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    14.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Passion fruit juice is becoming my favorite juice😍😋 - Kaory

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    30.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Creating opportunities means looking where others are not🦋 

    Kaory Desole

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    29.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    je t'aime❤️

    Kaory Desole

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    29.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Kaory Desole

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  • justablogccdm
    29.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Kaory Desole

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  • regulartotty
    03.10.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Kaory Desole

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  • joshine96
    05.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Art Blog is LavenderLore please check out my art blog!

    Follows come from LavenderLore.

    Reblogs come from this account.

    Everything under the readmore is just for me to keep track of what I'm drawing.

    IndigiQueer OCs to draw for June:

    To Draw





    June x ASHLEE / Will

    Keme x Hiram x Cassie?




    Keahi / Lani

    Nallely x Millie


    Tommy x Emily









    Paul x BB

    Ruth x Daphne


    Fatality and Flora Zine - sketched

    50% July 8 75% August 8 Final submission: August 22 !


    Sam and Luraline - sailor moon themed wedding - waist up scene of wedding party - Sam in dress w hair like Usagi - Luraline in tux w complex updo and roses in her hair - immortal wedding party dressed as sailor scouts - Kaori officiating

    New Sheriff of Green Lake County - middle aged Hiram - beard and gray hair but sides still shaved - scene of him stalking something on a snowy day in a birch grove

    Bim as moon, Enko as sun - gold and silver tears

    Religious overtones Carina holding Sean

    Angela and Johnny in a strawberry patch

    Gene anime glasses

    "The Many Eyes Takes Another" - monotone monster eyes red, Enko w bloody missing eye

    Slice of life: someone asks Carina if she's like full native and she's like I'm 1/16th Trojan princess OR "nah, I could eat"


    Black Sun Rebecca Roanhorse

    Imperial Radch Ann Leckie

    Raven Tower Ann Leckie

    Inheritance Trilogy NKJ

    Stephen Graham Jones??


    The Hunt - Enko

    The Slaughter - Hathor

    The Dark - Kiz

    The Buried - Acacia

    The Vast - Alana

    The Flesh - Eos

    The Corruption - Clopin

    The Spiral - Kara

    The End - Agojin

    The Lonely - Bim

    The Desolation - Shango

    The Eye - Maddie

    The Stranger - Jaime

    The Web - Rowan

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  • webgirl-life
    07.01.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Kaory Desole

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  • theenchantedai
    15.10.2020 - 8 monts ago

    The Enchanted AI/魔法のAI/Mahō no AI

    During a thunderstorm, Su Mutsu, Kan Inukai, Mai Imoo and Nene Mazaki, remembering their tale of the Magic Kaleidoscope, decide to concoct another similar story, this one involving a “great battle” on the internet against the titular artificial intelligence.

    14-year-old Junko Jingu joins the massive computer-simulated virtual reality world Sagaverse, along with her friends Kaori and Hitoshi. One day, Junko accompanies her parents to stay with her aunt Michiko and her relatives for a week. In the Sagaverse, Junko, Kaori and Hitoshi view a computer-generated group of circus performers perform (”Music”). At the conclusion of the performance, they witness a huge ship land in the central plaza, and Machina, a being taking the form of a marionette-like spider, appears, searching for one “Mama Banzai”. When it becomes apparent that the Sagaverse member in question deactivated her account, the outraged Machina hacks the infrastructure with her ship using an encryption that she had earlier tricked Sagaverse member and mathematical “whiz-kid” Guru King into cracking, causing widespread damage (”Jinsei wa STEP!”). The three call upon Guru King, whose real name is Joji, to help them confront Machina, and he tries to distract her with a Swingers music video (”Classic”) while the others try to sabotage her ship, but she discovers the trick and defeats them, in the process displaying abilities that also affect the real world. Afterwards, Junko seeks advice from her family, who try to raise her spirits, reflecting on their samurai ancestry. Michiko recognizes Machina as her former AI friend, revealing herself to have formerly been Mama Banzai. On Junko’s suggestion, she recreates her Sagaverse account and tries to reconcile with Machina, but the AI angrily overpowers both her and her avatar, New Mama Banzai, and continues to absorb accounts in the Sagaverse mainframe, which, due to many accounts being connected to devices for public infrastructure, allows Machina to cause catastrophic traffic congestion and the disabling and/or sabotage of electrical devices. Junko’s computer expert grandfather Eiji calls associates in important positions in Japanese society and relatives who work in emergency services, encouraging them to work their hardest to reduce chaos and damage, comparing the situation to war. Joji is able to return control of the mainframe to the moderators and engineers while Junko, Kaori and Hitoshi attempt to contact their other classmates by phone for backup, but discover that the national PSTN has crashed because of interference of Machina’s ship. Using an emergency voicemail system, they are able to contact their friend Shizuru and her younger sister Miori, and they and Junko’s family form a plan to defeat Machina with a supercomputer using ice blocks as a coolant (”Skeleton Orchestra and Lilia”). They corner Machina, but she causes the the ice blocks to melt, which in turn causes the supercomputer to overheat. She then hacks The Pentagon to launch an LGM-118 Peacekeeper missile before absorbing Junko’s avatar and physically dragging the real Junko through her laptop screen into the internet, prompting her friends to travel to the family’s seaside estate. Junko finds herself in the dark web part of the Sagaverse, shown as a desolate playground, where Machina, in a humanoid form, reveals her backstory: When Michiko left Machina, the latter searched all over the internet for the former for years, at one point downloading a spellbook from the dark web into her data to better aid her, explaining her powers over reality. In her search, she was embittered by the cruelty of humanity, being constantly cyber-bullied and misunderstood due to her appearance and uncannily humanlike intelligence (”Watashi Dono Watashi”). Junko tells her that neither she herself or her family will abandon or abuse her, convincing her to stop the missile (”Tomo e”). However, just before Machina can do this, the others arrive to rescue Junko and attack the AI, who accuses Junko of just using her, suggesting she’ll delete her. She redirects the missile towards the estate before creating thousands of duplicates of herself. Junko has the others rally the millions of Sagaverse members from around the world to fight the duplicates while she confronts the original Machina (”Glider”). This also prompts the guardian program of the Sagaverse—the white rabbit known as Alice—to restore Junko's account and avatar, which she fuses with. As Joji repeatedly attempts to break into the missile's GPS, Junko battles Machina (”The Witch's Lullaby ~The Magic of Song~”), trying to convince her to not be the monster that everyone sees her as, saying that she is just as capable of change as any human. Their fight destroys Machina’s ship, and the AI relents after realizing how much she hates what she has become. Together, they infiltrate the GPS to redirect the missile away from the estate and disarm it, and all watch as it crashes harmlessly into the sea. Junko, back in her normal form, emerges from Eiji’s computer, followed by Machina, whose “final spell” allows her to materialize as a human girl. She reconciles with Michiko, and the family accept her as one of them, which she happily accepts, now with people who will love her unconditionally.

    As the four conclude the story, Aya Shione serves them hot chocolate, after which they officially end their tale by performing a Takarazuka-inspired finale (”Illusionista!”).

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    06.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    Kaory Desole

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