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  • bookcastic
    04.12.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Okay but, headcanon that Dick from the live action Titans show didn’t want to be there for Rachel (and Gar) Bc he didn’t want to adopt (hehe) Bruce’s unhinged adoption tendencies. Even before he knew about Jason, he was like “I just Know that bastard is trying to find another kid to adopt while we’re fighting”

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    04.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    my jason todd playlist :)

    hope you enjoy

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  • paintedpig
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago


    From Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1

    #dc comcis#red hood #ace the bathound #jason todd #gotham city villains anniversary giant
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  • littledead-ridinghood
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Imagine if sheila survived the bomb in Ethiopia. she would have to live the rest of her life knowing she helped murder a 15 year old boy--a kid that said he was her son

    Having to live with the fact he traveled half way around the world to find her, who offered her understanding when she explained why she left, who she tricked in to going into the warehouse with her after he offered her help multiple times, telling her they needed to leave while knowing what was going to happen to him

    Having to live with the fact that she did nothing to help him, turning her back on him to smoke a pack and watch remorselessly while listening to his bones be shattered, to him scream, to think he got beat to death in front of her and when the joker tricks her only worrying that she’s about to die and not the fact that there’s a (supposedly) dead kid in front of her, that fear she feels now over dying is exactly what he felt whilst being beaten and she doesn’t reflect on that at all, only caring if she will be able to get out or not

    Imagine having to live with the fact that you are an accomplice in this kid’s--who says he’s your son--murder and him untying you, forgiving you, and throwing himself on to a bomb still trying to save you, taking the brunt of it

    He knows he wasn’t going to survive anyway, but he still believes you can. He doesn’t blame you either--not before when he found you and not now still trying to save you. Here’s this boy who offered you help and you took that kindness and used it against him

    Imagine knowing what happened in that warehouse and everyone blaming a 15 year old kid for his murder, maybe Shelia hears people’s conspiracies about how the Death of Jason Todd played out, and she stays silent through it all because it’s so much easier to blame Jason. To forget about it. To not linger or dwell, just simple move on. To say he had issues when you didn’t even know him at all

    Jason gave his life for Sheila. What would have happened if he succeeded? and would Jason still not blame her once resurrected? And if he did, would she herself think it’d be justifiable blame?

    #I am in a Mood tonight and everyone else has to deal with that #How do you think getting away with the murder of your kid feels? #Do you feel remorse? #she went out of her way to use Jason's kindness against him knowing he was going to die for her on benefit #did she think he was actually going to die? Sheila definitely didn't think she herself was going to #how do you live with that decision to actively play a role in 1st-degreeing your child #Even in death sheila doesn't seem to realize the roll she played in Jason's murder #just that it's a shame all around and that 'he was a good kid' #I like to think jason doesn't/wouldn't blame sheila post resurrection #He doesn't blame bruce even though many others do(and in many other rememberings of his murder: Jason apoligizes to Bruce #Therefore jason forgiving Sheila so she wouldn't have to live with him blaming her i can't bring myself to believe he would retract that #i think he'd be happy that he accomplished his goal #and no matter how much of a role she played; coming back no one talked about sheila's involvement (bc DC wants us to forget her shhhh) #and as more time goes on the more jason blames himself so even if he did come back blaming sheila overtime i believe those feelings would be #wrongly relieved#jason todd#sheila haywood#bruce wayne
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  • crisis-on-infinite-batblogs
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #I gotta check out that song😎 #Jason todd#my beloved #my pride my joy my baby boy
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  • mastascullian
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    jason todd has stretchmarks from his growth after the lazarus pit dip and nobody can convince me otherwise

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  • why-i-love-comics
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Nightwing Annual #1 - "Blood Brothers" (2021)

    written by Tom Taylor art by Cian Tormey, Daniel HRD, Cian Tormey, Raul Fernandez, Rain Beredo, & John Kalisz
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  • browsethestacks
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Comic - Robins #02 Cover (2021)

    Art by Nick Robles

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  • aspiring-wildfire
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    bruce wayne is a good dad and i will die on that hill anything dc releases to the contrary is fake and incorrect sorry i don’t make the rules

    #the only bat kid i will accept having gotten bad parenting from bruce is tim bc bruce was going through some self destructive suicidal grief #bruce and damian had a tense period initially but once bruce comes back from timeline shenanigans he tries really hard to be a good dad #but if you think bruce wayne didnt love the shit out of a young dick grayson and jason todd you are delusional #and obviously he and cass adore each other #dc#batman#bruce wayne#dick grayson#jason todd#tim drake#damian wayne#cassandra cain#batfam#batfamily #lexi screams into the void
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  • hows-a-robin-like-a-writing-desk
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    No the relationships in the batfam are very simple actually. Dick is Bruce's Ideal Son, Jason is the favorite, Cassandra is his legacy, Tim is the one he trusts, Duke is a mostly-failed fresh start, Damian is his shot at redemption, and Steph is his Karmic retrebution. Steph and Tim are soulmates. So are Dick and Babs, but it's a lot more complicated and we kind of try not to talk about it. Damian is Bruce's son and Bruce is Damian's father but Dick is Damian's dad. Steph isn't adopted because she's dating Tim but she's Damian's older sister, though she had to fight Dick for the title before he gave up and adopted the kid. 

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  • theogygiaisland
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Crimson Trace [3/26]

    Characters: Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Cassandra Cain, Damian Wayne

    Warnings: Teen (13+)

    Categories: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery

    Words: 3,777 words

    Read on: AO3 (<>)

    It’s been so long since she’s stayed solely in the manor for more than a week. She usually just pops in every now and then for a few days before she gets antsy, the lingering feelings of her past coming back to get her never left her; although it had toned down when she saw how adamant her new family was against David Cain when he dropped in to collect her back. Cass could admit to feeling safe under the symbol of the Bat; but even better was that she felt more accepted as a person in Dick’s arms or even Jason’s scowling face and that feeling was something she’ll forever cherish.

    Usually, when she’s in Gotham and lived in her own bedroom, she spends her days outside the manor more than inside, pushing the newfound freedom in being a person more than a weapon. It led to a lot of safehouse-hopping and frantic calls from Bruce (and isn’t that sweet to actually be cared about), before everyone realized she just needed to work through her trauma. That led to a confusing amount of days, wondering why Steph suddenly has a pull out bed and Kate suddenly had tupperwares of food ready to be raided despite the woman never actually cooking (she was a snacker more than a sit-down-on-meals type) before someone admitted that they were doing all these things especially for her.

    The appreciation fills and pours over. It fills her with softness from her stomach to her chest with warmth indescribable with any words taught to her by Babs. She supposes it’s the same way how baby swans feel, tucked in between their parent’s feathers as they swim in the manor’s ponds when she comes across them one day with Damian: accommodated despite them knowing she can be independent, cared for even if it’s out of their way. Loved. When she tells Bruce this one time, she was gifted with a bright smile.

    To say she would die for this family would be an understatement.

    Now, Cass, contrary to popular belief, cannot read minds, but she can read the shift in people’s stances, the furrow of their eyebrows, the tapping of their feet, and it’s as close to reading someone as she could get away with without being meta.

    For the past few days, while everyone told her that it’s fine, she can read the stress lines of their bodies and their jerky dances around each other and it was a literal week of screaming ‘what the fuck now’. For all of their show of it being fine, it was obviously not. Saying it overwhelmed her was an understatement.

    He looked younger than her, so there’s that. But the teen could’ve been as old as Bruce by the bags under his eyes and the way his mouth’s relaxed state was to be in a tight line. He doesn’t like to be touched and he doesn’t offer much about himself other than pointed questions that get answered with the most direct answers. She’s taken to watching over door frames and spying from her peripherals to understand who Tim was, if he was a threat (which was pretty obvious that he isn’t) and what he’s supposed to be doing. It left Cass, who’s words were still too few for conversations like these to just base her reactions to his actions and everyone who’s interacted with him.

    She doesn’t like what she reads. There are moments when she spies the aborted hands reaching out, or the smiles fading out with resignation in the curve of his shoulders. Tim looked as if he didn’t have the right to shake apart in anyone’s arms like she did when she was sure Dick wouldn't make the night with Joker (she also had kevlar, he was an idiot) and he was a boy who choked on silent sobs when he thought no one checked up on him after (he was also an idiot). And-- and that reminded her too much of her time when David Cain with his whips and his lashings and his anger and her flinches and her fear and--

    Cass was smart enough to know this was her brother from another universe. A universe without extra pillows and tupperwares and swan hatchlings and softness tucked in. The thought stains her warmth with the cold vice grip.

    And she can’t have that just by pure principle of the matter. Not when he’s here and she can pay it forward.

    So when the household settles down and the gaping hole of problems that appeared feel like it’s three feet wide rather than a ten foot gap between parties, she sags a little with relief. With only Jason’s absence as the only problem on the horizon, Dick being cleared for regular non strenuous activity (and she was tasked by Alfred to make sure of that) she sees the need to celebrate.


    Tim doesn’t look at her, but rather than it coming from aloofness from before, it was merely due to him being distracted on his tablet. Previously it would’ve irritated her to no end (and she was not beyond flicking his forehead to let him know and to which he usually reacts with surprised exasperation), nowadays it was now met with soft endearment. Annoyed endearment, but a step nonetheless.

    It took a while, searching underneath the jagged edges and the cold shoulders, and sometimes something as minor as Damian helping him move his case files hits back at them with spite; but Bruce’s words from before and more roping into family time found him less likely to snipe back. Cass is not too proud to admit she herself wanted to shoulder check him when Tim wrinkled his nose at his little brother’s offhanded offer. Damian has gotten a long way from what the Al Ghuls made him and her loyalties were still to her original brothers.

    But Cass has noted that he has also been trying more, gotten away from the knee jerk reaction to deflect where he can and push back when he can’t. Just yesterday she was able to pester him to a sparring match and was only met with a sigh. It was a pretty big deal apparently as Dick took it as his cue to continue acting like a good big brother (that he is) and talking more animatedly than the awkward small talk they’ve been subjected to over dinner. Cass supposed that it was too bad Jason left-- Dick’s play by play of his last mission with Wally was so funny Tim choked on his potato salad. He would’ve had a kick at seeing Damian argue that his stature did not make him incapable of doing a heimlich on Tim (it totally would).

    To Cass, Tim looks like a cute animal with bad habits… like… like a trash racoon.

    Steph told her that one time. She was describing herself during midterms with baggy eyebrows and living off instant noodles. Cass finds that it fits both of them perfectly. She should probably introduce them.

    A smile makes it to her lips.


    Cassandra has not and will not be stopped from being a physical human being. She finds that Tim does not like it at first, squirming under her stare and flinching from odd brushes, but the more he stays, the more he gets used to it. He actually leans into the attention and affection, although he says he doesn’t and his grumbling does not deter her even for a bit. And Cassandra is nothing but persistent; to the point that Tim doesn’t even huff in annoyance when her bony elbows of doom (according to Jason) poke him during lunch or when she steals bread rolls off his plate (despite Alfred’s tutting her)-- which basically is a sign of trust in her case.

    After their spar yesterday, a sense of calm tides over and she watches the apprehension bleed away from Tim and come into fond resignation, face breaking into micro expressions and the need to hide it lessens. And Cass loves that she helped this thaw.

    Helped because she knows there was some catalyst to it. Cass really should give Damian more toffee if the kid continues to annoy people into the family. It worked with Jason to come back home (with no inaction from Dick), it worked with Babs (he was adamant to be taught how to code), and it definitely worked with Steph (only so she can annoy him back).

    Not that she knows what happened in the den the day before and if Damian accused her of spying, she’s definitely going to straight up lie.

    “Batburger.” She says decisively, turning to the rest of the people lounging in the den. Dick and Damian are on the sofa watching some action movie, and at least Dick looked on board with the idea.

    “You know what, you’re right. We’ve been cooped up in here for too long.” He says, as he jumps up to a stretch. Damian growls something low as the sofa bounces, but doesn’t look away from where Captain America is fighting Spiderman on screen in an airport. His attention to the action looks impenetrable and Cass has a looming feeling he’s going to try out those twist flips later in the cave.

    “Come on baby bat, let’s get a Batburger.”

    “No.” Damian grumbles. “I want to finish MCU’s Phase 2 before Todd comes back and hogs Disney Plus.”

    “Oh don’t be like that little bird.”


    “I promise to get you a kiddie meal.” Dick pleads with his eyes.

    “Most certainly not! It’s stupid and a waste of calories. They don’t even have a vegetarian options on that pathetic excuse of a food line.”

    “Alright, alright lil’ D-- I’ll get the kids meal and you get the toy. C’mon please?”

    Damian sighs loudly, but Cass sees his cheek twitch minutely. “Fine. But only to shut you loud mouths up.”

    “Thanks!” Dick swoops in to ruffle Damian’s hair, getting one hair toss before the boy pulls out a knife to threaten their eldest. Cass can see the hesitation in his eyes as he mentions maiming Dick’s fingers, which is basically a sign of love in his language. She mentally reminds herself to give him a noogie later for his pretense.

    She plucks the weapon out of his hands by the blade with a soft “No maiming in the house.”

    Dick grins wide at her while she tucks the weapon away on a high shelf before turning around. She doesn’t pretend that he won’t get it back before they leave like other people, but at least she made it a challenge. “Tim, we’re going out.”

    “Have fun.” Tim says with a hand wave.

    “Come on Timmy, please?”


    “Batburger. Outside. Like actually outside Wayne premises. Please? Do it for me? I nearly died, you know.”

    “What fuck no--”

    Dick exchanges a look with Cass and Cass-- Cass catches him wink conspiratorially.

    “Fine, you asked for it. Nuclear option it is.” Dick plucks Tim’s tablet from his fingers and throws it over his shoulder to Cass who takes from the air it as it soars above her head. “Password is 5647, let it rip Cass”

    “That’s-- How-- That’s my pass-- oh c’mon Dick!” Tim tries to grab the item, but Cass keeps sliding out of his range. A growl was erupting from the back of his throat.

    Cass gives him a two finger salute and a chirp, not threatened at all. The chime of someone opening the tablet fills the air as she enters the password.

    “Dick!” Tim turns to Dick and just whines. Seeing Tim plead like that brings a smile on her face. Who knew he had such a high whining tone?

    “See, we’re taking this hostage. For Batburger. If you know your Cass then you know our Cass-- she probably will install all bubble pop games on there the more you stretch this out.” Dick places his hands in front of his chest in a gesture of peace as if he’s done nothing wrong. “And do not try to stop her, I’m taught better than that-- we probably were both taught better than that.”

    Tim sighs defeatedly as Cass laughs at this. She didn’t really plan on pushing Tim too much too soon, but apparently Dick had it all under control, armed to the teeth with powers only older brothers have.

    To keep up pretense, she makes a grand show of opening the App Store so they get on with it.


    “Are you idiots done?” Damian huffs from his perch at the couch. “All this nonsense is depleting my brain function.”

    “The term is braincells Dames.” Dick laughs as he helps Tim to his feet. “Siblings, assemble!”


    Cass waits for Damian and Dick from the booth together with Tim. Damian was adamant that if he’s to partake in fast food indulgences, he should at least get to pick the seats and then proceeds to leave his and Dick’s jackets on the opposite couch. A move which surprises absolutely no one.

    Tim idly plays with a clean napkin left on the counter, fingers always moving and fidgeting. This was also one of the things she’s noticed about him-- he fidgets a lot, tapping on keys, on notes, fingers twirling around a pencil. Cass was pretty sure what he’s doing is unhygienic just because it touched the table, but she doesn’t really want to return the tablet to the trash raccoon.

    “You know I almost never get Batburger.” Tim says which makes her look at him in question but he’s got a far away look on his face. “I used to rely on our housekeeper’s meal preps, and when I felt like getting take out, I usually preferred picking up the item than asking for delivery. But I don’t really go out much since I used to find it weird eating alone in restaurants-- especially when I was a kid-- that led to very awkward situations. Ives, a friend of mine, would join if he could, but fast food was on his no-no list with his strict diet.”

    This was the first time he’s actively imparted knowledge to them without being prompted first and it took her by surprise that he actually talked to her first. Talking was easy for Cass now versus when she was nothing but a puppet to David Cain, but her words would not convey the emotions she felt, so she leans toward Tim and rests her head against his shoulder in solidarity.

    Kudos to Tim, he doesn’t even tense up.

    “And when I became Robin, Dick used to bring me here. In and out of masks. And you came too Cass-- but you always preferred ice cream.”

    Cass hums-- she still does, but getting ice cream would lead to a hyperactive Nightwing who is still benched from patrol and she’s responsible and sacrificial like that.

    “Of course it doesn’t happen as much now, I have my own apartment, and Dick has Damian, and you’ve got more missions with the Outsiders, and we don’t-- we’re not entirely the type of family you drag around town-- we’ve yet to master the art of not fighting over food. But now that Jason and Damian’s less murdery, I thought we could’ve had something like this. You know, before I went yeeting across dimensions.” He laughs and she snorts at the phrasing.

    “This just reminds me of them y’know. Lot’s of could’ve been.” He sighs. “I’ve actually wanted to know what it would be like to enjoy having everyone back.”

    “We’re not...perfect. But we try.” Cass tells him slowly. “Bring them. When you’re back.”

    Tim chuckles, and Cass is glad there was a hint of amusement in it. “Yeah, maybe. My lack of spleen won’t probably approve of it though.”

    Cass clicks her tongue. “Excuses, excuses.” She waves her hand dismissively. Tim swats it playfully.

    “Stop copying me. It’s a bad habit.” But she only sticks her tongue out at him before sitting back up. Tim makes a face at her and then laughs fully.

    It seems like they really were going to be alright. All they need now are Batburgers and they could go back and--

    “Hey there, you alright if I sit here?”

    The man-- and it was a man from the broad shoulders to his proportions-- slides into the booth opposite them and puts Dick and Damian’s coats on the table.

    “Uhm, no?” Tim says slowly. “Excuse me, but that seat’s taken.”

    “Excellent, thanks.” The man says. “I won’t take long, don’t worry. I just need to talk to you.”

    Cass raises an eyebrow at him. Beneath his blue eyes and red hair is a tentative smile of someone who knows he’s overstepping boundaries, but doesn’t look too sorry for it. His three piece suit complete with a tie, trilby and trench coat looked out of place in the fast food joint.

    She remains impassive as she watches the man lounge, watching his body as he leans back and wondering what he wants from them. She points a finger at him and voices this. “Who?” as in ‘who are you?’ or ‘who the fuck do you think you are?’.

    “Look uninterested please.” He asks, but underneath his simple words lies an order. “I really don’t have time for this and I already can’t wait until your next night out to catch you.” He looks pointedly at Tim. “I’m Vic Sage.”

    Cass glances at Tim. “Vic...Sage..-- holy shit you’re--”

    “Louder for the people at the back there, kid.”

    “But you don’t operate in Gotham all the time… you’re looking for me?” Tim frowns. Cass tries to throw him a questioning look-- she has no footing what to expect here-- but Tim was eyeing the person suspiciously to notice, which frustrates her to no end. “Why?”

    “That’s always the question isn’t it?” the man laughs. “You Bats were always too jumpy.”

    Cass felt her fist tighten under the table ready for a fight and started eyeing the exits to be ready for anything because this man-- he knows them.

    “Look, kid, are you a recent addition? Heard about you from the GCPD two nights ago with the Joker.”

    “You could say that.”

    “The man was blabbing about young blood and robins. And I know the man’s a lunatic, but he’s never gone as Dracula for his MO. And there hasn’t been a young vigilante aroundsince the last one died--” Cass and Tim wince at this. “But suddenly there’s reports of a fourth vigilante on scene with the Bats. Doesn’t take a logical leap for all that mad rambling.”

    The man looks him up and down while Tim stiffens at the attention. “No you’re not aren’t you. New I mean. The Bat would never take Joker on with fresh vigilantes and this was the first time we’ve heard of you. ” The Question pulls out a cigarette and plays with it but doesn’t light it. “You’re somehow new, but you also aren’t. You obviously haven’t been out yet since you’re not seen by no paparazzi yet and the Bats hasn’t left you alone for long periods of time. I should know-- the hair on the back of my neck couldn’t stand up enough. I think the older one by the counter is getting antsy.”

    Cass doesn’t make a show of her eyes flicking above the man and seeing Dick watch them. From the brief glance, she could tell he wanted to storm up to them but didn’t want to alert Damian-- that or so he was nearer to the doors for an immediate exit if things go south. Tim doesn’t confirm or deny his comments so she also keeps quiet.

    “Well maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I don’t even know myself to give you a definitive answer, Vic.”

    “Right.” The man says. “Maybe you should though.”


    Vic flicks the loose tobacco that manages to litter their table. Cass still doesn’t understand what’s happening and his lack of threat in that action is unnerving. “You know kid, the Phantom Stranger actually dropped by my place last nigh--”


    “The Phantom Stranger, some sorta omnipotent god, keep up kid.” Vic says without disdain. “He said something about a disturbance in the force--”

    “I’m keeping upm no need to quote Star Wars.”

    “Ah, appreciate the classics I see.”

    Tim just grunts.

    “Something about scorpion grass popping in visions or something like that. Said there’s a big bang happening in Gotham that I’ve got to get my eyes peeled for. Same warnings like a mad fellow-- a bomb, agony, torn families and etc nothing unusual for him really-- but you don’t turn down intel from a literal god.

    “Actually I came to the conclusion when I saw some old cold cases getting closed all of the sudden-- good job on those by the way-- and whispers of a new cape flying around helping your black and blue bird out of the warehouse. Wasn’t that hard. Disturbance in the force, visions, and then wham, bam, new vigilante on the scene. Should've known you Bats are involved. Again. And you just scream ‘I’m the epicenter’ kid.”

    Vic chuckles at this and brushes the tobacco off the table. A quick glance at Tim shows that he’s actually pondering on the stranger’s words.

    “But then again, the Phantom Stranger is your typical born and bred asshole, all cryptic guiding but not really doing anything.”

    “Funny, I could say the same for you.” Tim says and Vic only laughs. “But I don’t understand-- if the Phantom Stranger is involved, I wouldn’t ping in his field since I’m from another dimension.”

    A shrug. “You’re a Bat, it’ll come to you don’t worry. If you have any questions you probably will know where to find me--”

    --There was an aggressively polite cough.

    “Excuse me, you’re in our seat.”

    The man only gives them a sorry look and a smile. “And that’s my cue. I like you, you’re a funny kid. Don’t get killed.” Vic Sage comments, as he slides out of the booth. He stands aside as Damian eyes him down and Cass has never been so glad that his little brother offered to get their orders-- his hands were too full of Batburgers to draw any weapons.

    Vic Sage turns to Dick, who looks on impassively, and gives him a curt nod. “Waynes. Grayson. New bird.”

    When both of the boys slides in, all eyes were trained on Tim who looks as white as a ghost and Cass places a tentative hand on his shoulder.

    Finally, Dick’s frown deepens. “What did the Question need from you?”

    But Tim remains silent.

    #crimson trace#calypso writes#tim drake#jason todd#dick grayson#cassandra cain#cass cain #damian al ghul #damian wayne#batman#batfam#fanfic #Good job @ me for actually revising and finishing this #i really hope you guys like it! #better than chap 2 at least
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  • prison-mikes-bandana
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Becoming dad to an orphan is how you make a billion dollar franchise happen super quick!!!


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  • maxlordd
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    making jason todd fight with a fucking crowbar is so stupid 

    and the “face yours fears” allegory is awful why the hell would jason choose the weapon that was one of the last things he ever saw. bruce doesn’t fucking control bats like your comparisons are weak as hell write better you stupid fucking white man 

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  • redhairgreeneyes1
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I just saw a post that was like I hate the NIGHTWING annual for giving us DICK’s views on Jason, instead of Jason’s own views on himself. Like dude you do realize this is Dick’s book and it should be about him primarily not someone else (not that has been truly really so far with Babs but anyway). You guys would be mad if a Jason or Tim or Babs or Bruce solo focused on Dick instead of the title character so why are you mad its the other way around?

    #I swear Jason/Tim stans are the biggest hypocrites in fandom #Like you already have taken all of Dick's friends/characteristics why do you want to take his solo too?!? #Dick Grayson #Anti Jason Todd stans #Anti Tim Drake Stans
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  • thepastneverforgets
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i will sell my soul to literally anyone to make a jason todd edit set to the lyrics ‘if jesus died for all our sins, he left one behind—the body i’m in’  because i’d do it myself but it’d be very basic photoshop beginner levels. 

    #joshingmyself! #jason todd#red hood #'i dont know what i believe. but it's easier to think he made a mistake with me'
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    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    got some jaykyle content while i try to crawl myself out of the rdr2 obsession.

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  • ao3feed-jasontodd
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pixie boots and secret brothers

    read it on the AO3 at https://archiveofourown.org/works/35507095

    by Anonymous

    Dick, who is Neal, has a completely normal conversation with his brother Jason. AKA the Red Hood.

    Probably not the best thing to do that in front of the FBI.

    Words: 1940, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: White Collar (TV 2009), Batman - All Media Types

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Dick Grayson, Peter Burke, Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones, Jason Todd

    Relationships: Peter Burke & Dick Grayson, Dick Grayson & Jason Todd

    Additional Tags: Crack, Secret Identity, Secret Identity Fail, Neal Caffrey is Dick Grayson, Dick Grayson is Nightwing, Jason Todd is Red Hood, Batfamily (DCU)

    read it on the AO3 at https://archiveofourown.org/works/35507095

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  • primeemeraldheiress
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Okay, this is spoofing a bit off of a post I just saw about the batsignal but...

    Do you think when Bruce is busy the other bats answer?

    Like, Bruce is stuck dealing with some D-Lister that just crashed his gala. He can't sneak out because he's the Main Hostage, but you've also got Harvey breaking into the bank downtown.

    Instead of Batman, Gordan gets Nightwing and he's just:

    "Not quite who I was expecting..."
    Nightwing grins, "B's a little tied up right now."


    maybe Bruce is hurt again and Robin shows up when Harley and Ivy are causing moderate havoc.

    "I don't think I asked for short and stabby."
    "I show you show you stabby, old man!"

    Imagine, Batman neck-deep with Killer Croc in the sewers and fucking Jason answering the signal because the Joker's up to shit.

    Gordan is just not having it.

    "Absolutely not. Get me someone else. The flippy one or even the murder brat. Not you."
    Red Hood looks offended. "I thought I was the murder bat."
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