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    #c’è una mia amica che corregge COSTANTEMENTE la grammatica degli altri #e poi usa ‘scendere’ in modo transitivo #lo so che è colloquiale ma se dici ‘scendo il quaderno’ poi non arrabbiarti se uno dice ‘ma però’
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    #franco arminio #la cura dello sguardo
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    sorrento mesa

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    you’re not helping here, Laura

    #precure#pretty cure #tropical-rouge! Precure #asuka takizawa #laura apollodoros hyginus la mer #laura
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    #philippe delerm #la prima sorsata di birra #e altri piccoli piaceri della vita #il cinema
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    Star Trek : on a classé les films de la première génération, du pire au meilleur

    Si l'histoire du film est bête à pleurer, c'est à cause d'un manque de subtilité affligeant de la part de Leonard Nimoy. On sait que l'interprète de Spock ... from Google Alert - la Part Dieu https://ift.tt/3w7BZdQ

    #Lyon03 #Google Alert - la Part Dieu
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    A veces sucede que encuentras alguien que te hace sentir muchas cosas hermosas y de pronto tu inseguridad invade tu cabeza y tienes miedo, tienes miedo a que pase algo más y terminé fusilando tu corazón... Que decides mejor alejarte sin darle alguna explicación...

    #amore a distanza #citas de amor #poemas de amor #frases de amor #amour#amor propio#amore folle#mi vida #el sentido de la vida #asi es la vida #te extraño #relazione a distanza #tus besos#sin ti#amarte#quererte#imagine#te busco
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    La Raison Deuxième Partie

    Square Filled: @spnaubingo: Ghost!Misha // @acrosstheuniversebingo: Dragon (see A/N) // @spnfluffbingo: Flowers for No reason // @spnquotebingo: 6: ‘She’s almost dead.’ ‘She’s dead enough.’ // TMAS: Halloween // @spnmixedbingo: Halloween

    Word Count: 2571

    Warnings: Witchcraft, language, kidnapping, violence

    Credits: Header by me // Divider by @firefly-graphics​ // beta by @padalelli​ // history.com for their article about witches

    A/N: This is weirdly fun to write. I’m considering taking the premise that I’ve built up and expanding it into a full-length novel. I’ll have to see; you never know how An*e Ri*e is about vampires and New Orleans. All of the witches mentioned are real people - I didn’t steal from Diana Gabaldon. I used this definition of dragon from Merrium-Webster: ‘a violent, combative, or very strict person.’

    Series is Complete on Patreon || Part One

    I opened my door one morning to find a beautiful bouquet of daisies waiting for me. I smiled as I picked them up and read the card. 

    To the prettiest girl in NOLA - these flowers have nothing on you.

    There wasn’t a signature but I only knew one person here. I brought the flowers in my room and set them on the tiny desk near the window overlooking the Mississippi River. I made a mental note to stop by and thank Jensen when it got dark out.

    The smile was quickly wiped off of my face when I stepped out of the boarding house and saw a pair of bulky men sitting on the bench across the street. Every nerve on my body was screaming at me to run, to get away. I had been noticing people hanging around the area recently, but never this close to the house. They weren’t that close last night, either, as I’d been out fairly late working on my ghost tour route.

    I knew those people, recognized them immediately. With Halloween tomorrow, I knew exactly what they were going to be planning. I decided to adjust my plans to head to the voodoo shops first and pick up some ingredients for a couple of protection spells. I turned left out of the gate and noticed that one of the other people that were hanging around the street, a woman, had started walking the same direction. I turned down a side street quickly and lost her; benefit of walking in the area trying to find a job.

    I was lost in my thoughts as I approached the nearest supply shop and gathered the ingredients for those protection spells I had in mind plus enough for a few communication spells. I needed help.

    I was finishing up the ritual under the bright, waxing moon in the garden when I felt the temperature drop several degrees. I spun around to see the spirit I was trying to get in contact with. “Misha, how are you?”

    “Cut the shit, Y/N. Why did  you call for me?” he replied tersely.

    “I guess I deserve that.” I was the cause of his death, after all. I didn’t kill him, not really. I just wasn’t in time to save him. “I need your help. It’s about Jensen,” I explained. That caught his attention.

    “What about Jensen? Isn’t him being a vampire enough? What did you do now?!” Misha was getting pissed. I could feel the change in the air as goosebumps traveled up my arms and neck.

    “I did nothing this time, Misha,” I defended. “I found him. He’s here in New Orleans. I think,” I paused and took a deep breath before continuing. “Misha, I think he’s in trouble. I’ve noticed a lot of people, and I use that term loosely, hanging around the last few days. Tomorrow’s Halloween and a full moon, which fall on the same day.”

    What I could see of Misha’s face was contemplative. “Do you think it’s….them?” he asked quietly. His ire was giving way to anxiety. I decided to lie to him.

    “No, I don’t think they’re Shiptons. But I live in the room next door to him and I hear when he comes and goes.” Misha relaxed slightly at that. I knew he would. “I also have protections in place as long as he stays on the property. Which is why I need your help,” I told him. It was at least mostly the truth. I didn’t think they were Shiptons. I identified them as Shiptons the second I laid eyes on them. I knew it was them.

    “I’ll see what i can do.” With the blink of an eye, Misha was gone. I only hoped I was quick enough to save Jensen where I wasn’t fast enough to save Misha.

    Los Angeles, Several years earlier

    I was walking home one evening after a long, tiring day and decided to stop at a dive and grab a drink, maybe some bar food. Some crappy song was playing on the jukebox; I didn’t really recognize it but I knew I didn’t like it.

    I took a seat at one of the high top tables and checked out the limited menu. Nachos it was. After placing my order and getting my alcohol, I surveyed the room and spied a beautiful man, black hair, blue eyes. He noticed me staring and winked at me before turning back to his conversation. 

    I had captivated his attention, though, as every time my eyes flitted over his dark corner of the bar, he was staring at me and paying his companion no mind. After my food had arrived and been devoured, he made his way over to my table.

    “May I?” he questioned as he gestured to the chair opposite me. I nodded and he flashed a dazzling smile at me. Had I not been what I was, I’d have been under his spell. 

    “So, Misha. Are we going to play this game every time you see me? It’s been years, hon.” I’d known Misha since I came to LA decades ago. There was still something holding me here, though I couldn’t put my finger on what.

    “You want to skip the small talk and pretending we don’t know one another and you just follow me out to my truck now?” he responded with raised eyebrows, clearly dubious of my words.

    “Tonight, yes. I don’t have the energy, Mish.” My day had been utterly draining between the foreboding feeling I had (they were never wrong) and the anxiety that the next step would lead me straight into danger. I set down some cash to cover my dinner and we both got up and walked to his truck. He held the door open for me, at least.

    Misha started driving back toward his place and as he turned down a side street, my entire body tensed. “Misha, stop the truck,” I demanded as I tried to find where the danger was coming from. He must have felt it too, because he didn’t argue.

    “A block that way. What’s that?” He was pointing at a large mass of people surrounding something. We got out of the truck and heard shouts and pleading accompanied by the sickening sound of boots hitting flesh and bone.

    “Misha!” I cried out, urging him to go and stop the fight.

    “On it,” he replied as he rushed headlong into the fray. His speed allowed him to intervene quickly, shoving people out of the way. As the bodies went flying, I counted six men standing plus the one on the ground. Misha dispatched the six quickly, knocking them unconscious or watching them run away after the first few were handled. 

    I approached the man on the ground, the one who had been taking the beating, and sank to the ground next to him. He still had a pulse, though it was faint, and he was remarkably hanging on to consciousness. I could see several bruises forming under the blood that was dripping from various cuts on his face. One eye was swollen shut and his nose was obviously broken.

    “Misha, please. You have to. He can survive this,” I begged. Knowing I had the means to help and didn’t was one of my biggest fears, and my biggest regrets. 

    “You know how painful this can be. Are you going to stand around and watch over him the whole time?” Misha questioned sarcastically, not expecting the answer he would receive. 

    “Yes. Please, Misha. Please.” I pleaded with your friend, tears in my eyes and blurring my vision. I couldn’t explain why I felt the need to save his life, but there was a nagging persistence in my heart that I couldn’t ignore.

    Misha looked at me with a soft gaze before he resigned himself to helping me. “Okay,” he agreed grimly, biting through his wrists with his sharp fangs. He held his arm over the man’s face and guided the droplets into his open mouth until the blood stopped flowing thanks to his healing factor.

    “I’ll go get the truck,” he whispered just loud enough for me to hear before walking away and leaving me and the man alone.

    “It’ll help you, I promise,” I cooed as you stroked his matted hair back from his face. You hummed what you hoped was a soothing tune as he lost consciousness while Misha was bringing the truck around. 

    I spent three days watching over him during his transition. He was out of the woods, but not awake enough to actually process anything when Misha came to check in. He took over for me so I could go back to my place and get some sleep. 

    While I was away, he woke up fully and Misha talked him through everything. I had a message from Misha letting me know that Jensen - that was his name - had talked to his mom and assured her he was fine. But he was going to go back home at her insistence. She didn’t think it was safe. “He doesn’t remember anything after getting jumped, Y/N. You’re safe.” 

    I should have felt relieved but I was a little disappointed. Misha promised to keep an eye on him. I started thinking about leaving town and was surprised to find that I no longer had that urge to remain, like my purpose had been fulfilled here. 

    I packed my things, hopped in my car and drove until I felt something, anything besides the empty feeling I’d become so used to and dreaded so much. 

    I trudged my way back to my room after talking with Misha’s ghost. I felt so much guilt - for lying to Misha, for bringing Jensen into this mess, just everything. As I reached my door, Jensen stepped out of his room looking like he’d seen a ghost. Which, he probably had.

    “Hey, Jensen,” I greeted, stepping towards him instead of my door. He turned his head to look at me and I could see the pain in his eyes. “Are you okay?” I asked as I stopped in front of him.

    He cleared his throat and forced a smile. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.” I cocked my head and raised my eyebrow in disbelief. He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “I had a very weird dream about someone from my past. Plus this weird sense of...dread. I don’t know why I told you that,” he explained.

    “I hear I’m very trustworthy,” I deadpanned causing him to chuckle. “Thank you, for the flowers. They’re lovely.”

    “Not as lovely as you,” he replied with a smirk as he leaned against the doorframe with folded arms. 

    “Well, I should go get some rest. Tours start early tomorrow. Halloween and all,” I said as I stepped away from him before I did anything else that was questionable. 

    “In that case, I’ll save my proposition for another night.” He pushed off the doorframe and unfolded his arms, closing the distance between us in one step. He hooked his finger under my chin, lifting it towards him, and pressed a chaste kiss to my lips that lasted longer than it should have but not nearly as long as I wanted it to. “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

    I heard Jensen leave as I was settling in my bed. I fell into a fitful sleep, every noise of the house jolting me awake as if I were being shocked. Just before dawn, I felt the temperature drop again. I sat up quickly, searching the room for him.

    “Misha, what’s wrong?” I asked as I threw the covers back and got out of bed.

    “It’s Jensen. They have him.”

    Misha gave me a location as I got dressed and I rushed over, deciding to use a teleportation spell to get me there faster. I landed in between two Shipton men and dispatched them quickly with the dagger I kept hidden on my person. I slipped quietly in the door they were guarding and stepped into a dark hallway. I saw a light on at the end of the hall and crept slowly towards it.

    As I neared, I heard Jensen sassing someone and refusing to give them any information. I positioned myself, dagger raised, at the side of the door where I could see through the small crack that was left. Jensen was tied to a chair sneering at a man looming over him. The man turned and looked over his shoulder at someone before turning around and hitting Jensen hard. Blood and spit flew from his mouth and I gasped.

    The man’s head flew towards the door as Jensen started chuckling. I heard a female voice that chilled me to the core. “Check that out,” she ordered. The man started stalking towards the door, reaching for his weapon. My heart was pounding in my ears and adrenaline was coursing through my veins. I know that voice…

    The door swung open and I drove my dagger into the side of the guard’s neck as he stuck his head out to check. I withdrew it and he collapsed on the floor with a thud. Jensen looked up and caught my eye. I put my fingers to my lips to signal for him to be quiet and kept my position. His eyes flicked to three places in the room, pointing out the people still in there. 

    I nodded in acknowledgement and plotted my next move. Fortunately, the woman who was in there made it for me and it was one I anticipated. “What was that? You, go see,” she commanded. I heard footsteps approaching the door and I stepped over the heap that was once man on the floor. What I didn’t hear was the second set of footsteps approaching. 

    A hand reached around and grasped the arm with my dagger, twisting it and driving it straight into my lungs. It then grabbed my hair and dragged me out from concealment and forced me to my knees in front of the dragon woman calling the shots.

    “Mother Shipton,” I gasped, “I should have known you were behind this all. Did you pay Gellis Duncan to tail me again?”

    She cackled at the thought. “Oh no, I dispatched her centuries ago. She stopped being useful after your daughter was strangled and burned."

    I screamed and attempted to lunge for her but the pain in my side had me crumbling on the floor. The two men left in the room came and hoisted me back up to my knees. I took the opportunity to flip a knife from my belt and take out the femoral artery on the man on my left. The one on the right ripped the blade out of my hand and tossed it behind me. It landed right at Jensen’s feet. 

    "The Sampson Stupidity is still strong, I see," Mother Shipton commented sharply. "Finish her."

    The thug left standing drove my dagger into my neck and ripped it out, leaving me spurting blood everywhere. Behind me, Jensen was screaming and almost free of his bonds. 

    As the guard raised the dagger above his head, Mother Shipton stopped him. "We must go."

    "But mother, she's almost dead."

    "She's dead enough, let’s go," she demanded as she turned on her heel and stalked out of the room. 

    The last thing I remember was seeing Jensen rush to my side and scoop me in his arms.


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    #fan art #jojos bizarre adventure #vento aureo#digital art#jjba#prosciutto#la sqaudra #la squadra esecuzioni #golden wind
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    i want all of the pretty fatui harbingers with a single earring pls ty mihoyo :DDDD

    #genshin impact#childe#la signora#tartaglia#il dottore #playable 👏 signora 👏 and 👏 dottore👏 WHEN????????? #genshin childe #genshin la signora #genshin tartaglia #genshin il dottore
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    #Alguien tiene la respuesta a esta incógnita...? #videoconsejo
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    Por Jooyfava, hecho en Uberlândia. https://ttoo.co/p/284731

    #tatuajes detras de la oreja #tatuajes minimalistas #tatuajes de astrologia #tatuajes de los simbolos del zodiaco #tatuajes del simbolo tauro #tatuajes de simbolos #micro tatuajes#jooyfava#tatuajes pequeños#pequeños tatuajes#tatuajes#tatuaje pequeño#pequeño tatuaje#tatuaje#ifttt
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    boys need to work more with elena rose

    #she wrote la ley with cnco #and it’s my fav song like #she’s amazing #she also wrote selena gomez ep #becky g songs
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    Zircones datan la tectónica de placas en 3.600 millones de años


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    #edad de la Tierra #Zircones
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    Caños de los Chorros de Epina - Vallehermoso

    (La Gomera)


    Los Chorros de Epina son un lugar de obligada visita en La Gomera. Son un fuente con agua de manantial de la que emergen siete caños de brezo cuyas aguas, según la tradición popular, tienen propiedades mágicamente curativas.

    Dicen que quien bebe de sus caños se ve beneficiado por la fortuna y el amor.

    Para que los chorros den su bendición a quien beba de ellos, debes empezar a beber de izquierda a derecha, y  para encontrar el amor: las mujeres deben beber de los caños pares, los hombres de los impares y… “Si bebes de los siete caños te casas en un año”.. ¡Quién sabe! 🤞🍀

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    La banda with Berlin, and without Nairobi 🤔

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