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    16.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Well... Another one is here and this time it finally has some kyalin happening in it, although they're just friends there, I feel like continuing with this au could be interesting

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    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Winters with the Water Tribe - Part 1

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    16.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ok but, parallel to the idea of Lin being injured and still wanting to move a lot and go out the field

    there's Izumi being sick as fuck, like with one of those migraines that burn you to the ground, headache, throwing up and fever but stills wants to go and work (she literally can't get out if bed) and Lin takes care of her until Izumi falls asleep in Lin's arms because she can't more and wakes up in 10 hours

    #someone can write this #you know #i know im not important on this ship #but if this ever gets to be a real thing #like kyalin#please pLEASE #don't make every fic of izumi taking care of lin #do i like it? of course #but this is not unilateral #and my izumi also needs to be cared of #lin beifong #fire lord izumi #linzumi #lin x izumi
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  • pinkrathian799
    15.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    It has arrived.

    Jumping on the Pirate chain of AU's

    Chapter one, "The Ozai's Revenge" only on AO3 right now.


    In this Pirate AU for the legend of Korra, Captain Lin Beifong has had a rough time getting enough treasure to pay her crew. When she lands the Pirate City town of Ember Island, she finds herself stranded after a mutiny.

    Without a ship or money, Lin sets off with her girlfriend Kya in search of a route to the Earth Kingdom to start a new life, when they run into the Pirate Lord Izumi on The Ozai's Revenge.


    A tale of old ensues, a battle of blood, family and lovers. Ropes to the past are severed while new ones are pulled on, adjusting the sails of life.


    The walls were a harsh red, gold was scattered around the floor, gemstones reflecting light into her eyes. The person on the throne- the woman- smiled softly at all of them. Her hair was black, tied into a top knot secured by a simple gold crown. Her features were sharp and her jawline high. Had it not been for her eyes Kya wouldn't have dared guess proper pronouns. She was simultaneously beautiful and handsome. A fur coat sat adorned on her shoulder, a blood red with a black hood, attached were gold buttons. As far as Kya could tell her legs were bare, at least from the knee down.

    Her jaw threatened to cut Kya in two, If her gaze didn't do the job first.

    She was perhaps the most terrifying yet irrefutably beautiful person she had ever seen, and what did Kya say?

    "You don't have a beard."

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  • 19panophobia16
    15.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I swear I don't do it on purpose but every time I draw Kya I make her look like she's on heavy drugs ...sorry for that...

    Also, I have no idea what I wanted this drawing to be...

    I used dangerousbride's drawing of Lady Dimitrescu as a reference for Kya. Sorry, idk how to draw, don't hate me .

    Here's a link

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  • katdemedi
    15.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Category: F/F

    Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Relationships: Lin Beifong/Kya I I Korra & Asami Sato

    Collections:2021 ATLA-verse Summer Festival Event

    Chapter 2: Trust

    Lin Beifong had a strict routine since she became Chief that she only broke twice and both times it was forced upon her. Both times she was severely hurt and one her bending was taken away. That was her most painful experience in life. Not having her heart broken multiple times, not having multiple fractures and a shattered femur, but having her bending taken. Her element, part of her identity, ripped from her with one simple motion. One thumb to her forehead. Even after it was restored she felt different. She had learned a life lesson that day that she would never forget. She would never let alone feel the pain she felt. Sadly that didn’t happen. She was tasked with watching over the Avatar by the White Lotus, by Lord Zuko, but sadly she failed at that. The poor kid suffered all because she wasn’t fast enough, she wasn’t strong enough. To her that was one of her many regrets in life.

    “Chief.” Mako said, snapping Lin from her spiraling thoughts. “I’ve got the latest report on the number of displaced citizens.” He said, placing a paper on her desk. 565,986 thousand. Lin let out a frustrated sigh.

    “It’s over half a million people, Mako.” Lin placed the paper into a manila folder. “Any news from the Avatar on a plan?”

    “Actually...” He put a hand on the back of his neck. That was never a good sign. “She’s currently on a vacation in the Spirit World...with Asami.”

    “The two most important people we need to get this city back in shape...took a vacation?”

    “Yes, Chief.” He said, removing his hand. “They deserve it though. I feel so bad for both of them.”

    “I understand. Make sure you’re off at your scheduled time. Don’t need to be overworking yourself.” She said standing from her desk and checking her watch. “Speaking of that. I’m out for the day. Anything important is sent through Saikhan.”

    He saluted and clicked his boots before turning and leaving. Lin shook her head at the gesture. Kid was always a stickler for the formalities. Pulling on her coat she grabbed her keys and locked her office door.

    “Night, Chief.” Detective Chin said as she passed.

    “You too.” She said entering the elevator. The descent was quick and soon she was outside in the brisk autumn hair. The sun was just setting as she turned the block. She would have to start driving to and from work soon since it was about to be too cold to walk. Well, for her anyways, she hated the cold. The city itself was eerily quiet since most of downtown had been destroyed thanks to Kuvira. The clean up efforts had already been started but quite a few apartment buildings and roads had been destroyed. How a majority of the Police Station was still standing was beyond her. Somehow the Spirit Ray managed to only take out a few offices on the top floor and shattered the window on her own. To some it was finally but to Chief Beifong it was only the beginning.

    "Evening Chief." The doorman said, opening the door.

    "Evening Zhan." She replied, pressing the elevator call button.

    The Chief lived in a nice apartment downtown but not because she was rich, she was, but because it was close to the station and had stone floors. Being connected to her element and seismic sensing around her apartment gave her a sense of comfort. No one could sneak up on her as long as a foot was planted to the floor. The only time her feet weren't on the floor was when she was asleep. The elevator dinged and she walked into the metal box. Her own heart beat radiating through it as she ascended to the 4th floor. Once the doors opened she turned left and walked down the hallway toward her apartment. One wrist flick, door unlock, another the lights come on, another and the oven is turned on. Tea water already in the teapot.

    The Chief was truly a woman of routine. Walking into the bedroom she bent off her armor into the armoire beside her bed. Pulling off her tank top and chest wrap they were tossed into the clothes basket. Followed by her pants and boxer briefs. She liked the comfort and they weren't as restrictive as underwear. She needed a quick shower before Kya would bring dinner.


    The Waterbender was like a habit she couldn't kick, like a long drink of Baiju, soothing and calming. The Chief kept herself to one drink at the wedding not only to remain professional but because in her younger years it was her vice. She had only ever admitted that about herself to a few people. The need to drink to cope had long passed. Now, her way of coping was working non-stop. That was her new vice.

    Turning on the shower she bent the pins from her hair. Long steel grey locks free from it's tight bun now framing her face. Framing along her strong jawline, high cheekbones and long scars connecting the two. They hadn't bothered her for decades. But they were always a reminder. Always there. Pulling her eyes away from the mirror the Earthbender stepped under the steaming water. Beads rolling down her toned shoulders, abdomen and thighs leaving a trail before it slid down the drain.

    The water soothed her aching muscles as she drew the steam into her lungs. Grabbing the soap and loofah she scrubbed the day's dirt and grime from her skin before washing her hair. She didn't spend much time in the shower. If need be she could take a full shower in two minutes flat. But today it was 5 minutes. Flipping off the water she stepped out and dried herself off. Wrapping the towel around herself she returned to the bedroom. The Chief didn't have very many non-work related clothes so she pulled on a white tank top and some RCPD sweatpants. Glancing at the clock by her bedside she had 10 minutes to spare before Kya would arrive. As if on queue the tea kettle hissed. She had time for tea.

    Over the years she learned to appreciate many types of teas but by far black teas were her favorite. Keemun to be specific. It was fruity and delicate with smoky notes. Not something most people would think when she said it was her favorite. Grabbing two cups from the cabinet she poured the water over the tea infusers. The once clear water now a deep orange as the tea swirled about. It would take 4 minutes for the tea to steep which meant she could read over the newspaper headlines.

    Kuvira Surrenders! Republic City Saved by Avatar.

    Earth Kingdom liberated, Prince Wu dissolves monarchy.

    President Raiko running unopposed.

    Lin felt gentle footsteps radiating toward her apartment down the hall. They were almost dance-like, delicate, and familiar. The pitter patter of a heart beat following suit. Kya. A moment later there was a knock on the door. The Earthbender sat down the newspaper and opened it revealing the Waterbender. She had a small paper bag in one hand and a bottle in another. Wordlessly Lin stepped aside letting Kya into the apartment.

    "I see you've redecorated." Kya said, obviously joking. "Where do you want me to sit this down?"

    "On the bar. I made us some tea." Lin said as she pulled out the infuser. "I hope you don't mind Keemun."

    "I don't mind." Kya said, pulling out the to-go containers and placing them on the bar. "Metal chopsticks still in the top drawer?" She asked, sliding off the stool and walking around the counter.

    It had been 3 years since the Waterbender had been in her apartment. 3 years since she left. 3 years since Lin told her to never come back. The Waterbender glided back with two pairs of chopsticks and placed a set in her rough hands. Delicate slender fingers slid along her calloused palms sending a warmth through her chest.

    "Kya." Lin said sternly. "I'd like to...apologize…"

    "Thank you but I forgave you a long time ago. To you I was leaving you again. You were upset."

    "No, I yelled at you and I lied to you." Lin drew in a long breath. "I told you to never come back but that's not what I wanted."

    "I know." Kya placed a hand on her scarred cheek. "I wasn't lying back on the Island, Lin." The Chief felt tears prick the corners of her eyes. They could have been together all of this time had she not over reacted. Had she not pushed her away. Had she just waited a bit longer. But the heartache from Kya leaving time and time again had settled in. The bond they built, the trust, ripped away just like her heart 3 years ago. "Stop, doing that."

    "I'm not doing anything." Lin retorted, a bit frustrated by the sudden accusation.

    "You're overthinking. You don't show much but there's a tiny crease that forms between your brows and your upper lip barely twitches." Kya put a thumb between her brow before rubbing it down her nose lightly bopping the tip. "We don't need to dwell on the past darl-Lin...sorry."


    A phrase she hadn't heard in so long. A word she missed hearing. The way it sounded leaving Kya's lips. The way her heart would beat just a bit harder when it was spoken. Darling. The Earthbender stood and walked around the bar opening a small drawer.

    "It's fine...Do you want to open that bottle you brought?" Lin side eyes the unopened bottle of Chardonnay, corkscrew in hand.

    "Do the honors, Chief." Kya said with a warm smile.

    A smile so warm it could melt the entire North and South Poles. A smile so sweet and full of promise. Another thing she missed.


    By the time the cork had been removed the Waterbender had already sat two glasses in front of the Chief. She hadn't noticed. After pouring the liquid into each glass she handed one to the Waterbender.

    "Cheers?" Kya asked and Lin raised an eyebrow as if asking what to. "To..."

    "Good food and wine." Lin added.

    "To good food and wine." They clinked their glasses before taking a long sip.

    One glass turned to two which turned to three and suddenly the bottle was empty. They had moved from the bar and their half eaten dinner to the couch. At some point music was turned on, thankfully not too loud and Kya was part way through a story about an otter penguin who stole her clothes.

    "And that's when I said, 'You bitch give me back my parka!' I proceeded to run down the hill, in only my pants, shoes and wraps, so happy I wore them that day, screaming at this creature until eventually it got uninterested in the parka."

    "Do I even want to know how it got the parka?"

    "You know exactly how it got the parka Lin. It's the Southpole I would have no other reason to take it off." The Waterbender laughed and Lin crackled a small smile even though she felt a twinge in her heart.

    This was after Kya left Republic City the last time, after Lin told her to never return. But it still paused a small pain in her heart.

    "If it's any consolation, she was sub-par at it and was a complete pillow princess." Kya added before nudging the Chief. "You're doing it again."

    Of course she was. The thought of Kya ever being with anyone else made her feel so many things. They had hooked up and broken up times before but this last time felt so permanent, so real. Because the Chief hoped it was but also that it wasn't.

    "I think we need to talk about what happened…" Kya said, sitting down her wine glass. The two sat in silence for a moment. "We almost kissed. I'm not sure what it meant to you but I can tell you what it meant to me." The older woman said, grabbing her hand. "For transparency sake...I'm drunk but what I'm saying is true." The small joke made Lin smirk before it fell. "Republic City is where I belong and I'm not leaving. If I left I'd be without a home."

    "You'd have the South."

    "The South isn't my home...right here...right now. This is my home. You are my home." Kya said, gripping her hands tightly. Tears pricked both their eyes before a single tear rolled down her tanned cheek. Lin placed a hand on Kya's now dampened cheek and wiped it away.

    The feeling of the warm skin against the palm, the way Kya leaned into the touch, how her eyes glistened as the peering into her own. The Waterbender truly understood Lin and all her frustrating quirks. How she hated olives, but only the green kind, the way she liked her clothes to be folded in neat stacks, how she needed time to process her emotions. To develop her words.

    "Thank you...for being patient with me all these years."

    "You never have to thank me for-" The Waterbender stopped herself.

    "For loving me." The Chief finished her sentence before continuing. "I know...but I will. Kya, you're special to me and you always will be."

    "What does this mean for...us?" Kya asked, meeting the Earthbenders gaze. Green meeting blue before they flickered down for the briefest of moments. The Waterbenders bottom lip pulled between her teeth. The familiar warmth building inside The Chiefs abdomen. It was all too familiar. But she couldn't.

    "I don't know…" The Earthbender inched away creating what felt like another oceans depth apart.

    "I understand." Kya stood, flattening her dress. "I'll leave you to your evening."

    "No." Lin grabbed her wrist. Please, stay. Her mind swam with every emotion. The push and the pull like the moon and tides. It was turbulent to have Kya here but it was far worse for her to leave. "You're intoxicated."

    "I can sleep on the pull-down in the office."

    "No. You'll sleep in my bed."


    "I know. The pull down is uncomfortable and you can't with your hip. Not after Zaheer."

    "I don't have any clothes here." Kya said as Lin stood. They walked toward the bedroom before Kya sat down onto the bed. The Earthbender opened her closet and scrounded around for a moment pulled out a blue nightgown.

    "You left 1 thing…" She said, handing the older woman the silken gown.

    "Why did you keep it?"

    "I...couldn't throw it out. I tried so many times too." But I couldn't. "I stuffed it in the back of the closet hoping to forget."

    "Well, good thing you did because otherwise I would have had to be naked. What a tragedy that would have been." Kya said in a joking tone as she stood and began to unwrap her dress. Lin turned away quickly, her cheeks flushed. "Chivalrous as always, Chief." She heard the dress hit the ground, followed by the sound of rustling sheets. "You can turn around."

    Lin did as she was told, keeping her gaze anywhere but the Waterbender lying on her bed. Lying in nothing but the thinnest nightgown imaginable. It was once her favorite. The fabric always clung to the older woman's curves, accentuating her figure. Once upon a time that night gown almost never stayed on. Once upon a time. The Earthbender swallowed the sandpaper lump in her throat as she slid into the King sized bed. The sheets pulled up to her chest, the lights flipped off with bending, then there was darkness. The only light spilling in from the moonlight peering through the curtains. The Waterbender beside her shifted and sank deeper into the bed.

    "Good night, Linny."

    "Night." She responded as monotone as possible. Old habit bound words resting on the tip of her tongue. Words she meant once for a lifetime, now burning her from the inside out.

    Closing her eyes tightly she begged for the sweet mercy of sleep. Tomorrow was her first day off in well over a month and finally she could sleep in. But her mind refused to slow down, only gaining momentum from one thought to the next. Kya shifted a bit and a moment later a soft snore came from her slightly open mouth. The Waterbender could sleep quite literally anywhere, the Chief an insomniac. Even with the wine dancing in her belly her mind refused to shut down. The recent events keep her eyes from weighing shut.

    This is my home. You are my home.

    The Waterbenders words spiraling through her mind creating a whirlwind. You are my home. But she was a nomad and needed adventure. Her heart was controlled by her Wanderlust. Her Airbender heritage caused her to drift around the world. Drift away from The Earthbender, leaving her alone. She was always alone.

    Kya shifted again, flopping an arm around her midsection. The familiar feeling floods Lin's mind and heart. She wanted the arm to remain just as much as she wanted to toss it away. It was so easy to sink into the feeling, sink into what she longed for, for years. But if you sink you drown. The feeling all consuming, fear filling where the warmth one lay in her chest.

    "Kya…" Lin asked into the darkness. The Waterbender continued her light snoring. "Kya I...want to trust you again...but I don't know if I can." The Chief yawned and her eyelid grew heavy. "...I don't know if I can." Merciful sleep pulled her down into a dreamless darkness for the first time in months she slept through the entire night.

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    15.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Category: F/F

    Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Relationships: Lin Beifong/Kya I I Korra & Asami Sato

    Collections:2021 ATLA-verse Summer Festival Event

    Chapter 1: Reunion

    Weddings. One of the many things Chief Beifong hated. Too many people, too many potential dangers...socializing. Lin thought the only time she’d be on Air Temple Island for a wedding was for her own that seemed destined almost 25 years ago. That relationship didn’t work out, neither did the other ones. Crossing her arms she scanned the crowd of people in search for no one but she was always on edge. She had to admit the wedding itself was beautiful and the reception just as. But she still hated weddings. Air Temple Island brought back too many sour memories for her and added a wedding on top of that...She sighed. This could have been her at one time but she wouldn’t have been happy. Tenzin would have been happy at first, before Lin pushed him away just like she does everyone and everything.

    At one point in her life she regretted not marrying Tenzin. Not because of herself but because of him. He loved her with every ounce of his heart and at one point she loved him, but not as deeply. He was her friend, her confidant, she trusted him, she loved him. But not the way he wanted her to. Not the way he needed her to. He wanted a family, she wanted a career. They spent a decade together until finally it was over. Lin had pushed him so far away that he fell into the arms, and bed, of another woman. Pema. The Chief hated her. She tried to arrest her. Tried to make her life a living hell. But you can’t help who you fall in love with. She knew that all too well. She tried to give her whole heart to him but it had already been taken by another. That person still held it over 35 years.

    “Kabab, Chief?” A server asked, bringing her out of her thoughts.

    “Sure.” Lin said, grabbing the Kabab and examining it.

    Meat, on Air Temple Island? Varrick must have spent a lot of time convincing stuck up vegetarian Tenzin to let that happen. Turning the meat stick in her hand the spices filled her nostril. Honey garlic roasted chicken with some peppers. Taking a small bite the juices slid over her tongue. It was delicious. Damn it Varrick. She never liked him, he would bend the laws and eventually break them sending him to prison. Which he broke out of. She wasn’t so sure how he was even legally allowed back into the city. Probably Raiko’s doing. Raiko...the one person she hated almost as much as Varrick. Tossing the remaining stick into the trash bin she worked her way back through the party. To her right was a band and the dance floor, to her left was an archway covered in blue silken fabric. Through that archway she could see the Spirit Portal Korra had created, what a nightmare. But under that archway was Korra herself with Asami. They sat close, leaning into each other, sharing a romantic moment.

    Don’t make my mistakes kid.

    “They’re going to make a beautiful couple.” A familiar voice said behind her. She hadn’t heard that smooth tone in three years. Not since she left her alone again. “Hey, Chief.” Kya said standing next to her. She was beautiful as ever, her usual high ponytail let down, silver hair cascading down her shoulders and back like a river, eyes the same piercing cerulean, her smile timeless.

    “Hi.” Lin kept it short. She had to.

    “Still monosyllabic I see. That’s the most you’ve said to me in the past 3 years.” Kya said and Lin grumbled back in response. “And we’re back to no syllables. Do you want anything from the bar? I’m gonna swing by before heading to bed.”

    “Baiju. Warm.”

    “Looks like I’ll have to get one myself then. Can’t have you drinking Baiju alone.” Kya said over her shoulder before walking away. Lin hadn’t looked over at her for more than a second earlier. She couldn’t. But watching Kya leave was always a bittersweet moment.

    The Waterbender was in a long blue dress with a slit up the thigh, low cut in the back and she could assume in the front. Kya had a fantastic body and when she wanted to show it off all eyes were on her, including The Chiefs. Pulling her gaze away from the older woman she couldn’t help but look back toward Korra and Asami. They seemed so happy. So close. Young love. The Chief saw it years ago and waited for one of them to admit it. To her surprise it was Asami. In a moment of confidence or weakness, Lin wasn’t sure. Lin and Asami had become an odd pairing, friends if you will, during Korra’s absence. It started when Kya and Korra left for the South. She could see the pain in the younger woman’s eyes as the boat sailed away. She felt that same pain. She too let her heart be pulled toward the South, only for it to possibly never return.

    Korra returned 3 years later, Asami was ecstatic, but scared. Suddenly Lin had become the woman’s confidant, which was strange at first. They had bonded over those 3 years, shared stories, memories, feelings. Asami told Lin about how she felt to Korra. How she loved the Avatar. Lin told her how her heart too was in the South. Maybe the engineer didn’t make the connection. Or maybe she just never brought it up knowing how Lin can be. That didn’t matter now though. Korra had returned and the two were practically cuddling under the archway, hand in hand, never wanting to let the other go.

    “Here ya go, Chief.” Kya said, handing her the baijiu. Lin nodded and they wordlessly clinked glasses. They stood in silence for quite some time watching the two younger women stand and walk hand in hand out of the wedding. “I’m happy they finally admitted their feelings toward one another.” Lin looked over toward the Waterbender, immediately regretting it. She was wearing a low cut dress, showing off ample breasts and well defined collarbones. They caught her attention for the smallest second before Lin snapped her eyes up to Kya’s face. That was somehow worse. The moon was full and practically glittering in her eyes. Eyes the Chief once could get lost in. Eyes that once carried so much love. Her lover’s eyes.

    She broke your heart. Lin said to herself feeling a twinge in her chest.

    “Varrick picked some damned good drinks. Even though I hate him.” Kya said and Lin let out a small chuckle.

    “You? Hating someone?”

    “He’s a poor representation of Southern Culture, I assume he’s broken just as many laws up here as he has down there and honestly, he’s misogynistic. Do you see how he treats Zhu Li.”

    “Must be her thing if she’s marrying him. If you hate him why are you here?”

    “It’s a wedding with free booze on the Island I live on.”

    “No.” Lin said in a stern tone. She needed to know. “Why are you in Republic City?”

    “The South isn’t my only home Chief. Kuvira ripped this city to pieces and Tenzin asked if I could come up and help.”

    “So, you’ll be leaving?”

    “Do you want me to leave?”


    Lin didn’t say anything. She never wanted Kya to leave all the times she had before. She never wanted for her to return either. Every time she came back to the city it stirred up old memories, old feelings she never could get over. They made her furious, they made her want to scream, they made her want to cry. The Chief never cried. No one would ever see her cry. Kya...saw her cry.

    “I’ll take you extended silent brooding as a yes.” Kya said swirling her drink. “Too bad for you I’m staying.”

    “You’ve said that before.” Lin hissed out.

    “I know I have...and I’m sorry for that.” Kya grabbed onto her arm and Lin pulled out of her grasp. “Lin...I...I still lo-”

    “Don’t.” Lin barked, feeling a lump in her throat. “Don’t say that. You don’t get to say that.”

    “Fine.” Kya retorted. “Just know Lin Beifong that it’s true. I’m sorry that I’ve broken your heart so many times.” The older woman drew in a long breath. “It’s my one regret in life.”

    “I regret it too. You left me so many times and I always stupidly let you back in.” Her fist tightened around her glass. “I meant what I said when you left last time.”

    Three Years Ago - Beifong Apartment

    Lin held her lover tightly against her naked body raking her fingers through the soft silver hair. Kya, her Kya, so beautiful and peaceful resting in her arms. Zaheer tried and failed to take her away. The Waterbender was still forced to use a crutch thanks to that madman but at least she was alive. She was safe.


    Lin delicately moved her arm from under the exhausted Waterbender as she slipped out of the bed and answered the phone.

    “Chief Beifong.”

    “Hello, Lin.” Tenzin began. “Sorry to wake you up on your day off. Is Kya with you?”

    “Yes. She came over last night after her healing session with Korra.” It wasn’t uncommon for Kya to come over to the Chief’s apartment. But something was different last night. The way the Waterbender placed her hands, the way she cried as she called her name, the way she said I love you. “I can wake her up if you need.”

    “That won’t be necessary. Just let her know that the boat to the South will be docking at about 10am.”

    The South?

    Was Korra going back home? Had her rehabilitation not been going as planned? Lin was part of her early healing session but she seemed to be making progress. Even if it was minimal.

    “Of course. Bye.” Lin said, handing up the phone. As she turned back toward the bedroom there her lover stood. In the doorway, wrapped in just a sheet Kya was wiping the sleep from her eyes.

    “Who was that, darling?” The Waterbender said through her sleep ridden voice.

    “Tenzin. He said the both to the South will be docking at about 10am.” She said and watched Kya’s face visibly fall.

    “Lin...can we talk?” That phrase made The Chief’s heart sink. This wasn’t happening again. This always happens. She always leaves. “Please, we need to talk about this.”

    “If you’re going to leave again just go.” Lin barked.

    “We need to talk about this. It’s just for-”

    “I don’t care. Every time I let you in, you leave. Every time I trust you again, you leave. You always leave no matter how much I love you. If you leave, don’t come back.” Lin said, clenching her jaw. “Don’t come back to me.”

    “If that’s what you want.” Kya said bleary eyed as she turned back toward the bedroom. “I’ll gather my things and be out of your life.” Lin stormed into the office and slammed the door cracking the wood.

    Tears burned The Chief’s eyes as she threw a punch into the punching bag, followed by another and then another. Each punch cracking and splitting her knuckles. But she didn’t care. Nothing was going to hurt her again, not even Kya. Grunting she hit the bag a few more times until she heard the door slam. Just like that she was done. She was gone.

    Present Day

    “I know you did. I wrote to you and you never wrote back. You always wrote me back...but not this time.” Kya said peering down into her drink.

    “What was I supposed to do Kya? Read your letters and let you weasel your way back into my heart to just break it? I’ve let you do that for 35 years.”

    “Some of those years you brought onto yourself Lin Beifong. You were with Tenzin. You made that choice and I made my own. Did you stop to think how that made me feel? How I had to see you be happy with my brother? How I hated him after he broke your heart?” Kya said back in a surprisingly strong tone. “You knew I never settled in one place for long. But when I came up to Republic City again after the Watertribe War I planned on staying. I planned on settling down. I planned on...I planned on us.” Kya’s voice cracked before she cleared her throat. “I didn’t want to leave you. I broke your heart so many times and you finally...finally let me in again after Zaheer. I told you my one regret was breaking your heart and it’s true. But when Korra needed me in the South I never planned on staying. It was for a few weeks, just a few weeks, I was going to come back to be with you. We could finally be happy together. No more running, no more dancing around our feelings. But then...you told me to leave and never come back. So I did.”

    “You’re here now.” Lin stated bluntly.

    “That’s Mom’s doing. She doesn’t want me wasting my life in the South when that’s not where I’m happiest.” Kya laughed. “It’s true. But, my reason for being so happy up here happens to hate me.”

    “I don’t hate you.” Lin said, sitting down her drink on a nearby table.

    “Seems like you do. Not that I can blame you. I hate quite literally broken your heart a handful of times.”

    “You have but even then I still couldn’t hate you.” I couldn’t if I tried. Lin felt a warm flutter in her heart saying those words. That all too familiar feeling. Kya’s love.

    “You know how I feel about you but I at least still want to be your friend. I’ll never have you as my lover again but I could never lose you as my friend.” Kya gripped her hand softly. Warmth, comfort, longing. All to familiar feelings when she was around the Waterbender. She couldn’t. Not again. Lin pulled her hands away and stormed off toward a more secluded part of the island. She needed time to process these sudden emotions again.

    “Lin, stop.” Kya shouted, chasing after her. She couldn’t stop. If she turned around and looked into her eyes it would all be over. Years of pushing down her feelings and one look would bubble back up to the surface. Just one look. “Please-” Kya’s voice broke and she stopped mid stride. “You’re my best friend, I can’t lose you too.” Lin turned slowly looking toward the ground. Looking anywhere but the cerulean eyes she was sure were glistening with tears. Her jaw was tight, teeth clenched together so strongly they ached. Don’t look up. “Look at me, please.” I can’t. But she did. The taller woman was staring down at her, face filled with warmth. Eyes filled with tears. Bottom lip between her teeth.

    Beautiful isn’t a strong enough word to describe the woman in front of her. Elegant, stunning, radiant, divine, alluring...perfect. She had always been perfect. Even when she broke The Chief’s heart, even when she wanted to hate her, she was still...perfect.

    “I can’t do it again.” Lin said just above a whisper.

    “I promise, I only want your friendship.”

    “Only?” Lin said in a low voice.

    “You know what I want. But you don’t want that anymore. You know how I feel but I know I’ve hurt you so many times before and-” She’s cut off as a strong hand grips her jaw.

    “Stop talking.” Lin pulled her chin downwards.

    “What are you?” Kya said breathlessly, as their lips hover inches apart.

    “I said, stop talking.” Lin said, ghosting a breath over the Waterbenders lips. It was so easy to fall back into her arms, so easy to open her heart back up for her. So easy to love her.

    “AHEM!” A male voice said behind them and they quickly split apart.

    “BUMI! HI!” Kya said, looking between the two of them.

    “Didn’t know you were back in town little sister...I see you’ve been preoccupied.” Bumi raised an eyebrow.

    “I just got in about an hour ago. I wanted to surprise everyone but I got sidetracked.”

    “Sure. Let’s call it that.” Bumi stepped toward them. “If you want to sneak away I’ll keep everyone away from the docks.” He said in a low voice.

    “That won’t be necessary, Bumi.” Lin said in her Chief tone. “I was just about to get back to the festivities.”

    “Seems like you were having a bit of a party of your own over here.” Bumi said in a mocking tone.

    “Bumi could you...give us a moment.” Kya asked and Bumi nodded.

    “I’ll just continue my walk in another direction and keep people away then.” Bumi hugged Kya. “I’m so happy you’re back sis.”

    “Me too, Bumi.” She squeezed him tightly before he stuffed his hands in his pockets and whistled away.

    There they stood alone again. Kya held onto her arm nervously. Lin, hands tucked into her green dress pants. That wasn’t meant to happen, even if she wanted it to, it wasn’t meant to happen. She was supposed to turn around, look her in the eye and finally put a stop to it. Put a stop to her falling for the Waterbender over again. But that’s not how love works.

    “Do we talk about this? Or do we just blame the baijiu?” Kya asked. “Wouldn’t be the first time.” Lin, held back a chuckle at the memory. Their first time together, after Tenzin broke up with her, started with baijiu.

    “Is that what you want?” Lin asked.

    “Is it what you want?” Kya retorted. It wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted exactly what Kya did. She wanted to have the Waterbender in her life, she wanted to love her fully again.

    “I thought I made my stance pretty clear or do we blame the baijiu for that too?” Lin said in a sarcastic tone. “I’m tired Kya. I don’t want to play games anymore. If you plan on leaving the city ever again tell me now. If it’s to see Izumi or your Mother or even help the Avatar, that's fine. Just...come back.” She put emphasis on the last two words.

    “Are you saying you want to be together again?” Kya said, gripping her hands.

    “I want you in my life.” Lin gripped her hands back. “However that may be.” The two of them stood hand in hand for a moment letting the moment sink in. Letting everything sink in.

    “I’m pretty sure Bumi can only stall for so long.” Kya nodded toward the party.

    “You’re right. He can only tell so many stories about trained hog monkeys.” Lin gave a sideways smile eliciting a laugh from the Waterbender. A warm laugh that flowed through the Earthbenders heart.

    “I’d like to talk more about this tomorrow. If that’s okay with you?”

    “I have to work until 7pm but I’ll be available after that if you want to come over to my place. Shouldn’t take me more than 10 minutes to get home.”

    “I can pick up dumplings from that diner around the block and be at your place at 730?” Kya asked and Lin nodded.

    Neither took a step away. Neither wanted that moment to end. Not just yet.

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    Autumn on Ember Island - Part 1

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    Kya loves playing with Lin’s fingers when they’re just existing together. They’re watching a mover in the living room and Kya automatically reaches out to loosely grab Lin’s hand. They’re having dinner at ATI and Kya subconsciously extends her arm under the table when everyone is just chatting and silently asks for Lin, briefly interlocking their pinkies. They’re just laying in bed before falling asleep and Kya is absentmindedly playing with Lin’s fingers as they each relate what they did that day.

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    What I think the gaang kids (Izumi,Kya,Lin,Suyin) asthetics are as rooms!





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    Lin is an unlabeled sapphic because all she knows is that she's attracted to Kya and she doesn't have time between beating up the criminals and loving her girlfriend to think about labels. If you don't agree, argue with a wall...

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    ⛺ Tent for Two 🏕️
Kya and Lin went on a camping trip. 💕 My entry for the ATLA-verse Summer Festival Event
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    When Lin and Kya got married, Kya asked if their last name could be Gayfong instead of Beifong.

    Lin said no, but she did get Kya a pet turtle-duck

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    Summers in Ba Sing Se - Part I

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