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    dani and jamie
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    Owen: So, is this thing between Dani and Jamie supposed to be a secret?

    Hannah: Hardly.

    Hannah: The only people who don't know that Dani and Jamie love each other are Dani and Jamie.

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    thinking abt how raw and heartfelt and passionate the moonflower makeout was and how vulnerable jamie had made herself knowing that dani could go but knowing that she wouldn’t, and how frightened dani has been of her own feelings for years and years and years and how she can finally just feel them without repercussion and how that’s the one night in her goddamn life that dani clayton wasn’t haunted by something and she spent that whole time with jamie by her side slowly teaching her what it’s like to feel wanted for the right reasons and i just—

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    Dani: Do I have to go to medical school if I just want to be the person who yells "WE’RE LOSING HIM!"?

    Jamie: Poppins.

    Dani: Yeah?

    Jamie: Go to fucking sleep.

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    no great revelation (7/8)

    Fandom(s): The Haunting of Bly Manor / Star Wars

    Pairing: Dani Clayton/Jamie Taylor

    Rating: M

    Wordcount: 6,244

    Summary: Jamie  just wants to enjoy a drink after a hard day’s work on the Telosian  Restoration Project. The last thing she needs is to get herself  caught  up in a mysterious woman with a lightsabre at the local bar.

    Aurthor’s notes: Please note the rating change

    read it below or read it here on AO3


    Jamie swiped up on the tablet to throw the video to the feed at the centre of the table.

    "Rebecca, this is everyone," Jamie said. "Everyone, this is Rebecca."

    "I thought that maybe you'd been making up your Jedi friends this whole time. Nice to see I was wrong about that." Rebecca gave a little wave. "Hi, Dani. How's the ghost?"

    Dani sank down a little in her seat, and her answering smile was more of a grimace. "Hi. Sorry," she mumbled.

    "Yeah, about that," said Jamie. “Back on Quint’s ship, you said you knew what was happening at House Thul.”

    “Oh? Finally ready to listen to me, are you?”

    “Don’t push me,” Jamie growled, jabbing the tip of her finger at Rebecca’s face on the screen. “Remember. Galaxy’s Biggest Favour.”

    Rebecca rolled her eyes. She had taken the call with her back to a wall, so it was impossible to glean her surroundings. "The Empire wants a foothold on Alderaan. It's a strategic location in the Core Worlds. They have been working over Lord Wingrave after the death of his brother and sister-in-law, helping him fabricate claims to the House, claims to his niece and nephew, claims to a position in the Republic Senate. You know the drill. Traditional blackmail."

    "What else?" Jamie pressed.

    For a moment Rebecca glanced over the top of the camera as if looking at something else out of frame, but then her attention returned back to the screen. "The children are Force Sensitives. The Sith have been helping Lord Wingrave keep that under wraps, so that The Order wouldn't take them away to the Temple for training. My sources tell me that the plan was for a Sith Lord to create sleeper agents out of the children through the use of some ancient Sith device containing a ghost."

    "Which Sith?" Hannah asked.

    "I'm not in the business of keeping tabs on Sith Lords. By the way," Rebecca pointed through the screen at Hannah. "How have you found shaving your head? Because I've been thinking of cutting my hair back, but I’m not sure about going all the way."

    Running a hand along her shaved scalp, Hannah said, "There's nothing quite so freeing."

    "Good to know. Thanks.” 

    "Oi," Jamie snapped her fingers. "Focus. The Sith Lord."

    "What else is there to say?" Rebecca replied dryly. "They're a Sith Lord. They're scary. They're dangerous. They're not to be fucked with. Your Jedi friends probably know the drill better than me."

    "I hope not," Owen said under his breath as he took a sip of tea.

    Hannah sat up a little straighter, hands clasped neatly on the table before her. "Do we know where they are? Where they're going, perhaps? Any information you give us may be vital."

    Leaning her back against the wall behind her, Rebecca pursed her lips in thought before answering with a shake of her head. "I know they want the children, and I know they want the holocron. So - Alderaan."

    "But the holocron isn't on Alderaan," Dani pointed out.

    "They don't know that," said Rebecca. "Peter lied to buy himself time, and told them it was still in the estate of House Thul."

    "But -" Dani frowned. "House Thul has its own militia of guardsmen. I know Sith are powerful but the Empire would need to send troops if they wanted to break in and hold ground."

    "Then I guess the Sith Lord will be invading with troops as well."

    Sighing deeply, Jamie lowered her face to her hands, letting her fingers scrub through her hair. Then she looked up again, hands hooked behind her neck. "Right. Guess we're off to Alderaan, then."

    Rebecca laughed. When nobody else joined in, she stopped. "Wait. You're serious? Did you not just hear me say 'Most likely a Sith Lord is going to invade House Thul?' As in — with a shock legion. As in over a thousand soldiers led by a malevolent Force User, who can and would probably kill a room with a snap of their fingers?” 

    Lowering her hands, Jamie said, "Yeah, you - uh - you mentioned that. Good thing you'll be right there with us."

    "You have got to be joking."

    Jamie said nothing. Just gave Rebecca a long look.

    "Jamie," said Rebecca, her expression horrified, "You can't be serious. When I said 'favour' I didn't mean 'suicide.'"

    "We can’t let them have those kids. Trying to mobilise Republic troops or The Order without enough evidence is a fuckin’ waste of time. We need to get into the estate of House Thul," Jamie gestured around to everyone at the table. "You're a smuggler. So, smuggle us in."

    Rebecca pinched the bridge of her nose. "Alderaan is Republic territory. Why do you need me to smuggle you onto the planet, when you can just fly and land there yourself?"

    "Because of her." Jamie gestured towards Dani, who looked both startled at being mentioned and guilty. "I don't want Pasha and his Troopers linking Dani to this in any way. They can't know she returned to House Thul. She has to come out of this squeaky clean."

    Groaning, Rebecca said, "Fine. When do you want to go?"

    "As soon as possible," said Owen.

    "I'm -" Rebecca looked over the top of the camera again, craning her neck slightly. "Thirty two hours from Alderaan through hyperspace. Meet me in orbit around the planet. How's the ship I gave you?"

    "Rude," Jamie said blandly. "It keeps insulting me."

    A smile tugged at the corner of Rebecca's mouth and she began tapping at the buttons below her screen. "That sounds like Jane."

    Jamie's face screwed up. "Jane? It has a name?"

    "It's a JN class droid uploaded into the ship’s mainframe. It likes being called Jane. Didn't you ask it?"


    "Well, no wonder it's rude to you. By the way, I’ve just dropped you those pictures of my godson that you asked for last time. They should be appearing on your device now.” Rebecca waved with a little flutter of her fingers. “See you in thirty two hours.”

    The video feed winked out. 

    "I rather like that young woman," Hannah said.

    “Get in line,” Jamie grumbled. 

    The video had been replaced by a file icon. Jamie clicked it and brought up the first photo of Rebecca carrying a blue-skinned Twi’lek child on her back, both wearing big beaming smiles. 

    “Oh, they’re adorable,” Owen sighed. 

    Fuming, Jamie flicked to the next photo, which was equally adorable. “Fuck. Okay. Yeah. They are.”

    After cleaning up in the dining room and kitchen, Hannah gently nudged Jamie's arm and indicated she should follow her. Jamie glanced over at Dani, but she was engaged in a lively conversation with Owen while they dried dishes together. Dani's smile had lost its tentative edge the longer Owen spoke to her, but there was still a tenseness to the way she held her shoulders, the same tenseness that had been present back in Ho'kyn's bar on Telos IV, as though she were afraid someone would batter down the door at any moment.

    Jamie followed Hannah, who led her up a set of stairs to a mezzanine floor where the walls were floor to ceiling scrolls and books and objects of cultural curiosity.

    "Find anything new?" Jamie asked. She leaned back against the railing of the mezzanine which overlooked the lounge below.

    Hannah plucked a tome from its shelf, dusted it off, and opened it to a page that had already been marked with a length of ribbon. "Yes and no. Nothing helpful, anyway."

    She came to stand beside Jamie so that she might also look at the book. Jamie peered at it from the corner of her eye, not recognising the script around the drawing of a grey-skinned woman in dark red robes with a deep cowl.

    "That a Sith?" Jamie asked.

    Hannah hummed a curious note. "A Witch of Dathomir. Dark-aligned, for the most part, but not Imperial. They're the only practitioners of possession I've been able to find record of at all. I believe The Lady might have been an early precursor. Or perhaps they developed similar techniques independently."

    Jamie stood straighter, hands tightening around the railing. "Wait, so - you can reverse it?"

    Hannah snapped the book shut. "No. Though a visit to Dathomir might be in order, should we survive. However, if you chose to go, I won't be accompanying you. They dislike Jedi as much as they dislike Sith."

    "Good thing I'm not a Jedi."

    "I doubt they'll see the difference," Hannah said, and she tucked the book beneath one arm. "Failing that, the only other people who might know anything about this ghost are the Sith themselves."

    Jamie scoffed, smiling. "Right. I'll just sail into their capital on Dromund Kaas and ask for help, then. Great advice."

    A flick of the Force against Jamie's ear made her wince.

    "Don't be cheeky," said Hannah.

    Rubbing at her ear, Jamie opened her mouth to retort but stopped. Beneath them Dani and Owen walked into the lounge, still talking. Dani moved her hands when she spoke, and Owen watched her with a fond if guarded smile.

    "I am afraid for her," Hannah murmured so that they would not be overheard.

    Jamie nodded. "Yeah."

    "For someone like our lovely Miss Clayton, the Dark Side is not a lure so much as it is a glue trap," Hannah mused aloud. "It has a gravity of its own, the darkness. And once there, it becomes more and more difficult to claw your way free. Even if you want to. Even if you know you should, but can’t bring yourself to try. Fear is her failing. And fear is the relinquishment of logic."

    Jamie glanced at Hannah. "Can you teach her when this is all over? You're the best of the best in The Order when it comes to balance in the Force."

    Without looking at Jamie, Hannah lightly smacked her arm, just a dismissive tap with the back of one hand. "Don't try your flattery on me. I've known you too long for that nonsense."

    "That nonsense," said Jamie, "has gotten me out of more sticky situations than you know."

    "But it won't get Miss Clayton out of this one."

    Muttering a curse under her breath, Jamie sank down a bit, gripping the railing as she did so until she stood bent over and leaning against it. "Don't you start, too. I had Owen in my ear last night about it."

    "Good man," Hannah murmured appreciatively.

    "Bloody hypocrites. The both of you."

    "You can't solve everything with your curmudgeonly charm," said Hannah.

    "I fuckin' can."

    "Sometimes," Hannah turned, leaning her back against the railing, arms crossed over the book gripped loosely to her chest, "a helping hand can only do so much. A person needs to want to help themself."

    Jamie scowled. "So, what? If we can't help her we just ship her off to the Empire? 'Here, have a new Sith apprentice?' You haven't even given her a chance, and you two are already lecturing me on how I need to let go." She shook her head with a bitter chuckle. "Unbelievable."

    And of course Hannah remained infuriatingly unflappable, her voice calm when she replied, "I will do everything I can, as I know Owen will, too. But — even should we survive this ordeal — our time with her will be limited. She will not be safe on Tython, where some overzealous Knight will surely sense her presence and jump to conclusions."

    Jamie's mouth went dry. She swallowed. "Then where am I supposed to take her for training?"

    Hannah smiled and placed a warm hand on Jamie's forearm. "Wherever you want, dear. So long as you're there."

    Face screwing up in confusion, Jamie straightened. "But you just - You were just telling me how I needed to keep my distance and all that shite."

    "Was I?" Hannah murmured, and she let go of Jamie's arm to instead toy at a gold earring. "I don't recall saying that at all."

    And with that she crossed back over to place the book on its shelf.

    "What do you mean? Hannah?" said Jamie, turning around.

    Humming to herself as if she hadn't heard, Hannah drifted off down the stairs.

    "Hannah," Jamie repeated, louder this time.

    "We really must pack, Owen," said Hannah, ignoring Jamie completely.

    Hitting her fist against the railing, Jamie turned back around to glower down at Hannah, who appeared on the floor below. Hannah urged Owen down a hallway with instructions to pack for the trip, leaving Dani standing in the middle of the lounge, alone. Dani looked up, and Jamie's fist loosened.

    The last time Jamie had seen her from this angle, Dani had been in the full thrall of The Lady back on the luxury cruiser, her red-gold gaze piercing through a camera in the ceiling. Now, Dani blinked up at her with none of that cold malice to be found. She opened her mouth to say something, but then Hannah's voice called down the hallway.

    "Miss Clayton, what's the weather like at House Thul?"

    Dani turned and began walking towards the sound, already answering Hannah's question, and leaving Jamie staring after her from the mezzanine floor, lost.

    The gangway automatically lowered to the ground when Jamie got within a certain distance from the luxury cruiser still docked where they had left it.

    "Good afternoon, Bollocks," said the cultured male baritone of the ship's computer. "You've brought guests."

    Beside her, Owen mouthed the word 'bollocks?' at Hannah, who looked like she was trying very hard not to laugh.

    Jamie rolled her eyes and shooed the two of them up the gangway, trailed by Dani. "I have, yeah. Anything interesting happen while we were away, Jane?"

    There followed a pause that was slightly too long for a droid of this calibre, and then the ship's computer replied, "Nothing of note. I did not tell you to call me that."

    "Oh? Don't like it? Should I call you bawbag instead?"

    Another pause, this one affronted. "Jane," said the ship's computer, "is perfectly serviceable."

    "Glad to hear it, mate," Jamie drawled and stepped into the ship proper.

    As Dani stepped up behind her, the ship's computer said, "And a good day to you, too, Miss Clayton. You're looking very alive today."

    "Uh -" said Dani, and she ducked her head sheepishly. "Thanks."

    The gangway lifted and sealed behind them once everyone had entered the main atrium, where the ship’s computer had already sent out a small service droid on trundlers bearing glasses of some kind of pale carbonated alcohol. 

    “Don’t mind if I do,” Owen murmured, picking up a glass and taking a sip. He made an appreciative noise. 

    “Where would we like to go?” the ship’s computer asked.

    Jamie waved the service droid away when it tried to press an insistent drink into her hand. “No, thanks. Jane, calculate a route to Alderaan. We need to meet someone in orbit around the planet in thirty two hours.”

    “Route calculated,” the ship’s computer replied almost immediately. “The journey is only expected to take twenty one hours through hyperspace. I will chart a circuitous route so that we arrive on time. If it would please you, you may make your way to the dining lounge. I have prepared a light lunch before we depart.” 

    Frowning, Jamie looked up at the ceiling. “How the hell did you even know we were coming?”

    “I have access to the station’s security cameras and systems.”

    That gave everyone pause. Owen froze in the act of draining his glass, while Hannah and Dani shared looks. 

    “You hacked the station’s security system?” Jamie said.

    “Negative, Bollocks,” said the ship’s computer. “I asked the mainframe for access very nicely.” 

    “Are you lying?” Jamie turned to Hannah and Dani. “Can droids lie?”

    The ship’s computer did not answer. Which wasn’t concerning. Not at all. Owen suddenly looked a bit queasy, and he gingerly lowered his near empty glass back onto the tray held out by the service droid. 

    “You need not fear for the condition of food and drink aboard this vessel,” said the ship’s computer. “I am programmed to care for and protect any legitimate member of this crew as designated by the Captain and owner.” 

    Jamie pointed jokingly at Owen and said, “Better watch yourself, then.”

    Placing a hand over his chest, Owen pretended to look insulted, then followed Jamie further into the ship towards the dining lounge. 

    “May I ask,” started the ship’s computer, “what are we going to be doing on Alderaan?’

    Jamie dragged her hand along one of the polished white walls as she walked. “Getting in over our heads.”

    “Please clarify.”

    “We’re going to have a fight. Why?” Jamie asked dryly. “Do you also happen to have ion cannons strapped to your shiny exterior?”

    “Negative. But I do come equipped with some accessories the crew might find useful in the event of a boarding attempt.”

    One of the panels beneath Jamie’s hand pressed inwards, and a whole section of the wall peeled back to reveal racks upon racks of blaster pistols, blaster rifles, grenades, vibroweapons with wickedly curved blades some small enough to strap to the leg, others long enough to be wielded with two hands. Everything that would make a Republic Trooper get all hot and bothered.   

    All four of them stopped in their tracks and stared. 

    “Definitely an ex-Czerka ship,” Hannah muttered under her breath.

    Hand on the hilt of the lightsabre at her hip, Dani said, “I think I’ll stick with this. I’d be more likely to shoot my own foot.”

    “Likewise,” said Owen. 

    Meanwhile Jamie reached out and hefted a blaster pistol. She turned it over in her hands for closer inspection, careful not to graze anyone with the barrel, but all defining marks or serial numbers had been either scrubbed off or hadn’t made it far enough in manufacturing to be stamped in the first place. With a shrug, she took one of the holsters and belted it around her waist. 

    Owen gave her a look. “Really?” 

    “What?” Jamie holstered the blaster pistol and waved at the other three. “You all have lightsabres, and we’re going up against who only knows what. Am I supposed to just hide behind a pillar while you lot do all the fun stuff?” 

    Before they could answer, the ship’s computer chimed and said from its hidden speakers in the ceiling. “Not to interrupt,” said Jane, “but the tea is getting cold.”

    Immediately Owen’s eyes brightened. “Oh, tea?” 

    It was in fact high tea. Three tiered platters. Fine bone china. Petit fours. The whole lot. They amused themselves in the various lounges and quarters of the ship for hours before departure, at which point the ship’s computer insisted upon harnesses being secured. The jump to hyperspace left Jamie feeling on edge, as though she had left her stomach behind on Tython. And she couldn’t have been the only one. Their talk had been too forced, their laughter too loud, Owen and Jamie swapping stories to the delight of Dani and Hannah, who would chime in every now and then. And when Jane rolled out a more formal dinner, it felt like some kind of last meal before execution at dawn by firing squad. 

    Jamie couldn’t find it in herself to enjoy the meal. Every bite tasted like ash. The ship’s computer on the other hand seemed thrilled that its crew was finally taking part in its carefully scheduled meals and activities. More than once Jamie thought she heard a low-pitched contented hum from the belly of the ship. Or perhaps that was simply the engine room. 

    Eventually, Jamie made her excuses and left the others to their own devices. Jamie walked into the same bedroom she had taken during the initial trip on this vessel. First one on the left from the main lounge. There were at least four other rooms of generally equal size and accommodation on the ship; Jamie had simply picked this one because it was closest to the helm, easy to access and nothing more. 

    Jamie sighed and stopped in the middle of the room. She unslung the holster and pistol, dropping it to the ground, then began to unbutton the crisp white shirt she had stolen from the medbay. Back on Tython, Hannah had offered her a spare set of robes, which she’d declined. Jamie hadn’t worn robes since she was a padawan, and after years of boilersuits and undershirts, she wasn’t about to start again any time soon, thanks. Even if it meant dumb slacks and collared shirts made of some anti-wrinkle fabric that cost more than her apartment back on Telos IV. 

    She just needed to make it one more day. Just one more day. The last few weeks had shaved off a good few years from her life. Probably. And by this time tomorrow this whole ordeal would be over, alive or dead. Probably. 

    There was a knock at the door. With a frown, Jamie turned, hands paused in the act of unbuttoning the shirt halfway down her stomach. “Yeah?” 

    The door hissed open and shut again behind Dani as she stepped into the room. “Hi.”

    Jamie blinked. “Hey.” 

    For a long moment Dani did and said nothing. Her mismatched gaze flicked down to the narrow v of skin and the dogtags revealed by the open shirt, only to dart quickly away again, studying the bedside table with a fixed intensity it did not deserve. 

    “Sorry,” said Dani. “I just - It's been a few days since we’d really spoken, and I wanted to check in.”

    Jamie nodded. “Ah - yeah. I’m good. Are you -?”

    “Yeah. I’m okay.” 

    Another lengthy pause.

    Dani gestured to the door behind her. “Hannah and Owen are very nice.” 

    “They are, yeah. Good people. Trust ‘em with my life, and I don’t say that lightly.” Jamie tried to smile, to make light, but Dani had turned that wide-eyed fixed intensity upon her now. It was difficult not to squirm in place when Dani looked at her like that.

    Dani took an abortive step forward, only to stop herself before she could venture too close. “Are we okay? It’s just - on Tython you seemed to want your own space, and I thought -” She paused to clear her throat, glancing briefly down at her feet. “Did I mess this up or -? I mean - I know I’m not the best option for anyone, and you deserve someone nice, someone who’s not completely messed up or possessed by an ancient Sith ghost or something. But I -” she paused to close her eyes and draw in a deep breath. “I really like you. And if you don’t want anything to do with me after this is all over, I would completely understand, but I -”

    Jamie tried. She really did. But the next thing she knew, she had taken a step forward and pulled Dani in for a kiss. Dani made a small noise of surprise in the back of her throat that Jamie chased after, feeling her respond in kind, feeling the Force welling up beneath Dani’s skin like a hand reaching out in offering. 

    “Do you think -” Jamie said, pulling away just enough to speak, “- that I did all this because I don’t like you?”

    Dani gave a breathless little laugh, her hands cupping Jamie’s jaw then sliding to cradle the back of her head. “I thought you did it because you’re good and noble and you’re drawn to a lost cause.”

    “Can be lots of things, can’t I?”

    They were close enough that Jamie could feel the pull of Dani’s smile against her own lips, their noses brushing. 

    “I know you like your life to be boring. So, I was thinking," said Dani, "how nice Corsin must be at this time of year. Just a getaway planet in the middle of nowhere. No Sith. No Jedi. That could be boring, couldn't it?"

    Jamie swayed forward, eyes half lidded, and murmured, "Could be awfully boring."

    Hannah and Owen be damned. The little voice in the back of her head telling her this was a bad idea be damned. Dani was kissing her again and every thought flew right out of her head until there was nothing but this. Nothing but today, this moment, the call of blood in her veins, life as it was and nothing else. 

    There was not push towards the bed, no drive to action beyond this. Still Jamie paused, one hand remaining anchored at Dani’s waist.

    “You can still go alone,” Jamie said, “if you want. Doesn’t have to be with me.”

    Even as she said it, Jamie dreaded the answer. Knowing Dani’s predilection towards shrinking away from things that were too difficult to face alone. Knowing her own history of always being the odd one out, passed from place to place, from Corps to Corps, unfettered, unwanted. 

    Dani’s hand tightened in her hair, holding her close. “Want it to be with you.”

    Want this, Jamie thought as Dani kissed her again. Want this, too.

    Removing Dani’s cloak and tossing it onto the floor beside the blaster pistol had never felt so easy. Kissing her, unhooking the lightsabre and setting it onto the table had never felt so easy. Unzipping Dani’s vest while Dani finished unbuttoning what Jamie had started had never felt so easy. Being with someone else had never felt so easy. 

    Jamie’s shirt was discarded onto the ground beside the bed just as Jamie sank to her knees there. Dani’s hair was mussed, her mouth parted, her eyes fixed and unblinking as Jamie began to slowly drag down the zipper of her trousers. She toyed with the chain of Jamie’s dogtags, winding it around her fingers at the back of Jamie’s neck. 

    When Jamie began to tug down the material, Dani sat on the edge of the mattress so her pants could be peeled off and placed aside. Jamie leaned forward and stroked her tongue along the soft skin of Dani’s inner thigh, feeling a hand grip her hair when she bit down gently, and making a low dark sound in the back of her throat. 

    Already Dani was moving her hips in small motions and Jamie hadn’t even started yet. Jamie laughed softly.

    “What?” Dani breathed.

    Jamie shook her head, but the movement was restricted somewhat by the tight grip Dani had on her hair. “Nothing,” she murmured and bowed forward to place her open mouth against slick wet and wanting heat.

    Wanting nothing but this. The spread of Dani’s legs on either side of Jamie’s head. The taste of her when Jamie swiped her tongue in long slow strokes. The sound of her name gasped in Dani’s voice. The ache between her own legs as Dani rocked her hips to the rhythm Jamie set with a barely restrained urgency. 

    Where last time had been fast and hard, Jamie did the opposite now. She traced Dani with the tip of her tongue as if trying to map her to memory, finding the best reactions and storing them away for later, for a time again with her that may never come. One of Dani’s heels came up to press into the small of Jamie’s back, and Jamie could feel the way the muscle of Dani’s inner thigh trembled against the side of her face. The same way her fingers trembled as they combed back Jamie’s hair. 

    Want this, Jamie thought as Dani’s groan ended on a broken noise, as Dani’s hips arched up to press more firmly against her mouth while Jamie offered only a gentle suction. Want her. Want us. 

    Dani hauled Jamie up by the chain around her neck to kiss her deeply. The kiss was slick and messy and tasted of her, and when they parted Dani was panting. 

    “Did I mention,” Dani said breathlessly, “that I really like you?”

    Jamie laughed and allowed herself to be pulled up onto the bed. Smiling broadly, Dani kissed her and rolled her over to start unbuttoning Jamie’s dark-washed slacks. Before she could do more than flick open the first of two buttons, Jamie placed her hands and Dani’s hips and encouraged her to rock against her thigh.

    “That’s -” Dani swallowed back a reckless sound, her eyes squeezing shut. “I’m going to ruin your nice slacks.”

    “Fuck ‘em.”

    Dani’s answering laugh was breathless. “Do you mean that literally, or -?”

    The question died on her tongue when Jamie pressed her knee up and wedged a hand between them just enough that she could brush her thumb just so. She watched as Dani’s face screwed up, as her mouth dropped open and her hips bucked out of time until she came again — smaller this time, but no less gratifying.

    Dani slowed to a halt, trying to catch her breath. “All right,” she said. “It’s definitely your turn.”

    When they’d finished, Jamie sank bonelessly back onto the mattress. Their clothes were strewn all about the room, and the ship’s computer had set the lights to dim automatically to match a normalised sleep cycle, so that the ceiling was a map of constellations. Dani was stark naked and wiping her hands clean on a shirt with a self-satisfied expression before she crawled back up the bed and snuggled into Jamie’s side.

    Jamie rolled onto her side and draped an arm across Dani’s waist to hold her loosely there. She needed to take a shower, but couldn’t find the energy within herself to get up. Not when recent sex had turned her bones to jelly, and not when Dani started to trace the curving lines of Jamie’s monochromatic tattoo. 

    Exhaling slowly, Jamie sank further into the mattress. Her eyes slipped shut and she allowed herself this moment of brief respite. 

    “Do you ever think,” Dani asked softly, “this was supposed to happen?” 

    Blearily, Jamie opened her eyes, lulled half asleep by the way Dani was touching her. “What d’you mean?”

    Dani shook her head, admiring the way her fingertips drifted across the pattern of ink on Jamie’s bare shoulder. “I don’t know. I just - When I chose the ship to Telos IV, it wasn’t the fastest or the cheapest or even the one leaving the soonest. I was still in shock, I think. From what had happened on Vurdon Ka. There was another transport leaving three hours earlier, heading towards the Outer Rim, but when the droid asked me what ticket I wanted I bought the one to Telos instead.” Her words slowed to a mumble, and her caress stopped. Dani stared at the flowers on Jamie’s skin as if in wonder. “I don’t know why I did that.”

    “Coincidence?” Jamie offered, watching the flicker of Dani’s brow in response.

    Dani seemed to be trying to remember something intently. “Maybe, but it was so strange. I had this - this feeling. And when I landed on Telos, you know, I -” She broke off with a small incredulous laugh. “I walked straight to that bar. Just - straight there. Didn’t even ask for directions.”

    Jamie blinked, more awake now. That hum of energy had returned, threading between them like an arc. Dani’s presence was stalwart, nothing wavering or questioning about it. 

    “I don’t know anything about the Force,” Dani continued, “but I’m glad to have met you.” 

    A smile tugged at the corner of Jamie’s mouth. It was brief but the warmth pooling in her chest was verdant and budding. “Yeah. Me too.”

    Rebecca’s ship dropped out of hyperspace only three kilometers from the luxury cruiser, so that the two vessels drifted in orbit around Alderaan side by side. The planet below was a vast curved horizon of blues and greens, struck through with white cloud. Sitting in the pilot’s seat, Jamie noticed how Dani’s gaze kept drifting towards the broad windows of the left wing, staring out at the planet below with her shoulders tense and her hands clasped behind her back. 

    The moment Rebecca’s ship came into view, Owen leaned over Jamie’s shoulder and hit the comm button, requesting a transmission, which was immediately picked up.

    “Hello again,” Owen greeted jovially down the line. “We see you’ve just arrived in orbit. And might I say - your ship is exactly what I expected from a smuggler.”

    “Aww, thanks,” said Rebecca, her video feed flickering into view. “I worked hard to get it just right.”

    Rebecca’s ship was a single bladed shape of stark grey material, like a shark’s fin parting the surface of water. Jamie knew from experience that its small size could mislead larger ships into underestimating its speed and firepower. She also knew from experience that the sleeping cots were cramped and uncomfortable, and that more often than not Rebecca slept in a hammock strung up in the cockpit itself. 

    Jamie elbowed Owen in the gut so she could have more room. “Status report?”

    Rebecca rolled her eyes. “What are you? Fleet Commander Taylor?”

    “Just tell me how we’re getting down to the surface without being noticed,” Jamie said.

    “Funny you should ask that,” Rebecca replied, trailing off.

    Owen made a face. “Oh, no. Is it bad?” 


    “Get it over with,” groaned Jamie. She could hear Hannah and Dani walking closer to join the conversation. “Put me out of my misery.”

    Rebecca hit a few buttons to switch over the feed, and the screen suddenly displayed a scene much nearer to the surface. She must have hacked into a few security cameras, because the view turned slowly alongside her tapping away in the background. A towering estate in slate greys with parapets like speartips jutting into the sky dominated the screen, flanked by snowy mountains. A broad bridge led to the front entrance, and a hundred or so guardsmen had set up allacrete bollards behind which they were taking cover to avoid incoming fire, peeking over to return volleys before crouching down again.

    “That’s,” Dani said slowly, pointing towards a crest-emblazoned purple and red banner hanging from the manor walls on the screen, “House Thul.” 

    Jamie squeezed her eyes shut and tipped her head back towards the ceiling. “Don’t tell me.”

    “They’re being besieged by the Sith Lord,” said Rebecca.

    “I said don’t tell me.”

    Hannah peered over Jamie’s shoulder to get a look at the screen. “Can you get us to the surface?” she asked.

    “Yeah,” said Rebecca. “But after that, I’m all out of ideas. I told you: I’m not a Core World girl. I don’t know Alderaan from a bottle of spotchka.” 

    “I do.” 

    Jamie opened her eyes and lowered her head. Beside her Dani had lifted her hand slightly as though waiting to be called on in class. “There’s a side entrance used primarily by servants and staff.”

    “What? A side entrance dug all the way through the mountains?” Owen pointed to the snowy peaks pressed in tight on either side of the estate. 

    “No, it’s here.” Dani tapped her finger against the screen just off to the side of where the camera was currently showing. “It’s where the guards sleep. You go through a security checkpoint and then down a tunnel which leads into a room off the great hall.” 

    “Don’t think the security checkpoint won’t be a problem this time,” said Jamie.

    “Yeah,” said Rebecca slowly as a guardsman on screen was shot dead and slumped to the ground, only to be pulled back over the bollard by one of his comrades. “They look a little occupied right now.” 

    Chatter fizzed from another speaker on the dashboard. Frowning, Rebecca sat in the pilot’s seat and turned a dial until the frequency better matched. They could hear a staticky voice shouting frantic orders over the comm.

    “That’s a Pub frequency,” Rebecca said. 

    “The Empire has revealed its hand,” Owen said. “The Republic will be arriving with reinforcements soon.”

    “Yeah, but not soon enough,” Jamie muttered darkly. 

    Hannah hummed in agreement. “Unfortunately, yes. A fully fledged Sith Lord? They can tear this estate apart and be out with what they want before Republic troops make it into orbit.” 

    “Yeah, well, hopefully we can do the same.” 

    From the sidelines, Dani suddenly spoke, “Can we talk about the children for a sec?” When she had everyone’s attention, she took a deep breath and continued, “What’s going to happen to them now that we know they’re Force Sensitive?” 

    She looked towards Jamie, who raised both hands and shook her head, pointing towards Owen and Hannah. Hannah was looking at Owen, who shrugged and made a gesture, which Hannah reacted to with an emphatic tilt of her head, the two of them engaged in the kind of silent conversation only two people who had been together for so long knew. 

    “Are you going to share with the class?” Jamie drawled. “Or are you two lovebirds just going to keep having your weird psychic talk that nobody else can hear?”

    Hannah gave Jamie an arch, brook-no-nonsense glare, while Owen stuck out his tongue at her. 

    “I think it best if we take them back to Tython,” said Hannah to Dani. “There they can be trained in the Force properly.”

    Some of the tension held in Dani’s jaw slackened, and she breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay. Yeah. Thanks. I needed to hear that.” 

    “Anything else we need to discuss before we leap into the fray?” Rebecca asked from the pilot’s seat. 


    “Right,” said Jamie, hand on the holster of her blaster pistol. “Let’s get this over with, then.”

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    Bly Manor Icons

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    If only I were she!

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    nothing’s forever, nothing’s as good as it seems (x)


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  • writing-on-a-moonflower
    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jamie: You alright, Poppins?

    Dani: Now that you're here, Jay, I am.

    Jamie: *internal screaming*

    Jamie: *crossing arms* That was answerable with a 'yes' or 'no'.

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    The haunting of Bly manor really came for me didn’t it?

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    Dani: I sent good vibes your way. They’re coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop them.

    Jamie:... This is the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up.

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    Day 11: Favorite LGBTQIA+ Historical (or just famous here) Figure

    Again, I don’t do favorites so here’s a fun collection.

    Freddie Mercury

    Adam Lambert

    Boy George

    Lady Gaga

    Jamie Clayton

    Sappho (debatable but still)

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    Dani: You're my best friend and the love of my life, I would do anything for you.

    Jamie: I want you to eat three meals a day and have a decent sleep schedule.

    Dani: Absolutely not.

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    Just found out that Jamie Clayton got a deal for a Snyder show! I am so happy for her 😍

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    dani & jamie & fenne lily lyrics (1/?)

    #listen. #i woke up at 7:30 to fenne lily still playing #and kind of constructed this in my head #there is more ! it gets worse #and you can blame hana for some of these #one of these isn’t even fenne it’s angel olsen #fenne lily covered it tho so we are using it #maximum devastation #anyway happy friday #the haunting of bly manor #dani clayton#damie#jamie taylor#amelia eve#thobm#bly manor#wlw#fenne lily#actress
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    Jamie: *climbing a ladder*

    Dani: Have you ever been with a woman?

    Jamie: *slips down a few rungs and almost falls off*

    Jamie: *squeaks* What?

    Dani: So there is no good time to ask that question.

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    ELIAS JOHNSON (Shamier Anderson) is looking for the MERPERSON WHO TURNED THEM connection. Please message DAVINNA for more information regarding this connection. The connection is OPEN.


    Up to Player






    Preferably POC, below are some suggestions but if you need more you can always reach out.
    Angela Bassett, Pedro Pascal, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Nicholas Gonzalez, Santiago Cabrerra, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Alex Kingston, Daniel Henney, Daniel Dae Kim, Omid Abtahi, John Cho, Tika Sumpter, Gabrielle Union, Zahn McClarnon, Daniel Sunjata, Sandra Oh, Jamie Clayton, Carla Gugino, Rachel Weisz, Jessica Chastain, Taraji P Henson, Veronica Ngo, Yasmine Al Massri, Moon Bloodgood


    Merperson who scratch him


    When Elias was 12 on a fishing trip with his father off the coast of Louisiana, something caught in their line. When Elias dove in to release it he came face to face with a mermaid/merman. In his struggle to get them undone he was scratched and succumbed to slumber not long after the creature swam off. His coven submerged him in saltwater at the sea as the legend and he turned. After that Elias struggled to find his place between the Sea and Land. His obligations to his family often kept him on land, especially after Katrina hit the city. He would still go to sea to train his abilities though, trying to come to terms with being a merman.
    His relationship with the one who scratched them is up to player, depending on how they feel about humans/witches/nonborn merpeople. Maybe they were supportive of Elias as he grew older, helped him train his abilities or they could have a more adversarial relationship. I am open to either and any inbetween.
    #angela bassett fc #renee elise goldsberry fc #nicholas gonzalez fc #Santiago Cabrerra fc #alex kingston fc #Omid Abtahi fc #john cho fc #gabrielle union fc #tika sumpter fc #jamie clayton fc #sandra oh fc #veronica ngo fc #daniel dae kim fc #wanted connection
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