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    their dream locations ~ 2

    characters: reiner, bertholdt, porco, colt, zeke

    summary: where do the aot guys dream of getting hot and bothered with you? do they keep it private or do they want to show off?

    cw: suggestive and sexual content, daddy kink, public sex

    a/n: here’s part 2 of these headcanons, hope y’all enjoy! lots of love to all of you guys for just appreciating my silly work <3


    ❥ the sauna

    he’s a big hard working guy and of course his muscles are gonna get tired. he loves nothing more than when you join him and work your magical fingers into the knots in his back. he can’t help but wish you’d rub your fingers somewhere else, and you’re eager to comply.

    reiner’s hips bucked hard into your hand when you wrapped your fingers around his length. the thick steam in the air shrouded your actions, concealing the way he had two fingers curled deep in your cunt. each pump of your hand was met with a thrust of his fingers, making your thighs quiver around his hand.

    “is this what you wanted, honey?” you asked quietly, rubbing your thumb over his weeping cockhead.

    he nodded, using his free hand to trace circles around your clit. “exactly what i wanted. thank you, love.” he pressed a kiss to your temple, moaning sharply when you cupped his heavy balls and rolled them gently with your fingers.

    “want you inside of me, rei,” you whispered, draping your leg over his muscular thighs, showing off how wet you were just from his fingers.

    “shit. come here then, sweetheart,” he breathed, pulling you into his lap.


    ❥ a secluded park

    he’s not big on anything public, but the idea of laying you out under the stars makes his chest tighten. of course it’s late so there’s no chance of being caught, but he loves cradling your body against his on the soft picnic blanket while you moan his name and cum.

    the moon cast a silvery glow over your boyfriend as he pulled you close to his large frame. his lips were soft against your own, swallowing down each one of your shaky moans.

    your hands fisted in the soft blanket below you, your ankles hooked around bertholdt’s slim waist. his thrusts were slow and deep, his impressive length dragged tantalizingly over your fluttering walls. his own moans joined yours as your cunt clamped tight around him.

    “oh god, i’m cumming,” you sighed happily, eyes fluttering closed as he rocked his hips against yours. “bertholdt, fuck,” you whimpered, clinging tighter to him.

    “me too, angel. you’re so good to me,” he mumbled, groaning as he hit his own peak.

    your tiny gasps of his name filled the air, accompanied by the soft swish of the wind through the trees. his hips stuttered to a stop, his arms wrapping even tighter around your body. “i love you. so much,” he whispered, kissing gently at your forehead.


    ❥ the kitchen

    especially if you’re cooking or baking something for him. he loves bending you over the counter and fucking you until your knees buckle, even then he’ll hold you up and keep going. something about seeing you doing sweet domestic tasks makes his heart race.

    the resounding smack against your ass made you jump, quickly turning to face your so-called attacker. “porco, you bastard! what if i dropped the pot?” you scolded, crossing your arms over your chest.

    he flashed you a cheshire grin, his fingers creeping under the hem of your dress. “then we’d clean it up. after i have my way with you of course,” he murmured, slipping your panties down your legs.

    “and who says i’m letting you do that?” you snapped, holding back a moan as he crooked his fingers into your pussy.

    “well i have two fingers in your pretty cunt and you haven’t told me to stop. so turn around and pull that cute little dress up,” he hummed, kissing at the shell of your ear.

    you complied with a tiny grin, hands holding up the flowy material to expose yourself to him. the sound of him pulling his zipper down made you shiver, your legs spreading wider.

    “shit, you’re fucking glistening. how naughty. i can’t wait to fill you up,” he groaned.


    ❥ the bed

    he’s a classic type of guy, likes keeping it simple. i don’t think he’s the most experienced either so he definitely wants to stay in his comfort zone. i wouldn’t say that he’s vanilla in that sense, but he’s definitely hesitant to do anything too wild location wise.

    colt’s kisses were gentle against your neck, his hands soothing as he thrusted rhythmically into you. he might’ve come to you as a shy, blushing virgin, but his actions didn’t show that at all. he fucked into you like he knew exactly how to please you.

    “feels so good, baby,” you moaned, fingers curling into his short blonde hair.

    you could feel him smile against your neck, his green eyes bright with pride as he looked up at you. “really?” he asked, quickening his pace out of excitement.

    you gasped at the change, your body lurching further up the mattress with his actions. “yes! you’re so good at this, colt,” you breathed, your head falling back in pleasure.

    he grinned, reaching hesitantly between your bodies to toy with your clit. your soft cry of ‘oh!’ let him know he was doing everything exactly right, only bolstering his need to fuck you hard and fast to your release.


    ❥ nice public bathrooms

    this man will take any chance to get his dick wet, especially if it’s somewhere that you might get caught. he loves the thrill of knowing people might be watching or listening to you. he’s a fan of the bathrooms in clubs or nice restaurants, especially in front of the mirror.

    zeke held your hips with bruising strength, chuckling as your knuckles went white from how tightly you gripped the sink. one of his hands was in your hair, holding your head up to keep you from looking away from your fucked out expression in the mirror.

    “you like that, you little slut? you like when daddy ruins your cunt in public?” he spat, slamming his hips hard into your ass with every thrust.

    all you could do was squeak out a yes, already too cockdrunk to reply properly. had he not spent 30 minutes with his dick down your throat, maybe you would’ve had some better sense. zeke smiled at your hazy expression; tearful eyes and your tongue lolling out like a bitch in heat.

    “i can feel your little pussy milking me, you close?” he asked, voice almost compassionate despite the brutal treatment he was giving you.

    your soft nod made him let go of your hair, instead spinning your body to sit on the counter. you fell limply into his chest, clinging tightly to him as he quickened his pace. “daddy please! i’m so close,” you mewled, eyes wide as they stared up at him.

    “then cum for me, doll. let daddy know how good he makes you feel.”

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    Late Night - Izuku Midoriya

    izuku midoriya x reader drabble

    taglist: @izukine @fiaficsxo @kirsteiiins @bitchugo @erekami @mitsuluv @dancingazaleas @rintarouss @innrsoul @sukunas-lady @s4ijohs @xenihime @oblxvion @inumakizone

    *izuku is a pro hero in this so he is aged up*

    “Angel? You’re still awake?”

    “Couldn’t sleep without you Izuku. Need you so bad.”

    “My sweet angel missed me? Come, let me make you feel better.”

    “My sweet angel missed me? Come, let me make you feel better.”

    “My sweet angel missed me? Come, let me make you feel better.”

    Slowly he slipped off his uniform leaving him only in his black boxers. The scars on his body ever so prominent and ever so enticing. Quickly your lips attach to his, his hands snaking down and hooking under your thighs.

    “Missed these sweet lips.” He mumbles against your lips, his breath sending shivers down your spine. He trails his lips down your jaw to your neck. He leaves sloppy wet kisses down your entire body stopping at your dripping cunt. He licks you through your lace panties, your hands finding purchase in his dark green locks.

    “How bad did my angel miss me? Hm?”

    “So fucking bad baby.”

    His fingers hook onto the hem of your panties pulling them down slowly as he plants saccharine kisses on your clit. He licks a stripe up your entrance, his saliva mixing with your arousal.

    “So fucking sweet.”

    “Izuku..please..don’t tease me.”

    He smirks up at you, two fingers slipping into your sopping wet core. You moan as he curls his fingers up just barely grazing over your g-spot. Your fingers tug at his hair, eliciting a deep groan sending shockwaves of pleasure through your body.

    “Izuku ‘m coming-“

    “Come for me angel, come all over my tongue...wanna taste you so bad.”

    The tone of his voice snaps the coil in your stomach, your release gushing all over his tongue.

    “You’re so fucking delicious angel, I could taste you all day long.”

    You reach down and pull his face towards you, your lips smashing harshly. You can taste yourself on his lips as his tongue slips in and explores every inch of your mouth.

    Your finger slowly traces over his scars. Your lips quick to land on one of them causing him to hiss from the contact.

    “Does it hurt when I kiss your scars?”

    “No baby, feels good..so fuckin good.”

    You continue kissing up and down his chest, giving each and every one of his scars the love they deserve.

    “Let me take care of you too.” You say, your hand gently palming his erection.

    “No angel, tonight is about you. I’m gonna take care of you tonight.”


    “No buts, just lie down and enjoy.”

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    Breathe In

    Stoner!Yuuji x Fem!Reader

    warnings: smut, unprotected sex, weed and alcohol consumption

    minors dni !!

    a/n: This is my entry for for @nkogneatho’s flash me then fuck me collab <33 hope you like it bitch 🤪

    taglist: @innrsoul @izukine @fiaficsxo @kirsteiiins @rintarouss @s4ijohs @txzierbaby @inumakizone @mitsuluv

    The night was young, but you were already over this party. Same shit different day. Yuuji was on Nobara’s balcony, the blunt being passed around from him to Megumi and then to Gojo. He was already high when he got there, but he couldn’t say no to Megumi. You sat on the couch swirling the spiked punch around in your cup. At this point, bored was an understatement. You spot Yuuji’s red glazed over eyes landing on your legs. They rake up the rest of your body stopping at your tits. You were glad you wore the v-line t shirt that pushed your boobs out more than necessary. Yuuji involuntarily licks his lips as he stares at what he likes to call his “full course meal.” You smile at him and he quickly reciprocates sending a wink your way. Little did Yuuji know, you had a plan brewing in your head. It had actually been brewing in your head since you two had left the house, when you had “accidentally” forgotten to slip a pair of panties on and ended up coming to the party with nothing under your skirt. You decided that this was the perfect time to play your little game. Megumi and Gojo’s back were conveniently turned towards you, while Yuuji had a clear view of your whole body. Slowly you spread your legs, your bare cunt put on display for only Yuuji to see. His bloodshot eyes widen as he realizes what he’s looking at. A smirk slowly forms on his face as your hands trails to the hem of your short skirt. You lean forward and signal him over and he happily obeys.

    “You naughty little girl, coming to the party with nothing under this tiny little skirt.”

    “I just wanted to have a little fun baby. This party is boring anyway can we go home?” You ask.

    “My love you know I promised Nobara that we’d stay until at least 11. She hates when we leave early.”

    “It’s cause she knows the party’s boring.”

    “Look who has an attitude tonight. Just a little longer and we can go home.” Yuuji says placing a hand on your thigh, his fingers trailing up towards your unclothed core.

    “Need you now Yuuji...please.”

    He leans down towards your face and places his lips on yours, you can taste the strawberry infused beer on his lips. You grab his jaw in hopes of deepening the kiss, but he quickly pulls away giggling at your earnest attempt.

    “A little longer princess, let me smoke for a little more and then we’ll leave.”

    You pout as you watch him walk away. You know it wouldn’t be much longer, but the minutes feel like hours when you’re in this mood.

    Another half hour goes by before Yuuji gets back from the balcony. A pack of prerolled blunts in his hand.

    “Megumi roll those for you?”

    “Yeah he said he bought extra so he gave these to me. I’ll smoke some more when we get home.” He says placing a quick kiss on your temple as he leads you to the front of the house. You say your goodbyes to Nobara and the others, who were busy playing beer pong in the opposite room. Sooner than you realize you were out the door and in Yuuji’s car.

    “Your little idea work out the way you wanted?” Yuuji asks, a mischievous smile decorating his tan face.

    “What idea?” You say feigning innocence. You rub your thighs together in an obvious manner, your fingers aimlessly playing with the hem of your skirt.

    “Naughty kitten.”

    Yuuji’s lips are on your neck, sucking and biting at your flesh. His hand trails down your waist and grips onto the fat of your ass. He squeezes, causing a quiet whimper to leave your lips.

    “Yuuji please..need you so fucking bad.”

    “Yeah baby? You want me to fuck this pretty pussy of yours?”

    “Please want it so bad.”

    Yuuji picks you up and presses you against the wall as his lips land on yours. The taste of his beer and the weed mix in your mouth as his tongue wrestles with yours. He lazily grinds his cock against your bare pussy, moans leaving your mouth and catching in his.

    “I can’t wait anymore kitten. Wanted to take you the moment I saw that gorgeous cunt on display for the whole party to see. Did you like that baby? The feeling that anyone could see your pretty little pussy?”

    You moan at his words, your hips grinding harshly against him. Your hand trails down his chest to his pants, your fingers fumbling with the button. He walks you over to the bed and throws you down onto it. He finishes taking his pants off, his cock springing free from its painful restraints. The tip is red and angry, beads of precum trickling down.

    “You’re gonna pay for that little stunt you pulled at the party baby. What did I tell you about teasing me in public, especially in front of Fushiguro and Gojo-sensei. You’re all mine, my cute little whore all splayed out just for me. You gonna be a good girl for me?”

    “Yes Yuuji, I’ll be a good girl for you, I promise.”

    “That’s my kitten.” Yuuji says as he slips his cock into your sopping pussy. Squelching noises bounce off the walls as he rams into you. Your body shaking with every thrust, Yuuji drooling at the way your tits bounce. He leans down and wraps his lips around your nipple sucking diligently.

    “So fucking sexy. I could fuck this cunt all day.”

    “Weren’t you gonna smoke the blunts Megumi gave you?” You ask, the mischievous smile now spreading across your face.

    Yuuji pulls out of you and situates himself at the head of the bed. He leans back as he lights his joint. He takes a hit, sucking deeply and breathing out slowly. The smoke hits your face and you inhale, the familiar smell calming you.

    “Come ride me while I smoke princess.” Yuuji says. Your eyes widen at the statement, but you eagerly oblige. You straddle him and slowly sink down onto his cock. He sucks a breathe in through gritted teeth as you clench around him. You press your lips against his, placing small pecks. You move your hips in circles, the pleasure overwhelming Yuuji as he takes another hit.

    “Come here baby.” He says as he grabs your jaw forcing your mouth open. He blows the smoke into your mouth, your cunt fluttering around him in response.

    “You like that angel? Does my pretty little slut want a hit too?”

    You nod your head, your voice caught in the back of your throat as you bounce on his cock. He brings the joint to your lips, his free hand holding the back of your head. You take a deep breathe in relishing in the feeling of Yuuji filling you up as the weed fills your lungs. You breathe out coughing lightly, your throat burning from the hit. Your thighs burn from exhaustion and you slow down your pace, your release inching closer.

    “M’close Yuuji- so fucking close.”

    “Me too kitten..cum with me.” He says as he thrusts up into you.

    Yuuji sucks in another hit as he gets closer to his climax. He moans as ropes of cum fill you up, your release coating his cock. A light layer of smoke surrounds you as you lean into his chest. He pecks your cheek a few times, his free hand lazily fondling your tit.

    “I love you kitten. So fucking much.”

    “I love you too Yuuji.”

    “Round two?”

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    ok but... hear me out... needyservicedomconnie!

    needyservicedomconnie! who fucks you like you’re his only salvation, desperate to hear the way you call his name, dying to see the way your body throbs and aches for his touch- because it makes him feel desired. he loves the way you make him feel content- whole- complete...

    warnings: fem bodied reader, pussy play, slight choking, edging, overstimulation

    connie had another bad day at work. another day of his coworkers talking over him, ignoring all his ideas, pushing him aside like he’s useless. he’s desperate to feel some sort of validation, some sort of control, some sort of dominance. he needs to feel like someone appreciates him, or better yet... like someone depends on him...

    the second he gets home he’s all over you- sitting you down on his lap on the plush upholstery of your living room couch. his impatient hands grabbing at the waistband of your pants, pulling them down, throwing them across the room. his hands grip onto your thighs and pull them apart, leaving your legs draped over his, dangling limply. eager slender fingers work their way around the edges of thin fabric covering your pussy. he effortlessly pulls it aside, and immediately starts rubbing your clit, the pads of his fingertips massaging small circles into your sensitive skin.

    the quiet moans that leave your mouth are like medicine to connie- covering him in a veil of warmth similar to that of a warm embrace. it’s all the reassurance he was looking for, and he’s hungry for more.

    his hand moves faster and more aggressively- flicking away at your clit. connie’s completely mesmerized by the way you look on top of him, spread open on his lap. the way you rock your hips against his, arching your back away from his chest, desperately trying to squeeze your thighs together- the sensation too overwhelming. the way his fingers slide up and down your sweet spot leaves your hips stuttering- your core tight and convulsing, your voice breathy- on the brink of an orgasm.

    “tell me- who makes you feel this good?” connie mumbles into your ear, your head leaning back into the curve of his neck. his voice is soft, almost whiny, “talk to me baby- who makes you feel this good?”

    “... you do... you do... you do...” you reply, barely able to push the words out in between your loud moans. but it’s not enough. right as you’re about to come connie takes his hand off your clit, his hand snakes its way up your torso, his wet fingers leaving a trail of slick along the length of your body, stopping when his hands come up around your throat. he squeezes at the spot under your jaw, locking his fingers around your chin forcing you to look up at him. he looks at you with hazy eyes, their golden reflection drowned out by large dilated pupils. when he says, “that’s not good enough- i want to hear you scream my name” his voice is hoarse, rough with desperation. he needs to hear how badly you need him, needs to hear you call out his name like it’s the only word you know. he loves the way your body squirms aching for his touch- it makes him feel special.

    connie’s hard cock is pressed up against your ass when you writhe around on top of him. it actually hurts him to have you rub against his length that craves to be cradled inside your heat. but he doesn’t mind it- he’ll bear the pain if it means you get all the pleasure.

    but he doesn’t let you come, not that easy. he loves being a tease- edging you over and over again- taking his hand away anytime you’re about to peak. “not yet angel” he coos in your ear, a small smirk spreading on his face. he loves denying you of your orgasm- dragging it out- making you beg for it so he can hear you say how much you need him over and over again until he believes it. until he’s filled with the warmth of your praise- until he believes he is loved.

    dizzy with lust and control, slightly sadistic with love- when connie finally lets your orgasm roll out of you, he doesn’t stop touching you. he overstimulates you, keeping one of his hands hovering of your clit, the other plunging deep into your slit- fingers twisting and curling inside you. the pleasure is too overwhelming- your legs are shaking, eyes are rolling into the back of your head, connie thinks you’ve never looked more beautiful and it just keeps him going.

    “connie... it...it’s too much!!” you plead, trying hard to push his hands away- but he doesn’t hear you, he doesn’t stop. he’s lost in the way you say his name, he didn’t hear anything else. and when you gush all over his hands- leaving strings of cum between his fingers- he thinks of it as a sign as to how much you appreciate him.

    connie has never felt more important- never felt more loved than when he’s between your legs. you make him feel seen- like he’s finally not being pushed to the side- like he matters. he’s been chasing this feeling his entire life- and he’s so grateful to have found it in you.

    taglist: @tetsunormous @a1tadena @peachysimp @fiaficsxo @kirsteiiins @namrekcaivel @chanam @izukine @peachy-momos @1252291 @jarmeen @jessblvckk @sweet-todou @mxhi

    if you would like to join my taglist- fill out this form! :)))

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