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  • 1-v-0-ry
    07.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Grossman Family Legacy - Will and Penelope Grossman

    For the sort of rewrite I'm doing, I decided to give the Grossman family their own little bit
    Also, Technically, I do own Laughing Jack and Will Grossman because I harrased Snuffbomb on Twitter for them, so....

    Penelope Anna Grossman

    Age: 19

    Born: March 17th 2002

    Description: Blonde hair with faded green eyes. A slim face, maybe inherited by her father. She usually has smudged black liner on from rubbing her eyes a lot.

    Penelope, along with her brother, is the latest heir to the horrendous legacy that is the Grossman family dynasty. For over hundreds of years, everyone in the family were either cannibals or straight up twisted serial killers. For most of Penelope's young life, people pitied her for her unfortunate family. Even the family members that were good were locked up for the wrong reasons.

    During her teenage years, her and her brother were put into foster care because their mother was convicted into a mental hospital after strangling their father. Penelope couldn't find it in her heart to forgive her.

    Penelope can't really sleep at night, mainly because she's always afraid she'll get killed in her sleep. She's on a constant fight or flight wherever she goes.

    She smokes weed to suppress these feelings, and tends to spend most of her days high.

    She's the complete opposite from Will, where she's not emotional at all, but always afraid of what to come.

    This paranoia only got worse when Laughing Jack came along.

    Only the sad thing is..

    Will trusts Laughing Jack completely

    William Andrew Grossman

    Age: 19

    Birthday: March 17th 2002

    Description: Short blonde hair, blue eyes. He usually wears ripped jeans stolen from Good Will. He doesn't have the heart to really steal from anywhere good like JC Penny or Wal-Mart.

    Will always saw the world through a somewhat positive lens, unfortunately it lead to a lot of people taking advantage of him. He still forgives their mom for what she did to their father, but he doesn't talk about their dad at all.

    He's often cold and distant when asked. When he was younger, he had a hyperactive imagination, and usually daydreamed about his sister and him going on adventures. Once Laughing Jack appeared, he'd mostly play by himself or without her. Jack gave him the idea that being like the family was a huge effort.

    However, reaching up to his teen years, his homicidal tendencies caught up to him. He spent most of his schooling scheming, wanting to live up to their psychotic great, great, great, grandfather, Isaac Grossman.

    Of course, he'd never harm Penny, or any of his family members, since it would be against the family code.

    Laughing Jack began to appear more and more, telling him different ideas for different schemes. Mostly juvenile delinquency, but soon Jack started telling him to do more. Will absolutely wholeheartedly trusts LJ.

    The thing about Will, he's not as dumb as you'd think. Since childhood, Will's main father figure was Jack.

    There would be times that LJ protected Will closely from bullies, and once from his father. Will's father would beat him regularly. Thirteen slashes from the belt.

    LJ despised such a punish. He grabbed his father's wrist, pinning him to wall, and breaking his wrist.

    He had saved Will that night.

    I will most definitely write my version of LJ's story after this lmaoooo

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  • tbusinessnews
    21.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Kad su svi stali, iz agencije Jungle Tribe Hrvatska nisu se dali, putnike uredno vode na daleka putovanja! - Terracon Business News

    Kad su svi stali, iz agencije Jungle Tribe Hrvatska nisu se dali, putnike uredno vode na daleka putovanja! - https://terraconbusinessnews.com/kad-su-svi-stali-iz-agencije-jungle-tribe-hrvatska-nisu-se-dali-putnike-uredno-vode-na-daleka-putovanja/

    Kad su svi stali, iz agencije Jungle Tribe Hrvatska nisu se dali, putnike uredno vode na daleka putovanja!
    U apokaliptičnoj 2020. organizirali su strane ture s oko 250 putnika, te 40 polazaka unutar Hrvatske.
    “Da bi nam 2021. godina započela što bolje, napravili smo ono što znamo raditi najbolje – otputovali smo u Tursku! Ugodni domaćini, divno vrijeme i preukusna hrana učinili su ovo putovanje posebnim. Toliko volimo putovati u Kapadokiju da putovanje ponavljamo i 7. veljače, 12. veljače i 3. ožujka.”
    Ovo je najava agencije Jungle Tribe Hrvatska na društvenim mrežama objavljena prije nekoliko dana, uz fotografiju nasmiješenih lica putnika u zrakoplovnoj kabini.
    Gotovo u dan poklopila se s vapajem nacionalne udruge agencija, koja pak traži da im se rad i formalno zabrani, kako bi mogli dobiti potpore za likvidnost, jer im je zbog okolnosti posve zaustavljen promet. Kao, uostalom, i većini organizatora putovanja širom svijeta.
    Iako Jungle Tribe dijeli istu sudbinu na tržištu putovanja, ipak iskaču iz prosjeka. Uspjeli su u apokaliptičnoj 2020. realizirali oko 20 polazaka na daleke destinacije s ukupno oko 250 putnika, te 40 polazaka unutar Hrvatske s otprilike 550 putnika.
    Brza reakcija
    Opisuje nam kako su se organizirali na samom početku ove najveće krize u povijesti industrije putovanja.
    “Kad smo shvatili kakav nas period očekuje, nismo čekali da se nešto pokrene, nego smo stvari odlučili pokrenuti sami.
    Pročešljali smo sve dijelove Hrvatske tražeći male, ugrožene poduzetnike, kojima je posao također stao preko noći. Spajali smo u naše aranžmane prijevoznike, iznajmljivače, restorane, obrtnike, kako bismo svi zajedno popunili rupe koje su nastale izostankom stranih gostiju.
    Sve smo napravili uz veliko istraživanje naše ogromne baze putnika i kao i uvijek, tako da smo znali da će biti interesa”, pojašnjava Kovačić. Tako su vrlo brzo izbacili niz tura u programu ‘Otkrij Hrvatsku’, bilo je tu jedrenja, avanturističkih tura, planinarenja, gastro tura, istraživanja otoka.
    Cijeli članak možete pročitati na: poslovni.hr
    Foto: Facebook profil JTHR
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  • theedwebb
    16.06.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Remember Jo Cox MP #moreincommon https://instagr.am/p/CBf-_C-jThR/

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  • j-t-h-r
    06.05.2015 - 6 years ago

    A Few Thoughts on Baltimore

    My friend Reginald Hall wrote what I felt was a well thought out piece of commentary on the events of Baltimore over the last few weeks. Whatever view points we have and however we all may feel, I believe that it’s important that we all share thoughts and learn to understand each other’s perspectives and make strong attempts to see through each other’s point of view.  If we all can’t learn to to do that than we do not allow ourselves a chance at getting to the crux of what are still multiple issues surrounding Race Relations in America.  This piece below is a great example of dissecting and explaining why incidents such as Baltimore and other unfortunate happening (such as Ferguson) happen, have happened in the past, and will keep happening until everyone, not just black and white, understands why. 

    - JTHR

    A Few Thoughts on Baltimore by Reginald Hall Jr.

    I rarely post social commentary on Facebook because – usually – I’m communicating with people who share a similar worldview, which can lead to a virtual circle-jerk. At worst, I learn which “friend” holds a viewpoint that’s racist, sexist, or homophobic. That’s always disappointing.

    But Baltimore is on my mind and I want to unload a few thoughts that, if nothing else, don’t have to occupy room in my head.

    Now is an opportunity to acknowledge the U.S. school system needs to teach children a more detailed and more accurate version of America’s complicated and messy history in regards to race and class. In the past week I’ve heard questions and statements like:

    -  “Why would people destroy their own community?”

    -  “Today’s black people don’t know how to protest peacefully like in the 50’s and 60’s.”

    -  “I have no sympathy for people who behave like animals.”

    Better education would give insight into why riots happen and the mindset of those involved. This understanding might even spark the EMPATHY needed to propel people to change the conditions that inspires people to riot.

    First – the majority of people in Baltimore protested peacefully. Don’t overlook this. Unfortunately non-violent protests don’t attract eyeballs to television screens or sell newspapers as much as violence does.  

    How do things like riots happen? Well people much smarter than me like Martin Luther King Jr. and Michael Eric Dyson explain this well.

    But picture this. You, you’re brother, your sister, your parents, their parents, their parents’ parents have been told that they are – and will always be – less than. You’re poor, just like most of the people around you. Still, you try to follow the dream America sells you – with enough hard work you too can be happy and wealthy. All you need is to earn an education, gain new skills, and market yourself or perhaps start a business.  

    Except your school is understaffed and underfunded. Your peers carry unresolved emotional and physical trauma. Lendors pray on your community’s lack of financial literacy. Politicians use the injustice you face as a platform for their own agenda. Police, the people sworn to protect you, view you as a potential threat instead of a human life with value. Large portions of the general public believe you’re responsible for the injustice you face.

    As much that mental burden weighs on your psyche, you resolve to make your way to a better life. But one day – once again – the police murder your neighbor with little remorse. This is not the first, or second, or third time.

    How would you feel? What would you do? Would you write a letter to your local councilman? Would you call the police or other law enforcement?

    No, most likely you wouldn’t. These institutions have already failed you, your family, and your peers for too long.

    So what good would rioting do? What good would destroying parts of your community do?

    The actions would give you a feeling foreign to your typical existence – empowerment. For once, you’re in control and dictating action instead of being acted on. You also benefit by attracting attention to your grievance. For most of your life your struggle is either invisible or overlooked by the people with the influence to help you the quickest. In a riot, for one moment in time, your plight would be finally be the utmost priority of all of the people who ignore and overlook you – media, police, government. For once, somebody with clout is going to notice you're hurting and angry and not going to let it happen anymore.

    I’m not advocating for rioting. I’m pointing out that the violent images you see flash inside your TV and computer screens are the result of intense frustration – and that if you were put in the same situation, you just might do the same thing.

    Our education system glosses over the intertwining factors that have systematically contributed to the circumstances of the poor and non-powerful. It's frustrating because if we took more time to investigate and listen to the stories of people facing injustice and their attempts to overcome it, we'd be better equipped to prevent similar injustices from happening.

    If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay. (And if you want to constructively explain why, I welcome it).  I just hope the next time this happens you consider all of the factors at play and not just the end result.  

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  • misterkofa
    06.01.2014 - 7 years ago

     Graded production still for a current project I'm working on. 

    #JTHR #Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera #bmpcc
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