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  • kyukyuhunnie
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I really spent $5 at TJ Maxx for this frame and all to just put Wooyoung's Made For Two era Polaroid in it

    You could say I'm a simp

    #jae pic#ace#wooyoung#jang wooyoung#vav #i am living my best life #i also got bluetooth earbuds and put an atz treasure era sticker on it as well as younghoon name no air era sticker #my kpop shelf just keeps looking better and better #can't wait to get a binder and penny sleeves or whatever they're called for my (many many many) photocards 😅😅😅 #mainly so i just don't have a stack of them sitting around lmao
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  • hyewolfsjoo
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Users Iz*One 🌟❣️

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  • kimbapuhkidding
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fake Date Me//Jang Wooyoung

    Pairing: Ace X Reader

    Themes: fake-dating!au, fluff

    Summary: Ace helped you convince your parents you weren’t alone.

    A/N: There will be a part 2 eventually

    “When are you going to get a boyfriend? We would like grandchildren sometime soon. We’re not getting any younger.” Your parents were always hounding you about your relationship status. And it’s not like you chose to be single. 

    But one time during their ranting about your relationship status you couldn’t help the lies that you spouted. “Who says I’m not in a relationship? Have you considered I just haven’t told you?”

    As soon as the words left your mouth you regretted it. “A boyfriend? You have a boyfriend. How wonderful! You must invite him over for dinner.” Now they weren’t going to leave you alone until they met this so-called boyfriend”

    That was it, you had dug your own grave. “I don’t think that’s such a great idea.” You had to get out of that dinner no matter what.

    “Nonsense. Invite him over for dinner tomorrow. I’ll be lovely.” Your mother was as determined to have your non-existent boyfriend over as you were to not. But you knew she would win. When you didn’t argue back, your mother took this as agreement. “Then it’s settled, we’ll have your boyfriend over tomorrow for dinner.” You were screwed.

    Later that day you had called your best friend to tell her the story. “I can’t believe I told them I was in a relationship. What am I going to do?”

    “Oh honey. Do you know what you need? You need a fake boyfriend. Someone to be your boyfriend for one night.” 

    You had to admit it was a good idea, but with one major flaw.“And where am I going to get a fake boyfriend.” 

    “I’ll ask Wooyoung. He owes me a favor.” She said it so nonchalantly. As if it was no big deal to fake date your best friend’s brother.

    “Wooyoung! Are you kidding me? I could not ask him to pretend to be my boyfriend, even if it’s just one night.” You let out a sigh, you were so screwed. 

    “Hey Wooyoung, I have a question for you.” You heard your best friend yell through her house. You tried to stop her but she wasn’t listening. “Will you pretend to be Y/N’s boyfriend tomorrow night to get her parents off her back?”

    This was it. Not only would you never be able to show your face to Wooyoung ever again, but your parents will be disappointed in you too. “Sure. Why not?” Did Wooyoung just agree to fake date you?

    “Wait, what? Say that again.” You had to be hearing things. There’s no way that Wooyoung is going on a fake date with you. 

    “I’ll see you tomorrow." This is real, this is happening. 

    “Done and done. Now you have a fake boyfriend for tomorrow. I have to go now, but I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Have fun on your date tomorrow.” Without another word she hung up. Her words slowly sinking in. You have a fake date tomorrow, with Wooyoung. Oh boy...

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  • nvmwe-updates
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    vav_official: [VAV] 에이팀 선물 🎁


    ACE is on vacation✌

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  • goddesisela
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    ८ ≛ 𝗲𝗹𝗮ina ✷

    Money Honey I’m so greedy 그래 그래 그래

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    ୧ ׅ𖥔 ۫ wonyoung ⋄ moodboard 🩰 𓍯

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  • hottest2pm
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    2PM @ Star Dance Battle 🔥 🔥🔥

    It's been years since this performance and still is one of the sexiest out there 🔥🔥🔥

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  • nellciashrinking
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    screenshot #whoops

    #second bae#jang wooyoung #jang woo young #2pm #but not 2pm bc it he solo song me obsess wit rn #gah that hair on him
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  • jsoultronica
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    .:*𓂋 ✶ ✦ valentine girl ⟢ ✴︎ ´ˎ˗

    εïз ...。✿*゚’゚·.。

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  • nellciashrinking
    13.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #2PM#jang wooyoung #man its all abt the woos with me #really luv this hurr on him #🔥🔥🔥
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  • ifhesnotleegeumhyukidontwantit
    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #these all feel very boyfriendy of him #boyfriend ace#vav#vav ace#jang wooyoung #if hes not lee geumhyuk i dont want him
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  • ifhesnotleegeumhyukidontwantit
    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #these all feel very boyfriendy of him #boyfriend ace#jang wooyoung#vav#vav ace #if hes not lee geumhyuk i dont want him
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  • ifhesnotleegeumhyukidontwantit
    12.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #boyfriend ace #these all feel very boyfriendy of him #vav ace#jang wooyoung#vav #if hes not lee geumhyuk i dont want him
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  • seongwooyeou
    09.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Dann and Arthur moving from Varsity to GF entertainment together and debuting again in Kingdom has the same energy as Wooyoung leaving BigHit to be with Yeosang and I just love that shit

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  • sailforalittle
    07.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    WOOYOUNG [KBEE 2021 GLOBAL] K-Pop Showcase
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  • gluteus-canis-familiaris
    07.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    can whoever planned Wooyoung's KBEE stages work for 2PM now and forever 🥺🥺🥺 my jaw was hanging open the entire Going Going performance hnnnngh

    #the industry acknowledging 2nd gen figures as hallyu ambassadors in 2021???? #gen z fans be shaking #it's time#introducing#2PM#jang wooyoung#wooyoung #kbee 2021 global #Youtube
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  • ifhesnotleegeumhyukidontwantit
    07.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #this colour is so pretty and looks so good on him #vav#vav ace#jang wooyoung #if hes not lee geumhyuk i dont want him
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  • biaswreckingfics
    05.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Doppelganger! Jang Wooyoung

    Summary: First, your boyfriend is MIA, and then when you find him, you notice how strange he's acting...

    Word Count: 1.3k

    Warnings: None that I can think of

    This fic is part of my October event Thrills and Chills.

    When Wooyoung never showed up at the restaurant the two of you were supposed to meet at, you were a little irritated. Sure, there was concern there, but mostly, you just figured he absentmindedly forgot your date. However, your irritation drained, and your concern grew when you continuously called his phone, and he never answered. That wasn’t like Wooyoung, and now your mind was thinking the worse.

    Was he in a car accident? Did something happen to him? He would never miss your phone calls unless something serious was going on. Naturally, the only other thing you could think to do is go to his house and see if he was there – which is exactly what you’ve done.

    Standing outside on his porch, you knock on the door and wait. When nothing happens, you attempt again. You continue the process for long enough that you feel like a weirdo, but right now, you’re more worried about Wooyoung than being weird.

    His car sits untouched in the driveway, so you’re assuming he’s here, but the lack of answer puzzles you. He’s not a super heavy sleeper. He would’ve heard you knocking, so why isn’t he answering?

    Trying to decide what to do next, you start to dial one of his friends, but before you can call them, Wooyoung’s door flies open. At first, you’re startled, but then your mouth opens in confusion. He looks perfectly fine, and it doesn’t appear as if he was sleeping like the dead, so what’s the deal?

    “Wooyoung, where have you been?”

    He shrugs his shoulders like you haven’t been out here for over five minutes pounding on his door. “Here.”

    His nonchalant answer causes you to pause for a moment. “You didn’t hear me knocking?”

    “I must’ve been sleeping super hard. Sorry, babe.” He moves over and motions for you to come inside.

    Slowly, you make your stiff body move into his house, but a weird feeling has you on edge. You and Wooyoung have been together for over a year, and you’ve never once heard him call you “babe”.

    “So, what’s up?” He asks as you move into his living room.

    You turn to face him with furrowed brows, letting the confusion be clear on your face. “We had a date today… Remember?”

    “Oh, was that today? I’m sorry, I forgot.”

    A foreboding feeling begins to sneak up your spine. An odd pet name? Not hearing you bang on his door? Now, forgetting a date? Wooyoung? Something is absolutely not right. You just have no idea what could be wrong.

    “Did you hit your head?”

    “Did I what?” He asks with a laugh.

    “Hit your head. We just talked about our date yesterday.”

    A flat look falls on his face, and it fully creeps you out. You’ve never seen him so expressionless before. Actually, you don’t know if you’ve seen anyone that expressionless before.

    “You know… people are allowed to forget things,” he says, taking a step towards you.

    Instinctively, you move back, and a glint of something taunting enters his gaze. Anger? Acceptance? You can’t name it.

    “Of course, they are, but that’s not the only thing off with you.”

    When you see his jaw tick in anger, an overwhelming feeling of needing to leave envelopes you. This person in front of you might look like your boyfriend, but you know with everything inside of you that he’s not. This isn’t Wooyoung. You don’t know who it is.

    Before he can answer, you bring yourself up to your full height. Straightening your shoulders, you say, “Well, if you forgot the date, I guess there’s no reason for me to be here.”

    You attempt to move past him, but as you do, his hand shoots out and grabs your arm. His grip is tight - nearing painful - and you look at him in shock.

    “Well, just because I forgot our date doesn’t mean we can’t go now.”

    The last thing you want to do is go anywhere with this man. You don’t feel safe being near him, and if anything, all you want to do is go home.

    “Don’t worry about it,” you offer him a smile. “Why don’t you get some more rest?”

    You try to pull your arm away, but his grip only tightens on you, causing your heart to skip a beat. When you hear him sigh, you turn to face him but never get the chance.

    Suddenly, you’re flying backward through his living room, like you’ve been flung from a slingshot. You land on his couch with an “oomph” and quickly move to sit back up and see what he’s doing.

    He lets out a small, breathy laugh as he shakes his head. Fear spikes into your chest like ice. No man would be capable of throwing you across the room with just a twitch of his hand. It’s not humanly possible. That, paired with his actions, causes your body to tremble.

    “I guess I underestimated how important you are to each other.”

    Your eyes go up to his when he speaks, but the meaning behind his words doesn’t make sense to you. “What’s that mean?’

    “Oh, come on. It’s obvious you’re catching on to me. Now, I just have to figure out what I want to do about it.”

    “Catching onto what?” He’s right. You know something is up, but you have no clue what it could be.

    He smiles and moves closer to you until he’s kneeling in front of you and whispers, “The fact that I’m not really Wooyoung.”

    Your mouth falls open as you try to piece together what he’s saying. “Then, who are you?”

    He laughs, but the sound is anything but pleasant. “His evil twin who wants to come and take over his life.”

    Furrowing your brows, you study the man’s face. He looks exactly like Wooyoung. There’s absolutely nothing out of place that would make you think otherwise… Now, you’re beginning to wonder if maybe Wooyoung had a mental break.

    He stands up and says, “I can see you don’t believe me, which is fair, to be honest. I mean, evil twins? Seriously?”

    Too afraid to say anything, your eyes trail him as he paces around the living room. What are you even supposed to do in this situation?

    “Have you ever heard of doppelgangers?”

    “Yeah?” You slowly answer him, familiar enough with the word. A doppelganger is basically a twin of someone who is unrelated to them. Is that what he’s claiming to be?

    He offers you a sarcastic smile and points to himself. “You’ve just met one in the flesh.”

    Unsure of what to say, you open and close your mouth a couple of times, and eventually, the smile falls from his face.

    “If you don’t believe me, you’re more than welcome to check my bedroom.”

    He indicates down the hallway, and you debate with yourself for a moment. It’d be stupid to go down there, but if it got you answers, wouldn’t it be worth it?

    Standing up before you consciously make the decision to, you move past “Wooyoung” and go down to his bedroom. The door is shut as you approach, and you take a deep breath as you reach for the handle. When you feel him walk up behind you, you fling open the door. Maybe, you can get in there, shut it behind you, and keep him away from you long enough for you to figure something out.

    However, when the door swings open, the sight in front of you pulls a gasp from your lips.

    Wooyoung – the real one – lays on his bed, bound and gagged. His eyes widen with panic as he sees you, and it only grows when his eyes land on the man behind you. He struggles against his ties, trying to get free as you stand there in shock.

    “Now, what do I do with the two of you?”

    #thrills and chills #wooyoung fic#wooyoung scenarios#wooyoung au #jang wooyoung scenarios #jang wooyoung au #jang wooyoung fics #wooyoung angst #jang wooyoung angst #2pm sceanrio#2p#2pm scenarios#2pm fic#2pm fanfic#2pm au#2pm angst#doppelganger#spooktober
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  • sailforalittle
    04.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
    fake penpen was the most traumatic moment of his entire career
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