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    18.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago
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    18.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago


    Look what I found...

    That's the Great Kai Hiwatari, waiting to be completed since June 2021.

    I wonder whether I should complete this or not though...

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  • amenradio1
    18.01.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    Olorun Ti A Ko Ri (The Invisible Man) - Kay Wonder

    Olorun Ti A Ko Ri (The Invisible Man) - Kay Wonder (@Kay_wonder1) via [@amenradio1] Cc: @AllBazetv #AmenRadio #AmenRadio1

    Download: Olorun Ti A Ko Ri (The Invisible Man) – Kay Wonder Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter Kay Wonder offers up a brand new single titled, “Olorun Ti A Ko Ri” produced by Samuel Adebayo. This track comes from his new album, “Paradise High Praise”, and serves as a breath of fresh air to the artiste and for the gospel industry. The gospel music singer is known for some popular hit worship…

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    #Amen Music #Download Gospel Songs Mp3 #Free Gospel Music Download #Gospel Mp3#Gospel Naija#Kay Wonder#Naija Gospel #Naija Gospel Music Site #Naija Gospel Songs #Naija Music Site #Nigerian Gospel Worship Songs #Nigerian Worship Songs #NotJustOk Gospel #Olorun Ti A Ko Ri #The Invisible Man #Top gospel songs #Trace Gospel#Urhobo Music
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  • samredding
    18.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Am I supposed to feel bad for Anthony Larusso? I mean I’m sorry, but he bullied him? Doesn’t matter if he hesitated once or twice?

    I don’t feel bad, sorry. He got beat up, not saying that’s what should of happened but eh, he deserves it.

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  • astratv
    18.01.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    Ηλιόπουλος – Άμεσα μείωση του ΕΦΚ σε καύσιμα και φυσικό αέριο – Αύξηση στα 800 ευρώ του κατώτατου μισθού

    Ηλιόπουλος – Άμεσα μείωση του ΕΦΚ σε καύσιμα και φυσικό αέριο – Αύξηση στα 800 ευρώ του κατώτατου μισθού

    «Η χώρα πληρώνει πολύ ακριβά την κυβέρνηση Μητσοτάκη και σε ό,τι αφορά την πανδημία και σε ό,τι αφορά την ακρίβεια», δήλωσε ο εκπρόσωπος Τύπου του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-Προοδευτική Συμμαχία, Νάσος Ηλιόπουλος. Ο Νάσος Ηλιόπουλος μιλώντας στον Σκάι κατηγόρησε την κυβέρνηση ότι αντιμετώπισε τα δύο προβλήματα με «υποτίμηση και ψεύτικη αισιοδοξία». Ανέφερε ότι «διαψεύστηκαν πλήρως οι αρχικοί ισχυρισμοί της ΝΔ ότι η…

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    18.01.2022 - 43 minutes ago
    #demetri alexopoulos #eli hawk moskowitz #cobra kai#elimetri#binary boyfriends#hawkmetri#hawkmeat#jacob bertrand#gianni decenzo #Dem's puppy eyes #Dem was so offended when Eli called himself a loser I thought he was gonna angry kiss him #my edits
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    18.01.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    ΑΣΟΕΕ – Επεισόδια, χημικά και πετροπόλεμος με τις δυνάμεις των ΜΑΤ

    ΑΣΟΕΕ – Επεισόδια, χημικά και πετροπόλεμος με τις δυνάμεις των ΜΑΤ

    Σε εξέλιξη βρίσκονται επεισόδια αυτή την ώρα έξω από το Οικονομικό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών. Σύμφωνα με τις πληροφορίες, άγνωστοι έξω από το κτήριο της ΑΣΟΕΕ συγκρούονται με τις αστυνομικές δυνάμεις πετώντας πέτρες. Τώρα επεισόδια #ΑΣΟΕΕ pic.twitter.com/mVmlLdBf8A — Κατσουνάς (@katsounades) January 18, 2022 Γράψτε το σχόλιό σας Ακολουθήστε το στο Google News και μάθετε πρώτοι όλες τις…

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  • gingerale2017
    18.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    Step 6: Have a Good Morning (Bad Afternoon)

    Kai walked with an extra pep in his step. His smile was wide on his face, glimmering. The reason was for two reasons. One, he felt like writing songs for the first time in months. Two, Cinder Linh.

    Oh, stars, how to describe Cinder Linh.

    She was hardworking, honest, sarcastic, incredibly caring— this trait was hidden under various layers— passionate, and beautiful.

    Cinder made him want to write songs. Sure it was cheesy, but that’s love-

    First, that line could be a song lyric

    Second, he couldn’t be falling in love already. These past weeks with her left him feeling something in his torn heart. Maybe she’s filling the crack Hannah removed.

    Kai smiled brightly. If so, Cinder is not only healing him but also adding an extension to his heart.

    Lovers are so easily replaceable to you, Kai, because, unlike the regular person, you fall in love with the person who smiles at you. You never have to worry about your suffering because once you get bored of one thing, you grab the next shiniest object. You fall in love too fast, too much. That is your problem.

    He paused, shaking his head while squeezing his eyes shut. Kai would not let Hannah’s words ruin his day, his life. Not again.

    Lovers are so easily replaceable to... You fall in love too fast, too much... That is your problem

    Shut up, he told his mind.

    Kai arrived at the glorious hotel he was staying at. It was at least forty floors high and was shinier than its neighbors. Also spotless. This place was one of the cleanest hotels he had ever seen.

    Before he entered, his phone rang with Torin’s fun ringtone.

    He picked up, “Hey, Torin, what’s up.”

    “Kai, remember when I told you that I was having some trouble with my family?” his manager seemed to be a stalling

    “Yeah, your sister, right?” Kai winced. Torin’s little sister got arrested (again) and needed bail. Kai didn’t know the specifics but he knew something bad happened, and Torin needed some time off, “Did you hire a replacement yet?”

    “I- yes I did,” his hesitant tone made him frown.

    “Torin, what’s wrong?

    “I hired someone who is good at their job and knows their limits. I know you won’t like them though, so I apologize in advance-”

    “Don’t sweat it, Torin. I trust whoever you picked will be the best option.”

    Torin sighed, “Are you at the hotel yet?”

    “I’m in the lobby.”

    “Ok, we’ll meet you at your suite.”

    “Alright, see you soon,” Kai hung up, thoughts racing in his head. He meant what he said to his manager, but the way Torin was talking.

    He trusted Torin with his life, so even if he hated whoever was hired, he knew it was the best option because Torin picked them.

    His time in San Francisco was coming to an end. Kai had wondered if three weeks was too long of a vacation. He planned to spend most of his time at his father’s house, but then he met Cinder, and well, plans change.

    The elevator opened its doors, mirrors surrounding the walls and a metal railing latched on. Kai pressed the button of the suite’s floor and waited. Calm jazz played through the speakers. He always liked the elevator music. It oddly soothed him.

    The doors opened to an older lady with gray hair coming in. She nodded before stepping in. They waited in silence. He wondered why she was going up before he remembered that there was a bar and pool near the roof.

    “Excuse me, sir, I’m not very good with pop culture these days, but my daughter is and you look very familiar.”

    Kai smiled, “Yes, I am Prince Kai.”

    Her eyes widened, “Wow, I was not expecting to be right. My daughter is a huge fan of yours. I’m sure she knows every song by heart,” the woman returned his smile a bit sheepishly, “Do you mind taking a photo?”

    “No problem,” the lady got the camera on her phone ready and leaned towards Kai. He used his weary, but still stunning, smile that he usually used for paparazzi. He loved when his fans were parents and told embarrassing stories of their children admiring Kai, but sometimes they share too much like: ‘My daughter kissed your poster once in front of me, and I think it might be an often circumstance, haha’. He had chuckled awkwardly and stalked away. But usually, it was the parent admiring their child.

    It brought memories of how his own parents embarrassed him in public. Before his mother died. Before his father got sick. Before he got famous. Kai took his family for granted and he regretted every time he argued with them or cursed them in his mind.

    The elevator doors opened once again, this time it was his floor. He nodded to the lady, “This is my stop. It’s been a pleasure.”

    “Thank you so much!” the doors closed.

    Kai hummed, hands in his pockets, towards his suite. He was excited to meet his new temporary manager, though sad about Torin’s leave. Once he reached his suite, he grabbed the key card from his pocket, swiped it, and opened the door.

    Torin sat in the chair closest to Kai. He looked worn and apologetic, leaving Kai more puzzled.

    Then a voice, clear and sharp that Kai had heard almost every day for months. He turned toward it, horrified but with a poker face.

    Hair was sported into twin braids that jointed together into a bun. He knew it was blonde and thick because he used to run his hands through it. Pale cheeks that only blushed when he pecked them. A pretty mouth that only spoke ugly untruths, but he has kissed regardless.

    “Hello again, Mr. Prince.”

    Kai forced a smile and pretended that this woman hadn’t ripped his heart out, shattered it to dust with a knife, then proceed to throw it in a river while laughing maniacally. He was convinced that she was a sociopath.

    “Hannah. What a surprise,” he said with gritted teeth.

    Her hair was longer but well-kept, and her bangs looked trimmed. She smiled like they were old acquaintances rather than lovers, “It’s been too long. How have you been.”

    Terrible, you sociopathic, evil, vile-, “Great. How about yourself?”

    “Wonderful, thanks for asking,” Hannah flashed a smile he recognized well. It was the smile she gave to strangers.

    So she was really going to pretend that nothing ever happened? How predictable.

    It felt like his mind was going in circles with her. She was driving Kai mad.

    “Anyways, Mr. Prince, I don’t want to waste your time, and I’m sure you got things to do. This was just for us to meet,” Hannah smiled at him, “I’ll see you later, hopefully.”

    She walked past him, leaving Torin and Kai alone. Torin was right. Hannah was insanely good at her job (at least before their fiasco of a relationship.

    Torin opened his mouth to say something but Kai stopped him, “Torin, I get your point. She’s excellent at this, we know that. I know that besides our past, she is the best person for the job,” he sighed, “I just really wish she wasn’t.”

    Kai dug his fingers into his palms, a habit that he’s had since his childhood. He wanted to leave, to not think about her.

    He needed to leave, he needed to find... Cinder. Yes, she was the one person he wanted right now. He needed to call Cinder.



    “I’ll be back.” Kai left the suite and dialed her number.

    Tag List: @i-will-write-someday @greenalmond @the-wee-woo-royal @shellyseashell @icyandthefrostbites @hillbilly-circe @shelbylmkaider @not-the-founder-of-rome @crescentchat @just2bubbly @tamakis-ears @ever-squish @fangirlforever0704 @deprivedmusicaljunkie @notjacinclay @zephyr-thedragon @cerenoya @a-salting-the-world @rapunzelfromthemoon @jacihayle @winterrhayle @wheresmymom-imlost @cinderswrench @cindersassasin (ask if you wanna be added or removed <3)

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    18.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago

    «Χαράδρα» άνοιξε στο Καλοχώρι – Κατάπιε ακόμη και δέντρα – Εντυπωσιάζουν οι φωτογραφίες –

    «Χαράδρα» άνοιξε στο Καλοχώρι – Κατάπιε ακόμη και δέντρα – Εντυπωσιάζουν οι φωτογραφίες –

    Η γη χωρίστηκε στα δύο στο Καλοχώρι του Δήμου Τεμπών Λάρισας. Μετά τις τελευταίες έντονες βροχοπτώσεις άνοιξε «χαράδρα» η οποία κατάπιε δρόμο, δέντρα και χωράφια. Το ρήγμα με βάθος πολλά μέτρα κατάφερε να κόψει τον αγροτικό δρόμο στη μέση και να «ρουφήξει» δέντρα, καθώς η ορμή του νερού ήταν τεράστια. Δείτε φωτογραφίες: Περισσότερα Εδω

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  • fairyofthestar
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    free love

    word count: 1.8k

    genre: tooth-rotting fluff, established relationship

    a/n: no one really requested for a hyuka song au which made me feel :( so i wrote one on my own bc my poor meow meow deserves more. i hope that changes when i open my requests back up. this song reminds me of him so it was really nice using it for an au about him :D hyuka my love <3

    imagine a place where we can be free there's no one for miles, it's just you and me

    on days where the already warm sun was shining down on the earth with extra strength in its rays, there was only one way that a carefree couple could enjoy the day without feeling like they were suffocating from the heat.

    "IT'S THE OCEAN!" huening kai yelled while running straight towards the soft yellow sand. you laughed at his excitement that could match the excitement of a kid going inside of a toy store while closing the door of the driver's seat. hyuka insisted on driving but knowing how he had been wanting to go to the beach for so long, you feared that he would drive way too fast, causing an unplanned detour towards the hospital.

    you shielded your eyes from the ray of the sun as you watched him jump around. "he's definitely going to tire himself out after an hour," you mumbled to yourself, shaking your head fondly.

    you started walking towards the sand, knowing that hyuka would call out for you if you took longer than you did. you stopped your tracks a few feet away from the shore and you closed your eyes, basking in the presence of the large body of water.

    you didn't show it, but you were as excited as he was. you always felt like you had a deep connection with water and to be in front of the ocean again made you feel like you were regaining strength that you had lost since the last time you saw it—like you were home.

    as soon as you let out a content sigh, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind. you smiled and relaxed in the embrace of your boyfriend, opening your eyes to watch the way that the water moved.

    "it's pretty, right?" hyuka asked softly, placing his chin on your shoulder. you hummed in agreement and slightly turned your head towards him. "not as pretty as you though," he added.

    "so cheesy," you snorted and rolled your eyes playfully as an attempt to hide the rush of blood that was slowly making its way on your cheeks.

    months after saying yes to him being your boyfriend, his words still had an effect on you as if he was flirting for the first time. he knew exactly how to fluster you with his compliments or even just by reiterating something that you swore you thought he had forgotten. he was such an attentive, sweet, and gentle boyfriend. he was your first, and hopefully your last.

    he chuckled at your reaction and you felt him place a chaste kiss on the side of your neck before loosening his embrace.

    hyuka momentarily letting you go wasn't so that he could do something else like sit on the sand to continue staring at the water. it was far from it and it was because the mischievous side of him instantly sprung up after uttering those sweet words.

    he loosened his grip to readjust his hold on you and easily lifted you up with his strong arms. an evil grin was on his face and you shrieked as soon as you felt your feet being lifted up from the sand.

    "if you don't put me down i swear to god, hyuka!" he only laughed at your yells and slowly started walking towards the water. you couldn't see it, but he was thoroughly enjoying seeing you in this state. "HYUKA!"

    "sorry, i can't hear you over the sound of the water!" he teased, wiggling you in his arms a bit. you watched the water get closer and audibly groaned as it seemed like there was no stopping this 6 ft. tall man who had an insane amount of strength despite not really working out.

    soon enough, hyuka was calf-deep in the water and you started feeling nervous. both of you had a change of clothes but you would rather go in the water at your own accord than be thrown in it, which was what you were expecting him to do.

    "are you ready?" he asked, the grin evident in his voice. "you're so dead when i get my hands on you, huening kai," you groaned, twisting your upper body so that you could glare at him.

    he craned his head to the side so you could see him better, gladly accepting the daggers that you sent him through your eyes. he then pouted, "will you really kill me before i even get the chance to marry you?"

    your breath hitched. conversations about that far in the future had never been brought up between the two of you. your relationship was more 'let's enjoy and go with whatever life brings us,' than setting up plans as big as that. of course you wanted to marry hyuka, god it would be amazing to start a family with him but with the way he approached life with the same flow as your relationship, you never really thought that you would be part of a future that he planned.

    "p-put me down hyuka," you stuttered, the order coming out weaker than intended because you were hung up over what he said. hyuka finally gave in and gently put you down. your feet touching the cold water instantly woke you and you turned around to hit his arm as if you didn't have a moment of weakness—something that you hoped hyuka didn't notice.

    hyuka exclaimed with a laugh, rubbing the arm that you hit.

    "am i going to die now?" he raised an eyebrow, challenging you. you narrowed your eyes at him, not saying anything. you slowly started taking a few steps backward and the prolonged silence started making hyuka feel a bit nervous.

    when you were two feet away from him, you quickly bent down and splashed a big amount of water towards him. the sight of him with his eyes closed, his lips tucked, and his whole body drenched in salt water made you let out a belly laugh—something that was always music to hyuka's ears and the best part of today was being able to hear it in a string of melodies as you both tried to out-splash one another.

    i can't get you all that stuff but i can give you all my love free love are the simple things enough? i got to give you all my love free love

    "have you really thought about marrying me?" you asked casually while taking a sip of the lime soda can that hyuka bought.

    playing in the water completely tired out both of you and you decided to sit on the sand while sipping on something after you two had dried yourselves.

    you didn't plan on saying anything about it but with the way that the sun was preparing to bid the world a good night, you couldn't help but bring it up. sunsets always make you feel sentimental and warm inside so your tone was casual but deep down, your heart was racing and your head was creating a dozen scenarios on what a future with hyuka would be like.

    he turned to you with soft and questioning eyes and you kept your gaze on the sun. "of course i have. what makes you think i haven't?"

    you shrugged. "i just didn't think you'd have a plan that far in the future." he hummed, understanding what you mean. he turned his head back towards the sun, taking a sip as he tried to recall the plan that he had.

    "i can imagine us having a house near the beach since we both like the ocean a lot. i think it would be therapeutic to be met with the view of the ocean every morning and every night. maybe a place that people don't go to often so we wouldn't get bothered. we'd have a dog that we can play with on the sand and if you want to, we'd have kids of our own."

    you listened to him say his plan out loud and you couldn't help but feel butterflies flutter in your stomach. he really thought about all of this with you?

    you looked away from the sun and towards the sand beneath you, the thought of having kids with him making you blush. "how many would you like?" you asked quietly. seeing you so shy made hyuka chuckle. he let out a hum as he thought of an answer.

    "maybe three? but twins could be cool too. that would do it for me," you laughed in disbelief, finally turning your head to look at him. you could see the excitement in his eyes and the fond smile that he was shining down on you, making your heart flutter even more.

    "it's going to be hard carrying twins, though?" you teased.

    "you have me. i will do everything that i can so you won't have a hard time. i'll drive around for your crazy cravings and be there to hold your hand through the pain and if i could transfer the pain on my body instead of yours, i would."

    it was the perfect answer. he was the perfect boyfriend.

    you scooted closer to him and laid your head on his broad shoulder. a content sigh escaped your lip as the both of you watched one of nature's most beautiful views in front of you. shades of vibrant orange, yellow, and blue painted the sky and beautifully reflected on the clear salt water.

    you wanted to capture the sunset but decided not to. a camera could never perfectly capture such beauty, something that hyuka thought to himself as he watched you stare at the phenomena in awe. he did watch the sun set and thought it was beautiful, but there was something more beautiful about seeing it being reflected on your eyes and seeing its soft rays kiss your skin.

    "i know my plan seems far-fetched because we're young and don't have that kind of money yet, but i really hope i can someday give you all of that and everything else that you deserve if you allow me," he sincerely said. you lifted your head from his shoulder to look at him, eyebrows instantly furrowing in concern at how dejected he looked.

    you placed a hand on his cheek, gently rubbing in with your thumb knowing that it was one of the things that comforted him. "we have all of the time in the world to work for that. like you said, we're young so things are just starting for us. besides, i already have everything that i need right here," you finished with a peck on his lips and the action instantly put a smile on his face. "i'm content with how we are now."

    "so you want to marry me too?" he asked, voice filled with hope. you giggled, fully thinking that he would have known the answer from the moment that you asked about the number of your kids.

    you nodded, a fond smile on your face. "yes, huening kai. i want to marry you too."

    ☆ taglist: @nyangjjunie @ifwtyun

    ☆ if you want to be in my taglist, please tell me in my asks or message me !!

    #Spotify#song requests#txt imagines#txt scenarios #txt x reader #txt x y/n #huening kai imagines #huening kai scenarios #huening kai x reader
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    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Κόντρα Γεωργιάδη με Πολάκη για τις διώξεις σε Novartis και ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ

    Κόντρα Γεωργιάδη με Πολάκη για τις διώξεις σε Novartis και ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ

    Οι δικαστικές εξελίξεις σε Novartis και ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ προκάλεσαν σφοδρή σύγκρουση στη Βουλή ανάμεσα στον υπουργό Ανάπτυξης Άδωνι Γεωργιάδη και τον Παύλο Πολάκη, ενώ στο ζήτημα των διώξεων για παράνομες προσλήψεις στο ΚΕΕΛΠΝΟ παρενέβη και ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ κάνοντας λόγο για «άλλο ένα τεράστιο σκάνδαλο της Δεξιάς» και «καθεστώς Μητσοτάκη». Κατά το δοκούν επίκληση του τεκμηρίου της αθωότητας Ο Υπουργός Ανάπτυξης…

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    #silverusso#cobra kai #it's getting late to give you up #my fic#terry silver#daniel larusso #cobra kai fic
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    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    some random doodles cause these legos r taking over my life

    #ah shit do i have to tag EVERY character #ninjago #ninjago masters of spinjitzu #lego ninjago#fanart#my art#zane julien #p.i.x.a.l #cole brookstone#kai smith#nya smith#lloyd garmadon
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    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Kay Wonder - Olorun Ti A ko Ri

    Kay Wonder – Olorun Ti A ko Ri

    Nigerian Talented music sensation, “Kay Wonder” releases a spirit lifting jam titled “Olorun Ti A ko Ri” his latest song in 2022. “Olorun Ti A ko Ri” is available on all digital platforms for Free Download. Mp3 & Audio Download for Kay Wonder – Olorun Ti A ko Ri Download Mp3 Mp4 YouTube Video Lyrics: Olorun Ti A ko Ri by Kay Wonder Olorun tawa o ri ta n rise re Olorun tawa o ri ta n rise re Ari…

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    #Kay Wonder Songs #Nigerian gospel songs
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    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Σχολεία – Πώς και πότε θα προμηθευτούν τα 5 self test μαθητές και εκπαιδευτικοί

    Σχολεία – Πώς και πότε θα προμηθευτούν τα 5 self test μαθητές και εκπαιδευτικοί

    Νέα ανακοίνωση για τη διάθεση των self-test για μαθητές και εμβολιασμένους εκπαιδευτικούς από τα φαρμακεία εξέδωσε το Γραφείο Τύπου του Υπουργείου Παιδείας και Θρησκευμάτων. Οι μαθητές όλων των βαθμίδων, εμβολιασμένοι και μη, καθώς και οι εμβολιασμένοι εκπαιδευτικοί, θα προμηθεύονται από την Τετάρτη 19 Ιανουαρίου έως και το Σάββατο 22 Ιανουαρίου, πέντε (5) δωρεάν αυτοδιαγνωστικά (self) τεστ από…

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    To my Kai Anon, I can't post your last Ask but if you want to DM, please feel free. 💕

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    actuallybefore i sleep i want everyone 2 see my flawless system for saving different versions of the same file that keeps getting updated. theres literally no better way to do this

    #diko m post #myproblem is i keep trying to work on this ehile im soooooooo sleepy. so you get things like This #kai twra. kalh sas nyxta 😊💤💤
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    ΗΠΑ – Νέα πηγή χρηματοδότησης βρήκαν στα NFTs και στα crypto οι υποψήφιοι των εκλογών του Νοεμβρίου

    ΗΠΑ – Νέα πηγή χρηματοδότησης βρήκαν στα NFTs και στα crypto οι υποψήφιοι των εκλογών του Νοεμβρίου

    Γράφει η Μαριλίζ Φασουλοπούλου Από τη ζωγραφική έως τον αθλητισμό και από τη μουσική έως την οικονομία, η περσινή χρονιά χαρακτηρίστηκε από μια έκρηξη της δημοτικότητας των NFTs με αποτέλεσμα την ανάδειξη τους σε μια ραγδαία αναπτυσσόμενη αγορά αξίας 40 δισ. δολαρίων. Οι τεράστιες, λοιπόν, όσο και ανεκμετάλλευτες δυνατότητες των non-fungible tokens δεν θα μπορούσαν να περάσουν απαρατήρητες από…

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  • astratv
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Καθαρισμός ποταμών και συλλεκτήρων στους Δήμους Παλαμά και Σοφάδων από την Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας

    Καθαρισμός ποταμών και συλλεκτήρων στους Δήμους Παλαμά και Σοφάδων από την Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας

    Ξεκινούν από την Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας νέα αντιπλημμυρικά έργα με καθαρισμούς ποταμών και συλλεκτήρων στους Δήμους Παλαμά και Σοφάδων. Αφορούν τον καθαρισμό του Λείψιμου ποταμού από τον οικισμό των Αγίων Θεοδώρων έως τον Ιταλικό ποταμό και παρεμβάσεις σε Δασοχώρι, Κυψέλη και Λεοντάρι. Ο Περιφερειάρχης Θεσσαλίας υπέγραψε δύο συμβάσεις συνολικού προϋπολογισμού 180.000 ευρώ με χρηματοδότηση από το…

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  • kayfuckinruhe
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Warschauer Straße Berlin details by kay ruhe berlin (shot on iphone )

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