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  • Sigur Rós  // La Route du Rock // 2008

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  • The friendship of Jaune and Oscar


    Despite all the depressing things that have been going on since chapter 6 has come out, I wanted to talk about something positive for once.

    If you haven’t already read the title, I’m talking about Jaune and Oscar.


    It was kinda obvious that Jaune was cautious or didn’t trust Oscar; that and the fact of Oscar being a complete stranger who literally knocked on everyone’s door and said “Is there a Ruby Rose?”

    Not to mention, the glass shattering news that Ozpin laid out for everyone, (Magic, maidens, etc, but you know, limited knowledge) so Jaune probably didn’t know what to believe. Not to mention, that, Oscar only bonded with Ruby.

    So, I can see why Jaune slammed him against the wall when he heard what actually happened.


    Of course, there was the whole search rescue where everyone was looking for Oscar when he disappeared after that. Only to be found back where they were living, and him in his new get up and making dinner.


    Lowkey, trying to impress someone. Cough

    And then, Jaune apologizes! And they’re back to their-“regular”-selves! Yay!

    Of course, though, because it’s Rooster Teeth, there’s no true emotional progress. Well, at least on screen.

    But with the recent chapters that have been released for Volume 7, I’ve been seeing minor progress.

    Between the practice fights with team FNKI(?) and some screen captures of Jaune and Oscar popping up together. I can tell they have been getting closer.


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  • Mission complete

    After a long day everyone returns to the Atlas dorm.

    Yang walks in with Blake: man those Grimm wouldn’t stop coming. We killed so many.

    Jaune walking in with his clothes out of order and his hair even more of a mess.

    Jaune out of breath: I’m… Back…

    Ruby: how was your mission jaune?

    Jaune: well…


    At a Mantel love hotel

    Milf 1: Fuck me harder~!

    Milf 3: quit hogging that glorious cock~!

    Milf 2: I’m next so be patient~

    Milf 4 grabbed Jaune’s head and smothered him with her tits: no I’m next~

    Milf 5 pouting: no fair~!

    Jaune surrounded by other Milfs: don’t worry I have enough for all of you~

    Milfs smiled as they wait their turn to be rammed by the blonde stud.

    (Back to the present)

    Jaune: I say it was a success~

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  • image

    “For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this we become a paragon of virtue and glory to arise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I release your soul, and by my shoulder protect thee.”


    The emerald forest

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  • #106 et 107
    Un doudou rayé pour Marceau, un deuxième doudou fleuri pour Jeanne (je n’avais plus de quoi faire un jumeau !).

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  • After the fall of Beacon Jaune kept checking his scroll and looking for Pyrrha. When he checked his scroll Pyrrha’s face would show in black and white saying “Aura Depleted.”

    Ironwood personally asked Jaune if he wanted Pyrrha to be removed from his scroll when everyone got their Huntsman licenses. Jaune asked instead of being removed if she could ask get a license, but to remain inactive.

    Ironwood agreed.

    She was a huntress like the rest of them.

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  • Nora, pacing around on the scroll.*

    Ren: Who’re you calling?

    Nora: Pyrrha and Jaune. *Holds the scroll away so they can’t hear.* Gonna tell em we’re getting married!

    Ren: Oh. *Chuckles.* Well good luck. 

    Nora, back on the scroll: So! Anyway… I have news. Ren and I… We’re getting married! *Holds scroll away as loud screams echo down the phone.*

    The scroll: Oh my gods, oh my gods, I-I’m getting teary eyed here, oh gosh whew, whew. Breathe. Breathe. I just… AHHHH I knew it! Oh my gods this is amazing! Oh I’m fanning my face but the tears keep comin!

    Ren, chuckling: Jeez!

    Nora: I know right? Look how much our fearless Leader cares about us. *Goes back on the scroll.* Jaune, sweetie put Pyrrha on the call, you’re crying so much I can’t understand you. Hey Pyr. Thanks! Yeah, gonna be a summer wedding. Yeah, that’s okay, you tend to him first, I can wait. *Rolls her eyes at Ren fondly.*

    Ren, chuckling: Love you. 

    Nora, mouthing: You too! ❤

    Jaune’s voice on the Scroll, sobbing: My babies are all grown up and getting married, Pyrrha! I’m such a proud leader right now! 

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  • image

    Really Thirsty Moms! Damn you Arc! 😲💕

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  • Jaune: Hey babe!

    Pyrrha: Hi honey umm… *Clears throat* Why do we have a three hundred lien bill to a cosplay store?

    Jaune, hiding the long bag behind him: Oh… n-nothin. It’s nothin!

    Pyrrha, crossing her arms: Jaune Arc, don’t lie to your wife now. What’s behind you?

    Jaune, sweating: I umm… I wanted to spice up our evening training sessions and… *Giddily pulls the bag out.* Oh screw it, babe look!

    Pyrrha, eyes widening as Jaune pulls the red and blue lightsabers out of the bag: Jaune! Why did you buy those?!

    Jaune, shrugging: Does anyone need a reason to buy a freakin FX lightsaber?! Imagine it, training out in the garden at night, but instead… *Smirks, turning off the room’s light and turning on the lightsabers.* We fight with these. *Lightsabers humming loudly.*

    Pyrrha, hiding her giggle behind her palm because she was supposed to be angry dammit: Jaune, you can be so dorky yet so cute, honestly.

    Jaune: Plus the kids’ll love it when we finally get to showing them Star Wars. I am educating these little ones properly! 

    Pyrrha, rolling her eyes fondly: So… which one do you imagine is mine?

    Jaune: Oh yours is red.

    Pyrrha: Because I’m evil? *Loving the way he cringes.*

    Jaune: N-No! No, cos it matches your hair!

    Pyrrha: uh huh. C’mon then, let’s go and play.

    Jaune: Whoa whoa it’s not playing Pyrrha… this is an art form. It’s a long lost way of fighting, an elegant weapon for a more… civilised age.

    Pyrrha, snorting: Stop quoting Star Wars and come and play, before the kids find us. *Giggling.*

    Jaune: Oh how I love my wife. *Skipping through the house with his blue lightsaber humming.*

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  • Everyone seems to have some kind of arch nemesis in the show, or someone they need to defeat. For some of the characters its only briefly (on screen time) shown - Ren, and having to defeat the Grimm that destroyed his home and killed his family. For others its a foil set up over time - Ruby/Cinder, Bumbleby/Adam.

    I thought Cinder was also going to be Jaune’s.

    But this last episode has me wondering, after the season 4 comment. And now with the fact it seems like Tyrians semblance is the polar opposite of Jaune’s, that maybe Tyrian is in fact the character that Jaune will have to defeat.

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  • I don’t like where this is going…

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  • My seventh photographic contribution to, and first cover of, German The Weekender Magazine out now. Featuring Cécile Daladier. Thank you both for our ongoing collaborations.

    Cécile Daladier and myself have pieces presented in a group exhibition at A Mano Studio & Gallery in France.

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  • Une très longue série sur les arbres. Ici des arbres d’automne en or.

    - Douai (des tilleuls)

    - Alpes Mancelles - Saint-Cénéri-le-Géréi 

    - Douai (un marronnier)

    - id

    - Drôme Provençale (des peupliers)

    - Saint-Germain-Lembron (Auvergne)

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  • @lepusheart​ liked for an angsty V7E6 starter.


    It had taken far too long to take all of the Grimm that had come as a result of Tyrian’s attack and the election out-though Ren certainly felt like their own heightened emotions probably hadn’t helped at all. Even his usage of his semblance (several times) on himself, Ruby and Marrow had barely made a dent in the frequency with which the Grimm had come for all the negativity in Mantle. By the time they had finished, his aura was completely drained and they got the okay from Ironwood to come back.

    Ren’s feet felt like there were heavy weights tied to them as they trudged back to the dorms. The first thing he did when he entered the dorm room he shared with Nora, Jaune and Oscar was flopped down on his bed.

    “It was awful, Jaune.” He whispered. He would be lying if he said being there hadn’t given his massive flashbacks to both Kuroyuri and the destruction of Beacon Academy.

    #rwby volume 7 spoilers #semi para#lepusheart#jaune #death mention cw #//i love getting to use icons i've never used before
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  • OCs but how they’re supposed to actually look 1/?

    Gray Alastor + Jaune McArthur + Xavier Mitchelson + Flustorm

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