." The banter is playful, familiar. Emi doesn't know why Kokichi called, but she's glad he's okay.

    "I don't know what you mean, Emi-chan! I'm cute, small, innocent, and perfect!" Emi giggles.  She agrees, for the most part, because he is cute and small and perfect (innocent, though? That's a stretch), but she can't say that to his face. She isn't wrong about his head; it can't take any more inflating.

    "Although..." Kokichi trails off, and he says something else, but Emi can't understand him. He must have lowered the phone, but she can't imagine who he could be talking to. "Aha! They do have feet bigger than yours! They're taller than you, though, so I don't know if they count as Ogre Feet."

    This makes Emi pause. Who is he talking about?

    "Aw, Emi-chan! Can't think of anything to refute this fact that your brilliant leader has presented you with? It seems I've gotten smarter in your absence! I didn't know idiocy was infectious! It must be like STDs, Emi-chan! Now you have to warn someone before you engage in intercourse; otherwise, you could get sued! I should sue you, y'know, for infecting me with your stupidity. I can't afford to get dumber: the world needs me!"

    "Who are they?" Emi whimpers softly, shaking with the effort of holding in a whine and ignoring his jabs at her intelligence. She feels heartbroken, like something special she once had is now no longer her own. The tears pricking at the corners of her eyes sting.

    Kokichi's monologue stops, and when he speaks next, his voice matches hers.

    "They saved my life, Emi-chan. They ran into machine-gun fire to save my life and the lives of probably a hundred others. They're ten, and they're in so much pain, too much pain. And they've never taken a life, no matter how hard life gets. I'm pretty sure they can't take a life. And Emi-chan-" he pauses briefly, listening to Emi choke on a sob before continuing.

    "Their smile is the most beautiful thing you'll ever see, Emi-chan. You're going to love them."

    Emi sniffles, the tears slipping down her cheeks hot and shameful. She's jealous. She knows she shouldn't be.

    Kokichi takes a different approach to calm her down.

    "They haven't cut their hair in a long time. If you ask nicely, they may let you play with it, scissors and everything."

    Emi's hiccuped laugh is gross but relieved — one short chortle.

    Kokichi doesn't even attempt to hide his sigh of relief, breathing out his nervous anticipation.

    "I think you'd have a lot of fun dressing them up, too. They don't have a lot of clothes, so they'll have to trust your fantastic fashion sense."

    She's smiling now, small and content despite the ugly feeling rolling in her gut.

    "Okay, Kokichi. I can't wait to meet them."

    "You'll always be my twin, Emi-chan. No one can replace you."

    The gross feeling begins to fade. Ouma Kokichi is rarely so soft, so kind, so quiet. Emi loves him like this. Maybe this additional person won't be so bad if they're worth his heart.


    Clubs — Karabu Nobutoshi — is out on the water off the coast of Sydney, Australia when Kokichi calls. He grins.

    "You caught me at a good time, Boss. Just made it past the pier. What's going on?" One hand on the wheel, he turns his small schooner downwind, and Nobutoshi grins wider at the thrill in his stomach at the feeling of gliding over the water. Sailing is the best.

    "No fair, Toshi-chan! You're having fun without me!" Kokichi whines, and Nobutoshi can see his pout. "Now you have to take me sailing when you come back!"

    He laughs, throwing his head back and adjusting the wheel slightly.

    "It's cold in Japan right now! You'd have to wait a bit." Then he realizes. "Wait. Come back? Did something happen? Are you all right?"

    "Aww, how nice of you to worry about me! You're so sweet, Toshi-chan!"

    "Seriously, Kichi. Is it an emergency? I can book a plane ticket home for tomorrow if-"

    "Relax, Toshi-chan." Kokichi's playful tone disappears, and he instead adopts a more genuine air. "I'm okay, but I want you to head home once you wrap up business in Australia."

    Nobutoshi sighs in relief.

    "... Could you tell me why?" He asks, now more curious than worried but still a little hesitant.

    "Well..." Oh no. Toshi can hear his grin. "There was some trouble. There was a gun and-"

    "A gun! Kokichi, I swear!"

    Kokichi laughs.

    "Yup! A gun, Toshi-chan, and the evil villain who had the gun wanted me dead!"

    "You literally just told me to relax, then you spring this on me. C'mon, Kokichi, I'm getting old! My heart can't take this!"

    Forget about sailing, this little gremlin takes up all his time! Nobutoshi clicks on autopilot and rubs his face with his now-free hand. He would need the entirety of his focus for this conversation.

    "What!? You're only sixteen, Toshi-chan! Don't worry about me, we need to worry about you!" Kokichi exclaims, sounding not the least bit concerned. Toshi smiles into his hand.

    "Well, now you gotta tell me," Nobutoshi says, "because if you leave me on the cliffhanger, I will die of a heart attack and you'll need to dig my body out of the middle of the ocean."

    As if he's mulling it over, Kokichi hums, then says, "Well, I guess we can't have that, so I'll tell you. There was a gun, but someone saved me! They beat up the big, bad villain and broke his gun! That's why I'm calling, Toshi-chan: because I want you to meet my savior!"

    Okay, so that took a turn at the end. Nobutoshi was not expecting that, not in the slightest.

    "Someone new, huh?"Kokichi pauses before he answers. "Yeah. They're a total dork like you, Toshi-chan, so I think you'll get along well."

    Nobutoshi forces his brain to work again, forces himself to process the conversation, forces himself to breathe right.

    The first breath is too harsh, making noise as it rushes out his nose.

    It feels like so long ago now, but after running away from his latest orphanage with Tarou, Kokichi had found them on the streets. At first, they talked. For a long time. About anything and everything and nothing in particular. And then Kokichi brought them back to an abandoned building. It was old and dirty and warm and cozy and everything that home should be. They both stayed the night. And the one after that. Then suddenly they were family, him and Tarou and the small boy with a doll's face and his ragtag bunch of friends.

    Family isn't born on a whim.

    But then again, Kokichi found them all, so...

    Toshi looks out over the calm ocean, drinking in the expanse of blue, and breathes again, slowly this time.

    So maybe he should trust Kokichi's judgment. Toshi had trusted him this far; he could go a little further.

    "Yeah, maybe we will."


    Trick — Damasu Airi — is surprised to feel a buzzing in her back pocket as she's racing through the outskirts of the Congo Rainforest. She stops for a moment to answer, settling into the nook of a gigantic tree and catching her breath. When she sees the caller ID, she smiles and quickly picks up.

    "Hi, Nii-chan," she breathes into the phone, so ecstatic to talk to him.

    "Hi, Airi-chan," he says just as softly, and Airi squirms with a feeling of satisfaction, her smile widening. "How are you doing?"

    "I'm good, Nii-chan. The trees are pretty and soft here." And it's true. The people are also really nice, especially when she brings food and supplies. Even though they can't understand each other, they are always so eager to help.

    "That sounds like fun!" The smile in his voice makes her smile.


    Airi is content to just listen to Kokichi breathe into the phone, and they sit in silence for a bit before he speaks again.

    "Airi-chan," he begins, oh so softly. She loves him. "I called to talk to you about something important."

    He sounds serious. Airi freezes. Did she do something wrong? Is he getting rid of her? Is she never going to see him again? What's-

    "Can you come home? I miss you."

    Oh. Yeah, she can do that.

    "I miss you, too, Nii-chan."

    "I wanted to warn you, though. There is a reason I'd like to see you again." It's okay, a warning doesn't mean anything bad for her, he misses her-

    "There's someone I want you to meet."

    No. No. Someone new? No way. This new person will make him realize that she doesn't do anything, that she's useless. This new person will take him away from her. He'll leave her all alone and she'll get hurt again and everything will be so cold. She's so useless. Why couldn't she help him? Make him want to keep her? Why can't she stay and be loved and warm and have no new people and-

    "Airi-chan." Nii-chan's voice sounds so grainy through the phone. It's another reminder he's not here with her. "I need you to breathe, Airi-chan. Please?"

    She can do that. But maybe she can't. Her breath stutters, and it's so hard to get it through her nose and-

    "Good job, Airi-chan. Can you do it again for me? Nice and slow."

    She loves the way he says her name. She can do it again. For him.

    "Good. Keep breathing for me, okay? Can you name five things you can see?"

    She can do that, too. When he tells her she's done well, the warm and fuzzy feeling comes back in her chest. She likes that.

    "The moss... the leaves... a bird... the dirt... and... the tree branches."

    "Hmm, now four things you can hear?"

    He goes through the rest of the sequence with her, slow and patient. They've perfected this through all the times it's happened before, and now she's breathing evenly again.

    Okay, someone new.

    "Their name is (G/N), and they like to protect people from bad guys. They protected me."

    Airi likes the way their name sounds, this stranger, so soft and round as she tries it out on her tongue. And they like to protect. Are they like Nii-chan? She might like them if they're like Nii-chan.


    Kokichi knows what her word entails, and that's enough.


    Diamonds — Naiya Ren — calls Kokichi first.

    "I'm not surprised you called me last," is the first thing he says when Kokichi picks up.

    Kokichi hesitates for a moment. Ren takes advantage of his silence.

    "If you want to know how I know, Mayumi called.  She said to be ready.  I figured I'd make the first move."

    Kokichi stays silent. Good, that means he's willing to hear Ren out.

    Ren has been with him since the beginning. The very beginning. As is, the time where DICE was still a fantasy in Kokichi's head. Back when he would share his dreams with Ren while they would play chess with their makeshift set of rocks and chalk and beat-up checkers pieces.

    Kokichi's bleeding heart has always been tempered by Ren's calculated indifference.

    "I have no issues with employing people around the world to do office jobs and run service counters," Ren says, "but I have told you I don't like it when people get too close to you. You are in a very high-risk position, Kokichi; you're a high profile target. Anyone could want you dead."

    "They know who I am." With none of its usual mischief and lightheartedness, Kokichi's voice is lifeless. "They knew who I was when they saved my life."

    "Which you, Kokichi?" Ren already knows.

    "Does it matter?" He sounds close to tears.

    "Of course it matters. Joker is not the same person as Ouma Kokichi and you know it."

    The tears are streaming down Kokichi's face now. Ren can't hear them, but he knows.

    "I'm making an assumption here, but I don't understand why you told them about DICE, the true DICE, and mentioned nothing to the rest of us. I get that this is your organization, your idea, but I can't help but feel that this is something that belongs to all of us." It almost hurts to say this to him, to treat him like he doesn't feel the same way the rest of them do about this entire thing, but it needs to be done.

    "It does. Belong to all of us, I mean. I can't take all the credit, you know." Kokichi's typical speech patterns without his mischief to play along make his words sound eerie and robotic. It's a wonder how he can speak so calmly through his most emotional moments.

    "I never meant to imply that you did." That's a lie. "But it belongs to us. Not someone who doesn't know the value of what we've built. Who doesn't understand the journey from the bottom to the top. Who can't appreciate it the same way we do. It doesn't feel fair. This may be petty of me, but I may be the only one who will say this to you. You're too smart to have called us all without expecting this reaction, this feeling."

    "I think you're wrong. About the journey. Maybe not with DICE, but they know. And they'll know DICE, too."

    Ren sighs. If this is enough to bring him to genuine tears, and enough to keep him fighting after hearing all this, perhaps Ren can hear him out.

    There is one question that weighs heavier than all the rest in his mind.

    "What makes them so interesting?"

    He knows Kokichi. Better than anyone. Playing round after round of chess will do that to you. You get to know how a person's mind works, how fast it works. Kokichi is the smartest person he knows. He doesn't like things that bore him easily.

    "What about them is so mysterious that makes you want to keep them around."

    Because that's what it's always been. Each person Kokichi has picked up off the street has something more to them than their tragic backstory.

    "Their smile."


    He's getting teary over a smile?

    "Fine." Ren gives up. He wasn't sure he would even win this argument in the first place. "I'll meet them. I make no promises about what happens after that."

    "Thank you. That's all I ask."


    He got played, didn't he?


    As Kokichi puts the phone down for the eighth and final time, he turns to face you with an enormous grin on his face.

    "Now," he says, a mischievous smile on his lips, "We wait."

    You look at him, trying to decipher what that smile means, whether it's genuine, but give up after a few seconds. You can't read the perfect mask on his face.

    At least, not yet.


    I’m actually really surprised that I managed to get this chapter out so soon.

    Finally made it to DICE!  I hope you enjoyed their characters as much as I enjoyed writing them.  This is my take on DICE, and if you disagree, that’s fine, let’s agree to disagree.  I’ve seen other representations of these characters before, so I thought I’d try my hand.  I also tried my best to write a panic attack, so I hope I did okay on that, too. 

    Thanks for reading!  I’ll be back next week.

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    11.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Takada Wataru Lyrics: Zeni ga Nakerya (銭がなけりゃ; Unless You’ve Got the Money)

    English translation and romanization below the cut. Thank you Shinra94 for the commission!


    I hear that all sorts of people leave their homes every day On night trains that rattle them around And come to Tokyo from the North and the West Evacuating their farms and flooding the bunkhouses Dreaming of abundant harvests. But hold your horses now! Things won’t always go just as planned You already know the politicians will be standing in your way But next year you’re gonna try your luck... !? Unless you’ve got the money boy, unless you’ve got the money Then you oughta go back home for your own good, back to your hometown

    Tokyo’s a great place. Stare all you like, you won’t find any shortcomings If I lived there, I’d stay in Aoyama. If only I had the money! How you spend your time in the sun is up to you But drowning myself in drink ‘cause I miss my wife and kids? Out of the question If you’d rather hang out with averages Joes like yourself Then you heard me right, you’re better off wherever you are now That’s what the politicians on TV said too! You listening to what I’m saying!? Unless you’ve got the money boy, unless you’ve got the money Then you oughta go back home for your own good, back to your hometown

    Tokyo’s a great place. Stare all you like, you won’t find any shortcomings If I lived there, I’d stay in Aoyama. If only I had the money!


    kita kara minami kara ironna hito ga mainichi ie wo hanare yogisha ni yurare harubaru to toukyou made kuru to iu tanbo kara haide hanba wo nagare housaku wo yume mite kita ga dokkoi! sou wa ton’ya ga orosanai oyakunin ga tachifusagatte iu koto nya wakatte’ru daro ga rainen wa shoubu nan da yo... !? zeni ga nakerya kimi! zeni ga nakerya kaetta hou ga mi no tame sa anta no kyuuri e

    toukyou wa ii tokoro sa nagameru nara moushibun nashi sumu nara aoyama ni kimatte’ru sa zeni ga areba ne! hiatari wo dou tsukaou to soya anta no katte sa dakedo saishi koishisa ni sake-bitari nante na motte no hoka da yo mashita ippanjin to issho ni tsukiaitai no nara sou da yo! ima iru tokoro ga ichiban ii no sa ore no koto kiite’rya mazumazu sa!? oyakunin datte terebi demo itte’ta yo! zeni ga nakerya kimI! zeni ga nakerya kaetta hou ga mi no tame sa anta no kyuuri e

    toukyou wa ii tokoro sa nagameru nara moushibun nashi sumu nara aoyama ni kimatte’ru sa zeni ga areba ne!

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    I just came back from eleven days long staying in a campsite without internet and now I can't get in my usual mood, somehow I can't get back into my otaku-self. I'm kind of scared like hey, it almost hurts to be real living!

    Save me, folks! You are the invicible tumblr, do something to help one of your companions!

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