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    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago


    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Jay b smiling and happy. He really joined the best label. His IG live was so wholesome, the way he kept giggling throughout it, the fact that he admired that he was nervous. This man debuted nearly a decade ago yet he’s still like a little kid, excited about this new start. 😍 idk if it’s just me but imo it felt like he was kinda lost when GOT7 left JYPE and everyone went their separate ways. Did you see his smile when Yugyeom appeared next to Jay Park? He really missed him. 🥺 Also how weird, funny and cute was it hearing him say ‘hyung’? 😁 He must’ve been under a lot of pressure, being the leader of GOT7 and seeing him now being relaxed and at ease is so refreshing. I guess he needed that. He needed someone to look up to. After all this is a new beginning. And I may be wrong but to me it seems he’s not particularly fond of big changes.

    I’m so happy he found a reliable CEO and mentor in Jay Park and I know Jay will take good care of him and Yugyeom. He’s the best CEO, biggest inspiration and trustworthiest leader. With him both Jay b and Yugyeom will thrive and finally be able to show just how talented they are. 😍 I can’t wait for Jay b’s song that drops on May 14th (no wonder, my man must have written a lot of songs in the meantime) and for him to collaborate with H1GHR/AOMG artists and producers (I know pH-1 and Woogie said they want to work with him but I’m also praying for a collaboration with Gray and Hoody 🤞) and of course a collaboration with Jay Park, after all he mentioned a surprise guest for his first solo song 😁🤞

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    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ceo!jay being mad at u for not finishing smth on time or doing smth wrong and he punishes u in his office

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    12.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    "what would i do without you"

    genre: fluff

    this is my first imagine, or any type of writing on here, so please bare with me, and feel free to leave me requests!

    it was currently 5pm, and your boyfriend, jay had been rehearsing all day. you were so happy to be with someone who was so passionate about what they did. however, sometimes he would be so passionate about his job he would forget his meals. so here you were, in the hybe building, in front of where your boyfriend and the rest of his group would be rehearsing, holding snacks and food you picked up.

    you slowly walked in, as the boys were closing out their routine. once the boys finished, you noticed jungwon turn around and point to you, "y/n!" he smiled, as the rest of the boys came towards you.

    "what's all this?" jake questioned, pointing to the food.

    "i wanted to bring you guys food! you need to make sure you're eating." you chuckled.

    "you're awesome, y/n!" ni-ki, explained. "thank you!" all the boys said in unison, before grabbing the food out of your hands. you smiled, before jay finally walked towards you, letting the other boys distribute the food.

    "you're the best, you know that?" jay chuckled, putting his arm around you. "eh, maybe." you smiled.

    "the boys love you a lot you know? you take care of them." he smiled. "thank you, for everything. i mean it. what would i do without you?" he questioned. you smiled, "probably starve," you joked, before jay pulled you in for a hug. "are you guys gonna eat? the food is gonna be gone in seconds," said sunghoon.

    the end.

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  • prkjay
    12.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    jay x not for sale on mbc radio
    #enhypennetwork#enhypenet#park jongseong#park jay#jay#enhypen#mine #this was hard to color but he's so pretty!
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  • heezoneie
    12.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    ★ Rockstar ★


    Summary: When a girl wants to pursue her dream, she does whatever it take to achieve it. What if when she thinks she’s about to fall apart, she meets her CEO’s son? What if she find an escape in him? What if he finds an escape in her? Through many trials of love, friendship, and competition to become a artist; will she make it?

    word count: 685

    paring: jay x rockstar!reader

    chapter 1: “this is it”


    The crowed roared with the sound of your intro music beginning echo through the stadium. Thousands of people came from all over just to see you. Thump. Thump. Thump. The bass blasted through your ears, as the crowd got impossibly louder.

    The platform on which you stood began to rise, the adrenaline pumping. Thump. Thump. Thump. Excited filled your veins. There was something in the way the crowd chanted your name that really got you going.

    Sounds of screamed rang through the air as you were revealed to the crowd. This was it, this was your dream.

    But even your dreams couldn’t block out the sound of your annoying alarm clock. Opening your eyes, you were met with the blinding rays of sun. As you looked around you were slapped in the face with a dose of reality.

    You were not, in fact, about to perform in front of thousands of people that chanted your name. You no longer had that adrenaline pumping through your veins. You no longer heard that longing thump as you rose to glory.

    Instead you were met with the early morning sun and your alarm. You sat up and groggily checked your phone. 7:45 am. “It’s way too early for this” you thought as you began to make your way to your bathroom.

    After getting dressed and doing you typical morning routine, you walked out to your kitchen. No one in the house was awake yet...or so you thought. The pounding of little feet against the hardwood floor flooded your ears.

    You turned around to your two little siblings, Maverick and Maggie. They stared up at you expectingly. “Y/n can you please make us breakfast? Mommy and Daddy are still sleeping.”

    As much as you adored your little siblings, they could be needy. Looking at the time, you realized if you didn’t get to the company soon, you could potentially miss your pre-audition warmup.

    “I’m sorry babies, but i really have to go, go wake up mommy and daddy. Oh, and tell them i already left for my audition.” They both made a b-line up the stairs and into your parents room.

    To save yourself from the wrath of your parents, you quickly left for the bus stop. It was a semi-chilly morning, but it would heat up as the sun came out later in the day. Plugging in your headphones, you rehearsed you music in your head.

    Your grip tightened on your guitar case, nerves finally beginning to settle in. As you approached your bus stop, your phone began to ring. Looking at the caller ID, you saw it was your best friend Sage.

    Picking up the phone, Sage’s voice rang through, “IT’S AUDITION DAY BABE!” You laughed at her excited tone. “I’m aware, and i’m also surprised your awake right now.” You could practically feel her eyes rolling through the phone.

    “Well i was too excited for you, i know you’ll do amazing. You always do” Her statement helped slightly ease your ever building nerves. “I hope so, I want this more than anything.” “I know you do, just breathe, you’ll be fine. I have 100% confidence in you.”

    The sound of the bus approaching caught your attention. “Thanks a lot Sage, but the bus is here I have to go.” “Okay babe, good luck, call me when your done” Smiling, you bid her goodbye just as the bus pulled up.

    The bus ride seemed 10x longer than normal. Maybe it was the anticipation of the audition, or maybe it was the sleepiness that still slightly lingered. When the company building finally emerges in your view, your heart rate increased exponentially.

    You stepped off the bus, headphones in, guitar in one hand, and your backpack on. You looked up at the tall building. It was intimidating to say the least. It quite literally towered over you. What really gained you attention was the big bold letters on the front;

    “Starcry Entertainment”

    Taking a deep breath, you gripped your bag, and began your journey inside. You had one thing on your mind, “Make or break time, this is it.”


    #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions#enhypen fluff#enhypen jay#jay park#enhypen fic#enhypen series #enhypen jay x reader #enhypen x reader #jay x reader #park jongseong x reader #jay park x reader #park jongseong
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    12.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    jayb and jay park collab when

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  • maritimeorca
    11.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #Animal #Banff National Park #Bird#Jay #Johnson Lake Trail #Perisoreus canadensis#Canada Jay
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  • bloom-bloom-pow
    11.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    [17:38] jay park

    [17:38] intrigued by your new rings, bf! jay angles your hands in front of his face and plays with the one on your left ring finger. taking the blue banded off of it, he slides a thin, sparkly silver one on. telling you that it's a promise ring and taking out his left hand to show you his matching band, you grab the collar of his leather jacket and give him a kiss that makes him breathless.

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  • n1xieyoona
    11.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    [PARENTHOOD] -` I’m back ’ -


    *years later after y/n and jay’s wedding*

    jay and y/n had a child ... a beautiful one name nora

    Nora was a funny , sweet , beautiful little girl.

    y/n : “jay hun !! could you put Nora for nap time it’s already 4:12pm and it’s her nap time hour”

    jay : “I know honey I’ll take her for her nap now”

    jay picked up Nora and y/n kissed nora’s head before she went for her nap time .

    as Nora was asleep , jay and y/n were eating and watching True Beauty because jay and y/n were so addicted to the drama because of hwang inyeop (AS THEY SHOULD)

    but then jay hears crying coming from nora’s room and it was 5:06pm .

    jay : “hun nora’s awake now”

    y/n knew she was awake and went to go get nora

    y/n had a great GREAT idea .

    “how about we watch a movie together ?? we can watch frozen 2 . want that Nora ??”

    nora started babbling of excitement .

    so then jay , nora, and y/n watched frozen II .



    group : enhypen

    member : jay park

    thread for : “falling for the school bad boy”

    written : 05-12-21

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  • videooffmicon
    11.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    So Jay B signed with H1ghr Music.

    I am calm.

    I am calm.

    I AM CALM.

    I have not watched the artist reveal video a hundred times.

    I have NOT, I tell you.

    I AM telling the truth, do NOT question me.

    I'm so hyped about this I'm not sure I'll be able to sit still for a week.

    Also, Jay Park's igot8 comment was adorable. I've loved Jay Park and his music for a long time, AOMG and H1ghr make music for the soul and the hoe inside me. Also, suck it jaywhypee, rue the day when Jay Park left 2 PM, because he has now bagged GOLD with Yugyeom and Jaebeom.
    #jayb#lim jaebeom #last of the lot to sign #because they saved the best for the last #mark tuan#park jinyoung#bambam#choi youngjae#jackson wang#kim yugyeom#got7#got7forever#jay park#h1ghrmusic #cha cha malone #igot7#igot7forever#igot8 #because jay park's joke lol
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  • lizmoon-dust
    11.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Jay b is has officially signed with HiGher music.

    Im so proud of him. Hes going to do wonders. Also hes going to upload his first solo song on may 14.

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  • whereistradel
    11.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    exes can make out, right?

    pairing: jay park (park jae-bum) x (aomg member, female) reader

    warning: mentions of drinking alcohol, being hungover & making out

    summary: reader breaks up with jay because he never makes time for her anymore. she avoids jay and believes that he had already started moving on. some thoughts are changed when someone comes to visit and reader goes to seong-hwa's birthday party.

    requested: no

    note: angst & fluff. seong-hwa is gray, ki-suck is simon dominic, and hyuk-woo is loco.

    "I'm sorry, we can't do this anymore. I'm breaking up with you, Jay." There was silence met on the other line, so you quickly continued.

    "Thanks for the happiest year of my life" You quickly ended the call, not wanting to hear his response.

    You and Jay have been dating for a bit over a year. The beginning was great: cute dates, movie nights, sweet gifts — everything was going well.

    It wasn't until your first anniversary of dating Jay had canceled the dinner date you had for his work party. The past few months, you haven't had any dates with him because he was too busy. Sure, that may seem minor, but it wasn't until you saw on people's social media that Jay was drinking with girls around him. After seeing that post, you weren't even surprised because it wasn't the first time he out with girls for work.

    Two weeks after your breakup with Jay, you invited (F/n) over to your house to hang out. She had been on a business trip, so she was finally back in Seoul to meet up.

    "(Y/n), you said that you were fine, but this is not what 'fine' looks like to me" (F/n) had a point as she walked around your messy house. You sighed while stirring your cup of coffee in the kitchen.

    "(F/n), it hurts because I was with him for a year. I just thought he would change for me, whatever that meant. Guess he's going back to his old ways now that I'm out of the way" You sighed and took a sip from your coffee.

    (F/n) walked over to your fridge and took out some lettuce to make you both a salad. "(Y/n) I know you loved Jay. But I also saw you be the happiest when you were with him." (F/n) grabbed some salad dressing, "I want you to be happy."

    You placed your mug down on the kitchen island as you stared at her, "I'll be fine. Let's eat some salad. Also, I heard there a new club opening tonight. Wanna go?"

    "Of course, I would never miss out on a night out with you. Especially since we haven't been to the club together since before you started dating Jay. Wait, don't you have to go to your studio soon?" (F/n) asked referring to the song you wanted to make.

    You waved her off as she was making the salad, "I can work on it later. Tonight, I want to party and drink to forget about my pathetic love life."

    As you both got dressed for the club, you made sure to take photos and selfies to post on your social media. You haven't gone out in so long and felt so excited.

    "Jesus, (Y/n) you look hot. Oh, some of my friends are going to join us there. I can't have any fun with just the two of us. Since your drinking tonight, I'm going to be the sober one."

    "You look amazing right now. Also, thanks for watching me tonight in advance since if you are not there, I would probably wake up on the club floor." You joked as (F/n) nodded with a smile.

    "Let's get going, shall we?"

    The day after the night out, and you have to admit that you were hungover. You checked your phone in the morning after waking up in your bed and saw that you were drinking shots with (F/n)'s friends. At least you had fun and (F/n) took you home safely.

    You had to go to your studio today, in the AOMG building, to work on a single. Work was a bit awkward as you tried your best not to run into Jay around the building, but the past two weeks, you barely went since you weren't in the best mood to work. Thankfully, whenever you went to the building, Jay was busy with H1ghr Music, so you didn't see him around as much as you would.

    You looked through the stories and posts that (F/n)'s friends posted and realized some of them knew Jay. Then you remembered that Jay probably moved on from you by now, so you turned off your phone and got ready to leave.

    Currently, at your studio, you were listening to some draft beats that you made and never finished. Those beats sometimes became one of your songs, so you liked to listen back to them. Your phone screen lit up next to you, notifying you that you've received a text message.

    Seong-hwa: Are you at your studio right now?

    (Y/n): Yeah, why?

    Seong-hwa: Can I drop by later with the others?

    You read the message confused because he meant he, ki-suck, and hyuk-woo were coming to your studio later. Sure, you were friends with all three of them, but it was rare for them to drop by your studio when you weren't working on a song with them.

    (Y/n): Sure, I'm here till nine, so see you later.

    You shrugged your shoulders and placed your phone down back to the table, trying to think nothing of their future visit and continue your work.

    "Hey, (Y/n).” Hoody came into your studio. You turned to her and immediately got up to greet her.

    “Hey, Hoody. Wow, I haven’t seen you in a while! How are you?” Hoody sat down on your couch and pulled out a bag she’s been holding behind her back as you sat.

    “I’m doing good, just taking more cooking lessons recently, I brought you some kimbap I’ve made at home since you’re probably hungry. How have you been?”

    Hoody started to unwrap the bag she was holding and took out some lunchboxes, “I’ve had better days,” You started as she nodded understandingly, “I’m just trying to work and live life right now.”

    Hoody handed you the food and you began to eat, “Have you talked to Jay recently? I haven’t seen him for over a month now, what a busy boyfriend of yours.”

    You froze, looking at Hoody and realizing she didn’t know about your breakup. It was understandable since you haven’t told anyone from work about it. You just assumed Jay must have told someone or people would have noticed.

    “About that Hoody, Jay and I broke up about two weeks ago.”

    Hoody looked at you with wide eyes, “What? Why? You two are my OTP!”

    You sent a sad smile to Hoody as you thought back to the good times you shared with Jay, “I still love him but, he wasn’t making the same commitments to our relationship anymore like he used to. Don’t worry though, he’s probably moved on by now.”

    You began to eat the food as Hoody thought of how to comfort you. “(Y/n), if you ever need to go out and vent, I’m only a call away.” You smiled at her and motioned for her to keep eating. Hoody stayed with you for about another few hours as you two talked about other stuff that you needed to catch up on.

    It was currently seven in the evening, Seong-hwa had texted you that they were almost at your studio. You grew curious as to what they wanted to come over for.

    “Hey (Y/n),” You turned and saw it was Hyuk-woo, along with the other two walking in behind him.

    “Nice of you guys to visit me, I haven’t seen you in so long!” You were talking about Hyuk-woo and how you haven’t seen him since he went to the military.

    “So, why did you guys want to meet me?” You questioned as you remained in your chair and they sat down on the couch. The faces that they were making to each other showed that they were serious.

    “We wanted to talk to you about, Jay.” Seong-hwa started slowly.

    You looked at him as if he was serious, “We broke up two weeks ago, I don’t know what else to say.”

    “He’s been drinking at the bar and coming home late since you broke up with him. Seong-hwa and I had to go drag him out of his house today to take him out to eat. Seems that he drinks more alcohol than eats properly.”

    You sighed, resting your hands on your forehead, “I thought he’s fine.”

    “(Y/n), I came back recently and all he’s been doing is drinking...” Hyuk-woo looked at you expecting a solution to make Jay stop. What were you, God?

    “I don’t want to talk about Jay right now. We broke up because he’s not committed to our relationship anymore. He’ll stop soon and move on anyways.”

    They all had stern looks on their faces and nodded. “Well other than that, I wanted to invite you to my birthday party this weekend,” Seong-hwa said as the three started to get up from the couch.

    “I’ll text you the details later, but hope to see you there!” You gave a thumbs up to Seong-hwa and said goodbye to Ki-suck and Hyuk-woo as they left.

    When the trio left your studio, they all had smirks on their faces. “So she’s coming to your party right?”

    “She just said yes so, now we just need to make sure Jay’s cleaned up. God if (Y/n) doesn’t take him back after my party I don’t know what I’ll do.”

    Hyuk-woo agreed, “Speaking of, we should keep this a secret for Jay or he’ll be too nervous to even go.”

    The boys knew that Jay was stupid to make you believe he didn’t love you. It was quite the opposite of what you thought, Jay was scared of losing you because of work. Guess he was too busy trying to make you stay when that made you leave him.

    Seong-hwa, Hyuk-woo, and Ki-suck had all known Jay for years, and this was the worst they’ve seen him in their entire lives. They knew they had to step up and help their best friend, especially when Jay had done so much for them.

    “Let’s hope Jay mans up and talks to her.” Ki-suck joked and they headed to Jay’s house to make him eat dinner.

    “(F/n), Hoody, how do I look?” You carefully stepped out of your room to be greeted by your already dressed friends.

    “Hot as always, (Y/n),” Hoody agreed with (F/n) with a smile. “Our Uber is here, let’s go.”

    You were nervous, to be honest. You knew for a fact that Jay would be at Gray’s birthday party. Thankfully, Gray loves big, extravagant, parties, which means this party was at a big club.

    Hoody noticed your nervousness in the Uber as you were quiet while she and (F/n) were talking.

    “Hey (Y/n), if you wanna leave the party anytime, let us know.” (F/n) nodded in agreement knowing that you were one to hold in your feelings than vent out everything.

    “Thanks, guys, I will. Now let’s take some photos because both of you look hot!”

    “Happy birthday Seong-hwa!” Hoody cheered handing him his gift as you walked behind her with (F/n). The club was full of people already, Seong-hwa already had a girl on his side.

    “Yeah, happy birthday Seong-hwa. Your gift from (F/n) and I should have delivered yesterday?” Seong-hwa looked at you both with a wide grin, “Yes, the Travis Scott shoes. Thanks so much, both of you! I hope you enjoy the party. Go upstairs for the private booths I reserved for my closest friends. Also, all the food and drinks are on me.”

    “Thanks, birthday boy!” The three of you waved goodbye before quickly passing the dancing bodies and arrived upstairs. There three of you scanned for your names on any of the booths and found it among one of the middle ones. There were about fifteen other booths filled with people. Not to mention, all the seats were curved so everyone had a view of the dance floor downstairs.

    “I’m going to use the bathroom quickly, you two get the alcohol and meet me downstairs!” You tried to yell over the loud music that started blasting.

    “Okay, take your phone with you!” You nodded at (F/n) and got up to the bathrooms located at the opposite side of the floor than the stairs. As you passed by the other booths, you heard a familiar voice, “Hey (Y/n)!”

    You stopped at that booth and saw it was Ki-suck, Hyuk-woo, Jay, and a girl.

    You were mad seeing Jay with a girl next to him. ‘He’s still talking with girls. Whatever they told me about him being miserable is such a lie.’

    Quickly, you composed yourself as you realized you had no right to be jealous of him. “Hey guys, how’s the night going?”

    You noticed Jay staring at you, but you looked at Ki-suck and Hyun-woo the entire time.

    “We’re having fun. What about you? Did you come alone?” Hyuk-woo asked kindly and you wanted to laugh at how worried he looked.

    “No, I’m here with my friends. I should get going now. If you guys see me wasted later, no you didn’t” Ki-suck chuckled and you left them to go order the food again.

    You didn’t realize that the girl next to Jay was his cousin. As you left, his cousin spoke up, “Guys, is that Jay’s ex that he’s still madly in love with?” His cousin said that last part teasing Jay.

    Ki-suck and Hyuk-woo only nodded while Jay was still staring at you leaving. You were walking alone in a nice dress that made you look beautiful, and the fact that Jay couldn’t be there to show you off pissed him off.

    “Well, she’s really pretty. How could you let her go, Jay? What a cousin I have.”

    “I’m going to the bathroom.”

    Jay got up and walked towards the bathrooms, thinking about the words that his friends have been telling him the past few weeks.

    ‘(Y/n)’s at a party right now. She even danced with some guys too’

    ‘I saw (Y/n) at her studio today. I ate kimbap with her!”

    ‘She’s not going to stay single forever, please fix things.’

    “You look miserable”

    Wait, that last one wasn’t what his friends said.

    Jay looked up from the floor and saw you walking out from the bathroom.

    “What? You do look miserable,” You didn’t know why you were talking to him, especially when you wanted to yell at him for everything he’s done to make you feel hurt.

    Jay wanted to say then, that he was wrong with everything, that he still loved you, but he chose not to because he knew you were better off without him.

    Without a word, he took his eyes off you and walked inside the men’s restroom as you stood there confused.

    You weren’t expecting that reaction but walked downstairs to meet Hoody and (F/n).

    “Here,” Hoody passed you a drink. It was your favorite strawberry daiquiri in a tall glass cup. “Be careful not to spill it on your dress.” (F/n) warned referring to your black dress. If you did spill the drink, it would be embarrassing.

    “Take your shots ladies,” Hoody passed you two shots of vodka to drink before you would start dancing.

    Feeling the burn in your throat, you grabbed your red drink again and headed to the dance floor, “Let’s party!”

    You lost count of how many shots you took with (F/n). Hoody was supposed to be the sober one for tonight as she had an interview tomorrow morning and didn’t mind anyway.

    “(Y/n), stay in the booth while I go look for (F/n), okay?” You nodded with a wide grin on your face.

    You sat there, eating the fries when someone joined you in the booth.

    “Hello?” You spoke as you looked at the man in curiosity. You were too drunk to recognize them.

    “What are you doing sitting here?” The man ignored your questions and stared at you the entire time. That would’ve been weird if you were sober, but right now you were too busy finishing your food.

    “How have you been?” The man finally asked and you couldn’t help but sigh.

    “Honestly, I can’t explain my emotions. I’m so upset over the dumb ex that I’m throwing myself into work.” You picked up a fry and pointed it to the stranger.

    “Do you know how mad I am about my ex? He was with a new girl even when we were dating. God, where did I go wrong?” You put your head in your hands and started to feel sad.

    You heard the man sigh, and push his drink to you. It was a familiar red drink, the one you’ve been drinking earlier: Strawberry Daiquiri.

    “Oh my God, I love this drink!” You clapped your hands in excitement and started to drink it. The stranger let out a chuckle at your drunk behavior.

    “Thank you,” You smiled at the stranger as he thought about his next words carefully.

    “If your ex were to try to fix things, what would you do?"

    You stopped slurping the drink and looked at him slowly in thought, “I guess, I mean I still love him. That’s what hurts the most. As much as I cried over him, my pathetic self misses him. God, I need to move on.” You suggested while getting up. You noticed the stranger immediately jump up to stop you.

    “No, don’t go. Please.” You could barely make out this guy’s face and here you were chatting with him.

    “I mean,” The man coughed awkwardly, “I think your friend’s going to come back soon. You should not go downstairs by yourself.”

    You nodded your head realizing he had a good point. “Okay, want some fries?”

    “I’m good, I have to be going.” The stranger noticed Hoody starting to walk up the stairs with (F/n) and panicked.

    “Okay, goodnight.”

    The man smiled at you once before walking back to his booth so Hoody wouldn’t notice him.

    “So did you confess your feelings to (Y/n) again?” Jay jumped, Ki-suck had just scared him as he was focused on watching you.

    “I didn’t. But she did confess that she would take me back?” Jay scratched the back of his head nervously knowing his friends would make fun of him. Instead, Hyun-woo and Ki-suck smiled at him.

    “That's good. Now do it tomorrow or I’ll kill you myself” Jay’s cousin spoke as she took a sip from her drink.

    Jay nodded and decided, tomorrow he would fix everything.

    (Y/n): I’ll leave my studio door unlocked because I’m going to listen to music with my headphones

    Hoody: Okay, see you soon!

    It was the day after Seong-hwa’s big birthday party, and you were so hungover earlier. Hoody had told you that she will deliver you some homemade food during the afternoon so you could feel better. At least you know the more hungover you are, the better time you had.

    You walked over to your door and left it unlocked, knowing the only person visiting you would be Hoody since (F/n) went to work today too.

    You sat back down on your chair and went on your music playlist, pressing the latest top songs.

    You heard some uprising artists and realized you should make some songs with them because you liked their music type.

    A hand touched your shoulder, and you jumped in your chair getting caught off guard. Not looking back, you took off your headphones, "Jesus, Hoody. You almost gave me a heart attack."

    You turned to her and froze, "What are you doing here?"

    Jay stood there not knowing where to begin.

    "Um, can we talk (Y/n)?"

    You began to think Hoody was not coming, and you were right. Jay had messaged Hoody that he planned to visit you at your studio tomorrow, and Hoody knew that the moment you saw his face, you would close the door on his face. Insuring him that your studio door would be open, Jay had arrived inside.

    "What do you want to talk about? Do I need to make a beat for someone?"

    As much as you wished that Jay was here to fix your relationship, you knew he was probably here for work. Jay coughed a bit and gestured for you to sit on the couch with him.

    "I wanted to, actually, do you remember anything from last night?"

    You looked at him confused, you didn't recall anything that occurred after you took vodka shots downstairs.

    "Not really, why?"

    Jay wanted to ease this awkward situation, "You made out with me" He lied with a smirk.

    "What? When? Why didn't you stop me?" You started to raise your voice a little, mainly because you were embarrassed that your drunk actions were still remembered by him.

    "What do you mean, why? Exes can still make out, right?"

    You sighed staring at him and his smile remained on his face. He wanted to just tell you he loved you and he would drop everything to be back with you, so he did.

    "(Y/n)," He started and you noticed he was biting his lip, a nervous habit of his. "I miss you. I want you to give me a second chance, and I promise I won't mess it up. I didn't want you to leave me after my work started getting in the way of our time, but looking at it now it maybe I could've stayed with you the entire time. I promise I won't cancel a single date that you ask me to. Just please," His voice was kind of cracking and he looked to the floor, "Be with me again?"

    Jay kept his gaze on the floor, so afraid of your response. He knew that if you rejected him right now, he would feel his heartbreak in half.

    You, on the other hand, were stunned. You thought Jay was happy to have broken up with you. That he had found a better girlfriend by now. Boy, you were so wrong, this man was in love with you and just recently realized it.

    "Jay," He stiffened, ready to hear the words: I don't love you anymore and mentally prepared himself.

    “You know what I hate the most about you?" He looked up, back to you, confused.

    You continued, "I hate that, after all those weeks of canceling all our plans, going to clubs with girls, that I waited for you to come home. I hate that I cared about you when you obviously didn't. I hate that I'm still in love with you"

    Jay took a second to register what you just, "You still love me?"

    You were in shock at what you just said, you had never told Jay the L word and here you were, confessing to him.

    "Say it's true, do you love me?" Jay wanted to hear you say that you loved him, just as he loved you. He was beginning to worry that your silence meant you didn't mean to say it.

    You leaned back on the couch, looking ahead and defeated, "I still love you. God, this is so dumb. Leave or something, find yourself another girlfriend and leave me alone."

    "But, I'm in love with you so, why would I get another girlfriend when I have one right here?" Jay turned your head with his hand to look at you properly, a small smile on his face, "(Y/n), please get back together with me. I didn't realize how much you meant to me until that phone call. By the way, thanks for breaking up with me over the phone, the guys were laughing at it while I cried."

    You looked at Jay like he grew three heads, "You cried? Because we broke up?"

    Jay's smile fell as he just exposed himself, "Maybe?" You laughed a little and he looked at you in adoration. How could he have let you go when you were his happiness?

    "So (Y/n), will you please, be my girlfriend again?" Jay asked with puppy eyes and you smiled, "I don't know Jay, ex-boyfriend doesn't sound too bad..."

    Jay rolled his eyes and you laughed again, realizing how much you've missed him. "I'm joking, yes, I would love to. Now take me to dinner, boyfriend."

    "Oh also, we didn't really make out last night”

    Jay got a smack on his back as the couple realized they were happy, together.

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    — written on may 11, 2021

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  • freyja-333
    11.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Jay Park Ig live with Sokodomo:

    Jay: what's wrong with the name of you album? it's like dot dot

    sokodomo: it's morse code!

    jay: how do you expect people to just search for that?

    sokodomo : I don't know 😄

    #honestly jay just spoke my mind lol #jay park#sokodomo#khh#khiphop #i love the way jay asks him questions like ' what's your ultimate goal ' 'what's your inspiration' ' mv commentary' to promote his music #and explain the creative process
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  • sandiegokpop
    11.05.2021 - 16 hours ago


    #i wonder what 2pm think about yugyeom & jayb being under Jay's record labels lol #taec & junho seem the most salty over Jay STILL #anyway ignore me #i thought I'd be less excited if jay b was signed but im still interested #jay b#2pm#got7#jay park
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  • sandiegokpop
    11.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Jay really collecting Got7 huh?

    #the moths to his flame lol #i just saw his insta vid post i had forgotten jay b (that's how it's stylized rn right?) wanted to join h1gher #jay park#got7#jay b#jb
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  • bloom-bloom-pow
    11.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    [08:57] park sunghoon

    muttering under your breath about how annoying your project member! sunghoon had been, he gives you a little smirk. “say that again, sweetheart?” gulping, already forgetting the fact that you had fallen in love with him, you repeat yourself. “i said, i’m going to strangle your neck if we fail.” chuckling, he gets out of his seat and leans over to whisper in your ear. “you can’t even reach my neck, sweetheart..” staring at him, flustered, you couldn’t believe that he had you wrapped around his finger.

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  • enluv
    11.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    do exes see their breakup the same way ?

    — park sunghoon x gn!reader

    warnings: angst! established relationship, cheating, sad hoon :( & cursing!

    coco's love note: I love some good ol' hyung line angst so I said eh why not! also please remember these are fictional and do not represent the members at all, whatsoever.

    others: jake version here!

    tagging: @unghoon & @taejinverse !!

    [video opens to two people in different rooms, neither can hear what the other is saying]

    — "What's your name and the name of your ex?"

    Y/N: My name is Y/N and my ex is Sunghoon.

    Sunghoon: Sunghoon and my ex is Y/N.

    — "Today we'll be filming you two separately to see how your answers differ. Are you ready?"

    [both nod their heads]

    — "How did you meet?"

    Sunghoon: I'm a performer and they came to my bands show. They are childhood friends with one of my band members, he introduced us and it all went from there.

    [directed at Sunghoon only]

    — "Did you notice them from the stage?"

    Sunghoon: Surprisingly, I noticed their friend first, but by the end of the night, they were the only one had my eye.

    [scene fades back to Y/N]

    Y/N: We met at this venue his band was playing, it also just so happens that my best friend is his band mate.

    — "Where you nervous?"

    Y/N: Not one bit. I really didn't know I'd be going home with him that night so I was just there to have fun.

    Sunghoon: *he let's out a breath he had been holding* Hell yeah I was. Our friend, Jay, he knows everyone, and when he introduced us, he walked away and just left us to talk amongst ourselves but I was so awkward. God it was awful.

    [the video fades as the producer prepares for another round of questions]

    — "How long were you together?"

    Y/N: You mean the first time or the second? Or just as a whole?

    [the producer laughs and asks for the latter]

    Y/N: Oh well we were together as a whole for nine months.

    Sunghoon: Probably a year? We were on and off a lot.

    — "When did it end?"

    Sunghoon: Did it really ever.

    Y/N: Officially it was two months ago.

    [the camera pans back to the now ex couple]

    — "Why did you break up?"

    Y/N: *their smile fades and a frown appears* The night of my birthday, my now ex close friend came to me and she told me that she'd been seeing him behind my back, [gasps escape the mouths of other participants] I asked him about it and he refused to give me a straight answer, which made me upset and we had a big argument infront of all these random ass people. He left and didn't come back till the next morning. I later found out that he stayed with her that night.

    Sunghoon: Look I want to clarify that I did not cheat on them before the night of their birthday party.

    — "So you cheated after?"

    Sunghoon: Technically, yes. I went home with their friend and my stupid mind was so filled with anger that I didn't think and I kissed their friend, but that was the only time, I swear. Anytime before that I didn't do anything. We just texted and hung out a few times.

    [the producer sighs and directs his next questions at Y/N]

    — "Was he cheating?"

    Y/N: Yes. How could he not be? The evidence was all there on her phone.

    — "When I ask him why you two broke up, what do you think he'll say?"

    Y/N: He will probably try and defend himself and say that all they did was text one another before that night. Honestly, I don't know how many times I've tried to explain to him that emotional cheating, is still cheating.

    [the producers final question is for Sunghoon]

    — "Do you regret it?"

    Sunghoon: Yes of course I do and I always will.

    [next video set is shown]

    — "Who broke up with who?"

    Y/N: I broke up with him.

    Sunghoon: They broke up with me.

    — "Who took the break up the hardest?

    Sunghoon: Even though I did them so fucking wrong, it was me. I still live with so much regret, I just kept wishing I could go back and stop myself because I love them and I wish I hadn't hurt them the way I promised to never do.

    Y/N: I did. Not only did I lose him, but I also lost a friend that I had for years. The betrayal from them hurt so fucking bad. I still cry to my best friend Jay over it, but only sometimes.

    — "What do you miss most about your relationship?"

    Y/N: I miss his friendship. We always had the best times together, and in the shortish time that we were together he learned everything there was to know about me, and that made me feel so loved. I appreciated that so much. Another thing is he never once left me feeling down and always helped pick me back up.

    Sunghoon: Everything. I literally miss them and our relationship as a whole.

    Producer: Thank you both, Y/N and Sunghoon, for participating today. We appreciate it and hope to see you next time!

    [the lights switch off as the video fades away]

    coco's final note: yikes. writing this was crazy for me. I wanted it to be fluffy but my need for enhypen angst said "no <3" and yeah. sorry hoonist!! i love y'all :D

    #enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen sunghoon #park sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x reader #park sunghoon x gn!reader #sunghoon x gn!reader #sunghoon imagines #park sunghoon scenarios #sunghoon scenarios#enhypen#enhypen jay #enhypen x reader #enhypen angst#park sunghoon#enhypen fanfiction#sunghoon angst #park sunghoon angst #all i know is pain✋🏼
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