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  • roxy206
    03.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Besties why does so much drag content drop in one day??

    Icesis being so sad Kimora is gone <333

    Omg it always makes me cry when they get to talk to people at home


    Okay wow I am REALLY CRYING HERE this is so damn sweet

    Icesis <33333

    Omg okay I need to take a quick break after that damn

    Like I’m so beyond the point of being surprised how much drag queens make me cry but all 5 of them getting to talk to their partners & family I’m a mess

    This challenge is so cute

    Also have I mentioned how much I love this cast

    These pairings honestly seem so perfect

    I love that Icesis wants to make what her drag kid wants

    Pythia is really taking the word CHALLENGE to the max this week wow

    Brooke Lynn teaching these kids how to walk the runway is so cuuuute

    Oh besties we’re crying again these stories

    Icesis literally making this kid her drag family <33333

    Icesis <3333333333

    Another stunning look on Brooke Lynn & I LOVE THIS HAIR

    Kendall giving momager vibes

    This red dress that Icesis made is stunning

    “I mean my feet are on fire” “Mood”

    Lol I’m crying again it’s fine

    “Drag is for everybody”

    Oh man these kids — I fucking love that they picked teens for the makeover episode this is so impactful

    Brooke Lynn & Brad - what a duo

    This win for Pythia hell yes

    “I’m pulling a Gia” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Yeah I figured it was going to be a Icesis vs Adriana lip sync

    OKAY ICESIS !!!!

    Listen Icesis better shantay after this, bitch

    Thank god

    Lowkey after Synthia’s elimination my picks for the top 4 were Pythia, Icesis, Kendall, & Gia so I’m pretty happy with however this goes now

    All the dolls being back for a reunion next week btw I’m so excited 💕

    #Kimmy watches #canada’s drag race #this was an overwhelming amount of drag content in one day #icesis couture#pythia#kendall gender#gia metric #brooke lynn hytes
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  • roxy206
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bless these episodes for dropping early because I’ve been stressing about the fact that the Drag Race season 14 cast ruveal is also at 8pm

    Okay production value

    Trixie’s reactions are so cute

    “A self proclaimed Skinny Legend”

    The $250,000 prize is fucking insane

    This judges panel is so damn cute please

    Okay Grag Queen!

    We are one queen in & I’m already going to cry it’s fine - these competitions with people being like yeah doing this after lockdown ... I can’t <3

    Oh high key I think Betty Bitschlap is going to be one of my favorites

    Trixie & Michelle’s suggestions yes

    Alright I fucking love this show - I fucking love a drag queen who can SING

    Is it just me though or are they giving less & less time to each queen

    Honestly Trixie dancing & lip syncing in her seat is so freaking cute

    “You’re such an idiot” - Michelle to Trixie lmaooo

    We love a non-binary drag performer

    Okay unfortunately I do not remember the name of this contestant from New York but wow that I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman performance made me cry

    I am LIVING for Trixie & Michelle together on this panel!!!

    Oh - Gingzilla - MY GOD!

    Holy shit!!!!

    Trixie thirsting after Gingzilla so true

    Gingzilla serving personality too - you know it’s personality that gets me

    Leona Winters has an absolutely gorgeous voice wow

    I love the questions they’re asking some of the contestants

    I do have to say though I don’t love when a season starts with a two part episode & the contestants split up — I guess maybe it doesn’t matter as much with Queen of the Universe as it does on Drag Race but if they do any group work on this show ...


    (Why did they have them freeze pose during this intro)

    Oh okay Ada okay

    A standing O from the judges wow

    Lmao I love Vanessa twice being like NOT THIS SONG but you did it well

    “Only you got that, Trixie, you naughty girl” once again I fucking love Michelle & Trixie together

    “I feel free when I’m in drag” - Rani

    Listen the short edits they’ve given some of these contestants - they better have cut a ton of whatever song ******* **** sang

    “I’ve lost ‘em all” lol


    “You love a competition” ahaha

    Ugh just preparing for all of the eye rolling I’m about to do with this contestant

    Oh fuck I knew this was going to happen

    It’s about to be a long ass season with this contestant fuck

    Trixie being triggered by the other judges’ comments about white eye liner & big lashes HAHAHA

    Betty Bitschlap, Gingzilla, & Ada Vox are my faves so far

    Holy shit they’re eliminating six queens right now???

    Alright well ... damn

    Oh no not Trixie crying over eliminated queens

    I cannot believe they cut SIX CONTESTANTS

    Please the judges already saying one of the contestants they sent away was wrong & they’re going to give a second chance please do not play with me like thiiiiiis

    Addition since they’re airing the first episode between the cast ruveal & The Bitch Who Stole Christmas — Trixie touching Gingzilla’s beard kills me

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  • roxy206
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Nudity - 12/01/2021

    T, babe ...

    How often does K hear “this is my year”

    The gag really is that you think K is the wild one & then you Realize

    “I’m going to put that on a Christmas ornament” OH MY GOD the unauthorized Ru ornament was a prophecy


    “When she’s not with me — which is all the time” sure Jan

    I am LOSING IT over T trying to figure out whether she can say cock ring on YouTube “I think that’s fine” HER FACE

    ... oh

    “if I was following you like I usually do” — I don’t know if there are words to describe the laugh I just let out

    The amount of information we have learned about K’s body in the past two days

    Not K being like I’ve told you so many times

    This ending oh my fucking god

    Did they film this episode of UNHhhh the same day they recorded this week’s pod episode because the similarities are astounding - or did they just cycle back to the exact same mood 2 weeks later on the pod

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  • roxy206
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Listen …

    Synthia 😭😭😭

    “Let’s make some good tv” that they did ☹️

    WAS really bitter? It doesn’t sound past tense lol

    Kimora & Gia is the pairing I didn’t know I needed

    They got really cute notebooks


    Brooke Lynn’s loooooooooook

    Kendall omg


    Adriana TOO SOON

    “I’m scared, I need an adult” 🤣

    Oh no … so many bombs in this roast

    This look on Icesis GORGE

    Oh no Icesis running over

    Omg Amanda being scared of Kimora roasting the judges

    Icesis on the runway though


    Kimora what

    What is happening rn

    I really didn’t expect Kimora to be in the bottom honestly

    I love that they gave Icesis that compliment


    Oh Kimora

    Omg everyone’s faces

    Right. So.

    #Kimmy watches #canada’s drag race #I am so fucking annoyed with Kimora giving up this week #couldn’t have happened last week so Synthia could have had another shot? #still rooting for Pythia #Icesis had been one of the stand outs to me initially then took a back seat for a minute there #but I’m excited to see what else Icesis brings now #still mourning Synthia no longer being in the competition though #icesis couture#kendall gender #brooke lynn hytes #synthia kiss
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  • roxy206
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    Father, Son, & House of Gucci… it’s time for the DRUK finale

    Omg I forgot all of these looks Ella had - so gorgeous

    Truly though Ella having four badges - that is HALF of the competition


    Omg Vic with a brace bless her


    Boots the house down

    I love that the contestants are talking to Ru AND Michelle <3

    Obligatory mention that I love Michelle’s grey streak

    I can’t believe it took me weeks to realize how hot Ella is out of drag

    This last challenge involving a song - Ella has got this in the bag

    Coronation day omg

    Ella’s Snatch Game was so fantastic






    ELLA’S RUNWAY LOOK MY GOD [listen in retrospect I didn’t love the silhouette but]

    “Warning: contains nuts”

    Not the pics of them as kids stop

    Ella Vaday to make me cry!!!!

    A lot of BDE <3

    I fucking love that they have all of the dolls back for this Untucked

    I am triggered by the mention of the double elimination

    Choriza <33333

    Oh man I wish we had been able to see more of Anubis

    Omg I’m so nervous

    All three of them lip syncing okay ahhhhh


    Ella is SELLING IT

    Oh god so nervous so nervous

    Are you fucking kidding me

    no ❤️


    Krystal won So weird there was no winner for DRUK season 3 🤷‍♀️

    #Kimmy watches #drag race uk season 3 #druk s3#ella vaday #Ella should have won bye #druk spoilers
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  • roxy206
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Colors - 11/24/2021

    Another week of the two of them looking like they’re going to the same event??

    “Did you notice that these reds clash severely?” 🤣🤣🤣

    Omg wait did they just throw in a pic of Veronica Green??

    Oh my god they did 😂

    K: “Taupe”

    T: “The prompt is yellow. We’re going in order”

    Katya thinks her eyes are green??

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we never saw Denise Richards again

    Trixie’s last thought being ads 🤣

    🥺 “Can we give the woman some credit for the shape today”

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  • frostedmeats
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I hate to say it, but I'm watching autotune the news once again in a blind fit of nostalgia after watching schmoyoho's remix of Mike the cheater news segment by Pat Collins today lol

    #ramblings #when i watched that Kimmy Schmidt show years ago #i damn near screamed at the references in the first episode
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  • roxy206
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Juju’s government name is Airline???

    Not them having to change in the cars

    Omg Juju’s comedy set 🤣

    The judges laughing at Raven’s set!

    Shannel … no

    Michelle’s face says it all


    Ohhhhh Raven’s runway look

    Omg Chad vs Raven lip sync okay alright

    This song though I mean … if I didn’t already know that Chad won it’d be pretty clear



    Side note the RESTRAINT - Hulu went to start playing AS2 episode one do you know how easy it would be for me to start rewatching that masterpiece?

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  • roxy206
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I think in my despair over the Canada’s Drag Race elimination I forgot to recap my DRUK live tweets

    I’m here for Ella reminding everyone that she’s got three badges & was slept on in the beginning

    Team Ella, bitches

    I don’t anticipate that Kryst*l is going to do well with this roast

    Wait wait wait, Ella is new to drag??? [I somehow missed that she just started doing drag in 2019]

    The way Ella’s tactic perfectly works out with the order everyone wants to go in

    Ahaha Kitty being like I absolutely see what she’s doing

    Kitty laughing writing her own jokes is giving Alyssa Edwards LMAO

    Oh Ella with the dad jokes ... I mean I do love dad jokes

    I think it’s going to be between Ella & Kitty for this challenge

    I really love when queens talk about how their drag personas allow them to access parts of themselves that they’ve felt they had to repress earlier in life — or even now in their daily lives

    I adore Michelle’s grey streak

    The eliminated queens in the audience <3

    Kryst*l’s first joke was good but now I’m just cringing

    OH MY GOD VERONICA ... it’s so true though

    Omg Ella yessssss

    Yessss everyone actually laughing at Ella

    Omg it’s so cute when Ella has that moment when she knows she’s killing it & she smiles


    Oh Ella really did this right putting herself before Vanity with both of them doing bus jokes with Anubis

    Kitty’s confessional reactions to this roast are hilarious

    Veronica heckling in the audience is everything

    Lmfao Ru’s laugh at Kitty roasting Kryst*l

    Hands down Ella won the roast


    Vanity’s look truly is ethereal

    Listen we know Kryst*l can turn out a runway look & a pretty face but ... that’s really where it ends & it kills me that she’s in the top four

    An Ella Va-good time YESSSS

    Ella Va-everything — this is her week & I am living for it

    “like Ella did” that is correct

    Tbh I love Ella’s blue wig

    Not Ella all teary-eyed with this message from her boyfriend

    Aww bless now she’s crying

    Oh no all these messages from home stopppppp

    Holy shit Kryst*l & her family look SO SIMILAR

    Oh Vanity not being able to speak right away after her husband’s message

    Yaaaaas Ella winning the challenge - FOUR BADGES SO TRUE

    That means Ella has won half of the challenges doesn’t it — damn

    Kryst*l finally in the bottom — SEND HER HOME VANITY

    I mean no way is Ru sending Kryst*l home but I can dream

    Ella & Kitty cheering for the girls is so fucking cute


    I can admit Kryst*l gave it energy but VANITY !!!!!

    Ah fucking hell I knew Ru wouldn’t send her home but Jesus ... no

    #Kimmy watches #drag race uk season 3 #druk s3#ella vaday #kitty scott claus
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  • zekedunbar
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    imagine seeing this and still calling jet a “deadbeat dad.” i’ll kill you

    #either we're watching a different show or you're purposely ignoring everything jet says about kimmie #netbop posting#bebop tag#image
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  • roxy206
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    No one told me there’s a new ILTW *or* that it involves Katya in pants

    Oh it just dropped an hour ago okay everyone is forgiven

    This pants & crop top moment is everything

    I didn’t watch the first season of Tiger King & this is more than enough confirmation that I won’t be watching the second season either - all of the COVID & Trump stuff on top of everything else? Nope

    “Fuck you for making me see Trump again” same Jinkx same

    And now January 6th? The amount of triggers in this show my god



    “I want that wig” - Katya

    The way Katya keeps looking at Jinkx for a Trixie level reaction

    Jinkx: “This is why people shouldn’t have money”

    Katya: “Or guns!”

    “Lana Del Rey is pissed too” 😂

    ❤️ Russian accent ❤️

    “My pronouns are Glock & 57” omg

    I can barely take 20min of Tiger King without being completely infuriated for a multitude of reasons idk how anyone is watching this series

    #Kimmy watches #i like to watch #katya zamolodchikova#katya zamo#Katya #but your dad just calls me katya #jinkx monsoon
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  • roxy206
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Hello bonjour yes it’s time for me to remind everyone what a Synthia Kiss stan I am

    Sinners Ball let’s go — allons y

    I love seeing Synthia slay a lip sync but can she not be in the bottom two this week please

    *abstract art*

    Pythia’s self portrait though

    Oh alright Synthia this disassociation painting

    If you aren’t watching Canada’s Drag Race season 2 you are sleeping on a great season

    Weird yo

    Loving going through everyone’s identities

    Oh alright Gia uses they/them

    THIS LOOK BROOKE LYNN jaw dropping

    Synthia’s lewk!!!

    Pythia’s second look is giving Katya crochet

    Kimora damn - this commentary

    Gia’s sin look wow


    “She owns 51% of this pussy” ahahahaha

    I really think the CDR judges are great, but it’s a bit frustrating that last week Brad critiqued Kendall for NOT showing off her padding & this week is saying it’s a lot of body suits

    “I’m too fucking pretty for this” <333333

    Ah fuck I think Synthia might be bottom two again - I think it’s Synthia & Adriana

    If Synthia *is* in the bottom two I hope she didn’t just talk herself down into blowing it :(


    The anxietyyyyyyyyyyy

    Icesis not being able to talk lol

    Shit shit shit shit

    Alright Synthia let’s turn this out another week girl

    Oh noooooooooo it’s Synthia vs Kendall I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS SO EARLY IN THE SEASON

    I might need to go do a nervous lap around the house before I watch this lip sync


    If there was ever a week for a double shantay

    No no no nope no no no nope no

    Crying & looking up flights to Toronto for January because now I really need to see this tour

    If they don’t do that thing where they bring back a contestant later on in the season & if it isn’t Synthia ......

    If she doesn’t get brought back later to make top two she’s got Miss Congeniality in the bag

    I’m so fucking sad

    #Kimmy watches #canada’s drag race #synthia kiss #Em & I accidentally manifested this #she’s still my CDR s2 girl
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  • roxy206
    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Raven & Juju bumping chests omg


    So is the last episode a top 3 competing individually?

    Like … wow they really fucked everyone over this season

    Also yikes on this choreography with both groups together

    Ohhh Raven’s villain look

    Raven’s runway look tooooo

    Michelle getting mad at Santino’s comments about Raven’s padding - thank you

    Damn okay Raven vs Juju

    Oh no I’m gonna bawl at the end of this I just know it


    Okay never mind I’m already bawling 😭😭😭😭😭


    Oh my god

    Jesus I wish I had known neither of them were being eliminated

    I wish THEY had known neither of them were being eliminated damn

    Please tell me Raven & Juju have done a gig together & performed Dancing On My Own because I would like to see it


    they have

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  • roxy206
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Television - 11/17/2021

    T why are you looking at old pics of you & K out of drag?

    “banter continues” listen it better be in a random episode since it’s not in this one

    I love when Katya wears an 80s hair wig

    bzzt bzzt bzzt

    this entire look on Katya 🔥🔥🔥

    oh my god I just fucking love them

    “Whatcha gonna do? Not call the cops, they’re the bad boys”

    I’m glad we all agree vampires are hot

    I’m still sad they didn’t push back Twilight on ILTW

    “Thank god we don’t spend a lot of time together off the clock”

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  • roxy206
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    This being the “top four” already … this season is so fucking weird

    Raven doing Juju’s makeup - love

    “Think about hockey” 😂

    Oh no this challenge is so embarrassing


    I really think they should have been giving everyone multiple items at once through the ear piece so you could try as people walked by to gauge what they’d be up for / give them options


    Omg Shannel has such a great personality

    Chad just eating the canned whipped cream while no one is passing by 🤣

    Yeah the fact that Yara made the dress that Alexis is wearing, they all definitely knew their partners beforehand there’s no other way they could have coordinated all of these runway looks

    😬 Alexis that was not the move

    I’m going to be a broken record on this but the competing in pairs thing is so dumb why did they do this

    Did they have to promise the AS2 girls that they were going to be competing separately to get them to sign on?

    Wow I’m surprised that Raven & Juju are in the bottom over Yara & Alexis

    Jujubee crying please 😭😭😭

    I cry every damn time Latrice gets eliminated 😭

    Ohh girl groups next? 👀 If you see me live tweeting another episode tonight … don’t be surprised

    I don’t think Chad is carrying Shannel

    I love when queens wear their own merch in the werkroom

    Sometimes I really don’t understand what Ru finds funny

    Oh these aren’t coaches … they are filling out the groups … oh

    Kelly Osborne being so excited to be a drag queen for the day is adorable

    Oh I absolutely think Raven & Juju should have gone full out with this girl’s make up instead of softening it because she doesn’t usually wear makeup

    Watching Chad perform a lip sync is incredible

    What is this recording of Covergirl 😬

    And this song too??

    Yeahhhh the critique about the makeup

    Santino 🙄🙄🙄

    Raven & Juju are such a great, sweet team


    Oh fuck Yara tapping out Alexis


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  • roxy206
    16.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    “Mimi is not an All Star to me” same though

    The Devil Wears Nada 😂

    The crickets in the editing lol

    Okay but I would have loved more Chad as Cher

    Chad’s costume though 😍😍😍

    Okay actually Raven & Juju with this door thing is the one thing that’s made me laugh

    I wish they had done Snatch Game instead - I think they could have improved better instead of planning jokes

    Raven & Juju match the most on the runway

    I really hate this pairs thing

    Latrice lip syncing is everything

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  • roxy206
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    All Stars 1 is only six episodes??



    It’s Raven, hunty


    They really said Season 3 reunion huh


    I’m sorry they’re doing TEAMS ALL SEASON EXCUSE ME

    “If Shangela’s in that box…”

    Manila & Latrice alright okay

    Oh god poor Pandora

    Raven & Juju I’m excited for this pair as well

    I haven’t seen s1 so idk who Shannel is but if she was Chad’s first pick …

    I’m so glad they didn’t do this pairs thing with AS2 in particular

    The way two pairs have gone CHOKING

    Okay but they had to have known who they were paired with before the season started to have matching runway looks put together

    Yeah I’m not here for this one person lip syncing for the pair 😬😬😬

    I honestly just hate listening to Santino talk

    You’re … picking Mimi … to … lip sync … 💀



    I really just can’t believe Pandora let Mimi lip sync

    I feel so bad for Pandora

    I mean to be fair neither of them would have beat Chad but

    Okay so this season had to have been before Drag Race season 5 so now I understand why AS2 was half season 5 girls but also for some reason I thought AS1 happened right before season 7 & that’s why they brought up AS2 with Katya during the s7 finale

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  • roxy206
    13.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    omg this episode is called Bye Flop

    Aww bless I love that Kimora is like there’s no denying Synthia’s talent & that the win was deserved


    Wait did they really go from “partner up” to them separately getting together

    I am losing it over Synthia & Gia in this challenge

    Wait I thought Gia was one of the brat pack girls, no?

    Lasso that beat lol


    I absolutely buy Icesis as a rapper though

    Omg I’m excited to hear all of Pythia’s verse

    I’m living for Synthia & Kimora on the same team

    I was def worried about some of this group being able to pick up choreo

    I’m hoping that Synthia & Kendall simplified some of this choreo for Eve & Kimora so it doesn’t fall apart & reflect poorly on Synthia as the group leader

    Icesis being her sibling’s drag mom THAT IS SO CUTE

    Synthia talking about being openly gay with a then closeted gay dad - I’m gonna cry

    This energy of the teams being competitive while getting into drag is so cute

    This Shania inspired look Brooke Lynn is wearing is just INSANELY GOOD

    I wish they had the contestants record the chorus

    This one’s for y’all with daddy issues I AM SCREAMING

    Oh Synthia’s group has this in the bag already

    Every week I become more & more obsessed with Synthia Kiss

    Okay Kimora picked up the choreo ... I don’t think anything more could have been done for Eve

    Icesis holy shit that outfit

    Pythia always always always kills the runway - perfection

    I just gasped at Kimora’s look omg stunning

    I’m sorry what that was the wrong choice for the winning group are you serious

    Omg I was like that was really mean - that fake out with Gia being safe vs actually winning this week

    I’m just really shocked that Synthia’s group didn’t win

    Mm I’m nervous about this

    Eve was so so so off from everyone else

    Mama those negative critiques ... are so constructive

    Fuck I’m really nervous that Synthia is going to be in the bottom because she was group captain

    I’m so over *** honestly can she please go this week this attitude

    Synthia saying it’s the personalities we fall in love with SO TRUE

    Yeah *** has to be the one eliminated this week

    Alright well ready to see Synthia smash this lip sync


    Holy shit Synthia fucking kills these lip syncs!!!

    For multiple reasons I don’t think Synthia should have been in the bottom two but MY GOD THAT LIP SYNC

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  • roxy206
    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Chad calling herself a cougar

    LATRIIIIIIICE the splitssssss

    You know what I actually like that Willam blindly handed out colors

    Them talking about Stonewall - heavy but important

    The dolls are fightinggggg

    Omg Latrice’s look

    The bottom two have to be Jiggly & Milan without a doubt

    Well actually DiDa is also a contender for the bottom - I always forget about her

    I think Michelle gives the best critiques

    “Chad can do no wrong” so true

    I’m surprised Latrice didn’t win the challenge though



    I feel like my eyes are going to get stuck in the back of my head I’ve rolled them so much at Phi Phi

    Reading is fundamental

    I wouldn’t have expected Chad to be so good at reading

    I. Love. Latrice.

    Oh Willam dropping the name of another show? Shocking

    The way they all went LIABILITY the second Sh*ron climbed on that cat tower

    Omg Chad’s look 😍

    Everyone flirting with this photographer

    Oh my god this runway look Chaddddd

    “With a side of titty” … the way there’s no padding to be seen though

    Okay so IMO I don’t think there’s an issue with Sh*ron always wearing contacts

    Willam flashing the judges accidentally oh my god

    We couldn’t have had this lie detector on season 7??

    Sh*ron & Phi Phi having to work together … yikes

    I think the Sh*ron & Phi Phi feud is worse than the Alyssa & Coco drama

    This episode is so so awkward

    Yes Latrice & Willam


    … what???

    I’m still shook over that disqualification

    Chad being the one to be upset about it ☹️

    Can Phi Phi please go now because 🙄🙄🙄

    I. Love. Chad.

    Omg this preview of the next segment did they get some white cis straight guy to give advice because he definitely thought someone meant kai kai when they said kiki

    This guy is way too serious

    Oh I think Sh*ron is going to kill this challenge though

    Oh noooooooooooooooooo

    Phi Phi whaaaaaaat the fuck

    Not Sh*ron saying “my young lovers” wow ☠️

    Phi Phi yikes YIKES

    Also just like this is the second season I’ve seen where Ru uses a pun playing off the R word & … really? Really? [Category is: Fuck Ru]

    Why am I not surprised that Santino liked Phi Phi’s inappropriate jokes

    Latriiiiiiiiiice this lip syncccccccc

    I’m sorry how is Willam an option for them to bring back when she was just disqualified?? I’m so fucking confused

    I saw that this episode is titled DILFs so naturally I had to watch it today instead of waiting

    Not them making protest signs lmao

    Lowkey that was really ballsy of them

    The way I was like this first dad is hot … & he’s a grandfather. That tracks

    Well this man is out of pocket

    No Chad please I’m going to cry over him talking about how important gay marriage is

    The dolls explaining how to tuck always kills me

    Sorry but Sh*ron & her DILF cannot compare to the eyepatch queen

    Robin Mansions is a great drag name though

    Okay but Phi Phi has made me cry 😭😭😭


    I love how invested the guests get on the makeover episodes


    Why am I crying

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  • roxy206
    10.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Oh fuck off Krystal

    Honestly Ella & Kitty are the only two not pissing me off right now

    Truly what IS coming next?

    Jesus Christ not putting even more pressure on them by only giving them a little over an hour for this first of three runways

    And making them talk in the werkroom while they’re having to get into drag on the clock too

    Damn Kitty really snatched that waist

    Listen I will give Krystal that this costume is incredible but

    These time limits are stressing me out

    “Do you do refunds” lol

    Can we crown Ella Vaday now please??

    I can’t really stand Sc*rlett’s voice tbh


    Lmao all of them screaming

    It’s honestly stressing me out so much that they’re talking while getting ready

    Why does Krystal’s outfit seem like a read of Choriza?

    Oh alright Kitty - a reveal!

    Ella did so well this week again

    Krystal the judges loved you & Ru wants you to win there’s no need to be annoyed that none of the girls picked you as their favorite

    Aww Kitty finally got her badge

    Tbh I think Ella should have won this week but

    VANITYYYY this lip sync

    Vanity just served the best lip sync of this season

    Omg please just go Scarlett

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