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    a look into lucy’s broken-yet-complete family . . .

    LU: it might be a mess, but i love who i can.

    all five moodboards by kiki !

    WARNINGS: mentions of death, divorce and members’ families (none are named except lucy’s, who are fictional). faceclaims are also only for aesthetic purposes and don’t necessarily represent what the characters look like (as they may be of different/contrasting ethnicities).

    ##PARENTS !

    MOTHER: MIA (엄마, eomma)

    — 황미연 HWANG MIYEON [ born 1968 ]

    lucy’s mother is an architect with very high expectations for kids; even despite her intensive job preventing her from taking care of them for most of their childhood. when she does get the chance to be with them, she’s quite controlling in terms of the way they act/present themselves and what they can contribute to the family or society. however, she is still fond of her children’s passions/interests/hobbies because deep down— she wants her kids to seek a life out for themselves and do whatever makes them happy. it is likely her strict attitude only arose from her and her husband’s divorce (where he had attempted to paint her as the immature half of their relationship). her children support her side now that they’re old enough to understand the situation. she currently lives with her youngest son in melbourne; not too far from her eldest son’s family. she has not remarried, or have plans to.

    note from lucy . . . even though she hurt me, i can’t really blame her. maybe, it’s the brainwash talking— but maybe it’s because i’m a daughter who understands what it’s like to be manipulated and turned into someone they’re not. mom cares about us more than dad ever will, even if a lot of her love takes the form of discipline, non-verbal support and working too hard for anyone’s benefit. so i love her, but i still miss the person she used to be when we were kids.

    FATHER: HENRY (아빠, appa)

    — 강성호 KANG SUNGHO [ born 1965 ]

    lucy’s father, much like her mother— was a business man that very rarely had the time to watch his kids grow. lucy was ten years old when her parents legally separated (2008) to which she eventually found out was due to an affair he had with his now-wife (lucy’s step-mother). though less strict/controlling than their mother, his love is practically non-existent (or comes in the form of some stupidly-expensive gift with no thought whatsoever). his children still think he is a selfish individual who only cares about his own accomplishments and needs. when confronted (by his son, harry) with why he’d even bother to marry his wife and have her children— he couldn’t answer. lucy believes he was forced to by his parents.

    note from lucy . . . sure, he’s my dad. but if he’s happy with the choices he’s made, then i don’t really care.

    ##BROTHERS !

    OLDER: HARRY (오빠, oppa)

    — 강영훈 KANG YOUNGHOON [ born 1992 ]

    lucy’s smooth-talking, confident older brother who remains as one of the only extroverts in the family. harry works for the korean entertainment industry in marketing/advertising. he frequently travels as an international analyst (but not recently as a result of australian travel bans, though he’s enjoyed being able to raise his kids), allowing him to visit his sister more often than others in his family. he is also a very big nerd (though you wouldn’t think so upon first sight, since he shows more of his athletic side) and has very much influenced his siblings to become the people they are today. lucy is really close with her brother (seeing as he’s also been a more present parental figure in her life) and often asks him for advice.

    note from lucy . . . just because oppa’s a tall himbo with a big mouth and a hot wife doesn’t mean he’s any cooler than me. really, it just means he’s older. but thanks for being a bro, i guess? your kids are already a thousand times more awesome than you. just saying.


    — 강수빈 KANG SOOBIN [ born 2004 ]

    lucy’s fashionably-edgy-but-humorously-sassy younger brother is currently in his last year of high school and is looking to study animation or game design at (a preferably korean or japanese) university. he is a very artistic individual that is almost a carbon copy of his passionate (but at the same time kinda lazy) sister. he’s also musically-inclined but only because of the lessons he and lucy used to take when they were younger. he misses his sister dearly and constantly communicates with her as a result of their similar interests and need to play video games together. he is also somewhat close to lucy’s band members for this reason.

    note from lucy . . . excuse me, i am not sean’s sister. he is lucy’s brother! i mean, he deserves all the hype in the world but— what the heck is this younger sibling supremacy nonsense?


    NANNY: LISA (이모, imo)

    — ELIZABETH SANCHEZ [ born 1975 ]

    as the three grew up in a well-to-do area of melbourne, their filipino nanny/maid/tutor raised them like they were her own children when neither parents could. of course, she’s not actually blood related to any of them, but she’s essentially their second mother. lisa proved to the kids that even though money means a lot— it can never replace their smarts, passion or love. she always made sure they were well cared for after all of their activities and even managed to teach them some tagalog. when sean finally came of age (in 2017) they all shared an emotional goodbye that even lucy came home for. the brothers still visit her from time to time, regardless of wherever she’s posted. she is extremely proud of lucy and even likes to say she is the very first stay.

    note from lucy . . . imo is the best. i wouldn’t have had a very happy childhood if it weren’t for her. and you know, i still think she sings better than me now.


    — 황민주 HWANG MINJU [ born 1980 ]

    lucy's youngest aunt (on her mother's side) is a bachelorette who takes care of lucy's dogs. she used to live in melbourne (and therefore adapted to the first name custom) but recently moved back to seoul to teach visual arts at a prestigious university. she is a charming character despite not being particularly social. she is soft-spoken, sweet and a lot more graceful than her niece. but sometimes, it feels like lucy takes care of may more than vice versa. living alone as a successful artist, her apartment is quite spacious. however, it is mostly filled with her equipment, projects, plants and books. out of all of the members in lucy's family, harry and may are the most familiar with the members and who the members are most familiar with.

    note from lucy . . . i'm starting to think may loves hyunjin more than she loves me... it was only recommendations before, but now she's giving him painting supplies for free!


    — 渡辺ひみこ WATANABE HIMIKO [ born 1990 ]

    mickey (“like the mouse”) is harry’s wife and therefore lucy’s sister-in-law. they met through mutual friends and became college sweethearts that eventually got married (2016). lucy and sean feel really close to mickey (again due to similar interests but also) because of her loyal and protective personality. she is extremely caring, funny and a seamless addition to their crazy family (especially as an only child). mickey is a freelance fashion designer that runs her own small business in the heart of melbourne.

    note from lucy . . . oh, mickey, you're so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind— i’m sorry. to be honest, i think you’re way too cool to be with my brother, but i do appreciate you never failing to put him in his place.


    — 강하루 KANG HARU [ born 2018 ] — 강마리 KANG MARI [ born 2020 ]

    born to harry and mickey, haru and mari are lucy’s nephew and niece respectively. lucy’s unfortunately only met mari via facetime so far and hasn’t spent a lot of time with haru, but she hopes she can head home to australia to fulfill her aunt duties. she still thinks they’re the cutest despite how fast they’re growing.

    note from lucy . . . i will spend every waking moment showing off haru and mari to absolutely anyone— that i can guarantee.

    GRANDPARENTS: 할머니 (halmeoni) & 할아버지 (harabeoji)

    — 황 HWANG (mother’s side)

    lucy’s grandparents on her mother’s side love to bring smiles to their children’s and grandchildren’s faces. lucy’s grandfather is an extrovert that loves animals whilst her grandmother is a homebody that loves to keep up with modern trends. the arts is what the two have in common, seeing as lucy’s grandfather used to be a photographer and her grandmother worked with textiles. lucy’s grandparents now live in the province where they grew up (first met as kids) and run a small local winery now that they’re retired. lucy’s mother actually designed and built her parents’ house as her very first project.

    unfortunately, lucy’s grandmother passed away recently (2020, not covid-related) to which lucy was the only individual of their immediate family who could attend the funeral in person. this was really difficult for lucy, especially considering how close they’ve gotten over the years she’s spent in korea (chan and felix accompanied lucy, as they got to know her extended family well during school/trainee/work breaks).

    note from lucy . . . my grandparents always seemed a lot happier than my mother, but i’m sure on the inside they hurt for their daughter and her children.

    — 강 KANG (father’s side)

    lucy vaguely knew her grandparents on her father’s side. she only met them a couple of times, but from what she remembers— they were very intimidating (as well as rich). they both passed away before her brother was born but had accomplished a lot before then.

    note from lucy . . . they were pretty scary people. when i remember how they used to treat me and oppa as kids, i kinda see why our dad’s a little messed up.


    lucy’s mother has three younger sisters and one younger brother, whilst her father has one sister and one brother.

    note from lucy . . . i guess we have a pretty typical family dynamic. there’s always the cool aunts versus the karen aunts and the hyperactive uncles versus the drunkards.


    lucy has eight first cousins on her mum’s side and three on her father’s side (she doesn’t know them too well). lucy also has one step brother who is twelve years old, she only met him once as a baby but hasn’t seen him since. lucy’s not really close with her dad or his new wife, but she hears news from her older brother who is a lot more amicable with him.

    note from lucy . . . i heard they’re fans of stray kids. *wipes tears of laughter*



    chan and lucy’s family are naturally very close as they’ve known each other the longest. her mother is good friends with his parents, and chan’s parents treat lucy as if they were her own child. she feels very at home with them, and loves how affectionate/caring they all are. lucy is also adored by chan’s siblings and vice versa. lucy’s brothers are also very friendly with chan’s family as they frequently travel to sydney. sean has become very good friends with chan’s younger siblings not only because of their little difference in age but their aligned interests.

    note from lucy . . . they’re my second family. i don’t really have much else to say.
    note from chan . . . it is very possible my siblings love lucy more than they love me…


    lucy (nor most of the members) don’t travel to minho’s home town often, but they have before and have met his family on several occasions. considering he’s an only child, minho’s parents love the idea that their son gets to spend the rest of his life with the siblings he’s never had. lucy has also once met minho’s grandmother, who although was very verbal about her appearance— especially appreciates how well lucy stays humble and treats her loving grandchild.

    note from lucy . . . minho is so sweet with his grandmother. you guys don’t see it often, but he’s like that with us too.
    note from minho . . . i think halmeoni thought lucy was my girlfriend. it took a pretty long time to explain to her that she’s just a friend— that happens to look like a cat.


    lucy’s family is not that close with changbin’s family (they’re friendly but don’t communicate to the same extent as chan’s or felix’s family for example). however, changbin’s sister and lucy vibe on the same frequency (ie. poking fun at their brother). changbin’s parents have hosted lucy before, much like they have with chan and believe she’s very well-mannered and kind.

    note from lucy . . . i’d say i’m rich, but i’m not chandelier-marble-floors-kinda-rich…
    note from changbin . . . what is it with older sisters and always banding against me?


    like minho, hyunjin is an only child— so his parents absolutely adore the fact he now has a sister (that strikingly resembles him). again, their families aren’t the closest— but hyunjin’s parents are very familiar with lucy and her aunt as they visit them quite often. kkami isn’t any less colder to lucy than she is to hyunjin; but she does maintain the dog kissed her once whilst she was carrying her (hyunjin does not believe her).

    note from lucy . . . one time, hyunjin’s dad called me by his son’s name. i thought it was a compliment, but he kept apologising to me for a solid half hour.
    note from hyunjin . . . kkami is not a cheater. she loves me and me only.


    lucy has seen jisung’s family the least out of all of the members, despite knowing him for so long and his hometown sharing the same border is minho’s. although lucy‘s met his parents and older brother before, she has yet to visit his home. jisung doesn’t seem that open about it, but lucy wouldn’t want to force anything that would make him uncomfortable anyway.

    note from lucy . . . he does send photos of his new puppy and that’s enough for me.
    note from jisung . . . honestly, the only reason lucy hasn’t been to my house yet is because hyung made a bet with me as a trainee that the first girl i bring home has to be my girlfriend. it’s stupid, i know.


    much like chan, lucy’s family is inherently close to felix’s family due to their experiences in australia. harry and mickey are good friends with felix’s older sister whilst sean is close to felix’s younger sister (again because of age and interests). felix himself is very loved by lucy’s brothers and was asked to be mari’s godfather (as chan is haru’s godfather). of course, felix’s siblings also love lucy and treat her like another member of their family.

    note from lucy . . . everybody loves felix. it’s just a fact.
    note from felix . . . when the three of us are finally allowed to go back to australia, i can’t wait to meet mari. haru is already so much bigger than when we saw him last.


    despite being at each other’s throats half the time, seungmin’s family is quite fond of lucy. they took care of her a lot during their trainee days, and because the both of them also went to school together— lucy would often carpool with seungmin’s family. like changbin’s sister, lucy and seungmin’s sister also get along extremely well.

    note from lucy . . . the older sister advantage is just too strong. i’m sure seungmin can never beat me, but i mean— he can try if he wants.
    note from seungmin . . . lucy’s one of my best friends. but she’s also my worst enemy. yes, it’s possible.


    jeongin lives the furthest (busan being his home city), so lucy has only met his family a few times from whenever they performed there or visited seoul. like lucy, jeongin has an older and a younger brother— so she feels she relates to his family dynamic the most out of all of the members. their families know of each other, but jeongin’s parents and brothers are the most familiar with lucy.

    note from lucy . . . it’d be nice if oppa and sean ever met jeongin’s siblings. but then again, it might not be…
    note from jeongin . . . you’d think having lucy as a sister changes things, but she’s just like my brothers. she does have a way cooler sense of fashion though. thank god.

    ##PETS !


    short for jollibee, bibi is a brown toy poodle who lucy first adopted from a shelter as a puppy (2014). she is a lot calmer (and more clever) than her brother, but shows her affection through obedience and tailing the people she loves. the dog loves cuddles and will often mimic/reflect lucy’s emotions (especially when she’s sad or tired).

    note from lucy . . . my baby. my best friend. i honestly don’t think i would have survived failing my auditions over and over again without bibi keeping me company.


    loki is a black toy poodle who was also raised by lucy as a puppy (2015). he is a very active dog that loves to smother lucy with kisses. he loves to play with toys and anything that involves the outdoors. he is an energetic and cheeky dog that is very friendly to anyone he meets. both dogs are also bilingual (trained in some korean) but are only really responsive to british-australian accents.

    note from lucy . . . the god of mischief is simply a perfect description for him. but he does have my heart, as well as the rest of the kids’ hearts.


    lucy’s had other dogs in the past, but her grandparents currently own at least three whilst her older brother owns one (both parties also prefer big dogs, which contrasts lucy). her mom and little brother are more cat people (they have three), though her grandpa owns a couple that just made a litter (he really houses animals like he runs a farm). lucy’s only ever had cats and dogs at home, but her grandpa loves taking care of fish, birds, chickens, rabbits, hamsters and more in the province.

    note from lucy . . . my harabeoji always said animals have always kept our hearts warm. it only makes sense that we return the favour.

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    [ 041221, 8:27AM (KST) ]

    좋은 아침!

    translation: good morning!

    내가 연습을 위해 머리를 묶은 방법을 봐

    translation: look how i tied my hair for practice

    현진이가 실제로 해줬어

    translation: hyunjinnie actually did it for me

    이것은 새로운 스타일이다

    translation: this is our new style

    이것은 우리의 새로운 스타일입니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    translation: my neck feels so free hahahaha

    김승민이 우리가 트롤 같다고 했지?

    translation: did kim seungmin really say we look like trolls

    그에게 그가 꼭두각시처럼 보인다고 말해줘

    translation: tell him he looks like a muppet

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 내 편을 들어줘서 고마워

    translation: hahahaha thanks for siding with me

    [ 041221, 1:32PM (KST) ]


    translation: hello!

    네 맞아요

    translation: yup that’s right

    노래하는 대신

    translation: instead of singing

    나는 거울 셀카를 찍는다

    translation: i’m taking mirror selcas

    하지만 난 라이브를 할 생각이야

    translation: but i’m thinking of going live

    당신과 노래하는 것은 항상 재미있습니다!

    translation: singing with you is always fun!

    네! 그럼 곧 만나요!

    translation: okay! see you soon then!

    [ 041221, 9:43PM (KST) ]

    방금 류와 저녁을 먹고 돌아왔다

    translation: just got back from dinner with ryu

    물론 그녀는 내 가장 친한 친구입니다! 그들은 모두

    translation: of course she is my best friend! they all are

    ITZY는 내가 가진 적이 없는 여동생들이다

    translation: itzy are the little sisters i never had

    많은 STAY와 MIDZY도 좋은 친구가 되었으면 좋겠습니다

    translation: i hope lots of stay and midzy are best friends too

    what do you mean pick between itzy or stray kids?
    porque no los dos?
    hehe that means why not both? in spanish

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    [ 271121, 11:32AM (KST) ]

    너 먹은 적 있니?

    translation: have you eaten?

    좋아요! 나 지금 연습 중이야

    translation: that’s good! i’m at practice right now

    i know i’m barefaced but
    내가 얼마나 행복한지 알아줬으면 해!

    translation: i want you to know how happy i am!

    연습이 아니라 너와 대화하는 것에 대해

    translation: not about practice but about talking to you

    [ 271121, 10:16PM (KST) ]

    나는 지금 저녁을 먹고 있다

    translation: i’m having dinner now

    밖은 춥다

    translation: it’s cold outside

    겨울 동안 따뜻하게 지내십시오

    translation: make sure to stay warm during the winter

    나는 당신이 아프기를 원하지 않는다!

    translation: i don’t want you getting sick!

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    camera roll: candids are her favourite type of photos.

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    camera roll: b&w is kinda their thing.

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    ig update: 🥦 #london #straykids #stay #🐻

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    #feel like you can feel lucy’s heart eyes through the screen #chan comments: that is not a tree emoji #but it’s actually lucy calling out chan for dying his hair green that one time #not that she actually found it bad: just that the resemblance was uncanny #comedian lucy strikes again #save the poor boy #bang chan#boyfriend chan#chancy #shot by skz #KAL1#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 매너가 사람을 만든다… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #kingsman? #straykids #stay #🐻

    translation: manners maketh man… hahahaha

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    #lucy is in tears posting this really #but to be completely fair: have you seen this woman in a suit? #just stray kids in suits. period #i need to write my drafts… but planning a skitzy kingsman au though… #ref#bang chan#boyfriend chan#chancy #shot by skz #KAL1#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 👻 #poser #merryCHRIStmas #straykids #stay #🐻

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    #don’t mind lucy capitalising on boyfriend pics of her crush #i mean ofc they’re for the fans but she gets to keep them too #just a win-win situation for lucy really #bang chan#boyfriend chan#chancy #shot by skz #KAL1#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 가슴. #straykids #stay #🐻

    translation: chest.

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    #i know this is hyuncam and this is cheating but let’s just say lucy borrowed her brother’s camera :) #lucy might be horrific at vlogging but she’s got a good eye for photography #also bang chan. mostly bang chan #the big tiddy committee :’) #still one of the sexiest things he’s ever worn imo #chan comments: lucy you menace #bang chan#boyfriend chan#chancy #shot by skz #KAL1#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 한 해 동안 보내주신 모든 성원에 진심으로 감사드립니다! 우리는 STAY 없이는 그것을 할 수 없었습니다! 우리는 당신이 공연을 즐겼기를 바랍니다. 그리고 우리는 당신을 너무 많이 사랑합니다! none of this would be possible without you guys. thank you for everything! #MAMA #straykids #stay #🐻

    translation: thank you for all of your support throughout the year! we couldn't have done anything without STAY! we hope you enjoyed the performance and we love you all so much!

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    #her hey monster fit minus the fluffy jacket #posted with han #四RACHA does it again! #KAL1#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 💘 #straykids #stay #🐻

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    ig update: 페인트볼 준비하는 누나... 우리 모두를 이길거야 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ #straykids

    translation: noona’s getting ready for paintball… she’s gonna destroy us all

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    #shooting range or paintball skz-code: i want it #also felix best boy #lulix #shot by skz #KAL1#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 🧀🐝 #straykids #stay #🐻

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    #this outfit is just fucking superior #on so many levels #for a cheese performance? #KAL1#noeasy lucy#influencer lucy#yeji #e girl lucy is the best lucy #kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 🎬 #straykids #stay #🐻

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    #girl is still gorgeous after pre-filming stages #she’s just the standard #KAL1#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    ig update: 소문난 꾼들의 모임에 쏟아지는 눈빛은~ 🎸 #straykids #stay #🐻

    translation: all eyes are on the gathering of the famous thunderous ones~

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    #thunderous rock version? lucy’s all about it #she’s so hot #KAL1#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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  • bangbaby
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    ig update: i’m gettin’ loco, loco for ryujinnie #itzy #straykids #stay #🐻

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    #lucy really said itzy supremacy #two pretty best friends #ryujin was ofc there to support her older sister filming her skz-player (beggin) #also lucy knows just how to promote crazy in love #and break the internet #KAL1#lucy records#influencer lucy#yeji#ryujin#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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  • bangbaby
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    ig update: 사이코지만 괜찮아 #burberry #straykids #stay #🐻

    translation: psycho but it’s okay

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    #munyeong vibes #it’s okay not to be okay #probably my favourite kdrama of all time #she is so handsome and beautiful at the same time #she looks so expensive #my aesthetic honestly #KAL1#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    ig update: 🖤 #straykids #stay #🐻

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    #chan and lucy being the king and queen of black and white photos #KAL1#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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  • bangbaby
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    ig update: 누나 단무지 닮았다...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #straykids #stay #🐖🐇

    translation: noona looks like pickled radish… lol

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    #lucy comments: hmm i suddenly feel like pork belly for dinner #changbin’s second sister #skz love hanging with lucy #her presence is calming but also the boys just respect the fuck out of women #sisters/staff and otherwise #also taking photos of lucy is the closest some of them will ever get to a girl in the industry (jk) #sochang #shot by skz #KAL1#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    ig update: the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives… #straykids #stay #🐻🐺

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    #girl really quoted game of thrones #the snake eye contacts are wild #wolfgang#kingdom#KAL1#noeasy lucy#influencer lucy#yeji#kpop oc #stray kids 9th member
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