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  • Anyway for perspnal reasons I will be no longer accepting anonymous asks, if you wanna call me a homophobe for calling out transphobia in the cis gay community do it to my face :)

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  • Take off all your clothes and then challenge him to a sword fight with your horse cock

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  • Not to be sappy on main but I think I’m in love with my girlfriend.

    #whew#lmao #i hope i dont jinx anything by saying it here #but yeah #she's just so great ykno
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  • How kids cough

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  • image

    Mazarine Yozora/Junko Tsukiyomi




    Birth: April 29

    Affiliation: Aibo Academy 

    World user: Dragon World

    Buddy: Blue Sky Knight,Drum Bunker Dragon

    Items: heart locket music box,mysterious ring,deckcase

    Decks: “Radiance of the Sky Knights”

    Deckcase:gold & oxford blue case with blue matrix opal core gem.

    Core gadget:

    Saber-oxford blue handle with gold designs,with blue crystal on the bottom,the core gem is in the middle with gold wings,the blade is made of unknown energy it activates whenever she buddyfight & can use it as her own weapon,just like rouga


    Gold wings:imitates similar to sky’s wings

    Ankle wings:imitates same skill as tasuku,except it was wings that had small dot lights trails

    Relations:Nanami Yozora(Mother),Ryu Yozora(Father)

    Friends:her buddy Sky,gao & his friends,tasuku & his buddy,gaito & rouga,Kanata,along with their buddies.

    Her app:

    Hair:dark blue hair with natural white streaks,her bangs is semi-Straight,one straight from the right while the left is fringe sweep to the side,her hair flows down with four-strands is visible shown,her white streaks also flows down,her right white hair strand was tied into semi ponytail while her left strand is braided,she had a above on top.

    Skin:white fair skin

    Eyes:opal light blue

    -whenever her eyes are reflected by the light,it shines like a real opal,it was usually blocked by her cap,but even so her eyes still illuminate soft lights

    Bright grey eyes

    -shines like daimonds

    Birth marks:her eyes & hair streaks

    Clothes: teal cardigan,black sleeveless turtle neck with brown vest,dark blue short pants,black stockings & brown boots,with Japanese teal cap.

    Her buddy:


    Name:Blue Sky Knight,Drum Bunker Dragon

    Appearance: Platinum blonde hair,shiny grey eyes,light red & orange scales,his hair is soft-spiked,his bangs are mostly sweep on the left side with small strand left on his right,he wore a gold,blue armor with gold wings.

    Personality: unlike the original drum,this drum is few older,mature,& calmer than original!drum,he also kind,sharper,cunning,quite,mature,intelligent,oblivious,is rare for him to be angry or pissed,he usually very awkward & timid around people & monsters,is also why he never spoke too much,still despite that,he had the heart of a true knight.

    Likes:cuddling his buddy,hanging out with her or her friends,fly with her,deimos

    Dislikes:the “Clockwork event”(mutual),remorseless beings,feeling alone,his timidness


    Type:dual monster 




    World:Dragon world

    Attribute:Armordragon/Red dragon

    Flavor:“Standing there,there are things that have I seen for the first time”


    -i give him his own individuality,by changing some traits making him different from his original ver.

    -he is quite older than drum but younger from Jack

    -he met Yozora back then,the same way as jack & tasuku but as a special gift.

    -he becomes an esper of divine prediction of past & future,along with some other abilities after the “Clockwork event”

    -he is friends with batzz & with deimos,when he trained in darkness dragon world


    My oc & ver.of drum belongs to @me

    Original!blue sky knights Drum Bunker Dragon @bushiroad

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  • me: i only wanna ship with chem.
    also me: -has 23232 ships for muses-   s h i p  w  me.

    #( ooc: cain. ) #this blog isnt ship focused but #who doesnt luv writing ships #all my friends automatically #get my muses thrown @ them #aidufdhfs #ofc i just like any type of relationship #but i prefer to #only ship with one version #of each muse #ocs immediately get my love #its the rules in this house #lmao#TBD
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  • I keep wondering if I’m ready to move out. but I assume the frickin. longing to do it means I’m ready. it’s a terrifying thing, though, for so many reasons. one of the reasons is, I don’t know where to start

    #thoughts#i also #dont have any income at the monent #moment#bc iso#so#lmao
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  • …and he’s sticking to it!

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  • Vadelma: * showing up to Marian’s Shatter Fright party dressed with a catsuit ala catwoman ears included *

    Marian: wow!! the ears look almost perfect!! and they feel so soft! what are they made of?

    Vadelma: (glancing aside) girlfriend material

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  • This is America, non-white boy edition

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  • image

    Ichizu de Bitch Na Kouhai

    #i love her #she's so cute #lmao
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  • image

    Ichizu de Bitch Na Kouhai

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  • #lol#lmao #This bot is so funny #ivy x harley #harley x ivy #harley quinn animated series #harlivy#harley quinn#poison ivy#lgbthumor#lgbtq#lgbt #Triggered little man #lol 😂
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  • *watching law + order svu*




    me: punch him in the face, kill him

    #why i couldnt be a detective #lmao #law and order svu #svu #law and order #fuckin wow#personal#text post#haha
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  • image

    oh 😳

    #lmao #arina plays acnh #dot txt #also call him ranch cuz hes dressin today...
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