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  • gleefuldays
    26.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    30 day OTP challenge: Combat

    #glee#klaine#kurt hummel#blaine anderson#gifs #30 day OTP challenge #before you ask no I didn't make up this challenge #It was actually on the list and I was shocked too lol #I mean we all know it's not a normal couple thing but my angst loving heart does enjoy it
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  • thomas-the-goat-of-satan
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Blaine and Kurt filming like proud moms during I Kissed A Girl >>>>>>>> anything ever.

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  • j-nightingalesb1tch
    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    favourite klaine scenes 33

    blaine sends kurt flowers 4x04 ‘the break-up’

    "i'm okay. i’ll be okay.”

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  • j-nightingalesb1tch
    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    favourite kurt hummel scenes 32

    kurt says goodbye to finn 4x04 ‘the break-up’

    “come on, give me a hug before i go.”

    #glee#kurt hummel#finn hudson#furt#chris colfer#cory monteith #the fact that this is their last scene #if you ignore them smiling at each other in glease #is heartbreaking #at least they hugged #amber's faves
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  • j-nightingalesb1tch
    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    favourite klaine scenes 32

    don’t speak 4x04 ‘the break-up’

    "i really feel that i’m losing my best friend. i can’t believe this could be the end.”

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  • j-nightingalesb1tch
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    favourite klaine scenes 31

    blaine tells kurt he cheated on him 4x04 ‘the break-up’

    "and you don’t think that i’ve been lonely? you don’t think that i’ve had temptations? but i didn’t act on it because i knew what it meant. it meant something horrible and awful and..”

    “i’m so sorry, kurt. i really am.”

    #glee#kurt hummel#blaine anderson#klaine#chris colfer#darren criss#THIS SCENE#i'm sobbing #you can literally see the moment kurt's heart breaks #why did they do this to us #amber's faves
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  • j-nightingalesb1tch
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    favourite klaine scenes 30

    blaine sings teenage dream 4x04 ‘the break-up’

    "i wanna sing a song that’s very special to me. this is the song that i sang the first time i met the love of my life. so kurt, this is for you.”

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  • katyobsesses
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    My Gift Is My Song

    Written for the @gleethisorthatchallenge Character: Sam Evans

    Pairing: Pre Hevans, Samcedes Friendship

    Part 4/7 Read from Part One Here


    Awkward fumbling around other person OR Grand gesture that doesn’t go to plan Set during S3E13: ‘Heart’ After realising his feelings for Kurt, Sam decides to serenade him as a ‘Secret Admirer’ with the rest of the god squad. Of course this does not go to plan, and Kurt’s actual Secret Admirer confronts Sam. (warning: some Anti-Blaine stuff simply because I needed to for this to work)


    It was definitely distracting, sharing a house with the subject of your desires. He should have been used to it, seeing as he’d been living with the Hudmels for months now. But seeing Kurt, yawning and sleep rumpled, on Monday morning made his heart beat, quickly, in his chest. Sam handed Kurt a mug of strong black coffee as he shuffled into the kitchen and Kurt took it immediately, bringing the mug to his nose and inhaling the scent of it with a content smile. And then he shuffled back out of the kitchen, taking a sip and sighing. And Sam couldn’t hold back the smile that took over his face. This had become a routine of theirs, as Sam was often awake at the crack of dawn. Kurt Hummel was not a morning person, Sam had come to learn, and you really shouldn’t talk to him if he hadn’t had at least one mug of coffee. Sam, on the other hand, was always the first in the house to wake - unless Carole had an early shift at the hospital - and didn’t need caffeine to function. He would wake up, get dressed for a run, and then do a lap around their neighbourhood before having a shower and getting dressed for the day. He’d knock on Finn and Kurt’s doors as he passed them to go downstairs for breakfast, and he’d put on a pot of strong black coffee as he made his breakfast. The coffee smell always attracted a sleep-rumpled Kurt, yawning as he entered the kitchen and made his way over to the cupboard full of mismatched mugs. Lately, Sam had been pouring Kurt a coffee every morning - for a few weeks now, actually, since before he’d even realized his crush - and handing it to him. He liked to see his face light up at the gesture. He really should have realized his crush sooner… He had no idea how to act on it though. He had no idea how to tell Kurt his feelings without changing everything and… … He’d completely forgotten about Blaine.

    Continue on AO3 OR Start from the beginning

    #glee#hevans#sam evans#kurt hummel#mercedes jones#glee fanfiction#katy writes#katywrites#gleethisorthatchallenge2021 #i've been trying to write this for weeeeeksssss #and it's not perfect #but it'll do
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  • rocketkit
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    got inspired by @haru-snixx ‘s small uht.. so here’s some small kurt and blaine. maybe they could all go on a play date sometime :0

    #glee fanart#glee#kurt hummel#blaine anderson #blaine and kurt #klaine#baby klaine #i cant believe i actually just posted this #art#digital art#digital illustration#klaine fanart #click for better quality!
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  • ilike2readbooks
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    In the episode duets

    of glee

    kurt says he is the only openly gay person in the town

    but Rachel’s dad’s are gay (obviously)


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  • purewarblerschaos
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    wes: i’m going to bed

    kurt: it’s noon

    wes: time isn’t real

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  • incorrectwevidquotes
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    david: how did you know i was gonna ask you out?

    wes: kurt and jeff haven’t been able to look me in the eyes for weeks without crying

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  • creamcakesequalslove
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    Glee’s 12th Anniversary Celebration: [121/121] / season six, episode thirteen ↳ dreams come true / first aired on march 20, 2015
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  • chocoholicannanymous
    25.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Concepts in Action (Glee)

    Follow-up to Concepts of Insanity, spawned by a talk with @jwmelmoth

    Slighty different mood than that one, but same base principle.

    Returning to the loft after skating should be a relief after the awkwardness of doing such a loaded activity with his ex. Except it doesn't feel that good, and he's got some uncomfortable suspicions regarding Blaine's backpack.

    “So, dad. You brought Blaine. Exactly when's his ticket back?”

    “Day after tomorrow, same as mine.”

    “Right. And where is he staying?”

    “Well...” His dad's facial expression answers that question in a way that makes Kurt's heart sink.


    “So when you said I could return my present if I wanted to, exactly how was that supposed to work? It isn't, is it? I'm stuck with him whether I want to or not.”


    His dad's voice is full of surprise and a bit of censor, but Kurt isn't going to let that influence him. His dad's crossed a line, and Kurt's not going to pretend otherwise.

    “Remember the first Christmas after mom passed away? How you sat me down and apologized for my presents, before I'd even opened them, because you just weren't good at buying gifts? And remember how I told you that anything you'd gotten me would be perfect, because it was from you and I loved you? Yes?

    “Okay. I still love you, but I'm taking the rest of that back. You coming here to tell me you have cancer was bad enough. Finding out you consider my ex an acceptable 'gift' for Christmas goes from bad to really shitty, and I don't know what you were thinking. Especially seeing as apparently you felt it was okay to tell him about your cancer before telling me.”

    “I didn't want you to be alone.”

    Kurt just stares, unable to process.

    “I have cancer, and I knew you'd have a hard time to deal. I brought Blaine because I figured you'd need the support, the comfort.”

    “And you brought my ex for that?”

    Then again, support wasn't Blaine's strongest suit even when we were together, was it?

    “Hey, you're the one who told me he wasn't just your boyfriend, he was your best friend too.”

    “Yes, but that was before” he cheated on me “we broke up.”

    His dad still doesn't seem to get it and Kurt can't take it.

    “You know what, I need some air. I'm going to take a walk. You stay here, make sure Blaine stays out of my bedroom.”

    Kurt starts out with going around the block, but he's still upset after and takes another loop, this time longer. It takes half an hour for him to feel ready to go back inside and deal.

    Sitting on the couch with his dad and Blaine as they watch baseball is annoying as hell. Any other time, he'd take the closeness and read Vogue, especially now that his dad has admitted to knowing about it. But with Blaine actually watching and interacting with his dad about the game Kurt feels uncomfortable not doing the same. So he tries. Once he gives up and reaches for his magazine he heard his dad and Blaine joke about having bet about how long he'd hold out.

    And then the next hit comes.

    “So, Kurt, I know that this might be a bit weird for you, and you can totally say no if you want to,” sure, just like I could return the 'gift' of your presence, “ but I'm applying to NYADA for next year.”

    Kurt sighs silently. Of course he is. The thing is, he can see it, the way Blaine probably assumes it'll play out. Blaine moving to New York, going to NYADA, buddying up to Rachel just like in high school... Kurt being expected to just take it, regardless of if he had been accepted or not. Any contacts Kurt might have gotten supposed to be at Blaine's beck and call, Blaine talking his way into Kurt's classes trying to replace him, like he had in Glee and with Cheerios... Kurt bending over backwards to make Blaine happy, just like in high school.

    Because there would never be a chance of him being allowed to continue to say no to Blaine with them at the same school.

    Thank god that's not going to happen.

    And really, what was Blaine trying to do here? Pretending that Kurt's opinion mattered? The time for that would have been months ago, before applying.

    “Oh really? You know what, I think NYADA might be perfect for you.” Not in terms of actual schooling, maybe, as Kurt's had the blinds torn off regarding Blaine's talent, but for the rest... He imagines Carmen Tibideaux subjecting Blaine to some of her special treatment. The definition of Karma, surely.


    “Oh yeah. From everything I've heard you'd get along really well with the dean, and well, Rachel seems to thrive. Good luck.”

    With no encouragement to keep talking about NYADA Blaine wanders off to grab something to drink and Kurt refocuses on his dad, trying to squeeze out as much of this visit as possible.

    “Hey Kurt? What does NUY want with you?”

    Kurt turns his head so fast it feels like he's in danger of whiplash.

    “Are you going through my mail? Stop it!”

    The words come out hard and he can see both his dad and Blaine react. He doesn't care though.

    “You know, you going through my personal things wasn't cute when we dated either. Back then I just cared more about keeping the peace than about keeping my privacy. Since that's not a problem anymore, let me just be clear. I might be allowing you to stay here, but that's not an invitation in any way. Not to snooping, not to feeling at home, and not to getting back together.

    “This is my home, and you are – putting it kindly – a guest. Behave with the decency I know your mom expects of you. If you can't do that then leave.”

    He wishes Blaine would, but knows it's not likely.


    “Kurt! You can't mean that you'd throw me out. Where would I go?”

    Blaine looks like Kurt has done the verbal equivalent of throwing a bucket of ice water in his face. It has no effect on Kurt's resolve though.

    “I neither know nor care. You either respect my home or you don't stay in it. This is New York. There are thousands of hotels and hostels.”

    His dad just stares at him, as if he doesn't know who Kurt is anymore, and it hurts. Out of all the people liking Blaine better than him Kurt had never figured his dad would be one. And yet here he was, feeling the same way as he'd once felt with Finn.

    “Buddy, you're being a bit harsh here, don't you think? Yes, I'll admit that maybe bringing Blaine without warning you was a little...impulsive, but why are you so angry? And don't be so hardnosed about getting back together, for your own sake.

    “Like I said earlier, love's important. Holding on to love is important. I don't want you to throw away what you and Blaine have, not when you never know what will happen, or how long you'll have that opportunity. It's a cruel world, Kurt, but having someone to share with makes it better.”

    Kurt takes a deep breath and tries, really really tries to keep his bitterness in. He's not doing that great a job.

    “Holding on to love is important, sure. But there's such a thing as holding on too long and too hard. Blaine and I broke up for good reasons, and I wish you'd respect that.”

    It's like his dad isn't even hearing him though.

    “You know, your mom and I found it hard being apart too.”

    Kurt did know. As a kid he'd loved hearing about his mom's semester in France, and he'd been told enough to know that it'd been tough. He'd read some of their letters to each other though, and he doubts either of them dealt the way Blaine did.

    “So? Yes, being apart is hard. But that isn't an excuse for everything. I didn't want to get you involved in all of this, but since that's obviously not going to be an option anymore, fine. Blaine cheated. He felt I didn't pay enough attention to him, you know, between finding a job and a place to stay, and making enough money to pay the bills, and generally trying to make myself a life here after he practically pushed me to go here.

    “And so he went and found someone else to give him that attention.”

    He practically spits out the last sentence. It feels good to finally allow himself to say it, but the look on his dad's face doesn't feel as good.

    If he was less angry maybe he'd be able to stop himself, worry about his dad's heart. But the anger's been simmering too long for that.

    “That's why we broke up, and that's why I find the idea of getting back together objectionable. And you can talk about holding on to love until you're blue in the face, but I'm not the one who needs that lecture.”

    He swallows down the lump in his throat, but goes on.

    “As for the rest of it, are you seriously suggesting I take back my cheating boyfriend because that's better than being alone? Or because I don't know how long I'll live? Because if you are... What's next, dad? Telling me I should marry him because you and mom didn't get enough time together?

    “If any of those things are going through your head you are also welcome to leave. I'll never not welcome you in my home, dad, but I need you to respect me. I need you to not act like you're putting someone else's son above yours.”

    That's a warning that hits the target, and it's obvious that Burt Hummel remembers a row of uncomfortable talks about Finn. He deflects by turning on Blaine though.


    “No, dad. It is over and done with. Leave him be. Just... Just leave it alone. I don't want to take anymore fighting. Please?”

    They stare at each other and for a while Kurt wonders if he should have done as he normally does and just backed down. Swallowed down his hurt and anger and frustration, kept quiet about the injustices done to him, and just pretended to be okay. Tried to not upset his dad, and risk his health.

    Except he's done that for years, and it's clearly not working. His dad's health has failed again, with the cancer – and no matter how good the prognosis, or the treatments available, a cancer diagnosis is a health failure. Plus his dad is trying to fix him and Blaine, out of some misguided idea that they're going to be the next Burt-and-Lizzie, and he never would have done that if Kurt'd been honest about the cheating instead of blaming distance.

    At least Kurt hopes he wouldn't.

    “Sometimes, dad, first loves end. They end because of death, or because they're not meant to last, or because of something else. And then you meet someone else, and they make your life amazing. I'm not going to deprive myself of that by holding on to something that's ended. Just like you didn't. You found love again. I will too.

    “I just need to be allowed to do so.”

    They keep staring at each other, and then his dad nods. Kurt can't help it, he throws himself in his dad's arms, with tears already beginning to fall.

    As they hug Kurt hear Blaine muttering in the background about finding a hotel, but he doesn't care. The door to the loft closing feels like it's closing on him and Blaine too, and it's such a relief.

    After several minutes they let go. Both need to remove traces of crying, but that's good.

    Once they're seated again Kurt searches for something to talk about, but his dad beats him to it.

    “So, NYU? Or should I pretend I didn't hear that?”

    “No! I have been thinking about things, about school, and I was an idiot for not applying to more schools last year. So, I did some research and then I did something about it. I've applied to half a dozen schools, and I've already been accepted to one for the fall semester. I don't know if there's any school willing to take me for the spring, but if there's not I'll just keep working and try to save up money.”

    “And what about NYADA?”

    There's no judgment in his dad's voice, and Kurt smiles as he tries to describe the situation diplomatically.

    “It's...not looking as good in my research as I thought, so while I did reapply there I'm not sure I want to go there. I really shouldn't have listened to Rachel last year, because as it turns out? NYADA actually isn't the most prestigious school for performing arts, and it's probably not even the best for me. I guess we were both a little starstruck, you know?”

    The game is back on, but they ignore it and talk, and it's everything Kurt would have wanted.


    Months later as classes start up Kurt receives voicemail after voicemail about Blaine starting at NYADA, about how bad it is that Kurt's not been accepted, about them meeting up. Kurt ignores them as he did the calls and walks into vogue.com with a smile.

    He doesn't feel the least bad about not getting in. Hell, he didn't even apply for the fall semester.

    No, Kurt's happy where he is, with his job at vogue.com, a spot at the New School and a couple of scholarships helping pay the way. Oh, and a new boyfriend, which also contributes to his happiness.

    Turns out? Acting in new ways can get you new and rewarding results. All you got to do is try.

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  • marlonesdingle
    25.09.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #kurt hummel#glee#fanart#glee fanart #this is mine #but i posted it on my old account as well #so if you recognise it #hello. i didn’t steal it #‘tis mine #fave character: they can’t touch us
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