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  • nadastic
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    more of the kenji doodles i was trying to bring back doodle night but no one did anything except me

    #Doodle night but im the only participant #AGAIN: i did this from memory #atp i just do it because i want to do jt #Im trying so hard to revive that damned gc #anyways#fanart#Bsd #bungo stray dogs #kenji miyazawa #kenji miyazawa fanart #miyazawa kenji#kenji bsd#Doodle#doodle night
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  • urmomenjoyer
    23.01.2022 - 16 hours ago
    #there is litteraly no mentally stable person in that show #kenji propably has PTSD or something #kenji miyazawa#bsd kenji#bsd #armed detective agency #bungou stray dogs
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  • erasurecaps
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    BSD season 3 episode 9 and 10

    did just my fave shots, not all

    107 caps

    f2u; dont claim as your own; if possible give credit

    charas: Chuya, Junichiro, Ryunosuke, Ichiyo, Ranpo, Atsushi, Kunikida, Kyoka, Kenji, Shosaku, Fyodor, Michizo, Gin, Mori, Lucy, Koyo, Akiko, Edgar, Dazai, Fukuzawa

    link to gallery

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  • erasurecaps
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    BSD season 3 episode 5 and 6

    did just my fave shots, not all

    134 caps

    f2u; dont claim as your own; if possible give credit

    charas: Atsushi, Dazai, Junichiro, Ranpo, Akiko, Kenji, Lucy, Kunikida, Ichiyo, Ryunosuke, Gin, Mori, Kyoka, Ango, Koyo

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  • mirae-is-awkward
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Kenji is just Finny from Kuroshitsuji, but in a different font

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  • incorrect-bsd-x-reader
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Kyouka: I... I like you, Kenji.

    Kenji: Oh! I like ewe too, Kyouka!

    Kenji: ...Why are we talking about sheep?

    #this one goes out to the kyouken likers i love ye #bungou stray dogs #bsd#bsd imagines #bsd incorrect quotes #bungou stray dogs imagines #bungou stray dogs incorrect quotes #kenji miyazawa #miyazawa kenji imagines #kenji miyazawa imagines #miyazawa kenji #izumi kyouka imagines #kyouka izumi imagines #kyouka izumi#izumi kyouka
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  • littleholmes
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    okay I know I’m not the only one but the first time I saw Kenji I immediately thought of Finny from Kuroshitsuji but tried to ignore it, and now I’m finishing ep 11 of BSD and he just picked up this car and I started laughing because they really are the same character except one has the ability all the time and the other just has it when he’s hungry, they’re anime/manga twins at least or something, I’m screaming

    #bsd #bungo stray thoughts #finny’s great great great grandson or smthing #kuroshitsuji#kenji miyazawa #bungo stray dogs #kenji bsd#finny kuroshitsuji #bungou stray dogs #bsd thoughts#miyazawa kenji#finnian kuroshitsuji #finny black butler #finnian black butler #black​ butler
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  • seralin
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    My favorite farm boy and his former-assassin gf <3333

    #this ship is so adorable and if you like it then ur automatically hot #kyoukenji#bsd #bungou stray dogs #izumi kyouka#miyazawa kenji#seri draws
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  • runanadwindles
    18.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    I've been going through some Kenji brain rot,,, a lot recently after rewatching bsd years later... I made a small edit of him on funimate but the export made it delay a decent amount of time sadly so it isn't on beat sobs... this is the best I could get sadly, so I'm thinking of some new editing apps to use to avoid the horrid lag..

    #bsd#kenji miyazawa #kenji my beloved #bsd edit
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  • agni-skies
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    where kenji lives ( and why i think it’s with kunikida or fukuzawa )

    - so, as we know. kenji is fourteen. this means that he legally can’t live without an adult.

    - as seen with kyouka and naomi, they live with another member of the ada who is a adult. ( kyouka with atsushi, and naomi with junichiro. )

    - but we have never gotten any hint as to where kenji lives. kenji, a boy who barely knows anything about the city and would definitely not be able to live on his own. ( doesn’t understand what money is, remember! )

    - the options are as follows ; ranpo, yosano, dazai, fukuzawa and kunikida. i’ll be making a list on why i don’t think kenji lives with them ( or does, in two cases. )

    1. ranpo

    - ranpo as we know is extremely carefree, so i really don’t think that he’d offer to take in a child he doesn’t know, and let them live in his space.

    2. yosano

    - i think this would be the third most possible option, actually. but honestly i think that she’d also rather not house a random child? i‘m not the most sure of her characterization, though.

    3. dazai

    - i think this is obvious. and i believe in the manga, we saw his room? i remember something about that. i don’t really have much evidence for ‘why not’ here either.

    4. fukuzawa

    - fukuzawa is the president of the agency, and probably has one of the best possibilities to be able to take care of kenji. he’s raised ranpo from around this age, so he probably does know how kids work, and he’s responsible. he also does have interactions with kenji that display him in a closer light. ( such as helping kenji with what appears to be a phone. )

    5. kunikida

    - i personally believe that kenji lives with kunikida. kunikida, as we know, has a schedule that kenji would probably get used to quickly if he did help around the village, such as possibly getting up early and doing chores. kunikida is also extremely likely to be qualified to help kenji with budgeting a paycheck and his education. and in the first season, we saw that kenji respects kunikida enough to do what he says. ( when he threw the black lizard out of the window because kunikida told him to. ) kunikida also checked in on rokuzo, and provided him with help.

    it is also technically possible for kenji to live alone, but i don’t really believe that this is the case, mainly because he doesn’t understand the city. he wouldn’t be able to budget properly. so i do believe that he lives with an adult member of the ada. thank you for reading, feel free to correct any of my points ( constructively ) <3

    #bsd kenji#bsd #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #kenji bsd#miyazawa kenji#kenji miyazawa
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  • saltyshe
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    appreciation post for my little sunshine boy :D

    #he’s so sweet #i love him #kenji miyazawa#bsd kenji #bungou stray dogs #bsd #bungou gay dogs #bungou stray dogs season 4 #anime#atsushi nakajima#dazai osamu#bsd manga#chuuya nakahara#bsd anime#bsd beast#beast manga #bungou stray dogs beast #bungou stray dogs anime #bungou stray dogs manga #bungou sd#yosano akiko#akutagawa#bsd aktugawa#bsd junichiro
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  • i-mess-up-too-perfectly
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    ADA Members as Teachers

    Type: Headcannons

    Words: 1K

    Notes: My teacher was half an hour late into class and all of a sudden I just imagined Dazai walking into the room and telling us to go home because he manipulated the staff into letting us out.

    Weird, I know. But then I just had this idea of the ADA members as teachers and decided to write it.


    - I'm going to start with what's cannon.

    - Kunikida would most definitely be a maths and physics teacher.

    - As in, you know those super strict teachers that are really scary and give you lots of homework but in the end that leads you to getting good grades??

    - Yeah that's him.

    - He's also one of those teachers that are always early to class. Like the bell rings and he's out the door for his next class.

    - But if you have a question and come up to him ay the end of class, he won't hesitate to help you.

    - Low key one of the best teachers out there who's very devoted to his students and always brings the best out of them. ❤


    - Hands down, no doubt a biology teacher.

    - You know those science teachers that act like they own the lab even though so many other teachers use it?? As in, she spends most of her time in the bio lab or the prep room.

    - I think she'd make a pretty good teacher tbh. As a doctor in cannon, she obviously has a lot of knowledge in biology and anatomy to be a doctor, regardless of her ability.

    You don't get called a doctor for nothing.

    - I feel like she'd always keep her lab coat on for some reason. For the entire school day.

    - And you know those glasses she wore when herself and Ranpo were stuck in Poe's book? Yeah, I imagine she wears them too.

    - Like that's the perfect bio teacher look for her. Lab coat and cool glasses - perfection.


    - UM... I dunno?!

    - I think he'd teach English. He just... seems the most likely to teach English. Idk why but he seems like he'd make a good English teacher.

    - He'd never give homework, but if he does then it's to do a full page assignment on a poem etc.

    - I wouldn't say he'd be the best English teacher but yeah, he's okay. He teaches, students understand, but mostly enjoy classes because he won't stop cracking jokes or complaining about Kunikida.

    - He'd also worry his students by his constant mentions of suicide and him rambling about the latest suicide method he found. Not to kids under 14, though. He knows they're too young.

    - Very irresponsible. He's one of those teachers that don't give tests because they're so much work to make and then correct, it's just - too much for him.


    - Ooh um... would you believe me if I said he'd be a good maths teacher???

    - Obviously not as devoted and driven as Kunikida (nobody is) but he is a good maths teacher because he's good at finding mistakes in calculations.

    - Literally walks into class and plops into his seat with his feet up on the table and then proceeds proceeds stuff candy in his mouth.

    - Ad for how he teaches... I have no idea. I don't think he's the type to write on the board but there's literally no other way to teach maths??

    - If not maths, he'd definitely one of those extra teachers that teach modules. He will make sure forensic science is a module that he, and only he, teaches. Please make this a reality in my school Ranpo 😭 My modules are so shit, they're literally religion, personal development and cyber safety.


    - Is not a teacher, but a student.

    - The sweetest person in the entire year, like boy has no evil in him. He's like one of those people while playing Monopoly who refuse to buy things as they go around because he thinks it's too mean.

    - Always ready to share his homework unless it's Akutagawa and help you when you don't understand something.

    - I'd expect him to get good grades really. Around 70-90% - that's his normal, but he studies really hard so he deserves getting odd 90-100%.

    - He has a lot of friends, but not many best friends. That title is reserved for Kyouka and Kenji. He's a social butterfly that gets along with everybody but Akutagawa.


    - He is a student isn't he? He and Naomi work part time at the ADA right? Or is that just Naomi?

    - Anywho, he's quite like Atsushi. Really sweet and nice. But unlike Atsushi, he doesn't have many friends but a handful of close friends.

    - I'd expect him to get good grades too, he studies hard so he deserves it.

    - He's the quiet kid at the back of class that doesn't talk but is really nice once you get to know them.



    - Always helps his teachers, always ready to do jobs for everyone with that sweet, adorable smile of his.

    - Kinda laid back about his studies because he had so many other jobs to do on the farm.

    - Literally brought a cow into school on pet day when he was small, but no one gave out to him because he's too sweet.

    - WILL share his homework with you and try to help you even if he has no clue how to do it.


    - She's actually pretty cool when she's not eith her brother. She's really friendly and easy to chat with.

    - Hmm, she seems like a popular girl, but not quite. As in, she has an outgoing personality and is well known but she isn't a bitch. She's popular but very nice, and they're my favorite type.

    - Will help you with whatever I guess, but probably doesn't know how to do it herself. If so, then she'll just ask someone else to explain it to the both of you.


    - Teacher? Mr. Father Figure is the principal of the school and I know you all think the same.

    - He's very responsible and takes his job seriously.

    - Has lots of little gifts and statues of cats around his office and desk from students. Also had newspaper articles stuck around his walls if any of his students got mentioned in the papers.

    - He enjoys interacting with his students and staff, so he spends a lot of time talking to them and asking them about their wellbeing and how they think the school is fairing.

    - Is an overall wonderful principal who always tries to look for the best things for his school.

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  • nadastic
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    little doodles of kyouka and kenji that i did for fun last night

    #i did these from memory btw #Yes i was attempting to revive a gc #but yeah #i wish insta had more colors #bungo stray dogs #bsd#kenji miyazawa#kyouka izumi#kyokenji#kyoukenji #kenji and kyouka #i love vimto #kenji bsd#kyouka bsd#instagram doodle#art#fanart#stuff
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  • gh0s1cle
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    My little Sunshine

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  • incorrect-bsd-x-reader
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Cactus ~ A Character Study of Kenji Miyazawa (ft. Ranpo Edogawa)

    (first time posting such a long piece of writing aaaaaa- oh well who else will represent the less popular ada chrs if i won't)

    this work contains: slight 'untold origins' spoilers

    enjoy :)

    No one thought much of the cheerful farmboy when he joined ADA. He brought a bit of sunlight and youthful spirit to the agency that could get dreary and dull very fast. He was eager to help and always did as he was told. In fact, one could recall his only act of tardiness was when he explained he was trying to help an elderly woman with her groceries. It astounded the majority of the agents that someone so young could be an almost perfect fit for the agency, even if he had his eccentricities and was considerably naive.

    As expected, Ranpo wasn’t surprised at all. Nothing about the boy can shock him, when Fukuzawa brought in the new agent. He did think it strange that he’d employ someone suddenly after so long with just him, Kunikida and Yosano. Then came Dazai, and suddenly Ranpo could sense a sudden influx of employees to join the Armed Detective Agency. Young people. People who are willing to risk leg and limb on behalf of the people they want to protect. He smiled at the thought. You can’t find those sorts of individuals so easily anymore, but they’d be unstoppable when united. Maybe that’s why Fukuzawa is starting to open up agency employability.

    However, Ranpo knew enough from first glance that something didn’t quite add up about Kenji Miyazawa. It was laughable at first. Kenji was probably the most innocent out of anyone in the agency. Kenji didn’t have something dark to hide like Dazai. He didn’t yearn not to be exploited like Yosano. He wasn’t putting up walls like Kunikida. He didn’t lose anyone like Ranpo himself.

    So just what was it about Kenji Miyazawa?

    Ranpo knew what it was, of course. What he struggled with was putting it to name. It was so vague, so subtle. No one would really notice it in comparison to everyone else involved with the agency.

    And if there’s one thing Ranpo despaired at, it’s not understanding someone.

    The next opportunity he had, Ranpo approached Kenji’s desk, spinning him around in his spinning chair so he faced him.

    “Keeeeeeenjiiiii!” He exclaimed in greeting. “Are you busy?”

    The boy looked somewhat surprised at the greeting, but he gave his work a glance. “Not really, Mr Edogawa! I was just finishing up a report from an investigation yesterday. Oh, and Mr. Dazai’s, too.”

    It was inevitable Dazai would take advantage of someone so helpful so quickly. Doing his reports? It’s not the worst he was capable of, but oh, so pathetic. At least use his ability for something.

    “Seriously, take a break! It’s lunch hour and I wanna buy something sweet. You should come with me!”

    At this, Kenji laughed with a knowing smile. “Dr. Yosano warned me about this. You just don’t know how to make your way there, right?”

    Ranpo huffed. “My point still stands!”

    Even with his superior’s attitude, Kenji delightedly took up the opportunity to eat out. “My village didn’t have any nice places to have a meal,” he explained on his walk down the busy streets with Ranpo, “all our food came from crops we trade or turn into dishes ourselves.”

    “I can’t imagine a world without candy shops,” Ranpo replied with a shiver. He was already tempted to run into a bakery after spotting a gingerbread man laying so openly in a window. If it wasn’t for Kenji holding him by his collar and making sure he didn’t run off, no doubt he’d be lost.

    “Aw, it isn’t all that dreary!” The blonde would chuckle. “Everyone knows everyone, and when the village does have meals all together, it tastes so much more savoury than the last time we had it!”

    Ranpo made a face, looking over and down at Kenji. “That’s impossible.”

    Kenji nodded vigorously as if it would prove his point. “Oh, but it’s true! Togetherness makes any meal taste better.” He hummed, and the detective almost thought he was about to drool. “It’s like a secret ingredient you don’t even need to stir into the pot!”

    Of course that isn’t right, Ranpo wanted to scoff. He found eating his candy while sitting inside his locker’s floor alone was far sweeter than around everyone else making eyes at his feast. However, discussing food wasn’t the whole reason Ranpo wanted to take Kenji along. He wanted to understand him. But how could he, when he conversed like any other country bumpkin with the most honest eyes out of anyone he ever met? The detective could easily deduce he had no secrets to hide.

    The restaurant Ranpo and Kenji eventually ended up dining at was a small shop that served the most delicious mochi, so the detective described in explicit detail. In fact it was so explicit I wouldn’t be able to describe what he exactly said without adding more content warnings.

    “Do you have any field work today?” Ranpo enquired as they began to dig in. The older of the two already prefaced by saying they didn’t have to worry about their spending like Kunikida lectures, as he managed to nab Fukuzawa’s credit card.

    Kenji shook his head as he swallowed down his lunch. “Nope. Why do you ask?”

    Ranpo let out a long ‘mmmmmmm,’ as he came up with how to phrase his words. “Aren’t you afraid you’ll have to pull your weight if you were suddenly summoned to use your ability, and you couldn’t, because you had lunch?”

    Even if Kenji had only been part of ADA for just over a week, Ranpo could easily figure out the drawbacks and technicalities of the boy’s ability. Kenji blinked, not really expecting something so specific.

    “I wouldn’t say I’d ever be afraid of anything anymore,” he replied. “Do you think you’d be afraid without your glasses, Mr. Edogawa?”

    Ranpo raised a brow. Anymore? At the shooting back of his question, he grinned. “Of course not! My ability may help me solve any case, but I’m waaay more than just those all-knowing glasses!”

    Kenji’s smile became somewhat prideful. “Exactly. My ability may work better on an empty stomach, but I’m not useless without it. I promise, I’ll always push forward! I know I can do it with all of ADA at my side.”

    Ranpo realised at that moment that Kenji Miyazawa doesn’t fear exploitation, but embraced the idea that he can help everyone and continue life knowing he did such. A neutral force with a heart of good.

    As he pushed the least favourite part of the mochi to Kenji’s side of the table, Ranpo also realised that despite his naivety on many things about city living, that he was wise beyond his years.

    On their way back to the office, the two were silent for the most part. Kenji could tell Ranpo was thinking about something. Well, he always was, but he was really thinking. On the occasion, Kenji would pass someone he met earlier in the week and greet them with a bright smile and wave, accepting the thanks they gave him for helping them out when they first met.

    “City folk are so much nicer than I imagined,” he commented to Ranpo, catching his attention.

    “What do you mean?”

    Kenji considered this. He stopped by a florist, leading Ranpo’s eye to point at…

    A cactus?

    “Succulents get a really bad rep for being prickly and not very pretty in comparison to other flowering plants,” Kenji explained, “you thought so too, right? That this cactus seems redundant compared to the topic.”

    Ranpo couldn’t deny that. He gave the cactus another small squint. “Okay, so what?”

    “I suppose I thought of city folk the way you first thought about this cactus. Prickly and not very pleasant.”

    The detective didn’t know whether he was to be offended by Kenji’s bluntness.

    “But,” he continued, “succulents represent strength, protection. They live for an awful long time because they can survive the harshest of environments… It reminds me a lot of the people in the city.”

    Ranpo found himself linking Kenji’s words to people he knew. Strength, protection… His mind jumped to Fukuzawa almost instantly.

    “They also represent maternal love. A lot of succulents like cacti can reduce the excess carbon dioxide in our environment and increase productivity. This is because carbon dioxide makes us tired, restless and can even give us headaches, reducing our overall productivity!”

    “Funny. My mother used to take care of a cactus,” Ranpo noted aloud. He didn’t even realise he said it before Kenji gave him a gentle smile. As if he knew about all his qualms and all his worries.

    His striking jade green eyes stared at a wide and honest honey coloured pair.

    How did he…?

    “Your mother sounded like she knew exactly how to raise a wonderful and intelligent man.” Kenji smiled brightly and began walking once more. Ranpo was too shocked to follow, his stare following the boy.

    He had never mentioned his mother to anyone but Fukuzawa, and even then it was only when he latched onto him long enough. What made Kenji so different that he took down his walls and talked to him so honestly within a small amount of time?

    “Mr. Edogawa? Are you coming?”

    He broke out of his thoughts upon hearing Kenji call for him. He schools his expression into a smug grin, not wanting to think about this a moment longer. “Of course, the agency wouldn’t be what it is without the great detective!”

    Kenji laughed at his inflated sense of self. “There’s the great Mr. Edogawa we know and adore!”

    Despite how the boy looked at him with such admiration, Ranpo couldn’t help but feel sick. He now knows first-hand about Kenji’s startling amount of charisma. His heart pounded in his chest the entire way back to the office, only giving one-word answers to Kenji’s enthusiastic chatter.

    The next day at the office, any time Kenji were to speak to him, Ranpo chose his words carefully. The boy was just so… likable, so innocent, that if you weren’t careful he’d know far too much about what goes on in your head. He opted to stay at the office for lunch even when Kenji offered to go back to the mochi place. Ranpo also noticed Dazai looking over at them with wary eyes. The two were paired together for Kenji’s entrance exam… did the boy have this terrifying effect on Dazai too? It was frightening to think so, if you bear in mind that Dazai was Dazai.

    At the end of the lunch break, Ranpo came back from the bathroom to find Kenji back at his desk, working away on a report Ranpo knew from the amount of papers surrounding him was likely Dazai’s. He scoffed, turning to his desk. But he stopped prematurely, eyes spotlighting one thing new on his desk.

    A cactus.

    A card was also sitting under it. Apprehensively, Ranpo reached for it and slipped it out from underneath as he circled to sit at his desk. It was from the same florist as yesterday, he believed. On the card, etched on by a pen that was running out of ink, read the words;

    “To ADA’s strength and protection. May it live as long as this cactus.”

    Ranpo felt… touched. He was used to praise, obviously, but something about this felt different. It felt genuine. He lifted his gaze from the card to Kenji sitting at his desk, shyly looking up from the file he was working on.

    The detective mouthed ‘thank you,’ towards him. The boy smiled in relief, looking down at his work again. Ranpo had to chuckle upon the reveal that Kenji, too, bought a cactus to take care of. He supposed he couldn’t resist as a lover of plants.

    Ranpo was finally beginning to understand. As much as Kenji Miyazawa was outright disturbing in some ways, even if his kindness was uncanny – it was all genuine. He’s unaware of his own likability and interpersonal strengths, and that is what sets him apart from most of ADA, all too aware of their flaws.

    Kenji Miyazawa, the true cactus, was ignorantly blissful. However, in a way, it was for the best for both himself and those around him that he remains that way for as long as possible.

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  • ranpoesupremacy
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #look at fukuzawa teaching kenji how to use a phone achkk #then kunikida thinking kenji is giving him something to decode 😭 #bsd #bungou stray dogs #bungou stray dogs theories #bsd spoilers#bsd theories#bsd fukuzawa#bsd ranpo#bsd yosano#bsd kunikida#bsd kenji#fukuzawa yukichi#ranpo edogawa#yosano akiko#kunikida doppo#kenji miyazawa
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  • koiblossom5
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    kenji knows all sorts of disturbing animal facts and he will bring them up at the most random moments. the agency could be having a game night (minor detail: the moment uno cards are brought out, everyone’s out for blood!) and he’d be like: “hey did you guys know if ducks are bored enough, they will literally eat each other?” :D

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  • koiblossom5
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    chuuya to kenji: you are too good and pure for this world, but that’s okay. i’ll be the asshole for the both of us

    #is it weird that i kin them both #bsd #bungo stray dogs #bsd incorrect quotes #bungo stray dogs incorrect quotes #bsd chuuya#chuuya nakahara#bsd kenji#kenji miyazawa
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