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  • food log 12/03/2020

    atkins vanilla shake:2 carbs

    cauliflower bites:2 carbs

    atkins chocolate shake:4 carbs

    slim fast fat bomb:1 carb

    tuna salad sandwich with keto bread:0 carbs

    total:9 carbs

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  • I was doing so well at the beginning of November but after I handed in my dissertation I think I started telling myself that I needed a break from dieting and work. So the past few weeks have been kinda bad in terms of dieting. I didn’t go overboard and binge which is great but I’ve just been slowly eating more and more things I typically would not eat. 

    I have three weeks until Christmas. I weigh 80.9kg now. I want to get back down to the 78 I hit in November at least. These next three weeks are going to be a pre-christmas glow up of sorts. I am exercising twice a day (even if its light walking), doing keto, drinking lots of water, and drinking no alcohol. 

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  • I. Love. Chips. via /r/ketorecipes https://ift.tt/3mA4hcB

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  • What a nice surprise to wake up to this morning, my biggest one day loss yet! 1.9 kgs. That means I’m only 500 grams away from my first goal of 130 kg 😛

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  • On Keto, PCOS + Hashimoto’s and ED recovery:

    Ate pizza today. I feel like shit physically, because I have a gluten intolerance, but emotionally I feel like I dodged a huge bullet. This morning I was about to fall into disordered eating again over half an omelette, and I think it’s gonna be a while until I fully stop having those thoughts or slipping back into old habits almost intuitively.

    This low carb diet I was put on is making me lose weight and get my energy (and my eyebrows!!!) back after years of struggling with chronic hormonal issues, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I can’t even express how grateful I am that a doctor finally figured out I must be allergic or intolerant to something because my weight simply wouldn’t budge. Now I’m eating way more and feeling way better for the first time in almost 10 years. Oh, and Metformin side effects? I don’t know her 😎

    I am healing. I got this.

    If you’re seeing this, you got this.

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  • (coming from a clinical nutrition and dietetics student in their senior year who should definitely be studying for the final instead of writing this)

    1. cook your spinach, that way it is higher in iron

    2. have foods with vitamin c in it, like lemon or tomatoes, when having iron-rich foods

    3. try having leafy greens with every meal, you can use herbs too!!

    4. your perfect weight is the weight YOU feel most comfortable in

    5. being overweight doesn’t automatically mean you’re not “healthy”

    6. being skinny doesn’t automatically mean you ARE “healthy”

    7. carbs are not the enemy, your brain cells need carbs to function, so eat that bread, have that rice, and enjoy your pasta!!

    8. “keto” was made for people with epilepsy (it stands for ketosis, which is elevated levels of ketones in the blood, because of low carb diets + prolonged fasting, and it can definitely be dangerous if it’s high for a long time!!)

    9. keto is not healthy for you if you are not epileptic, it can cause acidosis of the blood, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, blood clots, and stokes, if not done correctly

    10. oil is not unhealthy, in fact, we encourage the use of oils with unsaturated fatty acids! (like olive oil, canola, avocado, etc)

    11. having too little of anything is not good, and the opposite is also true, having TOO much of anything good either (yes! even water!) 

    12. vitamins are not candy, stop taking them like they are, toxicity can happen, and in some cases, even death.

    13. gluten is not unhealthy, seriously!! only those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance should avoid it, otherwise you’ll be avoiding important amino acids your body needs!! (ps. gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley!)

    14. not everyone can be vegan, and not everyone WANTS to be vegan (this is coming from a vegan)

    15. if you have high cholesterol, margarine with sterols and stenols is a better option for you than butter (they look like cholesterol so the body absorbs them instead!!)

    16. best way to increase your vegetable intake is to hide them in sauces, soups, smoothies, etc. and yes! you can add vegetables to your smoothies!

    17. try avoiding meats that are unnaturally red or pink, nitrates have been added to them, which increases risk of cancer (like cured meats)

    18. don’t be scared to use canned products! i use canned products all the time! however, if it can be washed, like legumes, make sure to wash it well to get rid of extra sodium!

    19. it’s okay to eat!! you deserve to eat! you’re not a bad person or a failure for eating! your body needs fuel!!

    20. best way to increase your water intake is by using straws (you can get reusable ones if you are able to use them!), or keep a 2 L/67.6 fl oz bottle with you!

    21. here’s a kitchen tip: 1 cup = 16 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons, really handy when halving recipes!

    22. if you are hungry, eat!! ignore that “no food after 8” bullshit

    23. eating more frequently actually increases your metabolism! (however, metabolism also depends on genes!)

    24. do not eat less than 1400 kcal!!! that is too little!!!! and your body needs more!!!

    25. try having 1 meatless day a week!!

    26. if you’re craving something, it’s okay to eat it! i like making “healthier” versions of what i crave, however, i do sometimes eat a whole bag of chips, that’s just how it is! and i don’t beat myself up for it!!

    27. soup is good for the soul and good for your tummy, make more soup!

    28. try steaming your vegetables instead of boiling, but, if you do boil them, don’t throw out the water, use it!! a lot of the nutrients leech out from veggies when boiling!

    29. take B12 supplements!!! B12 is not naturally found animal-based products like everyone assumes, it is found in soil, produced by bacteria, and it is difficult to get from food! (yeast, like nutritional yeast or marmite/vegemite, is a good source tho!!)

    30. MSG is not bad for you! it is literally salt!! and it naturally present in so many vegetables! even green tea has it!! “chinese restaurant syndrome” is a racist lie! (read about it if you can!)

    31. mediterranean diet is known to be one of the best diets for long “healthy” living! so definitely try having more mediterranean meals!! it definitely is my favourite! (i might be a little biased tho, cuz i’m arab and i grew up on that diet)

    32. you don’t need to be vegan or vegetarian to be “healthy”, just try your best to avoid high consumption of red meat, trans fats, and salt!

    33. your body actually needs sodium! don’t cut it out of your diet! please don’t forget that it literally is an electrolyte!!

    34. if you’re on a diet, you MUST have a cheat day!! it is literally recommended for mental well-being!! even if you’re not on a diet, i definitely recommend a cheat day!

    35. also, if you’re on a diet, try looking at what you CAN eat, instead of CAN’T eat. having so many restrictions can drive you nuts!

    36. ED TW// if you’re suffering with a food restriction ED, try having foods you deem “safe”, and have more of that. remember that your body needs the fuel to help you move and think. you are NOT a bad person for eating (personal note: i suffered with anorexia nervosa, and i’m 5 years post recovery. it can happen, and it does get better!!)

    37. yoghurt and other fermented foods are good for your tummy!! they contain probiotics (healthy bacteria present in your guts) that helps digest your food and produce Vitamin K for you!! (PS. PREbiotics are foods for the gut bacteria! try having both pro and prebiotics!)

    38. superfoods are a marketing scheme made to make you buy expensive products, that were once cheap. almost every food is a superfood because of its high amount of nutrients!

    39. there is not such thing as “detox diet”!! if you have functional kidneys then your body detoxes itself!! don’t fall for that please! detox teas don’t work either, they just makes you shit

    40. you should NOT be having brown carbs all the time, processed carbs are important too!! they’re not “empty calories” or “bad carbs”!! having brown all the time can cause some nutrient malabsorption!!

    41. and finally, eat what makes YOU feel good, diet and health is all individualized. there is no one size fits all, just general guidelines that is said to help in staying well!

    this is all i’m gonna say for now! remember not to fall for the toxic fitness and health community that do not have enough information! leave that to us professionals who have been studying this for 4+ years!!

    also, if there are any other nutritionists or dieticians who want to add anything, please don’t hesitate to!! your input is welcome as i might have forgotten important details!!

    PS. i put healthy in quotation marks because it cannot be defined by one thing. health is different from person to person, so it is highly individualized and personal!!

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  • Tried pork rind breaded chicken! via /r/ketorecipes https://ift.tt/2JNuJ3L

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  • For easier gain access to or shopping, you can purchase it online through the web. You can explore various websites where you can see the various kinds and if you desire to discover more concerning it, you can go to sites where you can have broader details in regards of it.
    Catherine Braganza was a Portuguese Princess and she is associated with bringing tea into England. Apparently upon leaving her ship from Portugal she requested for a cuppa and was provided with English Ale instead. Needless to state, she passed out and the same mistake wasn’t made once again. She ended up being so popular that women would copy what she liked and this included drinking tea.
    Lotus seeds take in the rigid bitter taste from your tea. All you require to do is put one lotus seed in your tea cup and put the tea straight on the lotus seed.

    External image

    Oolong is a semi-oxidised tea so to make things simple you could state that it is in between a green and a black tea in regards to processing. Oolongs can vary quite a lot in terms of how oxidised they are and you can for that reason get “greener” Oolongs or “black” Oolongs. Da Hong Pao is a dark Oolong.
    When picking a white tea, prevent totally those in tea bags, you may as well simply consume normal black tea! The levels of processing are high and the tea loses its flavour and health advantages. Pick a loose variety, preferably organic. An excellent quality range need to have a bright, crisp leaf colour and the buds should be covered in small hairs with a white or silvery shade. If the tea is offered as the ‘needle’ variety, that describes the proportion of buds to leaves. A needle tea ought to consist of upwards of 95 percent of buds.

    Does the site enable consumer evaluations? You ought to certainly inspect this out and see what other individuals have actually stated about the tea you are thinking about getting. They may offer convenient tips on how they brewed their tea and the tastes that might be different to what the vendor has said. Exist any bad reviews? Check these out too but don’t let them scare you, gain from that consumers experiences! We all have different tastes so you can’t let evaluations determine your options but they can be a helpful tool in chosen which chinese tea is ideal for you!
    This event takes two types: The chakai event, and the chaji gathering. A chakai event isn’t that made complex; the tea is served, taken pleasure in, and maybe a snack is included.
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  • The 4th variety is the aromatic tea. It is found just in China. Fragrant tea is developed by smoking cigarettes tea entrusts fragrant flowers. Examples of such fragrant flowers are jasmine and magnolia. Of all aromatic tea, the jasmine tae, produced in Fujian Province, is most famous. Jasmine tea is also most popular with northern Chinese and foreigners.


    Keto diet foods
    The other tea that Russian Caravan is mixed with is the Chinese black tea Keemun and Oolong tea. I have never blended Russian Caravan myself however I can imagine a black Oolong would be better to use than among the greener less oxidised ones.

    An obviously essential one! I can gather that as you are looking for loose leaf chinese tea online, you are interested in more than the meagre teabag. Well I will let you into a little trick: that indicates you have to want to part with a little bit more money. The thing is, when provided a Single Estate Chinese tea over a mixed, low quality teabag, which are you going to pick and just how much more are you prepared to pay for it? Have an idea of how much money you wish to invest and search. Price isn’t everything however I do believe that in general on the planet of chinese tea, you get what you pay for! If you want artisanal hand crafted teas, they will cost a bit more but that is why the sample packs/exploration boxes are so important to you as a consumer so utilize them to your finest benefit!

    Black tea is enabled to oxidize for a great while after it is picked, and this oxidization procedure increases the caffeine and effectiveness of the taste but create a taste which appears a little remote from its origin plant. Green tea is usually boiled or treated right after being picked, so there is very little oxidization and the tea keeps the plant’s color and taste.
    Similarly with weight, time is very essential due to the fact that brewing your tea for too long suggests it might be over brewed and taste too strong or bitter but under developing might result in a weak and unsavory drink.
    OKAY so this one is challenging, you don’t desire excessive variety because then how in the world are you ever going to make your choice but you do want enough variety because well isn’t range the spice of life? I typically find that tea vendors will use sample boxes consisting of a few various teas that you can try before dedicating to a bigger purchase.
    Some would state this is a technicality but I am a lover of pleasure principle so if I need to wait a week for my new tea to show up chances are you have lost me as a customer. Some companies will provide free shipping when you spend a specific quantity.
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  • When you start your weight-loss program utilizing beverages, you must see arise from the first day, and continue to see improvement for the remainder of the duration that you consume it. Make certain that you buy a quality grade beverage for this function, but essential is that you approach your weight loss with a favorable determination and mindset.


    External image

    The next early morning he followed the course he took in the dream and true enough he found that tree. He subsequently transplanted the tree house and called it Iron Guanyin or Tieguanyin after the goddess who provided for him.
    OKAY so this one is difficult, you do not want excessive range because then how on earth are you ever going to make your choice but you do want enough variety because well isn’t variety the spice of life? I often find that tea suppliers will provide sample boxes consisting of a few different teas that you can try prior to dedicating to a larger purchase.
    buy lapsang souchong
    Ceylon is the colonial name for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the 3rd largest tea producing area on the planet, however produces mainly black teas. In fact, tea production is Sri Lanka’s largest employer, providing work for more than one million citizens. Many Ceylon teas are black tea, but they are beginning to grow more and more white, oolong and green tea. A lot of Ceylon jasmine tea is made with green tea, as it is in China.
    A chaji gathering is a different story. It is a lot more formal and lengthy, lasts as much as 4 hours, and includes a square meal and a range of thick and thin Green teas. I suggest just participating in a chaji gathering with people whose company you truly enjoy.
    Tea in China is prepared openly in Tea Houses across China, and chinese tea Houses litter most towns and cities. They’re often clustured with trainees and businesspeople in the late afternoon. At night, night owls and insomniacs alike come looking for a location to merely unwind.
    This tea has actually been likewise scientifically studied that may safeguard against the danger of heart attack, cancer, strengthening bones, aging, tooth plaque and decay. These are other advantages aside from fat burning. The basic slendering result is 2 cups daily. You can consume the tea hot or cold depending on your pleasure.
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  • Zhejiang and particularly Hangzhou is understood for its beauty and is a popular traveler destination. Visitors from all over the world will go to Hangzhou to check out the well-known West Lake.
    “Green tea” that does not even taste like it anymore can also be an issue. You desire to improve the flavour not mask it so this is another issue to be mindful of.


    There are 2 legends about how the very first cup of tea happened. One originating in China is about an Emperor who, while sat under a tea bush, was boiling some water and didn’t observe the leaves fall in. When the water was ready he consumed the brew and so tea was born. Another legend coming from India speaks of a prince who after discovered Buddhism travels to China and chewed on tea delegates keep himself awake. In one variation of the story he is so upset when he falls asleep that when he wakes he cuts off his eyelashes and tosses them in the ground where the very first Camellia Sinensis plant then grows.
    Now the scope for teablends is substantial. I indicate there must be numerous mixes with fruits and herbs that you might make. For this factor I am just going to look at creating blends utilizing chinese tea s. Even this is a hard job to keep focused as there are countless types of chinese tea alone. So to narrow it down even further I am just taking a look at Green tea blends.

    For the many part of the teas plant vaporizes in the drying procedure. Many of the time, the drying procedure involves baking the tea leaves. After the teas is dried, there could potentially be a last process commonly recognized as treating which gives an excellent flavor. This Chinese potion is oxidized for two to a couple of days and is called blue drink or semi-oxidized. It tends to taste more like green tea than black tea.
    Lemon Tea - Now I understand I simply mentioned that we might mix Green tea with any fruit but I thought that Lemon deserved its own point since it is a truly popular mix! To make this tea you might merely include a piece of fresh lemon to your tea or you might purchase one of the premade blends. It is so typical in reality that you do not even have to stretch to loose tea (although I will constantly recommend that you do!) due to the fact that numerous business will offer this tea in teabag form.
    Up till around the 1950’s most tea was drunk as loose-leaf tea and not in the type of teabags. These were introduced to the market by PG Tips as a hassle saving device and rapidly ended up being popular. Prior to that though around 95% of tea was loose tea.
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  • Oolong is usually cultivated in China and Taiwan, which is a semi-fermented tea. Such leaves are broadly valued for its digestive benefits. A reliable seller online ought to offer the highest grades of Oolong teas.


    So like other Chinese teas this has the fantastic possible to help you reduce weight and keep it off. When taking control of your weight you can feel confident that your health also is enhancing and being looked after. CBS news also reported that individuals who take in a minimum of 16 oz of oolong tea have a 25% lower threat of establishing cardiovascular disease.
    However some types of chinese tea sets are not made to have the cup be chosen up. Tea drinkers position the tiny cup on a dish or metal frame and pick the whole apparatus up. In this method, there is no risk of burning the fingers. A traditional style is called Gong Fu, which came from what is now the Guangdong province. Its clay pot has a really long manage that stands out to the side.
    Green tea is accountable for the removal of these bacteria which trigger foul breath and dental caries. A chemical known as polyphenols helps in this kind of tea plays a major function in this procedure. Polyphenols inhibits the growth of these bad germs. In fact, the scientists have actually proved that this kind of tea polyphenols inhibit these bacteria growth by as much as 30%. This is an extremely high rate of prevention. Such a rate is vital in removing halitosis in our mouths. Scientists have actually consistently encouraged individuals to use up the habit of drinking green tea as typically as they can so as to accomplish maximum health benefits proffered by this herb.

    When purchasing your Chinese tea, this is for the utmost value. You need to see how the tea is sourced and where it is sourced from. I would go as far as stating that if you are looking for high quality loose leaf tea do not buy from vendors who do not clearly define this details.
    Chinese tea house
    Humidity can be a big problem but so can other aromas in the air. Tea will naturally absorb other fragrances (just look at naturally scented jasmine dragon pearls for example) and so your caddy or container ought to not only be also airtight however opaque. This will avoid any other aromas affecting the flavour. You would not desire your fresh spring green tea to suddenly taste like the smoked haddock you cooked for your tea the night before.
    In addition, the majority of people also assume that all jasmine tea is made with green tea. And, while it holds true that jasmine tea was historically made from green tea and that much of the jasmine tea made today is still made from green tea, you can find jasmine tea made with black, white and oolong teas. For this reason jasmine tea is likely provided in more varieties than any other tea.
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  • Today check out my#first #adventcalendar and it’s #keto!! This is days 1&2 #happyholidays #itssogood #holidayvibes #givingszn

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