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  • binniesthighs
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Infinity Knot - Character Profiles + A Little Background 

    EEP Here it is everyone!! After reviewing the results of both of our polls, I present to you....our love interests! The way in which I designed the polls was a bit like a sports bracket (lol) so a winning member could potentially be carried to the end! And these two carried the farthest! 
    As for our MC design, thank you all so much for your amazing feedback! I was very happy to see that the written suggestions closely follow the polling suggestions as well so i’m very excited to marry the two and ya all had some ~very~ fun suggestions... 
    Without further ado, here it is! 


    SEO CHANGBIN: Barista, goof, lover of paper cranes and music, has got a certain depth to him you can’t quite pinpoint, wearer of tight t-shirts and that fucking smirk, also the subject of one too many....uh, special dreams. 

    LEE FELIX: Probably the world’s most eligible bachelor, son to your mother’s close friend, somewhat mysterious, maybe a little high strung, probably wealthy as hell, raging do-gooder on the weekends, smells way too good. 

    MAIN CHARACTER (Y/N): Elementary schoolteacher and part-time social activist, hasn’t seriously dated since masters school, hesitant to put themselves out there--what are you supposed to do when everyone could potentially break your heart--caffeine addict, and crier of sad movies (only when alone)


    TO MASTERPOST | INFO + RULES | on to Day 2 Passage ➡️

    check out #infinity knot skz for more!

    Bunch of (Ro)ses 

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  • aestheticfangirl
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Regret ✿

    ( Bang Chan x Reader )

    { ex au , angst maybe }


    It’s been years you have broken up with Chan and it still aches you. You wish you would have trusted him instead of others. You knew him more than anyone but then you did the mistake. And even after that you didn’t wait for him too you were in love with the wrong guy when he tried coming back, you again pushed him. Then why are you sad now? Why does it hurt you now thinking of him? it was you who did all the mistakes, he even tried his best. but now he found someone, and you should be happy for him then why are you not happy. Why are you jealous of that girl? why do you feel like it’s your place when you left that place? 

    Many thoughts were going on your head as you keep staring at his picture when he was with you. You started remembering how happy he made you. He brought you flowers the first thing in the morning. He cheers you up whenever you feel down. He showered you with numerous amounts of hugs. It started to hurt you more as everything starts coming back. You still have all those voice texts you didn’t delete them. You started replaying them.

    Voice message 1: Hi y/n , how was your day baby ? when you reach home and see this reply okay ? I love you.

    Listening to his voice soothed you but at the same time something inside you started paining. 

    Voice message 2: Y/N…….Babyyyyyyyy….. where are you ???? you know what happened, I got that offer I was talking about, and I wanted to tell you first please come soon I want to celebrate with you.

    You remembered that it was the day when he got an offer from his first investor. And he was waiting at home with all your favorite foods and chocolates to celebrate. He was so happy that day and was basically jumping the whole time. Thinking of that moment a soft smile crept on your face.

    Voice message 3: Hey baby, I need you I feel so down. I need your hug rn. Can I come over?

    It was from the day when his dog died, and he was super upset. And sent you this text at the middle of the night. He came over and was crying like a baby and then slept in your lap first and when you brought him to the bed, he hugged you the entire night. And you started missing his warm hugs which were oddly the most comforting thing in the entire world.

    Voice message 4: Hey y/n , umm I needed to talk to you actually , is something going on with you cause you are acting really weird these days. Talk to me okay.

    This was from the moment when you were confused between choosing him or your career and now you regretted your decision you wish that you would have talked to him about everything clearly that day. Then you guys might have  reached a different conclusion and would be eating ice cream right now.

    Voice message 5 : y/n please think of the decision please baby you know I can’t stay away from you. I will wait for you I won’t even bother you for anything just don’t push me away please baby it’s tough. I really really love you. We can find some other solutions just don’t go like this. It is breaking me apart. Don’t you remember all those promises we made to each other that we will never give up on each other then why are you doing this. If you want I will leave everything and come with you. You mean so much to me please don’t leave me like this. It hurts so much. Please don’t run away from me. I love you y/n and I always will. 

    Listening to this and remembering how he broke down when you gave your final decision to leave him made your heart cry more. It was that day that changed both of your lives and you still regretted this decision of yours the most. But nothing can change now he is gone you left him. You pushed him away when he was holding you tight. 


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  • whattodowithace
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Let me help (Byeongkwan)

    Title: Let me help

    Pairing: Reader x Byeongkwan (ACE)

    Genre: Fluff

    Word count: 477

    Writer: Kpopmadness (Ju)

    It was Saturday night and most of the world slept soundly. The street lamps that illuminated the night sky had been on for a long time when a tired figure trudges through her front door. Heaving a sigh as she closes it and leans against the wall for support. Her day being long and exhausting.

    Her shared apartment with her husband was quiet and dimly lit as she took her shoes off and placed her jacket on the coat hanger for the night. Her eyes bleary and barely able to stay open.

    She tip-toed her way to the bedroom, trying to avoid the squeaky spots in the floor as she went. She entered the bedroom to find Byeongkwan laying on his side covered by blankets, only his dark head visible. She smiled fondly at him as she made her way to the dresser to get her pajama's for to settle in for the night.

    "They're on the bed." Byeongkwan says from behind her, making her jump.

    "Why are you awake?" She hisses, seeing him sit up in bed as he rubbed his swollen, sleep filled eyes.

    "Because I wanted to." He answers bluntly.

    She rolls her eyes but can't help at smile at his sweetness. "It's 2 in the morning, Byeongkwan. You need sleep." She says gently as she goes over to her side of the bed and starts changing into her comfortable clothes.

    Byeongkwan watches her silently and seems to think over his response. "I want to help you though." He says quietly. Making her stop her actions of buttoning up her silk pajama shirt.

    "You've been working really hard all week with almost no rest and I know you're stressed and tired and just not telling me." He continues, keeping his voice quiet and gentle. "But I stayed up so I could help in any way. I cleaned the apartment for you and laid out your clothes for bed. I did the dishes, too."

    She smiles at his thoughtfulness, tears brimming her eyes. She presses a hand to her eyes to get the tears to stop when she sees him shift in bed to move closer to her. He reaches her and places a gentle kiss on her cheek before finishing buttoning up her pajama shirt and wrapping an arm around her waist to pull her onto his chest. His free hand arranging the blankets around them so they would sleep warmly.

    "Let's stay in bed all day tomorrow." He whispers against the top of her head. Keeping her pulled close to him.

    She smiles against his chest, his warmth radiating off him and warming her body, making her feel heavy with sleep.

    "Okay." She replies. Her eyes closing and only registering the brief kiss he placed on her lips before sleep took over both of them.

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  • jungwoniiee
    26.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    requests are open! <33

    (gif made by me)


    Before you request/ask:

    Fluff only! (could be kinda suggestive)
    Suggestive only for legal line!
    I write mostly for enhypen
    Don't be shy! If you have something on your mind just sent it <3 I won't bite 🤨
    Pls be nice
    English is not my first language I'm sorry for any mistakes 😣

    enhypen fluff <33

    enhypen fluff <33

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  • justordinarylesbianlovestories
    26.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I wanna write something. A lesbian story. I have a question tho. Two questions. Do you want to read fanfic or original story with oc? Second question, would you rather read story about innocent love or smut? I hope someone answers it...

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  • vantepa
    26.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    look at me…

    ch.2 / pt.1 | under pressure

    character appearances link

    ch.1 link

    ch.2 2/2 link

    pairing : jimin x reader, taehyung x reader
    rating : 18+
    genre : friends with benefits to lovers, slow burn, lots of smut, fluff, and angst, university!au
    summary : the university duo, park jimin and kim taehyung, both fall for you simultaneously after taking you under their wing three years ago. one male’s confident, the other… not so much. things take a turn for the worse when jimin makes his move behind taehyung’s back.
    warnings : severe language, abusive relationships, emotional manipulation, alcohol intoxication/consumption, mature violence, eventual!explicit sexual scenes, oral (f. & m. receiving,) vaginal fingering, hand jobs, dirty talk, power bottom!taehyung, dom!jimin, praise kink, jealousy sex, protected sex, whiny jimin moans, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, eye contact kink, mirror kink, hair pulling, cum eating, just lots of cum play and an insane amount of teasing (overall, jimin’s a kinky little shit)
    possible song list : daddy issues remix-the neighborhood, love affair-umi, streets-doja cat, call out my name-the weeknd, don’t play-ozzie (feat.themxxnlight)
    note : this is part 1/2 to chapter two since i went a little overboard on the sex scene 😶 you’re welcome…? i apologize in advance

    “I’m really sorry all of this shit is going down.” Jimin sighs, tossing your food into the fridge that you’d only managed to take a couple bites of.

    Your boyfriend—no, ex boyfriend, has been getting to you mentally. He’s really fucked you up. And now you have more concerns than just him controlling you—now there’s a great possibility of him going after your friends. Fuck That.

    “You’re a nice girl. You really are… you deserve so much better.” He sighs to himself, watching as your fingers shakily type out something on your phone. You hear him and acknowledge his comment by lightly smiling.

    “Y/n.” He speaks up, causing you to glance over and hum in response.

    “You deserve the world. You know that, right?”Jimin boldly states in the silent and tension-filled room.

    “Uh… Thank you? What’s this all about?” You awkwardly chuckle at his sudden compliment and smack his arm playfully. He just eyes you cautiously in response. You were at least expecting a slight smile…

    “So, if you know that, then why are you always dating people who do you wrong, y/n?” He asks, tilting his head while gazing into your confused eyes with gentleness.

    “Just my luck?”

    “No, why are you dating? Are you just picking anyone that’ll give you love and affection?”

    You look away, scratching at your head nervously. “Excuse you.” You huff, rolling your eyes at his comment.

    “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I mean are you drawn towards men who are like a fatherly figure towards you? Controlling? Abusive? Because of—“

    “Yeah I know. Because of my father.” You tsk, not liking the new atmosphere of this conversation. You continue talking before he gets too uncomfortable, “It probably is. It has some psychological affect on the men I choose unfortunately. I guess I just enjoy the comfort of that masculine figure? Just having someone to do things with? Someone to care about me? Protect me?”

    Jimin quietly gasps. He’s taken back by your words since that’s what he least expected. “You know that’s what we’re here for, right? Us? Your best friends?” His bottom lip pouts as he huffs “Now let me ask you this—have you even thought about friends with benefits so you can’t be tied to them?”

    “Of course I have, I just need to trust them first. It truly depends on the person.”

    “Well…” He confidently shifts towards you, hands resting on his knees as he nearly thinks about moving in. “Do you trust me?”

    “With my life.”

    “Then what are you waiting for?” His voice is laced with proposition and subtle hints of lust. His eyelids flutter down, creating a sensual stare. His pupils dilate as they secretly take in the way your tongue nervously wets your lips.

    Panic-stricken eyes stare back into his suggestive ones. “Jimin! It’s not like that…” You snap, scooting a tad bit away from him. He feels your heart pound through your chest and internally beats himself up for being so irrational with you.

    You’re his best friend. He can’t imagine you up and leaving because of his actions. If he could stop being a fuck boy for ONCE…

    “Let me rephrase.” Jimin rubs his temples with his index fingers soothingly. Your eyes glue to his fingers, watching attentively as they move in a clockwise motion. Lust swells within you immediately. “ You don’t have to have feelings for me. Friends with benefits don’t. You can just use me however you please. Nothing will change between us. I’ll still care about you as much as I do now.”

    “Why are you even offering…”

    “I’m sorry.” Instant regret fills his eyes and he jumps off the couch to leave, however, you lean over just in time to grab his wrist.


    Your acute stress response has been engaged through this entire conversation, so you’re a little off balance and clumsy with your movements. They’re quick and impatient.

    You yelp, losing your balance and nearly tumble into him due to the panic within you. Thankfully, you catch yourself before disaster could occur.

    “Y-y/n…” Jimin mumbles softly, eyes wide and peering down as he leans against the couch, body threatening to fall backward onto it. One arm holding you up and the other straightened out against the back cushion to hold you two up.

    “What?” You whisper, naturally matching his tone. His nervous expression is unclear to you so your eyes follow his subconsciously.

    A hand. On his abs. Other hand. Gripping onto his bicep for dear life. So that’s what you caught yourself on.

    And—it’s hard… God, so very hard. You swear he works them round the clock.

    Well… you were close enough…? However, Jimin was the one who caught not only himself but you as well. Anxiety was coursing through your system that badly that you hadn’t even realized Jimin was holding you up.

    You gasp, yanking your hands away and crossing your arms self-soothingly. “I’m sorry. I was trying to catch myself so I didn’t knock you over.” You step backward unsteadily.

    “It’s fine. I shouldn’t have even said anything.” He states, hesitantly glancing down and covering his clothed bulge with his pumpkin-shaded hoodie. The same baggie hoodie you helped him pick out. The one you stated ‘would help during specific emergencies’ as you pointed to his lower region in the middle of a bustling mall. However, you didn’t think his sexual emergency would be you. “Your food’s in the fridge. See you tomorrow.” He continues, adjusting his hair briefly under his hood as began heading towards the front door.

    Fuck… what’s the harm in it…

    “It’s a deal.” You spit out suddenly, hands slapping your your mouth.

    Jimin slides to a stop and slowly spins his head around. “You sure you know what you’re signing up for?” He lifts an eyebrow with suggestion.

    “I trust you. You practically do this for a living.” You smirk, shuffling your feet so your leg is kicked outward sassily.

    “Ouch. Harsh…” Jimin giggles, clenching his heart dramatically as he begins walking back to you with power behind each step.

    The dim house lights and occasional passing of vehicles outside envelope you two in a warm shade of beige. The aroma of sweater weather and nearing winter fills your nose as a whiff of your ignited seasonal candle blows past. The spicy yet musky smell of autumn eases both of you as he takes one last step toward you. He licks his lips subtly, a fresh scent of mint briefly meets with your nose, causing you to smile.

    “You might want to spit out your gum, Jimin.”

    “That—that would probably be smart” he sighs, lightly slapping his fluffy cheek.

    You know exactly what he’s saying to himself by the way he clenches his jaw.

    ‘You idiot Jimin! You ruined the flow!’

    He plods over to the kitchen, spitting out the gum, and proceeds to shyly walk back. “Kind of ruined the moment…” He states.

    “Oh, you’re fine.” You tsk, finding the courage to adjust his bangs that are threatening to fall over his eyes.

    He smiles widely all of a sudden. A deep blush overlays his cheeks that rise up and hide his eyes. His bleached teeth break loose from their encasement within his plump lips.

    “What’s so funny?” You ask, smiling along with him.

    “You’re being all confident now. You were shy earlier.” He pats your head, earning himself an exaggerated groan from you.

    “Shut it. Your hair was covering your eyes.” You stick out your tongue.

    “Cute.” He retorts. You paw at his hand, hurriedly smacking it away before he even thinks about playfully rustling your hair.

    Time slows down as his smile begins to fade alongside yours. Lust clouds his vision. His eyes go dark and search yours for the same emotion, praying you feel the same. “Let me take care of you tonight.” He mumbles under his breath.

    His hands drive towards your waist, pulling you into his torso as his lips collide with yours. Your hands reactively meet his chest and your nails dig into the flexed muscle. Your don’t dare move your hands, shyness is ruling over your life once more.

    His head leans down to match with yours and take charge of the moment. Butterflies swarm your stomach and threaten your thoracic cavity. They flutter against your chest, causing your heart to palpitate anxiously. Your body shutters as he reaches his hand up to adjust the loose strand between you two. His fingers gently graze your cheekbone and eventually slide down to the nap of your neck. You gasp into the kiss and begin deepening it once he pulls you closer.

    The ebb and flow of your kisses have your heads bobbing in time with one another. He inhales greedily over your mouth, immediately coming back down to suck your bottom lip between his teeth. A small satisfied sigh lingers in your throat, and you feel his free hand clamp down on your chest. His hands massage your clothed mounds and he groans into the kiss just thinking about what’s underneath.

    His hands slide down sensually to your waist, pulling you with him as you feel him stepping backward. You don't know which room he went into but you automatically assume it’s his bedroom.

    He didn’t turn on the lights and you couldn’t flutter your eyes open properly, too caught up with his lips that are now on your jaw and currently moving to your neck. He stopped kissing when he gently pushed you to sit on the edge of the bed. You opened your eyes then and witness see Jimin looking at you hungrily. You grab the collar of his sweatshirt to bring him closer, and he kisses you for a few seconds before abruptly pulling away to kneel in front of you.

    “That was… wow…” He mumbled, licking his lips to savor the taste of you. It consisted of the few bites of blueberry muffin you’d picked out from the store moments ago and the faint zesty mint that his mouth possesses, but nonetheless—you. The rich flavor of the fruit, spice, and subtle hints of you on his tongue drive him mad. He wanted to taste all of you.

    You shyly smile, lifting your legs from where they were once dangled off the bed and into your chest. Your hold your legs tightly to your chest and try to control your breathing.

    You cannot believe this is happening between you and Jimin…

    “Why so quiet?” He smirks, pressing on his knees from his squatting position to stand over you. His hands grab ahold of your knees and push your legs back down onto the bed. “You shy?” He asks, rubbing soothing circles onto your thighs. Your eyes wander around the room, avoiding any and all eye contact. Jimin deeply sighs to himself and grabs your chin to make you look at him. “Look at me.” Your eyes meet his lips, jawline, and arm that is currently stretched out to hold you in place, but never once do they meet his eyes. “Look. At. Me.” He repeats dominantly, hand sliding down to your neck to lightly choke you. As if he had found your weakness, you instantly whine and glance up at him with innocent eyes. “When I say look at me, I expect you to obey. Okay, sweetheart?”

    “Sweetheart is Taehyung’s nickname for me…” you retort, letting your bratty attitude out.

    “Well that’s just too bad. What do you want me to call you? Hmm?” He smirks, closing the gap to press his hand on the bed in between your thighs.

    “Whatever you want.”

    “Oh. That sounds like fun.” He says, eyes watching as his own hands touch your skin daintily. “You’re prettier than I imagined.” He suddenly speaks up, still letting his fingers make their way up your thigh, tracing the cold exposed skin until they find your shorts. He gently tugs on them before continuing, “You gonna be a good girl for me tonight?” He smiles at you, watching as your cheeks flush. You nod your head slowly, hands reaching down to grab his arms. “What is it?” He asks, pausing his movement.

    You decide to play around. Toy with his feelings just a bit. Get him riled up.

    “You know, you’re being really slow…” you smirk, watching as his jaw drops to the bed.

    “Oh really now? Maybe I’m just teasing you? Ever think of that?” He growls softly, moving onto the bed to tower over you. “You play all shy and innocent. Come to think of it, maybe it’s all an act? You’re naturally bratty—I know that for a fact. I’ve known you for years.” He says, setting his index finger under your chin to tilt your head up. “Act out. See what happens.” He crawls in between your legs and attacks your neck with his plump lips. He moves in aggressively and doesn’t stop until your back hits the mattress and his knees are digging into the bed.

    You whine and sigh, letting your head fall back onto the comforter. His lips attach to your neck suddenly, sucking and nibbling at your sensitive region.

    How does he know? Maybe from years of ticking you? Maybe he’s thought about this before? Wouldn’t be surprised, he do sleep around…

    “Jimin…” you whimper, digging your hands into his fluffy brown hair and begin tugging at it reactively. He soflty moans into your neck and it reverberates within your head.

    God… he’s so hot.

    Everything happens so fast that you can’t even recall how exactly you got into this situation.

    Jimin removes his lips with a wet pop and drags the tip of his nose up your neck till his face is aligned with yours.

    He looms over you, legs now straddling your body and hands steadying him near your face. He’s so close to you. His breath fans over you, eyes flickering over the beautiful features of your face. Your lips that he was tasting a moment ago tease him. They catch his attention. He wants to devour them again. Feel them pressed against his. Taste you. Go through all of the sizzling emotion he went through when you both first kissed.

    A short peak to your eyes tell him that the same thoughts are flowing through your mind.

    With that in mind he leans closer to you, lips now barely grazing. Your arms almost naturally wrap around his neck, fingers itching to just push him down and press your mouth against his, but the serene ambience inclines both of you to act slow and just take in one another. You got on him earlier about it, but now, it’s all you crave.

    Your hands skim over his shoulders, the anticipation of Jimin’s next move starts titillating your fingertips and seizes your whole body in prickling avidness.

    You reminisce over how it first went down. Your heartbeat thunders in your chest and you’re certain he can hear it too.

    “Watcha thinking about, princess?” He whispers, pecking your lips to knock you out of your trance. His voice dark and tinted with lust. Yet, velvety and soft. Perhaps you’d go as far as saying his voice is comforting. There’s something that soothes you when you hear the familiarity to it. You’re so used to men you’d only been in contact with for a few weeks mumbling words against your skin. But, Jimin? You’ve known him for years… it’s weird yet reassuring to have his gentle voice speak to you in this manner.

    “Jimin…” you whisper back, not really sure why you’re saying it, but it naturally flows out of you. His name rolls off your tongue like a prayer. He hums like he knows what you mean. He knows what you’re feeling. And without a doubt, knows exactly what you need.

    Your eyes fall closed, head sinking further into the rustled blankets. You then suddenly tilt your head upward, chasing after his lips. When you don’t seem to reach his, your head lifts up off the bed, searching for his mouth, expecting it to be right there. Yet, you don’t find it.

    You nervously open one eye, confused about why he’s not pressing his soft lips against yours. You definitely did not expect the sight that you peer at.

    Jimin is actually—legitimately—flashing you the most conceited smirk. He pulled away from your face and watched you aiming for that damn kiss—when you had finally decided to make a move. He watched your eyes close, lips pucker, and search for his. In all honesty, he probably had to prevent himself from laughing right in front of your face.

    With a frustrated puff, you let your head fall back onto the bed again. Your hands leave his nap and flop down onto the bed. Embarrassment floods over your glowing bundle of excitement and anticipation. You were so eager to finally feel him against you once more, but no. He had to be a flirt and a tease. Like he always is... That idiot had to ruin it.

    You feel your cheeks warming. You’re still lost in the fog of desire that had previously crept over you. However, you still wouldn’t show your true feelings. Jimin has to do more than that to get the reaction he craved from you.

    “Fuck you, Park Jimin.” You say, voice small—despite your attempt to come off across as not affected—and for some reason also breathless.

    He bites down on his lip, stopping himself from widely grinning before muttering in response.

    “Well… how about I fuck you?”

    You roll your eyes, “Stop being such a tease. And get off of me now, I’ve had enough of that face so close to mine.” You grimace before averting your eyes to look at anything but his exultant looking face.

    There it is. Your bratty side he’s being trying obtain. All he needed was to trigger you in some manner and allow it to break free from it’s enclosure.

    “I’m not teasing, princess.” A short brush on your cheek with his thumb, eyes watching you with such an intensity combined with that bodacious glint before he continues to speak. “Why on earth would you ever think that?” He coos, acting all innocent despite his mischievous grin that framed his face a second ago.

    “Shut it.” You snap, going to raise up and slide out from under him. Unexpectedly, he shifts his weight so it’s now holding you down.

    “Getting feisty now are we?” He snorts amused, grabbing your wrists and pinning them above your head. His single hand locks them in place and gently squeezes them with dominance. He watches as you immediately give in and expose your neck to him. He knows what you’re craving. He’s heard all about your fantasies and kinks during drunk nights of truth or dare. “I see. Want me to?” His head moves down, nose faintly brushing the skin of your neck. His mouth so close to your sensitive skin, yet, he doesn’t touch it.

    His question catches you off guard. Yes, you want him so badly, you think you never wanted someone as much as now. Shit, you even think you’re starting to fall for him.

    “As long as you behave, I’ll give you whatever you want, princess. I’ll give you whatever you desire.” His whispers against your skin, breath ticking your neck, giving you goosebumps.

    You bite your lip to not give into his persuasion. It’s scary how the words that he wishes to hear almost spill out of you.

    “Wouldn’t you like me fucking that brat out of you and teach you how to be a good girl? Hmm? Tell me…” he shakily sighs, the lust almost boils over within him. He squeezes his eyes shut, now trying everything in his power to control himself.

    You want it so bad. And his constant light touches on your body make it hard to say anything besides how badly you need him.

    “Please…” you mumble, “just do it.”

    “Do what?” He teases. “I can’t read your mind.”

    “You’re driving me mad. I’m not gonna name every little thing I want you to do to me. You know exactly what I want.” You whine, kicking your feet impatiently like a child.

    “You’re cute, princess.”

    If Jimin doesn’t stop with these damn pet names—and the way he pronounces them with a subtly raspy and horny voice, god—he’d soon have you wrapped around his finger. (Funny how you think that’s not already the case…) “You’re so bratty. And unfortunately it’s not helping you right now.” Jimin states, spreading your legs and settling himself between them. His eyes roam over your body, glancing at your breasts through the thin white fabric of your top.

    One hand is placed on your stomach, his warm hand languidly drifting down to your aching heat. Your brain is not able to comprehend what’s right and wrong anymore. It only knows that you want Jimin and you no longer can pretend to be unaffected by his actions.

    “Jimin, please.”

    “Just say it.” He coaxes you, eyes focusing back.

    “I…I want you. I want you to put me in my place. Choke me, kiss me, fuck me senseless.” You say, for the sheer reason of pleasing Jimin.

    And oh boy was he pleased.

    He practically tosses his head back and sighs from your sexual comments.

    He smirks again, that damn flirty grin you’ve come to hate so much. But right now, you don’t pay much attention to it. His digits that are now gliding above your shirts keep your attention focused elsewhere—on his movements. The way his nails barely graze your stomach makes you shudder. His hand sinks into the shorts and make their way to your core. Your bite your tongue and hold your breath and you suddenly feel his fingers make contact with your clothed core. His smile broadens when he realizes how we you are for him.

    “How are you this wet already?” He asks, eyes staring at your core. The fabric of your shorts stick to your wet lips, a slight dark color painting them.

    You clench your jaw, keeping a sassy retort from slipping off your tongue. You’re aware of what game he wants to play—and in all seriousness—you just went to get laid by the Park Jimin himself. The hot womanizer of your university, who also happens to be your best friend, is inches away from fucking you. Unbelievable.

    He presses his mouth to yours, tongues immediately intertwining. You cup his cheeks with both hands, pulling him closer to your body. You moan loudly into the kiss and it feels utterly satisfying after all his damn teasing.

    It’s a passionate kiss for sure: tongues darting out to taste one another and hard pants captured by one another’s mouths.

    His fingers slip under your shorts and panties this time. He parts your wet folds and begins stoking. You don’t want to part from the kiss, you want to get lost in it forever. But, the way his thumb reaches your clit to draw circles on it makes you suddenly pull away, breath heavy, and eyes out of focus.

    “You’re so sensitive.” He comments, ogling your twisted features. He tweaks your little bud between his digits and when your body jolts upward he smiles appeased, your whines that fall from you go straight down to his cock.

    Jimin plants kisses over the swell of your breasts, his tongue tracing over your skin soon after. Fingers combing through his hair in an attempt to countervail the sizzling bundle of sparks inside of you. You whine after he stops his fondling on your clit, his fingers occupied with dancing over your entrance, but not gliding in yet. You rut your hips against his hand, eagerly trying to get back to the rapid motions of his fingers and Jimin most certainly allows you to have your fun for a split second, letting you think that’s he’s not fully in charge. But then he draws his hand from you completely, coaxing another displeased whine for you.

    “What a desperate brat you are.” Jimin says, voice completely drenched in dominance. His coated fingers linger above your lips. “Suck it off.” He demands, prodding your mouth open. He doesn’t need to repeat himself, you’re already obeying his demand and willingly taking in the two fingers. Your tongue slides of his digits, tasting yourself.

    His hand drifts over your breast, thumb gingerly moving over your nipple. You answer with a soft groan against his fingers in your mouth. His hand rolls the little bud between his fingers and gently pulls at it. He watches your eyebrows knit and thoroughly enjoys the show.

    After you licked his fingers clean, he shuffles on the bed and sits down next to you, propping his head up against the headboard.

    “Take your clothes off and sit on my lap.” He instructs, a hand coming up to run through his brown hair. You can’t say that this simple movement didn’t let a chill scuttle down your spine because he looked so hot doing it.

    Taking off your clothes didn’t take long, you were only wearing short pieces of clothing—a beige flowered t-shirt and exercise shorts. They were merely clothes to chill in—which is what you were doing with Taehyung before everything went to shit.

    And god, you still feel guilty doing this with Jimin after crushing on Taehyung for more than half a year. But, at this point, it’s safe to say you’ve fallen for Jimin too.

    Once everything is removed, his hands are immediately on you. Warm hands slide over your waist and eyes dare not to part from your nudity. Jimin has to swallow the groan that almost escapes him as he takes in your body. He savours every little piece of it. Then he realized something—he’d never get enough of you.

    He’s always liked you. You’ve always been someone he could go to. Someone who knew when he needed comfort and affection. He always looked up to you despite you being two years younger. He internally despised Taehyung for catching your eye. He never thought he had a chance, so he’d keep at his routine and slept around the campus, go party every night, and hope one day he’d grab your attention with his charismatic and sweet personality.

    His hands move down to your ass and massage it tenderly as his mouth moves to your nipple. His tongue darts out and swirls over the bud. You sigh and grind against his thigh, hands digging into his shoulders, searching for some sort of pleasure.

    You readjust your hips and place them over his groin, carrying out the same action. He groans at the motion of your pussy rubbing against his hard-on. It most certainly doesn’t leave him unaffected.

    “Lean back.” He groans with lust coating his voice.

    Begrudgingly, you obey and lean back, hands placed beneath you and steadying you. Your pussy is exposed to his eyes.

    His thumb gingerly flicks over your clit. You shapely inhale and he beams at your reaction. His other hand rubs your thigh. Jimin’s thumb reaches down and slides over your pussy, gathering your arousal and circling over your  entrance.

    “Want my fingers inside?”

    “Yeah.” You whine, body shuddering as you think about it.

    He slides his index finger in, a second one follows shortly after. You moan softly, closing your eyes as once he starts thrusting them in and out.

    “Oh God.” You mumble, arms trembling from holding yourself up.

    “Mmm. You like that?”

    You nod vigorously, eyebrows furrowing when his pace suddenly gets more rapid and rough. The wet sounds of your pussy ringing through the room and your shallow breaths only spurt Jimin more on.

    But then his fingers are gone, making your walls contract around nothing and letting an invidious mewl fall from you.

    Jimin only tsks, “you get to come when I tell you to, got it?”

    You clench your teeth and don’t say anything.

    “Understood…?” He cocks and eyebrows.

    You huff dramatically. “Fine.”

    “Good girl.” He gives your thigh a short pat. “Turn around and lean against my chest.”

    While you get off his lap he slightly turns around. You have no idea what’s he’s plotting, but when he spreads his legs giving you room to settle between them, you know what he wants.

    You’re both facing the mirror—the mirror you didn’t even notice until now—your legs spread for the both of you.

    He skims his fingers over your perky breast, over your stomach until he is back at your drenched pussy. But, he is still not touching it.

    Jimin’s other hand turns your head to him, digging his fingers into your cheek.

    “Open.” He demands. You hesitantly open you mouth for him and shockingly watch him spit a glob of saliva into your mouth. “Swallow it.” His hand travels to your throat and he wraps his shirt fingers around it, feeling for the muscle contractions. “I remember this little kink you have. Couldn’t ever forget it. Well, it’s kind of hard to forget a fact like that. You even blacked out right after from drinking so much.” He chuckles, watching you stare at him in shock. “Go ahead, swallow.” He tightens his grip on your neck and you immediately force it down. He feels the contractions and hums in approval. His hand falls from your throat and to your breath and stays there. His other hand teases your entrance.

    Once you begin to think his teasing will never end, you begin to feel him pushing in two fingers, catching you off guard and leaving you a gasping mess.

    “Oh fuck, Jimin.” You whine, pressing your head against his chest.

    “God, your face looks so beautiful. Don’t turn away.” Jimin moans, leaning down to suck on your neck as you ride his fingers.

    His instantly finger fucks you at a fast tempo, making your eyes screw shut as you’re savoring the feeling of him inside of you. His thumb reaches up and rubs that same bundle of nerves roughly.

    “Faster—oh my god it feels so good!” You yelp, hands gripping his thighs from behind you.

    “My brat wants it faster?” He moans with you, getting off just by feeling you convulse around his fingers.

    “Yes.” You rasp.

    “Look at me, princess.” He growls as soon as you dig your face into his neck shyly, completely aware of your incoming orgasm. “Look at me now.” He repeats. You still don’t move and your eyes begin to squeeze shut as you tighten around him.

    “Jimin… s-stop, let me cum.” You lips shake and you bite down on them to control your voice. “Mmph!” You whine.

    “Open your fucking eyes and look at me. Look at how you’re getting finger fucked by me.” He demands, leaning down to bite your neck.

    “Ah!” You yelp, eyes shooting open and back to the mirror. It’s hard, but you widen your eyes and watch his fingers repeatedly go in and out of your dripping cunt, thumb circling over your most sensitive region.

    You feel the knot in your stomach tighten as you watch everything unfold in front of you.

    You’re so close to cumming, so close to letting yourself fall into complete euphoria. A few more strokes against your clit and you’d finally be reaching your high.

    Your breathing stops, completely concentrated on how his fingers feeling inside your dripping cunt.

    Apparently, it’s still not on Jimin’s schedule to make you cum just yet. In an instant, his fingers are gone from your throbbing pussy. Your cunt is quivering and hips uncontrollably rutting against thin air in search for something—just literally any friction that you need to reach your high. A broken moan falls from you, body quivering and legs trying to close to stop the unfulfilled sensation that rattled through you, both of course, Jimin doesn’t let you. He holds your thighs wide open, eyes wavering over your destroyed body hungrily, finding so much satisfaction in your current state.

    “Come on, princess. What do you say when you want something?”

    “Hmm.” A fervid whine leaves you. You’re so on edge, you can’t control anything that leaves your mouth. “You’re a tease.” Your voice sounds nothing like you anymore. It’s filled with so much desperation and yearning and that idiot, despite saying he was going to treat you like a princess, is being his typical idiot self and teasing you senseless. You convinced yourself he was going to treat you differently than the rest of his girls, but then again, he was only your ‘fuck toy’ now. You sighed to yourself as you thought about how he felt towards you. A ‘friend with benefits,’ and just like the rest of his girls, you could be easily replaced.

    You sit there lifelessly, thoughts running rancid. He caught on almost instantly. He’s known you long enough to read your eyes like a book. He knew everything about you at this point and could feel the growing coldness of your heart.

    “You okay?” He asks, tucking your hair behind your ears, voice laced with concern.

    “Mmm.” You mumble and he still continues to stare at you with troubled eyes. You shook your head, pushing aside the thoughts and made your move.

    You’re feeling so forlorn that you grab his wrist in an attempt to pull him back to your pussy, but he doesn’t relent. Your hand stays there, nails digging into his tanned skin like it’s your last shred of hope to finally get what you want.

    “Blame yourself, you didn’t ask nicely.” He tells you after you whine again. He rests his arm on your thigh, his fingers teasingly close yet so far. Jimin’s fingers that once dug into your hip wander up in the blink of an eye and his hand collides with your tit. “Did you still not learn? Huh?” His tone spattered in degradation leaves your body in shivers.

    “Please, Jimin.” You mumble lowly, eyes blinking shut as you grow tired of being kept on edge for so long. Your body rests against the chest, completely spent. You think you must look so pathetic right now. You didn’t even cum and you’re so strained by him.

    “Get out of our comfort zone. What do you want princess? Tell me.” It’s not the first time your heart flutters at that nickname. The fact that after calling you princess all these times still creates butterflies in your stomach leaves you questioning why he has this effect on you.

    Aren’t you just his toy? He cares about you and all but its not like he likes you? Right?

    Jimin.” You whimper, chest still heaving after holding your breath for so long.

    “What do you need?” He gives you another chance, though his patience is running thin.

    “You. I n-need you.”

    “Use your words big girl. Don’t act all shy now.”

    And maybe that’s the second where the last price of intransigence gets crushed into a mass of nothingness, leaving you utterly blank for Jimin to rewrite you to his pleasing.

    “I just need your fingers, your cock, anything. Just make me cum. I thought you wanted to treat me right.”

    He nibbles at his lip, turned on by your words but slightly taken back by your last comment. His heart aches only momentarily, not enough to create any sort of pause in his actions. “Good girl. He praises you. “Wasn’t that hard now was it?” You both look at each other through the mirror and realize that you want to kiss those playful lips so bad. Yet, you remain silent. He presses a few kisses on your neck, almost like a little apology for his behavior, but your mind is too foggy to acknowledge his small actions of affection and care.

    He feels sorry. He really does.

    But your mind is too focused on pulling his hand back to your pussy. Now, he actually gives in and a pitiful whine emerges from you when he slides one finger over your drenched folds. Eyes already fluttering shut, you manage to keep your moans at bay, but it’s really hard when you’re so damn sensitive. The slightest brush of his fingers kindling all the pent up feelings that he mercifully snatched from you.

    Jimin got you exactly how he wanted you. He is enjoying this to the fullest. He got you—the bratty and needy y/n he is all so used to—is now wrapped around his finger and doing exactly what he pleases. You’re begging for him—you’re at his mercy. That’s a great improvement from where you were first at mentally when he offered this to you.

    The squelching sounds of his two fingers entering you again almost make your cheeks heat up for the millionth time. But feeling embarrassed after everything you’ve said and done is just redundant by now.

    “Fuck. Just look at your tiny pussy taking my fingers so well.” Jimin whines, his hot pants shooting another chill down your spine. “Just imagine it being my cock. Wouldn’t that feel good, princess? Think you could take it?” He moans, digging his chin into your shoulder as he leans his head down to watch from your point of view briefly. “Look at me.” He commands and you instantly obey his command. His lips crash against yours and he sucks on your bottom lip, occasionally nibbling on it. “Feels good, huh, princess…” he sighs, pulling away and licking your residue off his lips.

    You’re already breathless again. Jimin is moving his fingers in rapid motions inside you. “Jimin! I can’t take it!” You bite down on your lip to subdue your cries. Your eyes follow his hand as his thumb moves to your clit, rubbing fast circles onto it.

    “Yeah? I want you to cum on my fingers, okay, princess?” He whines, crooking his fingers at just the perfect angle, hitting your g-spot with precision. He’s definitely done this more than a million times… that much is obvious. At this point, he’s practically a sex god.

    “Ahh! Don’t move! Right there! Right there. Right there.” You gasp, scream, and cry—letting out all sorts of moans Jimin had only every imagined hearing while he’s stroking himself to your cute and innocent Instagram pictures. He’s never heard this side of you and he’s really losing his patience because of it.

    “God damn, I make you feel that good? God, you sound so amazing. What’s my name? I wanna hear it right now.” He moans along with you, peppering kissing against your ear. “Call out my name.” He whispers seductively.

    “Jimin! Oh fuck, Jimin! You feel so good Jimin!”

    “Thatta girl.” He whines, biting at your earlobe.

    “I-I’m really close, Jimin. I’m gonna cum soon.” You whimper, reaching back to grip his thighs. Your head falls back against his chest as you hold your breath and take in all of the sensations.

    “Good girl. Let it all out. Don’t hold back for me okay? Look at me me when you cum, okay? I was wanna see that pretty face when you orgasm.”

    Your back arches off of his chest, heart thundering in your ears and your throat begins to heart from all the moans and whines.

    With another stroke against your sweet spot, your climax is washing over you. It starts from the pit of your stomach and the sparks of your high spread all over you within a second.

    “Oh, fuck! Jimin! I’m cumming!” Your body lurches forward, but Jimin holds you back. Eyes tightly shut close as you let yourself get lost in the feeling.

    “Ah, shit. You look so fucking hot right now. I could cum just by watching this.” Jimin gets lost into the moment too and quickens his pace.

    You came so much. Your cunt is dripping with cum, staining the brown silk sheets beneath you.

    You’re enjoying your high to a certain extent when you notice Jimin still hasn’t seized his movements. The overstimulation becoming a bit too much for you.

    You quickly yet clumsily grab his wrist. “T-too much. S-stop. O-oh shitttt…” you whimper.

    “What’s wrong? You too sensitive?” He smirks, still rubbing tight circles on your clit.

    “Yeah…” you reply, body still shaking.

    “But, I want you to cum again for me, princess.”

    “I can’t handle another round. Not right now.” You state, your voice trembling.

    “Remember what I said earlier?” He asks, intently eyeing your sensitive body through the mirror. You merely shake your head, it’s all too foggy for you to think right now. “You get to cum when I want it. And I want you to cum again, now.” He demands from you. A prolonged whine leaves you.

    He cannot be serious.

    You twist and wind, eyes tightly shut closed and lips parted but there is no sound coming from you. Legs are shaking, chest is tightening, and hand are searching for something to anchor them on—his thighs once again being the most suitable option. You dig your nails into his muscular thighs. Your body is turned to the side, cheek resting on his warm chest as his fingers flick over your used clit harshly.

    The amount of opposing emotions that rattle you are so confusing and it’s something you never felt before. It’s too much, but at the same time, it’s all you want.

    You’re also not able to control any reaction from your body, it does as it pleases. You don’t even have the slightest chance of stopping anything from the sheer brutality that these looming emotions hit you with.

    “Cant even recognize my sassy little y/n because of how much of a whiny and squirming slut you’ve become.” He belittled you, glance drifting from the mirror and now looking down to see your face pressed up against his chest from up close. “Look at you… so pathetic and whiny for me. You’ve always been a whiny brat, but from now on, you’re gonna be my whiny brat, okay?” His fingers go faster and he presses a couple kisses tenderly to your forehead. “Always playing so innocent and hard to get. But look at you now. It was so easy to make you beg.” Jimin says, his breath hitting your neck softly. He studies your face, remarking every little detail of your features that are so beautifully twisted.

    “Ji-Jimin! I think I’m going to—“ you yell, not able to finish your sentence. The tight knot in the pit of your stomach doesn’t allow you.

    “You’re gonna fucking cum again, aren’t you? Such a good girl… of course you’re going to cum again. You do as I say—you always have. God, you’re such a bratty little thing but so damn cute.” Jimin rambles on and on. He’s totally mind-fucked just watching you make a mess of yourself all of his bed and his hands..

    Your toes curl, fingers still boring into his thighs, but Jimin doesn’t care about the pain.

    His hand sneaks up from your breast and wraps his hand around your throat. The simple act of his fingers cutting off your air supply turns you on badly.

    “Fuck! Jimin!” You rasp. “I-I’m gonna—“

    You wander into uncharted waters. An unfamiliar feeling washes over your body. Your climax feels much different this time around. Your gladly accepting the new and overwhelming feeling of your orgasm. It makes your whole body shake, causes wretched whines to fall form your lips, and your hands to dig a little too deep into his thigh. You feel light trickles of wetness coating your nails followed by Jimin groaning loudly and biting into your neck. The way his teeth pierce into your skin while he moans against it enhances your orgasm more so. The slick noises get louder as you cum. The room silent expect for the two of you.

    “Oh fuck!” Jimin growls, finally letting go of your neck as he glanced down at his thighs. “God, you’re rough.” He winces and immediately looks back at the mess you are through the mirror. “Holy shit, y/n. Are you—god damn.” He gasps, eyes watching intensely as you let your orgasm rip through you.

    You’re way too caught up in the excruciating high that still tickles your limbs so you don’t realize what’s happened—both to you and poor Jimin.

    Your eyes are still lazily closed and you tenderly nuzzle your face into his chest. You almost fall asleep in the process.

    “Wow… I thought you made a mess of the sheets before but this is…you got them all soaked this time, princess.” He states in awe but then briefly nuzzles his head into you adoringly once he feels you snuggling into his chest. “You made such a mess. You’re cute.” He smiles. He lets a digit glide over your folds in an attempt to wake you up.

    And oh boy does it work.

    You immediately react by squirming out of his grasp. You open your eyes to swat his hand away, you can’t take anymore teasing. You’re completely wasted. But, before you’re able to swat him away, you realize the sheets are wet—like someone had poured water all over them. But, it’s not only the sheets, it’s also your thighs.

    “Have you ever squirted before, y/n?” He asks softly, eyes entranced by your slick pussy.

    “Did I ever… what?” Your chest heaving, heart racing, and the sheer fact that Jimin made you squirt—something you have never done before—is making your blood pressure rise even higher.

    “You didn’t realize?” He questions you, gaze shifting towards yours.

    You shake your head slowly, returning his stare rather timidly.

    A grin spreads across his lips. He ducks down to kiss your check. “Did I make you feel too good?”

    “Not more than anyone else did before.” You say defiantly. He gave you attitude and you were about to return the favor.

    But he’s glad he got your true self back, he didn’t like it when you got shy towards him earlier. Sure, he thought you were adorable as you’ll get, but he felt things were becoming stagnant and awkward between you two. But, now he’s got what he asked for.

    You watch the change of expression through the mirror. He doesn’t need to show nor tell you—you know that your words ignited a distinct fire inside him.

    “I see you still haven’t learned anything.” Jimin traces his finger over your arm, goosebumps following right after. “Don’t worry. This ain’t the first time I’ve heard bratty nonsense come from your pretty lips.”

    You furrow your brows and he answers that with a deep chuckle when he remarks your face.

    [ continued in ch.2 / pt.2 ]

    click link @ top of post (posting tomorrow) <3

    #taehyung college #jimin college au #jimin smut#jimin fanfic #jimin x reader #bts jimin #bts jimin smut #park jimin #park jimin smut #park jimin scenario #jimin scenarios#bts ff#jimin ff#jimin #jimin x you #bts smut#kpop smut#wattpad#aot fanfiction #new writer boost #writing#fanfic
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  • najoah
    26.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    First Chance [Chapter 6]

    Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, I moved the cursor around the monitor. My eyes glanced at the time. 12 minutes before class and I still can't figure out how to print my assignment. The dormitory's printing shop was filled with student, and the owner was too busy to attend to me.

    Looking out the window in defeat, a familiar figure walks into view. With his khaki backpack in one hand, and a kimbap in the other, Kyu became the answer to my prayers. I knocked on the window to catch his attention. "Help," I mouthed when he turned to face me.

    He snickered as he slung his backpack on his left shoulder and walked into the store.

    Casually placing the kimbab in the pocket of his cardigan, Kyu reached out to pat my head – a habit he has taken up on every time we meet. "How can I be of service, my lady?"

    Grabbing his sleeve, I pulled him over to the screen. "I might be dumb, but I can't figure out how to print this out."

    He leaned in for a closer look. "Well, the computer is in Korean so you're not exactly dumb." His hand reached out for the mouse, and I watched closely - memorizing the step he took for my future references. Not a second later, the printer made a sound - signaling that the job has been done.

    "Thank you, you life saver!" I held the paper to my chest, relieved. "I was really about to cry there."

    "Small thing. Also," he said, pointing to a little sheet taped on the wall behind the computer, "there's an instruction here in English."

    I looked to where he was pointing, and sure enough, there it was. Embarrassed, I hit my head with the palm of my hand. "Okay, I really am dumb. I totally did not see that."

    "Of course, you didn't," he said with a hint of sarcasm. He took a quick glance at his phone, "Are you going to East Civ? We have to run if we want to make it."

    I looked at my watch. "Shit, you're right."

    Kyu strapped on his backpack on both shoulders before holding out his hand to me, "Shall we run, my lady?"

    The thought of running across campus filled with me dread. The chance of tripping to my death while walking is already higher than the average human. Plus, the thought of sweat dripping on the side of my face... I shuddered. "I'm sorry, but I don't run."

    His hand fell back to his side, his face bemused.

    "Let's just take our time," I continued, "We're going to be late either way so let's make the most of it."

    He smirked. Wrapping his arm around my shoulder, he said, "Okay, let's take our own sweet time."

    Fifteen minutes later, Kyu and I stood in front of the auditorium's door. Eastern Civilization was a mandatory class for all freshman student and is the only class held here. While the auditorium had three different points of entrance, there was only one that is accessible to students. The main door, situated at the back of class. The one that creaks obnoxiously at the slightest touch.

    Ah, taking our sweet time was the wrong move.

    Kyu and I looked at the door, and then to each other, and back to the door. "In three..." His hand was on the handle, "two, one."

    The door creaked open and all six hundred freshman students on campus turned their head around. Professor Choi's lecture halted as he looked to us. Shocked by the attention, I felt my whole body heating up.

    "Sorry, sorry," Kyu apologized, bowing to the professor. I did the same before we both made our way to our assigned seat. I was lucky – my seat was on the second last row but Kyu had to make all the way down the hall to his seat with all eyes on him.

    Professor Choi cleared his throat, and turned everyone's attention back to lecture. Nestled on my chair, I pressed my lips together in embarrassment.

    Nia, seated next to me, placed a small note on my table. I allowed myself a few minutes to calm down before prying the note open.

    What a fucking entrance!

    I crumpled the note in my hand and shoot her the middle finger. She laughed inaudibly and shifted her attention back to the lecture.

    I pulled out my notebook from my backpack, body still warm from our grand entrance. On the new page, I wrote down two words that has become the fabric of my existence: Baek Hyunkyu.

    Forty-five minutes of Gandhi and dozens of stifled yawns later, Professor Choi called for the ten-minute break we were all waiting for. I leaned against the chair as my classmates all stood, stretched and made their way out of the class for a breath of fresh air. Any other day, Nia and I would made our way to the vending machine on the second floor but still reeling from humiliation, I wanted nothing more than to stay within the walls of this great big hall.

    Despite my eyes closed, Nia's penetrating gaze was burning a hole on my skin. "What do you want?"

    "You can't come in like that and not tell me what happened," she whined. "You can't leave me hanging. I've been dying since the moment you walked in with lights beaming behind the both of you. It's a fucking k-drama and I need some context!"

    "Shhh!!" I placed my finger on his lip. "Well, you have to wait. I can't say anything with 600 people around."

    "Say what?" The deep, and warm voice I knew so well interrupted our chats. "You wanted to know why we were so late?"

    We both turned to Kyu, who had made himself comfortable on the seat behind us. With a cup of canned coffee on his hand, he looked back at me with a smirk – sending butterflies to my stomach.

    "Hi, Kyu," I greeted, tone flat.

    Pulling out the same canned coffee from his cardigan, he smiled back. "Hi, there." Kyu placed the canned drink on top of my head. "This is for you."

    I reached for the drink, confused. "Thanks. But what's this for?"

    "I'm not sure," he sighed. "Maybe to help you get through the last few strands of mortification that you seem to be tangled by?"

    My cheeks grew warm. "We should have just ran over."

    "We really should have, " he agreed, his voice teasing. "But someone insisted to take their own sweet time." Then he did something – something that played in my mind whenever I think of him. He winked.

    Nia, who was enjoying the K-drama scene unfolding before her, cleared her throat. "Okay, what the hell happened between you guys?"

    I pressed my lips together, letting the question hang in the air. Nia could have gotten the answer from me, but I wanted to see what the boy with the smile had to say. In other circumstances, what happened earlier was nothing worth noting. Nia had the right to be curious about Kyu and I coming in together – we hardly acknowledge each other's presence in public despite how close I think we were. Conversations we shared about our hopes and dreams were privately shared over texts. But face to face, we were acquaintances. I revealed so much of me that it leaves me overly conscious of his gaze every time we meet. All I knew was that I had fallen for this boy from the conversations we shared, but I could never tell what he thought of me.

    Kyu leaned in, his face now inches from mine. "Najwa rejected me," he whispered, his eyes piercing into mine. For a brief moment, the world stopped. I was swimming in his dark eyes, looking for the answer to the question that keeps me up all night. For a moment, I saw a glimpse of hope, of a future. But the clock moved again when he stood to his feet, leaving me without an answer. "Class is starting." He took a step back smiling at me, before turning his back and walking away.

    Nia gasped, "Oh my God."

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  • jjinyounf
    26.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    coming home | two (preview 2)

    Your world collides with Jinyoung’s again in what might just be the most awkward way possible. (Does it stop you from hooking up with him again? Honestly, no.)

    index | prologue | one | two (preview 2) | three | four | five (final) | epilogue

    ⤑ pairing: jinyoung x f!reader ⤑ genre: smut, angst, romance ⤑ warnings: swearing. no smut in the preview, but there will be smut in the finished chapter. do not read this if you are a minor. ⤑ word count: 1,384

    ⤑ tag list (open!): @joonscore @bbhmystar @poutypoutybin​ @cindy-shawol @evyien @defxciii @enchantingbrowneyedgirl​ @yuyusdandelion

    ⤑ note: HI HELLO no this isn’t the full chapter because ummmmmmm i’m still not done writing it,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oops................ but this is a sliiiiightly longer preview???? because i,,,,, feel really bad lksjdfljgladjgl

    ⤑ the fic pairing has changed from jinyoung x oc to jinyoung x reader. pushing buttons and chapter one of this fic both reflect the change if you give them a re-read!

    ⤑ the full chapter should hopefully be out before the end of next month. i’ll update this with an actual date soon!

    ⤑ feel free to like, comment, reblog, tell your friends, family members, neighbours etc etc - also the tag list is open, so if you want to be added to it let me know!

    It had started out as another boring Monday, at first. You had woken up, got ready for work, nearly missed your bus, and made your way through the first half of your daily lesson plan without much incident.

    And then, over the lunch period, all hell broke loose.

    You should have been more careful. You had a no-sharing rule when it came to food, and trusted that you wouldn’t have had to explain why it was an important rule to follow.

    Of course, you didn’t factor in the possibility of your students forgetting the rule completely – which, in hindsight, was definitely a stupid thing to overlook.

    All things considered, though, you liked to think that you handled the situation the best way you could – you had paged for the nurse as soon as you realized one of your students was having an allergic reaction, and fought hard to keep your other students from completely losing it at the sight of their classmate’s distress.

    Jackson, thankfully, had been monitoring the hallways, and practically sprinted over as soon as he had heard that your classroom was in a state of complete chaos. With his help, you had been able to get everything under control.

    “Hey,” Jackson called out to her after everything had calmed down and your students were dismissed for recess, “you did good.”

    You couldn’t help but sigh. “I just hope it was enough.”

    “Well, as a health specialist-adjacent, I say you did a pretty good job for someone who hasn’t dealt with anaphylactic shock before,” he huffed, “but if you want the opinion of a real medical professional, I can drop you off at the pediatric hospital after work and you can ask the staff there for a review of your ‘blue to the sky, orange to the thigh’ technique.”

    Your face immediately flushed at the mention of visiting the pediatric hospital, which caused Jackson to blink at you in confusion.

    “Don’t tell me that you and Jinyoung still haven’t spoken to each other.”

    You said nothing in reply, and Jackson made a show of pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

    “I gave you each other’s numbers for a reason and this is how you guys treat me,” he muttered disbelievingly. “What did I do wrong in a past life to deserve this kind of hardship?”

    “First of all,” you defended, “I shouldn’t have to be the one to reach out to him, when he’s the one that ditched me with a literal one-word thank-you note; and secondly, why did you give him my number?”

    “You just said it yourself,” Jackson argued back, “you shouldn’t have to be the one to reach out to him, when he’s the one that ghosted you, so I gave him your number and told him that he has to apologize.”

    “I—” you started, then paused as you took a moment to begrudgingly digest the logic of his argument.

    Jackson only stood across from you in the hallway, his eyebrow cocked expectantly.

    “You could have at least told me,” you eventually grumbled.

    His grin was wide as he threw his head back, laughing loudly at the irritated look on your face.

    “Technically,” he pointed out, “I just did.”

    You had to actively remind yourself that you would be unnecessarily risking your career if you cussed him out in the middle of the school day like you wanted to.

    You didn’t necessarily hate hospitals, but you couldn’t say that you were comfortable as you were led into the emergency ward of the pediatric hospital that Jackson, true to his word, had dropped you off at after work.

    Your awkwardness was only compounded as soon as you spotted Jinyoung just down the hallway, eyes glued to the clipboard in his hands and (thankfully) unaware of your presence as he talked with a coworker leaning against the wall.

    You chose to ignore the odd looks you received from the nurses walking past you as you ducked behind a vending machine in order to avoid being seen by him.

    Did Jackson know Jinyoung was working today? Is that why he had insisted on dropping you off at the hospital?

    ‘Okay, all you need to do is just… be cool. Nonchalant. Pretend you don’t even see him.’

    You nodded to yourself, taking a deep breath before pressing your lips together into a determined line and stepping out from behind the vending machine…

    Right as Jinyoung looked up from his clipboard, eyes going wide as he locked eyes with you.

    ‘Well, fuck.’

    Jinyoung was the first to speak, blinking the shock away and clearing his throat. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

    With a thinly-veiled expression of exhaustion in his eyes, partially disguised by the thick-rimmed glasses that he wore, and wearing a pair of navy blue scrubs underneath his white lab coat, he seemed like a far cry from the mysterious, charismatic man you had met at the bar and slept with.

    And yet, you still felt heat rush through you at the sound of his voice.

    “I – um,” you started, your mind scrambling for something to say as you continued staring at him.

    Jinyoung raised an eyebrow, quietly waiting for you to continue.

    You took a deep breath and closed your eyes again to collect yourself, and when you opened them again you were much more prepared to look him in the eye.

    “One of my students had been sent to this hospital earlier today for an allergic reaction – I just wanted to check on her. I was the one who administered the Epi-Pen before the school nurse called the ambulance, and I’ve never had any practice with doing that outside of training seminars so I just—” you paused to take a breath, “—wanted to check that she was okay.”

    Jinyoung blinked before looking down at his clipboard, and then back up to you. “I was just about to do a checkup on someone who had been taken here over the lunch hour because of an allergic reaction to strawberry jam. Kang Euisoo? That’s your student?”

    You nodded.

    “Come with me,” he told you. “I can take you to the visitor sign-in desk to get you registered, and then you can follow me to see her.”

    Jinyoung was chatting with one of his coworkers in the hallway when you exited Euisoo’s hospital room an hour later, and you briefly wondered whether to let him know you were leaving as you passed him.

    ‘It’s not like you owe him anything, right? I mean, he was the one who left you hanging, so no one would blame you if you just—’

    “Are you leaving?” He asked, his voice cutting into your train of thought and effectively stopping you in your tracks.

    ‘Damn it!’

    “Yeah,” you answered, trying to keep the awkward grimace off your face as you turned to face him. “I’ve got a bus to wait for, and dinner to cook, so…”

    “The bus isn’t coming for another half-hour, in this traffic,” Jinyoung’s coworker cut in. “Honestly, you might be better off walking; Jinyoung-hyung is just about to clock out, so you can leave together if you don’t mind waiting for him to change out of his scrubs.”

    Jinyoung turned to face his coworker so suddenly that you weren’t able to see the expression on his face, but his coworker – Yugyeom, you read on his name tag – only grinned impishly at him before shuffling off.

    There was a beat of silence before Jinyoung turned to you with a quiet sigh. “Sorry about that,” he started. “Yugyeom is a giant pain in my ass, but most of the time he means well.”

    You grinned. “Pretty sure annoying coworkers are a package deal with any job,” you replied with a shrug.

    You saw the ghost of a smirk appear on Jinyoung’s face as he ducked his head, chuckling quietly as he scuffed his shoes against the linoleum floor of the hallway. “True,” he mumbled quietly.

    The conversation seemed to reach a natural end, and you couldn’t help but wonder what you should do next. You supposed it made sense to leave, but something kept you rooted to the spot.

    And then, suddenly, words were tumbling out of your mouth.

    “Do you want to come over for dinner?”

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  • riseorday
    26.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    helloo ~~

    i don’t know if many people still follow this account but i’m going to try my hand at fic writing hehe ! started a very random idea of y/n working as an assistant for a writing company ran by the one and only kim seokjin soo yes this shall be a little fun xD

    might update with weekly updates or not, but i’m actually at 1.5 k written today !

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  • park-jimin97
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    of the color of the sea

    one shot - baekhyun x reader

    psa: this story mentions depression, so please keep in mind. i use what i deal with in my depression in this story. not all depression is the same, so mine may not be like yours. if you are struggling with depression, please speak out help if you are able to. also, im not saying baekhyun would do this and this story is completely fictional. also this is really crappy and im sorry. Im really rusty and im trying to get back in the hang of this writing thing. so bare with me pls.


    His hand was gently placed on yours, fingers overlapping. The touch was cold and distance. The spark that once zapped through the tips of your fingers disappeared overtime. You tried to ignore it and kept pretending everything was better than ever. He saw through it, he knew what he had done. His actions never fazed him and his excuses never diminished. He looked up at your face, it was sunken and tired. The glow from his face never dimmed, not even a flicker. You stared straight ahead at the blue ocean as the words he spoke drifted into your ear.

    “It’s over”

    He sighed once the words escaped his lips. A slight smile forming on his lips. He was free from you. He stood up, wiping the sand off his pants and started back to his car. He offered to drive you back but you shook your head. Even though his presence didn’t offer much, you still felt an emptiness beside you once he left. After months of waiting and wondering it was finally over. You had your suspicions of his many affairs. The sneaking around and late nights had started off staggered.

    You didn’t notice the scent when he came home smiling with flowers and wine in hand. He would smile and give you a small peck on the cheek as he placed the flowers in your hands. Before you could fully embrace him, he would jet off to go shower.

    But he stopped trying after to hide after a few months. The once large bouquet of flowers turned into a single flower. The smiles and pecks on the cheek turned into silence. He stopped showering to cover her scent and tossed the stained clothes from their affairs on the floor. Out in the open with no sign of hiding it.

    A small part of you wanted to ignore it. Push it down in the back of your mind and pretend like everything was okay. He was hiding his phone from you? Maybe it’s just information about the comeback. He was being moody? Just tired from all the preparations. You tried to believe the perfume was from the backup dancers. The group was preparing a comeback and you knew the pressure was on for it to be a success.

    Your ignorance did not turn out to be blissful as you started to feel the effects of swallowing your feelings down. Everything started to come up into your throat causing you to feel strangled. Stress was consuming your body and crept into your mind.

    In the past you had struggled with depression. You felt as if you had a better understanding of it in the past few months, and finally sought help for you problems. The sinking feeling of hopelessness snuck back into your mind. It started off slowly. Food started to lose its appeal and sleep did not come easy. The dark circles under your eyes could no longer be hidden or covered.

    When you finally accepted the truth, it was as if a weight had been tied to your body, dragging you down. He didn’t even blink when he saw you lying in bed all day, surrounded by crumpled tissue. Didn’t offer help when everything you tried to do resulted in uncontrollable tears.

    In the past he had been helpful when it came to comforting and knowing what to do. Always there for you when you needed him or giving you your space when you didn’t. Maybe that’s what pained you the most. He knew how to help you and had done it before. Yet he stood in the doorway of your shared bedroom and pretended he didn’t see you.

    When he got tired of seeing you in the depressed state, he offered to take you for a ride to the beach. The place where you had many dates, including the one that began your relationship. It was a special place to the both of you. Through this act, you assumed things were going to be okay. That he would stop the cheating and finally be yours again. But when the two of you sat down together, the atmosphere shifted and made it uncomfortable to be near him. As he began to talk, he finally admitted to his affair.

    He should no signs of regret when he talked about her. Intimate details he knew he shouldn’t be sharing but did anyways. He knew it was killing you to hear about how he was in love with her. That’s why he did it, why he included every single detail about their meetups. He even admitted to sharing an apartment with her and how he was thinking about proposing.

    You found it hard to have a reaction to the words he was saying. Tears didn’t form and anger didn’t bubble up under your skin. Your mind went completely blank and body was numb. He placed his hand onto yours causing your blood to run cold. You tried to ignore it as he examined your face, eyes staring straight at the calm sea in front of you.

    Your body tensed as his voice drifted into your ears telling you it was over. He stood up afterwards with a small smile and cleaned himself off.

    “Do you want me to drive you back to your apartment?”

    You shook your head no and continued to stare forward as he walked away.

    You saw him one time after that. He came by your once shared apartment to clean out the rest of his things. Afterwards, you never spoke to him again. You found out about his engagement through a tabloid at the store.

    The pain never really left you after. But, no matter what you had been through, you knew everything would be okay.

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  • jameui
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    PAIRING: Kang Yeosang x M!Reader

    GENRE: Angst, Fluff

    WARNINGS: M!reader bullying sweet baby Yeosang, bad friends

    SUMMARY: You've made a huge mistake once when you were a child and it's been in your head for the rest of your life, haunting you unless you've done something about it.

    Just last month, you had turned six years old and you couldn't be more happier. For some unknown reasons, you liked how you grew older after every year, mostly because you receive gifts from your mom and dad and, of course, your friends who were about a year older than you.

    Every year, on your birthday, you'd get expensive items and presents that you have been wanting for so long and foods that you get to eat with your family and friends. Loud music booming through the speakers, giggling while you made jokes with your friends laughing at almost everything due to the excitement and adrenaline that rushed through your bodies.

    But, once everything was over and you know that everyone had to leave, you just keep on wishing that it was your birthday everyday. That way, everyone could still have fun and be happy with you, but then again, where's the thrill in that? They'd probably grow tired of it.

    Right now, you were playing with your toys that you received creating specific sounds that corresponds to the action you controlled them to do, when you heard the doorbell ring making you gasp with joy at the thought of having a guest paying a visit.

    You stood up from your position, your short legs running towards the door as you reached for the knob and turned it to open the door for the person behind it. The door moves wide open and reveals a woman who didn't look quite older than your mother, while you smiled and looked up at her. "Good morning!" You greeted her.

    The woman's eyes fell down to you, beaming with glee at your politeness. "A very good morning to you, too, deary." She replied. "Is your mom or dad around? We're actually new to the neighborhood. We just moved from Busan."

    You nod your head to answer her as you walked up to your mother who was in the kitchen cooking lunch. "Mom, someone's at the door for you."

    "Really? Who is it?" Your mother asked you, wiping her newly washed hands on her apron.

    You shrugged your shoulder, holding onto your mom's hand. "Neighbor said she was new." You and your mom was now in front of the door and the two women greeted each other as the other woman handed out a basket to your mom while you waited patiently for your mom to give it to you.

    As soon as she did, you waggled your small feet towards the table before you caught a glimpse of a kid, not much taller than you, peeking from behind his mother's pants. He looked scared and shy, but it seemed to you that he wanted to approach you, but he was just too timid to do so.

    You gave him your million dollar smile that made the small boy giggle at your friendliness, you jumping down from where you sat with a small groan when you hit the floor. You ran back towards the door, now seeing the chubby boy whose tummy was curving like a small hill on his stomach.

    He wore a blue tiny jumper that fit perfectly onto his body, with a striped long sleeves under his jumper, white socks and shoes that almost looked worn out. You approached the boy a comfortable distance away and looked behind the woman that looked to be like his mother, a wide smile still present on your face as you waved a hand at him hello.

    The boy bashfully hid, only leaving his arm to be left seen while waving back at you hesitantly. You could see how much the boy struggled to make friends with you so you decided to close in on the distance leading your feet towards the boy and poked your head out that made the boy flinch. "Heya there!" You said, now standing in front of him as the little boy hid his eyes away from you. "Don't be scared. People tell me I'm kind." You giggled softly, the other boy glancing up at you before quickly looking away once again. "I'm M/n, by the way. How about you? What's your name?"

    He looked up at you shyly and stammered. "I-I'm Yeothang."

    "Yeothang? What a unique name." You beamed, but he shook his head to correct you.

    "No, no. Yeothang."

    "Oh, you got a lisp." You said at the sudden realization and he nodded his head. "So, Yeosang?" He nodded again. "Yeosang. You have a pretty name." You said, finally noticing the birth mark that decorated the side of his left eye. You gasped and pointed at it. "Wowza! You have a cool looking tattoo!"

    "It'th... It'th not a tattoo, M/n." Small Yeosang said, hesitating to call you by your name. "Mommy told me it'th a birth mark."

    "Ooh, a birth mark. I wish I had one just like yours." You pouted. "I've got nothing."

    Yeosang giggles at you making you smile. "That'th okay, M/n." He said and looks at you with his small brown orbs. "You look great even without them." He said, before he sniffed due to his runny nose that caused a snot to fall from his nose.

    You were able to see this and pulled the hem of your shirt to wipe it from his nose and smiled brightly at him, which in turn, earned you a face of shock from Yeosang. "There."

    "But, I dirtied your shirt." He furrowed his brows.

    You waved it off and gave him assurance. "Don't you worry. My clothes get cleaned pretty well, so it's alright." You told him. "Oh, hey, wanna eat the snack your mom gave us? I saw cookies there. I bet you love cookies."

    He nods his head once and immediately, you took his wrist into your small hands that barely closed around it as you pulled him inside and to your kitchen table. You let Yeosang take a seat first, since he needed a little help from his small size. You were next to take seat, settling on the seat beside him. You opened the basket that was wrapped with a cling wrap to secure it properly.

    You let yourself drool at the sight of all the delicious delicacies that was inside the basket. "That is a lot." You chuckled cutely, unable to decide which baked goods to eat first. Throughout your process of thinking, your mother and Yeosang's mother had finished their conversation and the latter was called over. Yeosang gave his mother a small 'coming', before climbing down the seat as you pouted. "You're leaving already."

    "I'm afraid tho, M/n." Yeosang replied sadly as you thought.

    You pondered for a moment before you hastily took a bunch of the delicacies from the basket and went down to give it to Yeosang. "Here. I want you to take this with you. Eat them, or else."

    Yeosang nodded and gave you a look of delight at your kind and cute gesture. "I will, M/n." He said before he jogged off to his mother showing her what you gave to him.

    "Bye, Sangie!"

    "Bye, M/n."

    The following day, you were with your friends by the children's playground playing a round of tag, you being the tagger. "Tag, you're it!" You yelled on top of your lungs once you were able to catch up with the smallest of your group of friends, who whined in protest and stomped his foot.

    "I'm always 'it'! Why can't it be—"

    "Can I play, too?" That all too familiar sweet, honey like voice came from behind him, taking all of your attentions as your head all turned to him and revealed the very shy Yeosang. "I know how to play the game. We uthed to play that back at home."

    "Yeosang, of cour—" You were about to reply, but your friends' rejection to his action of joining cut you off.

    "Ew, no way. We don't want your boogers and sticky green nose liquid on us. Get away!"

    "Yeah, go away! We don't want you playing with us."

    "Booger boy!"

    "Go play in another playground!"

    Those were the words that your friends threw at him that got you shocked from hearing what your friends were saying to Yeosang. Your eyes had widened in shock while you could clearly see the hurt in his eyes that was now glossy with his forming tears from the mean comments he received from your friends. You clearly didn't know there was something going on with your friends and Yeosang.

    Yeosang's pleading eyes was placed onto you as he waited for your answer, fiddling with his fingers. Your friends were the best people you could ever have and losing them never crossed your thought, so to avoid this situation from happening, you did what you thought was going to keep them as your friends. "Sure. You can play with us." You said, which made Yeosang hopefully smile, but he immediately took it back from what he heard next from you. "If you weren't so disgusting."

    At that, you smirked and all your friends bursted out laughing giving you a clap at the back, the dejected Yeosang hanging his head low, feeling embarrassed. Although he was shamed upon, he still knew you had that kindness inside you and guessed you might have done that for a reason, so he gleamed and looked back at you. "Alright. Maybe next time? When I'm not snot booger rocket anymore." He snorted while laughing that made you all look at him like he's a weirdo.

    "Go away! We never want to play with you, again."

    And what you thought was just a one time thing, became a permanent bullying towards the poor little boy who only wanted to make friends and play with you. Before they left Busan, he had promised his mom that he wouldn't be the shy boy his parents knew him as, and become friends with the children at their new home, but it looked it was 'friends' that didn't want him.

    Their first day, the day he met you, he was so excited and happy that he was able to make a friend, even if it were you who was the first one to approach him. He admired how you were so brave to befriend him and your politeness was one of the things he praised you for. He also thought you were a really kind and friendly kid, but looking at it now, it looked like he was wrong as he was once again rejected to play with you, seating on one of the swings that were a far distance away from where you and your friends played tag.

    He sighed, but he didn't want to give up that easily so he ran to you while giggling repeating the words, 'I wanna play' over and over again which got to your friends' nerves, to the point where one of them pushed Yeosang to the ground which got your mouth gaping at the shock, while Yeosang stared up the person who pushed him, eyes starting to swell with tears. As though the fact that he was pushed to the ground wasn't enough, the same person kicked him by the leg which got Yeosang shouting in pain, before standing back up crying and ran home.

    You made your way to your friends and glared at them. "Hey, that was too much."

    "Why do you care so much?" He sassed at you. "He deserved it."

    Your glare didn't falter, but softened when your eyes caught sight of a crying Yeosang. While your friends started to pile up in the middle of the place, you were still caught up in your thoughts, wishing you had just been nice to Yeosang and left your friends for treating Yeosang like that.

    Yeosang didn't deserve it. He was a sweet, innocent and kind-hearted boy. He was too pure for this world. He didn't even give up once on trying to be friends with you, but all you ever did was tease him and mock him, call him names like 'booger boy' as you all called him as, 'weirdo', and all sorts of things. Finally realizing your fault, you sighed and regretted the treatment you gave Yeosang. "Sangie..."

    A month or so after, you heard about the Kang family moving to another neighborhood which made you feel so bad and hate yourself totally. You didn't even get to say your sorry to Yeosang properly. The little boy never again showed up at the playground and only did when he was asked to throw the trash, all bundled up under so much clothings, since it was winter. That was the only moment you could ever see him.

    You rushed out of your house and saw that they were now entering their car, you zoomed across the street and called Yeosang. "Yeosag, Yeosang! Wait!"

    This got his attention, snapping his head towards you with a big smile. "M/n! You came to thee me off?" He giggled, making you feel guilty.

    You shook your head and knitted your brows. "Why are you leaving? Where are you going?" You asked all in one go.

    "We're moving back to Buthan, thince mom wath able to find a plathe there where it'th rent free and could all fit uth in." Then, he leaned in close to your ear to whisper. "Don't worry. I never told mom that your friendth hated me." He giggled secretly.

    "Sangie... I also did bad things to you.." You told him sadly.

    "I know." Yeosang smiled. "But, I know you didn't do it on purpothe."

    "Yeosang, the car's about to leave."

    "Oh, I gotta go now. Bye, M/n." He said and waved you goodbye while entering the cab and rolled the windows down while he smiled up at you. "Hope to thee you thoon again, M/n." He said one last time before the car drove off to their destination.

    And there it goes. Your last chance to say sorry. Lost. Now, you're left with a lingering feeling of pure guilt and regret.


    Years after and you have disbanded with your friends, you are still living with the regret that you made from when you were young. You had just turned 18 years old last month and you were even sadder than the last. Instead of wishing gifts and presents from your new found friends and families, you were only wishing for Yeosang to come back so you could just tell him how much you were sorry and hug him so tightly that he wouldn't be able to breathe.

    Your sullen look was noticed by your mother, who by the way, already knew your sin towards Yeosang since you had told her about it already. The first time you told her, she was aggravated with you for not being the child she had raised you to be. You told her the purpose of your action, thus the reason why you left your friend group and boy was your mom right to have let you leave them. What once was playful, turned harsh and violent and you didn't want to be a part of that. "What's wrong, honey? Don't you like your gifts?" Your mother asked you in concern.

    You shook your head and sighed. "It's not that. I'm just... feeling like a total jerk."

    Your mother sighed at you sadly and sat down beside you, patting you lightly on the back. "Honey, what you've done was wrong, but trust me when I say that Yeosang has a kind heart and if you ever tell him you're sorry, he'd forgive you right away."

    "Thanks, mom." You said. "But, people change as they grow."

    "Not Yeosang."

    You rolled your eyes at your mom with a smirk. "Sure mom. Not Yeosang." You shook your head in disbelief. "I just wish you're right, mom."

    You stood up from your seat, as your mother did and walked your way out the door taking in the fresh air of the morning during spring season, when all the trees stood straight and tall, the flowers blooming with all their beauty. You smiled at the sight and took the camera that was hanging by your neck, over a sling and took a picture of the ethereal scenery.

    You walked past your porch and started heading to the park to get some takes on your camera to post on your Instagram to entertain your million followers. As you did, you were able to pass by an ice cream stall, so you took a quick stop and bought three scoops of (favorite ice cream flavor) with chocolate syrup and sprinkles to top it off.

    You were wearing a smile, happily licking your ice cream away. You let your eyes explore the world around you, finding everything interesting. All these years, the place had been making a lot of changes. From buildings to parks and work towers, everything just felt new, as if you never got to spend time, at least once visiting these places throughout you're whole eighteen years of existence.

    You finally arrived at the park, everything from your childhood flashing back through your head. The once only a children's playground is now a family park, but rather than being reminded by the joyous memories, you were able to remember the memory that's been haunting you for life.

    You couldn't believe yourself that you had the ability to bully such an innocent kid, while you kept blaming yourself for their sudden moving away. If you had the power to turn back time, you'd make things right with Yeosang and be a better friend to him, which you couldn't do because you wanted to be with the 'cool kids' when all they ever did was make a person's life miserable.

    You found a bench to seat on and checked through the pictures you took on your camera, laughing at a video of Mingi getting drunk with Yunho, carrying him like he was a puppy. You just missed those two so bad. You never got another chance to meet them, not even once, since they're both now busy with their job and you're still here trying to find a way to pass the college entrance examination.

    Whenever they're around, you three would always be loud as fuck and wouldn't care a thing about the world, just as long as you three are happy. Of course, you didn't go too far just to be happy, unlike the friends you once had.

    You still had the smile on as you sighed satisfied and rested your camera back down to let it hang on your neck. You looked around you and saw children playing by the fountain, their parents watching with glee at the sight of their children playing happily. You grabbed your camera and took a picture of the wonderful scene.

    You took a few more shots, satisfied, you were finally about to leave with not much else to do, when in a distance you heard a gruff voice call out to you. "M/n? Didn't expect to see you here."

    You looked behind you to see Mingi who was in his suit holding a case, his golden wrist watch shining brightly under the sun's light. You smirked and scoffed. "I could tell you the same thing." You said all the while crossing your arms over your chest. "Mingi, are you slacking off?"

    Mingi rolled his eyes at your teasing. "I take my job seriously, M/n. I'm not the same person who cuts classes."

    "Sure. Sure." You mocked him, while he glared at you. "Anyways, how are you and Yunho doing?"

    The brown haired male smiled at the thought of the taller male and sighed. "Oh, you know. The usual. Us missing you and wanting to baby you."

    This time, it was you who rolled your eyes, the smirk on your face growing wider, if possible. "You both still on that?"

    "Well, you're pretty much the reason how we got together. So, it's just a way of us showing our gratitude for having you in our life." Mingi patted your head making you giggle at the simple contact.

    "I just hated how you two were so dense with all the signs you both tried so hard to make the other notice. I had to do something, at least." You said.

    "But, weren't you the one who told me you had feelings for Yunho?" He teasingly wiggled his brows at you, making you blush profusely.

    "Shut up. There are pasts that should be forgotten and it includes that." You huffed, puffing up your cheeks making you look like a little squirrel. "And you promised we would never speak of this ever again." You pulled your brows in disappointment, looking up at him. "All you do is lie."

    "Hey, hey. I don't go that far." Mingi defended himself, before pulling you into his arms to hug you. "But, if you're so embarrassed about it, it'll be just our little secret."

    "Don't even promise me if you're just going to break them in the end." You deadpanned making Mingi let out a deep voiced chuckle.


    Soon, the two of you parted ways, waving your hands to each other to say goodbye. You were making your way back home, when you noticed a moving truck from the house next door. A new neighbor? You walked up to the truck driver to greet her and do some important interview. "Good morning, ma'am. Did someone just move in?"

    "Oh, nice to see friendly faces up in here." She chuckled. "It's not everyday you get the luck to meet one." She sighs from her aching back, before exhaling deeply. "Yeah. Rich families, to be exact. Paid me a good tip." She said making you giggle.

    "I see." You laughed lightly. "Well, have a great day, ma'am. Hope to see you, again." You waved her goodbye, the woman doing the same to you.

    You hummed to a song as you finished your walk, now in front of your porch, your mom tending with her flowers. "Had a good day, honey?"

    "Better than great." You replied. "I met Mingi on his way to his job. Thought he was slacking off like he usually does." You chortled, earning a playful slap on the back from your mom.

    "Oh, you." She told you before she led you inside and went straight to the kitchen. "Oh, by the way, have you met the new neighbors next door?"

    "Nope." You answered, popping the 'p' with a purse of your lips at the end, then sat down on a seat excited to eat the apple pie your mother made while you were away. Once, it got placed down on the table, you hurriedly dug in with your barehands, but before you could, your mother slapped your hand making you pout as she folded her gardening apron.

    "That's for the neighbors." She informed you, your mouth opening in understanding while nodding your head. "And I'm letting you do the honors to give this to them, since I believe, the new neighbors' son was a friend of yours."

    "A friend? Who?" You asked with a raised brow, but your mother only gave you a wink and carefully hands you the apple pie. With no other choice, you stood up and wore your bunny slippers, too lazy to put your shoes back on, as you headed to the house next door.

    You walked up the small stairs that led up to the house's front door and knocked three times. You waited for a reply, but you received nothing, so you waited before knocking on the door, once again just in case they didn't hear you.

    Alas, a male's voice was heard, shouting a loud 'coming' to inform you that someone was finally coming for the door. You stood there patiently with a smile, practicing in your head what you will have to say to the male. The door soon flew open and appeared a tall man, who looked freakishly handsome, his features flawless that it's making it hard for you to look away. He was so surreal. Like a character pulled straight out from a comic.

    You tried to utter a word, but the lines you prepared in your head was long forgotten. "Uh..." Was the only word you could ever stable.

    "Er.. Is that for us?" The male asked you, snapping you from your thoughts and nodding your head, taking notice of the small lisp he had with the letter 's'.

    "Uh, yeah, yeah. It's for you and your family." You said. "It's actually a tradition, so we make the new neighbors feel welcome." You added and slowly gave it to the male infront of you, a smile gracing upon his features. Goodness, his smile is so stunning.

    He accepted the gift and took it into his hands. You bowed curtly and had decided to make your way back, when the male had caught your attention. "Wait, don't go just yet. Why don't you come inside and have a bite?"

    And who were you to turn down an offer from a cute guy? "Uhm, er, sure. Yeah, I'd love to." He lets you walk inside first as he closes the door, a small creak and click coming from it.

    "Hol'up, you're not a pedophile, are you?" You suddenly asked out of fear. "There's been a lot of news going on around the world and I've prepared my whole life, so I can fight you."

    "No, no. For sure, I'm not." He said as he walked by past you, leading the way to the kitchen to guide you. Once you two made it to the kitchen, the things on the table were cleared, the car keys hiding it in his pockets. "Take a seat. I'll go grab some plates."

    "Your mom and dad?" You asked out of the blue, making him chuckle.

    "You're so full of questions." He told you. "They're buying groceries."

    "Oh." You let out silently, sitting down while fiddling with your fingers since you got nothing else to do.

    The male came back with what he intended to get and placed one on your side, then one on his, moving to the kitchen isle to get a knife to cut the pie. "So, how's your life going?"

    You thought for while taking a long deep breathe. "Well, I guess you could pretty much say, complicated." You answered and when he didn't speak back to let you keep on talking, you continued. "There's days where I feel so happy, then there are days where I feel miserable." You looked up at him while he cuts the pie. "I just wish... I..." You trailed off once you were able to catch a glimpse of the discoloration of a certain area on the side of his head. Wait a minute. That birthmark...

    The moment you were able to figure it out, you jumped up from your seat and widened your eyes in shock. "Yeo.. Yeosang..?"

    He let out a small chuckle, before stopping his actions and looking up at you. "So, you saw my tattoo, huh?"

    You couldn't believe it. He was back, but different. He's no longer the chubby little boy with snot running down his nose, he's now a total hottie and he's even taller than you already. "O-oh my gosh.. Yeosang.. You look so.. different."

    "Well, I wanted to be your friend badly, I decided to change for you, but it was also a self-decision, so don't feel so bad, M/n." Yeosang said. He did change, but his personality is still the same old Yeosang.

    "Yeosang, I was your friend. I was just a coward." You sadly said, your guilt even growing bigger. "I'm so sorry."

    Yeosang moved to your side and pulled you into his arms, the strong scent of something sweet and musky all at the same time, tickling your nose. His embrace was so warm and caring that you never wanted him to pull away. "M/n, I have forgiven you a long time ago, already. You don't have to say sorry, anymore."

    "Just let me do it, Sang. The thought of not being able to see you again keeps plaguing me for days." You admitted. "I kept on blaming myself that I was the reason why you moved away."

    "No, M/n, you're not. Please, don't be hard on yourself." He said, caressing your hair. "It was a family business, so we had to move to a place near dad's work place."

    You gave him a light punch and stifled a laugh. "You should have told me sooner."

    You both got into a comfortable silence, before Yeosang decided to break it. "Well, how about we eat and catch up on each others' lives, yeah?"

    "That sounds lovely."

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    Infinity Knot - Day 1

    Infinity Knot - Day 1 Interactive Character Design for Story 

    And we’re live! Welcome to the first day of my first ever interactive fanfiction event!! Today we’ll be deciding who this story is about! 
    For this story, our main character will have the choice between choosing two love interests through the duration of our story! Who they are...we have yet to find out! ;) 
    As for our main character, I’d love to write and tailor them to be as similar to you as the readers as possible! When deciding the traits for our MC, choose which feels best and most relatable to you <3 
    For now, we won’t know everything about them (professions, background info/life history, likes/dislikes) however all will be revealed in the next couple days! 
    Votes are limited to one per reader, and the winners will be approved of by majority vote :D 
    After polls close on Monday, 07/26 at 6am CST, character profiles will be released so we know who our story is about! Come Monday evening, we’ll have our first passage and decision~ 

    ⬇️ Please fill out both :) ⬇️ 

    Love Interests Selection Poll - Random 


    Main Character Traits - Non-Random



    TO MASTERPOST | INFO + RULES | on to character profiles ➡️

    check out #infinity knot skz for more! 

    Bunch of (Ro)ses! 

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    And Then There Were Three

    Title: And Then There Were Three

    Featuring: I.M x Jooheon x Reader

    Status: Finished

    Rating: NC-17. Smut, oral, rough sex, dirty talk, threeways, and more.

    Summary: You and Changkyun are having an intense secret affair, unaware that someone knows, and wants to share.

    Read here on AO3

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    ♯ Summer Affair


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    ITZY Lia x Male Reader

    Word Count: 6373 words

    Categories: fluff, smut, a fuckton of oral because why not, busker! lia

    aff link

    "What the hell is this? Is this what you call a proper document?!"

    You stood there silently with your head down, hurting your ears with your boss scolding you for your mistake in your work. Again. These past few days were repeating itself over and over again, and it feels like fate was really not on your side.

    "How the fuck did you even get your degree if submit trash like this?!"

    All her words were going into your right ear and out your left ear. At this point, you were almost at your limit. But you had to resist since the job paid well and is a job in your field of study.

    "It's useless for me to waste my breath on a person like you. Just...get out of my office." You quickly grabbed the files that she slammed on the ground, all the while making a mental note on how to improve them.

    "Yes, miss Chungha." You turn your back and head towards the door behind you to leave the office.

    After you close the door, you walk to your desk slowly. You felt all the stress building up inside of you and weighing you down. Each of your co-workers that passed by looked at you with concern until you reached your desk. They know that you have been scolded a lot, but they have never seen how much it truly affected you. Sitting down on your chair, you stared at the literal void of the blank screen on your computer. With a big sigh, you turned it on and started to revise the files for the fourth time this week.

    Several hours later, you felt the need to grab a drink. Opening the door to the break room, you were relieved that no one was inside. You wanted at least some time all to yourself. With your favorite mug in your hand, you grabbed a coffee pod and placed it in the chrome finished machine. You took out your phone as the machine started to brew the coffee, checking some notifications you missed while working. While you were distracted, someone came into the room without you realizing it.

    "Boo!" The person surprises you from behind by putting her hands on your shoulders.

    Nancy Jewel McDonie, the only co-worker that you are close with in the company. Both of you go way back, taking some of the same classes back in university and unexpectedly, as fate willed it, both getting accepted to the same company - even the same department no less. From having meals together regularly to hanging out at each other’s place during the weekends, it was clear that you both were inseparable. But surprisingly, your relationship never quite transitioned into being intimate with one another.

    Your phone flew in the air as you were startled by her sudden appearance. While you desperately tried to catch it, Nancy placed her hand on her stomach and laughed hard at your antics. She always loved to tease you, sometimes annoyingly - like any best friend would do. You were used to it at this point, felt that she had her moments where it could get too far.

    “Goddamnit, Nancy!” You said after successfully catching your phone and having a mini heart attack at the same time.

    “Hehe, sorry!” Nancy replied and let out a little chuckle. Like always, only she was happy to be teasing you.

    “Rough day?” She then asked you as she gave you your mug that was filled with the now finished coffee.

    “Yeah, I got scolded by the boss again. Third time in two days.” You answered after taking a little sip of the coffee. The amber colored liquid helped calm your nerves further.

    “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’re doing okay. You just need to fix up a few things here and there and you’re good!” Nancy assured you while making her own cup of coffee.

    “...I guess you’re right. T-Thanks.” You said, sighing.

    “Oh yeah, about our dinner tonight...” Nancy said, reminding you about the plans you made earlier in the day.

    “What about it?”

    “I...can’t go. My parents are coming over to my place and I gotta prepare stuff for them. My dad goes on and on about having a giant ham with mashed potatoes and a bunch of side dishes." Nancy said with a hint of disappointment in her tone, tilting her head down. It had been a while since the two of you hung out, so you understood why she was acting that way.

    “Hey, it’s fine. There’s always another time.” You reassured her by pinching her right cheek as she sipped on her coffee.

    “So then, what are you gonna do tonight?”

    “I guess I’ll play Genshin. It’s been awhile.”

    “You mean that game where everyone spends their money on a literal JPG? And didn’t you spend all of yesterday’s lunch break playing it? It’s all you ever talk about whenever we hang out.”

    “Nancy, please. It is an action role-playing game of epic proportions. I’m not sponsored by them, though.”

    After a wholesome conversation with Nancy, you returned back to work until it was time to go home. Being the last person to leave the office, you realized that you were about to miss your train. Quickly packing your belongings, you sprinted out of the office and company building to reach the train station. Luckily, you were able to make it with seven minutes left to spare.

    The train ride was dull like usual - everyone on their phones including you and only the faint voices of people talking was heard. During the whole entire ride, you were only thinking about relieving the day’s stress by playing video games. Once the train came to a halt and reached the stop that was near where you live, you gathered your thoughts and prepared to disembark the train.

    Walking out from the train and through the train station, you started to reminisce about your day. You got scolded by your boss for the fourth time this week, not to mention the Mount Everest sized amount of files and documents that you still needed to work on. The very thing you were looking forward to - dinner with Nancy was now canceled because of her parents coming over to visit her.

    ‘Ah, what a bad day today…’ You thought to yourself and began to drag your lifeless body home.

    As you walk even further to the exit of the station, your ears then catch a familiar voice.

    “Seems like everybody’s got a price, I wonder how they sleep at night”

    ‘Wait...isn’t that-’ You walk a bit faster and the angelic voice gets louder with each step you take.

    “Why is everybody so serious, acting so damn mysterious”

    ‘Right - she’s here again today!’ You continued on, almost hitting a few people on the way as you knew who the owner of the voice was.

    Well, not really.

    “Everybody look to the left, everybody look to the right”

    After walking up a set of stairs, you finally left the station and instantly, you look towards your right. With the help of a small crowd already forming around the bench near the stairs, you smiled and quickly joined the crowd to see the performance.

    “It’s not about the money, money, money, we don’t need your money, money, money”

    Every day on your way back home, there was always a girl that busks near the stairs down to the underground train station. At first, you weren’t that interested and assumed she was one of those usual “struggling artists who felt misunderstood by society”. But once you hear her singing, it immediately warms your heart and makes you feel calmer on the inside. This was especially true when you were having a bad day - which seemed to be pretty much everyday so far. Her honey-like voice is so pretty and soothing that you would have believed she’s a real angel if someone were to tell you so. And if that wasn’t enough, she has a unique striking visual too. Eventually, you become a regular crowd at her busking and would always donate a bit of money to her as a token of appreciation before going back home. It’s safe to say that the girl has helped you to stay sane when you’re feeling down and regain your confidence to get through the next day.

    “Wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag, yeah”

    As the girl ends the song with a final strum on her guitar, the crowd then claps at her outstanding performance and the girl bows a few times towards the crowd. As you were clapping alongside them, you thought to yourself how her singing was a bit off today. It wasn’t bad no, it felt like there was…a faint trace of sadness in her singing.

    ‘Maybe I’m just overthinking again…’ You thought to yourself as you pulled out your wallet to give her some donation.

    ‘Hmm, I feel like I should give her more today…’

    ‘But, it would be weird if I suddenly gave her more than usual right?’

    ‘Nah, I don’t think she would notice...’

    ‘Awh, I really don’t want to look like a weirdo in front of her…’

    “Uhh, oppa?” The girl suddenly comes up to you while you were debating with your own thoughts in your head, making you startle and blush in embarrassment.

    “Ah, y-yEs?” Your voice suddenly cracks as you talk, making you blush harder.

    “I...want to thank you for always coming by my performances…” She said while running her fingers through her straight dark brown hair.

    “...and also, I have something to tell you, since you’re the one who’s always here.”


    ‘Wha-what could it be? I hope that it’s a good news!’ You thought as you listened carefully to her.

    “Um, actually…” She looks down on the floor, hesitant to say what she had in mind.

    “Actually...today is the last day that I’m gonna be here.”

    You felt your heart falling and shattering into a million pieces at that moment. To say that you were disappointed was an understatement. You were heartbroken and sad. The one constant that healed you after a long and stressful day at work will now be gone. You never thought that this could happen - on top of an already terrible day.

    “C-Can I ask w-why to be e-exact?” You asked nervously.

    “I found a job...and I don’t think I’ll have the time anymore to busk here.”

    “Oh, I-I see…”

    Now, your mind was at a much calmer state. Her getting a job means that she’s doing well and it is something that should be celebrated. You opened up the wallet that was still in your hand and took out a few bills, more than you usually gave her.

    “Here, take this. A-As a congratulatory gift to you for getting a job.” You said as you handed her the money. She was immediately flustered upon realizing how much you were giving her.

    “Eh? But, i-isn’t this a bit too much? I would already be happy if you just congratulated me…” The girl tries to reject your gift but you stand by your decision of giving her your appreciation.

    “It’s fine, please take it. After all, this is the only way I can repay you. Your singing has helped me out a lot when I’m feeling down and given me the energy to resume my work the next day, so I’m truly grateful for that.”

    The girl was speechless upon hearing your words. Never in her life would she ever dreamed about making someone’s day better just by singing alone. As she stares at your pure yet nervous expression while hesitating to grab the money off of your hand, she feels something in her heart, a feeling she can’t describe. After much thinking, her mind has thought of an idea - to get to know you better.

    “If you want to congratulate me on getting a job, how about we...get some drinks together?” The girl said, causing your eyes to widen and your heartbeat beginning to kick into overdrive.

    “Hm, oppa? Are you okay?” The girl asked as you stood still and stayed silent, trying to analyze what just happened.

    "Ah! Y-Yes, of c-course! I'd..I'd love that."

    “Alright, let’s go then. I know a perfect place.” The girl smiled sweetly to you after agreeing to her invitation, grabbing her stuff and her iconic guitar that she always plays in her performances.

    “Uhm, may I ask what’s your name?” You asked her as you both started to walk towards the place mentioned by her earlier.

    “Oh, it’s…”

    “Are you really gonna give up singing, Lia?!” You said loudly after gulping down on your second glass of beer.

    During the walk to the restaurant, you’ve finally learned the girl’s name and a bit about her background. Her name is Choi Jisu, but she prefers to be called by her nickname, Lia. She is a native-born Korean, but lived in Canada using the name Julia for a few years when she was little before returning and going to international schools. That explains why her accent was a bit different than others. She started to sing back in elementary school and had gone through a lot of auditions to become a trainee. Unfortunately, she didn’t pass any of them and decided to look for a job instead.

    “Y-Yeah...To be honest, I still want to continue singing but I don’t think I would have time after work…” Lia replied, a bit flustered at your drunk state.

    “B-But, I always thought that you would get famous in the future…” You said while pouting, earning a cute giggle from Lia who was in front of you.

    “Ahaha, you think too much of me oppa!” Lia said before proceeding to drink her own glass of beer.

    Observing her silently as she gulps down on her beer, you didn’t even know where to look, not because you were too drunk, but because everything about her was so attractive. Her hair that was down earlier was now tied up into a cute bun, showing off more of her striking visual. Once she finishes her drink, she sighs and smiles at how refreshing it was. Your heart flutters as you see that eye smile once again and how her cheeks look so soft and squishable. Going down, her yellow top stood out amongst her denim jacket and her jeans. In addition to that, the top definitely helped to show off the outlines of her breasts which your eyes were glued upon for some time.

    “You know oppa...you’re the first person to ever praise my singing.” Lia suddenly confessed to you, snapping you out of your trance.

    “Huh? But there were many others who came to your performances though!”

    “Yeah, but you’re the first one to openly say it to me!” With Lia’s giggle by the end, it went quiet between the both of you for a few seconds,

    “I...actually really like that feeling of people walking by stopping and listening to my performances. And to be honest, I still had that dream that maybe I can get famous on my own without a company just by busking alone. But…I’ve gradually lost that feeling these days. I don’t know why I was losing it since it used to influence me a lot, so I thought that it was the right time to give up and get a real job instead.”

    Lia’s words hit you with a sense of realization. You can truly understand why she was quitting as a singer now, and you were confident enough to say that Lia has thought about it after careful consideration and thorough thinking. You also had no power to intervene and force her to keep singing, so the sadness that you had was slowly fading away.

    “...But still!" You suddenly started to cry by putting your arm over your eyes and sniffling, the feelings in your heart were coming out.

    "I hope that you...you remember that th-there's still some people who like your singing, Lia!...I really love it...” Your final words descending in volume, Lia just smiled softly in silence.

    “Thank you so much oppa, I’m really glad to hear that.”

    “Ah, I’m so sorry. I was supposed to be congratulating you, but I ended up being really pessimistic instead…” You apologized for your behaviour just now but Lia brushes it off with another giggle.

    “It’s fine oppa. You’re really adorable!”

    All the blood rushes to your face in an instant, never in your life has someone called you adorable, not even Nancy. You panicked and choked while finishing up on your beer and Lia immediately helped you out by giving you tissues, making you feel even more embarrassed.

    “T-Thanks for that. Oh, we’re almost done with our drinks by the way, so is there anything else you want to do?” You asked as you realized the clean plates of food and both of your glasses almost empty on the restaurant table.

    “Hmm, how about we...go somewhere else? I have a place in mind that I want to go with you.”

    “S-Sure! I’m happy to do anything if it’s with you!”

    ‘How in the world…’

    ‘Out of all the places in the city…’

    ‘How did I end up here?!’

    ‘A...love hotel?!’

    You sat nervously on the edge of the bed after having a shower with only a white robe covering your body. Meanwhile, Lia was visible through the clear windows of the shower room behind you, washing herself off with soap all over her naked body while humming to a song. Dirty thoughts and a sense of regret was the only thing that was in your mind because of all the various things that could happen in the next minute.


    “H-Hey Lia…”


    “This is a j-joke right? I don’t think you’re that kind of person to be bringing me to a place like this…”

    “But I’m not joking though?”

    “Eh? B-But why?”

    “You said that you’re happy to do anything with me, no?”

    “Uhm, y-yes technically but-”

    “So, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go~”

    “W-Wait Lia!”


    ‘And now I’m stuck here, with a woman, in a love hotel room, while I could be playing games right now back at home..’ You thought to yourself as you facepalmed yourself.

    ‘Ugh, what should I do? I can’t possibly just leave her alone like this, plus it’s pretty late now at this point. But if this goes on any further…’

    As you were lost in your own thoughts, Lia had already finished showering and had also put on a white robe to cover her body since she didn’t have any spare clothes. She then looks at you sitting very still on the bed with your hand on your head. Thinking that you were probably feeling the side effects from getting drunk earlier, she gets on the bed and kneels right next to you without you even realizing it.

    “Oppa?” Lia shocks you with her sudden appearance.

    “Are you alright? Did you drink too much?” Before you could answer, your eyes caught Lia’s robe loosening a bit around her chest area as she moved around, exposing her nipple.

    “N-No! I’m n-not that drunk!” You answered while turning your head away from her quickly to avoid staring at her chest longer.

    "That's good then…" Lia then fixes her robe.

    "I'm m-more worried that you’re the one who drank too much! Bringing me to a place l-like this…”

    “Oppa, you’re the one who drank two glasses of beer, so why would I be drunk right now?”

    Inching closer to you, Lia seduces you with her flowery yet fresh scent. You try to move away by backing up until your back was on the headboard of the bed, still resisting and not wanting to do anything with her. But, her lust-filled bedroom gaze seems to never stop and eventually, she blocks your way of resisting any further by being right in front of you.

    “You said that you wanted to be remembered forever, right oppa?” The white robe was beginning to slip off of Lia’s body. With a smirk, she unties the robe and reveals her naked body to you.

    A gasp and a nod was all that you could do at that moment. Your breath was taken away by how close she was with you and how perfect her body was. Her breasts were irresistible, the perkiness made up for its small size and her nipples deliciously throbbing hard. To say that you were not turned on would go against everything you stood for as your cock was beginning to stretch the bottom area of your robe. Lia takes a glance at your crotch and smiles, thinking that her teasing was working.

    “So then-” The robe was now fully discarded off of her hips, enticing you further into her desire with her legs.

    “I’ll make this an unforgettable memory.”


    “Also oppa…” Lia now stood up on her knees and leaned towards you, both of your heads were as closer than ever.

    “What would happen if you forgot about me in the future?” Lia slightly pouts while asking the question. Before you could reply with a ‘Never!’, another gasp left your lips as Lia’s hand sneakily slipped under your robe and reached towards your erection.

    “Then, I’ll have to make sure that you’ll never forget about me…” Her seductive whisper was the last pushing point to breaking your resistance.

    Lifting up your robe up to your hips, the raging beast between your crotch was unveiled to Lia. Her mouth was watering with saliva, your size impressive to her naked eyes. Throbbing and leaking with precum, she grasps your shaft with her slim fingers, which looks cute and tiny to your eyes, despite the act that she was going to do next will be very far from being cute. She began with slow strokes, sending the first wave of sensitiveness all over your body.

    Suddenly, Lia comes up to you again and connects both of your lips together. Your face was still burning red at this point and Lia’s sudden kiss is making it harder for you to calm yourself down. Her tongue asks for entrance into your mouth and you obliges immediately, now tasting upon each other’s saliva. Throughout all of this, she was still stroking your cock that was staining her hand with your leaking precum.

    How much time has passed? You don’t know. But, what you do know is that your make-out session was getting too long as both of you were starting to lose your breaths. Pulling away finally after a few minutes, Lia looks down to see her fingers covered in your precum. She then brought them to her mouth to have a first taste of you.

    "Mmm, you taste sweet oppa." She giggles once again, making you wonder how this adorable girl is now in between your legs, making such a lewd act.

    Going back down on your crotch, Lia laid down comfortably and leaned her head closer to your crotch. Her mouth was a few inches away from the wet tip. When Lia opens her mouth, you prepare yourself to feel the warmth of her mouth but instead, she drives your sense of pleasure crazier by blowing hot breaths onto your cock.

    “F-Fuck, don’t tease me like that...” You moaned.

    “Judging by how much you’re leaking out, I think you’re enjoying this oppa.” Lia said with a smirk as her fingers worked to spread your precum all over your dick.

    Without any further warning, Lia stuck out her tongue and licked the head by giving it a few swirls. Gathering some saliva in her mouth, she spits it on your shaft and spreads it just like earlier with your precum to lubricate your cock even more. You bite your lips in response, fully indulged in the pleasure that she was giving you. A lick on the underside of your shaft made your body jerk and the second lick made you let out a loud exhale.

    Lia seems to be pleased by her work and felt like it’s about time to get to the next level. Wettening her lips and grabbing the base of your length, she finally takes you inside her inviting mouth. Slightly sucking on the first few inches on your shaft, you can definitely tell that she probably has done this before or at least learned from the deep depths of the internet.

    Your breathy moans and the wet sounds of Lia’s blowjob filled the silence in the room. Up and down her head goes, your eyes didn't blink at any single point, watching her intently take your cock inch by throbbing inch. Her mouth is like a great pair with your dick, perfectly wrapping the whole of it. Furthermore, Lia had no problem with it - not making much gagging sounds as she deepthroated you.

    Amazingly enough, you can still hold out from cumming too early despite never being sucked off by anyone before. Her left hand that was doing nothing suddenly swoops in and fondles your balls, stimulating them to increase the amount of dopamine being sent to your blood streams. Your moans grew even louder as Lia turned into a bobbing machine on your shaft, going as fast as she could and making sure that the tip always hits the back of her throat with each bob.

    The tightness that you feel in your abdomen signifies that you were about to have your release soon. Realizing that you are throbbing a lot inside her mouth, Lia’s bobbing and fondling goes on at a killer pace. Your eyes began to close itself and your body shuddered harshly, accepting the fact that there was no turning back now.

    A loud groan left your lips as you quickly held both sides of her head and pushed it deeper as you began to fill Lia’s warm mouth with thick copious ropes of your cum. She stops her bobbing and keeps her mouth close as you orgasm, trying to get every last drop of your essence. It was difficult however, with the amount that you’re releasing and the surface area of her mouth. The last streak of cum lands on the roof of Lia’s mouth and with that, she begins to swallow all of it. First gulp managed to go down her throat easily but the second one was a bit tough.

    Pulling your cock slowly off of her mouth with a sigh, Lia opens her mouth to let you admire how she fully devoured all of your semen. Your sight was still a bit blurry due to your orgasm just now, but you knew that she was satisfied with her squealing excitedly.

    “So, how was that oppa? Are you gonna remember me forever now?” Lia asked while wiping some remnants of your precum on her lips.

    “I-I will still remember you even if you never did this in the first place!”

    “Hm, you can say that easily, but surely you will forget about me if you met with another girl that could sing-”

    “I made myself loud and clear that I love your singing very much! Don’t you understand that?!” You said loudly, a bit pissed and annoyed at how much she was teasing you at this point.

    “My love for your singing will never go away, not even one bit!”

    Silence filled the room with Lia’s eyes being wide open at what you just said. After a while, she smiles and grabs something on the bedside table, seemingly looking like a pill. When you finally realize that it was a birth control pill, Lia pops it in her mouth.

    “I’m scared of being forgotten...and that’s why I brought you here in the first place, oppa.” She then slowly lays down on the bed with her head resting on the pillows and spreads her legs towards you, revealing her glistening pussy.

    “Please...make my body remember your feelings towards me, so that I won’t forget you too.” With an uncontrollable seductive gaze, her fingers open up the folds of her pussy, inviting you to sin together with her.

    ‘Prove your worth to her.’ A random voice somewhere in your head fires you up.

    The robe on your body was gone in an instant. You both were now fully naked together, filled with lust towards each other. Your arms go on both sides of Lia’s head, covering her with the shadow of your body. Lining up your cock with her needy pussy, there was no one who could stop you at this moment.


    With a single push of your hips, the tip splits her folds and penetrates her pussy. The side effects of your post-orgasm just now was quickly felt with a shiver down your spine. You then proceeded to move your hips forward, adding another inch inside her. Lia began to spill out tears from her eyes, probably because of the pain and the pleasure, which makes you hesitate to continue.

    “A-Are you okay? Should I stop?” You asked worryingly.

    “N-No, please don’t! I-It’s just that…”

    “Seeing how much you love my singing really makes me happy…” More tears fell out of her eyes as you learned the reason behind them, making you feel touched as well.


    “Thank you oppa...thank you so much for liking my singing…”

    Sharing another kiss with one another, it was now not because of lust, but instead a new sensation that is sweet with a hint of sadness in it. As you pulled away from the kiss, Lia gave you a reassuring nod to keep going. Another push of your hips was made and half of your shaft was inside of her. The tightness of her silky walls can be sensed and you were hungry to feel it fully all over. It was a matter of time until your entire length was fully inside her, both of you letting out a sigh of relief and satisfaction. Staying inside her for a while because of how warm she is, it causes Lia to shriek and have her first orgasm of the night, shocking you at how sensitive she is.

    As she ends her orgasm, you wrap her body with your arms, hugging her tightly and patting her back to relieve her from her high. After some minutes have passed, you whisper into her ear, asking if you can move around. She agrees and almost immediately, you move your hips back and forth in between her legs with a slow and gentle pace. Both of your moans filled the room, harmonizing with each other as your thrusts began to increase in speed.

    Noticing that Lia’s hand was empty, you promptly grabbed them and interlocked them with yours. Lia, who had her eyes closed the entire time you were fucking her fluttered her eyes slowly and looked at you with a loving gaze. At that moment, sparks of joy can be felt inside both of your bodies and a beautiful relationship was formed.

    “Lia, I…”

    “I love you too, oppa.”

    A few hours have passed - bringing along with them many different positions and orgasms. The two of you learned a lot about each other’s preferences and what techniques to use in order to speed up or slow down.

    Lia enjoyed teasing you - now dragging her wet tongue on the underside of your shaft, feeling you throb each time. When she reached the tip, her tongue swirled around it and caused you to moan loudly. She would collect the precum that is dribbling out of your slit into her mouth and spit a generous amount of saliva onto your cock in return. Whenever you mustered the strength to open your eyes, you would look down and see Lia methodically lathering your cock with her saliva until it was glistening. Once she is satisfied and admires her handiwork, Lia grips your shaft and slowly begins stroking you - her ultimate tease.

    She employs a simple technique of counterclockwise motions combined with smooth up and down strokes. Your eyes involuntarily closed once more and tilt your head back, feeling the pleasure of her wonderful handjob. Her hand moved up and down with ease thanks to her saliva lubricating you. Your moans increased in volume the longer she continued.

    Lining you in front of her mouth, she parted her lips with your tip. You release a heavy breath as she engulfs your cock by taking the top half of it into her warm, wet mouth. The all too familiar euphoric sensation of entering Lia’s mouth once more causes you to close your eyes. Your moans continued as she began to slowly bob her head up and down.

    “Lia, that feels so fucking good...” You moaned as your eyes were hypnotized by Lia sucking your cock.

    You run your fingers through her dark brown locks before palming the back of her head. Lia smiles through a mouth full of cock, happy you are enjoying her sinful act. Your hand follows along to her bobbing motions, guiding her rhythm before she temporarily retreats her mouth from your cock. Spitting an obscene amount of saliva onto your shaft, she looks at you seductively as she slaps her cheeks with your cock, painting them with her own essence.

    “I’m glad you’re enjoying it, oppa. I love sucking your cock.”

    Taking your cock back into her mouth, Lia’s hands began to massage your thighs. Your hand continued to guide her rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down. She takes you deeper inside as she increases her pace, causing your loud moans to resume as Lia quickly takes every inch of your cock effortlessly. You watched in awe as she managed to take you fully into her mouth bobbing her head up and down repeatedly thanks to her well-lubricated throat. Her mouth was so warm and wet, causing her saliva to begin to escape, and seep out of the corners of her lips. You learned she loved keeping a pool of spit, as it allowed your cock a smoother entry to the back of her mouth.

    Each time it struck the back of her throat, she showed no signs of struggle or discomfort. Her erotic moans sent a tingling vibration through your shaft as she giggled while consuming your cock. With lust-filled eyes and a strong determination to make you feel good, you knew Lia was enjoying herself, perhaps even more than you were. She surprises you by suddenly forcing your cock down her throat until her lips are your crotch. This causes you to moan loudly as you feel your tip reaching the deepest depths of her throat.

    Grabbing your thighs while you hold her hair and the back of her head with both hands, both of you are deeply absorbed by the sinful act. You mentally counted the seconds that passed, wanting to see how long she would be able to hold you for. Lia’s eyes formed those familiar half moon crescents as you forced her head deeper. Nearing a full minute, she finally releases your cock. Gasping for air, the two of you saw a generous amount of saliva dripping from your cock, balls, and her mouth, she giggled in satisfaction of her now completed erotic action.

    “Holy fuck, Lia… that felt amazing.”

    Eventually, you both finally settled on a simple position of Lia laying down with her back facing you and you thrusting into her from behind. Her ass beautifully ripples with each one of your thrust. Her moans still sounded heavenly and beautiful as always, with the addition of the extreme wetness of her pussy due to you both having multiple orgasms before this. The sinful act was coming close to an end as the knot inside both of your stomach was getting tighter.

    “I’m c-cumming!”

    “M-Me too oppa!”

    Finally ending your thrust with a loud clap of Lia’s ass hitting your crotch, you explode deep into her core, sending what you have left inside your balls while Lia wets both of your crotches and thighs with her juices. Exhausted, you pull yourself out from her pussy, which leaked out the mixed juices of you and Lia before laying down beside her. She then turns around and rests her head on your chest. You simply smiled at her actions and gave her one final quick peck on her forehead. Within minutes, both of you fell asleep in each other’s arms.


    "Hmm...hm. Good job, once again. It seems that you’re improving a lot these days.” Your boss said after checking the files that you’ve worked on.

    It’s been a full week since your rendezvous with Lia. Ever since then, you were determined to work hard and more efficiently. By making a steady schedule and working overtime on some days, you were able to polish yourself and it has definitely shown in your work.

    “Thank you, miss.”

    “Keep it up, alright. Maybe I’ll treat you to dinner soon for all your hard work.” Chungha said as she gave you a hearty smile.

    “Alright, miss!” You said with newfound determination.

    Friday meant that you were working for only half of the day. Unfortunately, it was one of the hottest days of the year as the sun felt closer than ever. If someone were to wring your body like they would a towel, you were sure you would be able to fill up a large gallon bucket with just your sweat. Your apartment was only four minutes away but at this point, you really needed a break because of dehydration slowly consuming your body.

    “Oh man, why is it so hot today?” You asked yourself as you wiped off the sweat on your forehead with a small towel.


    Immediately you rummage inside your pocket to check your phone.

    [12:48 PM] Lovelia: I’m performing tonight!😚 If you have time, come over to the usual spot! I'll be waiting~💕

    Smiling like a kid in a candy store, you typed away your reply.

    [12:49 PM] You: Alrighty! Don’t forget about our date too this Sunday! 😉


    note; happy belated birthday to our favorite vocalist, choi jisu! i've always wanted to write fluff and i feel like i've done a pretty good job on this. heck, i even cried a little while writing this LMAOOO-

    the plot of the story is actually inspired by this doujin (nsfw warning!) i found randomly one day. it's a short read but i really love it and wanted to expand it to be a story and uhh, here we are! so, credits to the original artist! also credits to @closedafterdark for helping me with editing!

    lastly, the jinsoul story will probably not come out anytime soon, but there will be a surprise in between. i can't guarantee you that it can come out early, so hopefully my work won't stack up as much so i can write it. anyways, thank you so much for reading and have a good one <3

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    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Challenging Words #46

    Prompt: “My allergies!”

    Source: Admin Sem

    Here is our new writing challenge! The next one will be issued on the 9th August at 8am NZST.


    What is Challenging Words?

    We invite you to join us and write 500 words or less on the prompt above over the next two weeks. Make sure to tag #cwprompts or  #cwchallenges in the first 5 tags so we can share your story on the blog. For further information, feel free to check out our guidelines below to make sure you’re ready to be challenged!

    [Challenges Masterlist] | [Guidelines]

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  • kthstrawberryshortcake
    25.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    I'm writing again!

    After a looooooooong episode of writer's block (like 18 months no joke), I'm finally writing again. I'll be posting mostly reactions and short scenarios / drabbles.

    REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Please send some in!

    Note: I write only for BTS and I reserve the right to turn down a request if I feel it isn't something I'm suited to or capable of. I am not writing smut at this time.

    Send requests to my ask box please. I have a couple of reactions posts coming up in the next few days as well!

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  • notchuuhorangdan
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    "Ruin the mood"

    ❤︎Pairing: TXT (Yeonjun) x Male Reader
    ❣︎Genre: Suggestive (90's porno joke included)
    Yeonjun and Y/N are playing a co-op video game and Y/N just wants to get past the first level, while it seems Yeonjun is craving for a different kind of finish.

    "Well would ya look at that, i'm actually better at something than you" Y/N proclaimed while eating his last pack of chips.

    "Y/N this isn't a competition, we're playing co-op" Yeonjun exclaimed while struggling to jump over a gap in the way of his character model ingame.

    "Yeah, well it's hard playing on the cooperative side when my Player 2 is stuck on the same goddamn level"

    "HEY in my defense; platforming games are not my forte, can you blame me"

    "No, but a child that's blindfolded can literally do this in less than 10 sec- OMG WATCH OUT IT'S HEADIN-.....and you're dead again" Y/N says in true dissapointment.


    "No, you just suck at games"

    "I always beat you in Mortal Kombat..."

    "Right, a game where you press two buttons at the same time and then mash them repeatedly to beat your enemy senseless"

    "Ok, you have a point but how do you do it so easily?"

    "I don't know, i guess i just wasn't born as a sore loser"

    "YOU- OH MY GOD"

    "Don't get so pissy about it babe....you'll do it 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 but please pass it before i die"

    "You're lucky you're cute, otherwise i would've beat your ass right now"

    "So beat it" Y/N said in a satirical manor.

    Yeonjun's mind went somewhere else, as he perceived those words as.... provocative.

    "You would like that, wouldn't you?"

    "Uh, what?"

    "What you just said, is that what you want?" Yeonjun's voice was thick with desire and while taking a glance at his direction, Y/N could see that as well.

    The controllers, as well as the game, were long gone on the floor as Yeonjun lundged to claim Y/N lips as his own.

    "You could've just asked if i wanted to fuck and i could've said yes, but no; you had to make it seem like i have a spanking kink or something"

    "Hey, your words- not mine" Yeonjun said, kissing you while taking quick breaths.

    "Now it seems like you have it, i love how we're just "open with eachother" like this" Y/N said while trying not to laugh at the obvious joke.


    The make-out sesh quickly turned into lust as Yeonjun scrambled to get his shirt off, not breaking any contact with his lover.

    "What's gotten you in such a hurry?" Y/N said playfully.

    "Just shut up and take off your pants"

    This took Y/N by surprise from the sheer bluntness of the words that came out but he wasn't complaining.

    Y/N quickly took of his pants without restraint while Yeonjun decided to land on top of him quickly taking the rest of his clothes off in the process.

    "I may not be good at games, but the game infront of me is getting that 100% clear rate very soon"

    Y/N stopped moving for a second, trying not to facepalm while staring at Yeonjun with the most melancholy face possible.

    "You really know how to

    Ruin the mood

    , don't you?"

    "Do you want this or not?"

    "You ain't gotta tell me twice"



    I feel like y'all would cringe if i wrote pP gOeS iN aSs and what not so this is what you're getting for now.

    Originally, this fic was a tiny ass drabble but i added some more parts in like, 2 minutes 💀

    But thank you for reading this mess, if this looks and sounds like shit, it's probably because it is BUT i have some really well written fanfics on my account so be sure to check 'em out.

    Peace y'all ✋‼️

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  • kpop-in-new-albion
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Promise ~ *Lee Donghun*

    Summary: What would you do if you loved someone so much even if you couldn’t have them? You fight.

    Pairing: Lee Donghun X Reader

    Genre: Fluffy Drabble

    Word Count: 899

    Warning: N/A

    Taglist: @azraelspromise​ @razielsmark​ @soulangel​ @weuschoiceheart​ @rai-scutum​ @starlit-serenade​

    The waves lapped at her bare feet. The fog curled around the edges of her nightgown, as if to tug her towards the ocean. Her eyes searched the obscured horizon, as if she was looking for something far away. She held a lantern up to her face, to make it easier to see. But she couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, except for the occasional blip of light from the lighthouse at the other outcropping.

    “Where are you?” She whispered. “You promised…”

    “Of course I promised.” A cool voice answered her. “That’s why I’m here.”

    Turning around, she let out a sigh of relief. “There you are, Donghun! I was worried you weren’t going to show up.”

    The man chuckled before opening his arms for her to run into. “I promised, didn’t I? I was wondering when you would notice me.”

    “Sorry, it’s late.” She mumbled into his bare chest.

    “Are you sleepy, my love?” He whispered into her loose ringlets.

    “It doesn’t matter.” She answered. “We’re here now, together. And that’s all that matters to me now. I thought I would never see you again.”

    He nodded. “I know, my love, I know. My father has been pushing me to find a bride, which has taken all of my time.”

    She sighed. “You’re going to leave me, aren’t you?”

    Pulling back so that his hands firmly gripped her shoulders, Donghun looked into her eyes with such ferocity it took her breath away. “I will never leave you. Never in a million years. You are the only love for me and one day we will be married. I keep trying to explain to my father the benefits of joining our lands together, but he won’t listen. He’s stubborn, but I will change his mind. I promised that we would be together forever and I will keep that promise.”

    Smiling brightly, she hugged him again, tighter than she ever had, as if he was going to slip away at any moment. “Thank you, Donghun, thank you.”

    “Of course, my love. I will never be apart from you.” He assured her.

    When she pulled away, she said, “I have also been speaking to my parents as well. They wish to meet you. If we can convince my parents, then we can get married and your father will have to agree to our union.”

    He frowned at her words. “My love, I cannot, don’t you remember?”

    She glanced down to see his shimmery purple and blue tail flap against the rock he was perched on. She sighed. “There has to be something we can do. I can’t sit idly by while you try and fight for us. Is there not some potion or amulet that we can try?”

    Donghun sighed as well before explaining, “I have thought about becoming human, even just for a little while to see what it’s like to be like you. So I did some research. I discovered that if one were to take my place, I would be able to be with you on land.”

    “You mean you give your tail to someone else and you take their legs?”

    He chuckled. “Yes, that is the simplified version. But it will be painful for me and the person I switch with. Of course the pain will lessen with time, but I do not wish to have someone suffer because of me. It will only be a temporary solution until we can find something more permanent.”

    She nodded. “Then let's try it. Just so you can meet my parents and we can elope. Then we will work on a permanent solution. I’m sure the stable boy would be willing to help. We are close friends after all.”

    “Slow down!” Donghun chuckled again as he took her hands. “My love, are you sure you wish to go through with this? If it doesn’t work out with your parents, I don’t want you to get in trouble if we elope.”

    Tears welled in her eyes and she hugged him tight yet again. “I don’t care if I get in trouble. I can’t stand to be parted from you a second longer. I’m willing to cross the world, climb the sawed off ends of time, and die for you. I love you, Donghun, more than my heart can bear it.”

    He sighed before pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I love you as well, my princess, my love. I love you more than you could ever imagine.”

    She pressed a kiss to his lips and he held her close. She could feel all the love he had for her in that embrace. It made her feel safe and protected. A life without Donghun was not a life she wanted to live and she was willing to fight just as hard as he was for her. She would never stop fighting for their love until their promise to be together forever was fulfilled.

    When he pulled away, he spoke in hushed tones. “My love, I must return home now. But tomorrow night, bring the stable boy and I will bring the spell. I will explain everything to him. The day after tomorrow, we’ll meet your parents and then elope. Then we will be together forever after that, I promise you.”

    A few tears slipped down her cheeks as she kissed him again. “I promise you as well, we shall be together forever.”

    #kdiarynet #A.C.E #A.C.E Drabble #A.C.E Fanfiction #KPop#KPop Fanfiction#KPop Drabble#Choice#Lee Donghun #Lee Donghun X Reader #Lee Donghun Fanfiction #Lee Donghun Drabble #Lee Donghun Fluff #Donghun #Donghun X Reader #Donghun Drabble#Donghun Fanfiction#Donghun Fluff#Mermaid#Mermaid AU#Drabble#Fluff
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    Final Reminders - Infinity Knot

    Infinity Knot - An Interactive SKZ Fanfiction Smut Event 

    See you tonight Sunday July 25th, at 7pm CST for the Interactive Fanfic Event!


    The day is finally here!! Starting today, each choice that you make effects the rest of our story...are you ready? ;) 

    Here’s a little list of things to remember for when the first polls drop tonight! 

    Polls open at 7pm CST today for character selection, and then close on Monday at 6am CST: no votes will be counted sent after the time of closing! 

    No plot will be posted today, it is only character selection and main character design: tomorrow we’ll get our first bit of plot and our first decision! 

    Love Interest selection will be revealed the morning of Monday the 26th!! 

    Bonus content will also begin on Monday the 26th~ 

    All posts will be queued so hopefully if you do miss them, they’ll float back up around your dash before voting ends <3 

    I made a little preparation guide for ya’ll to get ready for tonight as well :) You can read it here! it includes a timezone calculator so we can all coordinate~ 

    If you have any questions about the formatting of this event, the rules, or anything else relating to the event, see my masterpost for all info or you can shoot me an ask! 

    #infinity knot skz #queue-t#skz fanfiction #stray kids fanfiction #skz fanfic #stray kids fanfic #kpop fanfic#kpop fanfiction#skz smut #stray kids smut #kpop smut
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