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    Yo guys, just wanted to let you know we're doing a Christmas card for Mark, you can join us if you want.


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    I need recommendation of really good Jacob seed x reade

    Any suggestions?

    I'm looking around and can't find the right one.

    Obviously gotta be smutty 🙄

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    drag me down

    Warnings: non-consent sex and rape; loss of virginity; bullying/humiliation, exhibitionism. 

     This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. It features frat!Andy Barber x reader. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.

    Synopsis: You live behind a frat house but the noise isn’t the worst thing you have to put up with.

    Note: It’s Wednesdays, my dudes.

    Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for all your feedback. :)

    I really hope you enjoy. 💋

    <3 As usual, I’d appreciate if you let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya!

    You were warned when you signed your lease but it could never prepare you for the level of noise from next door. Not that you had much of a choice as it was the only place you could afford on-campus. Not that living in town would be better as the commute would even the toll. 

    The other tenants were entirely unbothered by your fratboy neighbours as they were often out partying just as hard. Thus they were not there to be disturbed or hungover enough to sleep through the noise. You had no escape from it as you didn't have the invitations to dance instead of study and you were never any good in those situations anyway. You hadn't worked your ass off for a full-ride just to toss it out for a good time.

    That morning was worse than any other. You were used to the late nights after a week and a half. You expected them, but you usually had grace on Sunday mornings to sleep in before you finished up your weekly readings. Instead, you were startled awake by the blaring of a horn and the bassy blast of 'Chariots of Fire.' For a moment, you wondered if you were still asleep and it was really just a stress-induced nightmare. The all too real pulsing in your head assured you of consciousness.

    You blinked away the dizziness and got up, poking your feet into your slippers as you stumbled around groggily. You pulled back the latch on your front door and clamoured down the stairs as others peeked out their doors, looking just as miserable as you felt.

    You came out into the sunlight, the tail of summer still warm in the air. You shielded your eyes as you found the source of the cacophony parading down the street. You weren't surprised at the culprits, you'd be shocked if it wasn't them, however their appearance was entirely unexpected. 

    The club members were painted in streaks of blue and white while they waved the bright orange banners of Nu Sigma Upsilon. Their de facto leader, a man you recognized as he often was at heart of any debauchery, was shirtless and his hair chest marked with Norse symbols. He wore a ridiculous Viking hat with horns and held another horn in his hand.

    "Hey, hey," you snarled as you waved your other hand and marched in front of the jeep covered in furs and ridiculously bright streamers, "what the fuck?!"

    The jeep stopped short and he caught himself on the roll bar as he lowered his brows. He tilted his head and scoffed.

    "Look at that boys, it's working," he chuckled, "how's it going, freshie? Get lots of sleep?"

    "No thanks to you," you snapped, "again, I repeat myself, what the fuck-"

    "Out of the way, karen," he interrupted, "you're spoiling all the fun. We're doing this place a service. Waking all you freshman up bright and early so you can enjoy the sunshine."


    The jeep lurched forward and stopped just before its grill could catch you. You scurried out of the way as the driver leaned on the pedal and crept closer. You crossed your arms and scowled as you glared up at that dumb frat and his peons.

    "You know you painted that upside down," you called after them, "fucking…" you sighed as the jeep passed and was followed by several other decorated vehicles, "...idiots."

    You shook your head as the music continued to pulse in the open air. You retreated back through the front door of your building and huffed up the stairs. The walls were too thin to block out the hubbub even as you shut your windows. You fell onto your bed and groaned.

    Those fucking assholes. You had never yelled at anyone like that. Hell, you'd never been that annoyed or angry, but ten days finally had you at your wit's end. You grabbed your pillow and buried your head beneath. You could still hear that stupid horn.


    You sat along the middle rows of the lecture hall, the professor midway through the outline of the day’s lesson. Dr. Munner only worked with a single slide, a bullet point list of topics that meant you had to take notes verbatim at the cost of your carpal comfort. It was only your second class but you were not optimistic as he also refused to take full advantage of the school’s online platform.

    His dull voice made it hard to follow but you were at least not dozing in your seat like a dozen other students. The monotone was disturbed only as the side doors opened and you sank down as you recognized the late comer. That same fratboy who ruined your Sunday gave a small wave and an apology as he entered.

    “As a reminder, I will forgive tardiness only once,” Munner said.

    “Sorry,” the frat made a face as he looked around and you shook your head as you tapped your pen on your notebook. 

    You kept your eyes down as the professor continued his diatribe about reformists. The student made no effort to be quiet as he excused himself and dropped his bag into a seat only two away from your own. He sat in the chair next to you and you cringed. Why?

    “Hey, it’s you,” he whispered as you sat up rigidly, “I missed the first class, you wanna catch me up?”

    “No,” you said bluntly as you tried to ignore him.

    “Ah, come on, you still bitter about Sunday?” he teased.

    Professor Munner cleared his throat and the stark pause had everyone silent. He stared up in your direction and you hid behind your hand. Fucking idiot. He chuckled softly but shut up and the stuffy historian continued. 

    Your unwanted companion unlocked his phone and opened up the recorder, you didn’t bother reminding him of the class’s no recording policy but he really wasn’t your problem. You leaned your chin on your knuckles and kept your other hand scrawling across the lined paper. Between the lifeless lecture and the presence at your elbow, the minutes dragged by like eons.


    You packed up quietly and as quickly as you could. The fratboy stood and caught your pen as it threatened to roll onto the floor. You tried to snatch it as he held out with a curt thank you but he held onto it. He winked as he smirked at you.

    “This is a first year class, what are you even doing here?” you yanked but he still didn’t relent.

    “Oh, so you know who I am?” he taunted.

    “Give me,” you finally wiggled the pen free and hitched your bag onto your shoulder.

    “Andy, if you need a name for the spank bank,” he stuck out the tip of his tongue, “and karen, I think it was?”

    “Not even close,” you rolled your eyes and turned away from him. If he wasn’t such a prick, he might be cute.

    “Oh, wait, I saw that cute little writing on your page,” he followed you along the row of seats as he said your name, “doesn’t really suit you but that stick up your ass must be tight fit.”

    “Hey, would you… go?” you sputtered as you stopped at the end of the aisle and glared back at him over your shoulder.

    “I just thought, since we’re neighbours, we should have a proper introduction,” he smirked, “you seem to be into proper things.”

    “Alright, Andy, it was torture to meet you,” you grumbled, “hopefully, we don’t run into each other again.”

    “Wait, can I borrow your notes?” he asked as you began down the steps.

    “I’d rather burn them,” you retorted.

    “Playin’ hard to get,” he poked your arm and you threw your elbow back blindly but pressed on, “it’s alright, poindexter, you’re not my type.”

    “Oh, and you think you’re mine?” you sneered as you got to the bottom and fled to the doors amid the sea of other students.

    “Do you have a type? Hard to judge when you have nothing to compare,” he kept close and you were annoyed by his pursuit, “I know a virgin when I see one.”

    “Ew,” you huffed and turned on your heel as you entered the hallway. The flow of students split around you as you faced him, “I don’t have to prove anything to you but I’m not and it’s not your business anyway.”

    “Sure,” he snickered, “silicon doesn’t count.”

    “You’re disgusting,” you shouldered past him, “please, just go away, I have another class.”

    “See ya next week,” he called after you as he thankfully didn’t move to trail you again, “I can always send another wake up call.”

    You curled your lip and dipped around the corner. You couldn’t wipe the grimace from your face as his voice lingered in your head. You crossed your fingers that he didn’t make it to the drop deadline.


    Friday nights were always loud. You didn’t delude yourself into expecting otherwise, even before you ended up in the accursed student lodging. Your window, to your chagrin and misfortune, faced the frat house next door and was on a level with their second floor. You had your window open as you sat at your desk and scrolled through a PDF.

    The hoots and hollers mingled with the pumping music and once you were attuned to it, it was simple enough to just zone out and focus on the letters. When you finished the thirty page slog, you closed out and turned on Netflix with subtitles. It was getting late but you knew sleep wasn’t an option.

    You yawned and leaned back in the chair as it rolled back slightly. The noise formed a wall and one was not discernible from the next. You swivelled and glanced over as you sensed movement from outside. You narrowed your eyes as you peered through and leaned your head in your hand.

    Your mouth fell open at the sight against the window just across from yours. A woman’s bare breasts were pressed to the glass as her body shook against it. You reeled at the realisation at what was happening and you stood in shock. You stomped over and grabbed the wooden frame. You paused as your eyes met the face that hovered over the blonde’s shoulder. 

    Andy grinned and winked at you as he pounded harder into the woman, her dress rumpled around her middle. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was entirely unaware of her audience. You sneered and shut the window with a slam, snatching your curtains shut before you swept away.

    You grabbed your laptop and went to your bed. You dug out your earbuds and plugged them in as you laid down and sighed. Your back was locked up from hours sitting at your desk and the slight hunch from reading. Only two semesters, that was it. Next year, you would live in a closet if it meant you didn’t have to deal with that nonsense.


    You felt less and less out-of-place as another week began and the faces in your classes became familiar. That morning you met up with Justin, another history major, to go over the material for your upcoming quiz in your historiography course. He was friendly enough and your shared interest in your studies was enough to form a rapport.

    He was also in your Early Modern Europe lecture and you walked over together, both complaining about Munner's tedious lectures. You sat in your usual spot and you hoped the usual pest would take a hint and stop trying to copy your notes. You always underestimated Andy as he came over and sat on your other side, casually moving your bag out of the seat.

    "Just in time," he interrupted your discussion about the history fair for your introductory class. Every history major was required to take the course and to present a group project about a primary document, "who's the new dude?"

    You rolled your eyes and ignored him as you turned back to Justin, "as I was saying…"

    "I'm Andy," he interjected again and reached past you with his hand out.

    "Uh, Justin," your startled looking companion shook his hand.

    "Ah, we're study buddies," Andy sat back, "not much of a history nerd myself so--"

    "We're not," you insisted, "he just doesn't have any of his fratboy lackeys in here."

    "She's hard to please," Andy chuckled, "sure you know. Anyway, the more the merrier, bro."

    "Please, just ignore him," you shook your head.

    Justin gave a sheepish smile as he laughed nervously, "sure."

    You flipped open your notebook as Andy's elbow hit yours and he slumped down as he scrolled through his phone. You glanced up as Munner squinted at the screen and clicked onto his usual black and white slides. Justin opened his thin laptop and a wall of text popped up in his notes. He typed in the date and you shifted between the two of them. It was less awkward when you were sat alone.


    "Sorry, I gotta run," Justin said as he held his laptop under his arm, "my next class is in the Halford Building."

    "No worries, I'll see you tomorrow in Hayes' class?" 

    "Sure thing," he quickly spun and rushed along the row of chairs.

    You turned to grab your notebook but it wasn't on the small folding desk. You found Andy snapping shots with his phone and you tried to swipe it away. He swatted your hand away and flipped the page.

    "Why are you bugging me?" You snipped.

    "Because it's fun," he closed your notebook and held it out, "and you're smart so… win-win."

    "Uh huh," you took the book and shoved it into your bag, "well, fuck off."

    "Damn, I knew things were gonna be awkward after that little peep show but I didn't think you'd go full bitch mode," he snickered, "jealous?"

    "Of what?" You hissed as you stormed away from him but were blocked in by the shuffling of other students.

    "She was hot as fuck," Andy stayed close, "nice tits."

    "Ew, I don't need to hear it, slime ball," you tried to wave him off and you stepped into the train of students slowly descending.

    "Justin's nice. Bit of a dweeb but just your type, huh?" He came up beside you and nudged you.

    "Shut up," you grumbled, irritated both by him and the dawdlers around you.

    "History, though? Not much money in it, not unless he wants to be like the geezer at the front," Andy continued, "I mean, you'll be fine, I'm sure you'll pop out a few kids by thirty and be taken care of--"

    "Look, I know you're shit at history but this isn't the 1950s, asshole," you finally got to the door and caught it before it could close on you. Andy pushed above your shoulder and you felt him close behind you as you went into the hall.

    "Well, what else are you gonna do with some useless letters after your name?"

    "I didn't ask your opinion," you sneered, "in fact I have told you to leave me alone."

    "I'm gonna be a lawyer," he ignored your plea and stretched his arm over your shoulders, "nice house, hot wife, maybe a kid. No more than one."

    "Get off of me," you growled and tried to shrug him off.

    "I'm tryna give you advice, fresher," he said as he led you through the halls, "you can still change your major, get your head on right."

    "I don't need your advice, blockhead," you tore away from him roughly, narrowly avoiding colliding with another co-ed, "take a hint."

    "Chill," he said, "anyway, thought I'd warn you, it's gonna be a fun week. Might wanna invest in some earplugs."

    "Warn me? Yeah right," you huffed.

    "See ya 'round," he winked, "thanks for the notes."

    You hurried off, your next class not too far but your desire to be away from him drove you on. He really was a jerk.


    You were exhausted. Andy didn't lie when he said it was going to be a raucous week. You yawned into your hand as you sat across from Justin at the library table, your laptops, notebooks, and texts laid out around your paper cups of caffeine. The first paper for Munner's antiquated course was coming due so you agreed to work together to keep from falling asleep over the dry assignment. 

    "Can't wait to get done this," Justin said, "I still gotta get a few sources for the annotated bibliography for Intro but I got a six pack from my older brother. I need a drink."

    "Oh? Didn't take you as a drinker," you said as you searched for a working pen in your bag.

    "Eh, not much but shit, it's not even midterms and I'm about to crash," he flipped through his notebook, "Munner needs to retire already. If Hayes saw the bullshit he spouted, could you imagine the lecture?"

    "Yeah, I mean I didn't even think the library was permitted to hold editions older than 2010."

    "Heyyyyy," the prolonged greeting interrupted your low chatter, "sup, Justin?"

    Andy appeared beside your study buddy and slapped his shoulder.

    "Andy," Justin fist bumped him casually, "just working on Munner's."

    "Fuck, really, I was just getting into that," Andy smirked at you, "mind if I join you?"

    "Sure," Justin pulled his laptop out of the way but Andy went around and pulled out the chair next to you, "so, you got your topic?"

    "English Reformation and all that," Andy sat and dumped his bag on your notebook, "what's going on, poindexter?"

    You grumbled but gave no discernable answer as you tugged your book from under his bag.

    "Ah, good old Henry VIII," Justin jokes, "you probably pull as much if not more, huh?"

    "Ew," you audibly uttered.

    "Calm down, sweetie, the boys are talking," Andy rested his hand on the back of your chair, legs splayed wide so that his knee was against yours, "dude knew what he was doing. Start a church for puss--"

    "Alright," you closed your laptop, "you know what, boys?" You enunciated the last word sharply, "you can talk without me."

    Andy scoffed and Justin blanched.

    "Sorry, you don't have to go, we'll study," Justin said.

    "Let her go back to her convent," Andy chirped, "I always figured nuns would never exist if women were allowed to explore more--"

    "Dude," Justin hissed, "cut it out."

    "It's fine, you guys be bros," you packed up hastily.

    "Ah shit, sweetie, I was joking, not tryna upset you--"

    "Don't call me sweetie," you snapped as you grabbed your coat and hauled up your bag, "and leave me alone."

    You stormed off only to realise you forgot your untouched latte. Well, fuck it. You couldn't handle another second of that dumbass.

    As you stormed out the front doors of the library, your phone buzzed and you flicked open Justin’s message. It was an apology. You left him on read but you weren’t mad at him. You were annoyed with that idiot frat boy constantly inserting himself into your life. He was an actual pest, intent on ruining anything he could for you.

    Your phone buzzed again. ‘Andy Barber sent you a message. Accept his friend request to view’. You snorted and hit ‘deny’ immediately. You put your cell in your pocket and shook your head at campus as you traipsed down the steps. You could only imagine the shit Andy was trying to send and if you couldn’t block him in real life, you would at least keep him out of your virtual refuge.


    You spent the rest of your day on your bed, surrounded by books and your glowing laptop. Your eyes burned as you scribbled down citations and filled in your piecemeal outline. If all went to plan, you could have everything ready to write for the next day. You held in a yawn as you scrolled through the online catalogue of articles and clicked onto abstracts before hitting back and continuing onto the next.

    The windows grew dark and you turned on the lamp as you kept up your endless study. With the night, came the fervour of the frat house. As if on cue, the music began to pound from crackly speakers and shouts cut through the air. You sighed but pressed on, doing your best to ignore the voices and steady beat.

    Your phone began to pulse as you stretched your cramped fingers and you saw the notification rise with Justin’s name on it. You frowned a several messages kept your cell lit up and you dropped your pen. You picked it up and unlocked the flurry of misspelled texts.

    ‘Vry srry bout 2day. Like u so much lulz.’ The last of the bubbles made you cringe. 

    You liked Justin, you actually thought he was cool, someone you could talk to about your passion for history but after today, you weren’t so sure. You expected someone like Andy to be an ass but hearing Justin laugh at his piggish words was deflating.

    You began to type, then backspaced and sat, trying to think of what to send. Suddenly, another bubble popped up and a buffering circle spun until a video loaded. You hit play nervously and watched the video fill the screen.

    ‘Go on, tell her how you feel, big boy,’ Andy’s voice came from the other side of the phone as the lens was aimed at a drunken Justin, a red solo cup almost tipping in his hands.

    ‘I can’t,’ Justin giggled.

    ‘You know she wants it too, dude, just do it,’ Andy goaded.

    ‘Hey, I…’ Justin hiccuped and spilled his drink down his front, ‘I wanna touch you cute little ass and– and— I wanna fuck it!’

    ‘Yeah!’ Andy egged on.

    ‘I wanna fuck youuuuuuuu!’ 

    The video cut off as Justin’s voice droned on and you tossed your phone away. You couldn’t believe either of them. You couldn’t believe Andy would film him like that and actually send it. You were disgusted by it but couldn’t help but worry about Justin as he looked entirely out of it on the video. He had an excuse, he was plastered, but Andy sounded pretty fucking sober.

    You shut your laptop and pushed the books out of the way. You pulled on your shoes and snatched up your keys. You strode out and barreled down the stairs as the music grew louder out in the open air. You crossed the grass and passed by several fratboys feeling up squealing girls.

    You searched the crowded lawn and dodged a ping pong ball that missed a cup. You remembered in the video that Justin was by a table. You squeezed by a burly man in a letterman jacket and found the table with the keg beneath it. You saw Justin leaning on it heavily as he held his head.

    You could turn back and leave him, let him suffer for trying to impress his new pal. You couldn’t. He was just another joke to Andy, just like you. Even if you were annoyed with Justin, you didn’t feel right just leaving him like that.

    “Hey,” you approached and he looked up at you with cloudy eyes.

    “Aye, it’s you,” he stood and wavered dangerously, “I didn’t know you were coming.”

    “Justin, you’re drunk, you should go,” you said as you caught his arm before he could fall on his face, “hey, let’s find some water and sit down.”

    “Nooooo, I’m having fun,” he protested, “are you— are you going to kiss me?”

    “Justin, no,” you said as you held him away from you and he puckered his lips at you, “please, stop.”

    “You don’t like me? I thought you liked me,” he pouted.

    “I did,” you dragged him away from the table, “before you turned out to be just like the rest of these assholes.”

    “Wha– I’m not— oh no!” He wretched and you let him go instinctively. You spun and watched him puke onto the grass. 

    “Shit,” you swore and reached out to him again, keeping him from stepping in his own puke, “let’s go.”

    You wouldn’t be able to get him back to your place but everyone else was distracted in their own drinks and games. You led him towards the back door of the frat house and poked your head inside before you pulled him in behind you. You wandered down a hallway and found the bathroom, nudging him in as you left the door open and kept watch.

    He fell to his knees and hugged the toilet bowl as he began to heave again and you heard the water splash. You grimaced and leaned against the wall.

    “You’re such a good friend,” Andy’s voice drew your attention down the hall, “you came all the way here to make sure he didn’t drown in his own puke.”

    “And you fed him enough to do so,” you crossed your arms, “don’t worry, we’re going once he’s done–”

    You heard a clatter as Andy approached. You looked into the bathroom as Andy peered past you and gripped the doorframe as he tutted.

    “Looks like he’s done,” he chuckled, “you think you can carry him out yourself?”

    “Fucking–” you groaned, “I’ll figure it out. Just go away.”

    “Ah,” Andy stretched his arm across the door and kept you from entering, “sweetie, that’s not how these things work.”

    “What are you talking about–”

    “Now I know you’ve never been to one of these things before, I mean, you’re a buzzkill,” he moved into the doorway and loomed over you, “you don’t just pop in for a ‘hello’ and I don’t remember you paying cover.”

    “Cover?” you blinked, “Jesus Christ, I’m just trying to help the kid–”

    “You like him?” Andy asked, “is that why you came? Why you ran out? You wanna fuck that pipsqueak?”

    “You’re gross. He’s my friend. I’m helping him–”

    “Mmhmm, sure,” Andy clicked his tongue, “well, sweetie, since you won’t tell the truth, I’ll be honest. I wanna fuck you.”

    He pointed at you and smirked. You slapped his hand and shook your hand as you took a step back.

    “Andy, I’m done with your jokes. Haha, very funny. I’m a fucking loser. It’s hilarious. Are you happy? Alright. You won. I’m mad.”

    “I’m not joking,” he stepped closer, “I mean, it’s just as surprising to me because at first, I really didn’t like you. Stuck up little bitches like you, can’t stand ‘em but then… there’s something about you. Something I want to… break.”

    You turned and he blocked you with his arm. You tried to go the other way and he planted his other hand against the wall. You tried to duck under him and he hooked his arms around you and snickered as he jolted you off your feet. He wrestled you up onto his shoulder and knocked the wind out of you.

    You beat on his back as he carried you down the hall and you reached out, dragging your nails down the wall and knocking down several frames. You kicked with your legs and hollered, your voice swallowed by the sound system that fed the booming party.

    “Andy, put me down,” you snarled as you tugged at his tee shirt, “this isn’t funny anymore!”

    “Oh, sweetie, I’m not laughing, are you?” he taunted as he carried you into the front room and tossed you down onto a leather couch, “you know, I haven’t met a virgin since high school.”

    “What the f–” you tried to stand and he shoved you back down. You grabbed his arm and tried to push him away and his other hand flashed across your cheek, leaving a hot stinging along your skin. “Now,” he pointed a thick finger in your face, “don’t think I won’t do that again.

    “Andy,” you touched your cheek, “why—”

    “Take your fucking shirt off now,” he growled as he put his hands on the back of the couch and leaned over you, “or maybe we’ll go find an audience. You know, these type of things, there’s at least one good showing–”

    “Let me go,” you quivered as dread trickled down your spine, “you made your point.”

    “And what is my point?” he sneered.

    “I… I don’t know,” you admitted.

    “Come on,” he said brusquely and reached down, swiping the hem of your shirt up suddenly, “you really don’t do well at listening, do you?”

    “Please, please,” you begged as you clung to your shirt, “please, stop—”

    “You came through those doors, it’s fair game now,” he gripped your arm and ripped it out of the sleeve and the other. He twisted the cotton of your tee shirt around his hand until it choked you, “you lost, sweetie, so now I get my prize.”

    He kept his hand tangled in your shirt as his other fumbled with his fly. You tried to pull back and he yanked on your roughly so you coughed. He reached down his boxers and wiggled as he pulled his dick above the elastic, stroking himself as he smirked down at you.

    “Now, you play nice, sweetie,” he warned as he tapped his tip against your lips, “or I’m gonna be real mean.”

    “Fuck you,” you squeezed his wrist and tried to turn your head away. 

    He grabbed your chin and pushed you back against the leather. He climbed up onto the couch, his knees on either side of you, and leaned against your mouth.

    “I’m trying,” he snarled, “open up.”

    You clamped your lips and he tugged your hair instead, drawing the cotton tighter around your throat. You gasped and he slipped into your mouth impatiently. You winced as he jabbed the back of your throat and you puffed out through your nose. He pulled back and slid back in, poking at your gag reflex as he thrust deeper.

    He moved you with the restraint of your tee shirt and his other hand wandered down to grope at your bra. He groaned as you gagged and your body tensed. Your eyes watered as you clawed at his jeans weakly. He sped up as the couch shook and you tried to breath around his battering thrusts.

    He pulled out suddenly so you coughed but you barely had a chance to catch your breath he coiled the cotton even tighter. He reached down and grasped your loose sweatpants, forcing them to your ankles as you flailed and grasped at the elastic. You writhed as he jarred his hand down, forcing you onto your side across the leather cushions.

    He tore your panties past your thighs as you pressed your legs together. He shifted on his knees and bent over you. He grabbed your knee and forced it away from the other as you felt him prodding along your ass. He snaked his hand under your leg and felt along your cunt.

    He poked his tip between his knuckles as he spread your folds and you flung your elbow up. He caught your arm and let go of your shirt, his other hand stretching across your neck. He jerked into you in a single motion and you cried out at his intrusion. He jolted your entire body as he tried to thrust even deeper.

    Your latched onto his thick arm as your lips parted in terror and shock. He tilted his hips back and slammed back in. You closed your eyes and dug your nails into his flesh as he rutted into you harshly, the denim of his open jeans scratching against your ass.

    “Fuck,” he gritted as he pounded against your thighs, “you are a fucking tight ass, huh.”

    “Please, stop,” you gulped, “please.”

    “Sweetie, it’s too late,” he purred against your cheek and his hot breath rolled down along his tight fingers, “you feel me? You’ll always feel me… they say you never forget the first.”

    “Andy,” you quavered, “please.”

    “Say it again,” he snarled, “say my name.”

    You shook your head as his flesh slapped against yours, loud despite the wall of music around you and the din of voices outside.

    “Say it,” he raised his voice and rammed into you even hard, “say my name, bitch.”

    “Andy,” you squeaked as you covered your face with your arm, “Andy!”

    “Mmmm,” he sped up and sent a pang up your spine, “feel the way that pussy wants me.”

    You stayed hidden beneath your bent arm as you began to cry, the hot tears flowing past your nose and cheek and onto the leather in a steady patter. You didn’t know what was worse; the pain or the humiliation. You just wanted it to be over. 

    #andy barber #dark andy barber #dark!andy barber #andy barber x reader #frat au #frat!andy barber #fic#college au#au#defending jacob#one shot #possible sequel under consideration #dark fic #dark!fic
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    GQ Italia March 2010 - Jacob Coupe photographed by Matthew Brookes

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  • oldcountrybear1955
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    GQ Italia March 2010 - Jacob Coupe photographed by Matthew Brookes

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    The Boyz reaction

    doing a hickey prank

    pairing: yandere!the boyz x reader

    genre: yandere au, fluff(?), slighly angst

    request: “Hello are your request open because I want to request something can you do Yandere!tbz when y/n do a hickey prank on them”

    masterlist 🌸



    As soon as he saw the mark on your neck he got so mad he almost lost it
    But then he realised you don't go out or talk to anyone but him, so he thought you probably just hurt yourself somehow
    "What have you done on your neck?" he asked calmly pointing to it
    He got closer to you to look at it, realising that something looked weird so he rubbed it
    You giggled knowing you got caught, "oh it's fake?" he asked scoffing "good for you then"



    He kept staring at the mark on your neck speechless, afraid of what he is going to hear if he questioned it
    "What is this?" he asked hoping it's nothing because he doesn't likes punishing you, but he will depending on your response
    When you tell him it's fake he'll be so relieved
    He pulls you closer for a hug and you can feel he is smiling "ah thanks god..don't do this again please.."



    His jaw drops when he sees it and you can see he is almost crying
    "Did you cheated on me?" he asked not knowing what to do with you
    "You can't do this to me y/n" he hid his face with his hands making you feel bad so you tell him it was just a prank
    He sighed and hugged you in relief "geez you want to give me a heart attack?"



    You thought it would be fun to see his reaction, spoiler, it wasn't
    As soon as he saw the "hickey" on your neck he felt his blood boil, he called you with a angry tone and you realised it was a bad idea
    You were going to tell him it was fake but he grabbed your neck before you could speak "what the fuck is this?"
    He let you go once you managed to explain it to him, you hear him sighing looking at the floor "I won't be so nice if you pull something like this again"
    But deep down he is relieved it wasn't someone else



    He just looked at it quickly but then stopped to think it was a unusual place to have a bruise
    He pulled you and held you face up to take a better look at it and you saw his expression getting cold
    "Who did this?" he asked still holding you "I'm going after whoever it was"
    He let you go turning his back to you so you had to tell him it was just makeup
    He sighed in relief and hugged you "don't do that again got it?"



    His eyes widened when he saw it, he giggled after making you confused
    "I don't remember giving you these" he says pointing to the marks on you
    "Wait.." his smile fades as he thinks about it "You didn't do what I'm thinking.. right?" he asked feeling his tears building up
    You felt bad so you end up telling him it was a joke "oh my god.. you almost killed me now" he put his hand on his chest laughing in relief



    His expression gets cold and he is pratically stabbing you with his eyes
    When you ask him what's wrong he will just scoff and look at you in disbelief "how about you tell me what the fuck is that on your neck?" he yells 
    You get scared to keep going so you tell him it's just a joke
    "Well that was not funny" he keeps complaining all day, but he is happy it was nothing



    first of all, bad idea
    He slowly gets closer to you trying to figure what is the mark on your neck
    You could see fire in eyes because of how mad he was so you thought it was better if you just tell him it's fake
    You knew he was close to hitting you so you walked away as quick as possible to give you time to explain before he got even angrier "why are you running away? come back here now!"
    When you explained it he was still frowning but looked like he calmed down
    Still expects you to do something for him because of it



    As soon as he saw the marks on you neck he would be a mix of angry and upset
    "What is that y/n?" he yells a lot and he won't hide he is hurt, seeing him like that made you feel bad so you tell him the truth 
    "Ah..how could you do this to me?" he put his hand on his chest sighing and starts complaining about it
    He laughs once he calmed down and gets very clingy



    He scoffs and starts yelling as soon as he saw the hickeys
    "After everything I've done to you.. do you think I'm a joke?" he yells nonstop not giving you a chance to explain
    He grabbed your arm and was already dragging you to the basement but you told him it was fake before you got there
    He stopped to look at you still holding your arm "and what made you think this was a good idea?"
    He sighed trying to calming down and pulled you for a hug "don't do this again"



    He freezes in place staring at your neck
    He starts crying because of how upset he is, he never thought you would cheat on him
    This soon turns into rage and he is willing to eliminate anyone that gets on his way with you
    When you tell him it's fake he looks at you in disbelief but smiles in relief knowing that there was nothing to worry about
    "I knew you wouldn't do this to me" he said giving you a peck

    taglist~ @deputyjuyeon​ @super-btstrash-posts​ @heojangmi​ @ilijimo​ @en-sun

    #the boyz reactions #yandere the boyz #the boyz scenarios #the boyz au #the boyz imagines #lee sangyeon#jacob bae#kim younghoon#lee hyunjae#lee juyeon#kevin moon#ji changmin#ju haknyeon#kim sunwoo#choi chanhee#sohn eric
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    Prada Eyewear SS 2010 - Jacob Coupe photographed by Hedi Slimane

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    Jacob + 40 & 43

    The Boyz Jacob x Female reader

    40. “You always take me so well” & 43. “So fucking perfect”

    Word count - 350

    4k smut prompt celebration list // 4k smut prompt masterlist // Main masterlist // The Boyz masterlist

    "You always look so beautiful when you're in my clothes" He admired you sweetly, somehow managing to stay sane despite having his cock inside of you. Jacob was referring to the hoodie of his your wore, it was grey and very large on you. It practically buried you and he loved that. You looked cosy, it was sweet.

    But admittedly, Jacob had a wandering mind. Seeing you looking so small and buried in his hoodie, simply just seeing you in his hoodie drove him wild. He had a possessive side to him, not in a bad way, but seeing you dressed in his clothes brought it out of him. You were his, every inch of you belonged to him and that only heightened when you wore his clothes or were marked up by him.

    "You always take me so well" His hips moved against yours, you reached out trying to grab a hold of him as he fucked you. It was a spur of the moment thing, he sat you on the counter when you walked in wearing his hoodie, what started out as a kiss led to him fucking you in the kitchen.

    "All mine" He groaned, letting you kiss him as you wrapped your arms around him, hands meeting behind his neck, fingers pulling at the strands of his hair as he fucked you. His grip on your thighs was tight enough to leave marks behind, that's exactly how he liked it.

    You tried to not be too loud, but it seemed to be a struggle. What started out as whimpers turned to moans of his name, your cried out into his neck as he fucked you relentlessly, it seemed he got harsher with each thrust. One of his hands came up to your hair, grabbing ahold of it and pulling it back to make you look at him.

    "You're so fucking perfect" You whimpered instead of replying, you were far too gone to properly speak to him. He loved it,

    "Kitten is so sweet isn't she? What an angel"


    Tag list - @moonxroses @cobbae @woooooya @rensxn @starryjens @sangytv @eunoia-kth @yandere-stories

    #hard hours #the Boyz smut #jacob smut#tbz smut #the boyz jacob smut #tbz jacob smut
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    50 Wordless Ways to Say “I Love You”

    Prompt: Buying them something unrequested because it made you think of them. #: 8-50 Pairing: Josh Kiszka/Reader Warnings: none
    SECRET TAG LIST; @the-chaotic-cow @tlexx @celestialfauna @age-of-gvf @kaylal15 @theweightofstardust @kiszkawagnerwhore

    It's not very often you would get together with your girl friends and go shopping. Life just happened that way. The stars aligned for today though and a small group of you were able to meet up for brunch and hit the outlet mall up for some well needed retail therapy. As you guys walked around you were able to individually catch up with what was happening in your lives. Social media could only keep you updated so much. A small shop caught your eye and you asked the girls if they minded you stepping inside really quick to look around. They gave you the okay and you walked inside, instantly having a strong smell of incense meet your nose. The aura of the store seemed to instantly relax you. They had a bunch of stuff for meditation and books on spirituality. You knew you'd have to bring Josh here one day. Looking further though you came across some tapestry and browsed through it. You came across one that had a beautiful mountain range on it. The earthy tones and serene scene screamed Josh's name to you and you knew you had to get it for him. It would be perfect to hang behind the couch in his studio. Taking it up to the register, you paid for it and grabbed a business card to help remember the name of the shop and follow their social media. "Find anything?" one of your friends asked when you exited the shop. "sure did!" you happily replied holding up your bag. "I found Josh a tapestry to hang in his studio." pulling it out to show them. They all agreed that it was beautiful and he would love it. Making you even more excited to give it to him later.

    "Oh, Joshua!" you called walking through the front door. "I'm home my love!" dropping your bags in the entry way you heard him from down the hall "I'm in the studio!". Smiling and mumbling 'perfect' under your breath, you grabbed the bag with the tapestry in it and walked towards to soft hums of his voice. "I don't want to interrupt you but I got you something today." you said, biting your bottom lip and wiggling the bag teasingly. "Ohhhh let me see!" he said, making grabby hands for the bag. You would have thought it was Christmas with how excited he was. Giggling at him, you sat down next to him on the couch and handed him the bag. Snatching it from you, he dumped the bag onto his lap, an exaggerated 'oooooooh' echoing through the room as he unfolded the tapestry. "This is so cool! I love it!" he said, admiring it. "I thought it would look great hanging behind the couch. It goes with your theme in here." you explained, ecstatic that he loved your gift. Setting it down, he pulled you in to his side for a hug, leaving a big wet kiss on your cheek "I'm going to hand this up right away. Thank you baby." giving your waist a gentle squeeze as he hugged you.

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    "I don't remember..."

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    ||“In the Heat of the Moment”|| Characters Masterlist -The Starrick-Frye Children||

    Name: Emmett Oliver Frye

    Date and Place of Birth: Dover, 27th December 1872

    Faceclaim: Cillian Murphy

    Height: 1.72 m (5’7’’)


    Ensemble: Melancholic

    Main Colour: Dark Grey and Blue

    Theme Song: "The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper" by "The Poets of the Fall"

    Bio: Emmett Oliver Frye is the eldest child of Jacob Frye and Dorothea Starrick. Born in 1872, during a period of great turmoil for Assassins and Templars alike, Emmett was very much his mother’s son and it was evident to everyone who knew Dorothea from infancy. As a child, Emmett was of incredibly sweet and gentle disposition, generous with all the people in the household where he resided, and always looking at the world with the same dreamy eyes full of wonders all babies have. It was something that his mother had tried, with all of her might to preserve, despite the raging war that was going on at the time. He had always been a quiet child, and in fact, he was the quietest among all the Starrick-Frye children, spending his words with great economy and never over talking, if he could avoid to. Much like his youngest brother Gabriel, Emmett had always been interested in books -something that stems from the countless hours he had spent in his mother’s libraries in Dover, where he grew up-and had an artistic soul that he rarely disclose to anyone but his closest kins. These particularly sensitive traits come out when he is particularly pensive, and it's not unlikely to actually find him sketching wildlife or landscapes when he needs a moment of respite or when he needs time for himself. He is extremely calm and observant, preferring to study his surroundings and get to his own conclusions, rather than being forced to accept someone else’s opinion; he is highly intelligent and a man of extreme culture, having received his education from the best tutors his mother could provide him with. Reliable, level headed and self-assured, he was a natural leader, with a natural charisma that he had inherited from his father, and was never afraid to make his own decisions taking responsibility for each and everything he did, something that in the long run brought him to deem himself responsible for events that he couldn’t have prevented even if he wanted to. Because of his extremely quiet appearance, he had the tendency to appear cold and unfazed, buttoned up to the point that not even his siblings would know what he is up to, but in truth, he has a warm heart and a caring personality that he showed through his actions rather than his words. Being the eldest, and due to all that he had to go through in his early years, he is extremely protective of his parents and all of his younger siblings, and much like his mother before him, he would do anything in his power to keep them safe and sound. For what concerned his parents, Emmett got along more with his mother Dorothea, due to their personalities being extremely similar to one another, but he adored his father Jacob with all of his heart and held his sire in the greatest of regards. Growing up, due to their different approaches toward leadership and life in general, the two men would often butt heads together, but this would never diminish the love they had for one another.

    Name: Lily Marion Frye

    Date and Place of Birth: London, 21th March 1880

    Faceclaim: Ana Taylor-Joy

    Height: 1.75m (5'7'')


    Ensemble: Sanguigne

    Main Colour: Black and Dark Grey

    Theme Song: "The Phoenix" by Fall Out Boys

    Bio: Lily Marion Frye is the second child of Jacob Frye and Dorothea Starrick. The first to be born in a period of peace, this young woman was, from the very beginning, diametrically opposite to her oldest brother Emmett in personality, taking almost entirely after her father, except for her appearance, which instead favored more her mother. Brash, headstrong, short-tempered, and with a flair for the dramatic, Lily was charismatic and rambunctious, pragmatic and no-nonsense, sometimes to a fault. This fiery spirit of steel, so resilient, so uncompromising, was both her biggest strength and her weakness, for it had the tendency to alienate others from her, even some of her siblings; her strong unwillingness to conform to the norms of the time also rendered her a “black sheep” in the eye of society, and while her parents didn’t dispute her choices and her siblings went along with them, trying to show her their support, the sniggering comments and gossip of people made her grow even more determined to not bow to what society wanted her to be; if anything, they made her even more convinced that she needed to be who she was, because the need to be true to herself was far greater than what others thought of her. Despite her tough as nail personality and appearance, Lily was capable of showing also great love and warmth, though she preferred to show it through gestures rather than through words, for she knew that words were fiddle and treacherous. This particular side of her personality would be the cause of butting heads with Gabriel, for he believed that words were the greatest mean of conveying one’s deepest emotions. Her lack of interest in anything academic (particularly the arts) would also be a cause of diatribe with her mother, who wanted her to have the same education Emmett had before her; but Lily's lack of interest in anything that concerned the literature or the arts made it clear from the beginning that the approach Jacob and Dorothea had with Emmett was not going to work, and the two parents decided to act consequently, following her interests and allowing her skills to fully blossom. These interests, they would soon find out, would be related to motors and engines. Intrigued by her father’s chattering about that time he stole the I.C.E. and how he had held "the future in his hands", she found herself restless and wanting to find about more about it all. After having been taken, along with Emmett, on the train hideout by her father, she would not stop asking questions to the machinist, for she wanted to know everything about how a machine like that could work. This intrigue would bring her to become an Engineer in her own right, but because she was a woman, anything she might have projected or designed would go under her a male pseudonym, Vincent Langton Frye, something that suited her. Uriel would often joke with her that their parents had five sons and only one daughter, something that Lily always found amusing and, deep within her heart, true, even though she would not dare to utter her thoughts out loud. She knew from a very early age that she wouldn’t marry and wouldn’t have any child, determined as she was to follow her own path, one that she would carve with her own hands. Differently from her oldest brother Emmett, who was closer to his mother, Lily was much closer to her father, who she felt truly understood her and her restlessness, and among her siblings, she was the closest to the twins in general, and to Uriel in particular; in fact, the two children, despite their age difference, would grow up to be partners in crime once they joined Emmett and their father in the gang business. While not as rational and or well-read as her eldest brother, Lily was extremely intelligent and intuitive, the reason why Emmett trusted her more than anyone when it came to the Rooks, and she is, de-facto, Co-Leader and the one more that will take over if anything would happen to Emmett. Thanks to her practical, mathematical brain, she was extremely good with sums, and among her tasks was that of being the treasurer

    of the Gang. She was also the one responsible for all the equipment the Gang would use, and the one to provide them with the best she could find on the legitimate market and not so legitimate. Along with Uriel as her Enforcer, She was also the one responsible to oversee the street soldiers and make sure that no one was ever to desert or rebel as it had happened under Jack.

    Name: Evangeline "Eva" Johanna Frye

    Date and Place of Birth: London, 17th September 1882

    Faceclaim: Mia Wasikowska

    Height: 1.60m (5'2'')


    Ensemble: Sanguigne

    Main Colour: Pale Yellow and White

    Theme Song: Fairytale by Secret Garden

    Bio: Evangeline Johanna Frye is the third child of Jacob Frye and Dorothea Starrick, and the second and the last daughter. Born in a period of peace, she was a cheerful if shy baby, the apple in her father’s eyes, sweet as a child could be. Having inherited her mother’s quiet disposition, she could always be found playing with her mother’s old dolls, caring for them as if they were her own children, and often asking Emmett and Lily to play tea with her, for “she needed to practice for when she would meet the Queen”. Eva was always very fond of princesses and soldiers and dreamed to have a family as big as hers and having the same loving relationship Jacob and Dorothea had, for she regarded them as to how man and wife should be. This sweetness of temper was unique among her siblings, but beneath the gentleness of her personality, there was stubbornness and a resilience that could rival that of her father Jacob sometimes. Her parents could never deny her anything, and because her siblings knew that if she were to ask for something from them, they were more likely to give them all that they wanted, she was her siblings’ unofficial ambassador. However, due to their different personalities, she would often butt heads with Lily, especially in regards to how a lady should behave, because if Lily was her father's daughter, Eva was truly her mother's, proper and polite and willing to please those that represented her whole world. Much like her mother and her baby brother Gabriel, Eva too was very fashion-conscious, and would often ask Dorothea to play dress-up with her old gowns, something her mother found absolutely delightful, and that she would gladly indulge her with. When Eva wore Dorothea's 1850s children gown, Jacob would often joke that thanks to her, he had a good idea of how his wife looked when she was a baby, for Eva, with her blond hair and bright eyes, was indeed the copy of her mother. Due to this love she had for clothes and garments, Eva would grow to become a renowned seamstress, specializing in fashion for children. Her serene disposition and kind personality accompanied her for part of her childhood, until 1888, in the Autumn of Terror. The events of that period left her so scarred, both physically and emotionally, that they rendered her selectively mute for months afterward, it took a remarkably long time for Dorothea to succeed in making her daughter talk again, and even after she succeeded, Eva would still not be as bubbly or as cheerful as she had been prior of Jack’s actions. She would grow up to be a reserved woman, protective of her baby brothers Robin, Gabriel, and Uriel, especially Sweet Robin, the one she was the closest to and the other victim of Jack’s action and revenge.

    Name: Robert "Robin" Andrew Frye

    Date and Place of Birth: London, 24th July 1886

    Faceclaim: Harrison Osterfield

    Height: 1.65m (5'4'')


    Ensemble: Phlegmatic

    Main Colour: Pale Blue and Golden

    Theme Song: "Cradled in Love" by The Poets of The Fall

    Bio: Robin was the fourth child born to Jacob Frye and Dorothea Starrick. A sweet child, with an endearing personality and an immense imagination, he was born after Dorothea underwent a very difficult pregnancy, one that almost cost both his life and Dorothea's. His mother showed signs of suffering from what we know today to be preeclampsia and was the reason Robin was born earlier than he should have, resulting in him being a preemie, much like his mother before him. Thanks to the cares of the doctors and midwives and the use of the “Auvard incubator”, a modification of the couveuse, a prototype of the incubator invented by Obstetrician Tarnier in 1881, Robin managed to survive into childhood, but the early birth, along with his mother’s preeclampsia, resulted in him being born deaf. Neither Jacob nor Dottie realized it right away, but around his 4th-5th months of age, when children usually start babbling, they noticed that Robin, while being a smiley baby, wouldn't react to his parents’ cooing or any external sound. This put both Dorothea and Jacob in alarm and brought them to have the baby promptly checked: that's when they found out that Sweet Robin was deaf and would never gain his hearing. While already protective of the baby because of the means of his birth, this revelation brought Dorothea and Jacob to be even more protective of him, something that resonated with the other Starrick-Frye children as well. Needless to say, Dottie and Jacob immediately started to learn as much as they could in regards to the subject, and they did all in their power and their knowledge to learn how to communicate with Robin and eventually teach what they learned to all their other children as well, in order to give Robin the possibility to be understood by his siblings as well. Despite his infirmity and despite the events of the Autumn of Terror, Robin would grow up to be a happy young man, surrounded by the love his whole family had for him and, once an adult, surrounded by the love of Winifred Carlton, his wife, and his children. An artist in his own right, as a child Robin loved to watch his eldest brother Emmett as he sketched away the beautiful landscapes around Dover, and encouraged by his brother, Robin would pick up drawing and painting as well. He then started to spend his time producing the most beautiful watercolors, often portraying his siblings, but more often than not trying to express what he couldn't through words; he would eventually grow up to be a renowned painter and portraitist, traveling the world, a choice of a carrier that was supported by both his parents, but particularly his father Jacob, for Robin’s lovely watercolors was one of his greatest joys during his convalescence after the Autumn of Terror. One of Jacob’s most treasured possession, in fact, is a portrait of himself as a pirate that Robin did for him because of the eyepatch he always wore. Jacob always brought it with himself.

    Name: James Uriel Frye

    Date and Place of Birth: Dover, 29th March 1889

    Faceclaim: Ezra Miller

    Height: 1.80m (5'9'')


    Ensemble: Choleric

    Main Colour: Black and Dark Green

    Theme Song: "Escape" and "This Is War" by 30StM

    Bio: Uriel was the fifth child of Jacob Frye and Dorothea Starrick. Much like his twin, he was a surprise baby, because, after Robin’s birth, both Jacob and Dorothea were keen not to have any other child. But to their surprise, fate bestowed upon them not one but two children, two identical twins, and Uriel was the eldest among the two. His birth name was James, in honor of one of Jacob’s friends, but because Uriel didn’t like that name (nor he liked Jacob’s friend), he decided early on that he would go by his middle name instead. During his younger years, Uriel was a little pest, resembling his father way more than he did his mother: his soul burned with the continued desire for adventure, the feeling of adrenaline whenever he tried to copy his eldest siblings Emmett and Lily, as they parkoured around the neighborhood while busy with their job for the gang, and he ended up, more often not, in trouble, bringing Gabriel along with him. The constant want to be as agile and stealthy as this eldest siblings fueled his restless spirit and his passionate, carefree personality. Physically the strongest of all his siblings, Uriel was also extremely headstrong, loud, foul-mouthed, and with a hair-trigger temper, but also capable of extreme kindness and compassion, and once he gave his loyalty, he would go above and beyond to defend the people he loved, sometimes resuming to less-than-orthodox methods to do so. Extremely protective of Robin since he was a child, he often ended up in brawls during his teenhood with whoever bullied his brother, literally charging like a bull in the arena against the bullies, without any fear for the repercussion, and it wasn’t a surprise for Jacob and Dorothea whenever Detective Abberline would call them to come and pick up their son, nor it would be a surprise for them to find him with black eyes and bruises all over his face. Agreeing together that something needed to be done, Jacob and Dorothea decided that Uriel needed to find a way to channel all that aggressivity. Thus, they decided that Jacob and Emmett were to teach him how to properly fight in regular matches. Thanks to his father and brother’s teaching, Uriel grew to become a professional fighter, and after joining the Rooks at his own insistence, he would be considered one of the most dangerous enforcers of the gang, the one you didn’t want to have on your tail. An incredible marksman under his brother’s tutelage and thanks to his keen eyes, Uriel was one hell of a sniper.

    Name: Gabriel WIlliam Frye

    Date and Place of Birth: Dover, 29th March 1889

    Faceclaim: Ezra Miller

    Height: 1.78m (5'8'')


    Ensemble: Melancholic

    Main Colour: Black, White and Silver

    Theme Song: "Nocturnal Waltz" by Johannes Bornlöf

    Bio: Sixth and youngest child of Jacob Frye and Dorothea Starrick, and younger than his twin Uriel by fifteen minutes, Gabriel was born after the events of the Terror in 1888. His and Uriel’s birth was relatively easy, especially compared to Robin, and were met with a great celebration, for it was the first joyous moment Jacob and Dorothea experienced after everything that had happened with Jack. Spoiled rotten by all his siblings and by his parents, Gabriel never spent a moment alone, surrounded as he always was by his family, and this was, hilariously, something that he both loved and disliked at the same time because, due to his introverted personality, he often found the need to be by himself, in order to collect all his thoughts. Emotive and deeply introspective, with a sensitive and artistic soul that was often driven toward realms he couldn’t fully comprehend but that he yearned to understand, Gabriel was considered The Heart of the Starrick-Frye children. Due to his silent, observant nature, and his tendency of being peevish over small details, he would often be the target of good-natured jokes from Lily and Uriel, who would go to great lengths to just make him blush or embarrass him, often succeeding in their attempts. Nevertheless, Gabriel’s nature was as mischievous as that of his eldest siblings, and he wasn’t above planning small revenge on them, usually in the nature of pranks created ad hoc for them. Ever creative and appreciative of the smallest things, Gabriel was the happiest when he received new inks and notebooks where he could write whatever his heart desired, giving freedom to his emotions and feelings. He would find an outlet for his feelings in writing poems and gothic novels, where the dark atmosphere of the settings and the topics he explored would help him analyze much of his own self and that of the people surrounding him. It wasn’t unusual for him to coop himself up in his mother’s library for hours and spend the mornings and the afternoons with his nose in books that sometimes were bigger than he was. Introduced at a young age to music thanks to his mother and his sister-in-law Margareth, Gabriel pursued with great interest and diligence the art of playing the violin and the piano, reaching proficiency when he was 15 years old. One of the things he loved the most was to accompany his mother in duets while his father sang with them, mirroring what Dorothea used to do as a child with her own father and mother. One of his most treasured possession is a violin that his father built with his own hands with the help of a renowned luthier. A self-proclaimed hermit that despised venturing outside the house, he was a solitary child, often preferring his books and writings over chit-chatting with others; however, he was witty and clever, with a sharp tongue and quick response, and would always be up for a good debate, if the topic tickled his interest.

    phew, that was a long one!! So, I am finally able to fully present to you my darling fictional children, the light in my writer's life: The Starrick Frye Bunch!!! When I came up with Dorothea in March 2020, I always envisioned that she and Jacob would have a big loving family together, and I had envisioned four children; then, I found myself wanting more (because I also come from a family of 6 children), and so Uriel and Gabriel were born. I cannot even begin to say the amount of hours, correction, writing, rewriting, retooling and whatnot that went into creating them all, how to shape them in a way that would make them all different from one another and yet, to make it clear that they all belong to the same family.

    In my story, they will appear mostly in Ch. 1, Ch. 2. and Chapter 3 (that I have yet to post), before we switch to 1868! But, because I love them all so much (seriously, they are my brain babies, and I love them with all my little heart because of all the energies and time and love and care that I poured into each and every one of them) I will probably expand more on their adventures in the decades 1910s, 1920s. I have plenty of ideas for them all, and I want to explore them!! :D

    --Nemo (in virtue of what has happened to me recently, I gently invite NOT to take any inspiration of any kind from my Original Characters. The Characters that belong to Ubisoft are fair game for everyone, but my Original Characters, even if belonging to a fanfic, are still Original, created by yours truly, and are therefore mine. I am so sorry for having to state the obvious, but I found myself in a situation where I need to make it clear. I appeal myself to your sense of honesty and integrity).

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    01.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Karl posted on his Instagram story!

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  • cinevicio
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    'Homem-Aranha': Por que Ned descobriu a identidade de Peter?

    E como a DC foi usada como comparação em relação a isso? #SPIDERMAN

    Jonathan Goldstein, um dos roteiristas de Homem-Aranha: De Volta Ao Lar, revelou a razão por trás do melhor amigo de Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), descobrir a identidade secreta do herói. Goldstein compartilhou muitos segredos dos bastidores da produção conjunta do Marvel Studios e da Sony Pictures e, quando um fã comentou sobre como era estranho ver o Peter Parker de Tom…

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  • mel-loly
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    First day of the month of Christmas! :D

    Thanks for the art idea @jayjune27 <3

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    01.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Mangoball highlights because this is the funniest thing I’ve ever read

    #mangoball au#mangoball fic#mangoball spoilers#mcyt#dream smp#dsmp#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#quackity#karl jacobs #George is the stupidest man ever in this #big fan #also bad quackity and corpse are my favorite characters ever
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