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  • naijablinks
    18.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    [Music] Adeyinka Alaseyori – Ire Iran

    [Music] Adeyinka Alaseyori – Ire Iran

    Fast rising indigenous Nigerian Gospel music minister, Adeyinka Alaseyori releases yet again another soul stirring song titled “Ire Iran” . Adeyinka illustrates her new song as not just a song but a prayer request. “This particular one spurs out the prayer warrior in me to the areas I have not been paying attention to”. Ire Iran follows a couple of Adeyinka Alaseyori’s breathtaking sounds…

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  • steinbergvalentinogroup
    03.11.2021 - 2 monts ago


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  • infozonepk
    24.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Zong brings Unbeatable Iran Ziyarat and Business IR Bundles

    Zong brings Unbeatable Iran Ziyarat and Business IR Bundles

    Continuing its streak of unbeatable International Roaming (IR) offers covering the majority of the globe, Pakistan’s cellular and digital services leader, Zong 4G, has now come up with attractive IR offers for Iran. Zong is offering two types of IR bundles for Iran to meet varying communications needs of the Pakistani travelers: Iran Ziyarat Package and Iran Business Package. As the name…

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    #Zong #Zong Iran Business IR Bundle #Zong Iran Ziyarat IR Bundle
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  • dailypakpapers
    15.04.2021 - 9 monts ago

    60% enrichment is in response to 'Israeli terrorism' move, Iran

    60% enrichment is in response to ‘Israeli terrorism’ move, Iran

    Tehran: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said the decision to increase uranium enrichment to 60% is a response to Israel’s “nuclear terrorism” over the Natanz nuclear facility. According to the details, he addressed the Jewish state, saying that Tehran would launch modern centrifuges and now produce better uranium, “in response to Israel’s notorious role.” PC: AFP “What Israel did was nuclear…

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  • thefoxandthefound
    14.04.2021 - 9 monts ago
    #ask answered#anon ask#fic snippet#alastair carstairs #ghahveh khan is an iranian tea house #technically it translates to coffee house apparently #not me spending HOURS researching Iran and irs culture in order to rite a more accurate Iranian character for my fics #except i am
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  • occupyirtheory
    11.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    Episode 29: The Iranian Nuclear ‘Crisis,’ with Hal Tagma and Paul Lenze

    Episode 29: The Iranian Nuclear ‘Crisis,’ with Hal Tagma and Paul Lenze

    Welcome to another episode of Fully Automated! With the inauguration of Joe Biden just around the corner, many are pondering what new approaches his team might bring to US foreign policy. Despite President Trump’s penchant for bombast and bellicose rhetoric, it can’t be gainsaid that his reign has been more or less dovish in comparison to those of his more recent predecessors. One huge exception…

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  • lizzygist
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    India vs Iran: A few tweaks to our attack and we will be ready for our next opponents, says Thomas Dennerby

    India vs Iran: A few tweaks to our attack and we will be ready for our next opponents, says Thomas Dennerby

    AIFF Media Team MUMBAI: The morning after, there’s pride, as much there’s a bit of frustration at not being able to finish it off against IR Iran despite all the domination, and the chances created. But that’s what spurs the Blue Tigresses, in their mission to take it forward together, towards their realistic dream of making it to the quarterfinals, which opens the doors for the play-offs for the…

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  • thomasreynolds6090
    22.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Live streaming Corisabbá v Fluminense PI tv watch January 23, 2022

    Competition: Corisabbá v Fluminense PI live



    USA - El Salvador match overview, prediction&tips

    In this match USA is indisputable favorite.

    Last 4 head-to-head matches USA won 3 matches, drawn 1 matches, lost 0 matches and goals 13-1.Iran - Iraq match overview, prediction&tips

    In this match Iran is the unquestionable favorite.

    Last 8 head-to-head matches Iran won 3 matches, drawn 1 matches, lost 4 matches and goals 9-8.Fylde - Curzon Ashton match overview, prediction&tips

    The great teams are gonna meet at this game. The most expected match between two teams from the very top of the group (ranked 3 in the zone Promotion ~ National League North (Play Offs: Semi~finals) and 7 in the zone Promotion ~ National League North (Play Offs: Quarter~finals)).

    Both teams are now playing unstable.

    In this match Fylde is a favorite.

    Last 10 head-to-head matches Fylde won 5 matches, drawn 0 matches, lost 5 matches and goals 19-13.

    Including matches at home between the teams Fylde won 2 matches, drawn 0 matches, lost 1 matches and goals 6-3.

    USA - El Salvador match overview, prediction&tips En este partido, el USA es el claro favorito.El pasado 4 head-to-head matches USA ganó 3 partidos, dibujados 1 partidos, perdieron 0 partidos, y 13-1.Iran - Iraq match overview, prediction&tips En este partido, el Iran es el claro favorito.El pasado 8 head-to-head matches Iran ganó 3 partidos, dibujados 1 partidos, perdieron 4 partidos, y 9-8.Fylde - Curzon Ashton match overview, prediction&tips Uno de los partidos más interesantes del juego del día. En el partido se encuentra en la parte superior de la tabla de comandos (en el puesto 3 y 7). Ambos equipos están jugando inestable. En este partido, el Fylde es el favorito.El pasado 10 head-to-head matches Fylde ganó 5 partidos, dibujados 0 partidos, perdieron 5 partidos, y 19-13. Incluyendo partidos en casa entre los equipos Fylde ganó 2 partidos, dibujados 0 partidos, perdieron 1 partidos, y 6-3.

    USA - El Salvador match overview, prediction&tips In diesem Spiel ist USA der klare Favorit.Letzte 4 Kopf-an-Kopf-Spiele Heimmannschaft gewann 3 Spiele, 1 unentschieden Spiele, 0 Spiele verloren und Ziele 13-1.Iran - Iraq match overview, prediction&tips In diesem Spiel ist Iran der klare Favorit.Letzte 8 Kopf-an-Kopf-Spiele Heimmannschaft gewann 3 Spiele, 1 unentschieden Spiele, 4 Spiele verloren und Ziele 9-8.Fylde - Curzon Ashton match overview, prediction&tips Eines der interessantesten Spiele des Tages spielen. Im Spiel gibt es Teams aus der Spitze der Tabelle (Platz 3 und 7). Beide Teams jetzt unregelmäßig spielen. In diesem Spiel ist Fylde ein Favorit.Letzte 10 Kopf-an-Kopf-Spiele Heimmannschaft gewann 5 Spiele, 0 unentschieden Spiele, 5 Spiele verloren und Ziele 19-13. Inklusive Heimspiele zwischen den Teams Heimmannschaft gewann 2 Spiele, 0 unentschieden Spiele, 1 Spiele verloren und Ziele 6-3.

    USA - El Salvador match overview, prediction&tips В этом матче USA является несомненным фаворитом.Последние матчи между этими соперниками USA выиграл 3, ничья 1, програл 0, разница голов 13-1.Iran - Iraq match overview, prediction&tips В этом матче Iran является несомненным фаворитом.Последние матчи между этими соперниками Iran выиграл 3, ничья 1, програл 4, разница голов 9-8.Fylde - Curzon Ashton match overview, prediction&tips Один из наиболее интересных матчей игрового дня. В матче встречаются команды из верхней части таблицы (занимают места 3 и 7). Обе команды сейчас играют нестабильно. В этом матче Fylde является фаворитом.Последние матчи между этими соперниками Fylde выиграл 5, ничья 0, програл 5, разница голов 19-13. В том числе матчи на своем поле между этими соперниками Fylde выиграл 2, ничья 0, програл 1, разница голов 6-3.

    USA - El Salvador match overview, prediction&tips В този мач, USA е категоричен фаворит.Последните 4 главата до главата мачове USA спечели 3 мача, равенство 1 мача, загуби 0 мача и цели 13-1.Iran - Iraq match overview, prediction&tips В този мач, Iran е категоричен фаворит.Последните 8 главата до главата мачове Iran спечели 3 мача, равенство 1 мача, загуби 4 мача и цели 9-8.Fylde - Curzon Ashton match overview, prediction&tips Един от най-интересните мачове на игра на ден. В играта има отбори от горната част на таблицата (класирана 3 и 7). Двата отбора играят хаотично. В този мач, Fylde е фаворит.Последните 10 главата до главата мачове Fylde спечели 5 мача, равенство 0 мача, загуби 5 мача и цели 19-13. Включително мачове у дома между тези съперници Fylde спечели 2 мача, равенство 0 мача, загуби 1 мача и цели 6-3.

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  • graphics-posts
    22.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    No Substitute for Hard Work, Stresses Aditi Chauhan after Her 50th International Match

    No Substitute for Hard Work, Stresses Aditi Chauhan after Her 50th International Match

    As the Indian women began their AFC Women’s Asian Cup campaign with a stalemate against IR Iran at the DY Patil in Mumbai, there was one Blue Tigress, who etched a little landmark in her career so far – goalkeeper Aditi Chauhan, who marked her 50th International game for India with a clean sheet. In this candid chat with AIFF Aditi opens up about her achievement, her journey, the current mindset…

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  • graphics-posts
    20.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Sunil Chhetri, Bhaichung Bhutia Among Former and Current Footballers Wishing Indian Women's Team Ahead of AFC Women's Asian Cup

    Sunil Chhetri, Bhaichung Bhutia Among Former and Current Footballers Wishing Indian Women’s Team Ahead of AFC Women’s Asian Cup

    Indian Women’s football team will embark on their AFC Women’s Asian Cup 2022 journey later tonight when they take on IR Iran at the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai. For the second time, India will be hosting this quadrennial tournament after 1979, where they finished second after losing to the Republic of China in the final. Back then, it was a six team affair; now, 12 teams will participate in…

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  • sports4daily
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    AFC Women's Asian Cup 2022: Fixtures, teams, squads, live streaming details and all you need to know about tournament

    The 20th edition of the AFC Women's Asian Cup trophy holds a special significance for India as this is the second time the country will be hosting the tournament after 1979.

    Slated to be held from 20 January to 6 February in India, the AFC Women's Asian Cup 2022 will see twelve teams compete for the prestigious trophy.

    The current AFC Women's Asian Cup trophy was aptly unveiled in Jordan 2018, the first time a country from the West Zone hosted the tournament, as Japan edged Australia 1-0 in the Final to emerge as the first team to lift the new trophy.

    With enthralling matches poised for the AFC Women's Asian Cup India 2022, it will be a fitting finale when the champion raises the trophy that was beautifully crafted by world-renowned silversmith Thomas Lyte of London.

    The trophy was designed to embody the spirit and essence of the competition and it stands at an impressive 52.5cm in height and weighs 5.5 kilograms of Hallmarked Sterling Silver bullion.

    The dazzling silverware required 140 hours of delicate and precise craftsmanship while passing through the hands of eight different craftsmen to ensure the highest quality was delivered. While the trophy incorporates a modern design, there are discrete elements that honour the competition's long history.

    The striking handles, which have been cast from six solid silver bars, point to the six participants that played in the first tournament in 1975. At the base of the trophy, eight highly stylized modern women footballers decorate the plinth, capturing the strength and agility of the modern competition.

    Here's all you need to know about the tournament

    What are the teams?

    The teams are divided into three groups.

    Group A: India, China PR, Iran, Chinese Taipei

    Group B: Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines

    Group C: Japan, Myanmar, South Korea, Vietnam

    Where will it be broadcast?

    Discovery Network's Eurosport India, has broadcast rights for the 2022 AFC Asian Women's Cup. The matches can also be live-streamed on JioTV.

    Venue for the matches

    Mumbai and Pune will host the matches in India. The championship will be played in Mumbai Football Arena in Mumbai, D Y Patil Sports Stadium in Navi Mumbai and Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune.


    Group A

    20 January, Thursday: China PR vs Chinese Taipei, 3.30 pm

    20 January, Thursday: India vs IR Iran, 7.30 pm

    23 January, Sunday: IR Iran vs China PR, 3.30 pm

    23 January, Sunday: Chinese Taipei vs India, 7.30 pm

    26 January, Wednesday: Chinese Taipei vs IR Iran, 7.30 pm

    26 January, Wednesday: India vs Chinar PR, 7.30 pm

    Group B

    21 January, Friday: Australia vs Indonesia, 3.30 pm

    21 January, Friday: Thailand vs Philippines, 5.30 pm

    24 January, Monday: Philippine vs Australia, 3.30 pm

    24 January, Monday: Indonesia vs Thailand, 5.30 pm

    27 January, Thursday: Australia vs Thailand, 7.30 pm

    27 January, Thursday: Philippines vs Indonesia, 7.30 pm

    Group C

    21 January, Friday: Japan vs Myanmar, 1.30 pm

    21 January, Friday: Korea Republic vs Vietnam, 7.30 pm

    24 January, Monday: Myanmar vs Korea Republic, 1.30 pm

    24 January, Monday: Vietnam vs Japan, 7.30 pm

    27 January, Thursday: Vietnam vs Myanmar, 1.30 pm

    27 January, Thursday: Japan vs Korea Republic, 1.30 pm


    30 January: Group B winner vs Group C runner-up, 1.30 pm

    30 January: Group C winner vs Group A/B third place, 1.30 pm

    30 January: Group A winner vs Group B/C third place, 5.30 pm

    30 January: Group A runner-up vs Group B runner-up, 7.30 pm

    Semi finals

    3 February: QF2 winner vs QF4 winner, 1.30 pm

    3 February: QF1 winner vs QF3 winner, 7.30 pm


    6 February, 4.30 pm

    Here's the complete list of squads for the AFC Women's Asian Cup 2022 


    Goalkeepers: Aditi Chauhan, Maibam Linthoingambi Devi, Sowmiya Narayanasamy.

    Defenders: Dalima Chhibber, Sweety Devi Ngangbam, Ritu Rani, Loitongbam Ashalata Devi, Manisa Panna, Hemam Shilky Devi, Sanju Yadav.

    Midfielders: Yumnam Kamala Devi, Anju Tamang, Karthika Angamuthu, Nongmeithem Ratanbala Devi, Naorem Priyangka Devi, Indumathi Kathiresan.

    Forwards: Manisha Kalyan, Grace Dangmei, Pyari Xaxa, Renu, Sumati Kumari, Sandhiya Ranganathan, Mariyammal Balamurugan.


    Goalkeepers: Lydia Williams, Mackenzie Arnold, Teagan Micah

    Defenders: Clare Polkinghorne, Alanna Kennedy, Steph Catley, Ellie Carpenter, Aivi Luik, Courtney Nevin, Charlotte Grant.

    Midfielders: Emily van Egmond, Tameka Yallop, Kyra Cooney-Cross, Clare Wheeler.

    Forwards: Kyah Simon, Sam Kerr (C), Caitlin Foord, Hayley Raso, Emily Gielnik, Mary Fowler, Remy Siemsen.

      Chinese Taipei

    Goalkeepers: Tsai Ming-Jung, Liao Wen-Chi, Cheng Ssu-Yu, Wang Yu-Ting.

    Defenders: Lai Wei-Ju, Pan Shin-Yu, Chang Su-Hsin, Su Sin-Yun, Chang Tzu-Nuo, Pan Yen-Hsin.

    Midfielders: Chang Chi-Lan, Zhuo Li-Ping, Wang Hsiang-Huei, Hsu Yi-Yun, Wu Ka-Ching, Ting Chi, Chen Ying-Hui, Ting Chia-Ying.

    Forwards: Lin Hsin-Hui, Chen Yen-Ping, Lee Hsiu-Chin, Lai Li-Chin, Su Yu-Hsuan.


    Goalkeepers: Zhu Yu, Xu Huan, Zhao Lina.

    Defenders: Ma Jun, Zhang Xin, Wang Shanshan, Zhang Linyan.

    Midfielders: Li Mengwen, Wang Xiaoxue, Li Jiayue, Wang Shuang, Yao Wei, Wu Chengshu, Yao Lingwei, Tang Jiali, Xiao Yuyi, Li Ying, Gao Chen.

    Forwards: Yang Lina, Lou Jiahui, Liu Yanqiu, Wang Yanwen, Zhang Rui.


    Goalkeepers: Nurhalimah, Fani, Riska Aprilia.

    Defenders: Remini Chere Rumbewas, Shalika Aurelia Viandrisa, Ade Mustikiana Oktafiani, Diah Tri Lestari, Tia Darti Septiawati.

    Midfielders: Reva Octavian, Viny Silfianus Sunaryo, Helsya Maeisyaroh, Rani Mulya Sari, Rosdilah Siti Nurrohmah, Sabrina Mutiara Firdaus W., Pani Tri Oktavianti, Octavianti Dwi Nurmalita, Maulina Novryliani.

    Forwards: Insyafadya Salsabillah, Carla Bio Pattinasarany, Vivi Oktavia Riski, Baiq Amiatun Shalihah, Zahra Muzdalifah, Marsela Yuliana Awi.


    Goalkeepers: Zohreh Koodaei, Maryam Yektae, Arefeh Seyedkazemi.

    Defenders: Fatemeh Amineh, Hadieh Kor, Melika Motevalli, Ghazaelh Banitalebi, Behnaz Taherkhani, Zohreh Jalali, Fatemeh Adeli.

    Midfielders: Zahra Sarbali, Sara Zohrabinia, Samaneh Chahkandi, Yasaman Farmani, Elham Farahmand, Zahra Masoumi, Melika Mohammadi, Marzieh Nikkhah, Sana Sadeghi.

    Forwards: Afsaneh Chatrenoor, Sara Ghomi, Negin Zandi, Hajar Dabbaghi.


    Goalkeepers: Momoko Tanaka, Sakiko Ikeda, Ayaka Yamashita

    Defenders: Risa Shimizu, Moeka Minami, Saki Kumagai, Shiori Miyake, Asato Miyagawa, Ruka Norimatsu, Hana Takahashi, Saori Takarada.

    Midfielders: Rin Sumida, Hikaru Naomoto, Jun Endo, Yui Hasegawa, Fuka Nagano, Honoka Hayashi, Yui Narumiya, Hinata Miyazawa.

    Forwards: Yuika Sugasawa, Mana Iwabuchi, Mina Tanaka, Riko Ueki.

    Korea Republic

    Goalkeepers: Kang Gaae, Kim Jung-mi, Yoon Young-geul

    Defenders: Kim Hye-ri, Shim Seo-yeon, Lee Young-ju, Lim Seon-joo, Jang Selgi, Choo Hyo-joo, Hong Hye-ji.

    Midfielders: Kim Seong-mi, Park Yeeun, Yeo Min-ji, Lee Min-a, Lee Jeong-min, Cho Mi-jin, Cho So-hyun, Ji So-yun, Lee Geum-min.

    Forwards: Moon Mi-ra, Seo Ji-youn, Son Hwa-yeon and Choe Yu-ri.


    Goalkeepers: May Zin New, Zu Latt Nadi, Khine Zar Win.

    Defenders: Aye Aye Moe, Chit Chit, Khin Myo Win, Phyu Phyu Win, Nant Zu Zu Htet, Zune Yu Ya Oo, Khin Than Wai, Ei Ei Kyaw.

    Midfielders: Thin Thin Yu, Saw Thaw Thaw, Khin Mo Mo Tun, Khin Marlar Tun, Hnin Pwint Aye, Win Win, Naw Htet Htet Wai, Myat Noe Khin, Nu Nu, Khin Than Wai.

    Forwards: Win Theingi Tun, Khin Moe Wai, July Kyaw.


    Goalkeepers: Inna Palacios, Kiara Fontanilla, Olivia McDaniel

    Defenders: Dominique Randle, Tara Shelton, Hali Long, Ryley Bugay, Morgan Brown, Isabella Flanigan, Sofia Harrison, Katrina Guillou.

    Midfielders: Malea Cesar, Tahnai, Camille Rodriguez, Jessica Miclat, Anicka Castañeda, Sara Castañeda, Keanne Alamo.

    Forwards: Chandler McDaniel, Carleigh Frilles, Sarina Bolden, Eva Madarang, Quinley Quezada.


    Goalkeepers: Waraporn Boonsing, Chotmanee Thongmongkol, Tiffany Sornpao.

    Defenders: Kanjanaporn Saenkhun, Phonlhirun Philawan, Amornrat Utchai, Warunee Phetwiset, Sunisa Srangthaisong, Jaruwan Chaiyarak, U-Raiporn Yongkul, Pitsamai Sornsai.

    Midfielders: Rravadee Makris, Pikul Khueanpet, Silawan Intamee, Nipawan Panyosuk, Nutwadee Pramnak, Orapin Waenngoen, Wilaiporn Boothduang, Chatchawan Rodthong.

    Forwards: Kanyanat Chetthabutr, Saowalak Pengngam, Taneekarn Dangda, Miranda Nild.


    Goalkeepers: Waraporn Boonsing, Chotmanee Thongmongkol, Tiffany Sornpao.

    Defenders: Kanjanaporn Saenkhun, Phonlhirun Philawan, Amornrat Utchai, Warunee Phetwiset, Sunisa Srangthaisong, Jaruwan Chaiyarak, U-Raiporn Yongkul, Pitsamai Sornsai.

    Midfielders: Rravadee Makris, Pikul Khueanpet, Silawan Intamee, Nipawan Panyosuk, Nutwadee Pramnak, Orapin Waenngoen, Wilaiporn Boothduang, Chatchawan Rodthong.

    Forwards: Kanyanat Chetthabutr, Saowalak Pengngam, Taneekarn Dangda, Miranda Nild.

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  • dailystraitsdotcom
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Women In Football

    Maryam Irandoost – The pioneering coach taking IR Iran’s women’s national team to new frontiers. #SportNews

    Kuala Lumpur, Jan 17: As the Islamic Republic of Iran embark on their first appearance at the AFC Women’s Asian Cup India 2022, head coach Maryam Irandoost is tasked not only with succeeding on the pitch but transforming perceptions off it.In the latest Asian Football Confederation (AFC)’s immensely popular “It’s My Game” series, the woman behind IR Iran’s women’s national team explains where the…

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  • cocumberbro
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Inframundo de Percy Jackson

    El Inframundo, también conocido como Infierno, Hades o Erébo, es el lugar al que van a parar las almas tras morir. La entrada se encuentra en los estudios de grabación DOA en Hollywood. Esta dividida por varias secciones y con un juzgado que depende de las acciones de los demás, ahíse decide donde iran las almas ir.


    Estudios DOA

    Esta siendo custodiada por Caronte, quien decide cuando las almas en espera han de bajar al Inframundo por medio del acensor.

    Puerta de Orfeo

    La Puerta de Orfeo se encuentra en un montón de piedras apiladas en Central Park.


    Campos del Castigo

    Es el lugar donde son enviados todos aquellos que abusan de su poder, se dedican a robar. Hay varios castigos pero estos son los más conocidos:

    Tener que subir una roca por una montaña y bajarla eternamente.

    Ser latigado por las Furias.

    Arder en una hoguera por toda la eternidad

    Y el más extraño de todos a sido a aplicado a Quintus, el cual fue construir rampas, puentes y más en los campos de Asfódelos

    No poder comer nada en toda la eternidadad como Tàntalo.

    Campos de Asfódelos

    Ahí es donde van todos aquellos que no hacen nada bueno ni malo, todas las almas olvidadas. No se necesita un juicio para entrar.

    Campos de Elíseos

    Una hermosa llanura con lagos, ríos, bosques, paraísos campos y universos etc. Es donde van a parar todos los héroes.

    El Palacio de Hades

    Es un gigantesco palacio protegido por una inmensa muralla, con un hermoso jardín lleno de flores y estatuas. Es el hogar de Hades y Perséfone tiene infinitas habitaciones y lugares infinitas riquezas y es donde van todos los ricos y le dan sus riquezas a Hades.


    Se encuentra en lo mas profundo del Inframundo y la entrada principal esta en él.

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  • republicinsanity
    02.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Kristi Noem

    Welcome to what is the 1060th  original profile here at “Fanatical Republican Extremist of the Day”, where we’ll be discussing the sitting Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, who was first elected to that office in 2018 who came on the scene in the South Dakota state legislature in the 2006 elections, and after two terms, riding the crest of the Tea Party Wave to Washington D.C. to spend four terms in Congress serving as the U.S. House Representative for South Dakota’s At-Large Congressional District. In case you’ve forgotten how much of an extremist she was as a legislature, we have some receipts:

    On January 5th, 2011, Rep. Noem votes the first attempt by Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act. She voted for every attempt to do so that the GOP attempted from that point forward.

    On February 18th, 2011, Kristi Noem votes to defund Planned Parenthood.

    March 17th, 2011: Rep. Noem votes to cut funding to National Public Radio.

    September 15th, 2012: Rep. Noem votes for the "No More Solyndras Act".

    September 21st, 2012: Noem co-sponsors and votes for the "Stop the War on Coal Act".

    January 15th, 2013: Kristi Noem votes against Disaster Relief Funding for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

    February 28th, 2013: Noem votes against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

    June 19th, 2013: Kristi Noem votes against restoring $20.5 billion towards the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.

    September 30th, 2013: Rep. Noem votes for the 2013 Government Shutdown. When the vote came up seventeen days later to re-open the government, Noem voted to keep it closed.

    Feb 26th, 2014: Kristi Noem goes "all in" on the faux-scandal surrounding the IRS researching SuperPACs by voting for the "Stop the Targeting of Political Beliefs by the IRS Act".

    July 10th, 2014: Noem votes for House Amendment 1040, to prevent the implementation of the dreaded United Nations Agenda 21 Treaty, that in spite of just being recommended climate change guidelines, have many conspiracy theorists within the extreme right convinced it’s a plot for global domination.

    January 22nd, 2015: Kristi Noem votes for HR 7, an anti-abortion bill that makes even some Republicans pause before voting for it because of its language that tries to define the conditions for what “rape” is, in it.

    February 3rd, 2015: Rep. Noem votes for the 60th Republican attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act. This in spite of the fact that by this point, the law is not just working, but better than experts predicted.

    September 11th, 2015: Noem votes against the United States' nuclear treaty with Iran.

    September 18th, 2015: Rep. Noem co-sponsors and votes for a bill with most House Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood, based on highly edited “sting” videos submitted by a Pro-Life advocacy group that have been repeatedly debunked by investigators.

    November 19th, 2015: Noem votes for the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act, reacting to the terror attacks in Paris by jihadists from France and Belgium by trying to create greater restrictions to keep out Syrian refugees, of whom exactly zero were involved in those attacks.

    February 2nd, 2016: Kristi Noem votes for HR 3762, the 61st attempt by Congressional Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (which is still working better than was predicted).

    February 16th, 2017: Noem votes for HJR 69, to make it legal for hunters on wildlife reserves to kill several species of hibernating bears or wolves while they’re sleeping. Because… well, the logic really isn’t there as to why, it’s just awful.

    March 16th, 2017: Kristi Noem votes for HR 1181, which would allow veterans deemed mentally incompetent to continue to own firearms, and not have them taken away without a judge's written order. We feel safer already.

    May 4th, 2017: Noem votes for the GOP's healthcare plan, that would allow 24,000 more people to die a year, give $50,000 in tax breaks to millionaires, would eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions, and would treat pregnancy, post-partum depression, and sexual assault as "pre-existing conditions". Oh, and a provision in the bill would make sure that Noem would be allowed to keep his healthcare plan as it exists under the ACA, which would be repealed for the rest of the country. She and her Republican compatriots threw themselves a beer bash to celebrate taking away healthcare from millions and then gloated about it with Donald Trump at a White House press conference, as well.

    June 8th, 2017: Kristi Noem votes for HR 10, the GOP’s attempt to repeal Dodd-Frank financial reform, because what the country really needs is to allow the big banks to make the same mistakes that imploded the economy only a decade earlier.

    October 3rd, 2017: Noem votes for HR 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, that would try to create an unconstitutional ban abortion at 20 weeks (even though medical science tells us fetuses do not have the capability to feel pain until 29 weeks).

    February 18th, 2018: Rep. Noem and his fellow Republicans decide that poor big businesses are suffering too much at the hands of the Americans with Disabilities Act too much, and vote for HR 620, which would strip most of the civil rights protections guaranteed by it.

    But it has been since Kristi Noem became a governor, how she truly started to make headlines… mostly by catering to the whims and malignant narcissism of one Donald Trump whenever he would abscond to her state for a hate rally, and to incessantly try to manipulate his way onto having his butt-ugly mug added to Mt. Rushmore. As a former beauty queen, she’s certainly his type. Noem tried to placate his endless ego about having his likeness put on Mt. Rushmore by presenting him with a miniature statue of what it might look like, and yes, he has it down at Mar-a-Lago today. And at first, in say 2019, that sort of sucking up didn’t have any major consequences on the lives of people in her state… there were signs she might be in over her head, like how her administration spent about half a million dollars on an ad campaign to combat methamphetamine addiction that came up with the tagline, “Meth: We’re On It”. But in 2020, Kristi Noem’s sycophantic obedience towards the Dotard-in-Chief became truly lethal. The Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020, and Trump wanted to campaign for president like it wasn’t happening. He needed Republican Governors who were fanatical enough to keep his rallies unrestricted, unmasked, not-socially distanced… ignoring public health advisories to stop the spread of the virus, specifically at a July 4th rally that had some pretty blatant white nationalist vibes. Noem was there to foolishly accommodate him, visit after visit, and went so far as to advocate for the non-effective and potentially harmful treatment of hydroxychloroquine. Meanwhile, she also diverted funds from the federal government meant for pandemic relief towards state tourism advertising, trying to make sure that events like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally were packed (and thus became super-spreader events). And again, she’s enough of a fanatic that she not only ignored the warnings prior to Sturgis 2020… she is stupid enough to repeat the same idiocy, and did it again in 2020, causing another septupling of Covid-19 rates in her state. She’s refused to allow unemployment payments to workers displaced by the pandemic, and while forcing people back to work has definitely not helped mitigate the problem, her spreading anti-mask and anti-vaccination talking points doesn’t help. And yet, as all of her campaign assistance to Donald Trump didn’t help him beat Joe Biden in 2020, Gov. Noem has baselessly jumped to help her guy spread his “Big Lie” that the election was somehow stolen from him through “mass voter fraud” that she provides no evidence of, and also, Donald Trump easily won South Dakota. But alas, her corrupt ideology is not limited simply to doing Donald Trump’s bidding. She also has been accused of abuse power in office to try to get her daughter a license as a realtor, calling the state employee who gave her a failed grade to her office, specifically, and forcing her to let her daughter an extra chance to correct her wrong answers to be granted the license anyway. Oh, and that official had their retirement forced only months after this unorthodox testing session, but tipped off the local media about where to send a FOIA request to get the dirt. Kristi Noem is currently trying to cement her status as a potential contender for a VP nomination or perhaps 2024 presidential candidate by, what else, bullying the LGBTQ community in ways such as banning trans-women from women’s sports in South Dakota, and also coming out in opposition to the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling. Because who better to stand up for the sanctity of marriage than a woman who has allegedly been running around behind her husband’s back to f*** Corey Lewandowski, right? We’re going to go ahead and advise the country to please take a hard pass on a president who is so woefully and brazenly corrupt and places partisan politics and willful scientific ignorance above using common sense to preserve lives. Hell, someone competent might want to primary her.

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    One Year Ago, January 1st, 2021: Matthew Hill (TN)… 2021 Update   Two Year Ago, January 1st, 2020: Matthew Hill (TN)… 2020 Update   Three Years Ago, January 1st, 2019: Matthew Hill (TN)… 2019 Update Four Years Ago, January 1st, 2018: Matthew Hill (TN)… 2018 Update Five Years Ago, January 1st, 2017: Matthew Hill (TN)… 2017 Update Six Years Ago,  January 1st, 2016: Matthew Hill (TN)… 2016 Update Seven Years Ago,  January 1st, 2015: Matthew Hill (TN)… Original Profile

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  • vwr3597
    26.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    国际域名缩写 国家或地区 英文名 电话代码 AD 安道尔共和国 Andorra 376 AE 阿拉伯联合酋长国 United Arab Emirates 971 AF 阿富汗 Afghanistan 93 AG 安提瓜和巴布达 Antigua and Barbuda 1268 AI 安圭拉岛 Anguilla 1264 AL 阿尔巴尼亚 Albania 355 AM 亚美尼亚 Armenia 374 阿森松 Ascension 247 AO 安哥拉 Angola 244 AR 阿根廷 Argentina 54 AT 奥地利 Austria 43 AU 澳大利亚 Australia 61 AZ 阿塞拜疆 Azerbaijan 994 BB 巴巴多斯 Barbados 1246 BD 孟加拉国 Bangladesh 880 BE 比利时 Belgium 32 BF 布基纳法索 Burkina-faso 226 BG 保加利亚 Bulgaria 359 BH 巴林 Bahrain 973 BI 布隆迪 Burundi 257 BJ 贝宁 Benin 229 BL 巴勒斯坦 Palestine 970 BM 百慕大群岛 Bermuda Is. 1441 BN 文莱 Brunei 673 BO 玻利维亚 Bolivia 591 BR 巴西 Brazil 55 BS 巴哈马 Bahamas 1242 BW 博茨瓦纳 Botswana 267 BY 白俄罗斯 Belarus 375 BZ 伯利兹 Belize 501 CA 加拿大 Canada 1 开曼群岛 Cayman Is. 1345 CF 中非共和国 Central African Republic 236 CG 刚果 Congo 242 CH 瑞士 Switzerland 41 CK 库克群岛 Cook Is. 682 CL 智利 Chile 56 CM 喀麦隆 Cameroon 237 CN 中国 China 86 CO 哥伦比亚 Colombia 57 CR 哥斯达黎加 Costa Rica 506 CS 捷克 Czech 420 CU 古巴 Cuba 53 CY 塞浦路斯 Cyprus 357 CZ 捷克 Czech Republic 420 DE 德国 Germany 49 DJ 吉布提 Djibouti 253 DK 丹麦 Denmark 45 DO 多米尼加共和国 Dominica Rep. 1890 DZ 阿尔及利亚 Algeria 213 EC 厄瓜多尔 Ecuador 593 EE 爱沙尼亚 Estonia 372 EG 埃及 Egypt 20 ES 西班牙 Spain 34 ET 埃塞俄比亚 Ethiopia 251 FI 芬兰 Finland 358 FJ 斐济 Fiji 679 FR 法国 France 33 GA 加蓬 Gabon 241 GB 英国 United Kiongdom 44 GD 格林纳达 Grenada 1809 GE 格鲁吉亚 Georgia 995 GF 法属圭亚那 French Guiana 594 GH 加纳 Ghana 233 GI 直布罗陀 Gibraltar 350 GM 冈比亚 Gambia 220 GN 几内亚 Guinea 224 GR 希腊 Greece 30 GT 危地马拉 Guatemala 502 GU 关岛 Guam 1671 GY 圭亚那 Guyana 592 HK 中国香港特别行政区 Hongkong 852 HN 洪都拉斯 Honduras 504 HT 海地 Haiti 509 HU 匈牙利 Hungary 36 ID 印度尼西亚 Indonesia 62 IE 爱尔兰 Ireland 353 IL 以色列 Israel 972 IN 印度 India 91 IQ 伊拉克 Iraq 964 IR 伊朗 Iran 98 IS 冰岛 Iceland 354 IT 意大利 Italy 39 科特迪瓦 Ivory Coast 225 JM 牙买加 Jamaica 1876 JO 约旦 Jordan 962 JP 日本 Japan 81 KE 肯尼亚 Kenya 254 KG 吉尔吉斯坦 Kyrgyzstan 331 KH 柬埔寨 Kampuchea (Cambodia ) 855 KP 朝鲜 North Korea 850 KR 韩国 Korea 82 KT 科特迪瓦共和国 Republic of Ivory Coast 225 KW 科威特 Kuwait 965 KZ 哈萨克斯坦 Kazakstan 327 LA 老挝 Laos 856 LB 黎巴嫩 Lebanon 961 LC 圣卢西亚 St.Lucia 1758 LI 列支敦士登 Liechtenstein 423 LK 斯里兰卡 Sri Lanka 94 LR 利比里亚 Liberia 231 LS 莱索托 Lesotho 266 LT 立陶宛 Lithuania 370 LU 卢森堡 Luxembourg 352 LV 拉脱维亚 Latvia 371 LY 利比亚 Libya 218 MA 摩洛哥 Morocco 212 MC 摩纳哥 Monaco 377 MD 摩尔多瓦 Moldova, Republic of 373 MG 马达加斯加 Madagascar 261 ML 马里 Mali 223 MM 缅甸 Burma 95 MN 蒙古 Mongolia 976 MO 中国澳门特别行政区 Macao 853 MS 蒙特塞拉特岛 Montserrat Is 1664 MT 马耳他 Malta 356 马里亚那群岛 Mariana Is 1670 马提尼克 Martinique 596 MU 毛里求斯 Mauritius 230 MV 马尔代夫 Maldives 960 MW 马拉维 Malawi 265 MX 墨西哥 Mexico 52 MY 马来西亚 Malaysia 60 MZ 莫桑比克 Mozambique 258 NA 纳米比亚 Namibia 264 NE 尼日尔 Niger 977 NG 尼日利亚 Nigeria 234 NI 尼加拉瓜 Nicaragua 505 NL 荷兰 Netherlands 31 NO 挪威 Norway 47 NP 尼泊尔 Nepal 977 荷属安的列斯 Netheriands Antilles 599 NR 瑙鲁 Nauru 674 NZ 新西兰 New Zealand 64 OM 阿曼 Oman 968 PA 巴拿马 Panama 507 PE 秘鲁 Peru 51 PF 法属玻利尼西亚 French Polynesia 689 PG 巴布亚新几内亚 Papua New Cuinea 675 PH 菲律宾 Philippines 63 PK 巴基斯坦 Pakistan 92 PL 波兰 Poland 48 PR 波多黎各 Puerto Rico 1787 PT 葡萄牙 Portugal 351 PY 巴拉圭 Paraguay 595 QA 卡塔尔 Qatar 974 留尼旺 Reunion 262 RO 罗马尼亚 Romania 40 RU 俄罗斯 Russia 7 SA 沙特阿拉伯 Saudi Arabia 966 SB 所罗门群岛 Solomon Is 677 SC 塞舌尔 Seychelles 248 SD 苏丹 Sudan 249 SE 瑞典 Sweden 46 SG 新加坡 Singapore 65 SI 斯洛文尼亚 Slovenia 386 SK 斯洛伐克 Slovakia 421 SL 塞拉利昂 Sierra Leone 232 SM 圣马力诺 San Marino 378 东萨摩亚(美) Samoa Eastern 684 西萨摩亚 San Marino 685 SN 塞内加尔 Senegal 221 SO 索马里 Somali 252 SR 苏里南 Suriname 597 ST 圣多美和普林西比 Sao Tome and Principe 239 SV 萨尔瓦多 EI Salvador 503 SY 叙利亚 Syria 963 SZ 斯威士兰 Swaziland 268 TD 乍得 Chad 235 TG 多哥 Togo 228 TH 泰国 Thailand 66 TJ 塔吉克斯坦 Tajikstan 992 TM 土库曼斯坦 Turkmenistan 993 TN 突尼斯 Tunisia 216 TO 汤加 Tonga 676 TR 土耳其 Turkey 90 TT 特立尼达和多巴哥 Trinidad and Tobago 1809 TW 中国台湾省 Taiwan 886 TZ 坦桑尼亚 Tanzania 255 UA 乌克兰 Ukraine 380 UG 乌干达 Uganda 256 US 美国 United States of America 1 UY 乌拉圭 Uruguay 598 UZ 乌兹别克斯坦 Uzbekistan 233 VC 圣文森特岛 Saint Vincent 1784 VE 委内瑞拉 Venezuela 58 VN 越南 Vietnam 84 YE 也门 Yemen 967 YU 南斯拉夫 Yugoslavia 381 ZA 南非 South Africa 27 ZM 赞比亚 Zambia 260 ZR 扎伊尔 Zaire 243 ZW 津巴布韦 Zimbabwe 263

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  • soyarmenio
    23.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Armenia está dispuesta ir a Bakú o Estambul, o a recibir representantes en Ereván, para las reuniones de la plataforma 3+3 del Cáucaso #Rusia #3+3 #Armenia #Georgia #Diplomacia #Turquia #Iran #Azerbaiyán https://soyarmenio.com/noticias-de-armenia/armenia-dispuesta-a-recibir-a-representantes-de-los-33/

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  • sam-the-crazy
    18.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Saben? Amo la navidad por la comida,los regalos y las reuniones,este año no me reunire con mi GRAN familia porque se iran a el otro lado y yo ire con mis abuelos,y no me alegra mucho cambiar las mega fiestas y las risas en mi familia materna por estar en un sillon giendo tele con mis abuelos paternos...pero los amo y me hace feliz ir a verlos, ademas este año minmadre me dijo que ella elijira mi regalo y eso me emociona,ya que quieeo ver ai me conoce bien,y yo se que lo hace bastante jeje

    Y comomno e dibujado mucho cosasmccompletas ultimamente,les dejo viejos bocetos que debo acabar xD:

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