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  • mushroomgrenade
    10.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dusts off my old WBP celebrity AU from last year

    Yeah, might rework on them once I find the motivation again— last person is Blenheim

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  • mushroomgrenade
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Happy birthday to my one and only DAD-

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  • ask-wbp-b
    21.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    The new episode was great

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  • ask-fire-fist-asce
    04.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Thatch Reference sheet w/ and w/o hair styled and almost naked

    #Portgas D. Ace #fire fist ace #marshal d teach #one piece blackbeard #oc Original Character #thatch #thatch the chef #Whitebeard#Whitebeard pirates #whitebeard one piece #whitebeard oc#reindeer#Kingdew#monkey d#one piece #monkey d. luffy #Monkey D. Dragon #monkey d garp #asl brothers#asl#ask #send me asks #edward newgate
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  • ask-fire-fist-asce
    28.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Grumpy drunk ace and his many confessions

    Ace: * very hungover* Ugh how mush did I drink last night

    Kirk: Enough that you said that my dragon form was something you wanted to see. Then promptly said “I’d bang that”

    Ace: WHAT!?

    Kirk: Oh you think that's all the next picture taken is you being “Grumpy” about people saying that it was weird them pointing out to serval people on the ship that they bang Marco in phoenix form

    Marco: Including yourself but Ace is there something you want to talk about.

    Ace: sigh ~ What I say.

    Whitebeard: Ace I am Glad you were born


    Izou: If you ever need to talk we are here for you

    Kirk: Oh he meant metaphorically and not literally like me

    Ace: Is there something YOU need to talk about

    Kirk: Ace my Bio Dad had a doctor surgically fuck with his balls so he couldn’t have any more kids. Yet, here I am 

    Thatch: Okay BOTH of you need to talk and get some help

    Ace & Kirk: Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    #oden one piece #reindeer#Kingdew#depression #ace sabo luffy #Portgas D. Ace #fire fist ace #portgas_d_ace#Whitebeard#Whitebeard pirates #whitebeard one piece #whitebeard oc#hungover#drunk party#one piece #one piece blackbeard #one piece oc #One Piece headcanons #one piece art #Monkey D. Dragon #dragon #ace's issues have issues #marshal d teach #Marco the Phoenix #thatch #thatch the chef #one piece izou #izou#edward newgate#sad
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  • ask-wbp-b
    07.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Me having absolutely no idea how B’s design looked at the very start

    Here have a bunch of old doodles and the last one is her and Izo being absolute dorks no no the comic itself isn’t porn no nuh uh nope- 

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  • pops-and-kids
    31.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Christmas 2020 short!

    Soooo....I know this is a little late. :T ᶦ'ᵐ ᵛᵉʳʸ ˢᵒʳʳʸ I originally wasn’t going to do anything this holiday, but I felt really bad and decided to do something last minute for the blog! (Hence it being late af) This is also a bit different from how I normally write any event shorts. As you may have noticed I try to keep this blog neutral/clean of any commanderXcommander ships, but I do have some of my own. To keep myself motivated to write these shorts I did a little self fan-service and wrote for my own silly little ship. I hope you guys like it! I had fun writing it! Please enjoy!!

    Kingdew let out a breath into the cold air, a puff of white floating away from him. A soft powdering of snow was falling on the deck, coating everything it touched in steadily growing mounds. If it weren’t for the crew running around and flattening it constantly the deck would be covered in a good few feet of snow by now. Despite all his bundling up, his nice, lined coat, soft gloves and scarf, his nose was turning red. The chill of winter at sea was not a force to be taken lightly. Even the greatest of pirates could easily freeze to death if ill-prepared. Thankfully they were plenty ready for the weather! The island they had stopped at just before made sure of that.

    Another shudder went through him as the frigid air continued to worm further through his layers to him. He had been watching Ace make a game of melting as much snow as he could before it hit the deck, leaping through the air to get as much as he could as once. As entertaining as it was, the firestarter could only do so much to fight mother nature before she had her way. With one last chuckle at the youngest commanders antics Kingdew turned around and made his way towards the mess hall.

    What he hadn’t anticipated was the sheen of slick ice coating the stairs underneath the fresh powder. Kingdew gave a sigh and went to hold the railing, only to find it was also becoming alarmingly icy. He had half a mind to call Ace over to melt it but the boy looked preoccupied with melting snowballs being pelted at him. Kingdew carefully made his way up the stairs, taking a bit longer then he normally would thanks to the poor footing he had on the frozen stairway.

    “Oi, Kingdew-”


    He startled at the loud voice, so focused on not slipping. Kingdew flailed as he tried to regain balance, sliding backwards quickly-

    A strong hand grabbed his. Kingdew blue eyes met Jozus grey. In a swift motion the larger commander yanked him forward over the last few dangerous steps and into his chest, wrapping an arm around his waist. A new flush of red went over Kingdews face, from embarrassment and the cold.

    “Sorry. Are you alright?” Jozus deep voice rumbled in his chest against Kingdews cheek.

    Pushing back from Jozu he sheepishly gave him a smile. Jozu was wearing his usual reindeer themed Christmas sweater, not looking the least bit cold. His face was not even the slightest hint of red, though Kingdew knew he was out and about in the snow as well. He envied him, just a little.

    “Yes, thank you.” He said, looking to the stairs, “We need to get someone out here for that.”

    Jozu hummed in agreement, looking at the death trap. Kingdew was glad it was him that caught him, being larger and heavier then him and most of the crew. If it were anyone else save for Atmos, Blenheim and Pops he would have brought them down with him. That brought disturbing imagery he quickie shoved away.

    “Were-were you heading inside as well?” Kingdew asked with a shiver.

    “Yes. Actually, I was looking for you.” Jozu said. A soft, somewhat shy smiling on his lips.

    “I wanted to ask if you would like to grab some cider together. Thatch is trying a new recipe this year.”

    Straight and to the point as always. Kingdew happily clapped his hands together and accepted the offer, which made Jozus precious smile wider. The two made their way inside to the much warmer interior of the Moby, the blonde commander breathing a sigh of relief as he slowly peeled off some layers and soaked in the heat. A sudden snap of cold on his nape made him gasp and jolt, an awkwardly high pitched squeak escaping his lips. He spun around, touching his neck, and glared at the chuckling Jozu. The man had a small bit of snow in his hand, not even trying to hide the damning evidence.

    “Asshole. Fuck you.” Kingdew said. His words held no venom and were accompanied with a small smile, happy to see the rare mischievous side of Jozu.

    The two walked down the halls, talking about whatever came to mind. Kingdew felt warm from the inside out, accompanied by a fuzzy feeling in his chest. He didn’t even try to beat it down, resigning himself to enjoying the moment. He could allow himself to be a little giddy and blame it on the holiday spirit later. A little chatter here and a dirty joke there, the two found themselves in the mess hall hallway. It was crowded with crewmates, and countless voices, laughter and bells rang in their ears from all around. Carefully weaving his way through the crowd, being ever so mindful of those much smaller them him, Kingdew finally was at the opens doors of the mess hall. Though it was even more cramped, with hardly any more room for him or Jozu. The other commander finally caught up with him, looking out at the sea of people all jammed around the tables and filling every chair. Poor Pops wouldn’t be able to get up from his chair any time soon unless everyone clamored over each other to make way.

    Kingdew felt a big bad for Jozu. With how many brothers and sisters there were he doubted there was much cider left to go around. Despite Thatch’s careful planning he could never quite meet how much was consumed during the holidays, so it was always first come first served.

    “Looks like everyone's out!” Kingdew struggled not to yell but still be loud enough to be heard, “I thought people would squirrel away their food and go back to their dorms like last year!”

    “I can’t blame them, it was cold as hell out and this is the warmest room.” Jozu said, his natural voice being loud enough over the chatter.

    Kingdew moved over top give a couple of crewmates room to leave the room, pushing in to Jozu’s side. Jozu placed a hand on his shoulder to steady him, squeezing gently. Kingdew looked back at him and gave a smile, only top notice he was pointing to something. Turning his attention to the doorway he realized there was a small sprig of mistletoe hanging by some tape. It was slightly mangled and the tape was barely holding on, like it was hastily slapped on.

    He raised an eyebrow and gave Jozu a knowing smile.

    “Did you just put that up there?”

    Jozu averted his eyes with a small smile of his own, “Noooo.”

    Kingdew laughed. 

    “How long were you planning that?”

    “Longer then I’d like to admit.”

    “So all day then.”


    Jozu was not easy to embarrassed, but at this moment he was averting his eyes from Kingdew. The blonde chuckled, closing his eyes and shaking his head a little. He was proud of how the man had grown from his shy young self, but he was also happy there was still some of that childish behavior left in him. A gentle brush to his cheek snapped him from his thoughts and he looked to the other. Jozu brushed a stray lock of hair from his face and tucked it behind his ear, that soft smile back on his face. Kingdew remained still as his partner leaned down, closing his eyes just before their lips met.

    For a moment he tuned out all the whoops and laughter from their family. Jozus lips were warm, and soft if one could believe it. The kiss lasted far longer then a mistletoe kiss was meant to, neither minding any mind to that. Kingdew broke the kiss first, pulling away and taking a tiny gasp of air. Jozu did the same, looking into his eyes with a slight daze. After a moment of silence between the two Jozu leant forward again. Kingdew smirked and covered the mans mouth with his hand, quirking an eyebrow impishly. Jozus eyes widened slightly at the denial, a red tinge finally crossing his face as the situation registered for him.

    “You wanted cider! Let’s go get some! Don’t want the others to drain it all, do you?” Kingdew said, moving away and wading through the crowd.

    He would admit, knowing everyone most likely just saw that made him feel a heaping amount of embarrassment. Him and Jozu kept things under wraps for the most part, though there were times they outwardly displayed their affections. The mixed looks from knowing crewmates to others surprise was amusing at the very least. From behind him he heard yelps and yelling accompanied by a few thuds. Kingdew didn’t need to look back to know what was happening. He only laughed loud and hard as Jozu pushed his way roughly to catch up with him, probably knocking some poor siblings over.

    He’d have to convince Pops to let Haruta and Thatch to put more mistletoe up next year.

    #((long post is long)) #christmas 2020#Kingdew#Jozu #Portgas D. Ace #only mentioned#christmas fic #literally the day before christmas I was like #'No im gonna do something this year!' #Becuase its been such a sucky year motivaton wise i was hellbent on doing something #I thought this would be cute and i enjoyed writing it a lot! #I like to keep the blog without any ships so people can imagine what they like #I know the most common ships have decent amounts of centent but i have created my own rarepair hell #population: me#cjknwfjknsdkln #Red stop rambling in the tags ffs-
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  • mushroomgrenade
    17.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    I drew He-man for @pops-and-kids ‘s birthday

    Jk ily Heman Kingy

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  • pops-and-kids
    31.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    WBP Halloween costumes 2020

    Whitebeard: Bear. Just a shirt, gloves, ears and some face paint.

    Marco: Zombie. Stiches, full body paint, the whole shebang. Izou and Vista helped.

    Ace: Dragon. He has little wings! Broke all his fake nails off within an hour.

    Jozu: Godzilla. Some sort of reptile or sea monster. Mun picked it. 

    Thatch: Marine. He gets chased around the ship and pretends to arrest some of the crew through the day.

    Vista: Warlock. Has a potion belt with booze and sodas in small bottles and offers them to others.

    Blamenco: Cyclops. Closes his eyes to give the full effect. (crashes into things)

    Rakuyo: Circus ringleader. Macey is dressed as a lion. No he will NOT let you stick your head in her mouth.

    Namur: Cat. Haha yes the irony. Rolled some dice for his costume, wont do that again.

    Blenheim: Werewolf. He didn't want to upstage anyone so chose a basic costume.

    Curiel: Busted cyborg. There’s machine parts but no actual electronics. (thank god)

    Kingdew: Seer. Actually having a lot of fun explaining his costume and discussing the supernatural.

    Haruta: Cat-Dog monster. Stitched their cat and puppy costumes from previous years together.

    Atmos: Demon. Has a horse skull helmet on and decorated some spare armor. Looks terrifying tbh.

    Jiru: Detective. Still gets to wear a robe but now it’s 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂.

    Fossa: Dead miner. Made a pickaxe to put on his head and got fake blood and everything. Surprisingly high effort this year.

    Izou: Drowned prince. White contacts, sandy hair, dirt under his nails, ruined expensive looking outfit, dragging a foam cinderblock attached by a chain to his waist behind him. Boy fucking COMMITS to this.

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  • pops-and-kids
    08.10.2020 - 7 monts ago
    #mushroomgrenade#Marco #Marco the Phoenix #Kingdew #((BIRTHDAY!))
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  • mushroomgrenade
    04.10.2020 - 7 monts ago

    ほんどに 誕生日おめでとうございます 不死鳥ちゃん!(*≧∀≦*)

    Holy Shitsu I almost posted this on the zine account

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  • pops-and-kids
    19.04.2020 - 1 year ago
    #((Hope you like this! ^-^)) #((long post is long)) #Whitebeard pirates#answered#Marco #Marco the Phoenix #Portgas D. Ace #Diamond Jozu#Jozu#Vista#Blamenco#Rakuyo#Namur#Blenheim#Curiel#Kingdew#Haruta#Atmos#Jiru#Fossa#Izou #((WOO THATS A LOT OF TAGGING))
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  • one-piece-ff-and-hc-writer
    24.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Being a little sister on the Moby Dick and starting to date

    Here’s how the commanders and Whitebeard reacts when their precious little sister starts dating someone outside the crew.


    Will totally tell the s/o to join him

    His daugther is happy? So is he

    Will soon start asking about grandkids 


    He’s chill about it on the outside, but he sure keeps an  eye on the s/o of his sister

    Will randomly show up and sling his arm around his sister, when she’s hanging out with her s/o

    Is silently threatening around the s/o of his sister


    He’s overprotective and makes sure the s/o knows who they’re dating

    Will try to get to know the s/o to see what his sister sees in them

    Has no idea that he’s taking too much time of the little time the two newly lovers has


    Gives a short nod at the s/o when they’re presented

    Is silently observing the two young lovers together, just to make sure the s/o treats his sister with respect

    Will not act threatening or get between them


    Is swinging between being overprotective and trying to give advice about dates and romance

    Keeps ‘stealing’ the s/o to tell them about stuff his sister like, so they can do it right with her

    Will tell the s/o that he’s watching them and if they hurt his sister, he’ll make sure they’ll regret it


    Will talk about the meaning of flowers, so the s/o knows what to avoid giving his sister

    Doesn’t mind his sister is dating, but will still let her know he’s there for her

    Will also drop hints of things to do for dates


    His sister is dating? Who? Is she happy? Okay then it’s fine

    Accepts it, but will also try to get to know the s/o

    If his sister is happy, so is he


    Will tease his sister and her s/o

    Is actually hiding Macey (his mace) to not scare s/o too much, as there’s a lot of other peole to get scared off around

    Is making an effort to accept that his little sister is dating


    Will actaully not be around his sister that much

    Is wary about the s/o for various of reasons

    Doesn’t mind she’s dating, as long as she’s happy


    He’ll be telling embarrassing stories about his sister to the s/o

    Will also hang around and tell bad jokes

    Is not taking a hint to leave them some time alone


    Will get to know the s/o better

    One of the few who doesn’t feel like he has to protect his sister, as she can take care of herself

    Is making sure that the two also have some time for themselves


    His sister is dating? Let’s party and get to know this person and show them who’re they’re dating

    Will try and get the s/o drunk to see ‘their true nature’

    Just wants an excuse to party


    Is the s/o a worthy victim for a prank or maybe a partner in crime? Let’s find out

    Will find out every little secret the s/o has

    Like Thatch, he’ll make sure that the s/o knows who they’ll deal with if they hurt his sister


    He is just shrugging and then tells the s/o they better be careful around some of her brothers

    Isn’t threatening the s/o or anything, just making sure they are aware of the danger they can be in

    Will actually try and make an effore to get to know the person that makes his sister happy

    Speed Jiru:

    Is totally chill about it

    Will ask a ton of question to both of them

    Tries to convince the s/o to join them


    His sister is dating? That’s fine, as long as she’s happy

    She can take care of herself, but he’ll be there when she needs an ear or comfort of any sort

    Is also making sure that she gets alone time with her s/o


    Is the first to threaten the s/o, to make very clear that his sister is very precious to him

    However, will also make an effort to get to know them

    Will at some point dress the s/o up, whether they like it or not

    #whitebeard pirates headcanon #whitebeard#marco#ace#jozu#thatch#vista#blamenco#rakuyo#namur#blenheim#curiel#kingdew#haruta#atmos#speed jiru#fossa#izo #little sister is starting to date #the reactin of the commanders and whitebeard #i had to do this #some are chill about it #others not so much #whitebeard doesn't thinkit's necessary to threaten them #as it sholuld be clear as the sky on a cloudfree day #don't hurt his children #if you do #suffer the consequences
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  • one-piece-ff-and-hc-writer
    27.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    5 things that shows a WBP is interested in you


    Straight out tells you - in private first

    He’s too old to dance around the bush

    Will give you time to process the confession

    If you like him back - be prepared to be embarressed

    Will announce it to the whole crew


    Will ask for your opinion often 

    Uses any excuse to be with you

    Might show off his powers for you more often

    Offers you to fly on his back

    Initiate physical contact a lot


    Will often have a small blush on his cheeks around you

    Shows you all of his new techniques as the first person

    Tries to find excuses to be alone with you

    Will ask you to join him exploring the next island

    ‘Accidentially’ touches you more often than usual


    Will be around you more often

    Makes sure you are comfortable all the time

    Gives you small gifts - like a flower or sweets

    Asks you to join him for a walk - makes you sit on his shoulder

    Will offer to teach you selfdefense


    More hugs than usual

    Kisses your head, when hugging you from behind

    Calls you hon all the time - not just to make you feel better

    Will make your favorite food for you once a week

    Will ask you out on a date


    Brings you red roses

    Will dance with you at EVERY party

    Helds himself taller and poruder around you

    Shows you his magic all the time

    Tries to make your laugh whenever he’s with you


    Offers to hide things for you or you more often

    Always smiles brightly upon seeing you

    Starts to spout nonsense when you pop up next to him

    Let you know what he hides from others

    Reaches for your hand to hold


    Is making an effort to make Macey like you more

    Asks if you want to go for a walk whenever you get to an island

    Is going to create a drink and name it after you

    Will let you pet Macey and teach you to ‘handle’ her

    Will hug you whenever he sees you


    Will blush whenever you smile at him

    Look slight embarrass when you speak to him

    Will take you swimming - sometimes using a bubble

    Is working on his smile as not to scare you away

    Will fidget with his sweater whenever you’re near him


    Get ready for him to pick you and make you sit on his shoulder

    Will make any excuse to be around you

    Your bed or door squeaks? He’ll be right there to fix it

    After a while, he’ll tell you that he has feelings for you

    Will not give up easily to win your heart - expect gifts of various things


    He’ll make a weapon just for you

    Makes you come and see all his new inventions

    Tries to find something you can do together

    Will drop hints that he’s interested in you - like complimenting you out of the blue

    Teasingly ruffles you hair in affection


    Has written a bad poem for you

    Offers you a ride on his shoulders when you look a little tired

    Will insist on teach you how to fight, just to be around you

    Is going to buy you whatever you want

    He’ll tell you how he feels after some courting


    He’ll compose a song for you

    Won’t prank you for a long while

    Will ask you if you want to pull a prank with him

    Is going to hang out with you as often as possible

    Will give you cheek kisses


    Is blunt and will tell you that you caught his interest

    Will aks to spend more time with you

    Will take you out for a long walk and talk

    You’ll get showered in kindness, compliments and sweet nothingness

    He’ll make you sit on his lap when you talk

    Speed Jiru:

    Tries everything to please you

    You’re thirsty? Don’t worry, he’ll speed to the kitchen to get you some

    You’ll see him around you more often than usual

    Will give you flowers or sweets

    Is constantly blushing near you


    Tells you straight out he wants to date you

    Will show you hat he’s not joking

    Expect more attention from him

    You’ll recieve small gifts

    Soft head kisses


    First you’ll get pretty and expensive gifts from him

    Invites to daily have afternoon tea with him

    Will brush your hair and tell you how beautiful you are

    Offers to massage your shoulder and feet

    Let you see him without make-up and his hair down

    #5 things that shows a WBP is interested in you #whitebeard pirates#oyaji#whitebeard#marco#ace#jozu#thatch#vista#blamenco#rakuyo#namur#blenheim#curiel#kingdew#haruta#atmos#speed jiru#fossa#izo #this took forever to write #hope you'll like it
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  • pops-and-kids
    09.01.2020 - 1 year ago
    #((Well that was a weird glitch)) #((hecc)) #((long post is long)) #Whitebeard pirates#ask-the-kings#Marco #Marco the Phoenix #Portgas D. Ace #Jozu#Diamond Jozu#Thatch#Vista#Blamenco#Rakuyo#Namur#Kingdew#Haruta#Atmos#Curiel#Blenheim#Jiru#Fossa#Izou#answered #((Cause I missed yesterdays post #here #have two :3))
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  • pops-and-kids
    06.01.2020 - 1 year ago
    #asksoravinsmoke #((I know this is an older one)) #((Sorry!)) #Kingdew#answered#Lil' Red#Stefan #Portgas D. Ace
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  • holykillercake
    03.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Piña Coladas 

    pairing: Marco x Reader

    word count: 2k

    summary:  You are loyal to your captain and your team, so you would do everything to win. Even shoot your boyfriend. 

    highlight: ¨I don´t like when your tattoo is covered.¨

    warning: implied smut

    notes: Guys, I really want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support <3 Also, picture this as a crossover between laser tag and paintball!

    𝕷𝖊𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖘, 𝖗𝖊𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖘, 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊!

    ¨Ok, assholes, listen up!¨ your freckled captain uttered loudly due to the music blasting outside of your headquarter. ¨They have Haruta and Speed Jiru, those sneaky bastards, so we´re gonna have to be careful here, ok? They also have an extra person compared to us! So focus the fuck up!¨

    The Whitebeard Pirates made a strategic stop at the Sabaody Archipelago for provisions, which meant that it was time for the Division Commanders and Whitebeard´s left-hand and only daughter, you, to engage in your periodic Bubble Laser Tag battle. 

    The teams were sorted out, and one would always have an extra member. The team captains were for the first time, Ace and Marco. And despite loving the First Division Commander, you were obliged to take a vow to serve and honor your team and your captain as long as the game ran. 

    ¨Y/N you´re the faster one here and the smallest, so I´m counting on you.¨ you saluted him ¨Izo, you´re the best sniper we have, so place your freckled butt in a strategic place and shoot the fuck out of those motherf-¨

    ¨OI, OI, OI, OI!¨ all of you shouted at Ace.

    ¨Calm down, cowboy! Don´t you think you´re taking this far too seriously?¨ 

    ¨No! Do you know when was the last time I was captain?! And do you know how many losses in a row I have?! This is my pride, Y/N! You´re with me or against me?!¨

    You couldn´t face him without laughing, he was just so stupid sometimes. But you made sure to let him know that you were on his side - not that you had a choice, though. 

    The teams were called The Bird Brains and The Freckled Butts. Yes, the captains chose each other´s team's name, and naturally, nothing good could come out of it. The worst part was having to run around with a tag that said ¨Freckled Butt¨ on your gear. 

    In Ace´s team, you had, well, you, Thatch, Izo, Fossa, Namur, Blamenco, and Kingdew, and in Marco´s team were Vista, Haruta, Speed Jiru, Atmos, Curiel, Jozu, Blenheim, and Rakuyo. 

    ¨They will definitely use Jozu and Atmos as sacrificial lambs to get to us.¨ Thatch pointed out. 

    ¨Ok, so we´re leaving them to you, Izo.¨ Ace spoke.

    ¨I´m guessing Haruta and Jiru will be doing the same as Izo, hiding somewhere and making surprise attacks.¨

    The rules were pretty simple:

    1) No Devil Fruit ability could be used. Not after Ace almost burned the entire place to the ground once. 

    2) You didn´t have to stay on the ground. You could use whatever you had at your disposal to climb the walls or even the ceiling. 

    3) If the captain is out, the team is out. 

    ¨Ok. So, Thatch, you´ll cover for me; Namur will cover for Blamenco, and Kingdew will cover for Fossa. Izo and Y/N will go solo.¨ you furrowed your eyebrows.

    ¨Wait, I´m not covering Izo?¨

    ¨No, Y/N. You are our special pawn.¨ he said in a devilish and malicious tone. ¨I said I want a glorious victory this time. Your job will be to end this game as soon as possible.¨

    ¨Still not following, Fire-Fist.¨

    ¨We´ll make sure no one gets to you while you go find your birdie and end him!¨ he burst in a maniac laugh. 

    ¨You really think Marco is that stupid?!¨

    ¨No, but he´s a man, Y/N.¨ you gasped, outraged. 

    You faced your crewmates, all of them smirking at you.

    ¨What are you now, a pimp?! Izo, say something, defend my honor!¨ 

    ¨I would Y/N, but not only he´s my captain today... he´s kinda right.¨

    ¨Besides, we´re all very familiar with you guys getting business done.¨ Thatch rested his arm on your shoulders. At this point, internal bleeding caused by severe embarrassment was killing you not so softly.

    ¨You know what? I think I´ll kill you all first!¨ you threatened the commanders.

    The entire arena turned red, and a loud 10 seconds countdown began. You put your goggles down and tightened your grip on the gun, comrades doing the same.

    ¨We´re counting on you, Y/N. Put your freckled butt to work!¨ Ace said and stormed out before you could beat him. 

    Still analyzing his request and your options available, you decided to stay hidden in the shadows. Head down, and powder dry - or paint wet. 

    The music was so intense you could feel your lungs vibrating with every beat, sometimes knocking the oxygen out. The whole place was dark with colorful light beams flashing in every direction. 

    After 5 minutes of resting in the shadows, you opted for what you thought would be the best thing to do, plus you had the benefit of being smaller than those brutes, so you fit in places they didn´t. 

    And you just had found yourself the perfect spot right behind the stage lights at the top of the arena. Getting up there was a little tricky, the light rays almost blinded you - plus the risk of you being caught - and you were not sure you could hide there. Technically it was not against the rules.

    ¨If I were a hot birdie piña colada, where would I be?¨ you tried to channel into your lover´s brain.

    That was actually a good hideout, you spot many of the commanders running around the field. You loved how they took it seriously as if their lives depended on it.  

    A loud buzz played every time someone was eliminated, although they didn´t say from which team unless it was the captain. You´ve heard zero buzzes so far, showing how inspired and determined they were. 

    You finally decided to follow your captain´s order when 10 minutes passed, and no one had gotten eliminated. Your stomach craved for food and you were really bored. 

    You´d always choose the biggest arena since guys like Kingdew and Jozu wouldn´t fit in the normal one. So this one was larger, taller, and had more obstacles. Bubbles in all shapes and sizes, picturesque barricades, and tricky mirrors. Finding Marco was going to be tough... if you didn´t have a card in your sleeve. 

    Again, it was not against the rules, and you wanted to eat something. Besides, this victory was more meaningful to Ace than to Marco. So you took your lover´s vivre card from your pocket and placed it on your palm, waiting for it to guide you. 

    ¨Bingo!¨ you spot a fluffy pineapple crown not so far from you. The problem was to reach him before he moved again. 

    Your plan was not to shoot him from the distance, you knew better than that. You were going to approach, engage naturally and eliminate the target. Based on the field, the track he took so far, and his usual train of thought, you had a good guess of what he was planning to do.

    The path he was taking led you to believe that he was advancing towards a barricade, a good place to hide, but that would offer him no visibility of his opponents. Was he planning to lay low while the rest of you killed each other? That didn´t sound like him. 

     The job that had been entrusted to you within the Whitebeard Pirates was to analyze each mission´s goal, come up with several different plans of approach - or attack - and predict the possible failures or setbacks. And you did all of that alongside Whitebeard himself, and all sixteen commanders. So, to guess the strategy Marco was going for would be easier than steal a child's candy.

    Well, actually, you were able to guess his final destination, not his strategy. 

    Without losing any more time, you ran and hid behind the barricade, waiting for your boyfriend to arrive. 

    ¨Whatever.¨ you thought.

    ¨Don´t shoot!¨ you squealed and threw both hands in the air.

    ¨Really, Y/N? This is how you play?¨ Marco asked, putting his gun down.

    ¨When I am hungry, yes!¨ you bent slightly, faking an exhausted state. 

    ¨What are you doing here, yoi?¨

    ¨Looking for Izo, I was supposed to cover for him.¨ you struggled with the weird sensation of lying to Marco. 

    He hummed and leaned against the wall, wiping a bit of sweat off his forehead. The lightning was awful, but it was enough for you to see his messy hair and those lazy eyes that made you almost forget the mission. 

    ¨Why are you staring, yoi?¨ he gave you a smirk and a quick nod. 

    ¨Nothing. Uhm...¨ you bit your lip as the butterflies started to go insane inside of you ¨...it´s so rare to see you carrying a gun...¨

    The first commander watched you with a raised eyebrow and a playful grin ¨Yeah, so?¨

    The two of you entered a parallel universe, the lights changed according to the muffled beat of the music. And it was hot. Flaming hot, burning hot.

     Your breath was slow but heavy, and your mouth ran dry with adrenaline on your veins. Not because of a stupid plan or stupid game but because he made you lose whatever control you had over your body and mind. 

    You let go of the gun and raised your hand until your fingers touched the skin of his face, tracing a slow path to his parted lips. He watched you like you were a rare creature, an angel forgiving his sins or a siren taking his life. His large hand held yours, and he placed kisses on your fingers, the same fingers that would pull the trigger by the end of this. You wondered if he already knew. 

    Marco hooked his finger on the belt holders of your jeans and turned you, making you hit the wall, and oxygen left your lungs in a puff. Didn´t take long until he attacked your neck, tasting your salty skin. Your fingers pulled his hair as your body arched involuntarily, cold shivers reaching every part of you. 

    His eyes were soaked in lust when he stopped marking your neck and stared at you like a hungry predator. Your teary eyes traveled to his chest looking for his tattoo, but it was covered by the stupid gear. 

    ¨I don´t like when your tattoo is covered.¨ you spoke. 

    He leaned to your ears and said in a whisper ¨Then uncover it.¨

    He was teasing you, he knew what you were supposed to do and was torturing you. 

    ¨I-I can´t...¨ your voice came out weak ¨I... I have to-¨

    ¨What, yoi?¨ his grin was malicious.

    ¨I have to shoot you.¨ 

    Marco leaned again, getting really close to your lips but never touching them. Instead, he took your paint gun and put it in your hand. You laughed, asking yourself if you truly believed you would be able to fool him. He gave a quick kiss before stepping back so you could end your mission. 

    ¨You really don´t mind letting Ace win?¨ 

    ¨Ace can have the victory.¨  he shrugged ¨I have something better, yoi¨

    You blushed with his comment, and fireworks exploded in your chest.

    ¨I love you, bird brain.¨

    ¨I love you... freckled butt.¨ he laughed, probably embarrassed for the name he chose.

    ¨This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.¨ you raised the gun to his gear. 

    ¨I hope so, yoi.¨


    ¨You know I´ll make you pay for this later, right, yoi?¨

    ¨I´d be disappointed if you weren´t planning to.¨

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