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  • thespacecowboyyy
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    For some reason ice is dropping from my apartments ventilation thing and i dont think it is supposed to do that

    #i mean that hole in the roof. the ventilation hole. idk. #lucky that it is in shower but still weird #but anyways #liisa tavi gig today! #im the light guy there. #we built lights yesterday and ill finish them today #we had slight problems with this one lamp. the lightbulb broke and we put in new one and it instantly broke too #so one lamp less i guess #also it was pain in ass to open and close #siihen tarvittiin kaks rynkyttämään sitä luukkua. sain sen ekalla kerralla auki sillä että lämäsin ja vetäsin mut ei menny kiinni samalla #ehkä se sujuu. en tiiä. eka kerta ku ajan valoja missään esityksessä.
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  • vastberaden-descendant
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago
    #well i mean he's cool with New Venture ftm jas. if anything that's an upgrade. kid carrys the surname now
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  • yltsi
    21.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    doubling down

    I'm currently putting the final touches on a post about the first game the Raptors have played in Toronto since the before times, but that doesn't mean there weren't other are a handful of other observations from watching hoops (and, occasionally, Top Shot) tonight.

    Our Discord dudes, keeping it 100 about Portland:

    You guys will never believe this… but after doing almost nothing this offseason… the Blazers defense is still bad.
    The Blazers are the same team every year.

    And also about the later stages of that Knicks/Celtics classic of a barnburner of a wtf-did-you-just-see-that season opener:

    These teams stopped running actual offense an hour ago

    They weren't all good takes though:

    Canadians pumped Wiggins and RJ Barrett for years and NAW is already better than both.


    My friend, at 8:29pm ET: "Go look at Jaylen Brown’s numbers. There’s 8 left in the 2nd. It looks like a typo." At that point, Brown had 25 points on 9/12 shooting and was a +11 in 13 minutes. During the first half of that game, Jaylen Brown's NBA Top Shot TSD low-ask popped from like $600 to $800 (and then dropped back to $600 or so half an hour later). Or so I was told by Boston's finest Teddy KGB impersonator.

    Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong, calling the Raptors game, kept insisting that "the KFC Double Down is back for a limited time." I didn't know it had left? Is this a Disney vault situation? Have the brand strategists positioned this as KFC's version of the McRib? Are people really hankering for a chicken-tenders-as-bread experience? What year is it? I have more questions but will not write them here.

    The fuck is Malcolm Gladwell doing in a GM commercial?

    New Orleans fans trolling the 76ers in re: Ben Simmons' absence is music to my ears.

    Ja Morant is fucking ridiculous. Watch this.

    — hotel

    #ja morant #hotel did it #malcolm gladwell#gm #matt and jack #kfc #kfc double down #disney vault #mcrib is back! here's when you'll be able to get it #jaylen brown #nba top shot #andrew wiggins#rj barrett#nickeil alexander-walker#boston celtics #new york knicks #portland trail blazers #discord#toronto raptors#teddy kgb#rounders #new orleans pelicans #doc rivers #nba atlantic division
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