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  • “Kiss me like I just hit you with an eskimo kiss..”

    Rubbing those noses together really does it for me when I’m with you, I just want to kiss you bad - eUë

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  • Korra & Asami at Korra’s place

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  • tfw someone grabs your face and pulls you in for a kiss… unparalleled

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  • “Can you imagine a shirt that was made from the fibers of a sweet lil’ butterfly?? Yeah, I want to kiss you that softly..”

    I want to kiss you all the time, NOT JUST NOWWW! *slams my hands on the table* hahaha - eUë

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    She hadn’t planned it, although, she had to admit it having been a secret fantasy of hers. So, how it came about, was quite a surprise.            

    It was Kitty’s second year at University. The first year she’d found extremely difficult and almost ran home a few times, but thankfully, she’d somehow managed to find some friends near the end of term, but nobody that close. Or more, she’d been befriended, having been quite shy. They all seemed so cool, which played on her anxieties and nearly stopped her from going to Uni.  The feelings were always there, just waiting to stop her. That was until Olivia, transferred to her course at the start of the new term. She’d quickly taken Kitty under her wing. Kitty was quite in awe of Olivia, to her, she was much, much, more world wise than Kitty; really quite carefree, to the point that she didn’t quite understand why she hung around with her so much?  Strange how they’d hit it off, she was just so easy to be around. Like she’d known her since she was a little girl.            

    Olive had arrived about 5 minutes earlier and was waiting for Kitty to get ready, idling on the office style chair that all the halls rooms were furnished with. Spinning round, or making it go up and down like a bored child. Then, gazing out at the grey rainy day she’d just escaped from. The glass beads of rain racing down the pane, the world behind a blur. People meandering by, umbrella’s opening or closing, a group of students running for cover, while one walked slowly behind acting as if rain was life itself, or, as Olive suspected, he was trying to just look ‘cool’. It’s something she’d do and smiled to herself.  There was a couple cuddling underneath the edge of the quad, close, warm infatuated. She enjoyed the voyeurism of seeing them, quite unobserved in Kitty’s room.            

    She watched as the man’s hand stroked over the girls cheek, she could feel their intensity, and crossed her legs. He looked older than her, and thought she recognised him as one of the tutors. ‘bad man’ she thought as he lent down, his mouth kissing the girls waiting lips, her eyes closed and just how he pulled her into him. Only something sinful could be so beautiful, she could feel their need. It was a feeling she wanted.  She continue to watch them pressing kissing until they vanished into the building. She squeezed her thighs together and sighed, remembering where she was. Olive swung the chair around, watching Kitty getting ready with a playful smile. She was feeling mischievous.            

    “You’re a virgin aren’t you Kitty?” Olive asked without a second thought the romance of the rain broken by other thoughts. She knew what she was doing as Kitty’s heart jumped and she went crimson at the sudden question, still, trying to act normal, “sorry?”, she replied, as if pretending not to have heard would work. “a… virgin?” Olive repeated and sat back stretching her legs, “Yes, I am, why, does it matter?”, Kitty replied not turning around.            

    She was getting used to her friend, how she’d just come out with things, however awkward, normally when bored,  Kitty liked it in a way but it did make her defensive.  “oh… just wondered,” Olive sat up looking at Kitty’s clearly trying not to look back.            

    “You’ve done other things right?”. She asked curiously leaning forward from the chair, “uh-uh, yeah, course”, Kitty continued to busy herself, then play with her phone.  Olive frowned a little not quite believing her, “like?”, “you know,”, Kitty replied briefly looking at Olive sitting by the window desk, her background a slow motion waterfall of droplets upon the window pane. It wasn’t an area Kitty liked to talk about, at least, not face to face. She’d spent too long as a girl online.              

    “Youhave kissed haven’t you Kitty?” Kitty went quiet trying to think of a reply just staring at her phone, then tried to delay picking clothes up. She was about to say something when Olive guessed, it being so obvious; “Oh! Jesus Kitty, you haven’t have you!”. Olive knew it was mean, sitting straight. She knew Kitty was a bit innocent, but also was so very pretty, she couldn’t believe she’d not even kissed! “no, okay, no.”, Kitty felt embarrassed throwing down the top she had.   Olive felt bad taking her friends hand “I’m sorry, I’m not being mean, i’m just surprised, never?”, Kitty let out a sigh,  “no, it’s okay, it’s just I don’t know? It just never happened”, “but all those boys at uni, your old school?”            

    “I don’t know?” Kitty shrugged sitting down on the edge of the bed,  “I just felt awkward or shy, feels like I left it too long,”, “didn’t anyone try, even when you were little?”, “yeah, it was just awkward and I ran off”, “oh Kitty”, Olive rolled her eyes with a smile,  Kitty tried to change the subject, “did you want coffee? thought we were going out?”            

    “yeah it’s still raining, maybe”, she looked at Kitty’s nervous blush lips against her pale skin, her green shy eyes.  “Kitty, it’s easy, kissing, you’ve nothing to be nervous about”.  Kitty had that sickly feeling in her stomach just wanting to be left alone not to be questioned, “I know…” came her short response. Getting more out of her when she was like this was hard work. Kitty crossed her legs, and was chewing the edge of her thumb.            

    Olive got up from the chair, then edged down next to Kitty, taking her thumb from her mouth slowly. Her mind was still on the couple outside the window, it didn’t take much… “I’ll show you”. Olive said, as if it was the most normal thing.            

    Kitty felt a bit puzzled by this. She liked Olive, she’d been the only one to get to know her really, but… before she could think anything else. “Just close your eyes” Olive whispered, “come on Kitty”.  Kitty scrunched up her face thinking Olive was being silly or laughing at her, “oh go on” Olive said with a smile.  ‘it’s just my friend being her weird self’ Kitty said to herself,  but finally she closed her eyes and felt Olive move closer. She wasn’t sure, she imagined Olive my give her a peck on the lips, which was dumb. But the slowness of Olive, how she came closer, quickly became a little more intense, that sudden feeling when you hope nobody will walk in and catch you doing something you shouldn’t. Kitty could feel her heart she felt paralysed.  “keep them shut” Olive said again softly.  Kitty could feel her friends breath close to her mouth. Smelling her hair breathing in her scent. She gulped knowing what she was going to do but still unsure ‘she won’t’. Olive’s hand stroked down Kitty’s cheek her finger tips moving along her cheek bone her palm on her face moving back to her ear into Kitty’s hair, mirroring the couple outside just moments ago. Kitty opened her eyes suddenly.            

    Olive sat back with a frown and huffed “Closed Kitty!”. She looked around, nervously, “i’m not going to bite you”, Olive raised her eyebrow tilting her head to one side, she felt frustrated and excited. “closed” she smiled at Kitty.  "um ok, sure we should be going out,” she swallowed and closed them again. Olive moved back, looking at her friends lips. She’d always admired how full they were, the shape of her cupid’s bow, they were made for kissing. She could see them parting a little. Kitty wanted her to kiss her she could tell, ‘i’ll always be her first kiss’ Olive thought, ‘always….’ the thought exciting her.  She was so close now, almost teasing herself as much as Kitty.  With Kitty just sitting there breathing slowly, she ran her thumb over the girls lower lip. Kitty shivered, “tickles”, “but nice?”, “little bit”, “shhhh” Olive said.  Enjoying having her like this, but she couldn’t stop herself now            

    Kitty felt Olive’s face very closer, breathing again, then finally, her friends lips touch hers, softly, barely a graze as they brushed over her own. Two girls lips touching.  There was a sudden ache as she breathed in and Olive kissed Kitty gently for that first time, it was far more sensual than the peck Kitty had expected. The sensation shivering through her entire body. It felt wrong in the way something right feels, like she was going to be caught doing something she shouldn’t that made it feel so exciting, so right. Kitty let out a small moan her lips parting, an admittance her desire.  Olive stayed close and kissed her again, the sensual pleasure of Kitty’s lips on hers, she loved kissing, how it evolved and she felt so naughty doing this. Gently feather kissing Kitty’s lips around the edges, who, finally unable to help but respond, kissed back tasting Olive’s lips who teased moving back a little. As Kitty nearly opened her eyes, “shhh shut remember” Olive said with a lustful soft tone.            

    Olive turned Kitty’s head towards her and kissed her again, not stopping this time. Her tongue peeking out just the tip along the inner edge of Kitty’s lips, as she parted them, running it along the gap. Kitty let out a pleasurable moan, the intense feeling warm rushing through her. Opening her mouth more to Olive, letting her,  as she felt her tongue push into her mouth, pressing along her own tongue, it was too much. She wanted it more,  opening her mouth wider to Olive. Moaning into her mouth, feeling Olive’s tongue slide against hers more, pressed with urgency.              

    Olive was loving it a little too much, lost in desire,  leaning Kitty back onto the pillows so she could kiss her friend more deeply. The way Kitty was responding was unexpected, she’d thought she might push her off, but instead like an eager lustful school girl just wanting more. Olive could feel herself getting more and more aroused.            

    “mmm Kitty” she whispered. Parting for a moment. Kitty open her eyes admitting to what was happening, blinking heart racing, “okay?” Olive said breathlessly, “yes,”  was all Kitty replied, chewing her lip not really wanting to stop, her eyes full of unexpected lust.            

    “sure? As good as you’d hoped?”, Olive asked stroking down Kitty’s cheek, staying close. “better really”, Olive grinned, kitting feeling a little shy, raising her eyebrow, “a little more practise?”, Kitty giggled “maybe?”            

    Olive kissed her again, as the two girls fell into the pillows. Pressing, loving as much the feeling of Olive’s body against her own, the kissing carried on slowly, mouths tongues in a soft erotic rhythm. Olive, taking it further, stroking up her friends bum pulling her closer as Kitty responded, mirroring Olives movements. It was like all the desire Kitty had left building up was suddenly unleashed.  She felt the strange sensation for the first time of another woman’s breasts against hers through clothes. Quite different from a hug from her Mum, which was more enveloping, this was sensitive touching. Olive was pushing, against Kitty’s mound, causing her short skirt to raise up exposing her tights.  Olive wearing tight leggings, they could feel it through the nylon barely apart. The image there of two young girls their bodies hips pushing into each other, warm on the bed on a wet afternoon. They moved slowly the nylon rubbing their mounds pressed in a gently secret rhythm, thighs between thighs muddling hands stroking.              

    “think you know how to kiss now?” Olive panting with want, “did you want to hmm stop?”, “no,” Kitty looked down, “unless, um, you wanted to?”, “thank you” She added, thinking maybe Olive was only doing it as a favour? That it was just one of Olive’s games. Her heart sinking at little, her body was aching not to stop, she loved this feeling especially that it felt quite forbidden to her, despite how normal it was now for people these days. It was a secret desire she’d never dare share.  “silly Kitty I want more you know I do” Olive smiled, “we can get under the covers?”, Kitty gulped.            

    Both girls got up quickly not wanting to lose the urgency. It felt so decadent under the duvet in the middle of the day. They wriggled close together again still clothed and started kissing more, but this time really pressing harder, Kitty moaning more, she knew she was wet, soaking now. Olive couldn’t help it, her hand slipped slowly up between Kitty’s thighs who opened them to her as she pressed between. Kitty let out a gasp of pleasure, feeling another girls’ hand slowly rubbing her through the thin material. “mmmm”. She could feel the seam of her panties and tights being pressed by Olive’s finger into her rubbing, the tightness was intoxicating. She could have just laid like that just being touched, wanting to be touched over and over.  “you feel so good” Olive moaned as Kitty circled up to her hand. “i wanted to do this to you you know, “  Kitty bit her lip more.   Olive started to gently  pull down Kitty’s tights, feeling her fingers edging under the top,  realising, Kitty helped pulling them down, struggling a little, “these are hard!” she giggled finally as they slipped under her bum just half way.            

    It felt so naughty to Kitty, just feeling them half way down her thighs, Olive’s hand now resting on  her pants, just feeling her hand there, wanting it to press. To touch her more.  The pleasant restriction of the tights keeping her legs together a little. “you’re so wet” Olive whispered and kissed her again pressing, her fingers tracing the edge of her knickers at the top of her thigh, she felt so sensitive almost squeezing her hand again, but then parting to her friend.   Kitty eyes wide looking down under the duvet seeing Olivia’s hand, “shall i take them off?”  it smelt of sex she ground against Kitty’s thigh.  “better do mine too” Olive laughed struggling to quickly take them off. Kitty stared seeing her friends bare legs so pale, so smooth, against her own, not quite believing what she was doing and how suddenly it had happened how her body was burning for it.              

    They both got back under the duvet.  Kitty let out a sigh as she felt her friends bare legs slide up her own. “mmmm feels so…”, “that’s better” Olive said pushing against Kitty taking it more slowly now, wanting it to last.  Olive’s hand moved gently back down between Kitty’s thigh again who parted them desperately, loving the exquisite feeling, better than her fantasies. How often she’d dreamt of being touched like this, she’d imagined herself being just laid down and touched by so many hands, being an object of pleasure being used for it.     “much better” Olivia grinned and kissed her again, Kitty’s tongue licking lapping at each other  “mmmm yes”, “so you do like it”, “yes yes don’t stop” she gasped.  The kissing was so intense now, those long wanton kisses wider wetter, moaning and tongues dribbling down chins.  Kitty just giving herself to it, she wanted to just be taken letting Olive do whatever she wanted to her.  Olive couldn’t stop either, she needed this sweet girl, she’d fantasied about Kitty since before she’d spoken to her, seeing her awkwardness, her lips, how innocent she seemed.  She quickly moved back on top of her but quickly pulled off her own top and struggled out of her bra. Kitty’s face red, hot, chewing her lip as she looked up at Olive’s breasts, her nipples visibly stiff.  She took Kitty’s hand and pressed it on her breast looking down at her. Feeling another girls’ breasts, she quickly started to stroke softly over them as Olive lent down just over her mouth. Kitty kissed them stroking her face licking gasping. Olive lent back.            

    She was looking at her with such lust she’d never experienced.  “come on, yours now”. Kitty felt shy she’d never been so undressed with someone since she was young, she still felt strange in a changing room. She fiddled with the buttons finally getting them undone as Olive helped with the strap and then she lay open to Olive. There was this young girl, her breasts a little too large for her frame, pink wide nipples.  Olive could feel herself throbbing wet. She laid down against her, taking her time, lowering, first tummy’s touching, lower chest until finally their breasts met, grazing gently movements. There was something about breasts touching breasts, they’d stick then slide,  they let both breathed out with the intense pleasure of their skin pressed. Kitty staring at her own breasts and Olive’s then up to her mouth.   It was so unexpected the feeling, she put her hands around Olive’s bum and pulled her closer as Olive kissed softly into her neck. Kitty looking up at the ceiling wide eyes mouth agape.  All the time she could feel Olive’s pubis against her own grinding. “oh god olive” she moaned. Just keeping the rhythm.            

    Kitty lifted her bum up pushing up higher against her clit with her own through their thin underwear. They were warm and wet. Olive was sliding back and forth over Kitty’s clit who moaned each time she did, faster and faster “uh ugh uhh”. Olive wanted to make her come, she could feel her legs start to tremble, her breasts against Olives, nipples grazing over her skin, harder the duvet was now on the floor as she pushed into kitty who opened her thighs to feel more. Mouths open to each other Kitty, couldn’t stop, she’d never felt something quite so intense,  and began to come, with each press more. Olive not stopping, seeing Kitty’s eyes, she was soaking, she wanted this, she didn’t want it to end but then came moaning, rhythmic breathing into Olive mouth who kissed her slowly, her mound grinding up over Kitty’s aching clit desperate for it. She came breaking her head away back in a moan and another, Olive not stopping, “come come come for me” pushing it further,  the rhythm, “oh god Olive”  Then slowing as the waves went through Kitty’s body, pulsing one after the other, that squeeze between her thighs rippling through her. They played pressed against each other, Olive’s hand between her thighs, soaking.              

    Finally slipping down, the girls lay cuddled in bed. Kitty kept grinning and kissing Olive. “thank you for that…”, “was okay?”, Kitty giggled. “yes yes, sorry was I?”, “of course” they curled up closer feeling their warm sticky bodies sliding, “have you done this before?” Kitty asked.   Olive grinned, “mmm a few times shhh”,  “But you like boys? I always thought”,   “I do, boys men, women, … girls”,  “always?”… “yes, pretty much since I was little, I always got excited didn’t you?”, “i suppose I just”, just?”, “was always too shy”, “still shy?”  Olive kissed her… “not with you” she smiled.            

    “Might’ve shown you more than a kiss though?” the two girls giggled “just a bit more”…            

    Kitty lay there in a sort of high state. Not quite believing what she’d done, her? Little Kitty that everyone thought was so sweet had just done so many things with another girl! A girl!  She could still smell Olive, her friends wetness and shuddered with a sigh.            

    “we don’t have to stop” Olive whispered, still aching desperate.           

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    © the great lover

    photo with permission © @tinglythoughts

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  • Şarapla yıkayıp dudaklarınla kurula tenimi.

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    - “ A liberdade é uma ilusão, quando se vive em sociedade, sempre estamos presos a algo.”

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  • “I want to drop kisses on you like a soft, little bag of butterfly bricks..”

    Just carpet bomb them on smashed in with a hug, haha

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  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Took a Highly Instagrammable Kissing Photo on Inauguration Day

    Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Took a Highly Instagrammable Kissing Photo on Inauguration Day

    Jennifer Lopez had a career milestone yesterday, performing at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Lopez’s fiancé Alex Rodriguez joined her for the trip, and the two commemorated the moment in D.C. by doing a Capitol photo shoot. They posed on the stairs, J.Lo in her all-white Chanel ensemble she performed in. And of course, they took a kissing shot truly made for the ‘gram. Lopez shared a…


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  • Omotola Is The Actress I Enjoyed Kissing – Van Vicker Discloses

    Omotola Is The Actress I Enjoyed Kissing – Van Vicker Discloses

    Despite the numerous actresses he acted with, there is one that Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker has enjoyed kissing.

    During an interview with Sammy Kay, Van Vicker couldn’t keep this a secret any more.

    He mentioned Nigerian actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde as the one he enjoyed kissing in this interview.

    Van Vicker further revealed that kissing in movies is real.

    His statement comes after many…


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    #Entertainment#Kissing #Kissing in movies #Omotola Jalade Ekeinde #Van Vicker
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