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    ★ Rookies ✰HunHan✰ for WKorea ★ March 2012 issue ★

    #exosnet#ultkpop#supermnet#luhan#exo sehun#lu han#oh sehun#exo wkorea#exo rookies#exo predebut #those were the days when I was thinking who to Stan and then I see these 2 and think they were twins #so I was like ok let's not the evil one and keep up with the angelical one #then devastation when discovery hit that one is Chinese and 4 years older than the taller Korean one #exo 10 year anniversary #my gifs
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    ㄥH7 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗯𝗲𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝗱𝗲𝗲𝗿 🦌

    #ultkpop#luhan#lh7 #luhan medals mv version 2 #lu han#beautiful #eyeliner doing the god's job #my gifs
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    Luhan 鹿晗 - " 🥬🥬🥬 " - Studio Weibo Update 😍😍😍

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    #EXO#EXO fic#EXO fanfic #EXO High school #Our Memories Carved into the Season #ao3 link#dragonowl#dragonowl fics #Chanyeol x oc #Chanyeol x Myeong-suk #Chanyeol #Original female character #Suho#Junmyeon#Luhan#Lu Han#Xiumin#Minseok#Lay#Yixing#Baekhyun#Chen#Jongdae#kyungsoo #d.o. #kai#jongin#tao #z.tao #Sehun
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    Our Memories Carved into the Season

    The Sky That Doesn’t End Series Masterlist (coming soon)

    Genre: EXO AU, High School

    Rating: PG

    Pairing: Chanyeol x Myeong-suk (OC)

    Summary:  In which a new girl comes to school. A new girl determined to be alone. That's no problem for a happy virus though. Chanyeol has suddenly found a desire to make a deep connection with someone outside of his brothers, regardless of the trials presented.

    Chapter 1: First Meetings, Masterlist (coming soon), AO3 

    Wednesday: March 7th, 2013

    He turned away from the others as the bell rang, the teacher got everyone’s attention, and they gave their morning greeting. Chanyeol’s eyes, however, did not leave the girl that stood next to the teacher, her eyes downcast as she shifted nervously. 

    “Everyone, this is Lee Myeong-suk,” the teacher said. “Transferring schools in the middle of the year is difficult, so be sure to make her feel welcome.” 

    He gestured at Myeong-suk, and she gave a quick bow. “Hello everyone, I look forward to joining you for the rest of the year. Please take care of me,” she said. When she looked up, their eyes locked, and his heart stopped for a second as they both quickly looked away. 

    The teacher gestured her to a chair, and he tried not to look up as she passed next to him to take the empty seat at the desk behind his, with Baekhyun. Kai snickered next to him and elbowed him in the ribs. He pouted at the younger man, then ducked his head, rubbing the back of his neck as his face heated up. 


    She studied the boy in front of her while also trying to focus on the teacher, but after they’d made eye contact while she was being introduced, she couldn’t help but feel drawn to him. He was all long limbs, big ears, and had the definition of puppy dog eyes that reminded her of a spaniel, or a beagle. Whichever kind, he definitely gave off the vibe of an overgrown puppy. That thought had only been made more concrete when he’d sent a pout at his deskmate and she’d caught his profile as she took her seat. 

    She found herself wanting him to turn again so she could study his profile more, instead of just the back of his head. Almost as though he heard her thoughts (or maybe felt her stare), he started to shift awkwardly, and realizing he was trying to glance behind at her, she ducked her head down, jotting a few notes. 

    Once she was sure he’d turned back, she grimaced, turning her head as she tried not to bury her face in her arms or glance back at him. Instead, she found her desk mate watching her with a smirk on his face, and she quickly felt her own grow hot all the way to her roots. Realizing she’d been caught, she glued her eyes back on her notes, swearing to not look back up.

    All she’d wanted was to get through high school in her own bubble, invisible to the other students, but now she felt like she had a neon sign over her head. 

    She was just succeeding in refocusing her thoughts when a yellow sticky note appeared in her peripheral. She tried to ignore it, but her deskmate gave a huff and moved it to the edge of her notebook with a quick tap before his hand disappeared again.

    His name is Chanyeol :)

    She tried to continue ignoring it, but eventually, she gently pulled it off, considered wadding it up, then with a sigh, put it in the pocket in the front of her notebook. 


    Chanyeol joked with the others as they finished in the lunch line, dodging slaps and head pats, which they usually failed at due to his height. As they looked for a table, his eyes sought out the new girl, who he quickly found sitting alone at a table against the back wall. Her attention was on a book instead of her food, and she had an earbud in one ear, her head bobbing randomly to whatever tune played through.

    “Chan-ah, Chen found a table,” Kai said, bumping Chanyeol’s arm, then following his distracted gaze. “Oh?”

    “You guys go ahead,” Chanyeol said, his legs leading him away. 

    “Oppa,” Irene whined, grabbing onto his arm and breaking his gaze. “Where are you going?”

    “Uh,” he stuttered, meeting her gaze then looking back at Myeong-suk. “The new girl is alone. I’m gonna see if she wants company.” He ignored the teasing from his brothers and continued on to his intended target. 

    Irene huffed in annoyance, opening her mouth to protest, but stopped when Kai patted her shoulder. 

    “It’s alright,” he said. 

    “Yeah.” Feilong draped his arm over her shoulders, pulling her along. “We don’t always have to eat together. Let’s go.”

    Her gaze followed Chanyeol for a second longer before letting it go, satisfied that she had Feilong and Kai’s attention for now. 



    The sudden voice jolted her out of the world that had filled her thoughts, and she pulled her eyes away from the book pages to the boy standing on the other side of the table. 


    He balanced his full tray in his one hand, the other rubbing the back of his neck nervously as he shifted on his feet. 

    “Would it be alright if I sit here?” he asked, meeting her eyes. 

    She glanced around at the empty table, then to the group he had come in with, then back at him. His eyes had dropped to the table and his smile was awkward, possibly trying to save face. 

    “S-sorry,” he moved to leave, but she shot forward in her chair, and his surprised gaze met her own. She looked down and clasped her hands in her lap, her face going hot from her actions.

    “Yes,” she said quietly. “I mean, that seat is open.”

    She cautioned a glance up at him and was greeted with one of the happiest smiles she’d ever seen. 

    “Thanks. It’s Myeong-suk right? I’m Chanyeol,” he said, pulling out the chair across from hers and sliding into it. She inhaled in shock, not having noticed how deep his voice was earlier when he’d made his request. Pulling her eyes away in an attempt to not be caught staring, she closed her book and focused on eating her food. Maybe he would just eat in silence.

    “What are you listening to?”

    Myeong-suk looked up as he took a bite, his eyes trained intently on her as he waited for a response. After swallowing her own bite she turned her phone so that he could see the screen. “A soloist,” she said, but didn’t elaborate. 

    “Oh, John Park!” He pointed excitedly at the screen. “I’ve listened to him before. Is this new?”

    She nodded her head, a smile alighting on her face. “Yeah. I don’t feel like he’s very well known yet, so I’m surprised you know him. I think he has a new album coming out this summer.” 

    “I like studying guitarists,” Chanyeol said, meeting her eyes again. “I really like his sound.”

    “Me too,” she said, caution forgotten at the shared interest. “It’s really calming.”

    “I’m glad he’s coming out with an album. I haven’t really been keeping up with new music lately.” 

    “Oh, you should check out the new season of Superstar K. I think they have a new guitarist.”

    “Really? Yeah, I’ll have to look into it.” 

    They fell into silence, using their food as an excuse to try and think of something else. Chanyeol rapped his fingers against his knee as she took out her earbud and set her phone aside. 

    “Do you...” He coughed, trying to clear the awkward air. “Do you play?” 

    She shook her head, biting into a carrot. “Not really.” He watched her as she took another bite, waiting for her to continue. “Um, I learned the piano when I was young, but we’ve moved a lot, so we sold it.”

    “Oh.” He dropped his eyes and looked almost apologetic, but she couldn’t figure out if it was because he brought it up or that she’d lost the instrument, which he’d played no part in. His face brightened up again, and she could see an idea in his eyes. “There’s a piano here at the school that you could use if you wanted to pick it up again.” He looked very satisfied in seeming to have come to her rescue, like a dog presenting her with a stick he’d found.

    She smiled awkwardly with a small nod, shoulders curling inward, her original desire to go unnoticed resurfacing. “What about you?” she asked, trying to get his focus off of her. “Do you play the guitar?”

    He nodded enthusiastically, his shaggy hair falling into his eyes. “I play the guitar and piano, and I’m learning the drums.” His lopsided grin was back as he watched her reaction.

    “Woah! Are you trying to become a one-man band?” she said, leaning forward on the table. 

    “No,” he said through laughter, waving a hand. He tried to stifle his laughter, and she couldn’t help but smile at his overreaction. “Sorry. It’s just that my brothers always say the same thing.”

    “Your brothers?” she asked, her eyes darting over quickly to the group of guys from class. 

    “Well, friends I guess,” he amended quickly, sitting up straighter and pulling on his ear. “We’re just so close that it feels like we’re brothers. So it seems like a more accurate label.” 

    After that, he focused back on his food, and she let it drop. She knew the signs when someone wanted a conversation to change. But instead of picking up a new topic, she dug into her own food, thankful for the break. Hopefully, he would find their conversation uncomfortable and go back to eating with his friends. Or that’s what she tried to convince herself she wanted. But she couldn’t deny that there was a part of her deep down that was drawn to his bright smile and sweet spirit.


    She finished her food quickly, then stood, giving Chanyeol a small bye before starting to leave.

    “Wait,” he said, standing, stretching out his hand only to drop it at her surprised expression. “Um, I’ll see you in class I guess.” She gave a small nod which he returned with a lopsided grin. 


    Thursday: March 8th, 2013

    Okay. Take two.

    He took a deep breath as he picked up his tray from the line, then turned, his eyes scanning the loud cafeteria. He finally found her in the back corner, face once again buried in a book as she ate, but she had earbuds in both of her ears today. He scrunched his forehead as he made his way over, trying to make a plan. 

    He thought they’d been having a nice conversation until the piano and moving was brought up. So, both were sore subjects. On top of that, he’d slipped, and she’d noticed, retreating shortly after. 

    She clearly hadn’t planned on making friends with the way she purposefully kept away from everyone, but he wouldn’t let that stop him. He’d been there before, so he wanted to keep trying. There was a pull that he couldn’t explain and something about their conversation the day before told him that she didn’t actually want to be alone. 

    That being said, if she flat out told him to leave her alone, he would. 

    He slid into the seat across from her again, immediately digging into his food to make the action seem normal, as well as avoid her surprised gaze. She looked around and he assumed she was trying to find the others again.  

    Taking another bite he smiled up at her. Her return smile was quick and she went back to her book, not bothering to remove her earbuds today. 

    “How are you doing today?” he asked.

    “Good. You?” her response was one out of manners and not actual curiosity, but he ignored that. 

    “Doing okay.” he shrugged. “I’m probably going to fail our quiz tomorrow.” She hummed in response, taking another bite of food, her focus remaining on the book. After a few minutes of silence, he turned his head awkwardly, catching her attention. 

    “What are you doing?”

    “Just trying to read the title,” he said, squinting at the unique script. “Trumpet Creeper?” He turned his big eyes to her, now larger due to his curiosity. “Is it good?”

    “Um, yeah.” He smiled at how her eyes had widened when she met his gaze, they seemed to do that a lot. “It’s a period manhwa.”

    “What’s it about?” He scooted his seat forward, eyes trained on her as he took another bite. 

    He chalked the rest of lunch as a success as she explained her book, completely startled once lunch was over and she had lost herself. His smile fell as he watched her mind try to shift back to her earlier countenance, and he reached out gently to her shoulder as she tried to zoom away. “Do you think I could borrow it once you’re done?” He asked, watching her process his request. 

    “Um… sure.”

    “Thanks,” he said, dropping his hand. She nodded and quickly headed back to class. 

    “Did it go better today?” Chen said, jolting him out of his thoughts as he watched her retreating back. 

    “Yeah, I think so.”


    Friday: March 9th, 2013

    On the third day, as he made his way over, he could tell she was expecting him. Her headphones were off, connected to her phone but rolled up on the table. She was reading, but as soon as he moved to sit down, she let the book fall flat on the table, the thump startling him and making him pause. 

    He waited for her to say something, and then finished lowering himself into the chair as she just observed him. When he had settled and she still didn’t speak up, he chuckled.

    “Is something—”

    “Did you have a fight with your friends?”


    “Is that why you haven’t been sitting with them?”

    “No, I just—”

    “Then why are you insisting on sitting with a stranger who has very gently tried to make it clear that she wants to be left alone?”

    “I was—”

    “Look, I know you’re trying to be nice, thank you. But I just want to read my book and get through high school, hopefully before moving again. I’m not looking to make friends.” She finally stopped, taking a deep breath. He stayed silent, taken completely aback at her sudden outburst, not sure how to respond. When she threw her book and phone in her bag, his brain got back in gear, and he reached for her wrist just as she stood and was gathering her tray. Her eyes met his and they had gone glossy, her face red, and he knew she’d never meant to actually say everything she did. 

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. But could I talk now?” He spoke softly and loosened his hand so that she could pull away if she wanted to. She didn’t say anything but dropped her gaze, and then lowered back into her seat. “I know what it’s like to be in a new place without a familiar face. And I know what it’s like to tell yourself that you’re better off not trying to make connections.” Her eyes raised back up to his. “But I found that making friends, having someone reach out, can be really great, even if you know that you will probably fall out of touch at some point.” 

    He pointed back at the group of guys who were being as loud as ever. “I’ve known those idiots for as long as I can remember. We get separated a lot, and I’m still out of touch with another friend, but I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I know we won’t always be together, but for now, they give me a reason to smile. I guess I just wanted to pass that on.” He sighed and rubbed the back of his head, withdrawing his hand from her wrist. “I also understand needing space though, so I’ll respect that, and if you want someone to talk to, I’ll be around.” He gave her a final smile, and rose from his chair, grabbed his tray, and headed to his brothers. 

    He’d be teased by some, but Suho would probably be relieved. He was already nervous about having Irene around when Feilong had first introduced her to the group, but Suho had warmed up pretty fast. Chanyeol had hoped the same could happen with Myeong-suk, but it didn’t matter now.


    A little over a week later, he was suddenly intercepted by Myeong-suk as he packed his backpack at the end of the day. She hadn’t even spared him a glance in that time, so he was surprised when she tapped on his arm. 

    “Um, Chanyeol?” Her voice was quiet and her eyes were trained on her desk. Kai and Baekhyun met his eyes then retreated, pulling the others along. 

    “What’s up?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

    “About last week.” She took a deep breath, then met his eyes. “I’m really sorry. And, um, I’m not sure that I’m ready for a friend, but—” she stopped and then shuffled around in her backpack, pulling out the peach-colored manhwa they’d discussed. “I finished it and you said you wanted to borrow it, so I thought maybe we could talk about it once you’re finished.”

    He slowly took it from her, focusing on the cover of the book instead of her. “Thank you,” he said, unable to hold back a smile. “I’m really looking forward to it.” 

    “I’ll um,” she started. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She grabbed her backpack and rushed to the door.

    “Hey, Myeong-suk,” he called. She paused and turned back to face him. “You didn’t have to apologize. But thank you.” 

    Two days later, he was ecstatic when she came in before class started and could barely keep from immediately getting her attention. Instead, he waited a minute for her to settle in, then turned around in his seat.

    “Hey, Myeong-suk,” he said, bouncing slightly, a smile growing when she met his gaze.


    “I finished it,” he said, holding up the manhwa for her to see, then handed it to her. “Would you be free after school today to talk about it?”

    “That was fast,” she whispered, taking the book. “Um, yeah, I’m free.”

    “Awesome,” he said, swiveling back in his seat as the teacher entered the room.

    Chapter 2 (coming soon)

    #EXO#EXO fic#EXO fanfic #EXO High school #Our Memories Carved into the Season #Chanyeol x oc #Chanyeol x Myeong-suk #Myeong-suk #Original female character #Chanyeol#Suho#Junmyeon#Lu Han#Luhan#Xiumin#Minseok#Lay#Yixing#Baekhyun#Chen#Jongdae#Kyungsoo #D.O. #Kai#Jongin #Z.Tao #Tao#Sehun #The Sky That Doesn’t End #dragonowl
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    Artists I'll Write For

    Hello! Here's an updated list of the artists I'm writing for. If I add or remove anyone, I'll edit this post.(: Requests are open so don't forget to read over my guidelines & rules before requesting! I also have a drabbles list & disclaimer set up if you'd like to go over that as well.

    1. ATEEZ

    2. B.A.P (OT6)

    3. Block B (OT7)

    4. BTS

    5. EXO (OT8)

    *NOTE: I will no longer write for Chen nor Kris.

    6. GOT7


    *NOTE: I will no longer write for Junhyung.

    8. Huang Zitao

    9. INFINITE (OT7)

    10. Jang Hyunseung

    11. Kang Daniel

    12. Luhan

    13. MONSTA X (OT7)

    14. NU'EST

    15. SHINee

    *NOTE: I will not write for Jonghyun.

    16. VIXX (OT6)

    17. WOODZ (Cho Seungyoun)

    18. Christian Yu

    19. Crush

    20. Dean

    21. Dok2

    22. Giriboy

    23. Gray

    24. Jay Park

    25. Junoflo

    26. Kanto

    27. Loco

    28. Mad Clown

    29. ONE

    30. SIK-K

    31. Simon D

    32. Woodie Go Child

    33. Nine Percent

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