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  • rhjekyll
    28.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Sands of Time: Chapter 3

    “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”
    ~ William Shakespeare ~

    I felt my face collide with the ground as Kushina was able to once again, quite literally, beat me into submission. The sound of punches and curses had been echoing around the empty training field for the better part of the morning. But as I looked up, the sun reaching its peak had signified that to be a few hours ago. I let out a long groan, already feeling a purple bruise joining my other souvenirs that my jounin-sensei seemed to enjoy dishing out in spadefuls.

    “Alright, that’s enough tai-jutsu for today!” Kushina chirped as if she didn’t just beat up her student in the name of ‘training’.

    “I think that’s enough tai-jutsu for the rest of my life,” sighing, I turned so that I was flat on my back, “what’s next in this day of torture sensei?”

    “Well, looks like they’ve just arrived.”

    Turning, I saw two figures approaching. The shorter one whom I presumed was Obito, from the bright orange goggles around his forehead, waved energetically whilst a woman who appeared to be the same age as Kushina walked calmly beside the hyperactive ninja.

    “You must be Tsubaki, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” The woman smiled and nodded. “My name is Mikoto, I’m an old friend of your sensei’s, who’s asked me here to help check-out your Iron Sand technique.”

    My mouth opened in an ‘o’ as I hastily got up to bow before the newcomer. “Nice to meet you Mikoto-san, and thank you for lending your expertise.”

    “You’re so lucky~ You get to train with Mikoto-san,” Obito sighed, “She’s the best kunoichi in the Uchiha clan!”

    ‘No pressure I guess’. I thought which was obviously a lie, there was a lot of pressure.

    Kushina waved, as a way to signal for me to start and everyone else took a step back. Nodding, I took a deep breath and felt my eyes flutter shut. The white noise faded away until the only sound I could hear was the steady beat of my heart. Constant, powerful and sure. Inhale. Exhale. Thump. Thump. On the next inhale I relaxed my fingers, letting them stretch so that my palms were facing flat down, parallel to the ground.

    A comforting warmth built in the centre of my chest. As I focused, I could feel the warmth spread down my arms, to culminate in pools at my fingertips. I waited until I could feel a sufficient stream of chakra flowing throughout my body before I started searching. Turning further inwards, I imagined what I was after. When I opened my eyes, I was in the middle of a deep desert valley. Golden particles floated in the air, tangible, yet I might as well have been  trying to catch smoke with my bare hands. Turning my head to one side, I saw a small crack in the deep valleys, and I knew that I needed to get the particles through that crack if I wanted to  use iron-sand.

    ‘Easy. It’s just like controlling the wind with your mind… piece of cake.’

    Taking a deep breath, I turned back to face the particles. “Alright you specks of dust, just do as I say this time and we won’t have a problem, sound good?”

    The dust, expectedly, did nothing. But I forced my mind to connect with every single particle as I willed my presence, and chakra, into every speck. With that same intensity, I pushed the particles in the direction of the crack, forcing them out of the safety of this valley. By some miracle, some particles flitted through the cracks but it was not enough.

    I frowned when I realised I didn’t have a lot of time left. ‘My control is’t going to last much longer.’ And as I thought that, the ground beneath my  feet started to rumble as the barren desert came to life.


    On the battlefield the three ninja looked as a small storm of iron particles started swirling at the feet of the kunoichi.

    “She’s doing it.” Obito grinned excitedly.

    But Kushina shook her head. “No. She’s never been able to control anything past this point. Mikoto, you better get ready ya know.”

    Mikoto nodded, eyes still showing the sharingan as she kept note of how the chakra was flowing through the little girl’s body. She kept her posture poised and ready, in anticipation of the breaking point that Kushina spoke of.

    Tsubaki let out a groan, and the particle of sand swirled faster. More sand poured out, with some encasing her in a vice-like grip, but the rest flitted about like bees.

    “Kushina, her chakra control is slipping.” Mikoto warned as her red-headed companion prepared a seal.

    “Not yet.” But the jounin-instructor pulled out several sealing scrolls and passed one to Mikoto.

    Not another moment passed before a sudden outpour of iron sand exploded in a tidal wave. The three ninja locked themselves to the ground by coating their feet with chakra, but that was barely enough to not drown in the iron sand that had flooded the training grounds.

    “Now Mikoto!” Kushina shouted.

    With a level of synchronicity attained through years of working in tandem, Mikoto threw the scroll at Tsubaki, just as Kushina disappeared and reappeared in a poof of smoke where the scroll was.

    “Desert Flower Sealing!” Kushina shouted as she concentrated the seal on a point in Tsubaki’s neck.

    The particles halted in mid-air before disappearing in a swirl of grey smoke. Kushina swooped to catch the now unconscious body of her student, intercepting her descent to the ground.

    “Wow.” Mikoto said. “She’s got absolutely no control.”


    Turning the pebble in my hand, I sat atop the head of the First Hokage. The evening sunset painted Konoha in a warm orange glow, with families and villagers going about their final tasks for the day. It was the picture of serenity and tranquility, and despite the ongoing war, the tensions and discord with the other nations, it felt safe.

    I turned the stone over in my hands and watched as my fingers danced through the motions. Steady, assuredly, without hesitation.

    “What’s wrong with me?” I groaned out loud, falling back to stare up at the clear sky that was a vision of orange and pink.

    The Iron Sand, a technique that was essentially a kekkei genkai, should not be this hard. I was stuck in a cycle of defeated, and comparison. It didn’t help that I was using dad as an evaluation, especially because he was a kage.

    Holding the rock up against the sky, I concentrated on channeling my chakra into it. I watched as the chakra broke the rock down into specks, particles that were suspended in the air.

    ‘My chakra works, so that’s not the issue. But what’s wrong?’

    In a fit of frustration I slammed my hands on the ground beside me, which brought the particles down on top of me, and into my nose and eyes.

    After clearing myself from the resulting debris I took a few moments to calm myself down and entered a light meditation. I’d get it eventually, I was certain. Failure was not an option.

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    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #minato x kushina #kushina uzumaki#mother
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  • brieflyfantasy503
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #minato x kushina #kushina uzumaki#mother
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    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lovely ❤❤❤

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  • starsilluminateourgalaxy
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why do I get so emotionally invested in anime? Like every time I think of Minato and Kushina’s backstory, like their deaths, my heart hurts. It physically hurts.

    #praise the anime god #anime#manga#naruto#kushina uzumaki#minato namizake #minato and kushina #kushina#minato #nine tailed fox
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  • csianme
    26.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    A Senju-Uzumaki Reunion and some Uchiha Shenanigans 💐

    @foundersweek day 5: Time Travel 

    #foundersweek2021#mito uzumaki#hashirama senju#kushina uzumaki#tsunade senju#itachi uchiha#maito gai#naruto fanart#naruto shippuden#comic #i am not only a hashirama/madara but also a tsunade apologist #And kushina has been my baby for about as long as Madara has #this is my third time drawing gai pls be nice #i have posted four days in a row so I`ll be taking a nice long nap
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  • kyuremking
    25.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Senjumaki! au Facts

                             Chiaki Senju's train of thought

    I want to marry Himiko-sama.

    But Himiko-sama is already married .

    But Himiko-sama has no problem with a multiple marriage. 

    But both of us are women so I couldn't give Himiko-sama children. 

    But I have a twin brother who is not interested in having a relationship with anyone.

    Árbol genealógico de Senju-Uzumaki

    And that's the story of how Chiaki and Eiji married Himiko.

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  • theshiki
    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Desearía haber visto más sobre el poder de las cadenas de chakra de los uzumaki en el manga, pero me tengo que conformar con algo de relleno. Imagen de 5 star cards

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  • jjgrace42
    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Symphonies - Chapter 18

    Read on AO3

    First Chapter — Previous Chapter — Next Chapter

    Not Seeing is a Travesty

    "I don't see them. Are you sure the outpost saw them coming?"

    Kushina put her hands on her hips, huffing. "Of course I'm sure, brat. You eager to show off your new trick?"

    "It's not a trick," Kyoko protested. "But yes. Niichan will be excited."

    "I'm sure he will be," Kushina said, stretching with a yawn. "Whenever they actually get here."

    "The lookout said they were almost here? Really?" Kyoko frowned through the gates, rubbing at her eyes. They were still sore. Still tingling with chakra that she'd never felt there before. "Maybe they said they were delayed? Or that they saw someone else?"

    "Wh— Hey, are you calling me a liar, dattebane?"

    She turned and looked up. "No! Of course not, Kushina-sensei! I'm sure they're almost here!"

    Kushina wrinkled her nose, staring at her. Then she nodded. "Good. Oh, look, I think that's them."

    Kyoko whipped back around, grinning. She activated her sharingan, and the world sharpened in a way that was still so unfamiliar. She frowned. "Wait, there's only three of them." She looked up. "Did they split up for some reason?"

    Kushina paled and dropped a hand to Kyoko's shoulder. She pulled the girl back. "Stay here."

    "What? But—"

    "Stay here, dattebane. Understand?"

    Kyoko caught her breath and nodded. "Yes, Sensei."

    Kushina shunshined away. Kyoko watched as the redhead stopped in front of the small group—too small—and spoke with Minato. Then Kushina dropped to her knees and pulled Rin to her arms. She reached out, and Kakashi didn't even fight as Kushina dragged him in to.

    "No," Kyoko breathed. "No." She stepped forward, watching as Minato looked up at the movement. She froze. It was still hard to see him clearly from so far away, even with the sharingan, but that didn't matter. Because Obito wasn't there.

    — — — — —

    "Can I sit with you?"

    Kakashi stilled, kunai pressed against his whetstone. Then he shrugged and resumed his sharpening.

    Kyoko sat down on the grass in front of him. She tucked her feet up under herself and clutched her hands together, staring at the bandages wrapped over his left eye. Once he'd made his way through three more kunai, she said, "I'm sorry they wouldn't let you go to the funeral."

    The rasping of the stone against metal got louder.

    "Um, Tousan said he wanted to thank you for what you did. To try to save, um . . . . But he said that since you've been avoiding Shisui, you probably didn't want to see the rest of us either."

    "Then why are you here?" he grit out, one-eyed stare flicking up and pinning her to the spot.

    Kyoko swallowed. "I think you're avoiding Shisui because he looks and acts like Niichan." He looked away, and she took a breath. "People have always said that they both look like Tousan but that I look like Kaasan. And I know I don't . . . . I never acted like him. So I don't think me being here will bother you as much."

    He was clenching his jaw tight enough that she could see it even through the mask. He dropped his stare down to his work as he started again.

    "Am I right? Or do you want me to go?"

    "You can stay."

    — — — — —

    "I thought you didn't have training today," Shisui said, arranging the contents of his kunai pouch and eying the bentos she was pulling from the fridge. "So where are you going?"

    "Kyoko-chan is having a picnic with some friends," Kagami said, joining them at the table. "That way, she won't be home all alone today while we get to go off and have fun."

    Shisui snickered, grinning. "Have fun," he echoed. "If it's like our last C-rank, I'm gonna be bored the entire time." He closed his kunai pouch and fastened it to his hip. Then he frowned. "Wait, who? I thought Anko was on a mission."

    "She is." Kyoko finished folding up the blanket she'd selected.

    "Is Genma's team back already?"

    "No, not yet."

    "Then who—"

    "Shisui," Kagami said, stooping down to pull Kyoko into a hug and press a kiss to her temple. "Let's not be late." He moved to the door.

    Shisui squinted at Kyoko for a long moment. Then he huffed, snatching up his tanto and sheathing it. "Alright. See you when we get back." He gave her a squeeze and then yanked on her braid, shunshining out of the way before she could smack him. "Too slow!" he threw back to her, disappearing out the door.

    Kyoko checked over her things before she shrugged on her backpack. She stacked the bentos atop the blanket and picked it all up, moving outside. She lit up when she saw that Kakashi and Rin were already there, only to falter when she saw they were talking to some of the older members of the clan. Rin's fists were clenched, and Kakashi's shoulders were hunched. And then she heard the word thief.

    Kyoko dropped what she was holding and shot off the engawa in a shunshin. She slid to a stop beside them, knocking her shoulder into Rin's arm as she did so. "Akihito-san. Ume-san. Michi-san."

    The Uchiha who had spoken, Akihito, lifted his chin and stepped back. "Kyoko," he said. "Haven't the elders made it clear that they don't want him here?"

    "If they did, I don't care."

    "We don't want a thief—"

    "It's my brother's eye," she interrupted, clenching her fists. "It's my brother's eye. And I want him to keep it."

    — — — — —

    First Chapter — Previous Chapter — Next Chapter

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  • jjgrace42
    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Symphonies - Chapter 12

    Read on AO3

    First Chapter — Previous Chapter — Next Chapter

    Two Twins, Two Colors

    "Tousan!" Kyoko squealed, stumbling over herself as she raced through the Academy doors. "Tousan, I did it!"

    Kagami laughed brightly and dropped to his knees, catching her and wrapping her up in his arms. "I see that! I knew you could so it!"

    "No, no, no, not that!" She wriggled out of his arms, grinning and clutching her brand new hitai-ate. "I tied with Niichan's teammate." She smiled proudly up at him.

    Kagami blinked, reaching out and combing through her bangs with his fingers. "Obito's teammate? You mean Hatake?"

    She lifted her chin. "Yes."

    He grinned. "Well done, Kyoko-chan! That's amazing! I'm so proud of you!"

    She thrust out her headband. "Can you tie it on for me?"

    "Of course." He took it from her.

    Kyoko tilted her face up towards him, closing her eyes. She felt him brush up and hold her bangs out of the way and then cloth settled against her forehead. It tightened around her head as he tied it.

    "There you go. Look at you!"

    Kyoko looked up at him. "Tousan! Are you crying?" She reached out and tried to wipe away the tears on his face. "Are you sad?"

    He laughed, pulling back. "Of course I'm not sad. These are happy tears!"

    "Tousan!" someone shrieked. Shisui barreled into both of them. Kyoko squeaked in surprised, holding on to him as she fell and dragging him with her. He laughed and sat up, grinning down at her. "I tied!"

    She lit up. "You tied with Niichan's teammate too?"

    "I tied with Niichan's sensei!"

    "With Minato-san?" Kagami asked, voice rising in surprise. "That's amazing, Shisui-kun!"

    Shisui scrambled up and thrust his hitai-ate at Kagami, asking him to tie it on. As he did so, Kyoko sat up and frowned. "Were Minato-san's scores good?"

    Her brother reached up to feel his headband and proudly announced, "The highest ever!"

    "Oh." Kyoko bit her lip and glanced at her dad then back to Shisui. "That's really good."

    He bounced on his feet and then reached out, running his hands over her hitai-ate. "How'd you do?"

    She smiled and pressed her fingers into the etching on his headband. "I'll catch up."

    — — — — —

    "Are we going to be on a team?"

    Kyoko looked up at him, eyes wide. "I'd like that."

    Shisui grinned. "We'd be the best team ever. Don't you— Tousan!" He shot up from the table, his voice cutting through the chatter of the other fresh genin in the room. He slid to a stop in front of the door, grinning up at the newcomer. "Are you a sensei now? Are you here for us?"

    Kagami ruffled Shisui's hair with a laugh. "I'm here for you," he confirmed.

    "I didn't know you were going to be a sensei," Kyoko said, hopping to her feet and moving to stand beside Shisui.

    Kagami smiled. "Wanted it to be a surprise. didn't know that Shisui would be my student until this morning, though."

    She faltered, frowning. "Shisui?"

    Her father crouched down and tapped her chin to keep her looking at him. "Hey, don't worry, okay? I met your sensei. She's . . . a lot, but I think you'll like her. I'm sure you'll learn a—"

    "Is that her? She's so cute!"

    A hand clamped down on Kagami's shoulder, muscling him out of the way. And then the woman was in his spot, kneeling in front of Kyoko and grinning brightly. Kyoko pulled back, wide-eyed. "What?"

    The kunoichi beamed. "Hi! I'm Kushina. I'm gonna be your sensei, dattebane! Do you like ramen? Let's get some ramen."

    "I—" Kyoko glanced to the side. Shisui was staring at Kushina with stars in his eyes. When Kagami gave her a nod and a smile, she squared her shoulders. "Where are we getting ramen?"

    Kushina squealed and snatched up Kyoko's hand, dragging her out of the classroom and down the hall. "Ichiraku is the best place for ramen. Have you been there before?"

    Kyoko stumbled after her and tugged until the jonin released her hand. She eyed Kushina warily as she followed her outside and down the street. "No. Tousan is a good cook, so we eat at home."

    "Ah. Well, my cooking is," —Kushina winced— "questionable. So you should prepare yourself for a lot of time at Ichiraku, kid."

    — — — — —

    "Welcome home!" Kagami called brightly when she opened the door. "Just in time. Dinner is ready."

    Kyoko stood in the open doorway, staring at him. She looked at Shisui and then back. "Tousan?" she whispered.

    He paused, halfway through setting the food at the table. Then he set down the dish he was carrying and straightened. "Is something wrong? How did your first day with your sensei go?"

    She shifted from one foot to the other. Finally stepping inside, Kyoko closed the door. Keeping her head down, she mumbled, "Did you not want to be my sensei?"

    There wasn't a response for a moment. And then a hand cupped her chin, tilting her head up. She stared up at her father, eyes stinging. Kagami's brow furrowed, but he gave her a smile. "Kyoko-chan, I'm not the one that decides who gets which students. I would have loved getting to teach both of you. But if the Hokage apprenticed you to Kushina-san, it's because he thinks that she can teach you something that I can't."

    "That's ridiculous. There's no way she knows stuff you don't."

    He laughed at that. "I'm hardly an expert in everything. And Kushina-san is well-renowned and feared for a reason. She's a ninjutsu powerhouse. Her taijutsu is incredible. And she's smart, Kyoko-chan. She's smart and creative, and that might be exactly why you're her student. Because you are too."

    — — — — —

    "This," Kushina announced, holding the weapon up, "is a kunai."

    "I know," Kyoko said flatly. "I couldn't graduate without knowing what a kunai is."

    The jonin snickered. "Well, you never know. But no, this is important." She flipped the kunai around so she was holding it by the blade and offering up the handle. "We're going to spar, and this is the only weapon you can use."

    Kyoko took it slowly, frowning. "Why? What's the point?"

    "The point is that you're an Uchiha, so you've grown up using weapons all the time. And there's nothing wrong with that! You'd probably be cute with a little tanto and some proper training. But in real life, you don't always have all your weapons. So that's the only one you get for this spar." She dug out a single bell and held it up, dangling it on the end of a blue cord. "And you're going to use it to get this from me."

    — — — — —

    First Chapter — Previous Chapter — Next Chapter

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  • jjgrace42
    25.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Scrapbook of a Dimension-Traveling Sideshow: Baby Babble

    Read on AO3

    Samsaric AU (Minato and Kushina live)

    Baby Babble

    Broken, meaningless syllables bubbled between Mirai’s lips, lilting and rising and falling in an odd sort of infantile melody. Curled against her with his thumb lodged firmly in his mouth, Naruto slept soundly. His breath whispered quietly through the air, falling in pattern with the rise of his tiny chest.

    “Aren’t they just the cutest?” Kushina whispered, hugging Minato’s arm. “Look at her,” she cooed. “She’s already playing big sister.”

    “Kakashi said she was trying to speak earlier,” he murmured. “And Tsunade told me she’s showing signs of early intelligence.”

    “Of course she is. She’s your daughter, after all.” She glanced to the side at him, smiling.

    “Is that an accusation?” He cracked a smirk and tucked an arm around her waist.

    Kushina paused and then grinned. “No. No, it’s not. It’s a challenge.” She drew away from him, expression smug. “I bet she’ll say Kaachan first.”

    He scoffed. “As if. Mirai’s a daddy’s girl, through and through.”

    A hiccup drew their attention back to their kids. Naruto was awake now, eyes wide with a chubby hand pressed against his mouth.


    An enormous grin stretched Mirai’s toothless mouth and that pure, childish laughter poured from between her lips. Kushina snickered and then pulled from Minato’s arms. “Aw, my poor baby!” she cooed, sweeping Naruto into her arms and rubbing his back. “Do you have the hiccups?”

    Something about that made Mirai’s giggles grow louder. Kushina settled on the floor next to her daughter. Hiccup. “Do you find that funny, Mirai-chan?” she asked playfully. When her daughter’s laughter softened, Kushina scrunched up her nose and stuck out her tongue. That set the smaller redhead off again and her laughter was so heavy it knocked her onto her back.

    Minato sat down next to Kushina and reached out, dancing his fingers across his daughter’s stomach. She shrieked hysterically and then rolled to the side to get away. Then Minato met his wife’s gaze. Hiccup. Her eyes narrowed. “What’s with that look? What are you planning?”

    “Mirai-chan,” Minato said, watching as the baby calmed and pushed herself back up so she was sitting again. Her curious, intelligent eyes turned to him. “Can you say Touchan?”

    Hiccup. “What, dattebane!” Kushina screeched. “You can’t do that!” She leaned forward, bouncing Naruto in her arms. “Say Kaachan, sweetheart. Say Kaachan!” Hiccup.

    “Touchan. C’mon, you can do it.” Minato grinned widely. “Tou. Chan. Touchan.”

    Mirai began to smack her lips, some vague representation of sound spilling between them. Hiccup. Naruto squirmed in his mothers arms, but Kushina narrowed her eyes at her daughter. “Don’t you dare. Say Kaachan first. Say Kaachan, dattebane!”

    Mirai wrinkled her face, staring first at her mother and then her father and then back again. “Nnnnnn.” Hiccup.

    “What’s she saying? Is it Touchan? You’ve got it. Touchan!”

    “No, no, no, she’s saying Kaachan, you idiot!”

    “I find that hard to believe.” Hiccup. “Does that sound like Kaachan to you?”

    “Does it sound like Touchan, dattebane?”

    “Nananananananana.” Mirai cut herself off, her lips twisted in infantile displeasure. Minato and Kushina caught their breath, leaning closer. Hiccup. Mirai fell forward and caught herself with her hands, crawling towards her mother. Kushina threw a triumphant look in Minato’s direction. Chubby fingers closed around Naruto’s foot.


    There was a pause, filled with disbelief and more lip-smacking on Mirai’s part.

    “Nato,” she gurgled again, fingers tightening around her brother’s foot. Hiccup. “Nato.”

    “Well, shit.”

    “Kushina! Language!”

    The woman pouted. “Gomen. But I thought for sure she was going to say Kaachan.”

    The silence was loud. Then Minato grinned.

    “I bet she’ll say Touchan next.”

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  • vulpixidoodles
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    some more old fanart of when i RPed Sai (the URL isnt there i dont think)

    my sai gave the girls a variety of nicknames and eventually hooked up with a naruko

    the nart and sas were super h*rny and had a lot of ((read mores)) 

    #hinata is was mousey #kushinas hair was long and red #and narukos pigtails remined him of a certain pro wrestler from a certain fighting game voiced by a certain somebody #hinata hyuuga#uzumaki kushina#sainaruko#sasunaru#sakenato#old#ninjattebayo
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  • rhjekyll
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sands of Time: Chapter 2

    "For all good and evil, whether in the body or in human nature, originates in the soul, and overflows from thence, as from the head into the eyes."
    ~ Plato ~

    I was standing in front of Suna's borders, two hands gripping the straps of my backpack eagerly as I kept looking for mama's student who was supposed to pick me up.

    "I didn't think she'd be leaving us so soon." I could hear Akashi almost pout from behind.

    "She's here, she's here!" I yelled, "Bye-bye!" I waved and dashed off to the red-headed woman I heard mother talk so much about.

    "See you soon!" I heard mother shout after as a familiar trail of iron sand morphed into a puppy and followed me until I had reached the Konoha kunoichi.

    I giggled, reaching down to pat the 'puppy' as it looked down and cried, "It's okie puppy. I'll be back. Just make sure you look after my baby sister."

    The pup barked, then disappeared back to where I saw my family waving in the distance.

    "Soooo, you're Hinami's eldest aren't ya?" The woman grinned, "Nice to meet you. My name's Kushina, and I guess I'm gonna be your sensei ya know!"

    I bowed, nearly tripping face-first into the sand but thankfully I was able to right myself back up in time.

    "Nice to meet you Kushina-sensei! My name is Tsubaki, I like my family, puppies and food! I don't like Kage because they're boring." I frowned.

    She laughed, "Alrighty then. Well, it seems like it is time for us to head off to Konoha!"

    It had been several years since I made the Leaf Village my home, and aside from the short breaks back to Suna, I couldn't see myself ever going back to live there permanently. For better or worse, the beauty and greenery in Konoha had captured my young heart.

    But it was safe to say that I would long for simpler days especially when I trained with my sensei… like today.

    Standing in the middle of an empty training ground, I gulped, holding up my wrist that was now tied with a bright red ribbon, the same colour as my new sensei's hair might I add.

    "Umm… Kushina-sensei… are you sure?" I asked, slightly hesitant.

    She nodded, clapping enthusiastically, "Of course! Didn't your mother train with you like this? It's a tradition at this point. This is the first exercise she gave Mikoto and I when we became her students, it's only fitting you go through this as well ya know?"

    Gulping, I nodded as she told me to recite the rules of this exercise once more. In my mind, I simply likened it to a very enhanced, more lethal version of 'tag' I used to play with Sasori-san. Except 'It' happened to be the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, and the border was the inside of Konoha.

    "Remember, the game's not up just because I caught you. You need to protect that with everything you've got ya know?" She smiled.

    Nodding seriously, I reminded myself of the main reason why I was dead scared of this game… everything goes. I doubt it would come to it, but if she decided to release a tailed beast on me, I would technically be expected to be able to handle it.

    "- and GO!"

    Blinking, I stared at her as I realised I tuned out the rest of her instructions. So I stumbled, before turning around and darting off in the opposite direction.

    I figured that my best bet would be to disappear into the crowds. So that's what I did. Thinking back, I remembered a particular training ground along the edge of the village with softer soil that would be more conducive to my Iron Sand. So I traced backward, looping around to make my way back. I was fast, but I knew that I could not out-run a fully-fledged kunoichi so my best bet was to keep the ribbon on me for as long as possible

    Reaching into my pouch, I drew out some explosive tags and quickly slapped them on the branches as I passed. Having cleared the more urban part of the village, I decided that training grounds were a free for all… and Kushina-sensei did say to use everything I had sooo-


    My face paled. She was close, very close.

    Eyes scanning, I took in the clearing that was immediately before me, but there was a thick grove of trees just past it. Reasoning that hiding myself in the trees would buy me some time, I resolved to stay CLEAR of an open clearing because that was just asking to be captured. When the sound of an explosion went off I zoned in on my destination.

    'Ok… aim for trees. Clearing bad.'

    I pumped more chakra into my feet and using the built-up momentum launched myself forward, aiming to reach the trees in one leap and not worrying about crossing the distance on foot.

    'I'm gonna make it!'

    I grinned, but my senses flared in pain as a body collided straight beside me, knocking me out of the air and away from my target.

    'I'm not gonna make it!'

    Tumbling on the ground, it took me a moment as I rolled on my side and backflipped several times only to crash into another body.

    "Geez, don't you Konoha shinobi learn to look before you leap?" I lectured, more than slightly annoyed at the fact that half my side was sending a tingling pain to my brain.

    "Obito, Kakashi, what happened?"

    Looking up I saw the familiar blond figure of Kushina-sensei's husband approach us who looked quizzically at the scene in front of him with those dazzling, ocean blue eyes of his-

    'Oh god, I might have a tiny crush on him.'

    "Owwweeeeee, oh god I hope I'm not bleeding. Am I bleeding? Oh wait. You're bleeding. RIN-CHAN SHE IS BLEEDING!" The figure to my back panicked.

    From behind me, a dark-haired kid with a pair of FLURO ORANGE goggles came forward, and I could see that he was bleeding from his nose, but he was more fixated on the gash along my arm and knee.

    "Oh my god… OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY!" I panicked, realising that despite being knocked off course, I had retained most of my speed and momentum, and getting hit by an object with such a velocity would have been deadly if he wasn't a shinobi.

    "Suck it up Obito. It's just a little blood."

    Turning my attention to the latest newcomer, I deduced that the masked silver-haired kid was the force that collided into me and caused this whole mess.

    "By the way, I think this is yours." Kakashi, I assumed. Holding up his hand to reveal a familiar red ribbon.

    I cursed, leaping forward and snatching it from him. Mentally noting that mum would be disappointed at my lack of manners I mumbled a 'thank you' as I tied the ribbon back in its original position.

    "Tsubaki-chan, why were you running like the devil was after you?" Minato asked, concerned when the clearing was suddenly filled with a menacing chakra.

    I gulped and saw my face pale alongside Minato's as we both slowly turned to see a grinning Kushina who was cracking her knuckles as she stalked towards us.

    "Now now Tsubaki-chan," she sung sweetly, "Don't think you can ask Minato to help you get away from this ya know~"

    The blond gave me a sad look, patting my head as he realised that I was going through his wife's infamous 'Test'.

    "Alright kids, step back," Minato said, voice tinged with defeat as I suddenly found myself in a big open clearing with one overly eager sensei.

    Kushina-sensei stopped. Eyes quickly zoning in on the side of my body which I could only assume was as red as a tomato after being tackled at over 50 miles an hour.

    "Tsubaki-chan, why are you so red? It can't be because Minato is here right?" She jutted a thumb to the blond who sweat dropped and my cheeks flared up so that now I was red all over.

    "Sensei," I whined, "That's mean."

    Laughing, she squealed about her 'cute little student having a crush on her husband' and I could feel myself getting redder as Obito turned and gave his teacher a scandalised look.

    Taking a moment to compose herself, she got back to business as she reached into her pouch and pulled out some kunai.

    "Now, you better not hold back or you might actually die ya know?" She cautioned, pausing and then running straight at me.

    Summoning the chakra, I slammed my hand to the floor as I called up the strongest defence I knew.

    "IRON DOME!" I surged, black sand coming to enclose itself in a ball around me, with the thinnest of cracks so that I could still see what was happening outside

    Kushina paused, taking stock of the small structure before sheathing her kunai back into its holster.

    "Alright kiddos, for today your training is to break through that." She jutted a thumb at me. "Winner will have their lunch paid for by Minato and a chance to train with me!"

    I let out a quick breath of relief. No disrespect to the kids, but I would much rather take on virtually anyone else aside from Kushina-sensei. Seeing Minato give up, he left his students to the antics of his wife.

    "Alright Tsubaki-chan, you gotta make sure you still do your best ya know?" Kushina smiled, stepping back and letting the three genin loose.

    I slurped down my fifth bowl of ramen. Obito and Rin watched on with amazement as Kushina smiled proudly at me.

    Minato had a smile on his face as he gave me another bowl, "Kushina's really just making a mini-clone of herself."

    The red-headed jabbed her elbow into his side, "And what's so bad about that?"

    "Nothing! It's amazing! More of you to go around." He quickly appeased his wife as I downed the bowl he gave me too.

    "Where is all that food going." Kakashi asked as he lifted my hair up as if it would reveal a secret storage compartment.

    "Into my heart." I smiled, to which Obito laughed beside me.

    After dinner I found myself following the silver-haired kid back home as we actually lived close by, but I had never bumped into him until today. It was perfectly pleasant until we bumped into two older shinobi (maybe chuunins?) who appeared to recognise Kakashi.

    "Well if it isn't the one and only arrogant bastard." One of them sneered as the other leaned forward and jabbed their finger against Kakashi's chest.

    "Oy oy, what do you think you're doing?" I asked, stepping between Kakashi and the shinobi.

    "Well who is this? Do you need your girlfriend to defend you Hatake?" They sneered as one of them got too close into my personal space. "Stay out of this little girl."

    That triggered something in me. "Listen here, I promise, that if you dare to say or do anything to Kaka-kun again, I will bury you so far under the ground that you can meet the remains of Konoha's founders from the Warring States Era."

    I flipped them off for good measure, and grabbed Kakashi's hand and made a mad dash through the winding side streets until I could no longer feel their chakra.

    Turning around to make sure they weren't pursuing us, I tripped over (well, the air…) and hurtled straight into the silver-haired scarecrow in front of me.

    "Ooft, sorry about that Kaka-kun." I mumbled.

    He simply gave me an odd look but I got up and pulled him further along our journey so that he arrived at the bottom of his apartment.

    "See you around!" I waved and headed off, leaving the boy standing there looking at my retreating form.

    "Kaka-kun..." He mumbled, testing the name. Then, even though I wasn't looking, he raised his arm and waved back.

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  • talking-like-i-know-anything
    23.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Mito Uzumaki was not that old when she died.

    I'll say it again, Mito Uzumaki was not that old for an Uzumaki when she died.

    I'd understand if you had thought otherwise, especially because Kushina says that she was brought in to take the nine-tails when Mito was getting old and dying, but Mito was probably nowhere near the end of her natural lifespan when she transferred Kurama to Kushina.

    (Chapter 500, page 5, Viz translation)

    And you may be excused for thinking Mito was really very old when Kushina was comforted by Mito, but as you can see, Mito's hair has only darkened, it hasn't grayed, and it's not white, like other old people in the series. Her face also, hasn't really age that much compared to other old people in the series.

    Other old people being Onoki, Danzo Shimura, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane (and Hiruzen Sarutobi, but he died in battle at 69, so we're not using him)

    As you can see below from when Onoki was 79, and Danzo, Homura, and Koharu where 73, they look much older than Mito did.

    And then in Boruto, Onoki is something like 95, and Homura and Koharu are something like 90

    In the Boruto Era, Onoki, Homura, and Koharu look like they could fall over and die from old age at any point. Compared to them in their 90s, Mito looks perfectly healthy. When Kushina was brought in, Mito was nowhere near the end of her natural life.

    Now, of course, Mito could just age more slowly than others because she's an Uzumaki and could be secretly 100 when she's comforting Kushina. That wouldn't change the fact that she's still not anywhere near dying of old age at that point, but maybe Hiruzen, Danzo, Homura, and Koharu had no idea how long Mito would live and figured they should have their next jinchuriki around once Mito hit 90 years old, just in case.

    That would be a fair point...but Mito was no where near 90 years old when Kushina was brought to Konoha, either.

    Figuring out Mito's age is going to be difficult. Spouses in the Naruto series are usually around the same age as each other, so it would be easy if we knew either Madara or Hashirama's ages, but we don't. So, we're going to have to figure it out.

    To start, we need to figure out when a few key events happened: the founding of Konoha; Onoki's fight with Madara; the Valley of the End fight.

    In reverse order, we know after the Valley of the End fight, Kurama was sealed in Mito, and Mito then had a child after that. We know this happened, because when Kushina is pregnant, they know the seal weakens in childbirth, because the seal weakened when Mito gave birth.

    (Chapter 500, page 9, Viz Translation)

    As such, at the Valley of the End Fight, Madara, Hashirama, and Mito probably weren't much older than 35. (Now, women can get pregnant and give birth after 35, of course, but the risk becomes greater and Hashirama and Mito were probably trying to have a family before they were 40, is all I'm saying)

    We know, before the Valley of the End Fight where Madara was believed to die, Madara fought Onoki. Madara was touchy about the village, so this may have been after Madara left the village, or right as he was about to form his Eye of the Moon Plan and leave.

    (Chapter 575, page 11, Viz translation)

    And in fighting Madara, Onoki looks to be at least 13 and at most 20. So if he's 79 in the war, then this fight happened at most 66 years ago, and as recently as 59 years ago. Which means the Valley of the End Fight may have been 57-66 years ago being that it was more recent than Onoki's fight with Madara

    Which means that the village was founded anywhere from 60-71 years ago (it would take at least 3 years to build up a village as big as we see it become when Hashirama and Madara begin discussing what to call it and who should be Hokage before Madara leaves the village, but it would be too ridiculous to have this village for more than 5 years without so much as a name)

    (Chapter 625, page 6, Viz translation)

    This lines up to what Obito was saying when he explained everything to Sasuke earlier. Obito said he would have to explain events from before the founding of the village, more than 80 years ago. So the village isn't any older than 80 years old.

    (Chapter 396, page 16, Viz translation)

    There was no way Madara and Hashirama were any younger than 20 when they founded the village. They also probably weren't any older than 30.

    So if they were 20-30 then, they could be 80-101 years old during the 4th war, depending on how long ago the village was founded and how old they were when they founded the village.

    But Mito didn't die during the 4th shinobi war. Mito died when Kushina was around 12 years old.

    To know when that happened, we have to know how old Kushina would be in the 4th shinobi war. She was 24 when Naruto died, and she died 17 years ago. So she would be 41.

    Meaning Mito died about 29 years ago. And if we give Mito the same age range as Madara and Hashirama, then we know she could have been anywhere from 51-72 years old when she gave Kurama to Kushina and then died. (Obviously she wasn't 56. She probably was closer to the 72 side of the range, meaning Onoki was closer to 13 when he fought Madara and Madara and Hashirama were closer to 30 when they founded the village and it was closer to 5 years between the village being founded and Madara leaving, meaning they were closer to 35 during the VOTE fight. Incidentally, Tsunade was born 55 years ago, so Mito and Hashirama became grandparents at 25-46 years old according to the age range worked out above. Since being grandparents at 25 is physically impossible, this means the older side of the range is the correct one. However, the child born after the VOTE fight when Mito and Hashirama were around 35 would have only been at most 11 years old when Tsunade was born, which means Mito and Hashirama definitely had more than one kid and the/a kid born before the VOTE fight was the one who had Tsunade, and Tsunade has at least one uncle/aunt we know nothing about).

    If Mito is truly an Uzumaki, and Uzumaki have the vitality of a cockroach, then there is no way that Onoki, Homura, and Koharu have far outstripped Mito's natural life span if Mito was gonna die of old age at 72.

    Mito Uzumaki was not that old when she died.

    #mito uzumaki#uzumaki mito #no but seriously #she was still really young #she had a lot of years left to live #she ended her life early to give kushina the nine-tails #also shinobi age like milk #they age poorly is what I'm saying #toma naruto#naruto
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    speaking of mothers abusing their sons in fiction not being taken seriously, i sincerely think that if kushina was alive, kishimoto would write her (albeit unintentionally) as verbally and physically abusive.

    the first thing kushina did upon meeting her teenaged son was punch him in the stomach.

    i blame gender essentialism. for some reason, people dont think women can actually abuse men, even if the woman in question is someone in a position of authority and trust, and the man in question is a literal child! it's not feminist or funny, and it doesnt make the female character a subversive girlboss or whatever; it's just abuse

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  • rhjekyll
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    Sands of Time: Chapter 1

    “I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look of the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”
    ~ Jane Austen ~ 

    -The Village of Suna-

    I ducked, flinging myself so that I was lying flat on the floor feeling the cold metal of a blade just narrowly miss my neck. The heat of the sand, coupled with the sun beating down on my back lulled me into a dangerous sleep. Perhaps I could just close my eyes-

    “Come on now, stay awake little one.” A voice spoke as I looked around desperately searching for the source. “No. Remember what I said, don’t get tunnel vision now.” 

    Patting down my leg, I found the holster that kept my kunai and haphazardly drew one out only to drop the blade and detonate an explosive tag that had been left by my side. 

    Curling in, I braced myself for the searing heat was sure to come but instead felt a familiar wooden structure cocoon me and take the brunt of the explosion. 

    Rasa was unimpressed as he came out, drawing back the puppet from me. “There’s no question that you’re set to become one of the best soldiers Suna will ever have but at this rate you’d be more effective as a grenade if you don’t fix that clumsiness of yours.” 

    I grinned sheepishly, wiping soot from my cheek before I realised that I had made it worse which prompted another sigh from my uncle. 

    “Was today’s explosion intentional or another accident?” My father asked as he stepped on to the training field. I toddled up to his side covered in grime and dirt. Looking at him expectantly he awkwardly patted down his pockets, but as I realised that he did not have a handkerchief for me I huffed, grabbed the edge of his Kage robes and used that to clean me up instead.

    Akashi looked down with muted surprise but gave in to my antics. Reaching down, he pat my hair as another figure joined our little congregation.

    “A message from Konoha has arrived, Kazekage-sama.” Sasori panned as he passed a sealed scroll to my dad. 

    “Oh that’s perfect! I was waiting for that.” Mum suddenly chirped, handing Sasori a bundle and quickly unsealing the scroll.

    At the sudden change of arms the bundle started crying. The puppet master stood there like a statue, eyes blinking owlishly as he looked towards his sensei for help. 

    “Just talk to her, she likes you.” Akashi said with a nod. He had hoped that he would be able to slowly get his socially awkward student to develop his interpersonal skills by starting off with his youngest daughter. In hindsight, perhaps it was not a good idea to start off with a baby, but now that both the student and child were on this road, he figured it would be best to just play it out.

    But the infamous Sasori of the Red Sand looked like a fish out of water as he awkwardly patted the child’s foot. Strangely, that calmed her down. I clambered over to our babysitter as I tugged on his pants, “Can you make the pretty strings again please?” I asked.

    Nodding, he held his hand out to which blue tendrils floated out and started tagging itself on different points on my body. I giggled at the light tingly sensation, and jumped away to put some distance between myself and the blue strings.

    “Tag?” I smiled and the puppet master replied with a soft ‘ok’, shuffling my sister so that she was securely resting in the crook of one arm. 

    I bent down as I watched the strings poise, choosing which parts of my body they would try to ‘tag’. Remembering what my beloved Uncle Rasa said earlier, my eyes kept scanning the different strings, never locking on a single spot. 

    Without warning they lunged towards me. I jumped up, awkwardly pirouetting in the air as I narrowly missed some of them. I landed on my toes but immediately ran backwards, arms flailing to keep balance as the strings changed course. One particular strand kept to its target, dead centre. I kept running, hoping that I wouldn’t trip on any stray pebbles. And then I crumpled, a jolt of electricity forcing my knee to jerk which sent me rolling in the dirt. 

    Cringing, I turned around and saw a strand of Sasori’s chakra had attached itself to the back of my knee. 

    “You went tunnel vision again.” Rasa commented.

    I groaned, using my hands to turn me so that I was lying on my back and looking at the puppet master upside down. “Ok, you win Sasori-san.” 

    “Tsubaki, darling, could you come here for a moment?” Mother smiled as she waved me down.

    Nodding I skipped to where she was standing with my dad, who looked slightly unhappy. “What’s happening?” 

    “Remember I told you one of my old students will take you to where mama grew up? Well she’ll be arriving tomorrow and taking you to Konoha tomorrow!” My mum smiled.

    “Ooooooooh yay!!!” I cheered. “I’m going on an adventure!” 

    “Aren’t you sad at all?” Dad asked

    “Why would I be sad?” I answered with wide eyed confusion. I heard Rasa let out a choked laugh as my father’s face quickly morphed into one of mild annoyance. 

    The Kazekage crouched down so he was eye level with me “Because you’re leaving Suna and your family.” He reasoned. 

    “But I can always come back.” I leaned in, and whispered, “Suna’s also a bit boring papa.”

    I could see I might have shot an arrow into his heart as his ashened face incited laughter from Rasa and my mother. But he was not yet deterred, “Why is Suna boring? You’re going to become Kazekage one day you know.”

    “No! Don’t wanna!” I frowned.

    “What about marrying a Kage?” He asked, unrelenting.

    I pulled a face, “Eww no. All Kage are boring papa. They’re like you.” 

    At this point Rasa was basically on the ground, clutching his sides in laughter. A soft giggle coming from the bundle that was back in my mother’s arms let me know that my baby sister also found this funny. 

    “Oh you think that’s funny do you?” Mother smiled, “If your sister doesn’t want to become Kage that means it’s up to you.”

    The laughter immediately stopped and soon she started crying which sent Rasa into another laughing fit and depressed my father even further. 

    “Looks like the Kage line ends with you brother.” Rasa choked out between breaths, “Oh this is too good. The Elders are really going to rip you up because of this dear brother.”

    Not really understanding what was going on, I reached out and gave my father a comforting pat on the shoulder. “It’s okay papa. You can just be Kazekage forever.” I nodded seriously.

    “After this conversation I don’t think I’ll have a choice.” He said, “Maybe I should nominate Shukaku as my successor.” 

    “Ooooh, good idea.” I nodded. 

    “I think your child is broken Kazekage-sama.” Sasori panned.

    My dad nodded, “I think you’re right. Hinami, we need another.”

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  • rhjekyll
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    Sands of Time: Summary

    Daughter of the Third Kazekage. Descendant of the Second Hokage. Sands of Time is the story of Tsubaki Senju before Naruto, before “The Flowers Buried In The Sand”, before she became known as the Desert Princess. 

    Spoiler alert: she lives...

    Disclaimer: This is based off the original work of Masashi Kishomoto who is the rightful creator of the Naruto universe. Only the characters that I create are my own. 

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  • rhjekyll
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    The Collective Works of R. H. Jekyll

    When The Stars Align

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2 

    Chapter 3 (hiatus)

    Sands of Time

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2 

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 4 (coming soon)

    The Flowers Buried In The Sand

    (Coming soon)

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