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  • I think the biggest problem with Kataang was never Aang or Katara, or their similarities or differences, or age, or maturity but the execution.

    Like I enjoyed Kataang through seasons 1-2 until season 3 the way they wrote it really threw me if like I just lost interest for them being together.

    Like for example let’s take the biggest critique on Aang’s character which was the kiss during “Emerald island players”. Yes he shouldn’t have kissed but he did say he was an idiot afterward. But the thing that annoys me is that they never address it. No matter what you interpret happened it was a conscious choice to never bring it up because the writers didn’t see it as a necessary conversation. I think it could have been such a learning moment for both characters. Like just show both of them having a conversation saying something like Aang apologizing for his actions showing true remorse directly to Katara. Show Katara taking the apology but still being conflicted and saying I need time. Show Aang be the understanding kind person he is as he says something like “I waited a hundred years to meat you, I can wait just as long for you” or you know something sweet. Frankly his entire character in Emerald Island Players was off and radiated “nice guy” and incel behavior which is not Aang!!! I know Aang is critisezed a lot due to such behavior but I don’t even think it is Aang at this point because hi behavior does not make sense in season 3 compared to season 1-2

    This is just my two scents on it honestly even with the changes I prefer other ships (Taang specifically but also Zutara) even so I hate Aang’s mischaracterization in season 3!!

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  • I genuinely don’t get why people say that Sokka and Zuko are gay and Katara is a token straight. Toph is a lesbeen and Aang is pan; I have seen people be like: “Zuko is gay; Sokka is gay; Toph is gay” and I have nothing against it, but could you please consider the fact that Sukka is a better ship than Zukka (in my oppinion!!!) and that it is canon, stripping Suki out of Sokka’s life leaves us with a sexist bitch and Maiko did happen, they were in love and probability still are; (it does not mean I don’t respect your fave ship though; be gay do crime)

    I headcanon Sokka as bi because he is very feminine and he is amazing and gentle and he just gives me that vibe, but I think he preferes girl more since he did in fact communicate with girls only and had like 3gf (Yue, Suki and the girl from Toph’s metalbenders who isn’t really a girlfriend but a kid lmao)

    Let me stay with the water siblings: Katara. I generally think that saying she is a token straight is like saying she is firenation. (cs it’s the opposite) Katara falls in love with Aang because of how cute and childish and nice he is. She loves him cs he is wise and cs he helps her as many times as she helps him. Think about this for a moment: what if Katara wasn’t darksinned and wasn’t asian, we have a white girl, ok and now tell me her sexuality… My friends in rl say she would be a 100% pansexual (or bicon) Why? Cs it just fits. They literally say she is straight bc she is black. Wtf?!?! (we aren’t friends anymore :D) If you still don’t see the point let me tell you that Katara is pan. Just. Pansexuall, and no this is not a pun, don’t tell me that she likes pans because she cooks, grow up - that’s stupid and rasist and sexist

    Toph, people often make her ether a buch le$been or weird straight but that is very rare, and I have mixed feelings about that, Toph is blind, she is disabled, please don’t forget that; she doesn’t know what the people look like, she will have to fall for their caracter if she even was interested in romantic love. In my oppinion I think Toph is ether asexuell and bi romantic, or she is just bi. Please don’t forget that she did in fact have a crush on Sokka and also had two daughters with two different men.

    And the same goes for Zuko. He is interested in girls, he had Mai and he loved her with all his heart. Please don’t say she was the reason he found out he was gay. Zuko may give you gay vibes (idk how but k) but he is bisexual or demisexual, it just. feels right; See… he is not pan… He just isn’t.

    Azula: She is, in my oppinion, a le$been but I often forget about… Chan… So a) she is in fact hella gay cs no heterosexuell could be so scary and hot at he same time, here Chan was her gay awakening or b) she is bisexual but with a preference for girls (you know 1% boy and 99% girls) I like a more :D

    Since we’re here let me continue with the rest of the angels (they are not Ozai’s angels they are just the angels I don’t know who had the idea calling them after Ozai it is discusting; if they needed a name Azula’s angels is more fitting or the best one is just fire angels)

    Mai is the bisexual/demisexual. She was in love with Zuko and they were and are in love (I refuse to be ive the shit the comics tell us)

    Ty Lee is bisexual but with a preference for boys since she did like Sokka, and she liked the boys in the beach episode simping for her (untill it got to stressful)

    Ok our king and queen. Let’s start with Aang cs Suki is my favourite and I will save her for last. Aang is a cool dude. He is amazing and soft but also badass and sassy. I think that hcing him as pan or straight is ok. Because it both fits. I personally hc him as omni. With a preference for girls (if that’s how you call it) because he did only have a crush on Katara the whole time

    Before the grande finaly of my baby and the cutest person alive let’s talk about the goddess: Yue for a bit. Princess Yue. The moonspirit. The imoral spirit. The one that sacrificed herself. Yes. Bi with a preference for girls. She would just be a cottagecore le$been if Sokka wasn’t there. Like. He was the only one she actually loved. And being the moonspirit is pretty gay you know… Or pan. Bi would fit her more. But pan is also good. Since she likes Sokka cs of his caracter.

    Ok the queen herself. Badass warrior, preasonbraker, feminist, girlboss and all the other good stuff… SUKIIII. First of all: Suki would be so gay of not for Sokka. She litherally dressed him up like a woman and kissed him (even Sokka sais it when he explaines the invasion!!!) But since she does actually like Sokka I was thinking about pan Suki. She would never have fallen in love with him if he stayed a sexist bitch. She would have just killed him if Katara didn’t interfere. I just. The facs tell me that she is pan. But my brain tells me that she is bi and I constantly don’t know what she is. Plus she is the she/they highness. (But I will continue using she/her :c cs not everyone agrees with that and I totally see it and respect it.) in ny conclusion: Suki is queer, she doesn’t care about her gender nore her sexuality so she just tells people she’s queer and let’s them guess never telling them what she actually is cs she herself still hasn’t figured it out and isn’t planning to uwu

    Oh wait my bad Suki’s gender is warrior and her sexuality is adorable badass.

    #I planned on ordering everyone: the most problematic ones are first and the others come later but I sarted with Sokka because many people #won't read a post if it startes with a female caracter of someone they don't like. Oh and there's no order. Suki is last cs she is amazing #and I had to think less about her. #sokka#katara#toph#zuko#azula#mai#tylee#aang#yue#suki#kataang#sukka#maiko#sutara#sukitara#yueki#yuetara#zukaang#maiki#mailee#maizula#tyzula#katoph#princess yue #avatar the last airbender #atla#qwq
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  • Everyone pray we get more zutara content

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  • Imagine not stanning Katara … the horror of such existence … can’t relate.

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  • Okay I’ve seen aus with Jet going to the Boiling Rock after Ba Sing Se and aus where Zuko fights Azula and gets sent to the Boiling Rock, but, consider, both

    They both get arrested and Zuko has to explain to Jet that yes, he’s a firebender, and yes he’s the prince of the fire nation, and yes he hunted the avatar across the whole world, but he’s totally good now and Jet has to process that he tried to recruit the literal fire prince into his gang

    Zuko gets thrown into the cooler very regularly, almost as much as Jet gets put in solitary, because they rarely last more than ten minutes in the same room before Jet tries to start a brawl. After a while he’s not even angry, it’s just kinda boring in prison and Zuko fights good

    Suki recognises Zuko immediately, but after she hears why he’s in prison and watches Jet almost throw him off a ledge several times, she decides to forgive him

    Thus starts the weirdest friendship trio ever

    They actually work really well together, because Suki supplies the group brain cell, Jet gives them terrible ideas, and Zuko carries them out

    The other prisoners and some of the guards quickly recognise that the three most dangerous inmates are teenagers, and now that they’re working together, all they can do is pray. They all end up teaching each other fighting forms they know, and Suki discovers Zuko is a total avatar nerd and thinks Kyoshi was the best avatar since Wan (she approves of his assessment)

    Suki plays the ‘you burned down my village’ card exactly once. Jet uses ‘you burned down Suki’s village’ almost daily to get Zuko to do things

    Sokka arrives looking for his dad and spots Suki in the yard distracting a guard while Jet keeps watch and Zuko steals his keys. He thinks they’re actually planning a break out, but no, Jet just wanted to fuck with the guards and see if Zuko could melt metal

    (They’ve tried escaping, but Suki usually stops them because Jet suggests tying all their blankets together, stealing a messenger hawk and training it to tie the rope to a rock across the boiling lake and climbing across that. Zuko, who has never had a plan beyond ‘break into the maximum security stronghold and go from there’, is 100% on board)

    When Hakoda arrives and the other inmates warn him not to piss off the three teenage prisoners, he thinks they’re joking. They’re not. He reevaluates when he sees Jet start a riot in less than ten seconds, Suki kidnap the warden, and Zuko break the gondola lever and jump across a boiling lake

    Sokka comes back from his fishing trip with four missing people and no fish

    Bonus: Suki: “this is my boyfriend Sokka and his boyfriend Zuko and his boyfriend Jet”

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #avatar au#atla au #the boiling rock #boiling rock#Zuko#Jet#suki#Sokka#hakoda #atla book 3 #jetko#zuki#zukka#zukki#fire nation#Aang#katara#Toph#kyoshi warriors #southern water tribe #water tribe #crossroads of destiny #ba sing se #zuko redemption#jet redemption #suki and zuko #Jet and suki #Zuko and Jet
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  • So here’s the cover and the 5 preview? pages of Avatar: Rise of The Dragons. 

    A Fire Nation Royal Family-centric AU comic based on the events 3 years after ATLA TV series (ignores the ATLA comics).

    Uni has started for me so I’m not sure if I can churn out stuff as often as I do, but I will try my best.

    Five preview pages under the cut!

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  • Any ATLA/TLOK fans fans from India? please hmu 👉🏾👈🏾

    Edit - Resident, non resident both are welcome

    Hmu only if you are comfortable with a gc.

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  • Do we all agree that if avatars new series/movies/whichever project’s out there sucks we’re just going to pretend they never happened? Let’s hope for the best though

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  • Well I’m not really into atla fandom in tumblr but I’ve reading somethings and I want to ask please can some good soul send me a fic of that blanket scene I tsr that zutara stans talk about? Idk if there is a fic about this specifically, but it must have, and if there is please send me ! I really want to read

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #zutara#Zuko#katara
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  • is she, y’know,,,

    girl in red?💅🏽🌈✨❤️

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #a:tla#atla wlw#atla femslash #they are sapphics bye #katara#toph#suki#azula#mai#ty lee #zuko? ODJWORKERJ joking #mailee#maizulee#tyzula#katoph#sukitara #suki x ty lee #azutara#maitara #suki x mai #suki x toph #sapphic#wlw#lesbian #girl in red
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  • Can we get a growing up Gaang series now please

    Zach Tyler Eisen has spawned back into existence can we get an adult Aang would he be up for it

    I need some Aang and Sokka friendship and some Aang and Zuko friendship and some Zuko and Toph friendship and I miss Katara and Suki and Mai and Ty Lee and Iroh can I see them again I want to see Azula taken care of and freed from her horrible childhood

    I just got so attached to these guys and then it jumped right to the next in the cycle and she’s adorable but I miss those other ones

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    #zutara#atla #avatar the last airbender #katara#zuko#aang#avatar studios #atla live action #anti bryke
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  • omg they’re making avatar studios, Bryke is back and we’re gonna get so much avatar content, and it’s not gonna be hopelessly interfered with

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  • mai & the rest of the gaang:

    mai & aang: a bit awkward, at first? not on aang’s end of course, he’s totally unflustered and in fact quite keen to get to know zuko’s girlfriend and I actually think mai doesn’t know what to do with this attitude, given she spent six months or so trying to hunt him down, and that’s very present in her mind. hanging out with aang is a very pleasant culture shock in how he casually diaregards half the norms she was raised to strictly follow, speaking with warm enthusiasm and genuine curiosity to all, be they dish washers or tea servers or the Fire Lord’s girlfriend, disregarding barriers of social class that are so carefully upheld in the Fire Nation. It’s refreshing as it is bewildering. I think mai does develop a fondness for aang - although she can find him and his antics a bit much at times - and deeply respects and cares for him if only for how valued his friendship with zuko is. she claims to tolerate his goofy antics but she enjoys them far more than she lets on (his flying marble trick does elicit a rare smile, although it only appears for 0.02 seconds before returning to the most deadpan expression). I think mai respects him most politically actually - aang grows up to be an excellent diplomat, an excellent mediator who does not lose sight of the importance of various different perspectives, especially those who are forgotten or maligned, even when in circles of power.

    mai & sokka: as discussed, they have a rocky start. sokka, my darling beloved sokka, has a tendency to be a bit abrasive, if we’re honest, in that his humour and his puns are a little in-your-face, he has a bit of an ego aboht being the funniest/smartest person in the room, and he can take it personally when people don’t like it. mai doesn’t have much time for that. mai doesn’t care much for sokka’s jokes if only because they’re attached to this ego, but also and finds the puns a bit flat (whereas she finds aang’s mischief making genuinely funny, though she tries to hide it), and sokka takes this deeply personally and tries really hard to elicit a laugh from her. this just ends up with him aggravating her more. I think mai has little time for sensitive male ego games and that’s partially why her and sokka clash- she won’t blunt herself for him, even if he is one of zuko’s closest friends. I think sokka, to his credit, doesn’t dismiss her as a ‘bitch’ and keeps trying - in fact, the reason he comes on so strong is because he actually really wants her to like her - and i think that’s because of boiling rock, and because of that alone sokka deeply respects mai on many levels (and was extremely surprised by how all that played out, and knows from that alone that mai is a layered and complex person who contains multitudes). I think what might cause mai to warm to him is politics - sokka’s a pragmatist, who is skeptical of idealism without material backing and is refreshingly realistic for one of aang’s friends. he keeps the fire nation on its toes at the negotiating table but he’s also the first to point out when a potential proposition - when anyone’s potential proposition - has more logical holes than a piece of honeycomb. i think mai appreciates that perspective. and i think they could slowly and gradually go from personality clashing to building this begrudging friendship where mai will never openly admit that she likes him, where sokka will still grate but in a way that becomes almost familiar and comfortable because of that, and where - especially in a situation where they have to work on a project together - they’re a formidable team. a difficult friendship but eventually could be a dear one.

    mai & katara: another personality clash that becomes a really fascinating friendship. katara wasn’t there for boiling rock and is perhaps a bit cool towards mai even understanding what she did there, and the grounds where they most often meet is politics, and they largely are at odds there too. they’re interesting parallels, in terms of role - both partners of powerful world leaders, but while mai positions herself as a vital support and power behind zuko’s regime, furthering that goal, katara loathes to be associated with aang simply because of their romantic relationship, and does not envision their relationship to be a political one: aang and katara stand independent, but with shared values and goals (and perhaps katara simply does not understand why mai takes the position she does regarding politics and relationships). their actual political approach wildly differs, with katara being an impassioned idealist who is the most radical out of the gaang, whereas mai is a pragmatist - much more concerned about the feasibility of the radical ideas proposed and sees herself occupying the role of a much needed skeptic who asks 'okay, but how are we going to do this?’ in a group of radicals. this does lead to some fierce clashes actually - some of katara’s proposals appear outlandish to mai, and katara interprets this as fire nation indoctrination and ideological conditioning limiting her perspective (and honestly neither are completely wrong - mai can be on occasion perhaps too conservative and cynical and that is often because her upbringing has limited her scope, and katara sometimes isn’t fully aware of how feasible her ideas are and leaves practical concerns to others). I think despite this they have such a deep respect for each other - and that’s in part why their arguments are so impassioned, because they both fundamentally know the other comes from a good place. mai saved katara’s brother’s life at boiling rock, and katara saved mai’s partner during the final agni kai - they have both proven to each other the extent of their commitment and cared for another they care about deeply. they’re the biggest idealism vs. cynicism clash but honestly over time i think the respect only grows over time despite periods of hot and cold. I’d like to think if katara ever has relationship difficulties with aang, after her gran’s, it’s mai whose advice she might respect the most - after all, it’s mai who understands what it’s like to date someone who is a world leader, and mai absolutely believes in having firm, healthy boundaries and little tolerance for sufferring for men in relationships. I think given their positions they’re often in dialogue and in conversation and end up building the most unexpected but also rock solid friendship. they *would* take a bullet for each other, i am sure of it.

    mai & toph: i love these two. an incredible friendship. mai takes to toph the quickest out of aang’s friends. it makes sense - toph comes from a similar class and upbringing as mai, albeit has taken a different life path and expresses herself completely differently, and i think while surprised and thrown at first by toph’s bluntness, mai sees that and not only respects but honestly just loves how toph is a little crass, and doesn’t hold decorum as the be all and end all. I think the age difference here actually makes a difference - mai very much sees toph as a younger peer (and eventually, much like zuko, a younger sibling), and while it can be sad to see someone from a younger generation express themselves freely in a way that mai feel she can’t, i think her joy at seeing that takes precedence here over any mixed feelings. mai pretends not to be amused at toph’s antics (but quietly delights at them) and absolutely is the person who will get the authorities that be in the fire nation to look away from whatever misdemeanours she’s committing at any given time (indeed, mai as often been a partner in crime - actually, speaking of, she’s been surprised before to see katara also partake with toph, and it was an ice-breaking moment for them, probably one engineered by toph). that said, mai absolutely does not patronise toph, gives it to her straight, will also tell toph when she’s going too far or pushing the limit, something toph deeply respects and values. mai can see toph’s wisdom and her strong intuitive understanding of how others feel, and admires that, as well as the kindness toph shows (i would not be surprised if mai looks at toph and wants to be a little more like her). I also think mai’s sardonic and biting sense of humour is best appreciated by toph out of aang’s friends (sokka also finds it very funny, but sokka is also trying hard to get mai to like him, as aforementioned). mai and toph vibe together *so hard* and *so well* (something i think zuko is quietly deeply grateful for, since mai hasn’t clicked as well with the rest of the gaang, but also because he views toph like a little sister too).

    mai & suki: right! so this one is complicated. mai does not see suki as often as the rest of the gaang - she sees katara and aang often for political reasons, at summits and keets and so on, sokka keeps in touch often and is constantly sending letters, and toph will just turn up unannounced and will stay for several weeks to “relandscape” the fire nation gardens (so she claims) every year or so. I am sticking to show canon here but reject the comics canon - there is no way in hell suki ends up as a bodyguard for zuko, the kyoshi warriors have better things to be doing. so! while mai absolutely saved the teal at boiling rock and suki knows this, the fact that they see each other relatively little mean things are a bit… cool between them? Not quite cold, but there’s a degree of awkwardness that mai works past with the others that takes longer with suki. I honestly don’t know if suki knows how she should feel about mai? like ty lee not only helped at boiling rock but then went on to work with the warriors and suki very much sees someone who wants to prove herself and right those wrongs in ty lee (as well as someone who is running away but. that’s another post). mai completed step 1 and 2 with boiling rock, but hasn’t… done anything after that. and on paper they’re cool and she knows it but… idk if she knows how to feel? it’s a bit weird. a bit awkward and weird. it’s possible suki holds more of a grudge than she’s willing to admit (she’s been most directly wronged by mai and ty lee after all) and the fact that mai has returned to the fire nation, and been, according to katara, disappointingly conservative at times, makes her question what boiling rock meant. suki is cordial and professional around mai but doesn’t really know her that well and doesn’t trust her as much as the others. mai doesn’t particularly care either way and will take or leave friendship with suki (though mai, to be clear, does respect suki immensely as a warrior). the key factor here is ty lee, honestly. i think the two of them could have an excellent relationship if so inclined but it would apmost definitely be due to ty lee trying to prod them into getting along and hanging out and getting to know each other - because i think they’re both practical minded, no-nonsense girls who are exceptionally skilled in martial arts and if nothing else they could bond theough sparring sessions, but i think they’d also just get along splendidly if they had the chance. suki just doesn’t quite trust mai and mai making those personal amends isn’t a priority when she’s trying to stop zuko running the fire nation into the ground.

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  • Watch “I want the friction… {Zuko x Katara}” on YouTube

    Ok look some of us don’t mind dark aus some of us like the dark.

    This is a cool vid check it out

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  • #zutara#atla#katara#zuko#anti kataang #enemies to friends to lovers #enemies to lovers #angel answers 🤍
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